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Me, You and the Zoo - Josh Pieters

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Pairing: Josh Pieters & Y/N
Words: 1.5k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request:  josh imagine of maybe anything where you’re friends beforehand and want something more? I know there’s a lot of these out there but maybe you’re on a day out with the lads or something to the zoo an josh is being really cute?
A/N: its a shit title I know but it rhymes

You had met Josh through Joe and Caspar. You had been helping them out with hair and makeup for the two hit the road films that they did. Through that you got to know the two crazy boys, eventually getting invited out with all of them to go on nights out. You hit it off straight away. The easy-going attitude and his sense of humour making it easy for you to talk.
You became better friends with Josh than anyone else within the group, helping him out with small pranks on Caspar and Maddie, helping behind the camera and writing little bits here and there for skits.
But because of this you were on camera sometimes. When you started becoming proper friends with them they sat you down and had a serious conversation about whether you wanted to be on camera or not. You immediately said no, being in front of the camera was not your forte. However gradually the viewers would see short clips of you, whether it be your legs in shot while handing over a prop or the back of your head in one of the boys’ vlogs.
Eventually the boys became so used to you being around that some of them forgot when editing their videos. The first few were fine, millisecond clips of your face that none of the viewers noticed. However, it was during one of Joe’s vlogs that he had been in his kitchen and had gotten you and Josh messing about in the background.
Within a few hours there were hundreds of tweets, gifs made and screenshots about you and Josh and people trying to figure out who you were.
Joe apologised profusely when he found out about it and promised to take it down. However, you just laughed, knowing that inevitably, with the boys’ lives being online it was bound to happen sometime. You agreed to do a small guest appearance in Joe’s livestream he was doing later in the day, hoping that a live you would be better than an edited, video version of you.
That brings you to now. You were known to the boys’ viewers, but you never featured in any of their videos, you liking to just be in the background with no spotlight on you. However, the viewers noticed how close you and Josh were. Seeing the cuddles on the sofa in the background of snapchats, seeing the piggy backs you forced Josh to give you when you got tired in the background of vlogs, and they saw the blush rising on your cheeks and the matching cheeky smirk on Josh’s face whenever he said something flirty or inappropriate.
They liked you two together, so much that even the boys agreed with them, making jokes at every possible option.
You and Josh had talked about it, a heart to heart at 5 in the morning sitting on his balcony watching the sun rise. You both agreed that you liked each other, a lot. However, you both decided that just letting things happen on their own rather than forcing it would be the best way to go about it.

It was a beautifully sunny day when Joe rang you asking if you wanted to go to the zoo with all the boys. Reacting like a child on Christmas morning you swiftly agreed.
You were on your way there, Josh, Joe, and Caspar in your car, Josh sitting in the passenger seat to keep you company. You both talked like there was no one else in the car, puns and flirty jokes coming from the both of you. In the back-seat Joe and Caspar gave each other a smirk, turning on their vlogging cameras to get footage of what was happening between you.
Eventually getting into the zoo all the boys turn their cameras on, letting it know that they had arrived and how excited they were to go see certain animals. You walked ahead slightly, not wanting to ruin their shot, but also not wanting to be too close with Josh in case the viewers go crazy again. It was frustrating because all you wanted to do was joke about and enjoy the animals with him.
After the boys staring and making bad jokes about one animal for 40 minutes you were getting bored. So, you wandered off, walking up a ramp and coming to a glass railing where you could look over into the large sandy enclosure. You looked out and saw the baby giraffe hobbling beside its mother on long and unstable legs. You smiled out at them, glad to be getting some quiet time. You loved all the boys but they definitely got very loud at times.
You were in a daydream when you heard a voice very close behind you.
“You’re giraffing me crazy.”
You turned to look in his direction, finding the tall man with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.
You chuckle, shaking your head as you turn back to face the animals.
You feel strong arms wrap around your waist, Josh’s head rest itself on your shoulder.
“That was awful,” you tell him, turning your head slightly to see him better.
He smiled, and turned to place a soft kiss to the apple of your cheek.
You smile but look to the other side of you, assuming that since Josh was here the rest of the boys would be too, having a field day with the footage they would get. However, they weren’t. Josh assured you that it was just the two of you for now, the boys being too busy to pay any attention when yous left.

