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It’s a dark, damp evening here in Bridgeport, but if you thought a little rain would stop Meteorites fans, you’re wrong. Tonight is the second evening of two one-off reunion shows- and the freaks are lining up, with dyed hair, ripped fishnets and heavy makeup as far as the eye can see.

A lot has happened since the last time the Meteorites played together. Most notably, Tea Meteorite’s coming out as transgender and subsequent gender transition, a revelation that divided the Meteorites’ fanbase. Tonight, though, everyone’s come together with one purpose. Rumours fly about the night before- whispers of blood, profanity, insanity, nudity. They weren’t wrong.

Support band The Pyromantics are obviously a little awestruck to be performing. This three-piece obviously owes a lot of their aesthetic to The Meteorites, but add enough misfits-esque bass chug and whoa-oh to stir things up a little. They finished with an enthusiastic cover of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’, firmly setting themselves as a crowd-pleaser. There’s big things ahead for this little group.

Then comes the main event. The venue plunges into complete darkness, the stage filling with smoke. The atmosphere is set with eerie soundbites ripped straight from ‘The Exorcist’. The crowd mutters quietly, shuffling forward- before being blinded by the sudden stage lights. There’s a deep riff from Matt Mcloughs guitar, and suddenly the whole band (sans Tea) are onstage, instruments in their hands. The crowd howls as they launch into their back catalogue. They open with 'Scream and Sugar’; a few bars into the song ‘Miss Meteorite’ saunters her way onto the stage, dressed in little more than fishnets, black panties and electrical tape across her nipples. Her appearance works the room into a frenzy, screaming and yelling as the whole sea of people surges forward towards the stage. Meteorite is as vicious as ever, reanimating old tracks as she screams her way through them.

Despite the intensity of the place, when Terra Meteorite wants to speak, the crowd shuts up and listens.

“So I heard you didn’t think I could sing anymore?” she growls, “And I’ll say this right now. You think I’m any less capable now than before, just because I’m being true to myself, then you can go fuck yourself!”

She slams down the mic stand while the crowd roars in approval.

“It’s fucking amazing to see you all here again tonight, Bridgeport!”

With that they start up their next track.

Even with their lengthy hiatus, The Meteorites seem like a well-oiled machine. They’re no longer the collective wild-child of the music scene, but that seems to have led to good things. Of course, it isn’t perfect- but even if Terra misses a note, her voice is pure rock and roll. Meteorite owns the stage. She grinds and struts, her whole performance somehow unnerving and strange. A few more songs, and quiet falls once more.

“So… Bridgeport.. I was thinking…” She teases, suddenly and jarringly coquettish. “I used to be on stage without a shirt all the time. Nobody batted an eyelid…”

Grinning, she slowly peels the electrical tape from her nipples. The act is met with roar from the crowd, but I can’t tell if it was roused by her words. Perhaps Meteorite is making a political statement, but the look in her eyes makes it seem that it was the attention she was craving.

The music begins again, and chaos descends. The band are all dripping blood from their mouths as they strike up the next song, the Meteorites classic 'Cyanide’. During the course of the song, Tea douses herself in fake blood, rubbing it over herself and grinding against the floor. It doesn’t take long before the stage looks like a set from Carrie. At some point, Meteorite loses her panties and takes to stage in nothing but a pair of fishnet tights and combat boots- and even those are lost in interludes between songs.

Soon Tea is fully nude and alone on the stage. 'The Exorcist’ excerpts are back, but this time we’re treated to a looping 'Let Jesus fuck you’ while some deep and distorted guitars growl away in the background. Strobe lights flash as she (hopefully) pretends to pleasure herself with a crucifix. It’s suddenly glaringly obvious why this show is both strictly 18+ and being held only at drummer Jacky Splatter’s own venue.

