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I’ve been seeing a man in my backyard for the past two nights

Story by reddit user Opinionson

To start I need to give some background:

I am a male who lives in relatively nice neighborhood

It’s your average small town run of the mill suburbs area with not a lot of people.

I am a college kid who’s home on break while my parents have gone away which doesn’t help at all.

I have a two story house

I do not have gun nor do I have any real weapons other than kitchen knives

I am not on any medication and I have no record of schizophrenia or any other mental illnesses

I barely have any relationships with my neighbors most of whom are elderly and the rest I have minimal contact with

I do not have any people in my neighborhood (that I know of) who have reasons to attack or harm me

Now, let’s get into what has been happening. About two nights ago I woke up very late in the night and I went to the bathroom to go take a shit. Now, my second story bathroom has a window that can see the entirety of my backyard. Directly behind it is a cul de sac which you can see directly into. There is a group of trees and pile of rocks and mulch that divides it. Usually I can see everything in my backroom without turning on my because lights from my neighbor’s house dimly lights the room.

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The Profound Bond as Allegory

“I understand. The bird represents God. And coyote is man, endlessly chasing the divine, yet never able to catch him. It’s… It’s hilarious.” —Castiel, Hunteri Heroici, 8x08

For me, a forty-mumblemumble-year-old who has never shipped anything other than packages via FedEx or USPS before, Destiel was initially amusing. Then intriguing. And the more I watched the show, the more I read meta analyses from fans, the more I explored whatever that relationship was through my own writing, something kept eluding me. Something deep. Something profound.

And one day in the shower—because all of my sudden insights take place in the shower, where I have no place to record them—I finally caught up to the idea that had been teasing at the edges of my mind for months. Yes, one can view Supernatural as an urban-fantasy-adventure-horror story. One can view it as a love story. And it also works really well as an allegory.

There’s a reason why, in Jewish tradition, Shir Hashirim—Song of Songs—is the biblical book considered to be an allegorical expression of the love between God and the Jewish people. It’s also essentially biblical porn. When we’re integrated with our human physical selves, experiencing the world through physical senses, sexuality is one of the most powerful ways to give and receive feelings of love and connection that transcend words.

On the surface, the very physical surface, Destiel is about two really hot guys who can’t quite figure out how to tell each other that they love each other—that they’re in love with each other. Dig a little deeper, and it’s about a man (especially in Season four) who sees himself as a fuckup (he did start the apocalypse, after all), who can only make a difference through hunting, and is completely undeserving of the attention of an angel, who in turn sees himself as trying but always failing, yet dedicated to proving his own worth to the man who represents everything beautiful about humanity, and everything heaven is missing.

But underneath that there’s something more.

Dean is human. He operates on the limited information available at the time, with limited resources, and limited energy. He tries. Sometimes he’s successful. Sometimes he fails. And with one notable exception, his moral compass is true. He redeems himself by saving others. He tries to prove his worth, tries to prove that it wasn’t a mistake for him to be on the planet, by saving others. He gives with everything he has, even if that’s not enough.

The one notable exception to his moral compass is what happened in hell. That he broke under torture. That he became that which he despised. That he became everything he’d ever fought against. It’s the one thing for which he can never forgive himself, the one thing for which he can never allow anyone else to forgive him.

Castiel is an angel. Timeless, powerful (for a while anyway), unknowable in his complexity. He operates—at first—on orders, without question. And when he does finally question, he sees that Dean’s moral compass is truer than that of the angels in charge. He sees that Dean—humanity, doing the right thing, making a positive difference in someone’s life—is worth learning from, worth fighting for, worth venerating.

Castiel has seen Dean at his very worst, seen Dean torturing others and enjoying it, seen Dean’s self-hatred that grew out of it. And still, Castiel helps, follows, saves, loves. Everything he does, no matter how badly it turns out, is for Dean.

Castiel is unconditional love.

He might get angry. He might disagree. But he will never stop loving Dean. He will never stop seeing the brightness in Dean’s soul, Dean’s beauty, Dean’s goodness.

How many of us yearn for that?