You and Josh walked around the zoo by yourselves, you both enjoying it so much that Josh forgot to vlog anything that was happening. You went to go see certain animals, played a short game of hide and seek (which you won because let’s be honest, Josh isn’t exactly small is he), and along the way there were lots of hugs, jokes and cheek kisses that were getting closer and closer to your mouth.
Around lunch time you received a call from Conor, asking if you and Josh wanted to join them for lunch, a lot of jeering and jokes being made about you both being alone together.
You walked to the restaurant that was located in the middle of the forest-like surroundings. Along the way, you and Josh were talking, eventually your brushing hands becoming intertwined with each other, not really realising it, just doing what felt natural.
All the boys were in the restaurant, waiting at a large table by the window for you to arrive. They were all talking about nonsense things when Oli looked out the window to see you both holding hands. He alerted the guys, all of them scrambling for their cameras and pushing and shoving to get to the window to see more clearly.
“My boy’s grown up,” Caspar said with a fake sadness to his voice.

You were now sitting up against Josh’s head board, duvet snuggled up against you as you scrolled through your phone waiting for Josh to finish editing the little of his zoo vlog that he had.
You had just refreshed your twitter feed when you received a lot of notifications, all being about Joe’s latest vlog and how cute you and Josh were.
You clicked onto Joe’s latest vlog and called Josh over to watch it with you, not knowing what any of the boys had captured from that day.
He comes over to his bed, lifting up the side of the duvet that was closest to him and got underneath it, sighing in content at the heat that had built up from you being underneath it.
He rolled over to be right beside you, wrapping an arm loosely around your waist as you waited for the video to load.
Towards the end of the video is when they got the moment of you both walking hand in hand, cheesy grins on your faces as you laugh at a bad joke that Josh had just told.
In the background you can hear the cheers of the boys and the cheeky comments made until you heard a clearer one from what sounded like Joe, assuming he was closer to the camera’s mic.
“They’re so freaking cute, I’m kinda jealous.” He said, amusement lacing his tone.
Josh turned to you, a smile gracing his face.
“We are pretty cute, aren’t we?”
He turned so that his body was hovering over yours, his weight supported on his elbows.
He leaned down, pressing kisses to your forehead, to your cheeks, the tip of your nose and along your jaw. You giggled at the silly act of affection, reaching up to steady his face, bringing it down gently to meet his lips with yours.
Your kiss is sweet to begin with, gradually it became more heated as your lips got firmer on each other’s as Josh brings one hand to rest on your waist, pushing your shirt up so that he could trace small circles onto your skin there.
You both pulled away to catch your breath when a smile overcame your face.

“I think we need some koala-ty time alone.”

He’d meant to send it privately. Shit. Fuck. God damn it.

Tsukishima Kei stares at the many screenshots of the video he’d posted half an hour ago, captions added, and the many “OMG I DoWNLOADED IT IN CasE HE DELETS ITFHJ” that go with it. His phone is blowing up next to him, and he knows it’s Tadashi, but he can’t bring himself to answer the calls and texts. He’s too busy trying to figure out how he could be so fucking stupid.

He shouldn’t have hit record and said his feelings. He shouldn’t have posted the video privately on tumblr to send to Tadashi. He shouldn’t have accidentally hit “unprivate” while he was editing the posts caption.

Maybe confessing to Tadashi with a video was a bad idea.

With a groan, Tsukishima hits play on the video that just ruined his life. He doesn’t even want to watch it, he has no idea why he is. Maybe to rub it in his own face that his life is ruined?

“So…Uh…I don’t know how to start this. Uh…Yamaguchi. I’m bad with feelings, and talking, and talking about my feelings, and– You get it. But I knew from the first time….I saw you…that you were going to ruin my life. I knew from the moment I hit play on your videos. From your pretty face, to your…sweet, perfect attitude, never not smiling…I just knew. And…” Tsukishima in the video gulps, pushing up his glasses, and Tsukishima in real life wants to pound his head against his head against his desk until he dies, because honestly.

“I like you, Yamaguchi. I– I really do. Like, a lot. Embarrassingly so. I would never be able to tell you to your face, and I know you’re always on your tumblr, so…I made this. Please, uh– if you don’t return my feelings…just pretend this didn’t happen.

