this has always bugged me

who designed the armor in voltron like seriously, who did it?? it’s so non protective you shoot them anywhere between the thigh and the chest and you’re gonna hit someone where it hurts. you could literally land a clean shot on their ass or their stomach jesus christ please protect these people moRE

In Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, space and time are unified in a single entity called spacetime. This is the “stage” in which the laws of physics operate.

In Einstein’s theory, the presence of mass and energy warps spacetime, and it is this curvature that affects objects in the way we perceive as gravity. The basic idea is that while we see objects accelerating towards a mass by the effect of a force, in reality is just the object attempting to follow a straight line in this four-dimensional warped space described by General Relativity.

In other words, things fall because they are following a straight line in spacetime.

In usual illustrations, the bending of space is represented as a flat rubber-sheet with masses pressing down on it. This has always bugged me, as it didn’t really represent the nature of 3D space being curved, and it never really addressed the fact that time is also distorted near masses.

This is my first attempt at a better depiction of the effects of General Relativity. Here, we see a 3x3x3 section of an imaginary spatial grid (that extends throughout all of space) being distorted by the presence of a mass. At the intersections of the grid lines there are clocks that show the rate of passage of time at each point in space, relative to a far away observer.

Notice how the clocks near the mass measure time at a slower pace than the clocks further away from the mass.

The distortion of spacetime is real, and can and has been measured experimentally several times. Modern telecommunication satellites and GPS systems all make use of the predictions of General Relativity in order to function.

While bizarre and complex, General Relativity has stood the test of time, and is one of the most well-tested and successful scientific theories ever conceived.

(Also, please miss me with this “Vax is the love of Keyleth’s LIFE” bs. Keyleth is going to live 2,000 years, she was ALWAYS going to outlive him, and while her emotions on that front are absolutely valid given what’s been going down he was NEVER GOING TO BE THE ONLY LOVE OF HER LIFE.

This relationship will ultimately last two years out of two thousand. Keyleth is not and should not be defined by Vax. They should not get married now that he’s officially forfeited the future he promised her she and she should be allowed to grieve that loss but it should not define her goddammit stop making her future all about the guy she was always eventually going to lose and let her stand on her own two feet, fandom)

(P.S. – Putting my Doyalist hat on for a moment, it is also still very, very annoying that Vex once again has to share what should have been her moment with her brother. It’s not Marisha’s fault by any means but it’s still frustrating that it happened. And that frustration from the audience is just as valid as the characters’ emotions in-game)

Okay I have a significant gripe about something from AoS, specifically in regards to Skye. And I don’t know that I’ve ever actually articulated this before. So bear with me.

So…. we’re told that Linda Avery dropped Skye off at the orphanage and ensured that she be moved every few months, “to keep her safe”.

WHY?  What sense does that make?

Because they never changed her name when she went to a new foster family and she always came back to the same orphanage.  You know foster kids have?  Paper trails; lots and lots of records.  (Correct me if I’m wrong on that @farmgirlusa and @vesperass-anuna, but I’m pretty damn confident about that assertion.)  That’s why they call it “the system”.  There is a system,  process, documentation.  She was not “lost in the system,” the authorities knew where she was the entire time.  What wasn’t known who she really was; that she was that baby from the Hunan Province.  If someone figured out enough to track her to the orphanage initially, it was all over.  They could easily get into state records and find out exactly where she was and had been.  How was that keeping her safe?

Moving her around to disguise where she was would only have worked if she was moving cities, and states most likely, with a new name and personal identifying details each time.  They couldn’t have done it within SHIELD, because it was infiltrated with Hydra, and that’s why the team that rescued her kept getting killed off.   But keeping her in the foster system offered no additional protection.

She would have been better off being adopted/taken in as a baby, and then identity changed again. THAT would have truly obscured her origins.  Taking her somewhere where there weren’t records would have been even smarter.

They didn’t leave her with any actual protection.  There was no one watching over her.  They just hoped no one could track the baby from China to St Agnes.  That’s where any real protection ended.  Avery protected Skye by getting her to that orphanage without anyone knowing where she came from/who she really was, no doubt about that.  But after that? Skye herself is the only one that truly protected her, by erasing all records of Mary Sue Poots, and inventing Skye.

Am I missing something? Is there some other explanation?

One of the biggest things that has always bugged me about Steven Universe is the giant bird monster from Giant Woman.

