this happens right after liam tries to help louis up but louis brings liam down

2015: Jul. ~ Dec.

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Top 30 longest AU fics

1. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante | @haydolce [M, 333.7k]

What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more.  ~ 2015.09
From Relief Next To Me series

2. Maybe It Was You from the Start by nixostorme | @nixostorme [M, 209.1k]

the one where Louis is oblivious, even to his own feelings. Harry is a little scarred and very possessive. Zayn is insecure but can see it all. Niall falls for the last person he would ever expect too. Liam is kind of an ass, but the boys love him anyways.  ~ 2015.11

3. Handwriting On The Wall by xKireyy [M, 200.2k]

Harry Styles is a simple boy who works in a bakery. Louis Tomlinson is an uprising singer making his way through the charts. When the two meet by so-called ‘fate’, Harry’s life is turned upside down when a simple friendship turns into something more. He’s suddenly thrown into a world of popularity, scrutiny, secrecy and love. Everything seems to be going against his logic, but then again, love does that to you, doesn’t it?  ~ 2015.11

4. Keep me where the light is by frenchkiss [E, 198.2k]

A post-Hogwarts era AU featuring a wedding, a fake relationship, lots of sex, a cat named Hermione, a string of terrifying murders, and two young Aurors who are about to embark on a case that will change their lives (and the lives of the ones they love) forever.  ~ 2015.11

5. Smoke & Mirrors by Violet_Janou | @violetjanou [T, 173.7k]

Louis believes love was a myth. Seeing it be a lie in his life growing up he brushed it off as stupidity of weakness in a person. He vowed he would never fall in love. Harry knew love to be alive and true. It wasn’t always pretty and wrapped neatly in a bow. But love was out there for everyone.What happens when these two worlds collide?  ~ 2015.09

6. blue lips, blue veins by fresharold | @fresharold [E, 173.6k]

au where Harry takes art classes on Fridays before going to work and Louis is the French nude model who drops the robe and doesn’t let him focus. There are plenty of text messages, a mess of emotions and a lot of time spent in bed.  ~ 2015.10

7. Lost Memories by fresharold | @fresharold [M, 166.2k]

where Harry and Louis meet when they’re still learning the meaning of life, till they find out the meaning is “Louis&Harry” and they decide to make a lot of promises to keep them going.  ~ 2015.07
From Promises. series

8. baby we’ll be fine (all we gotta do is be brave and be kind) by aloequeera | @aloequeerafic [E, 146k]

Louis hates Harry. Harry hates being hated. First aid kits and kittens make it better.  ~ 2015.12

9. Next to your Heartbeat (where I should be) by jaded25 [M, 130.8k]

All it takes for them to fall in love is one night. All they have to do is wait one year to see each other again. Yet, when Louis returns after his year abroad, the boy who’s got his arms wrapped around Harry isn’t him. It isn’t a stranger either, which should make walking away all that easier. After all, friend’s don’t lust after their mate’s boyfriends.
Technically, doing the right thing should be easy - but when has Louis ever been known to taking the easy way out?
 ~ 2015.07

10. I’m gonna burn for you, you’re gonna melt for me by MrsStylinson | @lovehoperomance [T, 126.9k]

Harry Styles is the 22 year old counsellor in training who meets Louis on a camp for young boys with mental health issues and takes up the challenge of getting him to open up. Louis is beautiful and haunting in his near constant silence and Harry wants to crack the code. But the closer he gets, the more his own heart cracks, opening up to let a fiery blue eyed boy seep inside without warning. The more Louis shares, consciously or not, the more Harry wants. But Louis’ wrestling with demons Harry can’t fathom and Harry is fighting against the pull of his own emotions. In the end, it might just come down to a test of wills and two hearts grazing against each other, trying to discover if they fit.  ~ 2015.07

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That One Night H.S.

So I was going to do this all in one, but it was kind of long, so I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

*You meet Harry and have a one night stand. You get pregnant and he doesn’t know, but five months later he sees you and your pregnant belly.

Soft snores came from beside you as you sat up and looked for your shirt. The room was dark making it difficult to see, but you found your button down by the door. You held it up and frowned; over half of the buttons were ripped off. Sighing, you threw it back on the ground and grabbed Harry’s shirt that was next to it, pulling it over your head. Once you had your shorts on, you grabbed your phone and keys and snuck out of the room, breathing a sigh of relief once you made it into the bright hallway.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to your apartment, but you were exhausted the moment you saw your bed. Falling face first onto your mattress you let sleep come over you.

You pulled a shirt over your head, staring down at your five month pregnant belly peaking out of your shirt. Your belly finally popped two weeks ago and now nothing fit you right. Thankfully, your best friend, Liza, was going to go shopping with you for new clothes. You sat on your couch thinking back to the moment you found out.

Harry had left the next day after their concert and only a couple of weeks later you were sitting on the edge of your bathtub with Liza staring at the multiple pregnancy tests with two lines. At the time, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your apartment wasn’t that big and you were working and going to school full-time. You didn’t have room for a baby in your life and that terrified you. Thankfully, your parents had been very supportive, so at least you didn’t feel alone. As much as you wanted to tell Harry, you didn’t have his number or any way to contact him, and part of you was thankful. You didn’t know if you could handle the stress of all the fans on top of how much your life was changing, so you let it be.

Your phone chimed, bringing your mind back to the present. Liza was outside waiting for you, so you made your way down the stairs and into her car. She liked to listen to One Direction just to annoy you, and that’s exactly what was playing when you opened the door. After the two of you had been driving she spoke.

“So, did you hear that they’re back in town today? They’re going to be here for three days,” she told you, but you already knew that. Though you wouldn’t admit it, stalking Harry had become a way to pass the time when you weren’t working. You also had contemplated buying a ticket, but they were sold out the minute the announced the reunion. 

“Yeah? So what?” You shrugged and looked at the store while Liza found a parking spot close to the front. You didn’t want to think about it. Truth is, you were afraid of telling him. You had no idea how he would react. You’d like to imagine he’d be excited and drop everything to help, but you tried to be realistic. He had a career that caused him to be away for months on end, and why would he want to give up One Direction for a baby he didn’t even want.

“So? Are you going to try to find him? He needs to know, Y/N.”

“He doesn’t. He’s a big rockstar, and I don’t need him or his money to take care of my baby,” you denied, while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked towards the maternity section and began picking out clothes. This wasn’t you at all. You liked to wear crop tops and booty shorts, not big stretchy bras and pants with elastic at the top.

“It’s not just your baby though. I could understand when you thought you’d never see him again, but now he’s here. He’s literally somewhere in town. You can’t just ignore it.”

The argument when back in forth for awhile while you finished shopping. Once you were done, Liza waited for you to pay and then the two of you left, deciding to stop somewhere to eat.

You were about halfway through your burger when a bunch of screaming came from outside the store. Dread filled you as you recognized the sound. You turned to face the doorway to see Harry and Liam walking inside the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to seat them. You sunk down in your booth and hoped that they wouldn’t notice you, but as fate would have it, they were seated in the booth in front of you.

Harry hadn’t noticed you yet and you debated running out of the restaurant, but Liza refused because ’she wanted to finish her steak’. She smirked at your disdain as you drank your water to the point nothing left was coming up the straw. The noise caught Harry’s attention and he looked at you. You hoped he wouldn’t recognize you, but of course that wouldn’t happen. He grinned when he saw you and motioned for Liam to look as well.

“Hey! Y/N! It’s so great to see you!” Liam said, speaking across the booth. Liza was still slightly awestruck due to the fact that she had never actually met either of them and that she always had some sort of crush on Liam, but she played it off cooly.

“Hi, I’m Liza,” she greeted, reaching behind her to shake Liam’s hand. He smiled greeted her back as did Harry, before focusing back on you.

“Hey, Y/N. How long has it been?” he asked, as if you hadn’t been running through his mind since the moment he woke up alone.

“Um, I’m not sure. Like five months?” You posed it like a question, like you didn’t have a very obvious way to keep track of the time. You began picking apart your bun, nervous for what might happen. There wasn’t an obvious way around him finding out, and somehow, a public restaurant didn’t seem like the best scene to have this kind of conversation. To top it all off, you had bought a nice loose-fitting dress that would’ve somewhat hid your bump, but it was currently in one of the bags in Liza’s car. You were still in your tight shirt that barely covered your stomach.

“Wow, long time,” he said, smiling at you. The little growing baby in your stomach decided to give a strong little kick and began rolling around. Maybe it was due to your heart racing now that you were near Harry, but either way, it really made you have to pee. It felt like the fates were kicking you while you were down and nothing could go your way.

Seriously. This city was huge and it just so happened that the one guy you wanted to avoid walked into the same restaurant you were at, sat in the booth in front of you, and now your baby had to make a scene. “I have to pee,” you grumbled, standing up and facing the bathroom. You knew Harry’s eyes must’ve been on your rather prominent stomach, but you kept walking. Your face was red and you let out a shaky breath once you made it to the bathroom, leaning back against the wall.

You stared into the mirror and looked at your belly. Your shirt had risen up, again, and the small purple stretch marks were beginning to form at your pants line. After taking a breather, you went to the bathroom and washed your hands, staring at your reflection for a moment before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry was standing right next to the door and cornered you. “Y/N. We need to talk.”

So there it is! Hope you guys like it and I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

Part TWO


Summer Mood Board as H+L Fics

Making this mood board fic inspiration was fun, so in honor of @hlsummerexchange2017, I made a Summer Mood Board as different types of fics:

Top Left: Famous/Famous AU
Harry has just bought his dream house after years of toiling away trying to make it as an actor. And, well, it would be his dream house if not for the minor detail of having to share a pool with the neighbor. The real estate agent assured him it wouldn’t be a problem, but the real estate agent didn’t mention that said neighbor happened to be Louis Tomlinson – Oscar-nominated actor and star of Harry’s more explicit dreams for most of his adult life. Harry tries to avoid the pool as much as he can, but Louis seems disinclined to do the same. Harry is forced to watch as his celebrity crush flaunts his body every day, laying around the pool in tiny swim trunks. When Harry finally works up the courage to go out there (how can he avoid it anymore? It’s a thousand degrees outside!), Louis smirks and says “I was wondering when you were going to stop watching and start joining me, Curly.” 

Top Middle: Farmer’s Market AU
Harry spends every Friday night meticulously hand crafting homemade popsicles – carrot ginger, raspberry tart, mint julep – in order to sell them on Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market. Louis runs the stall next to him, and can’t help but mercilessly tease Harry every single time he sees them. Many arguments about ‘hipster bullshit’ erupt between them, until one day Louis shows up claiming he can do just as well as Harry, and begins to sell his own popsicles. Harry gets incredibly flustered, because he spends hours lovingly handcrafting homemade treats, and Louis is peddling Bomb Pops for a dollar a piece. This turns into a competition of who can sell the most mundane items to unsuspecting ‘hipster’ patrons, and they both can’t help but fall a little in love with each other. 