Darkness falls once more, briefly, before the band return to play a 5 song encore. Terra has disappeared- Matt Mclough takes her place on vocals as the band perform a 'Chainsaw Syndrome’ track. Zacharie Libby  from The Pyromantics makes a reappearance, adding rhythm guitar and some more backing vocals to the mix. The rest of the show contains some firm fan favorite tracks and a clothed Tea Meteorite who wastes no time getting the new guy on stage good and bloody. As the last chords of the last song ’ Bats of a feather’ ring out, Meteorite begins to smash her mic stand against the stage and is quickly joined by bassist Joey Glast who cleanly breaks the neck of his bass in two. The crowd are treated to a destructive rock and roll display as the band trash their instruments and toss out guitar picks. Tea drops from the stage, setting herself up behind the barriers and she shares out blood covered set lists, hugs, handshakes and broken pieces of instrument with the front row of the crowd.

As the band leave, their fans reaching desperately towards them, haunted house sounds blare over the PA system. It takes a moment for reality to descend, but I’m sure that many of them- including myself- were wondering what dimension they’d been in for the past evening.

On Civil Asset Forfeiture

So, forgive the faculty person in me for a moment, but it occurs to me that lots of people are probably responding to Donald Trump’s ridiculous “joke” about destroying the career of a Texas legislator who opposes civil asset forfeiture without actually knowing what civil asset forfeiture (CAF, from here on) is, and how pervasive it is.

In brief. the simple fact is that it is legal for the government to seize property that is suspected to have been used while committing a crime. That’s CAF. Notably, CAF can happen – and happens all the time – even if the person from whom the property is seized is never convicted of a crime. Government usually sells the asset, and pockets the earnings … leaving perfectly innocent people without homes, or cars, or much else.

Police departments and prosecutors LOVE CAF: they get resources without even bothering with trials, regardless of whether there are convictions. More, in those cases when someone is actually guilty but is unlikely to be convicted (which can happen), CAF is an informal, indirect form of punishment. And since Americans automatically assume someone is guilty just because they are arrested, we don’t care that lots of innocent people lose their property through CAF: we assume they must have been guilty of something, and so deserved it.

So here’s hoping a friend never accidentally leaves a joint in the back seat of your car, or a numbnuts cousin doesn’t leave his stash at your grandmother’s house. That’s a quick trip to walking street and homeless town … all in the name of American justice.

Quite the joking matter, huh?


Greetings once again! Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the Fallout Cascadia monthly update. Some very exciting things have happened over the past month, notably a vegetation overhaul created to better capture the look of the Seattle area, as well as some of the first quests being implemented by the scripting team.

Level Design

Continuing on as usual the level design team has been working on adding more content to the southern portion of the map. Several new interiors have been added, and we’ve made a big stride forward in properly implementing navmeshing in our workflow. A small number of the level design team has begun blocking out Downtown Seattle, laying foundations of the team’s work in that area at a later date, which we hope to be able to show you sometime later this year. As always, Level Design continues to be one of our areas most in need of manpower, so we’d like to ask that anyone familiar with the Creation Kit or level design in general to consider applying.

A shot of a dock on the outskirts of Seattle

The same location from a different angle


Thanks to the addition of a foliage specialist (thanks Doodlez!) we’ve managed to start overhauling the flora of Fallout 4, bringing us even closer to both the look of the Seattle area, as well as a properly “post-post-apocalyptic” setting. By working with a greener palette, we intend to show the slow progress of the wasteland from ruin to civilization. Currently we in the early stages of this overhaul, meaning we would like to note that even better work is still to come. We would like to thank frogprincessQ4, 83Willow, macintroll, tookiejones and printerkop for allowing us to use some of their assets in Fallout Cascadia. We would also like to ask that anyone who believes they can help in this area to please consider applying for a position on the team.

A sampling of our foliage retextures


A few members of our scripting team have been working hard over the past week or two to implement the first main quest of Fallout Cascadia. Thanks to the efforts of these team members, we now have the game functioning such that pressing “New Game” on the main menu will properly begin Fallout Cascadia, complete with character creation and voice acting. This is a big first step on our journey to implementing the entire main quest.