  • Listed as a corrupted gem but we have no proof that it even HAS a gem
  • Has internal organs, or at least some kind of lining inside itself despite supposedly being a gem
  • Has VERY OBVIOUSLY CONSUMED MULTIPLE GEMS but they disappear when its defeated, along with all the other things inside of it, which I’m pretty sure included a shopping trolly.
  • LAYS EGGS, something that no gem would need to do at all, even corrupted there is literally no purpose for that ability. These eggs are very obviously organic too, as Amethyst cracks it in the fridge, it leaks, and shows no signs of poofing.
  • When shot at first by Opal it appeared to SHATTER into tiny gem shards, which then formed into miniature versions of the bird immidiately.
  • Opal then seems to destroy them all?? Most people assume she somehow bubbles them all with her arrow.

In fact, that entire episode has more unexplained things, like the Heaven and Earth Beetles.

  • For some reason these corrupted gems are significant enough for Garnet to specifically ask for them to be brought in intact. They were not poofed at all, they were put into a little bug container and we never saw them again.
  • They were significant enough to have homes built for them??? The only ones that could have possibly done that would be The Crystal Gems, as these gems are corrupted. AKA, nobody on Homeworld would build a home for a corrupted gem, so why do they have them? They’re probably aslo quite recent considering that the Heaven Beetle’s house has a Gameboy in it. Building a home for a corrupted gem sounds like something that Rose would do, but she hasn’t done that for any of the others, and surely if it was her then Garnet wouldn’t be wanting to bring them in.
  • They both have the exact same gem. Their gems are IDENTICAL, and yet they look very different; which we know is not how corruption works, as all of the Centipeetles are identical and all of the Quartzes have the same build.

It feels like they wrote this episode without really knowing what they were going for. I still love the episode, but why are these things such obvious anomolies? The Bird goes against literally every single piece of canon information we have on gems, so ??? what????

I get that Aaron is an asshole and he’s a bit homophobic, but how does that put him anywhere near on par with Riko? Riko throws a tantrum and has Seth killed. Riko gets tired of Andrew stepping in and arranges for Drake and then Proust. Riko is canonically abusive and sadistic. But he’s worthy of redemption and Aaron isn’t? At least with Aaron there’s the possibility of him finally being called out on his shit now that Andrew isn’t hovering over him and being forced to change as a person. While we’re on Aaron being homophobic, are we going to talk about how the rest of the Foxes are ableist as hell? No? On scales of being horrible people, Aaron isn’t anywhere close to Riko. There’s being shitty and there’s being cruel.

The Trash Man’s Mystery Height (Aka: The Height Ref) ((AKA Aka: Too Much Time On My Hands))

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SO, this question has always bugged me? Is Ardyn tall or short? Or a nice inbetween? Now in actuality it’s never been a doubt in my mind that Ardyn is at least six feet, but that still begs the question, how many inches do I need to shave off or add? Welp, let’s take a look, shall we?


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okay so one studyblr concept that has always bugged me is the idea that people who get better grades than you = smarter/worked harder than you??? because its a complete fucking lie. i know this one girl in my class who’s ranked number 6 and she hasn’t studied a day in her life - all she does is figure out new ways to cheat. and going to school with that mindset imo is so negative? like imagine you worked your ass off every night to get a good grade in a class you struggle just to get back a C whereas someone who doesn’t work have half your work ethnic continuously get A’s in that class. In your perspective its because they outworked you which again is false. Just remember that the best person you can compare yourself to is yourself because comparison to others can easily get unhealthy and unrealistic

I always wonder what the appeal of having Nico bump into Bianca’s incarnate/having Percy’s little sister be Bianca’s incarnate because like, do you just want him to suffer? Like, if I spent years grieving over someone I loved and just as I had finally got over them, saw their reincarnate, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’d have to go through the grieving process all over again while constantly thinking and worrying about them, and trying to deal with the fact that I would not be able to see them. Like, no, Nico doesn’t need to go through that.

LGBTQ+ in Kpop

I’ve wanted to write this for awhile now, I also know that pride month has just ended so I’m a little late but heyho. This topic is one that I‘ve always wanted to see more people talking about, I’m not going to be talking about the whole of Korea, that’s for another time, I’ll just be focussing on the Kpop scene. I’ll get onto it now.