“I don’t want anything to change between us, I…I just enjoy our time together, and if we were to…go out…I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that….So…Bye.”

God, you’re so awkward, Kei!

Tsukishima groans, and lets his head fall to his desk. “Fucking kill me!..”

Tsukishima watches his dashboard with disdain through his skewed glasses. He feels sick. Tadashi is going to leave him forever, now, and it’s all his fault. Damn it.

His computer dings, and he groans. He lifts his head, and frowns at the message tab. He only has messaging open for friends.

Opening the window begrudgingly, Tsukishima feels his breath leave him. Tadashi’s url is highlighted, and Tsukishima can see the cursed “tadafries sent you a video!” flashing on the screen. He can’t escape him, can he? With a groan, Tsukishima clicks on the message, and sees a video clip. Trying not to cringe at being rejected in the same unconventional way he confessed, he presses play. 

The video goes full screen, and Tsukishima watches as Tadashi appears on screen. 

“Hi, uh…Tsukki… Ha– uh, this is weird…making a video just to one person. Ah… You’re not answering my calls…Or my texts…Or your door. I went and knocked on the door, and it was locked… So I figure you’re not getting the memo here. I like you too. So much it hurts sometimes. Really. 

“You’re sweet, and handsome, and your soft, and I can’t tell you enough how you’ve changed me. So, uh…I guess when you finally look.” 

“Shit.” Tsukishima slams his laptop shut, and pounds his head against the desk. “Stupid stupid stupid.” 

Lifting his phone, he peeks at the screen. Twenty text messages, fifteen calls. God, is he an idiot. He needs to fix this. 

Getting to Tadashi’s house takes less time than usual, and he fears he’s disturbed the neighbors by time Tadashi opens up. “Tsukki?..” 

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot.” 

“You’re not an idiot.” 

“I am! I posted a video about my feelings for you online. I didn’t mean to, I was just going to send it to you… The point is, I– I was so stupid–”



“Do you like me?” 

“Y…eah?..” Tsukishima frowns, brows furrowing. “I like you a lot.” 

“Then shut up and kiss me.” 

So he does. 

Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~ Ayato After Story Part 2

Guess what guys, this isn’t the end of the after story. There’s still a bit more. I take back my words when i said that I’m splitting it into 2 parts. Even better, the CG hasn’t even appeared at all!! Eitherway, let’s get on to the story. 

As per usual, do check out the google doc which has been updated with the second part, and the first part of this translation is here.

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Title; tokyo vlogging

Description; Dan and Phil vlog while on a vacation to Tokyo, they come out and do cute couple things together in the vlogs. Everybody explodes.

Wordcount; 1700+

A/N; prompt I got from anon somewhere and also I’m sorry I couldn’t post this yesterday but it’s the morning here in Australia so I’m still going to hope that it’s the 5th in every other country in the world ever. But nevertheless heRE’S THE FINAL DAY of 15days !!! (also its my bday yayayyyyay)

15 days of drabbles; day 15

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fortheloveofwildlife-deactivate  asked:

In that post you made about me, there ar pictures I have taken that were posted without my consent -some that I haven't even posted online but that Krystelle sent you. I have not given my permission to post these pictures. I want them removed, I don't care who made that post, you can edit it and remove the pictures. It's an attack to my person and my private life as well. Perhaps you'll realize what I said about her was true when she will be fined or more, for federal and provincial infractions.


I trust Krystelle more than you because she hasn’t given any indication that she’s been lying. She’s always been up front about the fact that the animals were from a fur farm and got mad to see that you were lying about the business in public.

You did start to tell the truth a little bit, now, you no longer claim to have Crystal as a pet (although you never did admit that the photo was a dead animal that I’m aware of) and you fessed up to the fact that little Noki is living at a fur farm now and appear to be trying harder and that’s great.

But here’s the thing: it’s a lot easier to be truthful up front than it is to try and climb out of a hole. I’ve found that post again and from what I can find, only a small handful of the pictures are actually yours. The rest of them were used with permission, or screenshots taken by someone else of public websites. I’ve gone ahead and removed the few photos I recognized from first being on your blog (even the pelt one) but honestly, the damage has already been done.