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7 - one good girl is worth a thousand bitches

Harry Styles and Clio Carlisle are not friends.  Enemies, maybe.  Forced to be around each other, yes.

If Harry knows anything, it’s that Clio is entitled and judgmental.  And please, you don’t need to remind Clio that Harry’s just a typical fuckboy.

And finally, both parties would like to remind you that Liam Payne is absolutely incorrect - they will never have sex.  Ever.  Maybe when the apocalypse happens.

Or something along those lines.

College AU in which no one is British and everyone has an opinion.

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Like Father Like Stepson

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Underage, Bdsm, Slightly non-con scene 

Word Count: 7500

Summary: Louis has a complicated life being the stepson of prestigious business executive Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that he is forced to live along side two annoying step brothers Liam and Niall. With Louis’ bad temper and lack of boundaries, quite the eventful week is about to ensue. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb where you joked about Harry in front of your friends and he gets mad at you because it's something he's insecure about?

Rating: PG ( i srsly need help with this)
Warnings: None really. Really casual.
Category: fluff comfort.
Word Count: 1,692
Request: yessss (so thank youuuu)

Note: Good lord why would he be insecure about anything? But then again, self-awareness and insecurity are two chips installed in the human brain. And he’s human.

04. Skinny Jeans.

Oi!” was the first thing you heard when the lads arrived. Niall bursting through the front door and heading straight to the kitchen, where you were currently munching on all of the snacks displayed on the counter.
“ Hi Nialler” you say as he swallows you in a hug, and you know that he’s downed at least 1 beer before he arrived.
“Yeh ‘re drinking with me tonight, eh?” He says still crushing you in his bear hug and you let out a laugh.
“Let ‘er breathe mate.” you hear Liam say as he comes inside to wave hello, followed by Louis, Nick (grimshaw), and all their respective couples.

After a lot of hugs and jokes and chattering around the kitchen counter, Harry comes downstairs and you all get ready for your usual camp-out in the backyard. You light up the small campfire while Harry brings out tables and sets the bowls of snacks on top. It was sort of a tradition to, every month or two, get together and have this semi-camp out at yours and Harry’s place, because you had the campfire and the pretty open space in your backyard that gave the feeling of actually camping in a clear in the woods. It was a night to tell stories, look back on memories and make new ones, to joke and poke fun at each other, and to make the friendship between all of you a lot tighter.

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Keep It A Surprise

i got this idea from a video i saw recently and it was just too cute so i had to write this i like it a lot and i hope you do too!

The moment Harry and I found out we were expecting was one of the happiest moments of our lives. We were so excited and happy it took us a while to calm down and call everyone to let them know. Our families were ecstatic and the boys and my friends were super excited and happy for us. It didn’t take us long to start looking for baby stuff and deciding how we’d decorate the nursery. Harry swore we were having a girl but I couldn’t decide which I wanted more, I was happy with whatever our child ended up being. The rest of the boys started a bet on what the baby would be and Louis wanted it to be a boy so Freddie had a friend to play with when they got older, Niall said he knew for a fact it would be a girl because he had a dream Harry and I were expecting a girl about a month or so before we found out. Liam, on the other hand, was like me and wasn’t sure what it would be but he said he’s decide closer to my 20 weeks appointment because that was when we would officially find out the gender. But when that time came, and Harry and I were on our way to the appointment, I decided that maybe it would be a cool idea to keep the gender a surprise. When I asked Harry I expected him to be disappointed or not agree with me, but instead it was the opposite.

“That’s a great idea, love!” He beamed as he drove. “We can just get the doctor to write down the gender and we can give it to my Mum and Gem, and we can have a gender reveal party and everything.”

I looked at him, shocked but happy. “You literally stole the words right out of my mouth.”

He looked beyond excited as he came up with ideas on how we’d reveal the baby’s gender, and the next thing we knew we were puling into the hospital’s parking lot. When it was time for my ultrasound, I was super anxious. The doctor looked at the screen while moving the transducer probe on my stomach, which we learned the name of during my first ultrasound because Harry was extremely curious about how the whole thing worked and wanted to know the name of all of the parts of the machine. As she examined our child, Harry held my hand protectively. He tended to do that often, but I didn’t mind.

The doctor smiled and turned to us. “Your baby is fine, it has ten fingers and ten toes. Everything seems normal.”

Harry sighed in relief. “Thank goodness.”

“Do you want to know the gender?” The doctor asked as she smiled excitedly at us.

“We want it to be a surprise, but if you don’t mind, can you write it down and put it in an envelope please?” I asked.

“Of course,” She replied, “I’ll just finish up here and then I’ll do that for you.”

She printed off some sonograms and handed them to me, then turned of the machine and helped me clean off the cold stuff on my bump. She then got a piece of paper and an envelope and went over to the counter on the opposite side of the room to write the gender down, and brought to us once she was done. She said a few more things before we left, which Harry barely heard any of because he was too preoccupied by the sonogram pictures. He couldn’t stop looking at them, and continued to do so even after we had been home for hours. It was really adorable to be honest. I loved how much he was interested in this whole experience. And I knew that when our baby came, he wouldn’t want to do anything but care for her and make sure she was happy at all times. Imagining Harry rocking our child and taking care of them made my heart melt and I couldn’t wait to actually see it happen.

It was two weeks after our appointment and it was time for our gender reveal party. Which was good, because we couldn’t wait any longer to find out what we were having. We helped Anne and Gemma and a few other people decorate our place for the big day. Anne and Gem had made the cake the day before and brought it over so they had one less thing to worry about today. That and so that no one tried to peak and find out early. We put blue and pink balloons anywhere we could fit them as well as a bunch of other little decorations that were too cute in my opinion.

It was finally two o'clock, which meant it was time for people to start showing up, and the boys and a few of their friends were the first ones to come. Soon after that a lot more people came and Harry and I got even more excited. After everyone socialized for a bit and everyone ate dinner, Anne and Gemma started setting up the cake. Harry got wide eyes when he realized what that meant. We were minutes away from finding out the gender of our baby. He looked kind of nervous, so tried to calm him down.

“Don’t be nervous, if it’s not a girl you can still do his hair. I’m sure if he’s anything like his father he’ll want to grow his hair out.” I laughed a bit, as did he.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He said as he smiled, looking over at the table the cake was on.

“Liam, have you made a decision yet?” Louis asked.

Liam thought for a small while then said, “I think it’ll be a girl.”

Harry fist bummed him, causing us all to laugh.

“Nooo Payno, you were supposed to say boy.” Louis frowned.

Liam put his hands up in defense. “Just going with my gut, Tommo.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” Louis mumbled.

“I agree with Liam, it’ll definitely be a girl.” Danielle spoke up.

Selena nodded, “I think so too. I can just picture you three doing each other’s hair when she gets old enough.”

“Aw, that would be too cute,” I sang.

“I feel like mostly everyone here votes girl, Louis’ alone on this one.” Niall teased.

Louis shake his head and wave him off. “Just watch mate, I’ll be the only one who’s right.”

“What color did you guys decide to paint the nursery?” my friend Alivia asked.

“We went with light purple,” Harry answered.

“Just because in our opinion purple works for both and doesn’t exactly go with one gender more than the other. Plus it’s a cute color.” I added.

“And if you mixed baby blue and baby pink you’d probably get light purple.” Selena elaborated.

“Ooh, you’re probably right.” I agreed. “We didn’t even think of that.”

“Alright everyone, it’s rime!” Gemma called, gaining everyone’s attention.

Harry and I looked at each other eagerly, holding hands.

“Are you ready, love?” He asked me.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I grinned. “Are you?”


As we all gathered around the table, we anxiously awaited what was about to happen. Anne handed Harry the cake cutter and we both grabbed ahold of it.

“Ready?” I asked the crowd around us. A chorus of “yeah” and “of course” was heard.

As Harry and I went to cut into the cake, Harry stopped. I looked back at him in confusion, and saw Niall moving away from Harry, who had put one of his hands behind his back.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to do something really quick before we cut the cake.” Harry announced.

Everyone, including myself, had our undivided attention on him.

He took my hands into his and said, “(Y/N), these past couple of years have been incredible, and I cannot believe we’re about to find out what gender our baby is, but I feel like I should ask you something first.”

He got down on one knee and brought a ring box into view, then continued, “You are the love of my life, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner nor a better person to bring a child into this world with than you. I honestly cannot picture my life without you in it, and I’m glad I can’t. You mean the absolute world to me, and I love you and our baby so much. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?”

I was completely in tears by the time he asked, and the only thing I could think of saying was yes over and over. He, too, teared up as he placed the beautiful diamond ring he had picked our for me on my finger, then stood up and hugged me as tightly but carefully. Everyone cheered and cried as well, taking pictures and recording videos of the moment.

“Don’t forget about the cake!” Anne called out, causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

“Oh, right!” Harry joked, picking up the cake cutter and placing it in our hands. We cut into the cake and gasped as we placed the piece onto a plate in plain view for everyone to see. It was baby pink on the inside and Harry and I cried even more tears of joy as we hugged and kissed each other. We were having a girl after all. The crowd cheered even louder, Liam and Niall gloating to Louis that they were right and he wasn’t. He wanted to be angry but he couldn’t be no matter how hard he tried. He was still happy nonetheless. Anne and Gemma hugged Harry and I, congratulating us.

“It took everything I had not to tell you guys that it’s a girl. I actually came close to telling Harry.” Anne admitted.

“I got so angry,” Gemma rolled her eyes at her mother. “If she ruined it I would have been devastated.”

“It would’ve been fine,” Harry told them. “We would have still had the party anyway. I had to propose after all.”

I looked at my ring again, stunned by it’s beauty. I never thought in a million years I’d have a ring as gorgeous as this, let alone a child with someone as amazing as Harry. I was so lucky, and I had to remember to pinch myself later to make sure it wasn’t all a dream..

Anne and Gemma walked off to talk to other people around to hear their reaction.

I looked lovingly into Harry’s eyes and said, “How did I ever get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that every morning when I wake up next to you.” Harry said, wrapping his arms around me.

I snuggled into him and sighed happily. “I love you so much.”

He sighed too. “And I love you so much.”