What has always bugged me about fan culture, especially in the Kpop scene, is the whole ‘shipping but nohomo because if they were really gay that’s gross’ ordeal. Because if you’re willing to opening ship two members, read and write smutty fanfics then you have to be open to the possibility that, those members might actually be queer. Now, it’s no surprise that despite the discrimination and censorship on LGBTQ+ culture, there are actually queer people in Korea, I know, shocker!!

Given that in most places 1 in 10 people are queer, it’s just fact, and given the numerous Kgroups there are; 170+. The number of members varies from around 5-10+ so in total, that’s a lot of Kidols. To go back, 1 in 10 people are queer, that includes that Kpop scene. I’m 100% sure that not all of those idols are straight, like, come on. That means that 1 in 10 idols are queer, (10 may even be a smaller number. I looked but I couldn’t find a definite number/percentage of the gay population in Korea, sorry.)

Considering that the average number of members each group has is about 6-7, it means that statistically, there is at least 1 queer person in each group, this isn’t 100% accurate as some groups might have more or none, hell, a 5 membered group might be primarily made up of queer people; looking at you KNK and A.C.E.

I know that the topic of homosexuality is still taboo in Korea but it is getting better. But what I hate is how Kdramas use homosexuality as a joke, I understand the appeal of a cross dressing drama but when the male lead brushes his confusion in his sexuality off as a joke, it puts a bad image of the community. There are many dramas that do this that I disagree with, however the drama ‘Coffee Prince’, I feel does it right;

The male lead feels himself becoming attracted to what he believes is a man, he questions his sexuality, shuts himself in and consults a doctor who gives him medication as a ‘cure’. As much as I hated that scene, I feel that it shows Korea’s view on homosexuality perfectly, that they believe it to be a disease that can be cured with drugs. The male lead then stops using this ‘cure’ and accepts who his is, a queer man. When the male lead find out that his love is actually a girl, it’s not the typical ‘Oh thank god because for a second there, I really thought I was gay, ha!’, he’s hurt and confused. I just love that the male lead was able to accept his queerness. (Now I have mad respect for Gong Yoo for playing that role)

Something I also want to touch upon is Kidols naivety to what their fans get up to. Granted, many Kidols might not know but I’m pretty sure a lot of them know what makes their fans happy. That’s the whole point of fanservise, sorry to shit over your ships, but Kidols know that skinship between members and other Kidols drives their perverted fans wild and they act on it. Now I’m not saying that your OTP’s really hate each other, they most likely don’t, what I’m saying is that they know if  they lean that little bit closer, or grope someone’s butt, it will make their fans happy.

I feel like this plays into the fetishizing of homosexuality though and I hate it. because these Kidols are using homosexuality as a way to make their fans happy, they are completely ignoring that being queer is a real and tough thing. I also know that if they do openly support the LGBTQ+ community, or even come out, they will be slandered for it and in the case of coming out, they will lose their job. So I understand why they don’t speak up, but they should. they are in a position to change peoples opinions, these groups have millions of followers who can differentiate the members by their cough, so I’m pretty sure if fans see their bias’ supporting the LGBTQ+ community, it might spark something in them to change.

Summary: The whole point of this post was to show people that, yes, there is a real, 100% possibility that your bias is queer. and that if they’re not, they might be an ally. I also wrote this to tell fans that you cant ship a m/m or w/w OTP without being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, it’s just unfair and quite frankly, hypocritical. Thank you, if there is anything I’ve missed or gotten wrong, please tell me.

Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 

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Honestly thank u so much for addressing that Shrapnel Mess because it has always bugged me so much but i never saw people complaining?? (irl at least, i got into the online fandom barely a year ago) so i thought maybe it was completely reasonable and i was the one in the wrong but seriously it's so ridiculous any way you see it - why do you think they did it??

oh my gosh pal no Welcome To The Bitterness Pit there are a lot of us who have been frustrated with this since IM3 happened

honestly “why do you think they did it” is THE iron man the third question. why did they include the ten rings banner at all if they weren’t even going to do anything with it? why did they bring up 148 things from IM1 and have tony react to/deal with approximately None of them? why did they take out the reactor and launch it into the sea for no reason at the very end of the movie? wHY DO YOU THINK THEY DID IT

i think they bit off more than they could chew without knowing what they were actually eating, if that makes sense? They drew a thousand and one parallels to IM1, a vastly superior movie, and then just. went nowhere with that. like, it wasn’t even that they Tried to go somewhere and then get lost. they threw the gps out the window and refused to start the car 