That no matter how many mistakes we make, how many bad decisions, how many times we strike out, how little we think we’ve accomplished, someone or something always sees our innate goodness, the beauty that is our essence, the brightness with which we shine.

We spend so much of our lives certain that we’re not enough: not beautiful enough, not thin enough, not muscular enough, not tall enough, not wealthy enough, not in a good enough job, not lovable enough, not smart enough, not educated enough, not a good enough child / sibling / parent / friend / employee / employer. What would it mean to hear someone say that none of that matters? That you are a beautiful, bright, shining soul and nothing could ever tarnish your worth.

Because you are, and nothing can. And no matter how much you think you’ve failed, you are loved.

Black Tumblr has got to stop making everything about race.

Article: woman (who just happens to be black) dies of anafalactic shock after accidentally being served onions at local restaurant.

Tumblr: another black person dying and it isn’t major news? Amerikkka.

Article: this young man who happens to be black is volunteering at a soup kitchen

Tumblr: #blackpride

Article: the cause of the crash that killed this family of 4 (who just happened to be black) was a faulty traffic light.

Tumblr: # protectblacklives

Article: Child (who just happened to be black) bullied for liking pokemon. Later commits suicide

Tumblr: why do black people have to deal with stuff like this?

Stop turning things that don’t have to do with race into racial issues. If it would have happened regardless of race, your tumblr activism hashtags and comments only take away from it. Someone doing something good or bad regardless of race does not need your attempt at problack commentary. If race is not a clear central theme of the action, then those are just empty words. That is just making light of the incedent. That is just diverting attention to the unimportant.

If I win a debate competition or save someone’s life or get attacked by a dog, I wouldn’t want people to focus on my race when it isn’t even notable to what happened.

Wrapped Around; pt.6

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 11.8k words 

Originally posted by shinevmin

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

A/N: hur hur finally!!! I always feel horrible for making y’all wait for a month for each chapter haha. also, im running out of appropriate vmin gifs lmaooo

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4 | Part 5


Jimin silently stuffs a spoonful into his mouth and although he had no appetite, the mere thought of this being something you made is enough to push him to forcefully swallow it. He thinks perhaps if he ate enough of it, it could help fill the vague emptiness he felt in his chest but he knew that only one thing could do that and that was you.

“So, he went to the ball with this Mina girl?” Solji asks, her voice slightly fuzzy over the phone speaker.

You let out a low hum of agreement, sinking down onto your bed, the phone still pressed to your ear.

“Because she asked?”

“Yes,” You sigh, setting your phone next to your head after selecting the loudspeaker option on your screen.

“And you had a week to ask him to the ball but you didn’t?”

“Well, I mean… yeah… but whatever, that’s not my point,” You groan. “My point is that he slept with Mina.”

“And is that a surprise to you? You really can’t blame him can you?” She asks. “He probably waited for you to ask him out to the ball and when you didn’t, he assumed you weren’t interested and went for someone else who was.”

“But I am interested,” You grumble, running your hand over your face in frustration.

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MBTI types as stupid Rajoy quotes

~ Requested: this is a special post in regards to today’s (failed) motion of no confidence to the Spanish Government. All quotes are by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.
Note: all should be read with a 101% convinced tone.

INTP: “Do you think before speaking or do you speak after thinking?”

: “It will be agreed that being solidary is not the same as being solidary for nothing”. 

ISFJ: “It’s so good being able to speak well of someone who deserves to be spoken well of, and also speaking well of them because they deserve it”. 

ENTJ: The more you know, the better. Being an engineer or a football player can lead to many doors being opened”.

ESFP: “Spain is a great country, which does great things and has Spaniards”.

INTJ: “Sometimes the best decision is not to make any decision at all. Which is making a decision as well”.

ENFJ: “Friends are not made through substitution but through expansion”.

ISFP: “One should not be absurdly optimistic just as one should not be too bleak, because we all know this is an unreal view of the actual world”.

ENTP: “So, let’s see… Uh… Measures to create employment? Well, this very notable thing happened… I have it written right here, but I don’t understand my handwriting”. 

INFJ: “We are feelings and we have human beings”.

ISTJ: “Cars have to be driven on the road and airplanes have to fly from airports”. 

