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As an ex brony your art makes me want to pick it up again

Hey well the fandom isn’t quite as active as it used to be, but the show is still damn good. In my personal opinion, the writing has gotten a lot better (and the animation as well). I ended up rewatching spontaniously and I’m glad I did; it’s been pretty refreshing to get back into

Character/Aesthetic Masterpost

It’s about time I did one of these, isn’t it? Though I only have aesthetics for The Moon’s Song, I will update as I make more. Also a lot of these names are placeholders so they may change over time. You can find more information about each character under #insertcharactername.

Contact and Death’s Name are must less developed than The Moon’s Song, so the characters are more simplistic/incomplete rn.

I’ve also made a page for this on my main blog so feel free to check it out there whenever you want!

The Moon’s Song Series

Alderon – The POV character of the series, a thousand year old vampire with a lot of grief on his plate and unhealthy coping mechanisms to boot.

Garrick – The other major character, Garrick is a headstrong knight trying to prove himself to the world and show his capability.

Odra – The leader of the village that Alderon deals with for nearly ten years. She took full control once Alderon killed her husband.

The Twins (A and N) – Amoral assassins with burn scars all across their bodies, rendering one blind in one eye and the other partially disabled in one arm. Merciless, and very young for their profession, they eventually let Garrick and Alderon adopt them.

Draeya – A deaf little girl who lived as a thief on the streets for most of her life, until Alderon and Garrick rescue her. She has a particular affection for Alderon.

Rin – A recently bitten trans werewolf on the run, Rin bumps into Alderon and Garrick while escaping from hunters.

Garrick’s Mom (to be named) – Called a Grand Knight, Garrick’s mom is revered (and feared) by many. She lives by her own rules, often casting her son in her shadow.

Serah – Garrick’s trans witch friend. Her legs didn’t work at birth, and she enhances them with magic to get around. Very skilled with healing magic.

Keenan – The vampire Alderon loved and lost 400 years ago. He was with Alderon for nearly a century before his death, preaching peace far and wide. Though he wasn’t deaf, he couldn’t speak, and so Alderon learned sign from him.

Bonus Relationship Aesthetics




Desmines – The POV character and a communications officer aboard the Neptune. They are the last one left alive after Ruthvier’s assault on their ship.

Ruthvier – An alien creature with a highly malleable form. They speak through pulses, and can absorb knowledge from the creatures they consume.

Viri – One of the officers aboard the Neptune, Viri was a dear friend to Desmines, and her death hit them the hardest.

Cassandra (Cassy) – Viri’s daughter. Did I say Viri’s death hit Desmines the hardest? Well, that’s a lie. Desmines spent a lot of time looking over Cassy when Viri was away.

Oui – The captain of the Neptune. She died to give her people a few precious seconds to get away from Ruthvier.

Shuten – Desmines’ friend, a nervous officer who showed Desmines that it’s alright to be afraid or uncertain. He was one of Desmines’ first friends.

Thendren – The second officer of the Neptune. Thendren locked himself in a room with Ruthvier after watching them kill and consume some of his crew. He fought with his bare hands, to no avail.

Death’s Name

Laethe – The POV character of the series. Laethe wakes up alone and without any memories. She journies to discover what she has lost.

Karolus – One of the Queen’s knights who finds Laethe. He’s young for his position, and butts heads with Laethe a lot.

Alvera – One of the other knights that finds Laethe. Alvera is a quick friend, with lots of jokes and laughter to spare.

Ilea – A half-fae bandit profiting off the destruction of the war. She captures both Laethe and Karolus on their way to the castle and nearly sells them out to the Sorcerer.

Carlos – Ilea’s “minion” though he quickly deserts her when she picks a fight with the Sorcerer’s undead soldiers.

Veldaren – The healer that helps Laethe and Karolus after their near brush with death. She joins them later as they journey back the way they came, and becomes a mother figure to Laethe.

Jun – The leader of the four royal namers. She names through sight, but even she cannot see Laethe’s true name.

Tavin – One of the oldest of the namers, a blind man with the talent to name through scent. Crotchety, but with a dry sense of humor.

Nox – A quiet but stern older woman with the ability to name through touch. Often known as the voice of guidance, as she spares her words for what she thinks is important.

Farroway – The youngest of the namers (barely older than 17). They name by listening. Very bubbly, sunshiney. Has a smile for everyone.

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What if "Jon" and Eduardo got into an argument over these sudden behaviour changes and "Jon" accidentally let's a lot of pent up not-so-nice feelings he has about Eduardo out. Eduardo actually seems hurt by this since he thinks it's Jon saying it , "Jon" immediately regrets it all.

