this has been a hawkeye day for my blog

anonymous asked:

hi i know you are a huge marvel fan and i am so interested in getting into the comics and reading them! is there any you would recommend to start me off and do you know if i could read them online? thank you so much xx and i love you blog (way to much ;) )

sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this!

honestly, i don’t think there’s a right or wrong place to start with the whole diving into comics thing. it honestly depends on what you’re interested in? like, do you want to read about the avengers? x-men? guardians of the galaxy? thor? etc? for me, i didn’t really get into marvel comics until i started reading young avengers and hawkeye a few years ago and it kind of blossomed from there (and now i feel like i have too much reading to keep up with tbh).

so i’d suggest finding a specific character, team, or story arc that you think sounds interesting and go from there! just google “name of the character/team/etc” and “masterpost” or “reading recs” and you should be able to find some posts that might be more helpful to you.

i found a few links to things you might be interested in/things i’ve read, so here they are:

as far as reading them online goes, you can buy digital issues off of marvel’s website. or you can download the files (like the ones linked in those posts).

but yeah, i hope this helps!