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falling asleep on nct dream’s shoulders

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Request: @elejks said: hello! can u do a reaction of nct dream to their crush falls asleep on their shoulders ? thank u, sorry if u dont understand.

A/N: ok so this is a kind of a reaction thing but at the same time it’s not???zfhekgfhge it’s basically a headcanon thing w all the same subject and in this case it’s falling asleep on their shoulders!!hope u enjoy<33 will put under a read more!!side note for in the future tho: i can do things like this but i probably won’t make them like per group anymore ajfhjhghr so basically just headcanons for one member!!<3thank u for reading

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Dating Yoongi

Dating Yoongi would include:

• When he realized he liked you in more than a friendly way he freaked out
• He would start observing you
• Trying to find something (anything) that could tell him that you liked him back
• He would stay nights awake figuring out how to tell you
• In the process he’ll start treating you differently
• Hell do it smoohtly tho
• He would casually bring you coffee
• He would text you everyday good morning and goodnight
• He would sit next to you everytime you and the boys had dinner together
• He would even buy you chocolates
• And you noticed
• When he finally reaunited enough courage to confess he almost fainted when you answered kissing him
• “I thought youd never ask, Min Yoongi”
• Soft smiles while eating dinner
• He would just look at you and smile
• He can’t help it
• You have that effect on him
• And damn you are his girlfriend now
• SHIT. You are his girlfriend
• “Yoongi are you okay?”
• “Huh? Oh yeah, sorry I was just… uh, thinking
• The boys would cringe but deep inside they are proud their hyung found someone
• You play with his fingers when you two watch TV together and he finds himself smiling a lot
• Since you go to his dorm regularly, he feels weird when you are not there
•  Like something’s missing
• “Hello?”
• “Hi, Y/n”
• “Hi, Yoongi”
• “Are you coming today?”
• “I have a lot of homework to get done tonight. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll make it”
• “Oh, okay”
• Ten minutes later he’s at your door with takeout
• “You are always coming to see me, so I thought that maybe it’s my turn now?”
• “Get inside, you dork”
• He’ll wait patiently for you to finish your homework so you two can eat dinner together
• “I want college to be over already”
• “It will be over in less than what you expect”
• “Yeah, I kind of have that feeling now”
• What do you mean?”
• “Well I have someone by my side now”
• “…”
• “No way. You are blushing”
• “'I’m not”
• “Yes, you are”
• “No. I am not”
• “Awww you are so cute when you blush”
• You give him a kiss on the cheek and he can’t help but smile and blush even more.
• So you give him another kiss on the cheek
• He’s smiling even wider now
• You cover his face with kisses and now he’s a freaking tomato and a ball of giggles
• You just discovered his weakness
• Cheek kisses
• He most likely won’t admit it but he loves it.
• You beg him to play the piano for you
• “No”
• “But baaaaaaabe”
• “Nope”
• He tries to act cool, but actually he doesn’t want to do it because he gets really nervous when you are around
• He’s afraid he’ll fuck up
• He doesn’t want to look like a fool in front of you
• But you keep begging him
• “Please Yoongi”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “Do it for me?”
•*kiss on the cheek*
• “Please?”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “For me?”
• *kiss on the cheek*
• “Oh fuck it. I’ll do it for you”
• One particular day you had a lot of homework he was sitting on your couch scrolling through his phone
• When you are done you go to see him
• “Yoongi?”
• But he’s sound asleep
• You cover him up with blankets
• You debate between going to your room or just sleep with him on the couch
• You don’t want to leave him there but you don’t want to wake him up either so you grab a pillow and lay next to him wich turns into you laying literally on top of him because there’s no much space in that couch
•  He hugs you in his sleep
• When he wakes up he doesn’t know what to do
• His beautiful (asleep) girlfriend is laying on top of him on the couch
What the heck happened
• He waits until you wake up
