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I've been thinking about this for a while and wanted to ask you're opinion: a lot of the fandom concludes that Mulder is an atheist but wouldn't it be more accurate to say he's an agnostic? It's clear he believes in something or some higher being, just not religion as a whole. Plus he acknowledges demons (but not angels which has always bugged me) which are inherently religious by nature. Idk, it just irks me every time I see him characterized as an atheist.

This is a really wonderful and thought-provoking question, Anon.  And I’m sorry it took me awhile to get back to you.  I wanted to rewatch a couple of religious-themed episodes to refresh myself on Mulder’s ideas about faith.

Fanon holds that Mulder’s mother, Tina Kuipers, was Jewish, making Mulder Jewish as well, although not practicing.  Kaddish and Drive both kind of sort of hint that Mulder lays some kind of claim to that history.  

Then, when I rewatched Revelations the other night, he said something that really got me thinking, and also lends itself to your theory that Mulder is agnostic rather than atheistic.  

MULDER: That was in the Bible. It’s a parable, it’s a metaphor for the truth, not the truth itself. Why didn’t Kevin conveniently bi-locate when Owen Jarvis abducted him from the shelter?

SCULLY: How is it that you’re able to go out on a limb whenever you see a light in the sky, but you’re unwilling to accept the possibility of a miracle? Even when it’s right in front of you.

MULDER: I wait for a miracle every day. But what I’ve seen here has only tested my patience, not my faith.

To me, this means that Mulder does acknowledge the possibility of a divine creator.  I think he probably just dismisses the rigidity and dogma that often come along with organized religion, of any kind.  

Mulder and Scully also always seem to switch their traditional roles of Mulder as believer and Scully as skeptic whenever it comes to God and religion.  And while Mulder doesn’t ever outright mock Scully for her faith, I think it’s one of the things about her that perplexes and frustrates him. Understandably.  She’s so stringent in her adherence to the scientific method, to supporting theories with evidence.  She demands that of him, constantly.  And yet she’s willing to accept on blind faith the idea that miracles happen and that they happen at the will and behest of a divine Father God.  

Scully, also understandably, gets irked at Mulder when he wants to find more terrestrial explanations for cases that have even the slightest hint of a religious overtone, when he is capable of giving credence to any nutjob who claims to be an abductee.  I always get so irritated with Mulder that he’s so dismissive of his partner and best friend when she thinks that God is speaking to her, or that she has experienced miracles.  It’s yet another source of tension that I think the show sometimes effectively utilizes, and there are other times when some of the things Mulder says to Scully make me want to punch him in the throat.

(From All Souls)

MULDER: And why would God allow this to happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Religion has masqueraded as the paranormal since the dawn of time to justify some of the most horrible acts in history.

SCULLY: I was raised to believe that God has His reasons, however mysterious.

MULDER: He may well have His reasons but He seems to use a lot of psychotics to carry out His job orders.

(From Orison)

MULDER: So, what? You think that God directs him to … let the prisoners out to kill?

SCULLY: No, but I believe that the Reverend believes what he’s saying– that’s it’s God working through him.

MULDER: Well, plenty of nut bags do. Has he ever spoken to you?

SCULLY: (looking wounded) I’m trying not to take offense.

MULDER: (incredulous) What did he say?

It’s the above interactions that I think have lent themselves to the idea that Mulder is an atheist.  But that runs counter to everything we know about Mulder.  I don’t think he would ever outright deny the possibility of the existence of a God.  Especially not when he finally got to witness a miracle of his own:

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Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 


“It has always bugged me that people would try to think that there’s a “next Selena.” It’s like saying there’s another James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.

People like that don’t come along every day. There is never going to be another Selena. It’s a special thing that Selena had. That’s why we’re still talking about her 20 years later.” - Jennifer Lopez, March 31, 2015.

The game

No, you are not
god’s gift to women.

It’s pitiful
that you need to feel superior,
before you are able to muster
the courage to speak to them.

It’s pitiful
that you play on their insecurities,
to mask your own deficiencies;
that you need to bring them down,
in order for you to feel big enough.

Big enough of what, a man?

Look into the mirror,
tell me what you see.

Even with your slick hair,
your tattoos, your tan,
and your styled goatee.

I don’t care how old you are.

You still look like a boy to me.

Grow up,
do yourself a favour, please.

The game you play has no winners,
and every single girl in the world
will eventually come to see,
there is no way
of satisfying
your fragile
little ego’s

- M.A. Tempels © 2015

Your instincts were always to protect me

I think the worst thing about this quote is that Elena is that she thinks that this is about her. That Stefan’s basic instinct belongs to her, but it doesn’t, Stefan’s instinct is to protect people he loves, not just Elena, he acted on instinct when Caroline was almost attacked by Julian and he protected her and died for her, and it’s not just about Steroline, he would’ve done the same for Bonnie or Jeremy and of course Damon, it’s not just about love interests, Stefan would die for the people he cares about, the quote should’ve been Your instincts were always to protect the people you care about

I really think the writers are making her this self centered on purpose.

