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TALE AS OLD AS TIME | a fanmix for actual disney couple of the zombie apocalypse daryl and beth; for finding love in unexpected places, and for finding that someone who could be your happily ever after [listen] by starssight and dawnofthedusk.

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Alright I saw Ant-Man and I had a good time.

Like I don’t know what else to say, sure it’s not perfect and there’s definitely room to have a critical discussion of the film. I certainly had more than one eyebrow raising moment. But at the end of the day I had a fun time.
I had low expectations for a number of reasons, but the first reason being that that poor film couldn’t hold down a director after Edgar Wright left. But I was pleased to see that the movie did have some of the spirit of Wright’s style of filmmaking, which I was so looking forward to when the film was announced.

I digress.

What I do want to speak at length about (surprising no one) is the Post-Credits Scene under this cut here:

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