• Pretending he’s asleep to hear you reaction
• You just give him a kiss on the forehead
• And he can’t help but smile instantly
• “Were you awake?”
• “No?”
• You give him a suspicious look
• “Alright then”
• “Wait give me a kiss”
• Loves it when you kiss his head
• Always buying coffee every time you two walk past a café 
• Tries to hide the fact that he memorized your order 
• Sice the day you slept on the couch, napping is now a habit
• Loves to watch you sleep
• When he doesn’t want to wake up, you cover his face with kisses as always
• Sometimes he fakes he’s asleep so you give him kisses
• Because that’s his favourite way to wake up
• Random 3am texts 
• “I miss you”
• “Yoongi, it’s 3am go to sleep”
• Never uses emojis 
• 110% sure he will say I love you first
•  When you two get hype boy oh boy when you two get hype
• Literally theres a song one of you like and instantly you both are dancing
• And you guys sing too
• The boys think you both are insane
• Like that day you were both in your respective cellphones when “View” by SHINee came through the radio
• Since it’s your favourite song at the moment
• You two got HYPED
• Tries to cook ramen for you in your anniversary 
• Always making sure you sleep well
• But he still sents you texts at 3am
• He would never say it out loud but he loves it when you play with his hair while kissing 
• He writes you poetry
• But he will never let you read it
• Almost screamed when you gave him your apartment key 
• “'Im tired of opening the door for you. You can totally do it yourself”
• Going home to find him on your couch watching Netflix 
• Buys you groceries without telling you
• Always trying to convince you to take a nap 
• “I have to cook and I need to finish my assignment”
• “Please nap”
• Follows you around the house repeating “nap”
• Sits next to you while you’re doing your assignment 
• *stares at you because he knows it will distract you*
• “Yoongi stop”
• *doesn’t says anything* 
• “Yoongi”
• *starts playing with your hair*
• “Min Yoongi”
• *gently sits in your lap*
• “Nap?”
• Napping a lot during the day
• Staying up during the night 
• Talking a lot or not talking at all
• If you guys feel like talking the room will be filled with whispers and kisses
• If you dont feel like it then
• Comfortable silence 
•  “Yoongi I really like your smile”
•  “Why do you say such a thing when we are about to sleep?”
• Watches you from afar when you play around with his hyungs 
• Eventually gets sick of it 
• Probably makes you sit on his lap in front of everyone and acts as if nothing is happening 
• Or he casually sits in your lap
•  “Hyung is really smiley when he’s around y/n”
•  *glares at taehyung*
• “Y/n there’s someone you need to meet so this relationship can grow”
•  You meet Holly the next day
• Lets you and nobody else touch his phone 
• Takes secret pictures of you all the time without you noticing it
• y/n eating cereal
• y/n sleeping
• y/n studying 
• y/n drinking coffee 
• y/n eating Oreos
• y/n dancing
• y/n watching TV
• Literally takes pictures of you all the time
• Watches your pictures all the time when he is on tour 
• Loves waking up to your texts 
• Apologizes first when you guys fight 
• Plays the piano for you so you can forgive him faster 
• Sings to you in your birthday 
• “I wrote this song thinking about you”
• Whispers that he loves you when you start crying 
• “Shit Yoongi, I love you”
• Finds you extra sexy when you swear
•  *you watching old pictures of him*
•  “Woah I really like you with green hair”
• He asks if he can dye his hair green again
•  *goes to your home with his hair green*
•  “Woah you looked really hot with black hair”
•  *glares at you*
•  Always giving you plushies he wins at those stupid plushie machine games
•  Your room is full of plushies
•  Sometimes when you two are just laying in bed doing nothing he feels the need to open his heart to you
•  “Y/n I really do have deep feelings for you”
•  “I feel the same Yoongi”
•  “Y/n I wrote you poetry”
•  *You suddenly sit*
•  “Can I read it?”
•  “No”
•  “Please? For me?”
•  “Shit”

Corner Shop Part 4 (A Date?)

Summary: Peter Parker visited the popular corner shop in Queens everday. Little did he know the owner had a cute daughter.

Word Count: 2714

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: none, very fluffly and cute and all that 

A/N: My longest chapter and favorite chapter so far!

