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My mental health and my schedule has become completely non-accomodating to running the shop anymore.  I took the time this morning to refund all outstanding orders that I have never touched.  Some of them were from an embarrassingly long time ago - I apologize to those of you who were negatively affected by my poor performance.

That being said, I have two orders - one from January and one from February - that were for receiving a spirit’s vessel that I had already spoken to them about. Those orders will be honored and I’ll try to get them both done sometime in the next week.

While it lasted, it was a really great time and I felt like I made a huge difference for a lot of people!  But this chapter of my life now has to close.  I’ve been pushed by my Netjeru Fathers to pick myself up, do the refunds, and get this overwith.  I think now that I’ve done this, I’ll feel a lot more free and a lot less anxious.

It’s kind of funny - I sometimes wonder if I was cursed by a handful of customers who were particularly nasty to me back in the summer, but that just feels ridiculous.  It’s myself I have to hold accountable, and I am holding myself accountable.  I let myself become overwhelmed and I became the shop keeper I never wanted to be - someone who wouldn’t respond to emails, messages, etc.  I have a crippling anxiety attack whenever I look at my thedragonslibrary email, whenever I log on to storenvy, whenever I log on to tumblr.  Sometimes the feeling lasts for days.  I don’t want to have that feeling anymore, so this is something I have to do.

I am permanently closing The Dragons Library until further notice.  Maybe one day I’ll want to do it again, but today is not that day.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!  

Voltron Voice AU

So I was listening to Spotify and a commercial for The voice came on and it said something about Adam and Blake having a bromance and I immediately thought of KLance. I’m sure this has already been done, but these are my headcannons for my Voltron Voice AU

-Lance is a judge (*cough*Adam*cough*)
-Keith is a judge (*cough*Blake*cough*)
-Shiro is a judge
-Hunk is a judge
-Pidge is the host
-Allura and Coran are the producers
-Coran is the lead producer
-Alfor was the creator

-Lance is a pop singer who sometimes dabbles with latino music
-Lance likes to go between a lot of genres
-Can actually rap really well
-Once had an old youtube video of him rapping the entire “Monster” song by Kanye West (he totally slayed Nikki’s verse)
-He has a broad taste in music and likes to sing to all kinds of music
-But can’t stand country
-Makes sure Keith knows it
-People love having Lance as a coach
-Always tears up when he has to send his contestants home or they get voted off
-Gives awesome advice
-Loves pranking Keith behind the scenes
-And on the air
-Allura is always editing a lot of them out because Keith loves to swear (the live shows are always her most stressful)

-Keith is the most emo Texan country singer out there
-More popular songs are pop-ish country (you know what I’m talking about)
-Has many classic country influences
-Big influences include: George Strait, Steve Earle, Randy Travis, and Trace Adkins
-Also really liked Billy Ray Cyrus as a child and decided he wanted to be just like him, hence the hair
-Keith is actually a big ole’ softy
-Appericates all his team mates
-Gets super attached to his contestants
-Super motivational
-Sometimes super intimidating when giving advice to contestants
-But once you warm up to him, he gets super soft

-Shiro sings folksy/alternative stuff
-Sometimes goes for more country feels or sometimes more pop-ish
-He once put out a rap single with Hunk
-Never again
-“Dad” coach
-EVERYONE loves Shiro
-If they don’t choose Lance, they’ll probably choose Shiro
-Always gives advice in a “dad-ly” way
-Sings along with a contestant when they are in the practice room until they make it their own

-Hunk is a DJ
-Has an amazingly soothing voice
-Used to sing his younger sister to sleep
-Has been told he has the voice of the Gods (by Lance)
-He will sometimes sing small parts in his songs
-LOVES doing remixes of classical music
-His favorite is Frederic Chopin because he created his songs for dancing, granted it was meant for walzing, but Hunk lives to spice them up
-Bakes for his contestants a lot
-Actually baked an entire freaking cake when one of his contestants won the show (he bawled)
-Hunk, on repeated occasions, has cried when his contestant was voted off or he had to choose
-Super softie

-Most savage host on primetime
-Pidge is an actual salt mine
-They love to poke fun at Lance
-Meme Lord™
-Always tweets trash about Lance jokingly
-Pidge co-hosts a radio show with Matt called Voltron