The Asset team has been assisting both the level design and scripting teams in creating objects to make the opening of the game feel more unique, as well as creating modular assets for use throughout the entire mod. We also have a work-in-progress gun model from team member WastelandMelody (pictured below).

Photographic Reference

Concept Art

Work-in-progress model

Concept Art

The concept art team continues to work diligently, laying out the foundations of Fallout Cascadia’s visual style.

A beach located on the outskirts of Seattle

A view of the Space Needle from downtown


Unfortunately due to the nature of their work, updates from the writing team will slowly become less frequent over time. However we would like to assure everyone that they are working as hard as ever on Cascadia’s story. Currently, the team is slowly settling in to laying out quest structures and events, and how they fit into the main story.

Happy new year from everyone on the Fallout Cascadia team. As always, we look forward to sharing our work with you over the coming year. Let’s make it a good one.

See you in Seattle

Pressie is the creature that is supposedly calling Lake Superior home. The first notable sightings of a creature in the lake happened in the 1890s and sightings continue to this day. In July of 1995, three people claimed to see a “hideous creature” with a 15 foot long neck and a jaw that appeared to be a foot wide. There are many guesses as to what the creature could be; a few of them being a sturgeon, a large eel, a large snake, or a strange new creature all together. 

I gotta tell you guys because I can’t tell enough people about this, that’s the amount of awe I’m in over it
Yesterday my computer broke, right. Like its entirely unusable and I have no choice but to buy a new one. I was in class when this happened so people were with me. Most notably was the person who tried to turn every single one of our mutual friends on me because he found out I ship taagnus and insists that its incest (everyone took my side btw)
ANYWAYS as I mentioned the fact that I didn’t have enough money to buy a new computer so suddenly, he specifically tells me to take commissions. taz smut commissions. Like fucking over and over practically insisting I do this
So 3 things. 1. He knows I’m aro ace or at least I fucking thought he did? And I’ve never drawn smut in my life. 2. I have too much schoolwork to take time for that. And most importantly 3. HE OF ALL PEOPLE? WHO TRIED TO EXORCISE ME FROM THE FRIEND GROUP BECAUSE OF A SHIP? IS TELLING ME TO SELL SMUT OF IT?
I’m in awe. I’m in AWE

Thoughts on Bellarke in 4x06

I don’t really know what the general response to the Bellarke roadtrip storyline in 4x06 is, but I think it fell very flat. Really, my main issue is that nothing actually happened.

Yes, the plot moved forward slightly: the hydrazine barrels got from point A to point B. But that action in itself doesn’t (and usually wouldn’t) merit an entire storyline. For such a storyline to be worthwhile, we need character development. And, IMO, that just didn’t happen.

In Arkadia, for example, we had notable development for Octavia, Jaha x Monty, and Ilian (we know now he feels badly about burning the Ark). On ALIE’s island, we have clear development for Raven, Luna, and Murphy, and their relationships with each other. We got new information about each of these characters and their perspectives, feelings, etc. Even Papa Miller got a little development.

But, for Bellarke on their road trip…practically nothing.

For Bellamy in 4x06, the most notable development concerned his relationship with Octavia, and that happened at Arkadia, at the beginning of the ep. For Clarke, the most notable development was the revelation of her relationship with Niylah, which also happened at Arkadia and at the beginning of the ep. Usually, the themes that are introduced at the beginning of the ep are developed in the rest of the storyline, culminating in some significant realization/revelation. We did get some more info on Bellamy’s feelings about the Octavia situation, but Clarke’s arc was choppy, jumping from Niylarke to Bellarke, with nothing in the middle to connect them.

