this happens too often in my life

the way you broke my heart was brutal, it wasn’t poetic. there’s nothing poetic about screaming into your pillow in the middle of the night or finding comfort in the round mouth of a bottle or crying so hard you can’t see; there was nothing poetic about my heart after you left.

before you i was carefree and i was never going to fall in love. but you came into my life and you convinced me to trust you, and so i did. i trusted you and i believed every “i love you,” every “i’m not leaving,” every god damn promise. you were supposed to be here, so where are you?

the ringing in my ears hasn’t stopped since you packed your bags, and the bleeding in my chest happens too often. it feels like it’s been forever and i’m scared to forget the sound of your voice.

—  they say that heartache fuels a writer, but since you left it’s been hard to breathe, much less pick up a pen

10 Deathbed Regrets You Can Avoid By Taking Action Now

1. I spent too much time being angry. Anger is caused by many things, often times it’s because we’re living through the ego and reacting to what happens to us. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it - we always have a choice when it comes to how we handle what life throws at us.

2. I wasted my life doing what was expected of me. Whether it’s society, parents, friends, family or partners - doing what others expect of us is how we neglect our true desires. This builds resentment towards ourselves over time and can result in the most painful of regrets.

3. I didn’t take care of my health. In the short-term we can neglect our health with minor consequences, but over the course of decades a lack of exercise and poor nutrition will result in the body breaking down and becoming less functional. One day it may be a struggle to walk up the stairs or even stand up.

4. I wasn’t happy in my relationship. Settling for less than we know we’re truly worth builds resentment towards ourselves because we are neglecting the relationship we have with ourselves. When we remain in relationships that don’t serve us we are reinforcing the message of self-loathing - rather than one of self-love.

5. I never travelled. Exploring the world broadens our horizons and allows us to gain perspective in our lives. Gaining a wider perspective of the world we live in allows us to adopt a global mindset, rather than a local mindset - which allows us to leave behind the opinions of others and live the life we dream of.

6. I didn’t spend enough time with loved ones. Quality time spent with the people who matter most to us does not consist of sitting in front of a glowing box in silence. Experiencing things together is what strengthens the bonds we have & creates fulfilling, meaningful relationships with those we care about.

7. The one that got away. Allowing our fears or pride to get in the way of something or someone we love will result in the burden of regret. When we know our heart’s desires it’s important to pursue them - if we allow them to pass us by while we wait for the “right time” it will never come.

8. I never found true love. Again, settling for less will be our greatest downfall. It may seem difficult at times but the pursuit of true love requires us to be true to ourselves & 100% authentic. If the relationship we find ourselves in is not what we’re looking for - we must love ourselves enough to walk away from it and continue the search for what we truly desire.

9. I lived in my comfort zone. Our comfort zones are places of perceived safety which offer no growth - if we live in them our entire lives we will realise that we spent our time living in limitation. We live in a vast world that demands exploration - if we allow our fears to dictate our behaviour, we’ll never know what we’re capable of and have the voice of “what-if” in our heads.

10. I worked too much. Work is a part of life, but when we take it too seriously we miss out on the other parts. Taking time to be with ourselves, to be still in nature and relax is essential for optimal mental health. Indeed, work may be necessary, but spending our whole lives working and none of it playing would be a pretty boring life.

This life can be whatever you want it to be - make it something worth living.

Peace & positive vibes.

The Law Of Attraction for Manifesting And Self-Confidence:

Q: Hi! I’ve found your blog not long ago and I am really loving it! I was wondering if you could give me your opinion/advice on how to manifest material things, but also I feel like I’m not too confident about myself and this is reflecting my outcome, but Idk how to change it. Thank you very much :) 

A: I am actually SO excited to answer a question on confidence. I have alot of help to give you, as it’s a very personal topic for me too. Attracting material things is covered at my best in the following post. Digest it and re-visit the page often. Each step will easily attract to you material things. Start with a medium sized goal, and you should have a result within 30 days. (Let me know what manifestations happen as a result of that, as they sure will happen!)

And now, for the key to success, the key to how happy your life will be and the key to how many opportunities come your way: Self-Confidence. Your confidence comes from your concept of yourself. Your concept of yourself was programmed from since before your birth and includes your parents, how much they earned, where they lived, and every thought you were exposed to in your childhood. It is hard to find a single person who has had a perfect image of themselves, therefore. Your concept of yourself is basically opinions that people share and over time they become accepted. An example is the girl that believes she is shy, and her family and friends also “agree”, would never ask out her teenage crush. There is no physical barrier to her doing this; she could walk up to him and she can say the words. But her concept of herself is the psychological reason her legs and mouth wouldn’t coordinate with her. 

You’re right that confidence will affect your outcome. It will affect the level of money you earn, where you live, who you befriend, etc. Here are some exercises that will cause your awareness to grow;

1. Headline a sheet of paper “The Truth About Me!” and write under it as close to this: The energy that made worlds, made me also. I am confident, I believe in myself, I enjoy being me. I know I am worthy of all that I desire. I am powerful and have a magnetic personality.” Read this statement every day. 

2. In the mirror, look into each eye separately and say to yourself “I am confident. I love me.” It will feel funny but its the surest fastest way to communicate with your Soul. 

3. If you were more confident, how would you act? Talk? Dress? Set 30 minutes aside each day and visualize in your imagination all these things. See your friends saying “you’re so much more confident now!”, and “Wow I can’t believe you did that! Where is this confidence coming from? You gotta spill!” etc, etc. The more intensely you do this, the more you’ll notice you start to take action towards that now. 

4. Read Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz. I believe there are copies available on Amazon and PDFs on the internet too. Ignore the title, it is basically a plastic surgeon turned psychologist who wrote about self-confidence. The book is written in a simple style and you’ll really, really love reading it. Trust me. It will help you along your way. 