First Part ~ Previous Part ~ Next Part

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Peter kept reciting what he would say to you. He had stayed up texting you last night and he was exhausted. The conversation would have never ended if you didn’t fall asleep on him. He looked back at the last few messages you two sent each other and laughed:

You: So I think I have a bug bite. There’s this big red bump on my arm, it looks like a spider bite according to google…kind of scary how a spider was on me without me knowing.

Peter: oh no!! I understand though. it’s not painful is it?

You: no, just itchy, thank God. Kind of sad if my story ends because a spider felt threatened by me

Peter: that would be sad… but the likelihood of dying by a spider is really rare

You: did I ask?

You: hahaha just kidding. the odds would probably be against me though

Peter: sassy

You: I hate bugs, okay?

Peter: they’re not that bad!

Peter: you’re probably the person who kills bugs just because they were in your sight

It took a few minutes for you to respond because your eyes were drooping.

You: Dont be a bug apologist, im the innocent one her]e

Peter: I think you’re tired… hahaha

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wanna chat? pt.22

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woke up feeling super drained and out of it this morning. thought maybe writing would help, but nothing was working, so we’re here.

shoutout to @sunlitshowers​ because we looked up flavors of capri sun for an answer on my deh ask blog and she found so many great capri sun flavors and ads. it was amazing

i dont know whats happening here anymore but enjoy


nino: yo check out how many flavors of fucking caprisun there is


ladybugfan2020: rip me apparently there was an akuma attack last night????? and i missed it???
oh it was on the other side of the city w/e then i got pics its chill
whats this link nino??
holy SHIT
i need 2 try alL OF THESE
tag yourself im……..
monster alarm
i am monster alarm

ladybugfan2020 has changed their nickname to monster alarm

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ongniel quidditch au

ok so my friend and i talk about hogwarts aus too much and i was yearning for a quidditch au and this happened sorry i got carried away lol

