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Undertale: "Justice for King Asgore"

argentdandelion: (This is the essay I made for my philosophy finals. The prompt didn’t specifically ask about applying philosophy to video games, so I’m unusual in my choice. Nonetheless, I received a 100 on it. The essay has not been modified from its original form, except for adding details about its context in the philosophy class in brackets, as well as possible spacing and font errors. Therefore, the essay may be slightly inaccurate in some details.)


Undertale: Justice for King Asgore”

During the “Thinking and Moral Considerations” discussion, I tried to deepen my understanding of Hannah Arendt’s poorly-written work [The Human Condition] by comparing it to something I understood better: the video game Undertale. The resultant post [on a private discussion board] is something I am proud of, because I definitely understood what I was talking about. (It was pretty popular in the discussion, as well.)

The success of that post, as well as my personal pride in that post, made me wonder: what if I could make my final essay about Undertale as well?

Undertale is much easier to understand than a jargon-filled, circuitous essay. It seems like a simple, whimsical video game, but it’s actually complex and brings up a lot of questions if one looks closely. Undertale is character-driven, and it concerns the consequences of one’s actions—surely considering the consequences of one’s actions relates to justice?

Chapter 5: “What Matters is the Motive”

Kant and the Second Human-Monster War

In the game Undertale, the character Asgore is king of the monsters, who live underground beneath Mt. Ebott. Long ago, humanity defeated monsterkind in a war, forcing them underground and keeping them trapped there with a magic spell. The spell was a magic barrier (“the Barrier”), that could be broken only through the power of seven human souls, which could only be obtained by a human’s death.

Prior to the events of Undertale, Asgore’s children were killed by humans. Asgore, in a fit of anger, consequently declared war on humanity. He instituted a policy that all humans found in the Underground should be killed, and their human souls collected in order to break the Barrier.

His declaration of war is apparently popular, given humanity killed so many monsters in the Human-Monster War and sealed them all underground a long time ago. However, even if a majority favored the policy, achieving this end requires the murder of seven people.

“The mere fact that the majority, however big, favors a certain law, however intensely, does not make the law just.” (p. 106)

In choosing to kill all humans who fall into the Underground—regardless of whether they pose a threat—Asgore is treating humans as mere resources of human souls, and their murders as means to an end. This is disrespecting the humans. Kant says every person is worthy of respect (p.107) and “respecting human dignity means treating persons as ends in themselves”.

It’s unclear whether Asgore killed all the humans that fell before or merely ordered their deaths and received their souls later on, but Asgore holds himself responsible for their deaths. He cannot, however, rescind his declaration of war.

A good king would not sit by and let his people live and die in a prison. A good king would try to free his people, by whatever means necessary, and as king, he must do what’s best for his people. He must give them hope, and if his subjects believe the barrier will soon be broken (and monsterkind freed), he can accomplish that end.

“According to Kant, the moral worth of an action consists not in the consequences that flow from it, but the intention from which the act is done.” (p.111)

According to this statement, Asgore’s decision to declare war on humanity was morally bad, for he declared war in a fit of anger, and at that point, his intentions were not to help his people, but avenge the deaths of his children. He planned, after breaking the barrier, to destroy humanity. His intention at the start—revenge—would, from a Kantian perspective, make his actions immoral.

However, though forced by duty to execute his plan (and thereby try to execute the player character), he does not truly want to hurt anyone.

According to in-game dialogue:

Asgore: “I do not want to hurt anyone. I just wanted everyone to have hope…”

Though his decision to declare war was made in anger, he did not stay angry. He could have gone back on his word and rescinded his declaration of war, but did not, for the purpose of giving monsterkind hope for their future.

Chapter 2: The Greatest Happiness Principle

Should you Forgive Asgore?

In Chapter 2, Michael J. Sandel relates the story of three sailors and a cabin boy stranded in a lifeboat out at sea. After nineteen days adrift, one sailor, Thomas Dudley, suggested drawing lots to determine who would die so the others would live. Another sailor, Edmund Brooks, refused. At the twentieth day, with still no ships in sight, Dudley killed the ailing cabin boy with a penknife. For four days, the three men fed on the cabin boy’s body and blood. Later, the sailors were rescued, and arrested and tried for the killing of the cabin boy. Dudley and Stephens (the third sailor) freely admitted to killing and eating the cabin boy, arguing they did so out of necessity.