5. Play a confidence or self-love guided affirmation tape daily. Ideally in bed at night. I found one for you that has binaural beats which means it will stimulate your brain to learn confidence faster:

*I now provide private law of attraction e-coaching. To know more please read here.*

The way you broke my heart was brutal, it wasn’t poetic. There’s nothing poetic about screaming into you pillow in the middle of the night or finding comfort in the round mouth of a bottle or crying so hard you can’t see; there was nothing poetic about my heart after you left. Before you I was carefree and I was never going to fall in love. But you came into my life and you convinced me to trust you, and so I did. I trusted you and believed every “I love you,” every “I’m not leaving,” every god damn promise. You were suppose to be here, so where are you? The ringing in my ears hasn’t stopped since you packed your bags, and the bleeding in my chest happens too often. It feels like it’s been forever and I’m scared to forget the sound of your voice.
—  Unknown
Old Flames, New Sparks

Pairing: Danneel x Reader x Jensen

Preview: Danneel Harris moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling and acting.She had an apartment waiting for her, but by mistake it is already inhabited by a young woman when she gets there. The two women learn to share and as each day pases they continue to grow closer. Life happens and Y/N moves to Nashville. Life goes on for the two women who never completely lost contact. When Y/N breaks up with her boyfriend and needs a place to stay, Danneel is quick to offer her a room in her and her fiance, Jensen Ackles’ Austin home.

A/N: This series is written for my free space in @spnpolybingo but it is something I have been wanting to do for a while. I don’t often write poly but these two are just too perfect not too. It is all love and absolutely no hate meant to anyone of them or their friends and family.

And like I don’t have enough things and series to write at the moment I am starting this now because I wanna show Danneel some loving.

If you wanna be tagged in this series add yourself here

Thanks to the bested lil sis in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me.

Disclaimer: There are some diviations from how their real life has been led. In this Dani and Jay lives in Austin together before they were married. Also there are timing with filming movies and the show I kinda worked around to make the story click better. 

Status: On Going  

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Editor-In-Chief and Single Dad Shiro Part 2 (1, 3, 4)

  • Shiro’s daughter insists to go with him to work and who was Shiro to deny her that? However, she tells him if she can stay at Keith’s.
  • So when they arrive, they make their way to the Marketing Office only to surprise the two employees inside: Lance and Keith.
  • Lance stands up and stammers “G-good morning, Sir!”
  • Keith looks at Lance and stands up himself. He sees Shiro looking at his desk full of dinosaur figures mixed with space ones and he gets nervous. It didn’t look too professional but Lance said. it. was. okay!! 
  • “Is that a new dinosaur? Can I play with it?” Shiro’s daughter points at Keith’s desk. Keith smiles at her as she touches his toy.
  • Shiro clears his throat. “Do you mind if she stays here? She’s kinda a bit taken with you.”
  • “I’m going to marry Keith.” the little kid announces, grinning so wide at her future husband. She takes Keith’s hand and squeezes it and Keith doesn’t know what to do when her father is his boss and is right in front of them!! Lance teases her though “Ooooh, someone’s got a crush.”
  • When she starts pre-school, Shiro feels relieved because he doesn’t have to worry much about her getting into places she shouldn’t be at work. 
  • One day, Shiro gets caught up with a very important client and he couldn’t pick up his daughter. He asks Keith if he could pick her up, it’s just a few blocks away from work. Keith agrees since he can’t really say no to his boss. It happens quite often that on his 7th pick up, he calls Lance as he waits outside the school. 
  • “Is it just me or it is a little way too weird that I’m way too involved with our boss’ personal life?”
    “A bit, yeah. You go with them for ice cream for god’s sake.”
    “Oh my god.”
  • It’s a little late when Keith’s locking up the Marketing office when he notices that his boss’ daughter is sitting outside of her Dad’s office.
  • He sits beside her and says “Where’s your Daddy?”
  • “He’s still inside calling someone important. Something like sponsor or something. I dunno.” She dangles her feet mindlessly.
  • “I heard something happened at school today.” Keith starts.
  • Shiro’s done with his call and he’s quite happy with the current deal so when he opens his door he sees Keith with his daughter sitting on his lap. He takes a step back and slowly closes the door, but opens it only slightly for him to hear what they are talking about.
  • “Margaret said it’s weird I don’t have a Mommy,” his daughter shares. “But I have a Daddy though and I love him lots. I know he thinks I don’t know but I do. I remember things even those I don’t want to.”
  • “What do you mean?” Keith asks, adjusting the little girl on his lap.
  • “My Mommy didn’t want me. She said I was,” she pauses to do air qoutes with her stubby lil fingers. “unplanned. I don’t even know what that word is. But I think that means she doesn’t love me because if she did, she’ll be here. But she’s not. So she doesn’t.”
  • Shiro frowns. So she knew all along. However, Keith’s response surprised the heck out of him.
  • “Your Daddy loves you a lot though and I’m not sure if I count, but I love you,” Keith says and Shiro’s heart just wants to melt. “I mean, obviously, I’m just Keith from Marketing but just because you don’t have a Mommy just like the rest, doesn’t mean you’re not loved by other people. Your Daddy works very hard for you and—” he pauses and panics. “Oh, no don’t cry, sweetheart.”
  • His daughter turns around to hug Keith and sobs her heart out. She looks up and sees him by the door.
  • “Hey, baby girl. Let’s go home.” he says softly and it startles Keith. He takes his daughter and she buries her face in his neck.
  • “Uh, I’m sorry. She was alone and…” Keith starts to explain.
  • “Would you like to have dinner with us?” When it seems like Keith’s about to say no, Shiro continues, “We’re having Japanese. I insist.”
  • “Alright,” Keith sighs and smiles. No one can really say no to Japanese.
  • When they walk their way to the elevator, Shiro goes, “She really likes you, yknow?”
  • Keith just laughs, “Not a lot of people tend to like me so, that’s a first.”
  • “Make that two of us then,” Shiro smiles and if he feels accomplished that it turned Keith into a tomato, well, his daughter doesn’t have to know.
  • “My Daddy likes you a lot, Keith,” his daughter suddenly speaks up and Shiro wants to die on the spot. But it seems like she doesn’t plan on stopping. “He said he likes you in that red leather jacket and that you look really handsome. Also Daddy likes your smil—”
  • “OKAY OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH.” Shiro panics and covers his kid’s mouth. God, now he can’t even to look at Keith. 
Joker Imagine - I love you

Your P.O.V.

‘‘Go away, Y/N’‘ ‘‘I’m busy’‘ ‘‘Not now’‘ 

Those were the things I heard on a daily basis. Maybe I should’ve guessed this could happen when I started seeing the Joker. It was a few months ago when he robbed the jewelry shop I worked in. I had been terrified but for some reason I didn’t call the cops. He took me with him and I actually enjoyed it.