First, we had a really beautiful, well-written scene where the status of Niylah and Clarke’s relationship was shown to us very clearly. We now know that Niylah cares about Clarke, but in a very understated, undemanding way. For example, she notices Clarke doesn’t get enough sleep. She knows that Clarke needs positive reinforcement, so she gives it to her. She supports her without trying to manipulate or control her. She lets Clarke be herself, rather than trying to shape her into someone else. (I’m gonna stop before I get sidetracked. I’m sure most people can see the contrast without me pointing it out.) Anyway, for her part, Clarke clearly cares about Niylah’s wellbeing and wants to make sure she’s safe. There’s real affection there. We are shown that the relationship is casual, but the caring and support are evident. 

So, we start off the episode learning something new about Clarke. And then…nothing. We have some conversation between Bellamy and Clarke, where Clarke instantly knows Bellamy is upset about Octavia. This shows us that she knows Bellamy very well, she cares about him deeply, she’s tuned into him enough to know when he’s upset and why. But, again, we already knew that. There’s nothing new here.

After the Niylarke scene, I had the sense that it must mean something in the context of the rest of Clarke’s storyline - why else give itto us at the beginning of the ep? But, we got practically nothing else from Clarke’s POV. Instead, we got a lot of Bellamy: Bellamy worrying about Clarke, looking for Clarke, desperately trying to save Clarke. Again, this is not new info. We’ve see this umpteen times before.

Then, at the end of the episode, we got a little bit of forward development: Clarke announced that she thinks Bellamy is special. Did that not-really-surprising revelation merit a whole storyline? I don’t think so. Especially not after the Tinderbox scenario where Bellamy’s importance to Clarke was in sharp focus. Also, the revelation of Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy fell flat after a complete lack of buildup. There was a total disconnect between her scene with Niylah and her final scene with Bellamy, with nothing in between to link the two events in terms of Clarke’s emotional/mental state..

So, overall, I felt that Bellarke had little or no forward development in 4x06. An entire, probably expensive-to-film, storyline was created, but nothing really happened. There were some good moments with Roan and both Bellamy and Clarke, but the only new info I can think of is that we found out Roan is a bit insecure about his ability to be a good king. Again, that doesn’t merit a whole storyline.

I suppose I mostly feel frustrated about Bellarke treading water. A lot of forward momentum has been established since their first scene in 4x01, and that seemed to get lost somewhere in 4x06. For a show like The 100, which has so many characters and so many arcs, the insertion of an entire storyline with no significant payoff seems strange.

Anyway, those are my rambling thoughts. I’m not sure how they gel with other people’s feelings on the episode, but I’m sure there are plenty of different views out there.

End of Insinuation 2.9

That was another good chapter! Rather chill, after the violent and emotional rollercoaster of the previous chapter.

Not a lot actually happened, but we’ve learned a few things - notably we finally found out what Regent’s power is and it’s glorious - and had a very meaningful moment at the end.

On one hand, Taylor is on some level beginning to see the Undersiders (except Rachel) more as friends, but on the other, she’s very much aware of the fact that they’re still villains.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how her impression of the Undersiders develops from here!

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headcanons for Haus Holidays? Like maybe weird ones they celebrate or just what the Haus is like during the holiday season

It’s the middle of March, so I don’t know who your are, anon, but you’re adorable. I love holidays and celebrations. 