-Lance’s followers on Twitter are crazy devoted
-And he loves all of them
-They make him happy to do what he does
-Lance is Bi AF and everyone knows
-He loves hitting on everyone (when he’s single)
-But is actually very comiited to his relationships
-Keith is hella gay *cough* for Lance *cough*
-Almost EVERYONE ships KLance (others are Hance fans)
-And ShAllura because Shiro and Allura are actually dating (rumor has it that Shiro is going to propose soon)
-Keith and Lance once put out a duet together and the fanbases went nuts
-#Klance was trending on Twitter for two days
-Lance LOVES droping “subtle” hints that Klance is real on Twitter
-Pidge always retweets them
-Sometimes Keith will like them
-Shiro’s fanbase calls him “Space Dad” because he is so caring about his fans and his friends
-He also has mulitple tattoos of space things
-Has a badass alien with a blaster and its spaceship going down his left arm from his shoulder to his elbow
-Also has a tattoo of the solar system on torso
-Matt Holt is a radio host and has the most popular show on the air in LA
-The Holt siblings are the Dynamic Duo™
-They are always asked to host for award shows

Will probably edit this as I get more ideas, but feel free to send ideas

carterashofficial  asked:

28. Have they done anything embarrassing? (For whatever character is most on your mind)

Swtor OC ask meme - pick a number, any number!

I’ll answer this for Nievys since I’ve been playing her most of the weekend.

So the thing that comes to mind currently isn’t necessarily something she’s done, but more so what was found. And it was found out she has a very very large collection of romance holonovels on her datapad and a lot of the time, when people think she’s going over data, she’s reading really cheesy and ridiculous romance stories with dashing rogues or gallant heroes, and all that stuff. (But she’s already gone over the data already she just acts like she still is so people don’t bother her while she reads the good parts.) Well, a coworker in Intelligence found out and made sure other people knew what material she was combing over so intently.

John isn’t really blogging in TST

So sorry if this has been done already but I haven’t seen anyone mentioning it yet so I thought I should write my first meta after a long time…. Sorry if it has a lot of mistakes I write really fast and don’t check more than twice really

Few things I have noticed…

What is John typing if this is an image/picture opened in his laptop? Seriously I don’t think this is a slip up, this is deliberate. Like look at this… the tItle is JOHN BLOG IMAGE.png. Is this a snippet of his screen?

Is that why the blog isn’t updated anymore?

Look at the past series when the blogs were shown… no seriously look

The “live”/as John types the writing is hovering on the screen blog type we get in a Scandal in Belgravia, though no showing of the actual screen…

And here John’s blog counter being stuck in 1895, BUT this isn’t a photo/picture a snippet of his screen like the one in the Six Thachers

Now you get the message, I can’t add all snippets of where we see John’s and Sherlock’s blogs being shown and not a picture but when actually updated the writing is hovering s2 style…

If John was really updating, and with all the brilliant and busy hovering texts we get this series, why is the (since) s2 when John’s blogging the text is hovering scene missing? Sure the episode is fast paced, it is already busy so they couldn’t add it… yeah okay

But why isn’t updated anymore? This is a picture of the draft… John isn’t really typing… and the blog isn’t really updated…

There’s also what John had written(past tense cause this fucking shit is a snippet, John isn’t really updating look at this shit) is quite funny. This is the text(anything in the parenthesis and italicised is my own additions):

Title: 221Back!

Text: And we’re back! Sorry I haven’t updated the blog for such a long time but things have really been very busy (seriously John what kind of sentence is that. Also confirmation that a lot of time has passed since the last blog, The Sign of Three!!! Mary is seriously pregnant but for so many fucking months…. Anyway back to the text). You’ll have seen on the news about how Sherlock recovered the Mona Lisa (no sorry John it hasn’t broken our fourth wall though it seems more exciting than the fourth wall break of the announced of your daughter named after your wife’s freelance assassin facade… sorry name). He described it as “an utterly dreary case” and was much more interested in the case of a missing horseshoe and how it was connected to a bright blue deckchair on Brighton beach.