they didn’t deal with the Important things like “hey, how do tony & co feel about the ten rings suddenly launching themselves back into their lives like this”, or “wait, but how does tony feel about these people who were taken advantage of and turned into weapons or is he just going to–oh, nope, kill them with extreme prejudice, sure, that sounds. reasonable” or “hm weird i feel like maybe watching your girlfriend being tortured and then being unable to stop her from falling to her death wouldn’t actually give you a huge boost in self-confidence or cure your anxiety” 

or “hey so is there seriously honest to god not a single lasting effect on his health from years of shrapnel and trauma or do you really want me to believe that he’s just. fine now” 

listen they had the bare bones of something good and they had a Yinsen moment but they did absolutely nothing with what they were given and while i think we’d be a lot easier on it if it were just…a fun and mediocre sequel, like IM2, IT WASN’T THAT it was the Last Movie In The Iron Man Solo Film Trilogy and so the bitterness will never fade

Calling Cinderella “weak” or “not a good role model” always bugs me bc SHE HAS SO MUCH STRENGTH TO PUT UP WITH THE CRUELTY IN THE WORLD, AND YET SHE’S STILL ONE OF THE KINDEST PEOPLE EVER..



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Yes to your answer about smiles and fond. You even used a gif that is the same day (the Apple concert) as the photo I talked about in my first ask. And I love that pic in the late late show, during tattoo roulette. Harry looks amazing and Niall, well, he's just admiring him. It's in this things that I can tell that Niall showed as much as Harry. People say that he didn't reciprocate to Harry, here's the evidence that he really did

It’s in this things that I can tell that Niall showed as much as Harry. People say that he didn’t reciprocate to Harry, here’s the evidence that he really did – That has always bugged me.

Also when I was going through the gifs I have saved I came across the cake pop fiasco – and can we PLEASE talk about how Niall looks at Harry’s fucking cake pop with the same kind of adoration as he looks at Harry in real life? 

Bonus for: I’m gonna eat Niall.

Okay so this has always bugged me, but people always characterize Keith as this angry rude “i hate everyone” teen, especially towards lance, and while he is hot headed he’s actually never really mean? Like fanart with him flicking off lance or retorting with actual anger and hatred is all fun for character exploration and shit but thats really OOC. And a lot of fanfics show keith in this light too, but have you ever actually noticed how he interacts with Lance? Or anyone really? He’s really chill and makes conversation with people. Sure Keith is angsty but hes also a literal angel? Like episode 4 when hes literally smiling widely as he talks to Lance after rescuing the blue lion?? Snowball fight?? Hes really just a confused, slightly awkward fireball whos just trying his best, i just hate seeing him (esp his relationship towards lance) minimized to such a hate-the-world angry boy ™ bc he’s so much more than that??

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Why is your lord's sword called falchion? If anything, it looks more like a uniquely shaped straight sword.

“If I had any semblance of a clue, good stranger, I would tell you. Falchion, as we know it today, is one of many different forms the divine blade has taken. In the Hero King’s time, it was thinner and weighted toward the tip, making it more akin to a rapier than anything else. In its current form, it looks to be a highly modified spatha or arming sword, both of which are appropriate for a knightly royal of Lord Chrom’s like.

To that end, I would venture to guess that it has to do with Marth’s ancestor, Anri. As the original wielder of the Falchion and the first human to defeat the wicked Medeus, Anri’s Falchion must have taken the most comfortable form for him. Because he was born a peasant, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that he knew his way around broad blades like machetes or actual falchions, which are typically used by people of lower standing.”

“Who’s to say, though? That blade is older than the Halidom of Ylisse and as mysterious as the Divine Dragon it came from. In another generation or two, I don’t doubt that it will be reforged again. It may end up as a claymore or a broadsword… or perhaps even an axe. Its form does not matter. So long it is used for a noble cause, Falchion shall always be remembered as an instrument of peace.”

+1 to minako cause does minato even have a butler outfit? I can never find one

also! I made a twitter account! thanks Lan for putting up w me being a confused idiot. I accidentally made 2 accounts cause I didnt know twitter separates your media stuff?? but i like the other username so I’m gonna try using both (help). I’ll probably end up using this one for art/wips/fandom/etc stuff for now?? but still use this as a main for bigger stuff? idk I’ll figure out how I’m gonna do this but I’ll work it out! I’m moving tmrw and won’t have internet for a bit but we’ll see how this goes!