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed it if you did feel free to request anything else you’d like me to write x

Preference #11 - He Includes You in His Future


If there was one thing you’d learned while dating Harry, it was that he didn’t like feeling like a ‘famous’ person. He never wanted or asked for preferential treatment, and he hated it when people told him he couldn’t do a certain activity as it would be too ‘dangerous’. From a pure pragmatic point of view, you’d told Harry that if he wanted to replace his kitchen appliances, he should just order them online and have them delivered at his house, or yours if privacy was an issue. However, he’d stubbornly refused and instead had dragged you to London’s city center to shop. “Don’t you think it’s so much better to see them in real life than just a photo?” You couldn’t help but snort, as you were pretty sure many fans of his would say the exact same thing about him and his bandmates. He shot you a feigned irritated look, knowing what had made you laugh, before replacing it with a dimpled smile. ‘Yes, so much better,’ you said, hating yourself for being absolutely inadequate when it came to denying a dimpled Harry anything. “Hmm, what do you think of this one?” He motioned towards a coffee machine, making you frown in confusion. ‘Babe, you don’t even drink coffee, why would you spend…. 500 pounds?! No way, I’m not going to let you spend 500 pounds on a coffee machine you’ll never use!’ You said, horrified at Harry’s sudden interest in the machine. He didn’t seem swayed by your argument, and instead started flipping through the user’s guide that was lying next to it. “Says here it was voted the best in its category of appliances, do you reckon it’d make a good cup of coffee? Even has a grinder, so it’s all fresh. You always say that’s the best right?” His green eyes focused back on you curiously, as you let out a defeated sigh, before nodding. ‘Yeah, it is. And this is the best brand, also use it at my favorite coffee place. Still, you don’t need it.’ “You drink coffee,” was all Harry pointed out, and suddenly realization seeped in as to what he meant. You were probably gaping like a fish, because he grinned, and then pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “I hope that’s a yes to you drinking some more coffee at my place in the future.”


You couldn’t help but smile at Liam’s fond expression while he was skyping with his mother and sisters. It was obvious he really was a family kind of guy, and missed them all terribly. The sentiment was definitely reciprocated, judging by the tearful face of his mum on the screen. While Liam had popped into his bedroom to answer the skype call, you’d busied yourself with continuing to watch the tv-show, but that had become boring quite quickly. So instead, you’d focused on folding Liam’s laundry that was still in a hamper in his living room and had really only meant to quickly bring it into his bedroom, rather than hover awkwardly by the door when you’d seen both Liam and his family on the small screen of his laptop.  “Are you letting poor [Y/N] do your laundry?” Liam’s head whipped around to face me, and he let out a laugh at my stricken face. ‘No, no! I was just feeling restless, so –’ you started, but Karen wasn’t even listening. “Liam that is not how I raised you, you’re almost 24.” He rolled his eyes and reached out to wrap his hand around your wrist, tugging you closer until you were draped over his lap. ‘Can we talk about my birthday, rather than who does my laundry? Which is actually usually me, mum,’ Liam said pointedly, his nose nuzzling into your neck. Liam was never shy when it came to PDA, which had come as a welcome surprise to you, squeezing the hand that was wrapped around your waist affectionately in response. ‘So, I was thinking that maybe we’d drive to Wolverhampton for the weekend – [Y/N] has an exam on Friday so we’d be coming from Birmingham.’ Liam started discussing his birthday plans, while you were too busy staring at him with obvious surprise. You hadn’t even talked about his birthday, because it was still months away and yet here Liam was including you into the festivities, even wanting you there celebrating with his family. A big smile spread onto your face as you realized he saw you in his future, just like you saw him in yours.


“No, no that won’t work,” Louis muttered into the receiver, rolling his eyes at you as he let himself fall back on the bed. What was supposed to be a nice holiday, including no one else but you and Louis, had turned into a ménage a trois with Louis’ phone. You still smiled at his own annoyance with the situation, and climbed onto the bed to snuggle into his side, fingers trailing over his chest, tracing the outlines of his tattoos. His hand absentmindedly started stroking your hair, but then another groan escaped him – apparently frustrated with whatever he was being told, and reached up to pinch his nose. “Look, if you don’t even know what the hell you’re saying then don’t bother me until you’ve got it figured out yeah? I’m on holiday, for God’s sake,” he was getting more and more blunt and you felt a little bit sorry for the person on the receiving end of Louis’ snarls. “Yeah, alright. Fine. Okay. Bye.” Just like that, his attention was back on you, smiling tiredly as he regarded your expression, and stuck out his tongue at your frowned eyebrows. ‘You should be nicer,’ you admonished him lightly, flicking his nose. He looked affronted, then smirked mischievously. “They’re calling me on the one holiday I get to have with you in 6 months, they know me well enough to expect some bullying.” ‘Still,’ you insisted, and he sighed dramatically before reaching around to pull you even closer into his body, to which you hummed happily into his neck. “I guess I could try, but only for you.” You smiled, but remained quiet as Louis pressed his lips to yours. “They want me to fly out to LA for a bit, in May. But then’s your birthday so either I’m here or you could come with me if you want? I just really, really want to spend it with you, so that’s why I’m a bit agitated when it comes to them,” he suddenly added, eyes fleetingly leaving your face as his phone lit up with a new message. You felt overwhelmed and awed at his sudden confession, and the implications of it. ‘Lou,’ you started, ‘that’s like, 7 months from now.’ He smiled softly then, before leaning in to give you an eskimo kiss. “And we’ll still be together then. I love you, yeah? Love you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.” You grinned brightly back at him, fluttering your eyelashes as you spoke, ‘and the year after that?’ Louis chuckled in response, but indulged you by nodding anyway, “ánd the year after that.”


You giggled as you took another snapshot of Niall trying to teach Theo how to play the guitar properly. If anything, it was clear that his nephew had not inherited any musical traits by the way he kept doing everything wrong and generally not paying attention to the guitar anyway. Theo loved coloring, and art, and had even tried to sketch on Niall’s favourite wooden guitar that he’d left on the sofa. Rookie mistake. You’d even warned him that it would happen, but Niall’d shrugged once he’d plopped down next to you in bed, saying that he was too lazy to get up again. “Okay, you know what, I think it’s time for lunch,” you offered as an escape for both Theo and Niall. So maybe the Horans weren’t all that into guitars, but they sure did share the same healthy appetite. ‘LUNCH’ Theo screamed, before running over to the table where you’d already sat down some sandwiches for him and Niall. “Hey Theo, wanna paint afterwards? Maybe make something nice for mummy and daddy?” You suggested, to which he nodded excitedly. Niall smiled at the interaction between the two of you, before pressing a kiss to your cheek and starting on some new song he’d been working on lately. It wasn’t until after Denise had picked up Theo, painting in tow, that Niall suddenly hugged you close to him. “Sorry we didn’t get to spend the day together, I forgot I promised to babysit,” he apologized, to which you couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Did I look like I didn’t enjoy it? Because I did, he’s adorable,’ you mused, slowly swaying side to side now – right in the middle of Niall’s living room. “I bet you our kids will be even more adorable,” he said airily, as if it was no big deal to bring up the possibility of having  children together just like that. However, not wanting to suddenly turn the sweet moment you were having into a deep conversation, you just smirked. ‘Babe, that’s not a bet, that’s a given. Theo is cute, but we’re cute squared.’ He let out a loud laugh at that, shaking his head, “I hope they won’t inherit your awful sense of humour.” You frowned, pouting, ‘you’re supposed to love everything about me – and I always make you laugh!’ Again, Niall laughed, before shifting his gaze so he was staring into your eyes, “I do, [Y/N], but imagine them having your jokes and my laugh - we wouldn’t survive.”


It wasn’t as if Zayn’s family was particularly overwhelming, or loud – but you couldn’t help but feel a bit as an intruder when Zayn had taken you with him and his oldest sister Doniya had announced her engagement. Of course you were beyond excited for her, having met her fiancé on various occasions, but you and Zayn had only been a couple for about 7 months, so it felt far too intimate and…surreal being there. You weren’t sure how Zayn had experienced the whole ordeal, and you wondered if it’d make for an awkward topic of conversation. However, you knew you had to address it, even if it would dampen the mood of the two of you visiting his parents. You were cuddling on the couch late at night and everyone had already gone to bed, when you brought it up. “So, that was quite a surprise, wasn’t it?” You asked, prompting the conversation subtly – or so you hoped. Zayn smirked and turned his head to look over at you, eyes shining with mirth as if he knew exactly what you were trying to do. ‘It was a surprise, a very nice one though. She deserves to be happy.’ Okay, so he wasn’t just going to give you what you wanted to hear, making you huff in frustration. “So, you didn’t think – like, I mean – it wasn’t weird that she told you, her family, and that I was there too? I just felt out of place, like I was invading the moment or something.” He shook his head, pressing his tongue to his teeth as he let out a genuine laugh, before quickly leaning in to press a kiss to your lips. ‘Babe, they’re all asking when we’ll be next. I happen to think that [Y/N] Malik sounds very nice as well. You’re family too. Even though it’s not official just yet.’ His words made you gasp, slapping his arm to express your shock. “Zayn! You can’t just say that to me.” ‘Course I can, just did.’ He said, to which you let out another affronted sound which soon dissolved into happy giggles. ‘But I guess I should wait with telling you my sister wants you to help when she’s picking her dress,’ he added casually, giving you another heart attack. “Stop.” He laughed, shook his head and pinned you to the couch halfheartedly, ‘nope. You’re a part of my family now, you better get used to it love.’ 

Smut High School/College AU Rec List

A rec list of NC-17 and Smutty Larry Stylinson fanfiction based on high school and college AU’s. 


One of her students

Everything changes when one day Louis decides to visit the school that his girlfriend, Eleanor, works at. Out of everything that he could notice in the school, he notices a quiet boy with curly hair whose name is Harry. He comes to learn that Harry has secrets. And more problems come up when he starts having feelings for one of his girlfriend’s students.

Secrets Kindle Fires

Louis is a 22 year old uni professor. Harry is his student who constantly insults him about his sexuality. Louis tries to ignore it but the curly-haired boy won’t let up. But one night, Louis discovers that Harry may have a dark secret he keeps locked inside.


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Harry Styles - Girlfriend has Trichotillomania Imagine

[Hope I did okay with this one! ]

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Adopt: Part 2

Here is part 2 of the adoption story! There will be one more part after this one.

Part 1 can be found HERE


The social worker had warned you about what she called “the adjustment period”. Bringing a child home to a new place when he had been so used to somewhere else for most of his life, giving him a new set of rules and a new set of parents and having to adapt to absolutely everything was a big enough adjustment as it was. Adding a younger little sister to the mix as well was double the challenge.

Jamie wasn’t much of an issue. Overall, he was a quiet little boy who, if anything, was almost too polite and cautious to the point that you wondered if he was scared or uncomfortable. After a few weeks, however, he started to open up a bit more and act like a typical five-year-old boy. The first time you had to scold him for something, he had pouted and gone to sit in the corner, but returned fifteen minutes later looking remorseful and apologetic.

Maddie was a different story. She wasn’t a naughty little girl, but she had a much more difficult time adjusting to all the changes. Having her brother with her helped a lot, but nights were exhausting. For the first three weeks, she put up quite a fight whenever you tried to put her to bed and insisted that either you or Harry stay with her, crying long and hard if you tried to get her to stay on her own. She was also quite clingy during the day, wanting to know that one of you was around and not leaving her alone. It made it difficult for you to get anything done but, if it comforted her to have you around, you were willing to do it, hoping that she would eventually become comfortable and safe enough to be without you.

The first time your social worker checked in with you, she told you how pleased she was to see that the kids were doing well. Even with your concerns about Maddie being clingy and frightened, she assured you that it was a normal behavior considering the circumstances and that she would likely grow out of it in a month or so. All you and Harry had to do was keep on keeping on and she thought you were doing a great job.