Next paragraph: I’ll try to write everything up when I get chance but it’s not been missing portraits and horseshoes that have taken up my time. (You sure mate? You missed 59 calls from your elephant term pregnant wife when she was going in labour because you were with your best friend all day?Mate you put an exclamation mark in we’re back but not in the announcement of you being a father? John your unhappiness is showing…)

Next: I’m going to be a Dad. (no exclamation mark, so he’s not excited… this is not a response from a happily married man about his addition in his family)

Next paragraph: I mean I thought I’d spent the last few years being a Dad to Sherlock (wow dad capitalised? Again? and the hurtful baby is Sherlock jokes again? Damn John, you are exuding unhappiness), but it doesn’t compare. The baby runs all our lives (but it’s not born yet, or was it born when you pretended to write this up, Johnny Boy…) (this is John’s parenthesis: Maybe not THAT different to Sherlock then!) (oh boy he exclamated this and not his announcement… yeah he is so happy about the baby…). If I’m not changing nappies, I’m buying nappies (um.. the baby isn’t here yet?) I’ve fought in Afganistan (sorry not present in the screencap but it’s there for milliseconds) and my best friend once faked his own death (still not over it wow!) but none of that ….(I am assuming here he has written compares but his fingers are always in the way however much I slow down the scene) It’s terrifying and amazing and the biggest adventure I’ve been 

Here it ends… We never see what John “writes” as he doesn’t actually write up but pretend. 

Further proof that John has a picture up of his own blog and not actually updating the blog is the actual corner. Now thank God I have Windows 10, same as John, which is weird if they are still in 2014 thanks to the hiatus and the baby etc. but look at this

Like honestly? The time jumps and the continuation problems we’ve always had…. but this is brilliant… not a slip up… 

I am telling you John isn’t updating and this is why the blog also doesn’t update in our universe but I will leave you to further deductions as well…


The hit counter has changed moved away from 1895, thank god, but still in our real world it isn’t there. The numbers on counter now are 18493 and there’s weirdly an empty space in front of the 1, the hundred thousand space.

and a clearer image here

um??? why the empty space?

Okay so clearly John’s blog is booming, so much success is coming out of it, surely why not update it? Why leave fans waiting? Is this an act? Or MP?

Then we get these:

He has a touchscreen Windows laptop with removable keyboard. Okay alright the props and their time continuum is messed up we know this… BUT LOOK HE ISN’T ACTUALLY WRITING ANYTHING UP, IT’S A PICTURE HE IS LITERALLY NOT UPDATING HE IS ACTING UP WITH THE PICTURE ON HIS LAPTOP WHY???

And then we get the blogs up at the same time as the deduction scenes…

we get the s2 as John is writing up the case the blog post is on the screen effect, but here the client’s case is still unsolved, while usually when we see John write up the cases it’s after it has been solved… so they are trying to squeeze up the time here?

Next case, next blog post, this time the name is mentioned, so this one is probably linked to the wrong thumb they sent Sherlock. Nothing significant here…But why no title here? It’s meant to confuse us into thinking it’s the ontinuation of the last case but it’s not

Next: Wow John can’t really finish these blog posts can he? This is such a small piece, but why?

Next cases: The Circus Torso and The Canary Trainer. Oh here’s Hopkins and sorry I can’t remember his name while writing this but can’t bother to go find out. Here both of the cases are left with ellipsis again meaning it’s not finished. Here again not much context of the cases but the blog posts and the simultaneous Skype call (i think, could be face-time) are loading up the screen… Why? Why are we going so fast, and why are they showing the blog posts when it’s not updated. we’ll never read, have nothing to do with most of the episode, and are stealing precious time which only makes this more fast paced?

Sorry such a shitty screencap. Next up The Cardiac Arrest. Probably a pun as well, but we will never know because the blog isn’t updating anymore. Also because of much less context we get, yet it get’s screen time…. What is the point of this???

AHAHAH this is a nice one. Literally out of context, ellipsis before and after indicating it’s from some other blog post but then again we will never know because John won’t update his blog anymore… But look at this and tell me what your first thoughts are. What are you first thoughts? 

221B has literally been circled by assassins before, Mycroft has warned John, and then John’s wife turns out to be an assassin so is it really so surprising? An assassin who turned out to be…. is a great wait to end this quote… beautiful. 


And then that’s it… all the fast paced no context cases Sherlock took up and the very heavy blog post effects covering the screen end with Mary being in labour, but Sherlock’s texts to presumably Scotland Yard begin…

Now I will continue this as I go into the rewatch more but it’s funny how I am stuck in the first not even 10 minutes of the show, analysing only 3 minutes of cases for the last 3 hours… 

Anyway anything wrong please point it out, and tell me our own deductions from these scenes but there is more analysis coming, and if there’s something wrong message me, reply, tell me but go easy on me this is my first analysis type post after a long time!