We got along and I completely let go of my life to be his henchgirl. I fell for the Joker but lately I started feel lonely. He never had time for me and I spent so much time alone in the penthouse, watching tv or reading a book.

It got to the point I started regretting everything

My bag had the most important things in it and some cash. I was holding back tears as I stared at my belongings. It ached my heart but I was convinced that J wouldn’t even notice I was gone. I zipped up the bag and walked out of our bedroom. I put on my shoes, a trenchcoat and a hat so I wouldn’t be so recognizable. Before I left, I decided to try it one more time.

I took a deep breath and walked up to his office. I knocked on the door and opened it a little bit. ‘’What is it now?’’ He sighed and kept his eyes on the desk. ‘’I was just’d like to do something today’’ I asked him and tried to smile. ‘’It’s a sweet thought doll but I’m busy’’ He answered with another sigh. I gulped because I almost sobbed. I truly thought he could get up from that chair but no.

‘‘Okay’‘ I mumbled, shut the door and walked off. I grabbed my bag and then left the penthouse with an aching heart.

                     A few hours passed as I just walked around. I had nowhere to go and I knew I should look for apartments, but I wasn’t in the mood. I just walked. As the day grew dark, I sat down in an alley on top of a dumpster. It was better than sitting on the ground. Then I leaned against the wall and looked up. The stars tried to shine through the clouds but they were barely visible.

Then I chuckled as I wondered if J had even noticed. I left a letter on the bed so he wouldn’t worry that someone found his damn hideout. Still, it hurt. I had fallen in love with him and I was just a toy for him. At least it felt like it.

All the things I had done. I had been by his side while he killed people. It didn’t make me sad but I could go to Arkham just because of that. Maybe I should? Maybe I deserved to serve my time? 

‘‘No’‘ I muttered to myself and jumped onto my feet. I would not go to that looney bin no matter what. I started heading towards the nearest hotel where I could spend the night.

As I got inside the hotel, I headed to reception. ‘’I’d like a room for one’’ I muttered and put cash on the desk. The lady stared at my money and then at me, wide eyed. ‘’A-Are you..Y/N?’’ She stuttered, almost trembling. Her hand travelled underneath the desk and she pressed a button. ‘’Yes but I’m not like that anymore’’ I defended myself.

Just then someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and saw a security guard. ‘’Hey! Let go of me!’’ I yelled and tried to tug myself free. I hadn’t done anything! The guard tried to put handcuffs around me and that’s when my anger took the best of me. I kicked his thigh and then his grip on me loosened. I punched his jaw and watched as the guard fell onto his back. Without second doubts, I ran straight out of the hotel.

‘‘Fucking hell’‘ I groaned as I tried to find a hiding place. It was so unfair. I ran and ran until I saw ladders. ‘‘Perfect’‘ I smiled and started climbing on top of a building. As I reached the top, I sat down. My heart was pumping hard and I was feeling the adrenaline in my body. Although I was angry, I kinda liked it. Although I must say that I’d like to sleep in a nice bed even more.

‘‘Not so fast, Y/N’‘ A deep voice broke the silence.I clenched my jaw as I looked up to see Batman. Of course, the damn Bat would come for me! ‘‘Fuck off you big flying idiot!’‘ I screeched and stood up. ‘‘I haven’t done anything! Let me be’‘ I hissed, ready to fight that man. ‘‘You attacked a guard’‘ Batman said, making my blood boil. He tried to come closer so he could get me but I wouldn’t allow it. I stepped back. Suddenly he stopped but I kept backing off.

‘‘I didn’t do anything, Bats. The guard came without a-’‘ I defended myself but suddenly I didn’t feel a surface beneath me. I fell back and then screamed. I was falling to the fucking ground! It all happened so fast that I couldn’t process my fear.

But before I got smashed like an egg, someone grabbed me. I held onto whoever had me. The person got us down safely and that’s when tears started to roll down my face. ‘’You gotta be careful, darling’’ A raspy voice said, making me gasp. I looked at my saviour and saw the Joker. ‘’How did you-why..’’ I tried to speak but I was trembling like mad. All these thoughts were running around my head.

Then I saw Batman trying to get Joker. ‘’Watch out, Puddin!’’ I hissed and he ducked just in time. I grabbed Joker’s gun that he always had with him and then pointed at Batman. ‘’You’’ I growled madly, allowing my anger to control me. Joker smiled as he watched the situation.

‘‘Put it down’‘ Batman warned me seriously. I just flashed him a smile and loaded the gun. ‘‘You got about three seconds before I blow your brains out’‘ I let him know. Batman tried to hit the gun out of my head, but I pulled the trigger and it barely touched him, but it was enough make a hole in his cape.

Joker’s henchmen surrounded Batman and that’s when I stepped back. ‘’Let’s go’’ Joker said and took his gun away from me. I glanced at Batman one more time until we left. It wasn’t until we sat in his car that I realised what had happened. I left him and he came for me, saving my life and now I was in his car..

‘‘I didn’t enjoy your letter baby’‘ Joker broke the silence as we drove. Guilt punched my guts. ‘‘I’m sorry’‘ I whispered, looking out of the window. ‘‘No, I’m sorry’‘ He said which honestly surprised me. I almost gasped at his words. The Joker never said that. Never ever in a million years would I have believed to hear that.

‘‘You know doll..I don’t really do this too often. Actually, I don’t remember ever feeling like this’‘ He started to say weird things. I kept my eyes on him as I waited for him to continue. ‘‘I..I love you okay? I thought I lost you and it made me mad’‘ He admitted quietly, almost like he wasn’t sure how to say it. My heart fluttered in my chest and I swear I almost started crying.

Joker held onto the steering wheel tightly and he looked angrily on the road. We were quiet for a while. I was overwhelmed by everything but mostly because he said that. ‘’I love you too’’ I let him know and smiled. Then I leaned against the car seat happily.

He loved me!

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break a leg pt. 2: tom holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: dedicating this one to @spidereyhes because I absolutely love her writing, and she’s been looking forward to part two!

requested: nope

Words: 1600+

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

summary: you didn’t make it to broadway by the age of 19 by slacking off. it seemed like tom, on the other hand, had gotten everything you could’ve ever wanted without much work at all, and nothing pissed you off more. Broadway AU because I still think Tom should’ve been in Newsies at least once in his life.