Slowly, the kids got more and more comfortable in their new home with their new parents. You knew that Harry was itching a bit to have the kids call him daddy, but he knew that was something that likely wouldn’t happen for a while. For now, they called you Harry and (Y/N), and you were okay with that.

One of the first big “outings” you took the kids on was over to Liam’s to visit him and Cheryl as well as Louis, Danielle and Niall, about two months after the kids had come to live with you. Louis was bringing little Freddie with him and you were excited to have some catch-up time with everyone.

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He gets protective when you're pregnant

Harry: He was so overly worried and protective. One time he came home from the studio and he saw you standing on a ladder grabbing for a shoebox on a high closet. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He practically dropped everything and stormed towards you, helping you off the ladder. ‘Why didn’t you wait for me, Y/N?’. ‘Honey, I just needed those shoes. I didn’t know when you would be home!’ You tried to calm him down.He didn’t say anything, took the ladder and walked away.Two minutes later he walked in again. ‘No ladders for you anymore.’ He simply said, walking over to you, kissing your lips. ‘How was your day, love?’

Louis: Before, he did not like the paparazzi when he was out with you. Now he just couldn’t stand them. He hated them basically. He didn’t let you go out alone anymore. When he couldn’t be there, he called at least two bodyguards to protect you from fans or paparazzi. And even then he wouldn’t trust it. You always had to call him as soon as you were back home. One time you came home and before you even thought about calling him, you fell asleep on the couch. During these last months of pregnancy even little trips were so exhausting for you. You woke up from a loud Louis storming into the house: ‘Y/N, ARE YOU H-?’ He stopped and looked down at the couch seeing your shocked face. ‘Oh… I’m sorry, honey! I mean… No! I’m not sorry! Why didn’t you call me?! Why didn’t you pick up your phone?’. You gave him a ‘are you kidding me’ look. ‘Oh. You were asleep. Yes, Ok… Makes sense… But you’re ok? Baby’s ok?’. ‘Baby’s fine. Mommy’s fine… Daddy is questionable…’ You said laying back down. ‘Daddy is more than fine now…’ He whispered, walking over to you and kissing your forehead.

Liam: During the whole pregnancy you were often sick. Sometimes it was so bad, you couldn’t come out of bed for a whole week or more. Liam was so stressed about it. He tried to take care of you, but he had to go to work too. It was so hard for him, to leave you behind in that kind of state. ‘Y/N, please call me if you think there is something wrong, ok? I’ll be here as soon as I can!’ He always said before leaving. One day he left early in the morning. A couple of hours later you stood up but as soon as you were standing on your two feet you felt your stomach turn. You ran to the toilet and that was your spot for the next couple of hours. When he called you around noon you had to stop talking because you had to throw up again. ‘That’s it. I’m coming home. I’m calling a doctor on my way.’ He said before he hung up.

Zayn: You didn’t tell the boys yet, because it was too early. One night you sat all together at Louis’ place. He and Eleanor invited everyone to come for a drink. When you came in, Louis being Louis, slammed his hand on your back welcoming you. Like he always did. You saw Zayns eyes react on what he did. Zayn was already protective over you… but now you were pregnant, it was even worse. Well… Worse… You didn’t really mind it. You secretly thought it was kind of cute.The show was complete when Louis was forcing you at one point to drink wine like everyone else. After you refused more than a few times and him bringing it up again and again, Zayn snapped.‘SHE DOESN’T WANT IT SO LEAVE IT LOUIS!’ Zayn yelled totally unexpected. A silence fell over the room. ‘Whoa… man… Calm down… I didn’t mean to do any harm!’ Louis murmured, looking upset. ‘Y/N, can we please just tell them. I can’t do this anymore…’ Zayn said to you. You nodded with a smile.You told them about the pregnancy and at first Louis was even more upset about the way he behaved. But after a minute letting it sink in, everyone was so happy and congratulating you and Zayn.  The boys were already fighting about who was going to be the godfather.

Niall: Since you were 6 months pregnant and he didn’t want to leave you behind while being on tour. He decided you were going with him. You didn’t mind. You liked to be on the road. The boys were so nice to you and they took care of you with almost as much effort as Niall. One day you were not feeling well. It was only a couple of minutes before the show started. ‘Please take care of her…’ Niall demanded to Lou and Paul. ‘If anything bad happens, you call me off that stage right away!’ When they nodded he looked down meeting your eyes. ‘And you, you take care of yourself and our baby!’. ‘I will, good luck with the show!’ Your voice sounded raspy. Waves of dizziness were torturing you. It was fifteen minutes into the show, when it happened. You decided to take a glass of water, not wanting to bother Lou or Paul, you stood up from the couch. Your legs did not hold the dizzy feeling and you felt strong arms (probably Pauls) catching you, preventing you from falling to the ground, just before you blacked out. A couple of minutes later you woke up from the panicking voice of your boyfriend: ‘Y/N, listen to me! Look at me! I love you baby… Wake up… please… I-‘ He stopped when you opened your eyes. ‘Ooh… Thank God, thank you Jezus. Thank you world! My goodness. I told you to take care of yourself and our baby honey. Just for the record… That does not include fainting!’ 

NOTE: I am so so sorry for the lack of updates lately. My schoolwork is taking me over completely. I hope you guys enjoy this one. It’s not perfect. I know! Hope you like it anyways. 

Come Get Back in Bed, We've Still Got Time Left

hi lovelies it’s me again which is amazing somehow considering i never update my shit ever [nervous laughing] anyway i was hopelessly inspired by another sappy internet video that made me cry so this little drabble is based off of one of those

Pairing: Ziall

WC: 1220 words

Niall’s first clue should’ve been when Harry specifically asked him to stay in their dorm room for the next few hours then failed to give him a reason why. To be fair to Harry, he was a shit liar and any excuse he could’ve come up with would’ve made him twice as suspicious, so Harry did his job to the best of his abilities when he’d just told Niall that there would be a “surprise.”

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BSM: He blames you for your parents divorce (Part 2)

A:/N Thank you for all the notes and messages on my first BSM! So glad you liked it so here’s part two. I got over 150 new followers from this so thank you!!! I’m always excepting requests and my masterlist should be up soon. Sorry if this sucks…I wrote it in school

Niall: You haven’t spoken to Niall since last night after he stormed out and to be honest, you didn’t want to. What he said really hurt you and you hated that he made you think the same. Now you thought that you were the reason for your parents divorce. It’s true that you family was getting along before Niall left to pursue his dream. So it makes sense that it had to be your fault for them splitting up.  

You woke up the next morning and went down stairs to see Niall making breakfast, which was weird cause he never cooks-not even for himself. You tried to ignore him and go straight to the fridge so you could get your juice and go back up to your room and pout by yourself. 

“Wait, Y/N” he said softly before you could leave. You sighed and looked at him before he could say anything, “Look, about everything that I said last night— I didnt mean any of it. It isn’t you fault that mom and dad are splitting up”

“No Niall it makes sense. we were on a good page before you left. It’s a coincidence that they’re getting a divorce when I’m the only one living with them.”

“No no no no Y/N,” he sighed, “everything I said was bullshit. I was just angry because I never saw it coming. It’s just hard to believe. You didn’t do anything to spark this. Mom and dad will even say so themselves. I talked to them late last night. You didn’t do anything wrong, Im sorry” He hugged you.

You sighed, “It’s okay. I love you Niall”

“I love you to sis…. Now lets eat some breakfast” he said looking down at his now burnt eggs.

“Maybe we should go out for breakafast” you smirked

Zayn: (his pov): The family dispersed from the table after that. Now it was just me and Perrie who was giving me a disappointed look and wiping the water off my face with a towel. “Zayn, you and I both know that there is no way that Y/N is the cause of your parents divorce,’ Perrie said putting the towel down and holding my hand. 

“Zayn..” My mom came in. 

Perrie let go of my hand, “I’m gonna go check on Y/N”

“Zayn honey-” “I know mom. What I said was uncalled for,” I said finishing for her. 

“Zayn, Y/N barely acknowledged me because I’m barely acknowledging her. She won that award weeks ago. I think shes just upset that I haven’t been giving her much attention. She in no way was the reason that I’m signing the final papers in the morning…Nothing that any of you kids could do would make this better. Its just what has to happen. And Im sorry it does but it’s the best for me and your dad,” now she started crying. 


“Please go apologize to your sister”

I ran up to Y/N room and saw her puffy face and red eyes as she laughed at something Perrie said. when she saw me, her smile left and she looked sad again. “Y/N I’m so sorry about what I said down there in front of everybody. Mom and dad splitting up has nothing to do with you. Mom said so her self that there is nothing you could have done to stopped it. I’m sorry for being a bitchy brother,” I lightly laughed. 

She sighed, “It’s just that mom…”

“I know she told me. I had no idea. I think the divorce has just been on her mind. She feels really bad about it. I’m really really sorry. You’re not selfish I promise.”

“It’s okay Zayn.”

“Well aren’t you going to apologize?” I smiled,

“For what?” She looked confused. 

“For throwing your water at me.”

“No way. You deserved that” She laughed,

I laughed to and put my hands up in defense, “Alright, alright”

Harry: You woke up and talked to your mom to apologize. She said nothing was you fault and that in fact she was very happy that you told her. This made you feel a lot better about your choice about telling your mother. After you and her cried, she stood up and smiled. “Im gonna need you to go get ready now.”

“Why? where am I going?” you asked, standing up and rubbing the tears from your eyes. 

“I need to talk to your father so Harry suggested taking you and Gemma out for lunch.”

You laughed, “They dont want me there so they can just go without me. I’ll find something to do”

“Gemma and Harry feel very bad about last night. Especially Harry. He was about to wake you up just to apologize. But you and me both now how crabby you can be if your woken up early” She joked. 

You smiled and left to get changed into something more suitable then your pajamas. After cleaning yourself up, you walked downstairs to see Harry and Gemma waiting for you in the family room. 

“Uh, hi” you said awkardly.

They both looked at you and stood up and caught you in a hug. “I’m so so sorry Y/N” Harry whispered in your ear, “You did the right thing by telling mom. I’m sorry for being so rude about it last night. You did nothing wrong. I feel awful I’m-“

You laughed and pushed him away, “Harry shut up its okay. I mean it is now. I’m not mad at you. I realized that I made the right decision with telling mom. I’m sorry for ruining the happy family dinner though…I just couldn’t stand looking at dad looking at us like we were his perfect family.”

“I dont blame you, I just cant believe this is actually happening”

“So to make us happy Harry is taking us shopping” Gemma tried to lighten the mood even more. 

You smirked, “I hope you’re bringing your credit cards because I’ve got a list of things I want. I want new vans, this shirt from American Apparel, a dress for a party thats coming up…” you went on listing everything that came to your mind. Harry playfully rolled his eyes and pushed his favorite two sisters out the door. 