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the show feels so underrated...but maybe that's just bc I'm relatively new to the fandom? do you know any other Tangled blogs I can follow?

Oh, there are so many fans out there, and Tumblr has even been touted as the most active Tangled Fandom community.

There’s a lot of great blogs out there. The first and foremost that I recommend are @cnotes, @kritterart, and @banannerbread, since they are the most active Tangled the Series crew members on Tumblr (@cnotes is Chris Sonnenburg, the executive producer).

Other than that, you really ought to watch the “tangled the series” tag. The most vocal of the fans show up there all the time. There have been some dedicated Varian fanartists the past several months, such as (but not limited to) @snowprincess-artist and @ky-jane, and if you want an extremely skilled artist who actually focuses on the more minor characters, try out @tangledtech!

Also, if you look at any one of my tags, like Meta, Fanart, Fanfiction and Fanvideos, you’ll find more of the talented and insightful people. There are far too many for me to even try to name them (especially this early in the morning).

The devs in Power of Friends games would like to clear something up. There has been some confusion regarding our personal server as to what it is for- it is a discord so that people can interact with the developers of SeptiScape. Updates on the games progress, fanart, and questions about the characters and such are what happen there, although we very much do promote Jack’s PMA quite often in there because SeptiScape is a game about Positivity in hard times, about the bonds of friendship, and overcoming abuse and tragedy with the support of your friends. It is a project a lot of love has been put into long before PMA was a tag and we still pour all of our love and time into making this the game you all deserve to have from us. We love and care about the community, the seven of us devs only being this closely bonded because we met through it. SeptiScape, it’s unnamed sequel that is in planning stages, and any other game we produce will always be about promoting Positivity and friendships.

In other news we have an exciting update on our game!! Right now we have nearly reached the halfway point of the development. And we expect that we should be in playtesting stages in a couple months- we will have more information on that when it gets closer. There are only seven of us, so we have been working like crazy to make sure our baby project is finished and we are so eternally grateful for the support we’ve been given. Almost 200 followers and counting last time I looked. We are stunned and excited at how you have reacted to every update, every strange mysterious definitely not ominous Glitch post, every piece of art or foreshadowing we’ve put here and on our discord. We’ve met some amazing beautiful people from making this game- both devs of other games and theorists turned friends. And we love you all so so much. We are all so excited for you too see what we’ve made for you honestly. Coming up in the next several weeks we should have another trailer ready, it’s just a matter of me ((Dev Blake)) sitting down and recording the game as it currently is- which as it is right now is likely 45-50 minutes of gameplay. But very very soon you will get that, we are planning on releasing more music before the game is out, and who knows, that strange glitch our blog and discord seem to have might make things really interesting as the date gets closer. A date we think we know, but won’t be telling until we get to the playtest stage. But don’t worry… it’s soon. :3c

Love and light, remember to keep that positive mental additude, and have a good day everyone!!

-SeptiScape Devs Blake, Skye, Ivan, Tressa, Vix, Kay, and Haunter.

I love how some people are like ‘Tyrell isn’t good for Elliot cause he is a psychopath/murderer/shot him’ whilst ignoring the facts that a. Elliot isn’t exactly mentally healthy, b. He did shoot Tyrell in cold blood, he was just lucky that it didn’t work and c. Tyrell has HPD probably, so why excuse Elliot’s actions cause of his disorders and not Elliot’s?

I don’t think anybody here that ships these two think that either of them are healthy individuals, but the ones that don’t ship them (and post stuff about it) seem to forget that Elliot is also Mr Robot, who has done some really shady things at the very best (and as acknowledged in canon is rather self-involved).

Note that I love both of them equally, I am just saying.

I don’t post a lot of my own stuff but this is something that matters a lot to me. This a petition aimed at protecting the KY CREPs program which is a program that pays farmers to plant native grasses to crate a buffer between agricultural run off and the green river. This program has really brought a lot of wildlife diversity back to the area and helped many a farmer. There’s a bit more detail on the petition itself bit if any of you would sign it and maybe share it would mean a lot. It’ll only take a second of your time and you’ll be helping to protect not only the green river, but a world heritage site as this river runs directly into Mammoth Cave.

I’m also going to tag a few people i know like plants, i don’t really know you guys, but this seems like it might interest you, so sorry if this is just annoying!

