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who designed the armor in voltron like seriously, who did it?? it’s so non protective you shoot them anywhere between the thigh and the chest and you’re gonna hit someone where it hurts. you could literally land a clean shot on their ass or their stomach jesus christ please protect these people moRE

In Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, space and time are unified in a single entity called spacetime. This is the “stage” in which the laws of physics operate.

In Einstein’s theory, the presence of mass and energy warps spacetime, and it is this curvature that affects objects in the way we perceive as gravity. The basic idea is that while we see objects accelerating towards a mass by the effect of a force, in reality is just the object attempting to follow a straight line in this four-dimensional warped space described by General Relativity.

In other words, things fall because they are following a straight line in spacetime.

In usual illustrations, the bending of space is represented as a flat rubber-sheet with masses pressing down on it. This has always bugged me, as it didn’t really represent the nature of 3D space being curved, and it never really addressed the fact that time is also distorted near masses.

This is my first attempt at a better depiction of the effects of General Relativity. Here, we see a 3x3x3 section of an imaginary spatial grid (that extends throughout all of space) being distorted by the presence of a mass. At the intersections of the grid lines there are clocks that show the rate of passage of time at each point in space, relative to a far away observer.

Notice how the clocks near the mass measure time at a slower pace than the clocks further away from the mass.

The distortion of spacetime is real, and can and has been measured experimentally several times. Modern telecommunication satellites and GPS systems all make use of the predictions of General Relativity in order to function.

While bizarre and complex, General Relativity has stood the test of time, and is one of the most well-tested and successful scientific theories ever conceived.

Calling Cinderella “weak” or “not a good role model” always bugs me bc SHE HAS SO MUCH STRENGTH TO PUT UP WITH THE CRUELTY IN THE WORLD, AND YET SHE’S STILL ONE OF THE KINDEST PEOPLE EVER..



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Why is your lord's sword called falchion? If anything, it looks more like a uniquely shaped straight sword.

“If I had any semblance of a clue, good stranger, I would tell you. Falchion, as we know it today, is one of many different forms the divine blade has taken. In the Hero King’s time, it was thinner and weighted toward the tip, making it more akin to a rapier than anything else. In its current form, it looks to be a highly modified spatha or arming sword, both of which are appropriate for a knightly royal of Lord Chrom’s like.

To that end, I would venture to guess that it has to do with Marth’s ancestor, Anri. As the original wielder of the Falchion and the first human to defeat the wicked Medeus, Anri’s Falchion must have taken the most comfortable form for him. Because he was born a peasant, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that he knew his way around broad blades like machetes or actual falchions, which are typically used by people of lower standing.”

“Who’s to say, though? That blade is older than the Halidom of Ylisse and as mysterious as the Divine Dragon it came from. In another generation or two, I don’t doubt that it will be reforged again. It may end up as a claymore or a broadsword… or perhaps even an axe. Its form does not matter. So long it is used for a noble cause, Falchion shall always be remembered as an instrument of peace.”

Okay so this has always bugged me, but people always characterize Keith as this angry rude “i hate everyone” teen, especially towards lance, and while he is hot headed he’s actually never really mean? Like fanart with him flicking off lance or retorting with actual anger and hatred is all fun for character exploration and shit but thats really OOC. And a lot of fanfics show keith in this light too, but have you ever actually noticed how he interacts with Lance? Or anyone really? He’s really chill and makes conversation with people. Sure Keith is angsty but hes also a literal angel? Like episode 4 when hes literally smiling widely as he talks to Lance after rescuing the blue lion?? Snowball fight?? Hes really just a confused, slightly awkward fireball whos just trying his best, i just hate seeing him (esp his relationship towards lance) minimized to such a hate-the-world angry boy ™ bc he’s so much more than that??

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Ok something that has always bugged me is like, even in early seasons everyone talks about how Buffy will never be able to have a well paying/normal job. But the watcher's council is said to have basically infinite resources so why didn't they just like, have a system where they set up trust accounts for slayers to make their lives easier once they're called? Obviously Buffy quits and the council gets blown up later but it never made sense that they just like, never financially support slayers

Need I remind you that the council was in its majority a bunch of BRITISH WHITE MEN? Are you really that surprised they didn’t financially support the slayers?

I’m actually shocked they didn’t have the girls pay a members fee. Or that they didn’t take all earthly possessions away from the Slayers and claim they belonged to the council… 

Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 

+1 to minako cause does minato even have a butler outfit? I can never find one

also! I made a twitter account! thanks Lan for putting up w me being a confused idiot. I accidentally made 2 accounts cause I didnt know twitter separates your media stuff?? but i like the other username so I’m gonna try using both (help). I’ll probably end up using this one for art/wips/fandom/etc stuff for now?? but still use this as a main for bigger stuff? idk I’ll figure out how I’m gonna do this but I’ll work it out! I’m moving tmrw and won’t have internet for a bit but we’ll see how this goes!

One thing that has always bugged me a bit, with how it’s handled (or at least, how I’ve seen it handled; I don’t read enough English fics vs doujins to know if it’s still a big thing), is when people writing post-TP works that end in Flowey becoming Asriel again have everyone’s behavior towards him magically change at that moment, and have it be like, the golden ending. I feel that it’s a combination of things that rubs me the wrong way, too.

One is that, I feel like enough of his character development has to be scrapped enough for everyone around him (besides Frisk, and often enough Papyrus) to have a beef with him, because the game shows him being remorseful over the stunts he’s pulled and showing concern over everyone else’s wellbeing while resigning himself to a shitty fate. Plus, (nearly) every monster has fought or even tried to kill Frisk at a point, and yet they’re all willing to forgive, so why is Flowey an outlier, unless you ignore his whole post-TP end speech and also what exactly caused him to get so violent (the mind-numbing repetition of having seen everything underground exacerbated by his reset abuse, which surface life wouldn’t allow)?