  • ok so daniel is 100% a gryffindor dun even fight me on this its Canon™
  • ong’s a gryffindor too, and is the keeper of the gryffindor quidditch team
  • here’s what happened lets go
  • quidditch season hasnt started but gryffindor are feeling the loss from last year because hufflepuff and ravenclaw were ON FIRE last year (where do they get those active first years,,,, we want sum of dat….)
  • seongwoo obv be feeling the determination theyRE GOING TO KILL IT!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!! TO THE END!!! THE HOUSE CUP!!! IS GRYFFINDOR’S FOR THE TAKING!!!!
  • he also feeling the pressure because gryffindor are forgetting what it’s like to have a house cup win tbh
  • ok anyways
  • since he’s the keeper and everything he knows his team need to count on him yknow
  • he’s always extra early for team practices and spends all his free time practicing quidditch with some new teammate he persuaded one day (read: bribed)
  • prob went smthg like hey kiD!! HELP TOSS SOME QUAFFLES INTO THESE HOOPS FOR ME!!!
  • rip woojin lmfao ong’s always like lmao if thats u trying to score i might as well switch and play chaser instead
  • all in good fun he gives pointers to lil woojin on what to do to catch the keeper off guard
  • good practice for himself too
  • honestly though at some point woojin is prob thinking something like…. ong… shouldn’t u…. be studying…. for NEWTs…..
  • seongwoo : newts? haha what,,,,, are those ha,,,,ha,,, idk what ure talking bout
  • same
  • ok so one day after like 3 days of no sleep after trying to finish like 6 diff essays for all his subjects (don’t procrastinate friendos)
  • boi literally tired as fuck but still has the energy to drag his ass out to the quidditch pitch to practice
  • that saturday the slytherin and gryffindor captains scheduled a practice match to get into the groove of playing again before official matches starts
  • ofc he needs to show his best right off the bat
  • all his classmates tried to hold him back but his excuse was that he gotta train the newbie so he can do his best for the match
  • also secretly because it’s his last year he wants to show that it’s not been a waste and he’s become a very very reliable keeper and that gryffindor CAN win this year
  • so yes, he still goes to practice
  • remember boi on zero sleep and like 20 mins in woojin asks if he’s feeling okay since no sarcastic quips or anything
  • surprise surprise ong passes out but he like doesn’t go pancake because woojin manages to kind of stop him from doing so
  • still fucks up his wrist and ankle on landing though but he’s out of it and woojin is prob freaking tf out omg what am i gonna do ???
  • does the reasonable thing and sprints off to get madam pomfrey
  • hold your horses i know daniel hasnt come into this yet chill
  • ong has to stay in the hospital wing overnight bc of exhaustion but at least his wrist and ankle are okay right?
  • nah
  • he has to miss the practice match because his body isnt recovered enough for sports yet
  • he still goes to watch the match though
  • took a loooooot of convincing but madam pomfrey was finally like fine! bc he was being really loud and she wanted to shut him up hyahwhaghwhaha
  • when he gets to the pitch they had already begun playing and he sees kim donghan playing in his place and is reassured bc he was a natural even if he wasnt a regular
  • there’s other people from the two houses watching too
  • ta-daaa that’s when he meets daniel
  • daniel is an avid quidditch fanboy ok
  • always on top of quidditch news and never misses a game
  • this boy is the definition of House Pride he’s screaming the loudest and always gets hella hyped before matches
  • the type to walk up to people on the mornings of match day and tells them to cheer loudly for gryffindor to give them the support
  • gryffindor hasnt won a house cup in forever tbh but that doesnt phase him he just loves quidditch and is extremely passionate about the sport and his house so regardless of the result he will always remain their tru no.1 fan
  • about that practice match
  • lets be real we would all like to just sleep on saturday morning
  • daniel? practice match? give him the time and date and he’s there and prepared with snacks and drinks for the players he managed to get from the house elves what a considerate babu
  • he gets there extra early that morning because he knew there was a new first year playing and he wanted to cheer extra loud to give him confidence awwwwwawaw