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Who are your favorite blogs?

ugh this is hard bc i don’t ever keep track of mutuals or anything and i don’t wanna come across as creepy by tagging someone who has literally never heard of me but here’s a list of people i either talk to or follow and really enjoy seeing on my dash, no creep intended pls 

@henohenomoheji is my best friend of all time and i love her. @birdieonmyshoulder @flykarth and @tilmyfeetarewet are people i love and love talking to. i love following @atldiscourse and @ban-lisex bc i’m a messy fan. i recently followed @later-elio and @timotheetea and enjoy both of those blogs. i love @daniellecampbelle and @liamflopayne a lot. @odypromeiii and @killjoybambi are two of my favorite irl friends. @kawaiilo-ren and @yukipri are two amazing artists where i get most of my fan yuri on ice content (if you have the money and you like yuri on ice you should consider becoming a patron to one of them. i could only choose one but it was a great decision.) @thelyssymarie @ocalaghan and @themainband and i have a lot of the same interests which is cool and i love seeing their posts on my dash. @howlforyouandme and i both love armie and need to talk more i’m calling u out publicly trina. @harquinzel is a good source if u like movies, tv shows, models, or her yelling at u. 

i can’t think of any more off the top of my head but i follow a lot of people (475 to be exact) and i think a lot of those are blogs specifically dedicated to content instead of like personal/multifandom blogs. if i left someone out i’m sorry lmfao i’m trash!! 💕 

By the way random shoutout to Jason @slutty-narwhals for being such an amazing friend and also letting me ramble about my autism special interests/my stories, along with even being interested in it all

Honestly, they mean a lot to me and I consider them one of my deepest friends, this shoutout has been brought to you by intense appreciation

Tumblr User Jason Slutty-Narwhals does earn The Tumblr User Tristen Diamorics Seal Of Approval™

…Edit: This post probably does not channel the excitement in my head, please pretend this sounds ecstatic

It’s late over here…

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I saw s/o using a pic of a straight couple for their social media au and... you could see it was a girl and a boy and fuck it Jimin doesn't have that type of body with lots of curves and a big ass. My msn got his nice abs and a good ass but it's not tgat fucking big. Plus, you could see the curve of the girl's chest... I was so... wtffffff

im pr sure the one ur talking about is the one that set me off bc it was the 4th one i saw while scrolling through the jikook tag gdto,go. y'all really like feminizing jimin as much as possivle, huh? bc um JIMIN HAS ABS YALL AND HIS ASS IS THICK BUT HE AIN’T GOT A FUCKING 20 IN WAIST AND A B CUP U FUCKNUTS.

This is not a rant; merely an critique

I’m writing this, knowing that I am at the risk of losing a lot of followers, so I’m just going to word my thoughts as politely as I can. I am also going to apologize in advance if this post was something that my followers didn’t want to see. I cannot apologize enough for what I am about to say.

I’m looking at two sides of the coin, and on one hand, the rwde tag has a level of validation for one reason: it is the opinion of an individual.

What is not okay, is when criticism turns into a level of attack.

RWBY may not have gone the way people wanted it to go, but, I just think that if people don’t like the post-monty volumes, then, you don’t have to drag your feet to continue. You are entitled to stop and no one can stop you. And you are entitled to dislike the development of the show. No one can stop how disappointed you are.

If you look at it in a different perspective, ask yourself this: What are you watching the show for? Is it because of the romance? The characters? The world-building? What you wanted to see in the show determines your enjoyment from it.

eg. Shipping. Some of you guys are disappointed that bmblb didn’t really happen. Some of you rejoiced that there’s a handful of potential blacksun ship moments. Some of you rejoice for the scenes when 2 characters you ship together are actually interacting.

And that is fine if you watch it for the ships. However, don’t expect your ship moment to happen that easily because remember that the show’s not always about that. In fact, 5% of the show is really that, and there’s more to the show than romance. I’m not in it to attack people for liking ships. Even I get my fair share of cheer when it happens between 2 characters I ship.

At times I read a post that the development of the show suffered due to the poorly written mcguffins that the writers used in this volume particularly. Yeah, you are entitled to think like that. But, playing the devil’s advocate here, I say that to be fair, they are still learning. There’s no such thing as a perfect story.

What I can’t agree on is how some people would accuse the writers of being a bigot just because they didn’t make a representative character to a specific social group justly in their eyes (if that makes sense). I can get by if you think that the show isn’t diverse enough, or think that the show should have more or this and that. Again, that is your opinion and you are entitled to feel that. But please, I beg of you, judging the writers as horrible people is not going to help.

 Criticise the show all you want for the direction of the story, but to put them in a box and assume that they are terrible people who are bigots is too much.