As the final soul needed to break the Barrier, the player character is attacked by Asgore in a “boss battle.” Asgore is bound by duty to try to kill the player character, but his morals make him very reluctant to do so. Much like Brooks, he objects to killing a person but stands to benefit from their death.

“The strongest argument for the defense [of the sailors] is that is that, given the dire circumstances, it was necessary to kill one person in order to save three.”(p. 32)

Strictly speaking, the survival of monsterkind does not depend upon the deaths of humans. Given this information—that lives aren’t saved by murder—are Asgore’s actions morally indefensible?

“Isn’t it wrong to use a human being in this way–[…]taking his life without his consent—even if doing so benefits others?”(p.33)

Whether Asgore’s actions are morally defensible (and whether he should be punished in the human world of the game) remains a debate among Undertale’s fans.

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“Father. I Just thought I should let you know that I like men. Well, Specifically one man. A righteous one.” - Cas 

“That’s nice son. You know I love you.” - Chuck 

“Yo Pops! Me too! ‘Specially Tall Moose men.” 

“Wow really? Don’t I have any kids who like girls?” 

(has this been done already? Based on that older text post that I cannot find for the life of me.) 

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My five fave blogs in no particular order:

@sickofbeingsuicidal is Hannah. We’ve been friends since 2014 and I treasure her more dearly than can be put into words. She has a blog like mine, but is 10/10 aesthetically more pleasing, just like she is.
@happilyheartbroken13 is my love, my Grace. Honestly, she could, literally, just post black images with no text and I would be all about it. She writes incredible poetry, and I drown myself in it.
@pain-with-no-gain is Derek. He and I have infinite parallels which is fun. But at times a little scary. He’s very cool, and is quickly becoming one of my faves on this Earth.
@br0ken-and-lost is Andrea. Her gifs, edits, selfies are incredible. She’s one of the sweetest people to grace this Earth.
@hikarinonakade is a Yuri!!! On Ice blog and reblogs Fanart from all corners, and what can I say? I’m obsessed

In which I pretend that polyamory is the solution to all romantic problems. shout out to @gnomemother for the moral support.

Summary: Shaun Gilmore has given all he had to give. Vox Machina take care of him.

Vox Machina had returned from Marquette, exhausted but victorious with a new vestige in their possession. They had been away for over a week, their adventures in Ank’Harel more taxing than they’d originally thought. Eager to get some rest before they began planning their course of action in Draconia, they went directly to the castle.

They arrived to find Allura and Drake in the atrium, having just returned themselves. They briefly told her about their adventure and the acquisition of the new vestige, but in the middle of their conversation, Allura paused, eyes closed.

“Oh dear.”

“What’s wrong?” Vex asked her.

“There appear to be some… fluctuations in the barrier over the city; it’s not nearly as strong as it used to be. Gilmore must be struggling with the barrier.” She began to walk toward one of the castle’s sitting rooms. “Could you go check on him? Tell him I’ll take over the barrier for now.”

They quickly navigated the streets of Whitestone, following the path toward Gilmore’s house in tense silence.

They had to knock several times at the door of Shaun’s temporary residence, growing concerned after the second and third knock went unanswered. Finally, after the fourth knock, a weak “Come in,” sounded from inside. Vax entered first, swiftly scanning the visible rooms for Gilmore, and the rest of Vox Machina followed behind him. They found him slumped in an armchair in the sitting room with his hair in disarray and a feverish look in his eye. Nevertheless, he gave them a weak but bright smile when he saw them.

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Ryn Weaver • Tumblr IRL

Since her first post nearly a year ago, rynweaver‘s blog has been a clear window to the style she embodies. This month, Ryn has created a wardrobe that illustrates what’s beneath her mind and her music. 

We invite you to join us as she reveals these looks and her new album, The Fool, in an intimate setting in Brooklyn, with a big help from photographer, hannahsider.

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Spoonie Questions

Join me (Hannah aka bananaantics) for a getting to know you “spoonie session”! Reblog tonight (3/25/15) from 8pm-9:30pm ET (5-6:30pm PST) to receive asks from us! 

