this happens to me on like a weekly basis

bruce wayne maintains a presence on all conspiracy theory boards with the screen name BruceWayneIsTheBatman and all his posts have titles like “BRUCE WAINE IS BAT-MAN INDISPUTABLE PROOF” and it’s just a picture of Bruce Wayne from the back next to a picture of Batman from behind and they both have the contours of their butt drawn on in a shitty MSPaint red line (note: Bruce is in a suit and Batman has a cape, neither of their butts are clearly discernible) and the quote “THE BUTTS MATCH!!! THE FACTS DON’T LIE!!!!!” and he makes at least three of these posts a day, and “Bruce Wayne is the Batman” becomes a meme a la “Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer” and he gets asked about it on a talk show and he laughs uproariously at the idea and Stephen Colbert just HAPPENS to have a batman mask under the desk and they do a bit together where Bruce Wayne puts on the mask and walks around saying things like “excuse me, bank robbers, can I perhaps offer you some money to stop you robbing this bank?” and “I say, cease and desist your criminal behavior or I’ll have my butler ask you to leave” and the audience is LOSING THEIR MINDS laughing at the idea of this pampered rich guy taking on the Joker on a bi-weekly basis and then anyone who suggests “Bruce Wayne is Batman” in earnest gets met with mocking “oh man do the butts match” comments

Ankle Biter | 06

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 5.7k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 07 | epilogue

moodboards: before & after

this chapter contains smut.

Two years prior:

“Hey, Taehyung! You made it.” Shouted a drunken Jimin from across the pounding music of the club. Taehyung responded with a devious smile as he moved through sweaty bodies entangled on the dance floor, jumping up and down at the music and splashing their drinks everywhere. Taehyung had never been comfortable at parties, but they were the best place to pick up supermodels willing to exchange a few favors, and at the moment he could use a pick-me-up.

He sat down next to Namjoon, who was quietly sitting on the bar stool working on a gin and coke while Jimin and Jungkook sat on the other side tipping back vodka shot after vodka shot and laughing their asses off after each one. Taehyung shook his head after a faint smile grew on his face. Jimin and Jungkook were fresh out of college and already insanely successful in the world of business, literal moguls of their own kind and they bathed in it. Taehyung met the two after they came to stay at the hotel, and as Taehyung stood there going through paperwork at the front desk one night the two came in and asked if Taehyung wanted to grab a drink. One drink turned into five, then ten, and that’s the night Jungkook met his girl and his future as a father. Taehyung remembers the day Jungkook called, paralyzed with fatherly fear because the baby dumped on his doorstep after months of a rocky relationship with the baby’s mother. Taehyung just laughed, telling Jungkook that Jungmi was “a minor bump in the road,” and that “if he really didn’t want her he could find her grandparents.” He would take that back if he realized who would be calling within the next year.

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A few years ago I had panic attacks on a daily/ weekly basis because of the stress of getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship. The other day someone walked into my work who looked just like my ex, and even had the same name, but it only threw me off for a few minutes before I was able to laugh about the coincidence. Recovery of every kind takes time, but it will happen

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what's your fav taekook fic? also have u ever read a kfic? what are they like? I wish i could read and understand korean because I'm so curious what kshippers write about my otps from their perspective :(

it’s so hard to list out my fav ones because i have like 40 or so fics bookmarked to re-read on a weekly basis and they’re all so well-written ;__; but here are the fics that i re-read 3 or 4 times a week and fit my favorite types the most (in no particular order)

1. terrible things happen (sometimes, they save you) by mindheist 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: american horror story: coven, minor character death, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, hurt!me (i’m broken)

2. shark in the water by mindheist 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: merman, pure goodness, i’m broken again

3. celestial bodies by kkumkkatcher 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: deities & mythical beings, hurt!tae, i don’t remember if there’s hurt!kook, but there’s definitely hurt!me (i cried so much)

4. live by love (though the stars walk backwards) by FAF_Productions, kyukyuu (8/?) 🍑 🍋

au: fantasy, slavery, hurt!tae, basically everything in this list breaks my heart so much so hurt!me

5. six impossible things before breakfast by Kavbj 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: modern with magic / alice in wonderland, hurt!tae, hurt!me, friends to lovers, seokjin the mother hen

6. nyctophile by yuyurin (15/?) 🍑 🍋

au: fantasy, hurt!tae, hurt!me, jungkook is bad at feelings but he’s definitely whipped for tae