I’m not going to judge you if you think that Miles and Kerry’s writing is bad. What I don’t like is when people call them out as if they are terrible people.

The other side of the coin is that, on crwby’s defence, if the show doesn’t agree with you, try writing your version of the story. I’m not trying to be rude, but fanfiction exists for that reason, right? Even I have my fair share of those moments. But what had transpired in volumes 4&5 will stay canon. Because the writers have that authority with where it is heading, like it or not. And, if you don’t like the development of the show, then, that’s okay. If you think that the show could have been better written, then, why not trying writing something of your own?

Again, on crwby’s defence, the show is not aiming for an Oscar nominee (no pun intended). They just wanted to tell a story that they wanted to show. And I quote: “Let’s just see how far we can go.” The only reason why they keep writing the show is because of us. The fans. They even said that the reason why they keep moving forward with RWBY is because we, the fans, want to see more. If it drops in popularity, then the show’s fate is somewhat sealed. No more rwby. the reason why the show didn’t end at v4 is that there are people out there who are still thoroughly invested by it. If the majority don’t like rwby anymore, then that’s it. That’s how it things go.

If I offended you, I’m sorry. That’s not how I wanted this post to come across. I’m not one who wants to start a war, but this is something I feel like I need to address.

So, I’m sorry to my followers, who didn’t want to see this. And you are entitled to disagree with this post.

Hi I’m xavier

Rules: Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

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Relationship status: i live with my wife/gf/soul mate Brittany and we’ve been dating for 20 months/almost two years !! :))

Favourite colour: olive green, salmon, and black ! Sometimes navy blue and burgundy !

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick bc Burt’s bees has the best scents but I would look good w lipstick too I just never wear it

Three favourite foods: candy (gummy) , candy (chocolate), candy (ever had a mf cake pop)

Last song I listened to: idk some lofi house shit probably

Last movie I watched: been watching the docuseries Rotten a lot! Really good y’all

Top 3 shows: the chase ( good trivia show on Hulu), end of the fn world (it’s alright but Alyssa is the only really funny character), and me and Brit started watching Hannibal but she’s rewatching it and it’s my first time seeing it

Books I’m currently reading: foundation - Isaac Asomov, catch 22, and first vol of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Imma tag folks I just recently followed I guess! Still prob don’t even know all y’alls names yet but let’s learn about each other I guess :) so In no particular order: @lordeboy @alamirfeeling @playstation1graphics @urthling @mysteriousjazzfromhell @jpeg1o63 @aku-no-homo @swilther @wastedawayagaininmargaritaville @playvoltageinthemilkynight

MCL Boyfriend TAG
  • Me: Hmmm...Candy knows a shit ton of stuff about the boys but how much do they actually know about her >_>
  • Candy: Oh I'm sure my boyfriend knows a lot about me!
  • Candy: *looks down at phone* What's my favorite drink?
  • Nathaniel: ...
  • Candy: Uh okay, next question. What's my favorite food?
  • Lysander: ....
  • Candy: Oh come on! That should've been easy! Whatever, what do I like to do when I'm not in school?
  • Armin: Oh! Stay indoors and play video games!
  • Candy: *Facepalm* No that's yours Armin. Ugh, moving on. What's my favorite color? I'm really going easy here
  • Kenin: Well that is easy, pink just like your entire bedroom.
  • Candy: Finally someone gets it right! Can you answer the other questions too?
  • Kentin: ....
  • Candy: Fuck it, don't even try. Last question. This should be really easy. What's my favorite animal?
  • Castiel: Dogs!
  • Candy: -_- No Castiel, that's yours!
  • Castiel: Oh shit, True.
  • Me: Well then...this is embarrassing...

i got tagged by @lisa-in-the-sky to list all the projects i want to work on this year, then tag 10 people to do the same. 

1. Zero Summer. i’ve been thinking about it more the last couple weeks. very excited. i <3 sam wilson.

2. pet store au. sam is a dog trainer and bucky has a dog in need of training. i’ve been thinking about a pet store au for literally 3 years. i want to do it.

3. gay jocks. someday. (same.) (lmao.) no but really. we should do it this year. :)

4. i want to write poems again. i don’t know if i remember how. but i like to. maybe i’ll share them on tumblr.

5. give a solo recital. i’d like to perform more music by women.

i’d like to say i want to start an original work, but years go by fast. we’ll see.

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doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

Picture Enjolras trying to describe the guy he likes to ferre and courf but they make it really difficult like “are you sure you’re not just making this up he can’t have that many hobbies” and “curly dark hair and makes fun of you a lot? He sounds like a taller version of courfeyrac"