Even without the photos there, it’s hard to undo THAT much lying, Anda, and I’m not even really sure WHY you did it. You can claim that it was for Krystelle’s business, but let’s be real, trying to pass a dead pelt off as a live animal had everything to do with your ego and nothing to do with her business. Hell, if you hadn’t pulled that stunt, this might never have happened and you might still be working there for all we know.

Furthermore, even if Krystelle is an evil Cruella De Vil like character that wanted to murderize cute animals to turn them into pelts and coats, you willingly worked for her and willingly lied to cover up her business until she told you you were through and only then did you find it atrocious enough to speak out about. Krystelle didn’t know about the blog, you could have just as easily taken pictures of the atrocities here and posted them to make an informative anti-fur pro-wildlife blog but that’s not what you did.

Honestly, I don’t even hate you, Anda. I’m just CONFUSED by you. I’m BAFFLED that anyone would want to lie that much about something so stupid. Obviously you have Miko (or had, I heard another rumor that your mom got sick of him and that he no longer lives with you full time but fuck there’s so many Goddamn rumors I can’t even stand it anymore) so I don’t know WHY you’d lie about Crystal the fox being a real live pet. There was literally no reason in the world for it. Yet there it is. There it is in front of God and everyone being stupid.

You are, as far as I can tell, the rightful owner of at least three pictures there, so I’ve gone ahead and removed them. The ones that you don’t own can stay. The post has already been reblogged and seen and spread around, so it isn’t as if it’ll ever be covered up, though. You can’t put paint back in the tube.

“Story for Steven” and Gem Age

Okay… all of the gems are coded as significantly younger in this episode than they currently are. Amethyst seemed to be a preeten, Pearl an older, and Garnet a barely an adult. EDIT: Actually, I think my original guesses were overestimates. Amethyst looks to be younger than a preteen, prepubescent if she were human. Someone pointed out that Pearl appears to be younger than the Cool Kids: I’d put her coded age at 14-15 in this episode, and Garnet’s as 18-19.

Those are my interpretations, and they may be influenced by the presence of eight-foot-tall Rose, but… I mean, Amethyst is the most obvious.

She’s definitely coded as younger.

Garnet, too – in their present forms, Pearl’s head barely comes up to Garnet’s chin. 

But in this screenshot, they’re both standing upright on level ground, and Pearl’s head is on level with Garnet’s shades.

So Garnet’s definitely gotten taller in the last two or three decades. And while I can’t find any referential evidence, I’m pretty sure that Pearl also has.

Why does that matter? Well, each of these gems are thousands of years old, at least. But for timeless beings, “age” is a funny concept. Before this episode, I thought Amethyst’s being younger-coded (older teenager or young adult, in my opinion) was explained by her being the literal youngest of the gems – “only” six thousand years old, compared to whatever age the two homeworld-born gems are.

We know from “So Many Birthdays” that Steven’s body takes the form of whatever age he believes he is, whatever he feels like.

My theory: this is also true for full gems. The difference is that their bodies don’t alter on whims, like Steven’s. It’s only when they die and regenerate that a change in self-perception becomes physically evident – which is why Steven’s rapid growth in “So Many Birthdays” came as a surprise.

My point? They’ve been on earth for six thousand years – and unless they were children during the Gem War(s) for Earth, they’ve probably been more or less the same “age” for all. Six. Thousand. Years.

And then, in the span of twenty or thirty years, this happens – which means that when Rose died, the Crystal Gems had to grow up fast.

Edit: And when I say “grow up” I’m not trying to pay heed to the idea that there is one way to “grow up,” or that “growing up” is a linear journey, or that people are either grown, mature “adults” or inexperienced “kids.” (SU has actually done a great job subverting adulthood, showing the gems as flawed people who don’t always know what’s best for Steven, rather than bastions of wisdom and morality.)

I used “grow up” as shorthand for the sheer level of responsibility that the Gems had to assume in Rose’s absence – which, actually if true, is a choice by the Crewniverse that I don’t really agree with.

Edit 2: If this is true, the fact that taking on responsibilities causes gems to physically alter their bodies is more evidence that gems are a very utility-oriented species. We saw that with Jasper & gem culture, now we might be seeing it with gems’ biological makeup.

Edit 3: A few people have pointed out this picture.