  1. What’s your name & age range (if comfortable answering)?
  2. What is/are your diagnosis?
  3. How long have you been struggling with symptoms?
  4. What is one “spoonie item” you couldn’t live without?
  5. What’s one thing you are pretty sure that has helped you (Ie. a medication, therapy, an amount of sleep, a type of exercise) ?
  6. What is your favorite distraction while you’re in pain?
  7. Besides a chronic illness app, what kind of app do you wish would be invented?
  8. Besides chronic illness/spoonie awareness, what is another movement/cause/activity that is also important to you?
  9. Who has been your biggest supporter through out being a spoonie?
  10. Name one thing someone could do or say to you that would make your day?
  11. Suggest one fun low-energy activity!
  12. What are 3 unusual facts about yourself (again not spoonie related) ?
  13. If you need to laugh what do you watch, read, listen to etc.?
  14. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
  15. What movie could you watch over & over again?
  16. What movie do you watch when you are having a really bad day?
  17. What is a song that uplifts your spirits?
  18. What’s your favorite video game/game app?
  19. If you’re reading a book right now, what are you reading?
  20. What are three positive attributes, (that have nothing to do with be a spoonie) that describe you?
  21. If you could pursue any profession regardless of physical or mental ability what would it be?
  22. Who are a couple of your role models (real or fictional)?What is your favorite comfort food?
  23. What is your favorite overall meal?
  24. What is your favorite dessert?
  25. What is your favorite type of weather?
  26. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?
  27. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
  28. If you could travel anywhere what country/city would be your first stop?
  29. What are your top 3 favorite tv shows?
  30. Are you someone another spoonie can randomly message or talk to?
Mona/Murder Mystery Parallel 5x15 & 5x18

I did an entire blog post about the Joanne Fluke murder mystery novels I spotted in Ezra`s bookstore in 5x15. Not only are they about a character named Hannah who becomes a suspect when somebody in her town mysteriously dies, but one of the books, “Blackberry Pie Murder” has a pie on the cover.

 I know, that might not sound important, especially when it`s a book that has the word “pie” in the title, but there`s been too many strange scenes with pies on PLL for us to not take note of this. :) 

5x15 —->

Well, the novel makes another appearance, only this time it is seen on a bookshelf in Mona`s bedroom. Coincidence? I think not.

There is also another Joanne Fluke book, a cookbook, next to it. Here is the synopsis. (In case the font is too small you can read the synopsis here.

Books and reading were huge themes in this episode, and I`m convinced that the “Blackberry Pie Murder” cameo in the “Mona`s bedroom” scene was no accident. Only what does it all mean? Does it mean that Hanna had something to do with Mona`s murder? Are Aria and Ezra involved because most of the scenes with pies have to do with them? Is it simply pointing to the idea that Hanna might be framed for Mona`s murder? Did Talia kill Mona because she made Ezra a pie that one time? :D So many questions….

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Heartbeats - Epilogue

It’s the end of this ride, folks! It’s been my hardest childbirth so far - at least regarding fics. Thanks to all of you who decided to stick around for this messy work, I hope you have enjoyed it nonetheless - and to passing-time-creatively​ for the proofreading!
I’m taking this opportunity to let you know I’ll be taking a break from posting fics, despite having at least three I really want to write before saying goodbye to hartbig & trinity in general. 

Now it’s time for some closure and some Mamrie’s sassiness :D

SFF, SFW, 1,291words.

Los Angeles.

The sun is shining outside the windows of the aircraft, and blinding reflections glare from the nearby buildings. Everything looks still.

Grace has been quiet, and Hannah tried to respect her silence. It’s been a weird flight.

And now they’re ready to get off.

Grace steps out of the plane and inevitably sighs. It’s kinda scary to think a substantial part of her life will effectively change now, despite the executive decision that was made a week ago. It’s like that time someone told her most of the stars we see died a long time ago, but their light is reaching us now. It’s like living her own life slightly deferred.

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So, from what I’ve gathered, Swike is not coming to Comic Con, which means she won’t be there when Hannah will. Also, that pic of the wine glasses Hannah uploaded on instagram when she reached two million? Swike’s no longer tagged. WHAT IS HAPPENING SWARTO WHYY BBY

Also, on a lighter note. Ingrid got a new fridge that has Hannah’s favorite tea in it and calling it “our”. Also, not only did they spend more than a week together in Cannes, they’ve been inseparable since and they’re not afraid to show it.

Never ship three women with the same beautiful dumb dumb. Your feels will be all over the place. They will not survive. Das not cool.

Also cheers to the unsinkable Hartbig. I’m still rooting for you imeanwhat

Brace yourself, guys. EWDG is coming.

Sorry for the long post. Here’s hartsquared to make up for it.