  • but when he sees the team members arrive he notices
  • seongwoo isnt there?
  • that one fourth year boy is playing instead so he gets a little confused
  • seongwoo has never NOT played in any of their matches so he wondered why he wasn’t this time
  • he wasn’t even at the practice, even though everyone else on the team was
  • cue quidditch nerd daniel minutely freaking out lmao
  • he went through the possibilities in his head
  • team drama? detention? OVERSLEEPING??? decided to do a 180 and become studious???
  • his brain was about to explode but he stops when he sees the familiar boy walk up to the top of the stands and get comfortable
  • he’s still really confused
  • why is he watching and not playing??
  • lmao the practice match started 5 mins ago but he’s too distracted bc he doesn’t know why THE ong seongwoo isnt participating in it
  • he debates going up to ask him about it
  • but like,,,, he never spoken to the dude before
  • what if he’s in a shit mood
  • screw it
  • abruptly gets up to go walk up to where ong is
  • prob trips on the way up, someone babyproof him
  • ong is so fixated on the match he doesn’t realise someone is standing next to him
  • when he does
  • “may i help u”
  • he recognizes him too
  • because like he’s always there at practices and is maybe a bit mad for quidditch
  • kind of endearing
  • daniel honestly prob gets caught off guard hayahahaHAHAHA
  • “just,,, wondering why you aren’t out there”
  • “eh, fucked up and slacked off with homework and now my body’s dealing with the consequences”
  • he cant help the frustration in his voice
  • daniel just kinda feels bad
  • bc he looks so,,, tired? and also kind of angry that he couldn’t play bc of his own carelessness
  • he’s always priding himself on being a reliable teammate but here he is missing matches smh
  • but he doesnt tell daniel that lol
  • “why are you sitting all the way up here? pretty sure you can get a better view from anywhere else”
  • ong prob jokingly says some shit like he cant let anyone else in his presence what a drama queen
  • he really likes the feel of the wind from high up
  • that’s why he plays quidditch, being up in the air just makes him feel free
  • anyways
  • daniel and him end up watching the rest of the match together
  • ong pointing out certain tendencies and habits his teammates have when playing
  • daniel pointing out how well the team work together and how he feels like this year is the year for gryffindor u feel
  • ong kind of just
  • ??
  • “you really think so?”
  • bc why wouldnt he right
  • “it’s just that… gryffindor hasn’t won a house cup in a long time”
  • and tbh theyre all feeling it, no one says it though
  • just sucks that they KNOW theyre doing good but never seem to be able to come out on top
  • daniel looks at him like :O
  • LIKE
  • lmfao he gets flustered after that and just quickly tells him to get better soon and to have faith in his team and himself
  • he constantly checks in with ong after that though
  • can’t really forget about the look on ong’s face when he talked about missing the game, even if it was a simple practice match
  • something in him just told him that ong was feeling shit about what happened when he couldn’t play
  • so he just tries to send positive vibes his way lol cute
  • even if it’s just walking by him in the great hall at breakfast and calling out for him not to slack off in class
  • or not to push himself too hard in practice
  • he prob even watches the team practice regularly and calls out “you guys did well today! we’re gonna win this year!!!”
  • just…. postive ball of sunshine spreading positivity
  • ong always spends some time after practice to talk to daniel to get to know him
  • its the least he can do bc daniel’s been so supportive of the team
  • daniel just hopes the dude remembers to take care of himself better tbh dont we all
  • ong won’t admit like ever but he 100% looks forward to daniel’s encouragement in the morning pfft
  • (and also totally wants to get to know daniel more other than him being a massive quidditch fan lol)
  • since then he finds himself working a lot harder to keep up with his workload in class so he can be on top of his game for quidditch
  • prob looks around in the crowd for daniel at games tbh hahAHAHHDAHA
  • this boi confident for matches he brings his A game all the time
  • both of them prob think its sad that they only really became friends in ong’s last year but hey better late then never right
chensung!couple au