Lastly, to answer many people who have been asking me, no I don’t think that John lost his passion to update the blog or even follow Sherlock after Mary’s death, but I guess part of the 221Back explains why John has stopped blogging, because he can’t keep up with Sherlock, baby and then all the Mary stuff going on… I also believe he’s acting suspicious and OOC just like Sherlock because it could be MP or they are undercover or something but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Plus they didn’t talk much in the episode like??? 

Conclusion: Something bigger is coming, but John’s posts will never go up. The are just snippets of him writing them… but never up.

please @hudders-and-hiddles @finalproblem @quietlyprim @constancecream @deducingbbcsherlock @loudest-subtext-in-tv @love-in-mind-palace and many others look at this I am so struck by it!

Stalking Converts And Other Inappropriate Actions

I thought an awful lot about the post I wanted to make about this.

@fromchaostocosmos and @wetwareproblem spoke about it obliquely already, but I feel like - after discussing it with a few people who have been Jews far longer than I, and getting advice and opinions from at least four Jews (so I have at least twelve opinions at hand) - I need to speak up about what has happened, or what was intended to have happened.

To be clear, before I begin to unwind what was intended to be done to me, I need to make clear: I am not the first person this has happened to, and I am not the first convert that this has happened to, in the course of ‘the discourse’ on Tumblr. 

I am just the most recent. 

In the course of following back the most recent hits on my IP counter - and those who have been badmouthing me (again) and calling me a bad Jew (again) because I don’t agree with them on discourse matters - I found a thread on an anonymous forum on another journaling site. I am not going to link to this thread, but rest assured that it (and the traffic that came from it) has been archived, along with the IP addresses of the people who came from there and searched for ‘synagogue’ and rifled through the tag about my conversion. 

If you think I didn’t see you doing that, you’re wrong. I did see you. And I expect that. In the words of my rabbi, ‘every conversion is called into question these days, which seems to be a modern issue more than anything else. But every conversion is called into question at some point.’ So, having had that conversation with him some time ago, I have been patiently wading through all of the questioning of my conversion, questioning or calling wrong the fact that I call myself ‘Jewish’ (at my rabbi’s express and explicit instruction), calling out the fact that I have the audacity to tag posts about Judaism with the words ‘religion’ and ‘faith,’ calling the actions I take on the advice of my mentors and rabbi to be wrong. Et cetera. I expected that. I expected that very much, and I continue to expect that. 

What I did not expect, however, was a thread which appeared to be written by both Jews and goyim, in which they a) spoke at length about the ways in which neo-Nazi organizations like Stormfront would rifle through people’s journals in order to doxx them and do them harm and then b) immediately thereafter explained how they had rifled through my journal in order to find the synagogue that I attend so that they could call or write a letter to my rabbi in order to do harm to my conversion process. 

Yes, you read that correctly - immediately after saying that this was what neo-Nazis do to Jews, they proceeded to do exactly the same thing to me. They wrote and proofread the letter that they intended to send to my rabbi, they discussed whether a Jew or a goy should send the email. They debated whether they should include the discourse in it - which seems to point pretty clearly to what the real issue is, and what the real aims are. 

And they were very concerned that I might call it ‘harassment.’ I’m not sure what else you would call this course of action, but they were very, very concerned about that. 

Whether or not they sent the email or called my rabbi (which one? We have two) - well, I don’t know. I do know that certainly neither one of them brought it up to me, but I also know that on the advice of a number of people here, I will be advising my rabbis about the ‘bullying’ (not my word) that has been happening on Tumblr, the targeted harassment and bullying of myself and other converts. Just in case they get a call.

Let’s be very clear: my rabbis both know that I am an activist, and they know where I am active. I am connected with my supervising rabbi on social media, and have been for months. It has been at my senior rabbi’s express request, without prompting from me, that I have gone to represent our synagogue at a trans conference, with his request that I bring back ideas as to how to make our synagogue more inclusive. 

