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Already talked about it, but I’ll make it into a separate post:

Many people are complaining that the YoI kiss shouldn’t have won over Kayo’s first home-cooked meal for most heartwarming scene, but I feel like the kiss scene is a lot more powerful than some people think. We’re very used to being queerbaited in anime, and I’m certain that many people didn’t expect YoI to actually confirm Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship through that kiss despite all the chemistry between them, especially considering the anime isn’t even labelled as shounen-ai or BL. I think particularly for many queer fans, seeing actual representation done in a positive and healthy way was very important to them.

Plus the emotional build-up leading to the kiss scene was very fulfilling. Yuuri’s growing anxiety, his fight with Victor right before his FS, the monologue he has during his free skate, surprising Victor with a quad flip… all of it just accumulated to an incredibly satisfying conclusion with the kiss.

I’m not saying that Kayo having her first homecooked meal wasn’t an incredibly heartwarming scene, but I feel like many people tend to overlook how important the kiss scene may have been beyond its context in the anime. You need to consider how other people, who have gone through different life experiences and have different values, felt when they watched that scene rather than immediately dismissing the votes as a result of ‘fangirling.’