i have such an awful writer’s block im so sorry i havent written anything im sorry


-these two are so young they dont even know what love means

-they have the best friend type of relationship where you barely know theyre dating

-they dont do ANY type of skinship

-like, chenle always tries to hold jisung’s hand but jisung nOPES OUT OF THERE

-chenle probably tries kissing jisung’s cheek 50 times a day only to have jisung run away screeching

-cue chenle’s “oh my gawd!!11!!11!1!!”

-these two probably have secret dance practices together where they both just fool around for 95% of the time 

-theyre like closeted high school jocks


-”yeah bro”

-”i think i love you man…:”

-”lol that’s gay”

-”lol we’re gay”


-”lol ;)”

-jisung probably asks chenle to sing him to sleep

-he likes calling him at late nights to do so bc chen’s voice is always so soft and quiet and rough at late times

-and he can always tell when chen’s smiling sleepily and jisung’s heart just tightens and he feels like he’s about to die

-but in the best way possible

-theyre literal children who just joke around like kids but there’re those times where everything seems to slow down and all they can see is each other and they both live for those moments

-their dates consist of ice cream and video games aHH

-when jisung is really tired, he’ll rest his head on chenle’s shoulder and that’s like one of the only times he’ll let chen kiss his forehead/cheek


-they don’t feed each other bc awkward™️ but they just eat off of each other’s plates all the time 

-psttt chenle is jisung’s personal cheerleader 


-"pls leave chen”

-cheerleader!chenle x basketball player!jisung

-ok so chenle has a dog right

-and like, when he showed jisung his dog, jisung sCREECHED

-jisung probably likes his dog more than he likes chenle honestly

-one time jisung was running towards chenle and his dog with his arms open like he was gonna hug chenle

-but last second he falls down and hugs his dog instead

-jisung and chen are like the same height ut jisung will go on his toes so he can rest his elbow on chen’s head

-chen finds it cute so it’s ok smh

-excessive use of ‘bro’

-”chen is you say oh my god one more time im going to make u swallow that tree over there”

-”jisung you cant dance battle that pigeon”

-”it was looking at me funny!!”