And then I kinda feel like, if he became Asriel again and a flip was just switched, where now everyone cares about and loves him because they know just who he is, it would likely just really screw with the kid’s head more than his head has already been screwed with. Like, nobody really gave a damn about him until he physically looked like Asriel again, but now that he does he’s being heaped with love and support all around. I feel like this is handled “better” if you ignore Flowey’s post-TP stuff and backstory and all that and have him acting radically different, but then you still have the issue of doing exactly that to make this work, so it winds up not sitting right with me anyway.

Creeping Like Frost

There is a wonderful possible easter egg that has been bugging me. I always get pulled back to it. In the very few pages that this character is in ACOTAR, she sticks in the back of my mind, creeping like a bit of frost every time I read the book. This is very loosely founded and a theory.

I’m thinking the mercenary is fae. Stick with me here.

And then the unknown: a mountain of a woman sitting on the lip of our broken square fountain, without any cart or stall, but looking like she was holding court nonetheless. –pg 25, ACOTAR

And she probably was a queen in her own right, like Feyre, Nesta and Morrigan.

“How.” Not a question – a command. Perhaps someone who had encountered others who did not see vows as sacred, words as bonds. And had punished them accordingly. –pg 26, ACOTAR

But what really bugged me. No human is going to survive poison from a faerie bite.

Beautiful I thought, even as the horror of it writhed in my gut. Against her tanned skin, the veins were black – solid black, spiderwebbed, and creeping like frost. –pg 29, ACOTAR

But it is the way that Nesta grabs Feyre that really bugs me. And that is when I remember, that Nesta can see through glamour (pg 264, ACOTAR).

“They’re dangerous,” Nesta hissed, her fingers digging into my arm as she continued to pull me from the mercenary. “Don’t go near them again.” – I couldn’t remember the last time Nesta tried to warn me about anything. – pg30, ACOTAR

What I don’t understand is a mercenary that seemed to travel light, stayed in their little town, for a week. Almost waiting for Nesta.

She was the only one who seemed like she would believe me. –pg 265, ACOTAR

Feyre describes eyes, a lot, in a way I think that she can see through the individual’s soul, but that is just theory. However I have found that she describes older fae’s eyes differently, I am providing a few examples:

Amren: The silver in Amren’s eye seemed to swirl like smoke under glass. –pg 161, ACOMAF

The Suriel: Swirling pits of milky white. –pg 127, ACOTAR

Bone Carver: Those eyes guttered with cobalt fire. –pg 200, ACOMAF

Mercenary: Such interesting eyes – not just one shade of black, but … many, with hints of brown that glimmered amongst the shadows. –pg 25, ACOTAR

Recap: So we have this “human” mountain of a woman that has been poisoned by a faerie, lived through the attacks of faeries. Nesta thinks she is dangerous to warn Feyre against, but after the beast took her, she hires her to get her over the wall. Her eyes are describes in the same fashion of other fae that Feyre has encountered. I have a hefty suspicion there is a little more to this mercenary. 


Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):
Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giants
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us


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idk I might’ve not read it right but maybe people weren’t nice to flowey but nice to asriel because assuming that new-asriel has a soul he could feel empathy but not flowey, so what’s the point of showing empathy towards flowey?

Yeah, what is the point of showing empathy and compassion to a child shouldering immense hurt and trauma, who has emotional problems. Certainly, it’s best to just give up and not try?

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It’s been a while since I ever really thought about the Temple Fusion. I think we’re all in agreement that, given the gems, it’s a fusion of Rose, Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet. But what has always bugged me is, when did they all fuse together to know what their fusion would look like? The biggest foe that the Crystal Gems has faced is most likely Homeworld during their occupation of Earth, but Amethyst wasn’t found by the Crystal Gems until years after the war. So what threat after the war was so big that they had to all fuse together? Look at how rarely Alexandrite has been used; the Crystal Gems wouldn’t pull out their ultimate trump card for any old monster.

But then when reading up on theories on the latest promo, I came across something interesting regarding the infamous mural. More specifically, this section:

There’s a theory that the image on the left of the mural depicts Peridot in the drill; that the mural isn’t a historical account at all but instead a premonition. After all, Homeworld is full of Sapphires that can predict the future. As rare as they are said to be, there is likely always going to be a few roaming around. Which leads me to believe that the Crystal Gems have yet to form the Temple Fusion; Garnet saw it in the future and took inspiration from it when creating the temple. Which means that the Temple Fusion would actually be a fusion of Steven et al.

I know there are theories about the fusion in Historical Friction, but we can’t know for sure who formed that fusion and whether or not it was all of them. The fusion is depicted with 2 sets of arms but I recognise that that could simply be due to a lack of detail or a low budget for props.

And if you do believe the mural is a premonition or prophecy, then the centre image could actually be Steven defeating a diamond. He was simply depicted as Rose Quartz due to his gem and the possibility of a Gem procreating with a human was so unlikely that it was outside of the Sapphires’ visions.

Ok so here’s part 2 of faces I will alter/draw for Dragon Age. Anora’s face has always bugged me, she doesn’t really look like her dad at all? Why Anora? So ye this Anora does look like her dad because reasons. Maric & Loghain are based on the cover of the Stolen Throne btw. I gave (older) Loghain a scar because it gives this allure of an old seasoned warrior. Or rogue. Back in Origins warriors could wield a bow and arrow too, still not sure whether he’s a rogue or a warrior, it keeps changing I think?

Ages in picture: Duncan (±20), Maric (21), Young!Loghain (±24), Loghain (±55), Anora (25-30ish? Still not sure when she was born.) and Katriel (no age, but young & around 8:99 Dragon)