This would be either

  1. a continuity error
  2. evidence that gems can “age” backward

Edit 5: This theory actually goes right along with artemispanthar‘s headcanon that the Crystal Gems died and regenerated in response to the grief of losing Rose. 

Let’s just nip this in the bud.

August 16th, 2015: I have come to learn that Anorie identifies as genderqueer. Per their Tumblr and their Twitter, they prefer the pronouns she/her if they like someone (or if they have “no problem” with someone), and they/them if they don’t like someone (or have a problem with someone). 

They have been using this distinction, which they first made publicly on Twitter on August 9th, 2015 (screenshot / screenshot), knowing full well that I was not aware of their Twitter presence, to label me transphobic and accuse me of purposefully misgendering them. 

On August 16th, Anorie used the prefix Mx in their first harassing Facebook message to my business page. I had not known at the time that this prefix denotes a genderqueer identity. Considering Anorie themself, Anorie’s (assuming?) boyfriend, and pretty much everyone else I’d seen reference Anorie on the web had used feminine pronouns (and Anorie specifically referenced being a woman), it hadn’t even occurred to me at the time that “Mx” was a prefix that had to do with trans* and genderqueer identities. Well, now I know. I should note that this is the sum total of the interaction Anorie and I have had regarding their gender identity, as they blocked me from viewing their public Twitter account right after the interaction (and I blocked them as well), and I have been regularly blocking those that they sent to harass me, for obvious reasons. 

They are also accusing me of “outing” them somehow, even though they made their pronoun preference known on their public Twitter a full week before they resumed their harassment of me, and specifically called me out for misgendering them. That’s… not how time works. Here is a screenshot of Anorie themselves saying on August 16th that they “came out almost a week ago on [their] own accord”: Screenshot. Therefore, I did not out them in any way on the 16th by switching to gender neutral pronouns in response to their assertion that I was misgendering them by using feminine ones.

Overall, my best guess is that they have a faulty understanding of what is public and what is private– ie, all screenshots documenting the timeline and their harassment of me were taken of public social media interactions (or, in some cases, at a time when said social media was public), but they continue to erroneously assert I have posted screenshots of their “private” social media.

Anorie has been behaving appallingly, but in good faith, I’m going to fix my mistakes and apologize for unintentionally misgendering them in my initial post, and in some of my tweets about this situation.

I will be using only they/them, going forward.

I will also only be using “Anorie”, and will continue blank out any name that may be their legal name. For the time being, I am even blanking out any other screennames associated with Anorie, to prevent others from engaging them directly over this matter.

In any case, I am editing this post for clarity and correct pronouns.


Anorie is continuing to be really, really mad that we had a disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. To the point where they have tried to cause problems with my real life job. This is wholly unacceptable.

The scene: December 9th, 2013. Earlier in the day, I had posted about why I thought it was a good thing that Tauriel would be in the Hobbit films

Later, Anorie, a user I was not following, and who was not following me (to my knowledge) sent me several messages through the Tumblr ask system expressing strong dislike of Tauriel based on several speculative things (as the movie in which she first appeared had not yet been released). Some of it was pretty baiting– they insinuated that I, a perfect stranger who had never interacted with them before, would call them a misogynist. It was all in a pretty condescending tone. 

I gave back as good as I got re: snark, and mostly it boiled down to, “the movie isn’t even out yet. How about we see the movie before deciding she’s only in the movie to find a boyfriend.” Here’s that whole back-and-forth. It ended when I was basically like, “uh, cool. Well, I have a pizza in the oven, and that’s more important to me than arguing with you.” I deleted their asks, posted to twitter how hilarious it was that someone was this upset about fictional elves, and ate my pizza.

Anorie continued to post bait-y, nasty crap.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Not content to just let it die, Anorie purposefully sought out my other social media to continue what I can only imagine to them was a Big Deal Argument. They Tumblr messaged me again to rage at me for referencing our spat on twitter. Here’s a screencap of that interaction, complete with some pretty hilariously over the top rage on their part.

(Also hilarious? Anorie trying to call me out for “Middle Eastern Appropriation” because my handle is Sihaya. “Sihaya” is from Dune, a novel by Frank Herbert. He created it for his novel. It did not exist, to my knowledge, before his novel, and is not an actual Arabic name. What’s doubly hilarious is that this person, whose screenname is FREAKING ELVEN, is accusing anyone of using a screenname from a sci fi novel to “sound exotic.”)