  • SMH definitely has their share of weird holiday traditions, but they’re all college students, so if it’s before finals weeks or they can’t schedule a kegster for it, that holiday isn’t really a big deal.
  • On that same note, any holiday they celebrate is going to have a huge party and a lot of alcohol. And, if Bitty’s feeling charitable, a few baked goods. 
    • Drunken, stoned twenty-year-olds destroy pies faster than Bitty makes them. He’d rather be enjoying himself than trying to provide for wild animals, so he bakes some shit at the beginning of the night and just lets entropy take over. Whatever happens isn’t his problem. 
  • The most notable of the SMH holiday-kegsters is, of course, Epikegster. 
  • The boys all exchange holiday presents the afternoon before the party. In the spirit of that, those gifts are usually alcohol. If you give someone something other than alcohol, you’re gonna get chirped. 
    • The exception is if you’re giving a heartfelt gift to a senior. You’re allowed to be sentimental then. It’s in the bylaws. 
  • Everyone is really sentimental at the last Kegster of the year. It’s not an official holiday, but it’s always really emotional for the graduating seniors. 
  • They take birthdays very seriously. Chowder manages the calendar with everyone’s birthday, and Bitty manages a journal that lists everyone’s favorite baked good. 
  • Birthday parties aren’t parties like kegsters, but they’re still good. Someone will smuggle in alcohol and someone will hook-up the x-box and everyone who can make it has a good time. 
    • A lot of people on the team end up spending the night on the living room floor, like a slightly more grown-up version of a sleep over. 
  • Valentines day is the one day of the year that people are exempt from receiving romance-related fines. Chowder and Farmer take full advantage of that. 
  • Nursey buys Dex a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day. Dex threatens to strangle him with it, but Nursey eventually convinces him to wear it. Begrudgingly. 

3 Months on Hormones

Thought I’d post a non-presenting picture this month, change things up a bit.

Honestly haven’t noticed any major changes in the last month, only really steady continuations of what happened throughout month 2. Most notably an increase in breast tissue, random emotional swings and slightly softer skin.

The last month has very dramatic outside of my transition though, I’m experiencing big changes in my career, where I’m going to live and generally what I’m going to do with my life. These have been positive things and I’m looking forward to getting out of the rut I feel like I’m currently in. It’s also going to be my 1 year anniversary with my girlfriend this month and to celebrate we are going to Sweden! I’m debating whether to present whilst there or not, I’m really not sure yet.

Also I set up as ‘ask me anything’ tab on my blog if anyone has any general questions they wanna ask me! Ask away…

First Officer’s Log
Stardate 1856.3

Today we visited the planet Acretia Five again to continue arrangements for a trade negotiation. Nothing notable happened except a young child of the planet touched Doctor McCoy’s face and he began to cry. As this was unprecedented I wasted twenty eight minutes attempting to discern if the young girl was able to manipulate emotions by touch, only for McCoy to tell me that he had been upset due to a memory, not any previously unknown scientific phenomena. I reccomend a repeat seminar in expected professional behaviour for Doctor McCoy.

Spock out.

chatain replied to your postMe, a Kija fan: I’m bummed that unless Kija either…

Idk, I see him reprimanding Yona in the future if she gets too rash. Maybe timidly, but still. And probably only in the event that the potential consequences could seriously harm her. He just needs to come out of his shell. E.g. Jaeha was opposed to Yona but followed her eventually. Kija can’t conceivably stay static the entire manga…I’m sure he will be in a subverted position eventually. Same with Shinah—don’t really feel he weighs in, but he has interesting powers that need more explanation.

Hngh, Jaeha’s overall development has come a ways since we first met him. His development has been explicit, too. To me it feels like Kija’s happens in the background and isn’t notable until something happens and it’s like, “…oh, since when?” Same with Shinah. Though when it comes to their relationship with Yona, one joined because of the impact she had on their life and the other joined because she was “King Hiryuu”. The Sei arc came and when, and Kija still seems to prioritize her as “King Hiryuu” and not “Yona”. I find it frustrating. 

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So, with Rumple=Amara and Killian=Ana, fingers crossed that Regina=Jafar? She won't die (what a shame), but some form of Karma is going to get her? The only thing fitting would be a sleeping curse, so that aligns nicely with what you had pictured...lets hope this actually happens. I'm kinda torn right now between hoping against my better judgement they'll actually go through with turning her evil again and resigning myself to the feeling they just don't see her like I do & think she's redeemed.

That’s what I’ve been hoping for, for a long while now. :) There have been a lot of events in the later seasons in which things Regina did to other people have happened to her. The sleeping curse is notable (I think) for its absence.