-one time, chenle sang “you are my destiny” obnoxiously loudly every time jisung walked into the room which made jisung immediately nope out

-jisung likes watching chen perform but he likes seeing chenle practice even more

-he likes seeing the determination light up chenle’s eyes and he likes seeing how concentrated he is

-it’s why he fell in love with this dweeb in the first place

-everybody else found out jisung liked chenle before chenle did

-jisung always had heart eyes whenever he looked at chen and this lil bby was slick about it either

-he spent FOREVER confessing bc he kept thinking chen had a crush on ren or smth

-he ended up trying to get over him

-but he couldnt which made him really sad

-lovesick lil puppy </3

-jisung didnt even confess on purpose

-he like, half confessed

-so like before they were a thing

-chenle noticed how different and weird jisung was acting

-so in the middle of the night, chen snuck into jisung’s bed

-and he knew he was awake bc jisung immediately tensed up


-jisung wanted to d i e 

-”yeah chen?” 

-”what’s wrong?”

-”what do you mean?”

-”well, one, you wont face me and two, you havent been yourself lately”

-jisung didnt know how to respond without his feelings spilling out into a word vomit so he bites his tongue and shuts up

-”sungie, you can tell me what’s wrong-”

-”no, no youll hate me forever and you wont wanna be friends anymore”

-”how could that ever happen? jisung youre one of my best friends-”


-at this point tears are stinging jisung’s eyes and he’s trying to melt into the bed

-”jisung… i care about you so much, why cant you trust me…?”

-”i do trust you and i care about you too but in ways you wont understand”


-”im so fucking in love with you and it hurts so much”

-chen is literally so speechless, he cant talk and jisung takes it as he doesnt wanna be friends anymore

-so jisung chokes out a sorry and he gets out of his bed but chenle finally registers what’s happening and gRABS HIM BACK


-dweebs that do homework together

-whenever they go on dates taeyong and the rest of the chensung protection squad™️ stalks them bUT OUT OF GOOD INTENTIONS ♡ 

-tl;dr the smollest and cutest couple on the block protect them  

olderbrother!au changkyun

lowkey this is an intro, bc i might do more olderbrother!au snippets of mx
but tell me what you think pls this is my first time writing

  • ok you guys are like a year apart
  • wow uh he’d be pretty chill tbh and lowkey tsundere??? 
  • like hes not overbearing or anything and when he will tease the absolute shit outta you sometimes. 
  • and tbh its never really lovey dovey with you guys, y’all are kinda like friends??? and he’ll give you a hard time ,,,, but he cares
  • i promise
  • ,,, deep down,,,
  • you guys kind of keep to yourselves in your own rooms
  • but sometimes you go to each others rooms to hang out, and idk it’s just really chill
  • like he’ll come into your room like ‘hey y/n what are you doing im bored’
  • and you’re like pls kindly gtf bro im doing homework rn and it Sucks
  • but he’ll stay in your room, and bother the crap out of you right, and he’ll look at your homework like ,,,,ugh omfg y/n did you not know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell 
  • and he’ll do this huuuuuugge dramatic sigh and says okok sit down yung grasshopper - let the master teach you
  • -cracks knuckles-
  • best believe he will give you nuggies and hip bumps you every ,,,, freaking ,,,, day
  • and will take an extra 5 minutes “getting ready” to piss you off for fun
  • and at school, some of the kids are like omg!!! are you guys!! siblings!!!!
  • and he’ll fr look at you like ,,,,idk who she is????
  • but lbr, he’s a sucker 4 u
  • like if he knows that any dude is into you, he’ll literally give them the side eye
  • and would just be like lol shes not your type (kinda like in lipstick prince)
  • so one time you go his room and is like “hey dude, can i have $20???”
  • and he’ll have his earphones on twiddling with his phone or something so you’d have to legit throw something at him to get his attention right 
  • and he’d finally take off his earphones and is like ,,,wtf do you want annoying brat
  • so you ask your question right
  • and he’s like why??????
  • so you’re like okok i’m going to a sleepover and its to chip in for food - ((but lowkey you’re sneaking out to go a rave)) 
  • and he’s skipping (that lil bitch) around this bush and is like what??? lol you have friends? this is a random time to get ready for a sleepover??? where’s your allowance 
  • bc he knows what you’re up to bc you talk!! so!! loud!! in your room
  • but you’re so tired and guilty by this point and you’re fine whatever maybe my friend can spot me idk
  • but changkyun trusts you and whatever so 15 mins later he walks in your room with 30!! dollars and is like ok brat bring me home some food tomorrow or something and make good choices ok
  • and youre like what bad choices can you make at a sleepover??? but whatever money
  • fast forward like 4 hours
  • you’re frantically calling up changkyun outside the venue 
  • and he answers the phone like ,,,, its 2 fucking am y/n why are you calling me 
  • you’re a blubbering mess and you’re like jfc changkyun you remember how you told me to make good choices at my sleepover well actually i didnt make a good choice bc im actually at a rave haha dont kill me ,, but its crazy in there and hot and squishy and i’m short so i cant see anything and i just wanna leave so pls come get me
  • and tbh changkyuns already in his car by the time you get to ‘good choices’ so he just asks you where you are are tells you to stay put
  • and when you finally see his car, you’re running to it and you get in as fast as you can
  • and he takes a look at you bc you look like a mess im sorry
  • and you start babbling about what happened bc you’re scared you’re in trouble and he has to remind you to breathe y/n bREATHE
  • so you finally calm down and look at him waiting for him to tell you off
  • but hes like well i’m glad you knew to call me and r u ok now
  • and once you’re like yeah im fine no worries
  • hes like ok cool you have 10 bucks left right, lets go get burgers
  • and you’re rolling your eyes but you’re lowkey highkey grateful for him and also you’re stomach starts rumbling so you’re like ok fine
hank mccoy x reader hc