Now, I can’t find my exact tweets from Dec 9th, 2013, because Twitter Advanced Search won’t let me go back nearly two years. To the best of my recollection, I basically obliquely posted about the hilarity of the situation. I don’t think I used any names, but if I had, the only name I would have used is “Anorie,” since “Anorie” is the only name I knew this total stranger by. I did not use their name, screenname or otherwise. 

If someone out there knows twitter better than I do and can pull up tweets from that far back, please let me know how, and I will add them.

ETA: thanks to Tumblr user Take-Liberties (thank you again!), I downloaded my Twitter archives. Here’s what I tweeted related to the exchange:

1. “Truefacts: nothing makes me think you’re a misogynist faster than the phrase ‘and before you go and accuse me of being a misogynist…’”

2. ”Like, it doesn’t say good things about you if you just EXPECT me to think you’re one based on your own words. Eek.”

3. “Folks on Tumblr need to take more naps. Forreals.”

I’m super mean, you guys.

Anyway, years pass. I have more or less forgotten about the tiff, because who lets a tumblr spat over a fictional elf fester? 

Well, Anorie, that’s who.

I do a lot of wholesale for a specific magazine. Whenever said magazine posts my work to their facebook page, I check the threads to answer customer questions about materials, size, etc.

It surprised me when I came across this:

It reads: “Sihaya is actually a really problematic person, please don’t support her. She’s nasty and slanderous on various websites.”

I replied something to the effect of, “do you have me confused with someone else?”

I then screenshotted it, sent it to the FB page manager, and it was unceremoniously deleted. Anorie was also banned from posting on that page again.

Then I looked again, and the Legolas icon set off a lightbulb in my brain. I googled the name of the person who had left the comment. It led me right to Anorie’s blog, and a secondary blog where they have their full name on display and mention being Anorie, at length.

‘OMG,’ I thought. ‘That person is still SUPER MAD about Tauriel.’

Like. How does one stay THAT MAD about a one-time back-and-forth about a FICTIONAL ELF? HOW?

And what self-respecting adult would be so mad over a fandom disagreement that they would try to hurt someone’s real life job? 

Anorie, that’s who.

I posted to my personal fb about the situation, never once using the person’s real name (or what I assume to be their real name). And I went to bed. Because fandom drama is silly and not worth losing sleep over. 

So, imagine my extreme facepalm when I woke up to find that Anorie was STILL trying to get my attention, this time via my business fb page. Here’s the screenshot of that:

It reads as follows: 

Anorie: My comment was removed from the picture, but rest assured I did not "confuse” you with anyone. Unless there happens to be another Christina Allen Page running another Sihaya Designs, then you are the correct person. I know because you have slandered me personally on at least two social media websites. You’re still on my Twitter block list. Refrain from further use of my first name as if you and I are besties. It’s Mx. [redacted last name] to you. 

Me: I have not used your personal name anywhere, because I would consider that doxxing. I have never referred to you on any of my social media as [first name redacted], although it was SUPER easy to figure out who you are by simply googling the name you used to make the comment, which led me back to two of your blogs, one of which I was previously familiar with. 

Anyhow– we had a disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. I made two tweets about how this level of vitriol over a FICTIONAL ELF is ridiculous. It remains, to this day, ridiculous. It is also not slander. 

I have made screenshots of all of our interactions, minus some harassing Tumblr PMs that I deleted in Dec ‘13, because who would have thought that someone would be so upset over the discussion of a fictional elf that they would try to harm my real life job? Apparently, I misjudged you. 

So, to be clear: you will be blocked from Sihaya Designs. You are already blocked from the business page where you tried to create drama. Now that I have screenshotted all relevant posts from your blog where we interacted or you made reference to me, you are blocked there as well. I don’t have the faintest idea what your twitter handle is, but if you’ve already blocked me, then it makes no difference. 

Do not contact me again. We had one hilariously sad disagreement about a fictional elf nearly two years ago. Find a better use of your time. Let it go.