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masterlist | part 1

“That’s not the line, Y/N. Seriously, we’ve been at this for hours and we’re still not done,” Tom whined, crossing his arms tightly over his toned chest as he slumped further into the sofa.

“Well if you would quit distracting me, I’d actually be able to focus on this! Don’t act like I can’t see those stupid, childish faces you keep making every time I open my mouth,” you complained.

The two of you had been trying to run lines before your evening show as a refresher, but you couldn’t focus at all with Tom sitting across from you, not doing much past delivering his lines in a bored, monotone voice while pulling faces like-

Like that! He was doing it again! That amazingly judgmental face characterized by the pulling together of his brows and a slight downturn of his lips, emphasized by the displeased huff that was just barely audible every time you missed another line.

“I wouldn’t be making this face if you could just get the damn line right! Seriously, Y/N. We do this show every day, you’d think you’d be better at this by now,” he groused through gritted teeth.

“Well I’d be getting the line right if you weren’t such a horrible scene partner!” you shot back. “If you just took this seriously for once, we’d actually be able to achieve something!”

Tom scoffed, rolling his eyes at your comment. “Not this again. Lighten up, Y/N. we’re performing a Broadway show, not a fucking surgery.”

His statement only served to infuriate you even more. “Are you really that stupid? These are our jobs, Thomas, which means that even though we’re here to have fun, we’re also here, by definition, to work. It’s our job to entertain audiences night after night no matter how we feel about it, and to put on the best damn show they’ve ever seen, because that’s what they come to see! We have the ability to change young lives every night, so don’t act like what we do doesn’t matter, because without shows like this, I’d probably be dead, and I could say the same for so many kids out there. And for most of us, the theater is literally all we have, so we’re not taking it for granted. Not all of us get to be spoiled, rich movie stars, so get over yourself and actually think about someone that’s not you for a change!”

By the end of your rant, your voice had escalated into a yell that ricocheted off of the walls of your dressing room as you stood panting and red-faced while Tom sat in stunned silence, mouth gaping.

“I am not a ‘spoiled, rich movie star’ or whatever it is you called me,” he finally responded defensively after a beat of silence.

“OH my God, do you have selective hearing or something? This happens literally every time I try to make a point! You hear whatever you want to hear and completely miss the point, and it’s honestly one of the most infuriating things-”

I’m infuriating? You’re the one that hates me for no reason! You’ve been on my back about every little thing since I started, even when I’m doing nothing wrong! Get off of your high horse and stop acting like you’re so much better than me, because in reality? You’re just a stone-cold, stuck up bitch!” he exclaimed, face turning a color that closely resembled that of a tomato.

“Don’t call me a bitch, you… you asshole! Why does me being serious about my job make me a bad person? I hate you because you never fucking take anything seriously! You waltz around this theater like you own it, even though it took next to no effort on your part to even get here! Some of us- no, most of us have been working and training our entire lives just to get here, so you don’t get to act like you deserve all of this without putting in an ounce of your own work!”

“Oh, you think it’s been so easy for me? You know nothing about me, Y/N, so quit making baseless assumptions,” he chuckled darkly.

“I’m only stating observations, Holland. You treat everything like it’s a joke! You don’t see how many people’s lives depend on this show. I honestly don’t even know why everybody loves you so much, because one day, you’re gonna get too careless and somebody is gonna get hurt!”

God, Y/N, goofing off in the middle of a show isn’t going to kill anybody, so quit bitching!” he argued, pointing a stiff finger in your direction.

Your eyes began to water as your mind consciously fought the intruding thoughts you’d tried so hard to ban from resurfacing so long ago. You got up from the sofa and stormed out, clenching your fists so tightly that your knuckles went white with the hope that the sting of your fingernails against the thin skin of your palm would keep the tears at bay.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” you heard Tom call, still seated in your room. You ignored him and made your way down the stairs, shielding your teary eyes from the curious glances of other cast and crew members.

One pair of eyes followed you down the stairs then snapped back in the direction of your room. Ben Fankhauser was tired of the two of you provoking each other. It happened almost daily, so everybody was used to the arguing and storming out and slamming of doors that joined the cacophony of yelling voices and loud vocalization that signified the chunk of time before the show designated for preparation and warm up. Until now, though, he’d never seen one of your arguments end in tears.

He climbed his way to the top of the stairs and poked his head into the small room where Tom was still sitting and stewing, glaring angry laser beams into his open script. He looked up when Ben entered the room, but returned his attention to the script’s curling edges, scowl deepening.

“What the hell just happened?” Ben asked, crossing his arms. “What did you say to make Y/N cry?”

“What is this, and interrogation?” he asked defensively still not making eye contact with his older friend who was still hovering through the door. “I didn’t say anything she didn’t need to hear.”

“What could she possibly need to hear that would make her so upset? You know her, Tom. She’s tough. She doesn’t break easily,” Ben continued to question from across the room.

Tom sighed, uncrossing his arms and letting them flop uselessly by his sides. “All I said was that she needed to lighten up and stop getting on my ass for goofing off in the middle of the show. It’s not like it would kill anybody,” he huffed, still not looking at Ben.

Ben made a distressed sound, suddenly understanding Y/N’s anguished look when she passed him in the hallway. “You don’t know how Y/N and I know each other, do you?” he asked Tom, moving through the room to take a seat next to him on the couch.

“No, I thought the two of you met here?” he frowned.

“No, Y/N and I go way back. We used to do community theater shows back home. When she first started, I was eleven and she was only six. Seriously the cutest little kid there. Anyway, she and her older brother always did shows together. When she was thirteen and he was sixteen, we did Peter Pan. I was eighteen, so I got to stage manage that show, so I can still remember it vividly. Her brother had gotten the lead, and one day during one of the tech rehearsals, we had him in the air so we could test the rigging. Some of the younger kids were playing around backstage and distracted one of the crew members, so he missed a cue and her brother fell from twenty feet up. He hit his head and went into a coma, and after two years of him not waking up, his parents took him off of life support. It was hardest on Y/N. Her brother was her best friend, and she always felt responsible for what happened. She was one of the older kids in the cast, so she always took it upon herself to watch the younger ones and make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. That’s why she’s always keeping us focused, so we can’t get distracted and let another accident happen,” Ben explained slowly, taking breaks every so often to recollect his thoughts.