7. what do you fight for? by flywithtaetae 🍋

au: high school (school delinquents), hurt!tae, hurt!me, enemies to lovers, jungkook is a little shit (he’s annoying but it’s because tae’s hot)

8. hustlers by tbz (24/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: gamblers & gangsters, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, thank you author i cried a heap

9. can we be friends? by QuadeNomen (34/?) 🍑 🍋

au: high school, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, friends to strangers to friends to lovers, everyone is hurt including me, this makes me sob and cry every :-) single :-) time :-) i re-read :-)

10. mutual friend by kkumkkatcher (22/?) 🍑 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: assassins & mobs, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, enemies to lovers, i had to stop reading for a bit and rolled on my bed crying at chapter 9 & 10, hence hurt!me

11. find the way home by foolishbangtan (6/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: fallen angels & hunters, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, new fav!!!, honestly this is so good you’ll regret not reading this

12. insanity love by waltzformula (3/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: angels & demons, hurt!tae, bamf kook, i wish i can unread this so i can read over and over again

13. broken wings by AnonymousXJWIFE (6/16) 🍑 🍋

au: fallen angels, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, ughhh i’m thrilled to see what happens next

14. cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley 🍋

au: office (boss & employee), hurt!tae, jungkook is bad at feelings (and he’s a little shit)

15. forget me by arabellarosebts 🍋

au: high school, hurt!tae, memory loss, enemies to friends to lovers, i don’t usually enjoy fluff but this one’s an exception

16. oh, for the love of god by florations 🍋

au: gods & goddesses in modern setting, oblivious!tae, jungkook is bad at feelings, lots of crack but then there’s angst

well i think i’m gonna end it here or else this will continue to #40 ;-;

i do read korean fics, although not quite often. the fics i read are mostly the one submitted to 국뷔전력, it’s kinda a community where they post the themes for each week and authors & fanartists will choose one theme and submit a fic/fanart to them. i especially enjoy the 75th week’s themes, there are ‘nightmares’, ‘devils’, ‘evil spirits’, ‘ghosts’, ‘villians’. it was like heaven… sometimes i read from here too. don’t expect a lot of difference because from what i read, they’re just like english fics, there’s barely difference ;u;

POT too good to be true

Met this POT from SEA last night, exchanged a few text messages prior to his trip here. Wasn’t expecting much, thought it would be another dinner date and bam!! I might got myself a whale. 🐳

He left his boarding pass on the table and when he was in the toilet, I got his full name. Googled the shit out of him and he is legit! 🤑🤑🤑

Anyways, I didn’t stay with him last night. Told him I will only consider developing this relationship further if he is willing to start my allowance on a monthly basis. And he agreed immediately, 😱5K USD a month and he doesn’t frequent my city so he will fly me out to where he is bi-weekly.

All these sounds too good to be true!! This morning when I woke up I still wonder to myself if all these is happening. Well, I’m staying with him tonight and hopefully he has the allowance ready! And it’s very likely that he is flying me out to London next week! First class, hopefully.

Let’s see, I will update ASAP. Hope he is the one!! Fingers and toes crossed.

akutagawa/atsushi excerpt on Double Black

Coughing Black Coat Guy just stares at him - the kind of stare you’d see on fish in the markets. It’s deadpan, but it makes Atsushi kind of hungry.

double black ; dazai/chuuya, akutagawa/atsushi ; fake dating AU

♡♥ intermission 04: house of cards ♥♡

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That these women, and so many more, are suffering these instances of sexism, prejudice, harassment and assault on a daily basis should be an outrage. But it isn’t. It’s a lifestyle. The society we live in has normalised the treatment of women as second-class citizens, as disposable objects, as punchlines for jokes. Young girls are growing up learning that it is simply normal to be harassed and touched in their uniform on the journey to school. Rape victims are blamed for what happens to them. Women are used, in advertising, TV shows and magazines, as living, breathing decorations. We live in a world in which a barrister can describe a child victim of sexual abuse as predatory, as if she were somehow complicit in her own abuse. Female politicians are judged on their looks and criticised for their clothes and face sexual harassment within the walls of Westminster. Female university students are dealing with posters and T-shirts joking about rape, and chants about miscarriage and abuse. The Daily Mail reports on the “womanly curves” of a 14-year-old girl. Two women are killed every week by a current or former partner. Over 400,000 women are sexually assaulted every year. Over 85,000 are raped. The naked breasts of a young woman are plastered inside our biggest selling “family” newspaper while teenage girls fight to be treated with respect by their peers. Extreme images of women bloodied, battered and beaten with captions like “Next time, don’t get pregnant”, still abound across the internet, and graphic messages telling me how I should be raped and which tools should be used to disembowel me ping into my inbox on a weekly basis. Just for giving a platform for women’s voices. Just for raising the issue of gender equality. So if you have time, ask a woman about her experiences. But don’t ask unless you have the time to listen. Don’t ask if you’re going to brush her off, or question whether it really happened, or ask her what she was wearing at the time. Because we’ve heard it all before. It’s time to stop questioning women’s stories, and start listening to them instead.

