this has always bugged me

who designed the armor in voltron like seriously, who did it?? it’s so non protective you shoot them anywhere between the thigh and the chest and you’re gonna hit someone where it hurts. you could literally land a clean shot on their ass or their stomach jesus christ please protect these people moRE

“a person from 150 years ago would be terrified in the modern world” what. No. 150 years ago was 1868. Jules Verne was an international lit sensation. People ranged from super hyped for Science!! and Progress!!!! with Exclamation Marks!!!!  to already already terrified of it and sure we’d blow ourselves up with Badly Understood Theories. There were trains, steamships, and air travel. Everyone  expected that the Future would be Full of Astonishing Changes. 

Someone from 150 years ago would be angry that we didn’t have flying horse-drawn carriages. 

In Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, space and time are unified in a single entity called spacetime. This is the “stage” in which the laws of physics operate.

In Einstein’s theory, the presence of mass and energy warps spacetime, and it is this curvature that affects objects in the way we perceive as gravity. The basic idea is that while we see objects accelerating towards a mass by the effect of a force, in reality is just the object attempting to follow a straight line in this four-dimensional warped space described by General Relativity.

In other words, things fall because they are following a straight line in spacetime.

In usual illustrations, the bending of space is represented as a flat rubber-sheet with masses pressing down on it. This has always bugged me, as it didn’t really represent the nature of 3D space being curved, and it never really addressed the fact that time is also distorted near masses.

This is my first attempt at a better depiction of the effects of General Relativity. Here, we see a 3x3x3 section of an imaginary spatial grid (that extends throughout all of space) being distorted by the presence of a mass. At the intersections of the grid lines there are clocks that show the rate of passage of time at each point in space, relative to a far away observer.

Notice how the clocks near the mass measure time at a slower pace than the clocks further away from the mass.

The distortion of spacetime is real, and can and has been measured experimentally several times. Modern telecommunication satellites and GPS systems all make use of the predictions of General Relativity in order to function.

While bizarre and complex, General Relativity has stood the test of time, and is one of the most well-tested and successful scientific theories ever conceived.


I was inspired to write this walking to work today. Just a one shot, though I did form quite a bit of this AU in my head. No plans to continue this anytime soon, got my Cafe!AU and another one after that I wanna write. A little more after the story, enjoy!


When Annabeth heard the knock on her door, she let out a sigh. Closing the tome she had been rereading for the third time, she leaned back in her chair. She had a pretty good idea of what was waiting for her on the other side of the door, and she really wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. Their kingdom had a battle on the horizon, and she wanted to make sure she was as prepared as she could be. The results of the last battle still weighed heavily on her heart. So many lost. So many families broken.

Shaking her head, she sat up proper, like a princess should, and cleared her throat.

“Enter.” She said, wincing at the regal tone in her voice. She hated using it, but it was expected of her. She had a role to fill, she played a part in something bigger than herself.

The sound of metal shifting rang out, and the door opened a moment later. A knight, fully adorned in armor, helmet included. He walked in, closing the door behind him. After a moment of looking at her, he awkwardly bowed. Clearly he wasn’t the most well versed in manners. Not that Annabeth particularly minded, formalities just got in the way in her opinion. Still, his slightly clumsy bow, and the smallest stumble at the shift of weight brought a small smirk to her face. It existed for the briefest moment before she wiped it away, plastering her formal patient look on her face again. She gestured for him to speak, already knowing what was coming.

“Your highness, I uh… was-”

“Annabeth.” She interrupted, crossing her arms. She hated being called your highness if she could help it.

“Pardon me?” The knight asked, tilting his head slightly.

“Address me as Annabeth. I will not suffer any more formalities than I must.” She offered.

“A-Annabeth. I was instructed to inform you that I’ve been selected-”

“Take off your helmet.”

The knight paused again, caught off guard by the second interruption.

“I hate being unable to see the face of who I am talking with. Take off your helmet.” She repeated. It was true. Annabeth had learned not only strategies of war, but also how to read people. A skill she couldn’t put into practice very well when her target was covered head to toe in metal.

The knight stood up, before he reached up and pulled off his helmet.

“Good. Now c-” Annabeth’s breath caught in her throat. The knight in front of her was running one gloved hand through his hair, messing up the pressed pattern of hair from the helmet. The shaggy hair, the dash of freckles, even his jaw line. Annabeth would only admit it to herself, but he certainly wasn’t the worst looking knight she had seen. A far cry from the usual gruff men that her father kept as guards. He looked about her age, just under twenty.

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I get that Aaron is an asshole and he’s a bit homophobic, but how does that put him anywhere near on par with Riko? Riko throws a tantrum and has Seth killed. Riko gets tired of Andrew stepping in and arranges for Drake and then Proust. Riko is canonically abusive and sadistic. But he’s worthy of redemption and Aaron isn’t? At least with Aaron there’s the possibility of him finally being called out on his shit now that Andrew isn’t hovering over him and being forced to change as a person. While we’re on Aaron being homophobic, are we going to talk about how the rest of the Foxes are ableist as hell? No? On scales of being horrible people, Aaron isn’t anywhere close to Riko. There’s being shitty and there’s being cruel.

(Also, please miss me with this “Vax is the love of Keyleth’s LIFE” bs. Keyleth is going to live 2,000 years, she was ALWAYS going to outlive him, and while her emotions on that front are absolutely valid given what’s been going down he was NEVER GOING TO BE THE ONLY LOVE OF HER LIFE.