“Her brother was one of my best friends despite being two years younger than me. Everyone loved him, so it was particularly tragic for us to have lost such a shining light in our community. It may have happened six years ago, but it’s still a tender spot for Y/N, so we try our best to accommodate her when we can,” he continued.

“Does everyone know about this?” Tom asked incredulously, receiving a nod in response. “But… why didn’t anybody tell me? It seems like something important that I’d need to know before starting here.”

“We were trying to give her time to tell you herself, but when she decided that she didn’t like you, we knew there was no way that she was going to tell you on her own. It hadn’t really become a problem until now,” Ben shrugged, standing up and looking at Tom’s confused face that was tinged with poorly-masked guilt.

“Just apologize, dude. You didn’t know, so she won’t be that mad. A little emotional, sure, but not furious. But also give her some time to explain everything to you herself. She’s a good person, but she can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. No one should know that better than you, buddy,” he finished, clapping Tom on the back and leaving him to let him sit in his own tortured silence, mind running with ways to apologize to you before he ended up destroying your relationship completely.

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I was having a problem with patterns.  Oriental rugs, tile floors, printed curtains, things like that.  Supermarkets were especially bad, because of the long, hypnotic checkerboard aisles.  When I looked at these things, I saw other things within them. That sounds as though I was hallucinating, and I wasn’t.  I knew I was looking at a floor or a curtain.  But all patterns seemed to contain potential representations, which in a dizzying array would flicker briefly to life.  That could be …  a forest, a flock of birds, my second-grade class picture.  Well, it wasn’t–it was a rug, or whatever it was, but my glimpses of the other things it might be were exhausting. Reality was getting too dense.  Something also was happening to my perceptions of people.  When I looked at someone’s face, I often did not maintain an unbroken connection to the concept of a face. Once you start parsing a face, it’s a peculiar item: squishy, pointy, with lots of air vents and wet spots.  This was the reverse of my problem with patterns.  Instead of seeing too much meaning, I didn’t see any meaning.
—  Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted

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hell's studio joey seems pretty stable... what possessed him to summon bendy with black magic?

Yeah this AU’s Joey is pretty chill… he didn’t do it for any sort of evil scheme or anything. Nor was it really an attempt to save the studio or something. I think he mostly just did it cuz the idea popped into his mind and he was all like “hey there’s a real way I can actually make this happen!” And he gets so caught up in something he often forgets to think about the consequences of what he’s doing like “Just gotta sell my soul to an eldritch horror god and give them some of my blood, no big deal cuz I GET TO BRING MY OC TO LIFE!”
And when he realizes the consequences it’s already too late and he’s ¾ths done with the summoning ritual he still somehow botched and now Bendy’s horrifically off-model and melts all over the place when he gets emotional. Now he has a living cartoon character yelling at him. And now he has to take care of said cartoon character who is in fact incredibly sentient and is capable of developing his own personality past what Joey created him with. And Now everyone else in the studio also has to live with it after having to deal with the ink machine for the past couple of months.
TL;DR Hell’s studio Joey is incredibly impulsive and he did it because he thought it’d be cool. Like WHAT OTHER ANIMATION STUDIO CAN LITERALLY BRING A CARTOON TO LIFE. TAKE THAT WALT!

Movie Clichés

Summary: I’m a realist who looks down on movie cliches. Bucky is an optimist who believes in true love. What happens when we make a checklist movie clichés and try to complete all of them in one week? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe)

Author’s Note: I felt like this fanfic was a little too specific to be a general reader, so I wrote it in first-person. I hope you guys like it. Let me know if I should do a part two.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,122

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Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler sentence starters

“This obituary is filled with errors - most importantly - I AM NOT DEAD!“

“The world is quiet here.”

“Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily.” 

“Our love broke my heart…and stopped yours.”


“I have a long list of things I’d rather not do.”  

“I was in deep denial, and I’m not talking about a river in Egypt.“

“Could it be that our ______ is unreliable?”

“Siblings that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something.”  

“…and that’s why we broke up.”

“The thing with your heart’s desire is that your heart doesn’t even know what it desires until it turns up.” 

“When we were together I felt breathless. Now you are.”  

“S/he gave me a hug and for a second I was embraced by a body that makes me want to go home and never eat again.”

“Sometimes words are not enough.” 

“Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.”  

“There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging.”  

“But I must admit I miss you terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby.”

“You, meanwhile, are often dressed like a slob, and spend your days serving coleslaw.”

“Imagining the worst doesn’t keep it from happening.”  

“Well this isn’t too bad, I don’t have a left arm anymore but at least nobody will ever ask me if I’m left-handed or right-handed.”

“You don’t spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”  

”When something simple and true takes you by surprise, it hits you in the stomach.”

“It was a curious feeling, that something could be so close and so distant at the same time.” 

“Of course you can trust me - we read the same books.”

“You might be afraid of the _____, but the _____ is not afraid of you. That’s why the _____ is always close by.” 

“The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles of the world.”  

“Someone can break your heart, leave you dead on the lawn, and still you never learn what to say to stop it all over again. ”

“They say love’s like a bus, and if you wait long enough another one will come along, but not in this place where the buses are slow and most of the cute ones are gay.”

“Anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword has not been stabbed with both.”  

“But somewhere in the world there is a place for all of us.”

“The only thing that made sense of the world was you.”

“Once more, this is love: it rings and you open up…unless it looks like an ax murderer.” 

“I want you to love me in particular.”

“I would much prefer it if you were alive and well.”

“Sometimes even in most unfortunate of lives there will occur a moment or two of good.”

“No reality has the power to dispel a dream.”  

““Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world.”

“It is difficult, when faced with a situation you cannot control, to admit you can do nothing.” 

“Summer without you is colder than Winter, and Winter without you is even colder.”

“’Finders keepers’ is what they say, and I wanted to be kept.” 

“Nobody should feel pain all by themselves.”  

“We steal the happiness of others in order to be happy ourselves, and when it is stolen from us we voyage desperately to steal it back.”  

“He who wants the world must first escape from it.” 

“It is a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger.”  

I don’t wanna derail that thread about creepy dudes/sexual predators at pagany events, because that has happened to me too.