Liam: (his pov): I woke up in the middle of the night with door opening and closing shut. I heard frantic foot steps on the hardwood floor out in the hallway and my mom’s anxious whisper echo in the dark. I shut my eyes before getting up, throwing a shirt and sweats on and walked outside in the hall to check on my mom. 

“Mom whats wrong?” I asked. 

“Where’s my baby?” She asked,crying. 


“Y/N..I was up just thinking about everything when I realized Y/N didn’t take her medication. So I went to get it to bring to her cause she can get bad without it and shes not there, Liam. She’s not there.” She paced back and forth. 

My foggy mind was now cleared. I wasn’t in a sleepy state anymore. “Okay Mom dont panic she can still be here.”

“What happened? Did she say anything to you?” She asked hoping for an answer that would lead her to Y/N..that place being a good place.

I thought back to the fight I had with Y/N. I yelled at her. everything I said was just awful. I blamed her for the divorce and told her she didn’t need the help of a doctor when I knew she did. My heart started picking up the pace. What if she did something extremely terrible? I ran to my car, yelling to my mom that I will find her. 

I drove to the bridge figuring that if she was going to do something stupid that it would be there. She has hinted it to me before in different conversations and I made sure to keep it in mind.

There she was, looking down and holding on to the railing that was there to make sure cars wouldnt fall down. She was crying. I ran to her, before she could do anything, I threw us both on the ground, my back landing on the ground and her on top of me. 

“What are you doing Liam?! Let me go!” She cried trying to push herself off of me. 

“I didn’t mean anything I said. Nothing you did was wrong. I so sorry for putting the blame on you. None of this is your fault. I love you so much I don’t know what I would do without you. Mom was worried sick about you. You’re perfect. Never do this again please. I was so scared” I was crying now but I didn’t care. 

She cried into my shoulder, “I’m so sorry Li-hum” She hiccuped.

“C’mon let me take you home,” I said picking her up and driving her home, keeping my eyes on her from now on. 

Louis: You started feeling extremely guilty that you were the reason your parents were getting a divorce. It’s been two weeks and Louis has yet to talk to you and that made you upset. You tried apologizing for what you said the night of your blow-out but he ignored you. Your sisters werent even talking to you. You felt so guilty for your bad behavior that you tried to change, hoping that it would make your parents get back together and your brother and sisters to talk to you again. 

You did all your homework, broke up with your boyfriend, and unfriended everyone who had a bad influence one you. You’re teachers were happy with the improvement of your grades, and so were your parents. But unfortunately you parents were getting along still and your old friends hated the new you. No matter what you did, you always do something wrong. Now your old friends bullied you. Called you names you tried to ignore, even would bring up your parents or brother. 

Things have gotten really bad. They would physically do things to you. The girls would pull your hair and the guys would shut your locker on your fingers. They were badasses. They didn’t care if they would get in trouble. 

You came home crying one day hoping that no one would be home. Too bad for you, your brother was home with Fizzy who must have come home from school sick. Louis looked at you and rushed to you. Even though he was upset with you, he knew it was rare for you to come home crying.

“What’s wrong Y/N?!" 

You ran upstairs instead of answering, but before you were out of view he caught a glimpse of the bright red spot on your cheek as if someone slapped you. which is exaclty what happened. You tried standing up for yourself by saying something that was a sensitive topic about the boy who slapped you, resulting in the slap. 

Two hours later, Louis walked through the door with two cups of tea and sat down on your bed even after you refused to look at him. You were under the covers facing the wall opposite of the door.  ”Y/N….”

"I tried so hard to change..for you and for mom and dad. But when I do my old friends get mad at me and hurt me and get me in trouble. Just like you said Louis, everything I do is wrong. I can do nothing right and I dont know what to do anymore.” you turned your head into your pillow and cried, secretly hoping for the comfort of your brother. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I feel awful about everything I said to you a couple weeks ago. Mom and dad aren’t getting a divorce because of you. It just angered me that they finally made the decision. I saw it coming but when you hear it being said..But I’m so proud of you fo trying to change into a better person.”

“They’re so mean to me though.” You cried, “I would rather keep getting in trouble by mom and dad then be beaten.”

“I already got them suspended” Louis smirked

“Louis!” You sprung up and looked at him shocked, “Now they’re just gonna hurt me because my brother got them suspended.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he smiled, “mom agreed with me that it would be a good idea for you to come live with me. You can finish school online and come tour with me and the boys. You can start over" 

The smile grew on your face, “reallly?! you would do that for me?” 

"Got it cleared and everything" 

"Holy shit you’re the best” you hugged him

“Now tell me who this fucker was so I can personally beat the shit out of him” he smirked and playfully punched your cheek. 

You laughed and slapped his hand away so happy to have your brother back. 



“PLEASE HELP HER. MY GIRLFRIEND IS STILL IN THERE.” your boyfriend screamed, two fire fighters holding him back as he fought against them. Your house was starting to be engulfed in flames, the bottom floor completely a blaze, the flames licking up to the second floor, where you were trying to get out. Harry had just come home and saw your house in flames, and after failing to get in to save you, frantically called 999 (911). You had been asleep after a long day at work, and didn’t notice until your couldn’t breathe and awoke from your slumber. You tried to get out, but the thick smoke clogged your lungs, and you soon passed out. Two fire fighters had gone in to try and get you out, a ladder truck on your front lawn with another fire fighter on the ladder waiting for a signal to go to a window. “Oh god…” Harry sobbed, his eyes on the house, waiting…praying for you to come out alive. He didn’t care about all the other stuff. Most of those things could be replaced. He only cared about you. “Please…PLEASE Y/N.” No one came out for what seemed like ages, until everyone saw your lifeless body being passed through an open window. You were carefully carried down the ladder, and onto the grass where EMT’s immediately started working on you, checking for a heart beat, and getting air into your lungs. “Is she breathing?!” Harry asked the fire fighters. The EMT’s started doing chest compressions on you and Harry sunk to the ground, great sobs wracking his body. “S-she can’t be dead….” he sobbed. Suddenly, you started coughing and gasping for air, your eyes wide and red from the smoke. Harry jumped up and hurried over to you, taking your shaking hand in his. “I’m right here babe…oh thank god you’re alive…” he cried, quickly wiping the tears off his face. You tried to speak through the oxugen mask, but only coughed instead, squeezing his hand as hard as you could. The EMT’s transferred you onto a stretcher and hurried you into the ambulance, instrcting Harry to follow behind. ‘She’s gonna b-be okay r-right? This wasn;t supposed to happen it was an accident…” he stammered, his eyes never leaving you. “We’re gonna take care of your fiancee.” one of them said. “Just hurry behind us.”


“Babe are you sure about this?” Niall asked, as he hoisted you up on his back. “Hell yea!” you giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck to hold on. Harry had Louis on his back and Liam was in the middle, telling you guys how the race was gonna wortk. “Right.” he said pointing down the hallway. “The first pair to round the corner, cut through the dressing room with a few sneaky obstacles I took the liberty of putting there, and back here is the winner. Ready?” Louis looked over at me and made a face pointing double fingers at his eyes, and then to me. “Bring it Tommo.” I snickered. Liam screamed “GO.” and Harry and Niall ran off, Harry was a bit faster, and you started to feel bad because of Niall’s knee (even though he insisted it was fine, and you knew it was…but still). “HAHAHA” Louis cackled, flipping us off jokingly as they rounded the corner into the dressing room. The couch cushions were all over the floor causing Harry to stumble a bit, and Louis screaming a few profanities here and there. Niall dodged them and awkwardly clambered through a giant clothing rack and it was your turn to nw flip Louis off jokingly. They wern’t far behind however. Soon, Liam was in sight, and you guys would have won, but Niall ended up losing his balance and the both of you toppled over. You felt your head smash off the hard concrete ground and left shoulder slam into the wall and you cried out in pain. You laid there, your head spinning and vision a bit foggy, your ears ringing from the fall. Niall crawled over, and his voice sounded distant, his eyes frantic. “BABE are you okay?! I’m so sorry it was an accident…” Louis and Harry, followed by Liam came running over, but as quickly as it happened, your vision returned to normal, your ears no longer ringing. You started to sit up, and despite the pain, started to laugh. Niall and the boys looked at you like you were crazy, but soon Louis and Liam begna to chuckle. “Why are you laughing?!” Niall asked, still horrified but his lips curling into a smile. “I don’t know!” you laughed, holding your shoulder. “That was fun though! I’ll have quite a bruise tomorrow.”


You and Louis were having one of those days where it was war; Nerf Gun war. It didn’t stop you guys that you were in your 20′s. You hid under the bed, holding a hand to your mouth to try and stop from giggling as you heard Louis run up the stairs. “I’m going to get you back!” he hollered, laughter evident in his voice. You held your breath, ready to shoot him in the leg with a nerf bullet when he approached. He snuck through the bedroom, you only being able to see his bare feet on the carpet. He checked in the closet, for some reason, not checking under the bed, he left. Or so you thought. After a few minutes, you shimmied out from udner the bed when it seemed the coast was clear and it was quiet, only to be grabbed from behind. You squealed and well…instinct kicked in and you accidentally hit him in the balls with your hand. He let you go and cried out, grabbing his balls and bending over. Your hands went to your mouth and you gasped, laughing a litle, but begun to feel bad at the amount of pain he was in. “BABE are you okay??” you chuckled. “I’m sorry it was an accident!” But, he smirked at you and shot you in the boob with his nerf gun, running away and laughing like a little kid. You shook your head and ran after him. “NEXT TIME I’LL HIT HARDER…AND WON’T FEEL BAD.”


You winced a little as the ER nurse put stitches in your hand. You couldn’t bare to watch. Needles freaked you out. You squeezed your best friends hand who was trying not to watch with wide eyes, making you a bit nervous at her expression. “Is it that bad?” you asked, slightly paniked. “It’s just…ugh. It’s fine.” she said, shivering at the sight. “Gee thanks Y/B/F/N. You’re really putting me at ease here.” you smirked. Suddenly, Liam burst throught he door, making everyone jump. “BABE. The nurse has a NEEDLE dont make us jump like that!” you squealed. “Sorry sorry sorry.” he said quickly, coming over and giving you a kiss. “Are you okay?!” “Yes babe I’m fine.” you re assured. Your friend got up and let Liam sit. “I’ll go fill out the papers.” she said. Liam thanked her and sat down, squeezing your free hand. “Are you sure?” he asked, lookign over at your hand. “Yes. I turned away and accidentally sliced my hand.” “baBE YOU’RE FRICKEN THUMB IS NEARLY HANGING.” Liam whisper yelled. You turned quickly to look at your half done hand and smacked Liam with your free hand. “nO IT’S NOT don;t scare me like that.” The nurse chuckled a bit. “Actually, you’re thumb is gonna be fine.” she said, taking off her gloves and putting away her tools. “I’m just gonna wrap your hand to make sure you don’t move your thumb. You were pretty lucky though.” “Thank you so much.” you said. “No problem. I’ll come back with forms and directions that will tell you how to clean the thumb.” The nurse left and Liam kissed your cheek. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be here sooner Y/N.” You shrugged. “It’s fine. I knew you’d get it after you were done with the Radio interview.” Liam smiled and squeezed your hand, lookign down at your bandaged hand. “I’ll take care of you. Don’t you worry.”