Now, looking back on it, I did use this person’s first name once. When I responded on the magazine page with, “Hi [name]! Do you think you have me confused with someone else?” Which was before I had my lightbulb moment and connected their Legolas icon with someone I’d had a one-time spat with over a a fictional elf, almost two years ago. The comment (and my reply) was deleted from the magazine page before I even put two and two together. I have never, and will never, use this person’s name in conjunction with their screenname, and will block out or redact first and last names in our correspondence.

Annnnnyway. I blocked Anorie on tumblr, from my personal fb page, and from the Sihaya Designs business page. I am posting this here as public record that I have asked this person to stop contacting me. Any further contact will be considered harassment, and be treated as such.

To sum up: Imagine a world where people can disagree about fandom and not try to hurt that person’s real life job. That world is called 'adulthood.’  Strive for adulthood.

Now, let’s get back to talking about stuff we like.

UPDATE: As of 2:15pm on Sunday, August 16th, 2015, Anorie is still harassing me. Not sure HOW, as they are blocked, which is why they show up as “Facebook User,” but they are still contacting me against my clear wishes. Here are screencaps:

Screencap 1 / Screencap 2 / Screencap 3

In it, Anorie admits that they reported me to Facebook for “stalking” them under both my personal and work account. Because I google searched the name they made their Facebook comment/messages under. That’s not how that works. An internet search for publicly-posted information is not stalking under any stretch of the law. Also, that’s not what slander means either, but. I don’t exactly think we’re dealing with someone here who is particularly interested in what words actually mean.

First, I’m going to figure out why they aren’t blocked, despite as showing up as blocked on my end.

Then I’m going to contact Facebook and figure out WTF is going on. I’m not particularly worried that they’ll take any action against me because, well, Anorie continues to sound like a toddler in need of a nap.

But seriously, this is not the behavior of a grown up.

UPDATE 2:33pm: Since they had never “liked” my business page, I had to go through and report them through the messages link, which gave me the opportunity to ban them from messaging me either on my business page, as well as my personal page, where they are also blocked. This /should/ prohibit them from contacting me in any way on Facebook.

UPDATE: …and their cavalry has arrived in the form of friends and/or sockpuppets on twitter.

UPDATE: 3:36 pm: Tumblr user Anorie is now using Twitter to ask her followers to report my business web page for abuse.


UPDATE:  Anorie is now attempting to spin this as me doxxing them and being transphobic somehow?


To sum up: I have only ever used the name Anorie with this poster in posts documenting their behavior.

The “stalking” they refer to is me googling the name they contacted me with on Facebook and realizing that this is the same person who harassed me on Dec 9th, 2013.

The screenshots came from Anorie’s twitter while the posts were still public. I figured out who they were on twitter because some of their supporters were @’ing me and Anorie in the same tweet, which meant I was getting notifications. 

I have zero understanding of what they mean by “publicly outing them.” I have been using gender neutral pronouns here. I had previously been using “she,” and Anorie has not told me that this is incorrect or clarified their pronouns. Regardless, I will be using “they/them” on all platforms from here on out. If I have misgendered Anorie at any point, I sincerely apologize– it was done out of ignorance and not malice. (And if someone updates me on what the correct pronouns are, I will of course use them going forward.)

I explicitly said on facebook & twitter that no one should contact Anorie on my behalf, but feel free to flag inappropriate/abusive content if they see it.

…all the screenshots are here. One of us has proof.

UPDATE:  Okay, so! Thing I learned: Mx is a genderqueer prefix in the UK. I will go back and correct my initial post. (I can’t edit the reblogged portions of new posts.) I thought I had used all “they/them” initially, but I slipped up on some. So I’m going to fix that.

Going forward, I will be using all they/them.

UPDATE: Since my last update, Anorie has created a duplicate Facebook account to harass me and the magazine I work for. Anorie and another user on Twitter have continued to call me transphobic and threatened to call the police on me. All of this is screenshotted and documented.This is now a matter for my legal counsel.

I’m going radio silent while we work on a way to stem Anorie’s harassment issues. I will still be documenting, just not posting it publicly.

If you see something Anorie is saying about me that should be documented, please contact me, as I’d like it for my ever-growing file. If you have your own story where Anorie has harassed you, please contact me, because my lawyer has told me that those things are relevant to my case.