But more often than that for me it is men who feel the need to do the “oh you’re a fan? Name five of their albums” thing to me but with witchcraft/paganism/magic. Downsplaining a big part of my life to me, refusing to recognize that while men and women can both do magic, women have traditionally been the keepers of so much of this knowledge.

Drives me mad, keeps me “solitary” and makes me only want to be friends with women witches/magicians/pagan types.

Request: Hi there.. i love your imaginees! And i was wondering if you could do a Fionn imagine please? Maybe the reader and fionn get in a fight and its raining.. and the reader decides to walk away because she’s really angry but he stops her ? Only if you want tooo🙈 i totally understand if you don’t.. well thankyouuu♡


“This happens every time Fionn, every damn time!” You shouted at your boyfriend, walking briskly down the deserted street. It had started to rain since you had left the pub, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. You were too angry.

You and Fionn had been dating for a year now, probably the best 12 months of your life, but sometimes there were moments where it was too much.

Like now for example.

A couple times a month you would go out with your group of friends, consisting mostly of guys. Fionn for the most part always came with you, and more often than not you ended the night with an argument.

Like tonight.

“Well maybe if you didn’t hang around so many other guys this wouldn’t happen!” He yelled back, angrily following you towards the apartment.

“They’re my friends Fionn! They have been for years before I met you! I’m not going to stop hanging out with them just because my boyfriend is being an idiot!” You declared, a steely tone to your voice that made Fionn angrier.

“So you’re choosing them over me?” He demanded, grabbing your arm and pulling you to a stop. You spun around then, beyond furious.

“I shouldn’t have to choose anyone!” You screamed, a single tear of frustration falling from your eye. You hastily wiped it away, glaring up at the boy in front of you.

“Well maybe you should. Because sometimes it feels like you care more about them than you do about me.” He ground out between his teeth, his hands clenching into fists.

“Do you even trust me at all?” You asked, your voice suddenly sounding small and vulnerable. Something flashed in Fionn’s eyes, making his demeanor soften.

“Of course I trust you.” He said, his voice considerably lower. This just set your anger off once again.

“Well it doesn’t fucking feel like it!” You were jabbing his chest with your finger, voice raising. “If you trusted me you wouldn’t worry about my friends. If you trusted me you’d never even think about making me choose between them and you. God Fionn, sometimes you just- you make me so- gah!” You were beyond words at that point, hands literally shaking in anger. “I need some space.”

You turned away from him without a second glance, beginning to walk away. His hand was grabbing your arm again a moment later, whipping you around so quickly you nearly lost your balance.


Anything you had been about to say was cut off as his lips crashed into yours, hands holding your face firmly to his. Your body melted against his, instantly responding to the kiss.

You had a fleeting thought of how cliche this was, kissing your boyfriend in the rain, before his tongue was slipping past your lips and clashing with yours.

All of your anger melted away, leaving you only with a feeling of blissful unawareness.

Fionn was practically forcing your head back as he kissed you, his tongue working furiously against yours. He was leaving you breathless, stealing all the air from your lungs. Your mind was practically blank, only thoughts of how he was making you feel lingered.

Then suddenly it was over, dropping you back to reality.

You took a few moments to compose yourself, lungs gratefully taking in air. Once your heart was back to a normal speed again, you glanced up at a smirking Fionn.

“You can’t just shut me up every time I’m mad at you and expect-” You were cut off once again by your boyfriends lips, and once again you found yourself unwilling to stop him.

This time the kiss was slow and gentle, as if he was trying to coax you into forgiving him. It made you hate yourself because you knew it was working.

“I hate that I can be so angry at you one second, and then you do that and I can’t find it in me to be mad again.” You murmured once he pulled away, hands still fisting at the material covering his chest.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me. And I never want to be the one to upset you.” He whispered, wiping some of the rain droplets from your face. “I just get so jealous Y/N, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that I have a hard time sharing your attention with other guys. I know they’re just friends, really I do. And I trust you, so bloody much. But part of me feels like I don’t deserve you, sometimes I feel like you would be happier with one of them. That they could offer you more than I ever could. Could be with you more instead of leaving you waiting for months on end like I do.”

“Fionn.” You whispered gently, pulling his face towards yours so you could rest your forehead against his.

You waited until his eyes locked with yours, before you took a deep breath and began talking.

“I’m never as happy as I am when I’m with you.” You started, fingers tracing gently over his jaw line. “No one else would ever be able to make me happy because they wouldn’t be you. I don’t care about the months on end spent apart. It’s hard of course, but relationships aren’t meant to be easy. You’re meant to fight for a relationship, otherwise there would be no point in having one. And that feeling of seeing you again after so long is the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. That feeling makes all the long days without you worth it. And no one could ever offer me more than you can because you’ve offered me your heart, you’ve trusted me with it, and I’ve never wanted anything more. Having you, being able to kiss you and hug you, love you through the good times and the bad ones, that’s more than I could ever need.”

“Do you really mean that?” Fionn asked timidly, his eyes completely fixed on yours, as if trying to see into their deepest depths.

“Every word.”

“I’m sorry love. I love you so much.” He told you, those being the only words that he could think of at the moment.

“I know you do Fionn, and I love you too.” You replied, pulling away from him and taking his hand. You began walking down the street again, pulling him along beside you.

“But that doesn’t mean you’re not sleeping on the couch tonight.”

Night Terror | Dean Ambrose

Title: Night Terror

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Reader (also, I guess… sorta jon moxley too idk)

SummaryI woke up and he was screaming, I’d left him dreaming.

I roll over and shake him tightly and whisper, 

If they want you, oh, they’re gonna have to fight me. Oh, fight me

Word Count: 3,550

Warning: Night terrors, PTSD, talk of child abuse, talk of suicide, involuntary domestic violence, sleep disorder, sleepwalking. THERE’S A LOT OF SHIT GOING ON

Tags: @calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | Please let me know if I missed anyone or if you would like to be added to the tag list.

A/N: I don’t feel like this is up to par with what I want to put out, but I’m also in the middle of preparing for a hurricane and i’m very worried about the possible damage that will occur. All the same, I hope you enjoy this piece. I love you guys. (also I did not read through this for typos, I apologize in advance).