ISTP: “Long live the wine!”

ESTJ: “They’re increasing the value-added tax! That kid! Their candy! They’re increasing the value-added tax of their candy!

INFP: “This is not like water falling from the sky, no one exactly knowing why".

ESTP: “I’m off to watch the football match. The soccer team deserves it and all matters have been solved. I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t the case”. 

ENFP: “And the worse, the better for all. Better for me: yours. Political benefit”
(This is legit. Original version: “Y cuanto peor para todos, mejor. Mejor para mí el suyo. Beneficio político”.)

Next up is Papyrus (first outfit)!

Opening Battle Quote

*  Papyrus blocks the way!
His bone club looks dangerous–but his scarf catches your attention!


Firm, kind, and not as gullible as he generally leads on–

Papyrus doesn’t share his true feelings with most monsters, and he has a terrible fear of failing everyone around him. This same fear has encouraged him do things he doesn’t want to in order to gain other’s favor. 

Role in Monofell

He was supposed to be the one to capture the human, as he is Undyne’s fearless second-in-command, but what happens next will completely (or not) shock you!

Notable Differences

  • His bones are charred black and his spine is permanently crooked from a childhood experiment gone wrong. Despite the physical injuries, he’s still athletically capable of almost anything.

  • “NYEH HA HA!”

Vepr 5.45x39

Russian made AK variant that uses an RPK receiver. This one just happens to have RPK furniture installed, notably the uncommon railed handguard. With the recent sanctions against Molot, the company that produces the Vepr rifles and shotguns, the inevitable price increase has already begun. I’ve already seen some Gunbroker listings with Banned attached to the header. (GRH)


Representation: Make Your Own, Vote with Your Wallet

Here’s a comic that I drew up to explain my grievances with these counter-arguements I’ve seen popping up. I’ll write more in text here.

I don’t want to stop anyone from making their own games. Making games is a hard, incredibly rewarding creative task, and you should never stop making games, ever. You want to see a game that is totally your thing, your own brainchild go out into the world for people to enjoy? Do it. Make that game, and share with the world more culture than ever before. There is nothing stopping you from making your own game except time and effort.

But one person’s games, that’s just one voice in a million. As a gay person (and I cannot speak for anyone else but my own gay self), I grew up without any gay protagonists, with the constant background radiation of “Straight Is Normal”. Every romance, every love interest, every single character who wasn’t a joke or a villain, straight. I couldn’t share a part of me that was vitally important to me, and nobody knew what being gay meant, since there were no positive gay characters in the media we were consuming. If I made a game with a gay main character, that would still be one game in tens of thousands. It wouldn’t reach a wide audience, and there wouldn’t be the presence in media that is sorely required. I would need to have a marketing campaign, and millions of dollars I don’t have to reach the audience who really needs this representation.

Because this isn’t about one game, this isn’t about any particular game. This is about culture in general. Children will grow up playing straight leads and create straight leads in their own games. They won’t think “Hey, maybe I should make this lead gay” because that’s not what they grew up playing. We imitate what we’ve learnt, and we create building blocks with which we craft stories. The gun toting veteran soldier is always male, the princess who needs saving is always female, the hero is always straight and always gets the girl.

But what if we made sure that wasn’t the case? What if the hero had a gay love interest, what if the princess was a dude, what if the gun toting vet was a lady? What if we explore these avenues, construct a more complex narrative and not just rehash the same narratives we ourselves played as children?

We shout loudly for this to happen, decry wasted opportunities because we need to. Because if we don’t bring it to the attention of the people making the games, nobody will. We cannot remain passive consumers - “only play the games you like” only counts if there are games that represent us - and if there are parts of those games we find hurt us, we can still love those games and recognise the hurtful bits. I do not want to boycott games with problematic elements - that will ensure only bad games get made. How do you make money speak the necessary things we have to say?