But really, at this point I just want to know which it is! I can certainly understand a resigned approach, given how long all of this has taken to play out. :)

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2, 3, 10, and 17 for the swtor asks :)

2. What is your favorite class and why? And/or list the player classes in order of most -> least favorite

Answered here!

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal?

I prefer to DPS as I am a terrible tank/healer. That said, I have some characters who are specced heal (notably my main heal, Shêron’s brother Abraxen, who happens to be a Sith healer/surgeon so I just couldn’t spec him DPS, made no sense for his story) and several who are specced DPS/tank (notably Keejh because it fits his personality, you know, throwing himself head first into a fight to protect his allies :’) poor bby), and I really enjoy playing all three specs even if as I said, I am not a very good heal/tank.

10. Favorite love interest? 

This one is… not easy to answer because none of characters are actually officially paired to a LI except my Trooper with Jorgan and my Agent with Vector but I’m probably going to rewrite her story soo I might throw Vector away as well. But I did pretty much every romances (one per class at least) and I can say that I really enjoyed Andronikos, Jorgan and Vette!

17. If you participate in warzones, which is your favorite map?

I don’t really play PvP, not very often at least, but I like the Odessen proving grounds and the Huttball maps (the Huttball mode is my favorite bc of the announcer’s VA… just too good. I’m weeping everytime. “Cannibalism? You can be the first!”)

I find Rip’s arc this episode really interesting actually.  “Tension” is a good way to describe what happened.  It’s particularly notable though that for all of Rip’s supposed “lack of support” (which I really didn’t see, honestly), he never once tries to challenge her role as leader.

The only time he raises any sort of complaint is that meteor/asteroid thing, and even that was pretty mild.

He does ask her about her decisions a couple of times, like putting Stein and Jax on the ground mission, but he seemed more curious than skeptical.  And he seemed to accept her explanation without any sort of issue.

I do think it’s a little funny how the Legends are portrayed as such a well-oiled machine in this episode.  Because I seem to remember a fair bit of goofing around and bickering throughout the season.  And we had a near mutiny as late as Camelot.  

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve always said that Sara was a better leader and had far more control over the team than Rip.  But I found this just a little contrived.

Especially the way they consulted Gideon to find Commander Heywood.  Really?  Because as I recall, the team’s use of Gideon this season has basically amounted to “oh, hey, something really huge just changed”, “please fix my bullet wounds” and nagging at her to solve the medallion thing faster.  It is awfully convenient that they FINALLY thing to employ Gideon, just in time to show Rip up.  :-P

It reminds me a bit of JSA actually, because I remember complaining then about how Martin, for all his flaws, really never showed any sign of the indecision and freezing up that we saw in that episode. That flaw seemed contrived to showcase Rip and Sara’s strengths in contrast.  (I admit, Rip benefited more from the comparison than Sara, because he has a lot more flaws as a leader.  They had to make a point of showing us that he did something right.  :-))

I liked the way this episode shook out.  Especially with the way Rip makes a point of turning to Sara for the big decision (with appropriate melodrama, of course), and with him openly acknowledging that she’s the better leader.  

It is sad that that’s not enough for certain of the fans who seem set on disliking him, but well, those fans are always going to be unhappy.

I remember some interviews very very early in the season about Rip having to learn who he is after his tragedies.  I’d kind of figured that was slight of hand for his actual disappearance, but if that’s Rip’s plot going forward, I can dig it.

Rip’s story in Legends has always been a story of recovery, so I’m really wondering what they’ll do with it.  It doesn’t seem like it’s the sort of plot that can wrap up in three episodes, especially given the nature of a plot like Doomworld, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more of it in season three?

Updating the Eldar [closed with farseersaeralyhn]


It had been a while since Astrid last met that Eldar Farseer who dropped by.  A lot had happened to Terra Hope in the time past then, most notably them becoming their own galactic power.