I debated for a couple days whether I wanted to even make this post, because the last thing I want to do is make converts not want to speak up and share their conversion process. Unfortunately, in the current climate, with the current bullying and doxxing and contacting of rabbis and harassment of converts on Tumblr, I absolutely cannot sit here and stay quiet. As much as I don’t want to quiet people or keep them from sharing their process, and the joy they have in that process, as I do, I don’t want them to suffer the kind of panic-inducing ‘missing stair’ moment that I had a couple of days ago when I realized the utter viciousness to which some people would sink in the name of the discourse. 

And let’s make one more thing utterly, perfectly clear while we are here: if the people who intended to try to pike my relationship with my rabbi had somehow been successful in doing so, the person they would have hurt the most would not have been me. The person they would have hurt the most had they succeeded in hurting my relationship with my synagogue is a sixteen-year-old trans lesbian who happens to be my daughter. The one who is deeply involved in her synagogue and who has grown and blossomed so much from being connected to a faith community that accepts her as she is. 

I’m an adult. I could have handled it and fixed the situation far more readily. I’ve been through a lot of bullying online since the 1990s. You fuckers aren’t the first to act in such a deplorable fashion. But she would have been hit with the spray you intended to fire at me.

So much for ‘coming together to protect LGBT people’, I guess. 

Converts: protect yourselves if you participate in the discourse at all. Do not post anything that might lead back to your synagogue. Frankly, don’t post anything at all about your conversion. It’s safest that way. I won’t be posting anything else about mine, including when I make the journey through the mikveh. I have absolutely no intention of providing any ability for anyone to audit my conversion process other than the rabbi who is in charge of it. 

Everyone who is responsible, who jumps around blocks and talks shit, who tries to audit my conversion process and the processes of others: dude, you fucking know what you did and what you are doing is wrong. There is no excuse for this. None. I don’t care what you think you are doing, what you have done is harassment, stalking, and abuse. And you are not invisible, no matter how much you might think you are. What you are doing is not okay, and you know it.

Leave my family and I alone. We want nothing to do with you. 

This is not censorship. This is a business decision based on backlash and the actions of those who protested the decision, as well as a couple brave authors who spoke out, particularly Roxane Gay, who pulled her book and faced a lot of hate for it (her book has already been re-picked up). 

Milo Yiannopoulos can self-publish if he wants. He can find another publisher. There is free speech and there is the support of hate speech. Milo can say whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean we have to listen, and that doesn’t mean anyone is obligated to publish him. 

I’m glad that after considerable opposition, Simon & Schuster has done the right thing. 

“history of japan” sentence memes
  • “And now there’s lots of __, because it’s warmer.”
  • “Ding dong, it’s the outside world.”
  • “So that makes you king/queen.”
  • “But this one was the most most important.”
  • “It’s ruled by an ‘heavenly superperson’, or ‘__’ for short.”
  • “Knock, knock, get the door, it’s religion.”
  • “Please try this __.”
  • “’No’, said everybody.”
  • “Try iiiit”
  • “Hi dipshit.”
  • “Can you call us something else, other than dipshit?”
  • “Finally conquered __, get that squared away.”
  • “How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals?”
  • “Hire a samurai.”
  • “Breaking news: __ have invaded China.”
  • “But __ died in a tornado.”
  • “__ can still dress like an emperor if (s)he wants, that’s fine.”
  • “It’s time for ‘who’s going to be the next shogun?’, vote now on your phones.”
  • “(S)He was off somewhere doing some poetry.”
  • “Knock, knock, it’s Europe.”
  • “Like __. And __. And Jesus.”
  • “Now with guns!!!”
  • “Because we’re grownups.”
  • “No one can leave and no one can enter, except for __”
  • “Knock, knock. It’s __. With huge boats. With guns. Gunboats.”
  • “ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “
  • “That sucks. This sucks!!!!”
  • “Stop, no, you can’t take that–”
  • “Did I say downgrade, I meant upgrade.”
  • “Can you maybe chill?”
  • “How About You Maybe Chill?”
  • “You’ll never guess who’s also kind of scared of Russia.”
  • “Because it’s the 1900s.”
  • “So you know what that means.. Duh.”
  • “The great depression is bad.”
  • “How bout I do anyway?”
  • “He has a cool mustache.”
  • “No more oil for you.”
  • “I declared war on __ as a symbol of friendship.”
  • “But everything is still pretty cool, I guess.”

Hey, I know nothin has really been put on here in a good while, but with the game being out long enough that a lot of people have beaten the games in their entirety, and having done so myself a few days ago my love for Guzma has been rekindled. 