(As a footnote, I will explain how money talks. Money is a language all of it’s own, and it is a very simple language. If you give someone money for doing something, you are saying “I support the thing you are doing”. If you do not give them money, you aren’t really saying anything, as it could be anything from “I don’t support this at all!” to “Eh, I wasn’t invested enough to lay down money” to “I wanted to support you, but I couldn’t.”. Now, if someone made a really really good game, but it had an insulting or degrading depiction of your group inside it, and you really liked the game, would you buy it? Would you not buy it? If you bought it, you are supporting the status quo - they will continue to do anyway. If you didn’t buy it, they might think “Wow, we need to not do a game like this ever again” and not even consider that the problematic elements were the problem. Money is too crude of a language to get this across.)

So, we are left with the only avenue that is viable for us: Actual Dialogue and Critique. Where we are free to say “I really liked this game, but it had problematic elements in it”, and discuss the things that went wrong in the game. Now, critique is not the same as censorship. With censorship, you remove the media from the public’s eye as soon as possible, so that their eyes are not offended by it. I do not want this. I cannot stress enough that I do not want this. Censorship is a regressive and counterproductive tactic, which does not help us learn from our mistakes and missteps. If we censored every piece of art that had mistakes, we would stagnate.

Critique, on the other hand, is the honing of skills and behaviour through discussion of the implementation of such behaviour. Just like an artist can recieve critique on anatomy,a writer can recieve critique on representation. A poor artist draws what they think something looks like, a poor writer writes what they think something acts like. And just like a poor artist can avoid drawing body parts they have no skill in drawing, a poor writer can avoid including people they know nothing about. Representation is simply another way we can improve the quality of our games - with proper representation comes richer, more varied casts.

I want to stress again that critique is forward thinking, not backward thinking. When we say, say, that Assassin’s Creed: Unity has four identical white males and that’s boring and samey - it is a critique of the game itself. It is a flaw that perhaps Ubisoft can learn from, and if we didn’t point it out, they would be none the wiser about it. Ignoring flaws is just as bad as censorship - both ways we learn nothing about it. Would you like to see a game industry filled with nothing but grizzly Doom Marines? If nobody pointed that out, the industry would blindly make more Doom Marines, because that’s what would sell. But once we’ve pointed out the samey Doom marines, or the four white lads, future games can be made that have an eye to this critique, and it can only benefit everyone. Sure, there will still be problematic games, but we are only human, and we are still allowed to enjoy those games. But I think the game industry can be better, and it needs to be told where it is going wrong. Those games that it creates, they will still exist for you to enjoy. They will always exist, and they will be fun.

I know you want creative freedom, and I do too, but the industry makes a profit from creating games geared with marketing and not just a little cynicism. By having better representation, we open up avenues for more voices, more varied creators to have their say, not just the ones that “sell at the moment”, as executives, the ones that are really in charge of the creative decisions, are a frightened and conservative lot. If we show them that no, we won’t stand for this lack of representation, they will have to reconsider their cynical and conservative marketing avenues. And we can’t do this by money alone. Money can only take us part of the way there, and for the rest of it, the vast majority, we need…


I bet even some of you out there are still skeptical, like, why do we even need better representation, games are fine as they are. I’m not here to tell you that you can’t enjoy games. I’m not here to tell you that games aren’t important, or aren’t art, or should be a lame minority rainbow, or that all games should be Captain Planet and the Planeteers, where social consciousness is the deal of the day, all day, every day. I think that would be terrible. But what I do want? I want gay heroes to be just as normal and ordinary as straight heroes. I want black heroes to be unnotable and accepted. I want female heroes, I want trans heroes. I want characters that stick in people’s minds as normal. There is no “Special Snowflake Patrol” wanting to make every hero be an intersection with every marginalised group.

I just… want to be normal. I don’t want to have to shout, or campaign, or point out Straight White Male Protagonist #6753 as being yet another wasted opportunity.

I want to be normal. I want to be able to walk down the street with my boyfriend, holding hands, without people recalling all the regressive stereotypes that they have seen in the media and informed themselves about my sexuality.

I want to be normal. I want to be the hero sometimes, I want to be the villain sometimes. I want great gay romance, I want terrible gay romance.  I want to pick up a straight-to-DVD animated movie and sometimes see gay characters just existing, being gay, without it being notable or anything.