This relationship will ultimately last two years out of two thousand. Keyleth is not and should not be defined by Vax. They should not get married now that he’s officially forfeited the future he promised her she and she should be allowed to grieve that loss but it should not define her goddammit stop making her future all about the guy she was always eventually going to lose and let her stand on her own two feet, fandom)

(P.S. – Putting my Doyalist hat on for a moment, it is also still very, very annoying that Vex once again has to share what should have been her moment with her brother. It’s not Marisha’s fault by any means but it’s still frustrating that it happened. And that frustration from the audience is just as valid as the characters’ emotions in-game)

"Aunt Wu told Katara that she would marry a powerful bender, and Aang is the most powerful bender ever!! This is why Kataang makes sense!"

Well for one thing she said “a powerful bender” not “THE MOST POWERFUL bender” and you could argue that almost every bender shown in the show is insanely powerful.
But if you wanna go down “THE MOST powerful bender road” then alright. But I’d make a case that the most powerful bender in the show isn’t Aang. It’s not even Zuko. Besides Katara, I’d argue that the most powerful bender in the show is Azula.
From the age of eight, she was shown to be a fire bending prodigy, compared to Azulon himself. AT THE AGE OF EIGHT SHE WAS COMPARED TO THE FIRE LORD IN TERMS OF STRENGTH AND POWER. She was able to conjure blue flames, and summon lightning at will by the age of fourteen, maybe even younger. Can you imagine what she would’ve been like had she had a stable frame of mind and never had the breakdown she experienced???? Fire Lord Azula would have been the most terrifying and destructive Fire Lord in Avatar history, even over Sozin or Ozai.
We only see her lose three battles during the show.
The first, in ‘The Chase’ , could be argued that it isn’t even a loss; it’s a retreat after being cornered by FOUR benders, one being the Avatar. And even before her retreat, she still held her own for a long time before then.
The second, during 'The Drill’ was a loss, absolutely, but not because she was bested in a battle of bending. Aang got the upper hand by destroying the drill, but she still kicked his ass when it came to a one on one bending battle between the two.
The final one, and the only one where she actually lost in comparison to another’s bending, was of course during the Agni Kai in 'Sozin’s Comit Part ¾’. Beforehand, Iroh KNEW that none of them could take her alone. Zuko only fought her one on one because he believed she was unstable and unfit to properly fight, not because he thought he was stronger than her. And even then, it took both him AND Katara (Who above everyone else, I’d argue is THE MOST POWERFUL BENDER in the show. But you can’t marry yourself) to take her down.
So really… Aunt Wu’s prediction doesn’t prove shit. It’s a great support/defense for a crap ton of ships, sure. But it’s absolutely not an 'end all be all’ argument ending point for Kataang, or even Zutara for that matter.
Unless you’re arguing for Azutara, I don’t think Aunt Wu is as strong as an argument as you’d like to think.

Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 

I always wonder what the appeal of having Nico bump into Bianca’s incarnate/having Percy’s little sister be Bianca’s incarnate because like, do you just want him to suffer? Like, if I spent years grieving over someone I loved and just as I had finally got over them, saw their reincarnate, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’d have to go through the grieving process all over again while constantly thinking and worrying about them, and trying to deal with the fact that I would not be able to see them. Like, no, Nico doesn’t need to go through that.

“but the whole point of dating someone is to Get To Know Them!”

which is great but holy shit allos get attached way too fucking quickly so by the time you decide whether or not you’re even crushing on someone (spoiler warning it’s almost always “not”), they’re already picking china patterns and practically throwing their pants at you

srsly the reason I don’t date IRL is because I’ve already broken hearts without even dating, I don’t want to make a habit of it


+1 to minako cause does minato even have a butler outfit? I can never find one

also! I made a twitter account! thanks Lan for putting up w me being a confused idiot. I accidentally made 2 accounts cause I didnt know twitter separates your media stuff?? but i like the other username so I’m gonna try using both (help). I’ll probably end up using this one for art/wips/fandom/etc stuff for now?? but still use this as a main for bigger stuff? idk I’ll figure out how I’m gonna do this but I’ll work it out! I’m moving tmrw and won’t have internet for a bit but we’ll see how this goes!

The Only Possible Explanation for Something That Has Always Bugged Me

“I’m not very creative. Maybe you should be in charge of naming stuff, eh?”

“Alright, well, I was thinking we might call this new territory we just discovered New Found Land.”

“That’s a bit on the nose, don’t you think?”

“Okay…umm… what if we pronounce it funny and spell it all as one word so people say it really fast?”

“Perfect! Now all we gotta do is name these giant fuzzy dogs running around.”

“Yer gonna think this is crazy, eh, but I’ve got an idea.”

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Why is your lord's sword called falchion? If anything, it looks more like a uniquely shaped straight sword.

“If I had any semblance of a clue, good stranger, I would tell you. Falchion, as we know it today, is one of many different forms the divine blade has taken. In the Hero King’s time, it was thinner and weighted toward the tip, making it more akin to a rapier than anything else. In its current form, it looks to be a highly modified spatha or arming sword, both of which are appropriate for a knightly royal of Lord Chrom’s like.

To that end, I would venture to guess that it has to do with Marth’s ancestor, Anri. As the original wielder of the Falchion and the first human to defeat the wicked Medeus, Anri’s Falchion must have taken the most comfortable form for him. Because he was born a peasant, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that he knew his way around broad blades like machetes or actual falchions, which are typically used by people of lower standing.”

“Who’s to say, though? That blade is older than the Halidom of Ylisse and as mysterious as the Divine Dragon it came from. In another generation or two, I don’t doubt that it will be reforged again. It may end up as a claymore or a broadsword… or perhaps even an axe. Its form does not matter. So long it is used for a noble cause, Falchion shall always be remembered as an instrument of peace.”