Because of that and how far off some of my ideas were, I’m giving this a hard reset - all past answered asks are no longer canon to even this blog and have been tagged as such. I’ll start with some of the applicable asks already in the box with post-game Guzma and go from there.

tl;dr: This is now Guzma as of the end of Sun/Moon’s story line, and will be very spoiler heavy because of it. Tread lightly and enjoy.


There is finally a NEW STORY TIME on my channel!!! Thank you guys soo much, because of you my last one has close to 15k views!!! Since then a lot of you have been asking for a new story time so here it is!! This one is extra juicy and I hope you all enjoy!! Be sure to watch and subscribe to me channel if you haven’t done so already.

Destiny Headcanon

The more scars a Guardian has, the longer they’ve gone without being revived.

Once they’re revived, they’re skin is as smooth as a newborns (Minus any scars they had before their rebirth). So a lot of scars are signs of hardcore Guardians who’ve lived through battles without dying.

Some guardians are actually really pissed off when they die cause their scars were so cool. This can lead to them trying to get injured on purpose in the same area to get a similar scar. 

They’re hardcore… no one said they had to be smart. 

even bech næsheim + bipolar disorder (focus on hypomania)

(UPDATE: i didn’t really make it clear when posting this but i don’t believe in any way that even having any kind of mental illness is a bad thing. i do not believe that one bit. also: this is pure speculation and i just tried to pick up some examples from this specific scene but it’s obviously unrealistic to know anything based on one scene only. i’m not even or mental health professional so keep that in mind when reading :^) )

i just copied here the most common symptoms of hypomania that google gives you + added how i think they could relate to even’s behavior in the new clip.

i really enjoyed the clip and Obviously think isak has a lot to do with even’s happiness but especially with the way skam has hinted at him being mentally ill and everyone leaning towards bipolar disorder, i wanted to make a post about this since he was acting Super happy and energetic. but of course it’s good to take into consideration that he’s a teenage boy in a new relationship so that too might explain some of these :^)

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The Worst Joke Ever


Here’s the song

*Dan Howell-centric


March 31

Dan stared at his camera, feeling as empty as the lens staring at him. The camera had already been rolling for a good five minutes without him saying anything; there would be a lot of editing needed for this video.

‘But maybe I shouldn’t edit it,’ Dan thought. ‘Maybe this needs to be as real as possible.’

‘Or maybe,’ another voice in his head said. ‘You shouldn’t do this at all.’

‘No,’ the first voice said. ‘It has to be done.’

Dan took a deep breath. “Hello, Internet,” he said, trying to put on a happy face. But he knew that the thousands of people who would watch this soon would be able to see through his façade. He’d been in drama, sure, but no amount of acting would be able to hide this pain.

“So. As most of you know, I’ve been dating Y/N for a while now. And she’s great. Really. She’s… well, she’s basically the best thing in my life…”

Damn, this was going to be harder than Dan had thought.

“We have a lot of fun and she’s always there for me and… and I wasn’t there for her.” Dan bit the inside of his lip, the words hurting more than he’d expected. “Most people don’t understand how much time YouTube actually takes. It’s more than just turning on the camera and telling a stupid story for five minutes. There’s…” Dan shook his head. “I’m not going to go into everything but there’s a reason that this is considered my job. It’s work.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I love working for YouTube. I love making these videos for you guys, I love making stuff that you guys like. And Y/N always supports me. She sits here and watches me edit, which is probably about as exciting as having a tooth pulled. She’s my sounding board for ideas. She celebrates the milestones with me. She’s actually physically pulled me away from the computer a few times, especially when I’m freaking out because YouTube or the internet has decided to go down right when I’m trying to upload.

“The problem is… I’ve missed a lot. Yes, I have free time and yes, I spend as much of it as I can with Y/N, but I’ve still missed some important things in her life. She says she doesn’t mind, that she understands, but I can tell that she really hates it.”

Dan sighed. This was the first time he’d said some of this out loud—usually, it was just in his head.

“Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: ‘oh, no, this is a breakup video. Dan’s going to tell us that he and Y/N are broken up and it’s all terrible’. Well, you’re half-right. This is, for lack of a better term, a breakup video. But it’s not about Y/N and I. It’s between me and… well, everything else.