But that will never happen if I just make my own media and just passively consume the media that most closely fits me. Not existing in media I enjoy is not good enough for me. I refuse to be a passive consumer. This solution needs


And if we need to get a little loud to be heard over the roar, well, that’s just what we’ll have to do. Why not join in, so that we can fix this problem sooner, and we can all rest and enjoy making our own games, while enjoying games made by teams of people with far more money than we’ll ever see in our lifetimes? After all, it must be great to see a big budget game with a romance that you can connect with. I wish I could play one!

And even though I’m gay, and not a person of colour, female, or transgender, I still want them to feel the same thing I’m striving for. That’s what equality is all about. I’ll help them, they’ll help me, and if you help as well, to strike up dialogue, to critique, to discuss and deconstruct, we’ll get there.

We’ll get nowhere just passively consuming. Let us


UPDATE: My good friend Samael inked the comic for me! It looks much better now!

Twitter is the Answer. They Told Us.

I’ve been avoiding twitter. I don’t like twitter generally and didn’t want to be sucked in. But a few people, particularly @worriesconstantly—whose blog you should go to in order to learn more—kept insisting that that’s where we need to look. And it finally hit me: of course it is. We were told. It just took us a little longer to listen this time.

In T6T, we spotted John’s fake jpeg. blog post. “Odd,” we thought. “Could just be a mistake though.”

Before the season aired, John’s blog shut down. “That’s funny,” we responded. “Same season as this weird fake blog post. Eh, could be a coincidence.”

In TLD, no one seems to know that John’s blog exists. No explanation, it’s just … gone. “How strange,”—wait. Canceled blog, fake post, memory of the blog erased. Any one of those might be incidental, but all three? This is a patten. It has to be telling us something right? 

Oh, and one more thing: John is the narrator, the storyteller. Always has been. But in TFP, Mary tells the tale. She narrates the story. John’s narrative authority disappeared again.

But we couldn’t figure out an in-show explanation for the erasure of the blogs, so most of us let that slide as yet another loose thread, more unexplained proof of the fuckiness of the season. Now, I presume that there will be some in-show explanation later. But what if that wasn’t the main point? We’ve been talking endlessly of fourth-wall breaks, yet John’s blog was always their primary medium for accomplishing this, and now they’re erasing it? What if they were telling us: “things are changing. We will no longer communicated with you through the blogs. Look elsewhere.”

And they told us exactly where. We all knew it—up to a point. They said, “yes, we canceled the blog, but we’re doing something else. Keep your eyes open.” Then #SherlockLive (perhaps notably, only one letter short from #SherlockLives) happened. We saw; we played along; we gathered clues. And then we left. 

But that event couldn’t have been everything. That doesn’t explain the facts.

After all, they told us about #SherlockLives loud and clear. Why, then, these repeated hints insisting, “look elsewhere, look elsewhere, look elsewhere”? Perhaps so that when things—intricate, complex, highly planned and deeply invested things—started happening on twitter, the very medium to which the creators explicitly highlighted as the new medium of fourth wall breaks through #SherlockLive, we would pay attention.

And one more thing—this for me is the clincher. Season 4, Episode 1, Scene 1. Things already feel a bit off; perhaps a bit OOC. Essential code names are aired, footage is doctored. Even before TLD we realized that this is them telling us: something has shifted, pay attention. “Only those within this room,” Mycroft declares, “will ever know the whole truth.”

But we were in that room. And in that room Sherlock, for no apparent in-show reason, is tweeting.

It is time to dig into those intricate stories on the medium to which we were instructed to shift our attention—stories with altered footage; with Sherlock and John together and no Eurus. Time to listen to those who have already been playing attention. 

They told us. It is time to listen.