Episode 12 was full of so many wonderful things, but this:

The fact that “light appears in the dark color of Haruka’s eyes” (x) after hearing Rin calling out to him is still one of my favorite things ever. It’s such a poignant, beautiful detail and it says so much it honestly kills me. Even more so because it’s a fact that they always, always made Haru speak through his eyes to make up for his silent nature. 

It’s been nearly a year and I’m still not over it ;~; 

So, because sometimes a girl–me–needs to remind herself of the big picture, in this case the full picture of who Berenice Griselda Wolfe is, I’m starting a little project in which I remind myself at least once a day, until Bernie gets back and can speak for herself, of all the moments I really liked Bernie Wolfe.
This is NOT to gloss over the things she does I don’t like but the show is reminding me of those things, rather forcefully, on a weekly basis at the moment and so I don’t need an extra reminder of that. It is more to remind me that 1) Bernie is more than this, and 2) that the show knows this.

Bernie Wolfe Appreciation Day 1:

S18 E48 Brave New World: The moment she ran after Serena to try and deal with the awkwardness that had developed after the first kiss. “I hope you’re not worrying about ehm what happened.”
I thought it was sweet and brave, and I liked her immensely for doing that. She could have just pretended the awkwardness hadn’t happened but she didn’t, it was more important to her to reassure Serena.

Flash vs. Arrow: The Flash 1x08 Review

Oh my friends. My darling, wonderful friends!!! You’ve seen part one and now I can breathe again. Fear of legal retribution is down 50% and I can talk to my beloved fandom about THIS FUCKING INCREDIBLE EPISODE!!!!

Happily I can hang the literary analysis up for a bit. The Flash likes to play it more on the nose than Arrow and this episode was more of a romp. That being said, we’re going to have to take this scene by scene, line by line because each one was GLORIOUS. Hang in there with me because A TON happened. Ready? Let’s do it.

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my sympathy for little mix and fans re: being asked about zayn all the time has completely run out. if you court this kind of attention, that’s what’ll you’ll always get. you lose the right to complain that your actual music is being overshadowed by this because that’s clearly what you intend. as someone pointed out before, almost every headline to do with this song references him and at this point, it is embarrassing that the song on its own isn’t enough to make these kinds of waves. 

again, this is disappointing to me personally because i was such a huge fan of lm. i own all their deluxe albums (though i’m wishing i’d not wasted my money on get weird because it wasn’t good and i don’t want to listen to most of the songs on it), paid $200 to see them + do the meet and greet on the salute tour (and would have had to pay for an hours long bus ride and stay in a hotel had the american leg of the tour not been cancelled), and generally invested very heavily in them. 

i was hoping for more from them after get weird because it was a step backwards from salute and even from their first album, dna. now it’s looking like that hope was greatly misplaced and it’s like. such a disappointment lol. they have talent and the ability to do better than this disingenuous garbage. i was ready to be supportive of this new era, but it looks even more childish than the last and i’m not trying to hear women in their mid twenties sing as song about faking orgasms that they didn’t even write. 

yes, perrie (and i’m talking about her specifically because this is obviously a shout out to her ex and hers alone) has the right to use her relationship in her music; all musicians do this. the issue is that this isn’t thoughtful or mature or a real look into the difficulties she might have had. it’s manufactured trash used to stir up controversy and perpetuate the villainizing of zayn in the media. 

zayn isn’t a saint and is guilty of plenty of things, all of which justify why people dislike him. i’m never going to dispute the troubling behavior and patterns he’s been complicit in. but i’m also concerned that since this whole debacle’s began, i’ve seen posts with thousands of notes accusing him of being an abuser, dismissing the extreme amounts of racism and islamophobia he STILL faces, saying he was lying about his anxiety or mocking him for it, and it goes on and on. like, i’m talking about really vile, unacceptable stuff you guys, not petty stan shit. 