this was started because an anon told me they were writing a fic about a super fertile hank and now i have headcanons. @stevenancyjonathanpolybabes contributed a bunch because i was talking to them about it and just went with it and aaahhhh ily dude

  • Because of his mutation, Hank is super fertile and regular birth control like the pill, does not stop it. It’s like his sperm will last longer just to try and fertilize an egg.
    • Like every time Hank and yourself have sex, you’ll probably come out pregnant
  • It gets to the point where you squeeze out 13 kids
  • Hank would be chasing around his kids, even though he has three climbing on those long ass limbs of his, while you are pregnant and waddling around with a baby on your hip.
  • And each time you get pregnant you say, “I cannot believe you and your stupid fertile sperm.”
  • Your kids have adjusted so well to always seeing their mom pregnant that seeing you NOT pregnant is like a parallel universe
    • When they see photos of you and Hank before the two of you started a family, they are truly convinced that the woman that he is hugging and kissing is not you, only because you don’t have the baby belly
  • And they only stop because she literally is like, I just want sex without the possibility of having another kid. Just once, please 
  • Like Hank’s gotta invent some kind of super condom but neither you or Hank are fond of using condoms because not using one adds a level of closeness and intimacy    
    • Or some kind of super birth control, because you and Hank are not ready for another kid. They had like, twelve, just stop.  
    • You’re always is joking around like “Oh we should get you fixed Hank"  
      • He doesn’t personally find that funny, even though Alex and a couple of the other kids laugh about it as well. Like, he is not a dog, and he does not need to be fixed. So like, he decides he’s gonna make the most accurate birth control for his s/o. 
        • And it works so damn well, like, he could sell it for a profit? But he just…hands it out to the kids at the school?  Practice safe sex, please. Please don’t be like me, please dont end up with 12+ kids and a wife that jokes about you needing to be fixed  
      • You forget one time to take the birth control and boom you’re pregnant again and you are both a little annoyed but happy to welcome another member to the family
      • Kid 13 is the last one  
        • Like, as much as they didn’t really plan for another kid, it’s not such a bad this.
      • As soon as that one is out, she’s pretty much like, tubes are getting tied. No more pregnancy. And just in case, Hank gets a vasectomy. 
  • But you love your kids so much, even the accidental 10 kids
    • Like, it’s always a running joke when the kids get older on who was the "accident” child and both of them are like, literally kid 4-13  like and its always a contest to see who was the most accidental 
      • “Mom and dad were using the pill and a condom when they conceived me so I’m the most accidental of you fuckers.”
        “But how would you know, Heather?”
        “Mom told me she was on the pill and that dad was using a condom." 
        • They would totally duke it out until 13 was old enough to know what was going on. "I was a total accident. They didn’t exactly plan for a 13th kid. And I’m the only boy.”  
  • Both you and Hank mix up their names, there is just too many to keep track
    • “Heath- no, Marth- no. You know who you are!”  
  • Hank is always rubbing at his temples and tries so hard not to beast out but sometimes the kids really test his patience or put themselves in danger and it happens.
    • And it freaks them out enough that they all reach an agreement that if any of them does that, they all have to be extra good to dad later because he doesn’t need that stress and it makes him hide away in the lab for hours because he’s afraid to hurt his kids or wife
      • And when he does that, you (probs pregnant at the time) waddle in and wraps your arms around him and press your face between his shoulder blades and you both just take a second to relax and just hold each other.  
    • And they dont really know what to do, but they try hard to make it okay. His kids will be super nice and take care of each other and it’s a lot of work, but they do it. If only to relieve some of the stress from Hank and you.
      • They have their moments, especially when the kids are older, that Hank and you can take a night for themselves and hopefully not get pregnant again 
        • Until number 13, it usually was pretty likely that they would end up pregnant again.  
  • But no matter how many kids you have you are both still loving and supportive and they try to keep up with 13 kids lives. 
    • Worrying about their homework and what’s going on with them
      • Sometimes, the other kids have to point out if something is wrong with one of their siblings to you and Hank. Both Hank and you have talk with whoever is troubled
      • You both do try your damn hardest to keep up with all of them. It can be hard and tiring and a lot of work, but you make it happen one way or another
  • Hank and you always trying to make your kids birthday’s special because the entire year is all just a big mess and just want their kids to feel special on their birthdays. 
    • Especially the twins, because like, that’s two people on the same day or literally one day and another (because babies born just before and after midnight). 
    • And it’s always a lot of stuff, but it happens and it’s cute and you’re trying  
  • Your kids love and appreciate how much you try, especially the older ones because they can see just how visably tired the both of you are
    • They have tried to cook dinner for their parents but it went downhill and ended with a trip to the er and two very exhausted, but amused parents at their attempts to make them an anniversary dinner  
  • You’d be a stay at home after kid 7 
    • Or at least teach your field at the school, so you will at least be close by in case anything happens
  • Charles probably opens up a day care at the school because of your kids
  • You both pray that your kids don’t end up as fertile as Hank

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wanna chat? pt 3

on ao3

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for those of you wondering, yes i will shut up after this. i’ll go do something ACTUALLY productive. hopefully.

i no longer know what’s going on here


7:23 PM

flour power: Does anyone get the physics homework cause Im beyond lost

undead zombie model: Yeah
What do you need help on?

the real ladybug™: NOPE

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “HOMEWORK FREE ZONE”

drop the bass: for once i agree

flour power: But physics

undead zombie model: I’ll PM you

the real ladybug™: …………………………….

drop the bass: whats that for
al theyre talking about hw

the real ladybug™: pM NOW

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Heyyyy everybody! Just wanted to update you lovelies on whats goin on<3

☆Aghhhh as much as i wanted to do all the prompts for shallura week, i just dont have the energy ymy ( i might just do my faves??)
Actually, besides shallura week i don’t have any energy to finish anything?? ( im atleast trying to doodle a little even if its just lines and shapes and doobles of people
I’ve been working fulltime ( if not a little overtime??) at work lately, so when i get home im just really tired X’D
I will also be starting college on the 30th. It will be part time, but i’m sure it will be just as tiring during the day, plus homework and my job (;;xㅅx)ノ”

☆not that important but i deleted my sideblog and miraculous moves blog, please don’t get the wrong idea!! I love love LOVE what you guys have done from cosplays to fanart to fanfiction for my AU ymy♡♡♡ i still cant believe your kindness, and how much it affected a whole fandom???? Like wow!!! So please i really do treasure everything you’ve made, and as long as you tag me in the stuff i’ll always be able to look around and admire your work♡

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