#338 - Hey Angel


Harry: Do you know the reasons why, we look up to the sky? It had been a rocky, difficult road over the last couple years. After your daughter has passed away, Harry and you had been going along with the grieving process one step at a time. Even though it had been two years, day by day, it only slowly started to become normal not to have her around. It would never be “normal” though. Never. Not a day went by where she didn’t cross your mind, how much your heart still ached to be able to tell her you loved her one more time. “She wouldn’t want this for us (Y/N)…” Harry spoke quietly, making you turn your head. “She wouldn’t us to think about how she died. She would want us to think about the time we had with her.” You watched him closely and swallowed a lump in your throat. “It’s been two years. And she’s not coming back.” “Harry don’t be cruel… that’s our daughter…” you murmured, but he shook his head. “I know. And I miss her as much as you do, but it’s time for us to start getting past it… Just because her life ended doesn’t mean ours have to.” He let out a sigh, crossing his arms over his chest. You rubbed your arms and looked up slightly. “Do you think she can see us..?” you asked softly. “I like to think so…” he replied and you nodded your head. “Me too.”

Liam: Do you look at us and laugh, when we hold on to the past? “Maybe I can’t get over it Liam? Have you ever thought of that?” you snapped back. “Maybe I can’t get over the fact that our child is DEAD!” Liam pinched the bridge of his nose and bit his tongue, putting his head in his hands. “I never told you to get over it (Y/N)…” “Yeah well you implied it!” you hit back and he sighed out, shaking his head. “You’re upset okay? I am too, so maybe we should just drop it for now okay?” he murmured out, his voice low and solemn. “It’s only been a week since the funeral Liam…” you said quietly, shaking your head. “It’s too fresh in my mind, I’m not going to just drop it…” He looked up and nodded his head, folding his hands under his chin. You chewed on your bottom lip for a moment. “Do you think she’s happy now?” you questioned, folding your arms over your chest. “Do you think she’s somewhere watching us, not wanting us to be sad for her?” “I don’t know…” he mumbled, shrugging his shoulders and looking up at you from the bed. “Hopefully she’s happy now… but I’m still going to be sad…” Liam buried his face in his hands, and you watched him for a moment. You could hear his heavy breaths and didn’t know how to react at the moment. “Liam?” you murmured out softly, coming over to him putting a hand on his shoulder. He reached up to put his hand over yours, shaking his head. “I’m okay… I’m okay.”

Niall: I wish I could be more like you. Do you wish you could be more like me? You had just finished cleaning up her room, but making sure it was in the same state it had been when she left the night before. Just a little tidier. You looked around and swallowed a lump in your throat. The intense feeling to cry was sitting in your gut, but you couldn’t bring yourself to bring it up to your surface. Yet as you stood in her quiet room, looking down at her bed, you couldn’t help but feel the gut wrenching feeling moving up to become audible cries. Your eyes shut and your heart sank. Tears welled up in your eyes before spilling over, and a whine leaving your mouth before your hand could cover it. Taking a couple steps back, you tried to compose yourself out in the hallway. Leaning back against the wall, you sobbed into your hand and shut your eyes tightly, hunching over slightly. “Babe…” Niall mumbled out, coming up the stairs and looking at you, quickly coming over and picking you back up, pressing your head into his shoulder. “I wish I could trade places with her,” you whimpered out, burying your face against his shoulder. “She should be here, I want her to be here!” Niall gripped onto you, a few tears dripping down his cheeks. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t.

Louis: I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed, back seat of my car, in the back of my head. One of his friends had called you at around 2 in the morning. It wasn’t unusual for this to be happening, ever since your little girl had passed away, Louis had been a wreck. Both of you had, but at the time, you were too busy with him to be able to grieve. It wasn’t fair to you, but you couldn’t afford to lose two people, let alone one. Pulling up in front of the bar, you rubbed your eyes and got out of the car. “(Y/N)!” Louis slurred, his body hanging loosely on one of his friends. “Get in the car…” you murmured, opening up the passenger side, not having the patience to do this again. With the assistance of his mate, you got him in the car and said quick goodbyes before driving back to your house. You were quiet, Louis was not. “I saw Emily tonight,” he slurred, making your jaw tense. “No you didn’t Louis…” “I did! She’s even in the back seat rightttt now,” he hummed out, a look of content on his face. You kept your eyes straight and gripped onto the steering wheel. “Shut up Louis…” you whispered out, pulling into your driveway. He huffed out and pressed the balls of his hands into his eyes. “She’s there (Y/N), just look!” he exclaimed out, his carefree attitude disappearing and aggravation taking over. “She’s right fucking there! In her car seat! See!” He whipped around and through his hand towards the backseat, where her car seat use to sit. His face fell when he didn’t see it and you shook your head, slamming the car door and leaving him to himself. It was too much.

Zayn: I come alive when I hear your voice, it’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise. “How many times have you listened to it today?” he asked softly, coming to sit next to you on the couch as you dialed your son’s number again. “I lost count…” you admitted. You looked over at him and bit your bottom lip, hitting the call button again, putting it on speaker this time so Zayn could hear it too. “Hey! You reached Andrew, I’m a little busy right now, so please leave a message as soon as you can! Thanks!” It ended with a beep and you hung up, leaning forwards and setting the phone down on the coffee table. Your husband wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pressed his lips to your temple. Neither of you had dealt with the death well, but things were slowly, slowly getting a little better. The recorded message on his phone was one of the last physical pieces of him you had left, and despite it being short, you still loved listening to his voice over and over again. “Why don’t we take a break from that okay?” Zayn said softly. “We can have some dinner, maybe watch a movie or something, and then we can listen to it one more time before we go to bed okay?” You looked over at him, nodding your head slowly. “Okay…”

Preference #1: You Fall Asleep On Him In Front Of The Boys (5/5)

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Liam: After a Night Out at Funky Buddha

Resting on the couch, your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder, you could feel the remaining energy in your system slowly start to drain. Your work from uni had been stacking up all week, but Liam had somehow persuaded you to join him and the lads for a night out at Funky Buddha, his favorite nightclub.

Despite your plans to stay in with a good cup of tea and your pile of work, you went along anyway, knowing it was one of your last nights with Liam before tour started and you two were separated for months.

The entire night was a blur. You danced with Liam most of the night, pouring the booze down your throat as the bartender continued to bring them over to your table. The lads were letting loose, shouting things at each other all night from across the table, causing you to be in a fit of hysterics. You hardly ever had time to let loose like this and with Liam’s hand always comfortably and protectively placed at your waist, you were enjoying every minute of the night.

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Lilo Fic Rec

Hey hey so here’s a little fic rec for anyone who enjoys lilo as much as I do :)

Warning for some BDSM elements in a few of these

This Would Be It- Liam works in a cemetery and Louis is everything he wants, everything he once had, and everything he never dreamed of. (Saying anything else might ruin it.)

If You Leave-Four times, Louis makes Liam a promise. Liam wishes he would have promised back.

Soul-Louis is the medical android tasked with taking care of Liam in a world after nuclear war.

Better With You- Single parent and solo artist Liam Payne hires Louis Tomlinson to be a full time nanny to his four year old son Sammy. Although the two men don’t quite click from the start it’s love at first sight between Sammy and Louis. Eventually Louis and Liam warm up to each other and get on like a house on fire, in fact the two become a little too fond of each other.

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply-In which Liam and Louis wake up married after Zayn’s bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Miss Missing You-Louis wakes up after an accident with a year of memories gone and something not quite right about his relationship with Liam.

A Place in the Sun-Louis is looking forward to spending the whole summer with Harry and his friends, working at a summer camp, drinking and being generally stupid. But there’s a new counselor who’s actually read the rulebook, and he’s going to ruin everything.

Build a Nest for Us to Sleep In-“It’ll be fun,” Louis tells Liam quietly. If it was anyone else’s break-up, Louis would know exactly what to do, what balance of fondness and foolishness he’d need to give, but he’s totally lost with Liam. Louis has no idea what he might need, what could make him feel better, so in the end he gives Liam the only thing he has: “We can order take away and play videogames and fuck about for a few days. I’ll get Harry to bring us groceries, we won’t even need to leave the house. Come on, Liam, come live with me.”

Smile Again-Recently dumped Louis sets his kitchen on fire on Christmas Eve. Fireman Liam makes the mistake of inviting him home for Christmas. Chaos and feelings ensue.

Easy as All That (Go Around a Time or Two)-The one where Liam and Louis only kiss when they’re on nights out, when it’s secret, when there’s no one around to see them. If no one knows you’re having a sexuality crisis, that means it isn’t happening, right?

Worth the Wait-“Leave it to you, Liam, to not only be the least likely person to ever pull in a hooker, but he winds up being a bloke that you move in with.” He’s cackling wildly now and Liam’s hand nearly slips off the wheel as Niall hits him repeatedly. Liam doesn’t need to see to know Niall’s laughing so hard he’s got tears coming from his eyes and his cheeks are most likely a bright red flush. “Liam Payne: making even a shady encounter with a hooker into a respectable situation.”

Under Me You, So Quite New-Liam knows what Louis needs, even when Louis doesn’t.

The New Posh and Becks-2016 is a big year for solo artist Liam Payne. After his amazing experience on X Factor, releasing his own album and touring with Little Mix seems like the height of success. Then he meets Arsenal midfielder Louis Tomlinson at a charity event, and suddenly everything

Restart The Heart You Gave Me-I—” Louis starts, stopping himself abruptly and taking an extended pause before rushing out, “I miss you,” so fast that Liam almost, almost doesn’t catch it. He hears Louis’ sharp intake of breath on the other end and thinks that maybe Louis is just as surprised by his admission as he is. Okay.

With the Hope That You Would Tame Me-Once, on a dull night off, Liam tries asking Google on a whim. He stares at the blinking cursor in the search bar for a while, trying to figure out how to phrase it, because something tells him “why does my mate like it when I hit him” won’t bring up a lot of helpful results.

Come a Little Closer-Liam finds Louis’ porn.

If it’s Love, Hold me Tight-Relationships are complicated, especially if the other person is carefully avoiding talking about it in any serious way; or, the one where Louis is afraid of commitment and makes a right mess of things because of it.

A Love That’s There for Others Too-When Liam filmed Louis during a strictly one-time-only stoned hook-up, he never expected it to turn their lives upside down.

Level Up-I’ve been having some weird—feelings,“ Liam says, "recently.” “What, like, in your pants?” Louis demands. He’s expecting Liam to scowl and correct him and start talking sensibly, but instead Liam’s whole face goes a hot, mortified red. Louis stares. “You’re taking the piss,” he says, incredulous. “Aren’t you?”