+1 to minako cause does minato even have a butler outfit? I can never find one

also! I made a twitter account! thanks Lan for putting up w me being a confused idiot. I accidentally made 2 accounts cause I didnt know twitter separates your media stuff?? but i like the other username so I’m gonna try using both (help). I’ll probably end up using this one for art/wips/fandom/etc stuff for now?? but still use this as a main for bigger stuff? idk I’ll figure out how I’m gonna do this but I’ll work it out! I’m moving tmrw and won’t have internet for a bit but we’ll see how this goes!

it irritates me sometimes that beauty and physical attraction can actually play such a big role in relationships. You can meet someone who can have the most wonderful personality that completely compliments you and you share all the same interests, but if you don’t find them physically attractive it’s just not going to work.

Isn’t that kind of messed up?


Secret Six Vol 03 #33 The Darkest House

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but I really don’t think it’s remotely offensive to think Harry and Louis are interested in men and together. Honestly, if I was Harry or Louis, I would be more offended if people refused to consider the possibility, given my behaviour. These aren’t just two random people out there in the world - they are two people who have made countless gay innuendos about each other, who stare at each other fondly (and sexually), who have sets upon sets of matching tattoos, and who don’t stick to typical gender norms. None of these things equal a sexuality, but given the prevalence and quantity of these behaviours present, it’s only natural to speculate there might be something going on. 

Banana phone.

I work at a rather large IT-company in northern Sweden, and every week we get a fruit delivery which consists mainly of bananas, oranges, apples and pears.

One of my colleagues, whom I’ll refer to as Mary, is notorious for grabbing a huge bunch of bananas as soon as they arrive and keep them in her office, as to get her daily sugar fix.

This has always bugged me a fair bit since I rarely get any of the delicious yellow fruits, so I decided to get my petty revenge on her banana hogging.

Last wednesday when Mary snuck out early for lunch, as usual, I went into her office with a bunch of zip ties (or cable ties, if you will) and attached her precious bananas to everything in sight. Her desk lamp, her keyboard, her coffee mug and as the title suggests, her phone.

I tightened them real good, so she’d in some way have to destroy the fruits to get them off.

I didn’t have time to snap more pictures, but I hope the one of the phone will be soothing enough!

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Something I never understood about the christian belief system is that if you’re not christian, you can’t go to heaven.

To me, that goes against what God actually is all about. He wants you to be a good person, why should some people be excluded because they believe in a different God, or no God at all? If you aren’t a shitty person, why should you be excluded?

So since we’re on the topic of Rocky, and the plucky fleshed-out white guy vs the 2D black guys trope, I wanted to talk about how Rocky came to be in the first place.  I’ve been re-reading Stephen Brunt’s excellent book “Facing Ali” where he interviews 15 boxers who fought Muhammad Ali and also gives us some of their story, and I read about Chuck Wepner, the boxer who Rocky was based on.

Wepner was one of the nothing fights that Ali had.  He wasn’t a very good boxer, and Ali didn’t really take him seriously.  And he knocked Ali down briefly (after stepping on his toes).  Ali then got up, and took the fight seriously and wiped the floor with him.  The fight ended in a TKO in the 15th round.  Wepner was also a white guy, so this inspired the imaginations of white people.  The white guy knocked the black champion down!  Let’s um… forget about everything else, and make a movie about this!

Forget Joe Frazier, who came from an incredibly poor background, survived the racism of the ‘40s deep south and fought his way up to become world champion, beating Ali, and being Ali’s toughest opponent.

Forget George Foreman, forever cast as the fool Ali tricked and defeated in Zaire, who went on to pick his life up, fight for charity, and became the oldest heavyweight champion at the age of 45.

Forget even Ali himself, all his underdog battles, his moral stands, losing the peak of his career because he refused to fight an immoral war, reinventing his career after his speed faded, using his brains to win fights when he couldn’t float like a butterfly anymore.

Forget making fictional adaptations about them (the movies about Ali are about Ali, not characters based on him), let’s make a movie about the nothing white guy who briefly knocked down the much more interesting black champion!  Let’s rewrite the ending so he goes the distance!  Let’s then give him a sequel where he defeats the black champion!   Let’s strip away all the depth, and bravery, and soul of the black champion, and focus on the life and humanity of the white hero. 

Let’s do that instead of basing a movie off of actual good boxers because who cares about plucky black boxers who become successful?  Black guys are scary, and not plucky and human, like white guys.  When they succeed it’s because of natural gifts, when white guys succeed it’s because of determination and brains. 

Look, I love Rocky as a movie, but when you really think about it, and you know where it came from, and you know all of the other (black) boxers of the time who do not get movies based on them,  do not get their pluckiness and strength of will and intelligence poured into well-written 3-dimensional heroic characters… you realize how gross it is that Hollywood sees an entire movie in one lucky punch a white guy threw in a match he got owned in, and none in the lives and triumphs of the black boxers who were 100x the fighter he was.

A white person getting lucky for one moment is inspiring, a black person succeeding over a long period of time due to their talent, cleverness, and hard work is merely entertaining. 

Ever since I saw this scene, one thing has always bugged me.


You probably don’t because there is barely any. 

I’m sorry to say it, but Grant Ward sucks at putting mayonnaise on sandwiches.

It is literally a strip the size of my finger and is not even centered on the bread. 

What the hell are you doing Grant? That is no way to make a sandwich. Someone on the team needs to hold an intervention and teach Ward how to make a proper sandwich because that BLT above is not something he should be proud of. 

(Even Skye is secretly disgusted with his sandwich. I mean look at her face. You can’t tell me she isn’t mortified.)