To reiterate: do not contact Anorie on any social media platform regarding this matter. I do not condone or endorse such action. This is a matter for the lawyers at this point.

To those of you who have hit up my inbox with words of encouragement and commiseration, thank you! This is a stressful time, but this too shall pass, and I’m confident that those on the side of right will win the day.

vertyng  asked:

When you edit your videos, how much do you edit? I know you cut a lot of stuff and sometimes you add some text to explain things, but besides that, what do you do? [Just interested :)]

Depends on what it is. Things like the dialogue-heavy Walking Dead require a lot more audio level tweaking than Watch Dogs or Assassin’s Creed. Add more points of view and voices, and it gets harder and harder.

More info under the cut if people want to know more about my process! Note that this is how I edit, it doesn’t mean that other Youtubers do it the exact same way.

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Babygate Sex Scandal

The story is at the moment that there’s possibly going to be a sex tape scandal used to end babygate.

There are several things that point to it possibly ending soon:

  • Louis tweeting about it being a good day may fit a pattern meant to send clues about his upcoming narrative (recent post, not mine)
  • Briana has finally appeared again in the press with new pictures
  • babygate developments seem to happen around music releases (recent post, not mine) and since the album is out soon that would also mean the finale of babygate
  • it’s not a given that babygate will end before Modest is out, but Modest should probably be out soon and it’s more advantageous for them to control the end of babygate while they still have some power to

The situation for the sex scandal is:

  • there’s a French site that tends to draw from fandom rumors that’s reporting about a sex tape, so not the most reliable source
  • they don’t link to the tape in the article, but say pictures can be found on Twitter
  • when I looked on Twitter, I found a picture of the supposed sex tape easily by just searching “Briana”
  • I can’t tell if the girl in the still is actually Briana, her face is fully visible but we’ve had trouble identifying Briana this whole time and I honestly can’t tell if it’s her or a different blonde girl
  • there’s only one screenshot of a tweet that has the pictures, that’s odd because if something that scandalous is up online and fans know about it, there should be multiple slightly different screenshots
  • strike that, it’s not even a screenshot, it’s literally a picture of a computer screen where the screen must have been magnified to make the tweet show up that big
  • I ran the text of the tweet through a Google search but it doesn’t show up, meaning the tweet didn’t exist or was deleted, since the handle isn’t in the screenshot there’s no way to trace it, the handle being missing is odd too
  • okay, sorry, just found another tweet that didn’t seem to be there earlier today, it has pictures of the tape but not the same tweet, still no source for where the pictures are from exactly
  • the discussion on the twitter of the second poster is that there was a man who posted 7 pictures, but his account was deleted, and that’s the supposed source
  • apparently Larrie blogs claim to have been sent this picture by anons yesterday, but they refused to post it
  • if they refused to post evidence of babygate being fake/ending despite how enthusiastically they’ve jumped on every other theory, it could be because they didn’t actually have pictures, but one of their insiders tipped them off to get the fandom talking about the narrative change


Just to be clear, the way a sex tape of Briana with another guy would end the babygate scandal is because it would be evidence of her sleeping with other guys than (supposedly) Louis and would force discussion of paternity.  There would be a test done and the test would come out that the baby wasn’t Louis’.

What’s happening today might be a bit of testing the waters.  Only one non-reliable site has reported about it, so its obviously not confirmed as official narrative yet. However, we’ve also seen them set things up and then not report on them for weeks, so it’s not out of the question that this will end up being the confirmed narrative.

They tend to do test balloons a lot, so maybe the quickly buried Zerrie sex tape earlier this year was actually a test balloon for this like the Niall leaving the band tweets were a test balloon for Zayn’s stunt.

If it’s true that anons alerted Larrie blogs or that one of their insiders told them about it, that follows the established patterns for when 1DHQ is trying to spread a certain narrative in the fandom.

The facts that the pictures have supposedly been around since yesterday, but have only come to people’s attention now, and that there’s only one screenshot that can’t be traced to a source also point to the information being planted. (edit: there are 7 pictures from two sources, but the original source is still unclear)

Even if this is testing the waters before the big story breaks, they could change course at any moment.  It could also just be ordinary fandom rumors, so we’ll have to wait and see if it amounts to anything.