it’s deeply concerning to me that this is the type of behavior people will readily engage in when someone they already don’t like is cast in a negative light in another situation. whether or not zayn lied about dumping perrie over text or couldn’t give her orgasms is irrelevant. his personal failings as a boyfriend/fiancee do not give anyone licence to dehumanize him and YES this is that deep. 

the lack of basic empathy people shows doesn’t just speak to the fact that they don’t like him. it also speaks to the fact how they might treat someone like him (a person of color, muslim, someone with mental illness, any combination of these things) if they don’t behave themselves. it concerns me as a fan, not because i’m particularly worried about zayn’s feelings (though as a fan i will readily admit i do care how he feels), but because i’m worried about the feelings of the people who relate to him on here and are made to feel like they’re bad or evil for supporting him. they’re the people seeing all of this, not him. they’re the ones who feel like they have to defend themselves at length for admitting he means something to them. i’ve never seen 1d fans or lm fans have to defend why they still like those bands and the people involved despite the reprehensible behavior they’ve all engaged in at times. 

it’s all very tiring and this happens on like a weekly basis lol. 

i’ve said before in earlier posts that my mental illness makes me concerned about how i’m perceiving reality and this weird gaslighting people who don’t like him do to his fans distresses me. i don’t want to feel crazier than i already am just because i like someone’s music, aesthetic, and most of their personality lol. i shouldn’t have to question whether or not i’m a good person because clowns on the internet don’t know what boundaries are when they’re engaging with something they don’t like and are willing to say anything to ‘win’ whatever nonsense argument they’ve started. 

anyway i’ve gone on a tangent and lost the train of thought i started with, but this is some of what i’ve been feeling for the past little while and i had to get it out.

psymplemind replied to your post “Do you watch ouat anymore? I miss seeing you post about Captain Swan.”

similar feelings….slow steady buildup for four years of CS as True Love to suddenly be dropped as almost irrelevant/put on back burner is mind numbing. Killian gets 2-3 minutes screen time (except for the one episode that was about his past) CS scenes included in that 2-3 minutes screen time…huge let down! Regina and Rumple dominating storyline..also hate seeing Emma being weak/scare/doubting after making her a ‘tough-lass’ of indomitable spirit. Betrayal by writers

I think this goes to the point of what I’ve come to feel about OUAT, which is that it markets itself as a hopeful show but they have forgotten how to write the characters/story when they’re not in Perpetual Deadly Conflict.

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Wait when did Jensen become aware of the misha hate? I don't remember this

Okay, I don’t have sources and maybe a lot of this is inside my own head. But he got himself a Twitter about 18 months ago, right, and then a Facebook page, both of which probably made him way more aware of what actually goes on in the fandom. And about a year ago kelios had a photo op with the Js at a con (in Portland, I believe? I read her tumblr post about it), and she took the opportunity to talk to them about Destiel and how sad it made her and how she wanted them to shut those Destiel shippers down once and for all. She hates Misha and I’m sure she didn’t hide that fact very well, if she even bothered to try, since she’s convinced she knows how they feel about everything and that they hate Misha too. Also last year Random Acts got systematically targeted by Misha haters to the point where it resulted in a lowered rating of some kind for the charity. And Nancy444 attacked the Jacmel Children’s Center so viciously that Misha actually talked about it, visibly hurt, at a con panel. 

All of this, I feel, must have opened Jensen’s eyes a bit to exactly how vicious the Misha hate is and how deep it runs. A short time after the convo with kelios, he tweeted those sunset pictures with Misha (much to kelios’s shock and betrayal!). He started freely offering us all the Cockles we could handle and he even jokes around about Destiel now. It feels to me like he’s been on a relentless campaign for the past year to support Misha and showcase their friendship. I mean, it’s a significant change that happened! In no way did it use to be like this. The Cockles shippers are giddy and faint from getting all of this on a weekly basis. Before 2015, ALL they had was the Jibcon panel once a year.

Truthful Tuesday

Last night I was questioning if I was broke because of how apparently well I’m actually doing in regards to something. Then it hit me, I’m not in denial, I’m just stronger then some, which must be a little thing I like to call some self motherfucking respect.

I did something to my hip last month during sexual escapades and it has been popping out of place on a weekly basis since it seems. Last night it did and it hasn’t let up and the pain is annoying.

I was sitting in lecture today thinking about how I’m constantly trying to live my life and experience it, while I know some who are fucking wasting theirs by simply waiting for shit to happen or come to them. I feel sorry for them and that’s the worst thing I can feel towards you.

I don’t throw the term Dbag out randomly, if I use of there is justification, mainly their actions.

You get what you give, it’s that simple.