When the Farseer had returned, she was witness to a surprisingly large fleet of highly advanced warships, of designs not before seen in the galaxy, and of sizes of surprising bulk.  One of the larger warships was 19 kilometers in length, a size far greater than even the largest Battleships employed by the others in the galaxy.

One of these massive warships hailed the Farseer.  “This is Fleet Admiral Serma of the Empress’ Wrath,” came the message.  “Welcome to Terra Hope.  Your ship seems to be registered in our files, though you haven’t returned here for some time.  Do you require an update on what has transpired here, or shall I simply grant you passage to the planet?”

James Corden performed an epic version of “Beauty and the Beast” in the middle of a crosswalk

When we said we were patiently awaiting the live version, we didn’t mean this one. But, we’re kind of glad it exists! Last night, James Corden performed Beauty and the Beast with a few notable cast members from the film. It happened in the middle of a crosswalk instead of on a stage or set, but hey. Sometimes you just can’t stop art.

Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens — all who play pretty important parts in the film itself — helped Corden bring his vision to life. So, that covers the parts of Gaston, LeFou, and the Beast, you’d assume.

You can probably guess who ended up playing Belle.


He looked lovely in the role. Watch out, Emma Watson!

Watch the full musical below, and be prepared to laugh your face off.

James Corden has had some good ideas before, but this one? Well, it might just be his best. He performed The Lion King in a similar fashion last year, but this one takes the cake. Regardless of the fact that he put everyone at risk of getting hit by a car.

We can’t even imagine what it must have been like to watch the musical take place at a red light. We’re sure it was probably the best performance that Los Angeles has seen via car.

We’re also happy that Josh Gad finally got to play Lumiére. His performance of “Be Our Guest” was simply inspiring.

Also inspiring? The amount of work that the cast and crew put in to making this a reality. We mean, this can’t be easy.


Was it worth it? Definitely. We’ll be laughing about this version of “Crosswalk The Musical” for quite some time!

Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

When Finland is mentioned basically in any media you might (or more likely will) see “Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!” comments. That translates to “Finland has been mentioned! Lets meet up at the marketplace!”

Truth is, nobody meets anyone. Well, maybe if something really notable happens - such as 1st place in Eurovision Song Contest or Ice Hockey World Championship. But even then it’s few days afterwards because people have to psych themselves up for the moment.

Birthdays in Thedas

So I got deep into thinking about birthdays in Thedas, after a delightful little fluff headcanon jumped into my head and refused to let me pay attention to anything other than that. There are only TWO confirmed companion birth years. Some can be surmised with a relative degree of accuracy and cross-referencing events that happen with dates that are mentioned, or major notable achievements.

Re-updated with new information about Sera. Also Josie.

Confirmed years of birth:

  • Alistair Theirin: 9:10 Dragon
  • Dorian Pavus: 9:11 Dragon
  • Rhys: 9:02 Dragon

Semi-confirmed years of birth (margin of accuracy +/-1):

  • Wynne: 8:81 Blessed
    • Had a son at the age of 21, Rhys
  • Hawke: 9:06 Dragon
    • 9:31 Dragon, Gamlen talks about how Leandra ran off 25 years ago with Malcolm, with child.
  • Zevran: 9:04 Dragon
    • Father assassinated in 9:04 Dragon, mother died in childbirth.
  • Cassandra: 9:04 Dragon
    • Brother Anthony killed in 9:16 Dragon, she begged to go to the Templars. Sent to the Seekers of Truth instead at the age of 12.
  • Cullen: 9:11 Dragon
    • Became a full member of the Order at 18 and was so for almost a year before Uldred’s betrayal.