These Streets are Yours-The night Louis slept with Liam, Louis was half-convinced that just for once, things were going to go his way.

Look at the Stars, Look How They Shine For You-In the end, Liam says what he always says, what he’ll always say to Louis when he’s like this. “You can, you know,” Liam says quietly. “Be with me, that is.” He feels Louis go tense because Liam’s never had the talk with Louis like he’s had with himself but he somehow thinks Louis knows. They haven’t been together like this for so long Liam half-expects Louis to question him and the fact that he doesn’t makes Liam think Louis wants him just as much, even if it’s just for tonight.

Thought it Would Be Safest-And for years after that, all throughout school, Liam comes home with Louis’ name in the corner of his books and the thin skin of his inner elbows and the back of his shirt even though they’re never in the same class. (Liam and Louis grow up together)

Needing is One Thing, Getting Is Another- It’s hard not to stare at your wrist when there is a small, futuristic, piece of metal imbedded in the skin there, like something out of a science fiction novel. Louis’ TiMER has never changed: four sections of dashes blinking the seconds away, completely blank until his soulmate gets their TiMER too.

Paris Blue- Liam and Harry visit Paris. Louis is a prostitute, except for when he isn’t.

Just Remember Who I am in the Morning-After a car accident Louis is left with a condition that causes him to wake up at random points in his life with no recollection of any memories he’s made past the age of nineteen. He has no clue who Liam is or the fact that they’re married and Liam is forced to make Louis fall in love with him, over and over again.

April Fools-Now, staring down at the platinum band on his own left hand (“only the best for you, Liam,” Louis had said, smirking as he slid the ring on Liam’s finger), Liam wasn’t so sure any of this was the best idea for an April Fool’s prank. But both of them knew he would go along with it. Liam always did.

If I Could Reach The Stars, Id Give Them All To You- Louis goes to bed 13 and miserable. He wakes up 17 years later on top of the world. (13 going on 30 au)

A Secret Chord- On a whim, Louis and Liam decide to turn a mutual love of their reckless adventures, wild mischief, and bulletproof friendship into pop music and songs they can be proud of. It’s the start of a partnership that shouldn’t actually work, but really really does. Or, Liam and Louis make memories at midnight.

Ink My Skin With Your Name-Liam knows the moment he wakes up that it’s not Louis laying beside him. It’s Louis’ body and Louis’ voice slowly starting to freak out. That was his second hint that Louis was gone, the first was that he hadn’t woken up with a small weight on his chest and lips pressed to his jaw.

Preference #103: He Pranks You (Requested)...

Louis: It was Louis responsibility to bring Niall’s birthday cake for the small surprise birthday the band was throwing for him on tour. He took you with him to pick up the cake, and then you went back to the hotel where they reserved a private room. Louis took the cake out and asked you to carry it in, because his hands were full. That was fine with you, but as you were heading toward the back entrance, you ran into Louis foot and fell face forward into the cake. You lifted your face from the frosting, and once you realized you were okay a new panic sunk in as you sprung up to your knees. Louis got down next to you. “Are you ok,” he looked at you and then down to the cake, nervously. “I’m fine, but look at the cake,” you pointed aggressively. “That’s my face,” you panicked looking at the huge imprint. He laughed, unable to contain himself, “We can fix it. He started wiping it off of your face and rubbing it onto the blemish in the cake. “Stop it,” you swatted him away the next time he reached for your face. “This is your fault,” you accused. “Mine,” he put his hand on his chest appalled. That’s when things got worse, because the boys started filing out. “The cake,” Harry screamed, upset getting down on his knees too. Then he looked at you, “Whoa,” his eyes opened wider. You rolled your eyes at how unhelpful he was. “What did you do,” Liam questioned shocked. “Ruined the cake because she was trying to rush,” Louis explained acting like he had nothing to do with it. “More like ruined the surprise party. Look who’s coming over here now,” Zayn pointed to Niall who was walking toward your group. “What’s going on, here,” Niall questioned with a smirk, “Oh shoot, who was the cake for?” “You,” Harry answered, disappointed, “Way to got y/n.” “Yeah well done,” Liam added. “Darn I really like cake too,” Niall looked down, making you feel even worse. “It’s all your fault,” Louis shook his head, “And I thought I could trust you.” You wanted to cry, because everyone was ganging up on you and couldn’t hold a tear back. You wiped it away along with some frosting. “I’m sorry,” you pouted. “Oh no don’t cry,” Louis moved forward to hug you. “It’s just a joke. “This is a prank. We got you,” he rubbed your back. You pulled back, “What?” “There is already a cake inside,” Zayn explained, “Yours is a decoy.” You felt a little better, but also really confirmed. “Why me?” “Well you’re pretty gullible, and Niall wanted to pull off a successful prank for his birthday, so I volunteered you. I hope that’s okay,” he questioned. You thought about it looking around, “I guess, as long as its not so aggressive,” you giggled at the thought of what just happened. “Deal,” he started wiping more of the frosting off of your face, sweetly. “In all fairness. I never expected you to land that way” he smiled. “No, it’s good. I think the cake broke my fall,” you joked smiling back at him.

Harry: You were waiting for the band to get done with an interview, so you could spend time with Harry when an assistant invited you in to watch. You normally didn’t get this kind access, but figured it might be fun to see an interview happening live. Harry was watching you, and smiled as you came in. The assistant showed you to a seat, and reminded you to stay quiet and not become a distraction. It took a while for them to actually start the interview, because there was some kind of confusion over the approved question list. As they were trying to figure it out you noticed Harry was acting funny. He seemed to be having trouble breathing and even Zayn was starting to ask if he was okay. He hit his chest a few times, and started letting out a few coughs. The interviewers left the room with their managers, so no one was really paying attention to the guys. Harry looked at you a little worried, and you knew something was wrong. Zayn pointed it out to the other guys. “Where’s your inhaler,” Louis asked, getting up. “I think I asked y/n to bring it,” Harry could barely speak between breaths as he pointed to. You could feel blood rushing to your face, because you didn’t remember him ever telling you to bring it. “Do you have it,” Louis came over. “Um… actually no,” you admitted, nervously. “What? Well then where is it,” he got a little angry. “I don’t know, does anybody carry an extra,” you asked. “I’ll go see,” he went over to talk to the assistants. You went up to Harry, to try to help the best you could without medicine. “Are you okay,” you sat next to him on the couch and started rubbing his back. He looked at you still focusing on his breathing, “Inhaler,” he put his hand out. “I don’t have it, I’m so sorry, but Louis is looking for a backup,” you explained. His eyes got bigger and he shook his head, “Empty,” was all he said, wheezing again. “She said you were supposed to bring the backup today,” Louis added, joining the group again, “How did you forget,” he questioned, putting all the blame on you. “I’m sorry, I know it’s my bad but that’s not the problem right now. We need to help him.” “Is he going to die,” Niall questioned making Harry panic and wheeze louder. Zayn hit him, and shook his head. “Niall, go get someone who can help,” you commanded, knowing his comments weren’t helping. “Harry just relax, okay? Lean forward, and focus on your breathing,” you directed. Liam was listening to your advice, probably thinking it would help. “Should we call an ambulance,” Zayn asked. You looked at Harry and thought about it. “Let’s see if Niall gets back to us soon, otherwise yes.” The second you finished explaining Harry’s head fell on your shoulder. “Shit,” you pushed him up, hoping it would help him breathe. “Call now,” you panicked thinking you put him in danger. Liam and Louis got closer to help you “He’s not breathing,” Louis observed seeming genuinely scared. You tipped his head back, “Come on breathe…please,” you begged starting to cry. He opened his eyes, “I’m sorry that was mean,” he instantly apologized, “I’m not good at this, it was a prank.” Liam let him go, relieved. Louis got up to walk it off, and calm down. “Why would you do that,” Zayn asked. “They wanted me to get you back for the Nickelodeon prank,” he shrugged. “What about me,” you questioned, confused. “You laughed,” he admitted. “You scared the shit out of me because I laughed at the video?” You hit him. “Don’t ever do that to me again,” you continued to angrily slap his arms and chest. He put his arms up to block himself, “Jeez one second you want me alive, the next second you want to kill me. Make up your mind,” he joked. “Not funny,” you growled. “I’m still going to laugh when they release the video,” he revealed that they were filming by pointing behind you. “I am going to kill you,” you whispered sarcastically back at him.

Zayn: You were unpacking at home after traveling with Zayn for a while. “That’s odd,” you heard Zayn as you walked into the room. “What,” you pried. “Did you take in your backpack,” he asked searching around frantically. “No I figured you did, since the car was empty,” you explained starting to get a little worried yourself. He continued to look around at the pile of bags, and you did too. When you realized you weren’t making any progress you looked to him, hoping he had another place to search, but he looked back with worried eyes. “No Zayn, where is it? My report is only on that computer. You told me you packed it, I even asked you to double-checked.” He pressed his lips together and squinted, “I might have lied about double-checking,” he admitted. “Are you kidding me?” He shook his head, “Come on, how many times does double checking actually change anything?” You slapped his bicep, “When you actually forget something. It has to be here. I’m not redoing that paper, I’m not finding new sources,” you yelled frustrated before heading outside to the car. “Maybe we could call the hotel, see if they have it” he called, following you. Ignoring him as you freaked out looking in every inch of his car, throwing around the other junk you found. Seeing your crazy behavior, he finally stopped you, pinning down your arms. “Stop, it’s ok. I’ve got you laptop. It’s in the bedroom,” he explained. “You found it?” “Truth is it was never really lost,” he admitted. You tried to pull away,” what kind of sick joke is that,” you grumbled, but he wouldn’t let you go. “I just wanted to know how attached to it you were,” he smiled, deviously. “Yes as it turns out I’m very attached to it when it comes to passing my classes,” you explained. He smirked, disappointed, “It felt like that’s all you were doing our entire time together.” You looked into his eyes and smiled, “Are you jealous of my computer,” you accused. “No, I understand. It’s just, I need your time too,” he clarified looking down. You nodded, “Well good, because there’s a reason I didn’t procrastinate on this one. My report is done! I was saving up my free time for right now.” He looked up excited, “Really?” You nodded and he began pulling you toward his side of the car to lead you back to the house. You obliged, awkwardly. When you got to the house door you stopped him before he went inside. “You know I’m sure the freak out would have been much bigger if I misplaced you,” you explained innocently. “Don’t make me test it,” he growled before pulling you in.