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Poldark returns: Aidan Turner on nudity, being single and why he's a technophobe

As the famously ripped and glowering Cornish copper miner, Aidan Turner has put the sex back  into Sunday nights. Over a large vodka, he talks about getting  naked, those pecs and playing Poldark
Just before I am due to interview Aidan Turner, his PR sends me an email to let me know that he has grown a beard – presumably in case I fail to recognise the actor fully clothed or not wearing a tricorn hat.
Poor old Turner is so defined by that scything scene that he likes to grow his beard when not committed to playing Ross Poldark – which doesn’t happen very often, given the BBC has just commissioned a fourth series and Turner says they are all tied in for five.
‘I’m not a big fan of shaving,’ he explains to me when I finally find him – fully clothed in a bomber jacket, T-shirt and jeans, minus tricorn, hiding in the corner of a dimly lit hotel bar in Mayfair. ‘It sucks. What’s the point? What is the point?’ I mention something about it being uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of a man with a beard.

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ohmygod i love your blog so much! can you do headcanons regarding how the rfa + v and saeran would react to an mc who's never even kissed anyone before? lol i'm the only one out of my friends who's never been kissed and sometimes i feel so inexperienced 😔

(≧∇≦)/ You guys are so sweet to meeeee, aaaaaa!

And anon, don’t worry too much about it! The time will come, okay? I managed to uh…Do the deed more often than kissing. In fact, I’ve only been kissed once… orz I feel inexperienced too, but trust me, all those feelings go away when it finally happens, okay? 

It’s just another life experience we haven’t really gotten to have, yet! But we’ve experienced a lot of others to make up for it! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و


- Is there a way for him to actually have heart eyes?

- But no, he doesn’t mind. He thinks it’s super cute. How in the world did you manage to keep getting so adorable?

- “You’ve just been saving it for your Prince Charming, right~?”

- (Zen not everything is about you i s2g)

- After the two of you have your first official date, (Going to his secret spot and having a nice picnic he set up for the two of you), he’d want to end the date with a sweet kiss.

- He’d pull you into a light hug, brushing the hair away from your face, looking at you with such love in his eyes.

- “Princess, can I kiss you?”

- (What a dork)

- You shyly nod, and he gently presses his lips onto yours, only continuing the kiss when you try to kiss back.

- “Let’s hope we can share a lot more new experiences together, babe.”


- He….He’s only kissed his pillow at times

-(Seven said it was a good trick on learning how to kiss better!)

- But, when he finds out you haven’t kissed anyone either, his nerves quickly go away.

- He holds your hand and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck.

- “I haven’t either, but…I’m glad it’ll be with you.”

- The both of you are blushing like crazy.

- But when it comes to the two of you kissing for the first time, it’s sudden. The two of you were just spending time together- walking, window shopping, holding hands

- You were gushing over the view since it was such a nice day, and how happy you were warmed his heart

- He ended up just kissing you without thinking about it- Too infatuated with you

- When he pulled back, he’s instantly blushing and apologizing

- But he shuts up when you pull him in for another kiss


- You were shyly explaining how you weren’t used to dating whatsoever. That you were just inexperienced completely.

- “I mean… I haven’t even kissed a guy before.”

- Seven just looked at you sweetly, “Hey, me either.”

- (Seven i will personally kick your ass)

- He’d just say a few jokes to help ease your nerves. I mean, he hasn’t dated either, or really touched anywhere in that area. It’s cool, he’s okay with you not having much experience either!

- He even makes a puppet with his hand. “This has been my kissing partner for a while. You can try it too!” (Cue him kissing you with his hand like a puppet.)

- Your first kiss is one lazy morning- The two of you cuddling together. He’s whining because he doesn’t want to get out of bed. “You’re so comfyyyy~!”

- He’s so cute. Without thinking twice, your heart swelling with love, you end up kissing him.

- He’s surprised, but instantly kisses back.

- The two of you giggle a bit when you pull away, but continue to cuddle and share a few more smooches


- When he kissed you in the apartment, he had no idea he was your first. It explained why you were so red-faced over it. He just thought it was because he was being, ah, ‘smooth’?

- He doesn’t mind it. He actually thinks it’s a bit cute every time you get red-faced over it.

- He can’t say much either. He’s only had a few, erm, unwelcomed kisses from a few women.

- Yours was very nice, very welcoming.

- So, when you admit that you don’t really know how to kiss people, and you’re embarrassed about him kissing you so suddenly, he just kisses your forehead.

- “I think this is one of those ‘practice makes perfect’ situations, mc.”

- Ah geez

- He doesn’t mind you practicing on him, as long as he gets to do the same to you

- With maybe things more than just kissing…


- As soon as you even say the word ‘kiss’, she’s blushing

- Sure, she’s had a few bits of experience, but…Not with a woman.

- How?? Do you kiss?? Women??

-(Like you do with everyone else, jaehee)

- She doesn’t mind that you haven’t kissed anyone. It’s makes it a little less unnerving for her. I mean, you don’t have anyone you can compare her to, then…?

- She’s Panicking.

- But, when it does come time for the two of you to kiss, it’s a bit sudden.

- The two of you were closing the cafe for the night. Your first full work week! As Jaehee is checking the papers, she nearly starts crying from how happy she is.

- Profits are good, the shop isn’t going to go in debt within it’s first week, everything is just. Working.

- And she has you to thank for it.

- The two of you are hugging, and she’s just laughing and wiping away her happy tears.

- “I couldn’t have done this without you, mc. Thank you so much.”

- And there it is. Such a sweet kiss from Jaehee- She even tastes a bit like honey from a tea she was drinking.

- She pulls back, blushing a bit, but she smiles as soon as she sees you beaming

- She’s just! So happy!


- When you admit it to him, he blushes a bit, just smiling.

- “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, Jumin hasn’t kissed anyone either, and he’s older than you.”

- V….

- But he just pulls you into a hug.

- “I think it’s sweet that you trust me enough to tell me, and for me to possibly be your first.”

- When it become long enough that the two of you are going to be a thing, especially for a while, he decides to try and have a romantic evening with you

- He’s a bit well off, thanks to his family and photography skills, so the first kiss you two share is on the way back from a photo trip, on a boat he’s rented for the occasion.

- The sun is setting, your hair is blowing slightly in the wind, and he just can’t help himself from hugging you.

