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For Valentine’s Day!

My girlfriend (right) has been with me every step of my journey. We started as just friends in the same sorority and grew to much more. When I first started questioning my sexuality we sat in her car talking for hours on end. When I first came out she was with me and quoted our beloved drag queen Courtney Act “I am not broken, I do not need to be fixed.” A few months later down the line I discovered my romantic orientation too and began identifying as recipromantic. She supported me and asked questions and stayed by my side throughout everything I went through, including coming out to my family. She’s my best friend.

Being recipromantic, I don’t experience romantic attraction until someone shows interest in me first, and that came in the form of a late night drunk text from her. It was like the lightbulb finally clicked on. All our late night conversations, all her support, the feelings were always there I just needed the push. We spent a couple of months hardcore flirting and never actually saying anything, as two shy queer girls do. Then one night and 4 margaritas later all the feelings came flooding out and we’ve been together ever since.

It’s been almost 2 years now, and I am still head over heels for this girl. She’s been respectful of my identity from the beginning and being in a relationship has never changed that. She even asked for permission to hold my hand! She has been my biggest supporter, my sounding board, the love of my life, and always my best friend.

To all my aces out there, know that you can be loved. You are not broken, you don’t need to be fixed. Love can be found on the most unexpected places, and at the most unexpected times. Don’t worry about finding a relationship, let love find you. And if it’s real they will respect every part of you, including your asexuality.

Pièce de Résistance - Part 4

PAIRING(S): Jai Courtney/Reader
SUMMARY: You are taking a Life/Figure Drawing class in college. The usual model has called out sick at the last minute and the professor has had to ask a friend to help out for a few classes. Much to your surprise, the fill-in is a bulky, sexy, famous movie star.

A/N: This update has been a long time coming, I know. I didn’t know when I posted Part 3 that it would be over a year before I posted Part 4. I do apologize, and I will say that it should not be that long before I post the final part. I have not started Part 5 as of yet, but I plan to soon. Part 4 is a bit of filler, but its main purpose is to move the story along and wrap some things up for the final part. 

I hope you guys enjoy! ♥

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Ok, where did this boof thing come from? Why are your anons screaming my dog's name?!?


and Courtney tagged me in a post that said “send me anonymous boofs if I’m your tumblr crush” above her reply, so everyone has been s ending them to me 💕💕💕💕

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why do you still support courtney love shes a racist fatphobic homophobe (u can find sources by googling it or i'll try and find the post i used but please stop supporting her as an individual when shes racist and homophobic)

dude this woman has been through hell and back and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say most of the sources you have are probably from a time where she was still doing drugs, drinking or struggling immensely in other ways aka from years ago so yeah. as long as there’s still people out there supporting literal rapists like twiggy whatshisname or fanning out over ozzy Osbourne and marilyn manson imma just be over here and enjoy courtney love and my memories and struggles tied with her music critically. also what makes you think I’m unable to enjoy an artist without endorsing every single thing they did or said in their life? let me fuckin rest god

Beach House - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

Read on AO3 here.
Word Count: 1921

This was an idea from one of my lovely Jai sister-wives, @mimigemrose. I loved this idea so much when I saw your post, I don’t know if anyone else has done it yet as I am quite late with this (sorry) but I do hope you like it :) 

Work had been extremely hectic lately and I needed a getaway. Initially, I was supposed to get out of the city with a friend - you know, nothing too outlandish and nothing too boring. We decided to rent out a house down by the beach, after a mutual friend’s recommendation. The only problem was the text that I had gotten the night before. I managed to prize my eyes open to look at the purposely-dimly lit screen of my phone. It was almost four in the morning and one text message was displayed on my screen - ‘so sorry i can’t make it tomorrow, i promise i will make it up to you xx’. I sighed and slumped back into my bed, my frustration could wait til the morning.

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  ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Casts Jai Courtney

Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney has been cast opposite Amy Poehler in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Netflix’s sequel series to the limited series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp that was based on the cult 2001 movie. The new series was set up by a scene at the end of the movie where Bradley Cooper’s character proposes,” Let’s all promise that in 10 years from today, we’ll meet again, and we’ll see what kind of people we’ve blossomed into,” and all agree.

Courtney plays Garth MacArthur, a suave, indie movie darling who is about to become a household name. Garth is recognized wherever he goes, but his eyes aren’t on the fans. He’s mad about Susie (Poehler) and wishes she would agree to take their relationship beyond “friends with benefits.” He joins her on the trip back to Camp Firewood.

The Wet Hot American Summer role gives Courtney a chance to stretch his comedy chops. Known for his dramatic roles in pics such as Suicide Squad, Unbroken, Insurgent and Terminator: Genisys, he’ll next be seen alongside Shia LeBoeuf and Kate Mara in psychological thriller Man Down, slated for a December 2 release, and war drama The Exception, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September and is set for release next year. Courtney is repped by United Talent Agency, Mark Morrissey & Associates in Australia and Silver Lining Entertainment. [x]



appreciation post 💙 This small queer business has made it possible for me to have top surgery this year. It has truly been a blessing to be apart of such a amazing company, Chris and Courtney have been so supportive and amazing through this partnership. I want to show my gratitude for this company and for the people who put so much work into it. To all the supporters who have purchased something through Flavnt and made a note to put my name in the comments section, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn’t be in the position I am without your help. I have surgery coming up in 42 days and couldn’t be more excited for it. If you don’t know of Flavnt Streetwear please check them out at and pick up a great looking shirt, while you do this you give someone a change to finally be free in their skin. Flavnt Streetwear gives 15% of a sale to their partner to help raise money for their gender reassignment surgery. Great company, great people making a change in our LGBTQIA community! Support and Flavnt yourself 💙

I just saw a post accusing the Rey Skywalker theory of erasing Leia from the Star Wars universe. Are you serious? You think that Rey being Luke’s daughter ERASES Leia? Leia Organa doesn’t depend on Rey, she is her own character who has been important since 1977. Her role doesn’t depend on Luke’s daughter, and us wanting Rey to be Luke’s daughter doesn’t suddenly make Leia unimportant. 

Listen: WE ALL KNOW LEIA IS A SKYWALKER. And yes by all logic, if Rey was her daughter the Skywalker lightsaber could have called to her. But the point we’re making is Rey didn’t have the same connection to Leia that she did to Luke. If TFA has set up Rey to be Leia’s daughter I would have been thrilled. But it didn’t. Rey didn’t dream of Leia, Leia didn’t know who Rey was. Han and Leia were much more concerned with their son, and that would make them awful parents to Rey and let me tell you: Leia is not that person. She wouldn’t forget she had a daughter, and she sure as hell wouldn’t have been mind wiped so don’t even say that. After TFA, Rey being Leia’s daughter would harm Leia’s incredible character that we’ve all loved for almost 40 years.  

Wanting Rey to be Luke’s daughter isn’t sexist. It doesn’t erase Leia. Leia is still a general in the resistance, Her son is still Kylo Ren (who’s bound to get a redemption arc that Leia will be involved in). No one said Leia isn’t important and I don’t know why every one keeps attacking the Rey Skywalker Theory with this argument. 

While I applaud the casting of Zoe Kravitz and Courtney Eaton to bring some much needed diversity among the Wives, I felt that the filmmakers should have also thought about adding an Asian actress as part of the girls Furiosa liberated considering that the setting is a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland. Australia nowadays has quite a sizable number people of Asian descent, so it would have been nice to see an Asian face included in the supporting female cast.