Liam: You were at home when Liam came storming in, slamming the door behind him. He stomped to his room, and you heard him making a ruckus, like he was breaking things. You got up to figure out what was wrong. You watched him aggressively taking all of his One Direction things and putting them into a box. “What’s going on,” you asked completely confused. “I’m done. It’s over,” he responded, not stopping. “Done with what,” you asked, scared that it was something serious. “I quit. I quit my job. I quit the band. I’m sick of all of it. I’m going solo.” Your eyes bulged from your head, “What,” you questioned amazed. You didn’t even know anything was wrong. “What don’t you get, One Direction is done,” he stated once again. “But what about the guys,” you asked, not sure how he could make such a rash decision without talking to you beforehand. “Screw them. They don’t care about me. I hate each one them, they’re just a bunch of jerks,” he shouted. “Did something happen today,” you questioned trying to get to the bottom of it. “Nope, just the same old shit over and over again. Not a damn thing changes, and I’m sick of it.” He left the room to get another box and you followed. “Are you sure that you can’t ask for things to change,” you hoped you could help him think it out. “You can’t change a person’s personality. I’ve tried,” he grumbled as he took the box to another room. He started tearing more things from the walls. “I don’t think they’re that bad,” you shook your head. He stopped and glared at you. “Admit it, you don’t like them either,” he accused. “No,” you quickly responded. “Then you don’t stand by me,” he clenched his jaw, annoyed. “No I stand by you…I just…what’s wrong with Niall?” “Ah, ha,” he exclaimed pointing at you, “so you admit that everyone else is a pain in the ass.” You shook your head, “No, it’s just you’ve never once said anything that bad about Niall.” He smirked, “Why don’t you guess why I’m mad at him then?” He leaned against the wall and waited as you thought. “I guess he can be a little careless at times,” you shrugged. “Harry?” he questioned prompting you to dis each of his friends. “I’m not going to point out all of your friends flaws,” you retaliated. “But you acknowledge they’re there don’t you,” he questioned. You rolled your eyes, “Yes.” “Do you think I’m justified in quitting?” You thought for a bit, “If it doesn’t make you happy anymore, you should never force yourself to do it. I support you if you’re absolutely sure this is what you want,” you explained your opinion. Liam smiled at you, and let out a laugh, seeming to turn into a whole different person. “You let him quit the band just like that,” you heard Louis voice from downstairs. You looked over the railing. The rest of the guys were all looking up at you. “I am not careless,” Niall joked, and laughed. You soon realized they set you up for this. “You can’t let him leave,” Harry put his foot down. “He’s in this forever,” Zayn gave you crazy eyes, and they all laughed. “What’s going on,” you asked Liam. “They just wanted to know how our girlfriends would react if we said the band was over. Now I know you would just let me leave.” You raised an eyebrow, “Is that a good thing?,” he smiled with appreciation and came closer to give you a hug, “It is for me.”. “Not for us,” Louis shouted from below.


You were laying in front of Niall on the couch watching a scary movie. It got to a scene were you were too scared to look, so you flipped around to bury your head into his chest. He twitched, seeing what you couldn’t. “It’s over now. I think,” he informed you. “That’s okay, I’ll just watch the rest of the movie from here,” you half joked, but you weren’t against it. “Then you’re not really watching it, are you?” “No, I think I’ve seen enough,” you shook your head looking up at his face. “Then can you help me put away the patio cushions in the backward? The weather is calling for rain.” You scrunched your nose, “Why do you need my help?” “Because I’m lazy,” he responded honestly. “But I’m lazy too,” you countered. “And if my math is right, together we make one productive person,” he explained as he played with your hair. “Your math is wrong,” you instantly denied his logic. “You’re not getting out of this,” he shook his head. You leaned your head back pretending to be frustrated, “Fine,” you whined then rolled off of the couch dramatically. He followed you to the backyard, and you both started untying the cushions. Once yours was free you picked it up and headed for the house. Niall was in your way so you had to go around the slightly transparent table. You looked down at it as you passed, and instantly went into panic mode. There were giant spider legs and a blur of the rest of its body. Your arachnophobia always made any spider a big deal, but this was ridiculous. You jumped back, before you realized Niall must have been playing a joke on you, but he wasn’t looking back. Then, it started to move. “Niall get away from the table,” you screamed. “What’s wrong,” he moved away concerned, walking over to you. “There is a spider under there,” you whispered thinking it would help. “Are you kidding me? Not this again. I can get rid of a little spider,” he approached the table. “No,” you tried to pull him back unsuccessfully. He peaked under the table confidently, “Holy, shit,” he jumped away, “Oh no, I think I made him angry.” He started running to you, and you saw the beast emerge chasing after him. You began running too when you got to the fence gate, you were going to open it but Niall stopped you. “Come on open it,” you demanded, trying to break free to save yourself. He shook his head, “Got you,” he smiled as you feel the spider at your foot. You started to squeal. “It’s okay, look down,” he informed you. Hesitantly, you listened. You saw your puggle’s face as he panted looking up you. He was wearing a spider costume. Grabbing your heart you let out a sigh of relief. “I know you said you wouldn’t mind being on the show Scare Tactics, so I made my own version of it,” he explained. “I didn’t expect you to actually hold me to it,” you laughed, catching your breath. “But did we get you good,” he asked as he bent down to pick up your dog. You looked at both of their proud faces. “Oh, you got me,” your heart was finally starting to slow down, “But can you please take that thing off of him?” He looked down at the dog, and looked back at you like he was up to something. “But don’t you want to hold him,” he question holding the dog up to mess with you. “Stop,” you commanded before stepping back. He started moving closer, more aggressively. You started running toward the house. “Come on just hold him,” he chased after you.



Harry’s family had invited you two to spend the week at their house so that you guys could enjoy family time and all catch up. However with the chaos of getting back from tour and then having to go up to Holmes Chapel, you forgot all about your monthly gift that was waiting to arrive.
You didn’t realise that it had come until you got up off of Anne’s couch and felt something strange. You automatically excused yourself to the bathroom upstairs, as far away from the rest of them hoping they hadn’t realised what had happened. You searched the bathroom for a pack of pads/tampons but there was nothing there to save you and because you’d forgotten you hadn’t packed anything for the week. Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door, interrupting you from your searching
“Y/N” a voice called out “It’s Gemma, can I come in?”
You hesitantly unlocked the door before backing away from it and leaning against the sink as Gemma walked in with a pack of pads in one hand and tampons in the other.
“I sort of guessed what had happened by the speed you left the room and the look on your face” she chuckled lightly “I also guessed that you didn’t have anything either and I wasn’t sure which you preferred but these should last you until you buy some” You took the products off of her whilst giving her a smile
“Gemma thank you so much! You’re a life saver” you gushed as she returned the smile before leaving the bathroom so that you could sort yourself out


Liam and the boys were currently doing the American leg of their world tour and because you two hadn’t spent time together in ages he invited you out to join them for a few weeks. Obviously you accepted because you were getting to spend time with your boyfriend and his best friends, but also you were getting to travel parts of America.
However once you got there, Mother Nature decided to greet you with your monthly gift and of course with that came really bad cramps. Unluckily for you, this also happened to be the day when they boys wanted to go sight seeing before the show but the cramps were leaving you in too much pain.
“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to come?” Harry asked you as they grabbed their phones and put their shoes on
“I’m positive, guys. I’m really jet lagged and all I want to do right now is sleep” you lied to them
“Ok baby. I’ll ring you in a few hours time to see how you are” Liam explained to you before giving you a kiss on the head and following the boys out of the bus. You sighed as he left and made your way into the small kitchen and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea and hot water bottle whilst taking some paracetamol. Once your tea was made and your water bottle was ready, you made your way into Liam’s bunk and settled down hoping the pain would soon subside. After a while of just laying there, you decided that a nap might help the pain go away
You woke up with a start as you felt somebody climb into the bunk next to you
“Liam?” You asked “What are you doing back?”
“You really think that I didn’t know you were on your period? We’ve been together long enough now for me to realise when it comes and how you act on it” he chuckled as he nuzzled his face into your neck
“I didn’t want you to stay here with me, I wanted you to go and enjoy yourself with the boys” you told him as you rolled over so your back was against his front and your were spooning
“Love, I get to spend everyday with those guys doing the thing that I love. Right now, I want to take care of my favourite girl who needs me at the moment. I love you babe”
“I love you too Li” you smiled


For yours and Louis’ 1 year anniversary, he booked a table for you two at The Little Bistro, one of your favourite restaurants. The meal was amazing and after you two had finished he brought you home where more surprises awaited. It seems that whilst you two were out, the boys had come over and set up some things for you.
There were rose petals spread out all over your living room floor and the sofas had been completely pushed back against the wall and there were now blankets and pillows sprawled around, making a comfy area for you two. A bottle of wine and two glasses had been left out on the coffee table as well as some candles and a lighter so that you could light the, yourselves and set the mood.
“Oh my god” You whispered as Louis grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the doorway and into the room
You sat down on the blankets as Louis lit the candles and poured the wine. However he didn’t bring the glasses over to you, instead he crawled over to you before crashing his lips against yours causing you to fall back onto the pillows with him on top. The kiss instantly became heated and Louis’ hands ran down your back pulling at the zipper which was holding your dress up. At the same time, you were pulling off his tie and undoing the buttons of his dress shirt and pulling it off his body and throwing it over your shoulder onto the floor. It wasn’t long before you two were both in your underwear and you flipped him over so you were now on the top. Louis decided to take it step further and pulled at your panties but stopped suddenly and pulled his lips away from yours
“Louis?” You whispered confused as to why he’d stopped
“Y/N, I think you’ve come onto your period” he told you as he sat up
“What?” You asked confused as you climbed off of him to see that you had in fact started your period and it happened to be all over Louis’ boxers
“Oh my gosh! This is so embarrassing” you cried as you clambered off of him and ran out of the room and up the stairs into your bathroom, locking the door behind you
“Y/N, open up” Louis called from the other side of the bathroom door
“I don’t mind honestly! Yeah it sucks that it killed the mood, but we can wait a week and then do the stuff that we were going to tonight. Just please open the door” he begged again
Reluctantly you walked over to the door and opened it up to reveal Louis still stood there in his ruined boxers. However in his arms was one of his T-Shirts, a clean pair of panties, his sweatpants and a box of tampons
“You sort yourself out, I’ll go put on a film and we’ll cuddle. How does that sound?” He suggested as he handed you the pile of clothes
“Amazing. Thank you Louis, I love you”
“I love you too love”


Somehow Niall always seemed to know when you were on your period. You didn’t know whether he kept track of the days or whether he knew how you were acting before hand but he always seemed to know when it was happening.
He was always the perfect boyfriend when you were on as well! Niall being the cutie he is, always enjoys cuddling you and when it’s your period he does it more than usual. Whether you two are in bed together, sat on the sofa or even outside he was has his arms around you keeping you close to him.
He’s never embarrassed to go out and buy you more supplies if you run out, in fact most of the time he offers! Not only will he bring you back pads/tampons he’ll also bring you chocolate, sweets, a take-away and your favourite drinks so that you two can have a quiet night in.
If you get really bad cramps, he’ll let you lie on him as he massages your stomach or sometimes he’ll run you a warm bubble bath and sit next to you on the floor and talk to you and occasionally splash a little bit of water on you to get you to smile.
However, when it happens when he’s on tour he always tries his hardest to FaceTime you every night to see how you’re getting on. He’ll try and distract you away from the fact your on your period and tell you all of the crazy things that have happened to him whilst he’s been away.
He’s literally the sweetest person you could ask for