- When the two of you pull back, and you share a sweet gaze, he ducks his head and presses his lips against you. Giving one, two, and three kisses in a row.

- “I hope that was sufficient enough. You taste so sweet…”


- Baby is completely red.

- He… Doesn’t know how to kiss either. I mean, his busy life barely allowed for those random hook-ups, and he definitely never kissed those women.

- “It’s…. It’s not a big deal, mc. I, uh…Haven’t either.”

- Oh my god he’s so embarrassed telling you, but… You look a bit relieved, so he relaxes a bit.

- Yeah, it’s not a big deal. If he doesn’t think it’s bad you haven’t, you think the same for him…Right?

- The first time for the both of you is when you were cuddling with him on the couch. You were running your fingers through his hair, him humming a bit of appreciation from laying in your lap.

- He really liked relaxing like this- Watching a movie or just relaxing in silence. It helped him feel less anxious.

- He turned to lay on his back, looking up at you for a bit- His own fingers tracing lines on your free hand

- Slowly, he leans up and pulls you into a kiss. It’s a bit awkward due to the position, but the intention of showing his love is very clear

- He pulls back, his cheeks slightly pink. 

- “I…Love you.”

Love me now - J.A

Another song fic inspired by the song love me now by John Legend.

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Pulling me further
Further than I’ve been before
Making me stronger
Shaking me right to the core, oh
I don’t know what’s in the stars
Never heard it from above, the world isn’t ours
But I know what’s in my heart
If you ain’t mine I’ll be torn apart

You’d always been excited to have your first child. When you found out you were having a girl you were over the moon to raise your very own little girl. You looked forward to taking her to ballet classes, buying her barbie dolls and fairy dresses and sitting her down to watch an afternoon of Strawberry shortcake or My little pony.

You were beyond nervous at first. With the both of you still in high school and working part time jobs it seemed almost impossible to raise a child but Jeff stayed with you throughout the whole pregnancy. He supported you through all your breakdowns, reassured you when you got your doubts and even left to the 24 hour supermarkets at 3 am when you got horrible cravings.

“W-we can’t do this Jeff. We’re still in high school and we have no money or our own house. This baby isn’t going to have much of a life” You cried into your boyfriends arms.

“Don’t speak like that beautiful, we got this okay? We can raise this baby together” He said and placed a hand on your growing bump.
Some how your baby had already grown to love her fathers voice and got a quick kick or two in each time he spoke loud enough for her to hear.

“She’s going to be a daddy’s girl, i can feel it now” You laughed and wiped away your tears.

“I have a feeling she’s going to have your eyes” he spoke “and your beautiful smile”

“Yeah, hopefully she gets my smarts too” you joked and gave a smirking Jeff a cheeky smile.

“I have no doubt in my mind, that this baby is going to have a wonderful life” he reassured you, which happened to be something he had to do a bit more often recently.

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

“How’s my girls doing?” Jeff asked and placed a hand on your growing bump whilst giving you a quick kiss.

“I’m fine, although i think someones a little grumpy guessing by the amount kicks i’ve received in the last hour” you murmured and tried to ignore all of the judgmental glances given by classmates and teachers.

Your bump was showing and it was obvious to mostly everyone that you had a bun in the oven, Jeff’s bun to be exact.
“Are you sure? You’re not in too much pain or having any cravings? Because if you are it’s not a problem for me to drive down to the shops and grab you whatever you need babe” You smiled and wrapped your arms around Jeffs waist, the height difference in you two meant that you fit into his arms perfectly, almost like two pieces of a puzzle.

“I’m fine Jeff, just a bit tired but i’ll last. You don’t need to worry so much”
Jeff pressed a kiss to your forehead and swayed you two back and forth slightly, the baby bump being the only thing slightly separating you.

“I have to go to Bio now but i promise after school it’ll be you, me, your favourite box set and a whole lot of popcorn” He smiled, removing himself from your monkey like grip.

“Damn i got lucky, i love you” You said and began walking away

“I love you too, baby mama” he yelled back before taking off down the hallway.

Something inside us
Knows there’s nothing guaranteed, yeah
Girl, I don’t need you
To tell me that you’ll never leave, no
When we’ve done all that we could
To turn darkness into light, turn evil to good
Even when we try so hard
For that perfect kind of love, it could all fall apart

You held your baby girl in your arms, an awe struck Jeff sat next to you gently brushing your daughters hair.

“I told you she’d have your eyes” Jeff spoke quietly, trying not to wake the sleeping newborn.

“She has your nose though” you replied and leaned into Jeff’s shoulder, feeling tired from the last few hours.

“Do you think we can really do this parenting thing?” He asked, starting to sound like you

“One hundred percent, as long as we stick together”

And who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone?
Oh I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
And I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

You found it absolutely hilarious when your daughter took on a rather interesting love for monster trucks and superhero figures. She was an absolute daddy’s girl. Stella loved nothing more than playing in the dirt and did more than recoil whenever you’d try to make her wear pink.

Her favorite toy was a mini, plush baseball bat that her dad had given her at birth but you had no problem with it, your almost one year old only wanted to be like her father. Jeff truly found your attempts hilarious.

Jeff ran into the room, a crying Stella in his arms and a distressed look on his face.

“She wants to be fed and theres no milk left” he spoke, stress laced in his voice.
You groaned and slammed the text book shut, burying your face in your hands.

“Pass her to me” You said and held your hands out for the infant which Jeff gladly passed over. You begun feeding Stella and Jeff flopped down on the bed.

“This whole parenting things is a lot harder than our parents made it look” He sighed, rolling onto his side to face you.
The bags under your eyes were visible and you’re pretty sure your hair was a matted mess.

“I’d say we’re doing pretty good, she’s well fed, cleaned, she’s healthy” You spoke and fixed your shirt. You put Stella on the bed next to Jeff and she made a gurgling sound, as if saying thank you or ‘play with me’.

“We did do good didn’t we?” Jeff said and played with the bow you managed (with much difficulty) to place on your daughters head.

“For sure”

no but imagine gillian anderson writing a memoir in her 60s telling us with details her affair with david just like carrie did with harrison i mean…….. everybody would fucking flip but she would say “I’m surprised at the reaction. I don’t think it is that surprising” exactly like carrie did oh my god can this please happen otherwise i’m still alive for nothing