Estimated years of birth (margin of accuracy +/-3):

  • Anders: 9:01 Dragon
    • Twelve when he was sent to the Circle and it took him ‘almost two decades’ to finally escape when he met the Warden in 9:31 Dragon
  • Isabela: 9:00 Dragon
    • Married her husband at the age of nineteen, first year was relatively happy as she got to experience a new life. After the first year, starting becoming resentful as her husband purchasing gifts to buy her happiness was no longer enough. Spent about a few years dallying around, meeting with Zevran, before he was killed by the Crows and she escaped. Spent ten years as a Raider before her ship was lost at sea in 9:31 Dragon.
  • Fenris: 9:04 Dragon
    • Was a young man when he volunteered for Magister Danarius’s plan of lyrium tattooing, on the condition that his family freed. Spent a number of years under Danarius’s control before he wound up with some fog warriors, who gave him a taste of what freedom was like. Ended up in Kirkwall not too long after. Accuracy probably more like +/-5
  • Morrigan: 9:02 Dragon
    • A young Chasind woman spotted in 9:20 Dragon after a few years of not being seen around the villages. She was a young girl previously when encountered.
  • Lelianna: 8:95 Blessed
    • Met Marjolaine at the age of 16, began training a few months later with Marjolaine. When she joined the Divine’s side as her Left Hand in 9:31 Dragon: “To serve the Sunburst throne, she had to call upon the skills learned over two decades.”
  • Sten: 8:87 Blessed
    • A young, hornless boy soldier first encountered in 9:03 Dragon
  • Oghren: 8:87 Blessed
    • Branka and Oghren married young, she was not even 20 and he was a young warrior who’d proven himself in the Provings. Branka was named Paragon just a year after their marriage for her invention of smokeless coal in 9:10 Dragon.
  • Varric: 9:00 Dragon
    • First published in 9:18 Dragon. Born on the surface; House Tethras exiled to the surface as the Blessed Age drew to a close.
  • Vivienne: 8:95 Blessed
    • Transferred to Montsimmard Circle at age 19, considered exceptional and learned the Game quickly. Met Duke Bastien in 9:16 Dragon. The Duke was enamored with the young Mage.
  • Sera: 9:15 Dragon
    • She mentions Lady Emmald being her foster mother for a number of years. Lady Emmald dies “well before the Blight” and bequeaths to Sera her estate. Sera doesn’t go back to do anything with it till after the Fifth Blight, so I’m assuming at this point she was at the very least a young woman, maybe 16 - 20 in age. Accuracy more like +/-5.


  • Merril: probably in her twenties/early thirties as of 9:31 Dragon judging by her competence and knowledge, as well as position before she left the Clan.
  • Sebastian: probably late twenties/early thirties as of 9:31 Dragon. Rowdy youth, got up to shenanigans as a young man before being sent to the Chantry. Spent a number of years in service before his family was slaughtered in 9:31 Dragon.
  • Aveline: probably in her late twenties/early thirties as of 9:31 Dragon.
  • Josephine: probably in her early thirties as of 9:41 Dragon. Able to throw a ball for Leliana in 9:31 Dragon when Leliana came back to court, and had been there as the Antivan Ambassador for a while. I estimate year of birth around 9:11 Dragon as the latest she could have been born.
  • Solas: who the fuck knows, really. Appears to be ~40.
  • Blackwall: probably in his forties as of 9:41 Dragon . Real Blackwall was recruited in 9:17 Dragon and became Warden-Constable in 9:28 Dragon. Conferred with Warden-Commander Fontaine in 9:36 before falling off the map, and re-emerging in 9:41. Rainier spent a few years squandering tourney winnings before joining the Imperial Army. Served in the army for years. Became a mercenary after leading his men to unknowingly commit an act of treason. Indeterminate number of years as a merc, probably met real Blackwall sometime after 9:36 Dragon.
  • Cole: do spirits have an age? Young twenties in appearance.
  • Iron Bull: probably late thirties/early forties as of 9:41 Dragon . Spent a number of years in the Ben-Hassrath before being sent to Seheron, where he lasted eight years before it broke him. Transferred to Orlais as a spy, spent a few years with Fisher’s Bleeders before founding The Bull’s Chargers.