“‘But Dan, what does that mean?’ It means that I’m taking a break from YouTube and Twitter and everything that all the old people call ‘distractions’. I’m not quitting, exactly—I have a few videos that I’ve already made that I can post every so often. But my presence here and in social media won’t be as prominent.

“Please understand that this is not because I’m mad at anybody. This is just for the betterment of my relationship with Y/N. I love her and I want to make sure that she’s going to stay with me.”

Dan sighed. “So. This isn’t goodbye; it’s just… farewell.”


April 1


You couldn’t contain your giggles, which was making Dan start to crack as well.

“Yes, hello, internet,” Dan said. “I just want to take a moment to apologize for yesterday’s video. When you hear the explanation, some of you might be a little mad, but believe me when I say that it’s all Y/N’s fault.”

“Is not!”

“Shush. Now… the things in yesterday’s video that were true were the things I said about YouTube being work and the things I said about loving Y/N. Everything else was a lie—I’m not quitting YouTube, I haven’t missed any important things in Y/N’s life…”

“Dan doesn’t have any videos that he’s saved because he’s a procrastinator…”

“No need to chime in, thank you,” Dan said with a laugh. He turned back to the camera. “The reason Y/N decided I should make that video is because she–”


“We wanted to make this video more impactful in a twisted April Fool’s joke kind of way. Y/N and I are not on the verge of breaking up, our relationship isn’t in danger; it’s the best it’s ever been.” Dan picked up your hand and brought it up in front of the camera, the light shining off of the engagement ring on your finger. “A few weeks ago, I asked Y/N to marry me. And she said yes!”

“After many days of painful, elaborate consideration.”

“Oh, shut up,” Dan said with a laugh. “God, is this what marriage is going to be like?”

“You got yourself into this mess, Mr. Howell.”

“And you love it, future Mrs. Howell.”

thatzootopianfox  asked:

Do you want to slap president trump?

im sorry but i can not answer that question do to my commitment with the military. Yes he has done a lot of bad things already that has me on Edge. Sometimes i do wounder if he is going to do better. i somehow doubt but he is my boss after all. also people have been getting in trouble for saying things about him and im not about to get in trouble.

The Tourney at Ashford and Sansa's Suitors

So there’s been a lot of discussion on who Sansa’s next suitor is as her suitors mirror the five main participants in the Ashfield Tourney. I just wanted to write this to explain why Aegon being Sansa’s next suitor seems unlikely if we are to take Ashford into account.

Okay, I know that Ashford is used as evidence for the Jonsa ship and while I don’t think its enough to say whether Jonsa is endgame or not. It is suggestive of some kind of partnership between the two.

I know that a lot of people who believe that Aegon might be Sansa’s last suitor but I feel by doing that you focus way too much on the actual Tourney and ignore Aegon and the situation around him.

a) Arianne is going to meet Aegon and his crew to write up a betrothal (if one hasn’t already been done. My memory is a bit fuzzy around the Dorne plotline). That takes Sansa out of the equation as Aegon ’s romantic partner/Queen has already been picked out.

b) The fact that anyone in league or even in close vincity to Aegon will die. Aegon has literally hijacked Danearys story. Dany will get to Kingslanding find that someone has literally just stolen her throne and will most likely accidently blow up Kingslanding. Anyone there will not survive and Sansa has a 99% chance of surviving. Aegon’s storyline is meant to be a tragedy.

c) Littlefinger is currently trying to set Sansa up with Harry. They both are already taken or about to be.

d) Sansa’s storyline is very much becoming a Northern one. Going back to Kingslanding, becoming Queen despite not wanting either of those things anymore would strip her off all the development she’s undergone since the first book. It would literally be like ‘so what that all these awful things happened. She was destined to be Queen of the South’. It would reinforce the idea that Sansa’s less Stark or Northern than her family. There would literally be no point in any of the things she realised.

I know that it’s the name that matters rather than whether they are actually a Baratheon or a Targaryen which is true but Aegon’s and Sansa’s storylines seem very separate. This is further highlighted when you take into account the growing influence Jon has over Sansa’s storyline and the parallels between them.

That’s why I think that there’s a possibility of some kind of Jonsa marriage or a betrothal to take place based on the Ashfield Tourney.

A Jonsa relationship doesn’t endanger Sansa’s development or her life for that matter.

So those are my thoughts. If you have any questions ask away but please no hate. These are my thoughts and all.

Also, sorry for the typos. I typed this on my phone.