this has been a lesson in asl

10 facts about me

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1. i can knit but havent in a while

2. i work in a flower shop

3. im taking an asl class

4. i tried to audition for a local production of fun home (keyword: tried)

5. i really really like sports

6. ive been taking guitar lessons for almost five years

7. i have a box of hair dye on my kitchen table that i have yet to use because a girl in my asl class has purple hair and i dont want to look like a copy cat

8. i started watching the good doctor? and i love it? 

9. i have a pin problem i should post a pic of my bag sometime soon

10. i want so many cats

im gonna tag uhhhh @shawnhenryspencer @cryptyd @tintinshairfloof @grimauve @friendbow @sseabury