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Some limericks, because reasons

There once was a fellow named Vax
Who said, “I need damage that stacks.”
In his cloak dark as ink
He’ll be gone in a blink,
Saying, “Bitch, now I get sneak attacks.”

There was a half-elven maid fair
Whose arrows are swifter than air.
Even if they don’t hit
She’s still sick of your shit,
So now you’ll get fed to her bear.

Some people may say he’s a prick,
Or claim that he makes them feel sick.
But Scanlan Shorthalt
Doesn’t cry o’er this fault–
He just zaps all his foes with his dick.

The grieving third de Rollo son
Made a deal that revenge might be won.
With the help of a friend
That dark contract did end,
Although now he might need a new gun.

This child, soon to rule o’er the veil
Twixt the air and our plane, must not fail
To prove herself wise,
And I like her odds, guys–
If she stops landing herself in jail.

Cast aside when he was just a tyke,
Grog still knew that they’d ne’er see his like.
Right and wrong’s a tough test,
But he’s doing his best
With the help of his good buddy Pike.

Pike Trickfoot arose good as new
After death, with still more work to do,
And though ripe for a fight
Refound Sarenrae’s light,
‘Cause this gnome is just better than you.

Mystic Messenger Characters as Pokemon

(Again idk but I’m bored so here it is)

Yoosung -

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(Ok I can’t help but imagine that Yoosung would be adorable and innocent no matter what he is and come on Rockruff is the more adorable puppy ever! Besides can you imagine how cute Yoosung would be as a Rockruff being super protective of MC? And wanting to cuddle with them?)

(And this would be him going yandere)

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(NO REGRETS! (lol))

Zen -

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(Elegant, beautiful and unique (to one region anyways) I think this lovely rendition of Ninetales fits Zen rather well. He would practically melt as the MC brushed his fur and would love spending time lounging around with them.)

Jumin -

Originally posted by the-dark-flight

(Serious and cool looking I think Decidueye would fit Jumin well. He is the type to be cold and calculating in combat but when it comes to MC he would become cuddly and be happy whenever being shown affection by them. He will screech at anyone that comes too close to MC to get them away from them.)

Jaehee -

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(Cute and non threatening in appearance? I think that fits Jaehee to a T. Underestimate this pokemon and you will regret it! (Seriously she is adorable and can do Judo. I love her) She’s the type that loves helping MC from chores to shopping and everything in between. The moment she senses MC is in danger she becomes very protective.)

Saeyoung -

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(A pokemon that hides it’s true form behind a mask? (Cloth..) It seems like it would be a good fit for Saeyoung. He would be afraid of MC seeing what he really looks like and being afraid of him like everyone else has been but at the same time he wants MC to see who he really is and accept him for it. He will also do his best to be cute and goofy to make MC laugh whenever they might be sad.)

Saeran -

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(A beautiful, aloof pokemon distrustful of humans because of their upbringing? (Absol’s are regarded as harbingers of disastrous because they are usually around when calamities strike (though that’s because they can sense danger rather than cause it)) I think that would fit Saeran. He wouldn’t like being around people and would often avoid them until he had met the MC when he had saved them from being harmed. He would try to leave them soon after but MC would try and be his friend and eventually Saeran would warm up to them. Do not approach Saeran’s MC. He will lash out without hesitation.)

(I used Mega Evolution Absol because he is beautiful like Saeran!)

MC -

Originally posted by guzzlord

(As a male or female MC and everything in between I think the MC would be perfect as a Ribombee because they are adorable and innocent looking like they are. Seriously who wouldn’t love getting a little hug from this cutie? Pretty sure all the MM characters would melt with an affection MC Ribombee giving them hugs hehe)

V -

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(A pokemon that can’t see, is mysterious and adorable? I think it fits V pretty well. I think V would be sad as a  Nihilego at first because of how out of place he feels being in a different world but after encountering the MC and bonding with them he becomes happier and loves being around them. He’s pretty shy around other people though.)

Rika - 

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(Rika is Lusamine. Seriously the insanity she showed Lusamine seemed to immolate as well.)


A madman and his box dancing through space and time. The dance goes on, even as the partners change.

10: gingerten
11: 4ever-a-nerd


based on this masterpiece. i apologize for everything.


do you wanna kill some reapers?
come on let’s go
and try
you say you have to calibrate
the guns look great
let’s make harbinger cry

we used to be the super squad
and now we’re not
i wish you would tell me why
do you wanna kill some reapers?
it doesn’t have to be the reapers!

i should go

do you wanna kill some reapers?
or blow up a sushi bar
the crew says that they all miss you
i’ve started taking them for rides around my car (hang in there, tali)
you’re part of the normandy
when are you finally
getting out of the battery??? (seriously, garrus, you’ve been there all day)

please, i know you’re in there
it’s like when they hit palaven
they say have courage, and i’m trying to
i really do need you, just let me in
i know everything’s at stake
the time is now
what are we gonna do?
we’re gonna have to kill some reapers