this has been a gifset and life lesson


The Man With No Name

They call him the Wolverine.

It’s the only name he knows. He has no memory of who he used to be, or of his life…before.

Written for this prompt: Charles belongs to Erik, and when he doesn’t behave he is put in the cage of the untamed Wolverine for a few hours or until he learns his lesson.

Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Non-con, Violence, Voyeurism, Rough Sex
Pairings: Xavierine, Cherik


I’ve been sitting on this gifset for AGES, waiting for the end of the Fest so I can finally use it LOL! Here is one of the fics I wrote for Xavierine Fest - basically 1900+ words of dirtybadwrong things that happen to Charles (and Logan) in a sort of au to my mutant dystopia fic ‘The One Who Rules’