Edit: One more bit of evidence pointed out by @seekmyroom on twitter: When describing the abilities of Eurus (who, as a bonus, has been widely theorized to = John who in turn has been theorized to = us), Mycroft says: “she predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on the British mainland after an hour on twitter.” Predictions and twitter? Hmm, interesting … 

My school has gained a bit of infamy in the teen productions at the local theater, because we’re bored teenagers hanging out backstage and have nothing better to do than compare the high schools we go to. Some notable things that have happened include:
-That one study hall supervisor who was fired and arrested after sleeping with a student, then made his sentence worse by contacting her after his trial or something like that
-The honors biology teacher who has, among other things:
  -Made us dissect squids without gloves
  -Wouldn’t stop lecturing about the symbolism in some staircase in Gattaca, because it looked like a double helix. My class was spared from this lecture because someone almost passed out in the hallway from dehydration
  -Once started class with “so I got stung by like 40 bees over the weekend” and then proceeded to tell in extreme detail the story of how he got stung by “like 40 bees.” The next day he brought a bee in a jar to class to show everyone the kind he was stung by
  -Lectured about how tough he was as an 8 year old because he got stung by a man o’ war jellyfish
  -Lectured about that time he “ran Costa Rica for 10 weeks”
  -Lectured about that time he did a presentation on snakes to a Korean cult
  -Basically he gets himself off topic really easily and I know how to kill a sea urchin because of him, but I can’t name all the differences between plant and animal cells
-There’s the Jesus Fountain, which is the best water fountain
-Someone’s senior project was to paint a rock
-The Pizza Incident, in which aforementioned bio teacher got pissed at a student for ordering a pizza to the school, so they ordered him one the next day 
-The ridiculous amount of pencils stuck into the ceiling
-The ceiling tiles that bulge out, leak, and collapse during the winter
-Drive Your Tractor To School Day (to clarify, I go to a public high school in north east Ohio)
-The ridiculous amount of bomb threats at the Middle School last year, which happened so often that they stopped evacuating the school to look for evidence of bombs
-The carbon monoxide leak earlier in the year that lead to “happy gas leak day”
-Our slightly ridiculous mascot, some German guy with a giant moustache standing on a mountain, holding a pick-axe, wearing short shorts
-The fire extinguisher incident, where one kid set off a fire extinguisher in the band hallway. He later on taped a picture of a fire extinguisher in the front of one of the bio books in honors bio room
-There were rumors that said kid also somehow climbed onto the school roof during homecoming, but nothing was confirmed. Knowing him though, I’d believe it. He climbed the goal post during band camp. 

My brother went to the same school and graduated way back. In his days the gym ceiling looked like someone had fixed it with paper and duct tape, a girl passed out in gym class after smuggling alcohol in her water bottle, and there was a bathroom that was closed every year after the first quarter because people kept smoking in it  

Notable Things That Have Happened Thusfar in my D&D Game

- Party found a corpse that looked exactly like the kid they were trying to save, then they found the kid alive and threw the body in front of this 8 year old child and shouted out “EXPLAIN THIS!?”, because being kidnapped by the boogeyman was not traumatizing enough for a small child.
- A dwarf and an elf decide to go halvsies on a horse; spend an hour debating what to name said horse and whether or not they should buy a saddle or just ride bareback. The horse is named Debutante and they didn’t buy a saddle.
- A party member rolled a natural 20 on a performance check to sleep with a prostitute. The prostitute paid him.
- Party (who work for the monarch of a small Principality) convinces the sister of the monarch that her thoughts of commiting regicide/sororicide are totally well founded. Not because they don’t like their boss or anything, it’s just because the monarchs sister is really hot.
- Party cuts one of the heads off of a three headed troll. The troll head is still alive sans body. The party decides to keep the troll head so they can ask it to share it’s great knowledge and wisdom. The troll head has an Intelligence of 4.
- Party member rolls a natural one to identify a poison deadly enough to kill gods. Believes it to be a potion of eternal youth and beauty. Later when a dragon is demanding the party pay tribute the party rogue (who properly identified the poison) asks the cleric if she would be willing to part with that potion she found. The cleric tells the dragon all the great things about this potion. I roll an insight for the dragon. Natural 20, but also the cleric isn’t lying SO the dragon super believes everything this dwarf cleric is saying and drinks the poison DYING INSTANTLY.
- The elf gets a magic item that turns into a demon horse. Another hour of name debating. The nightmare’s name is Parliament. 

 Oh crap I forgot one from the first session: - Party encounters a Drider (centaur with bottom half spider top half elf). Dwarf cleric “is she hot? Is she single? How many boobs does she have?” I respond “she is half spider. you could ask I guess but she is trying to kill you? probably two.”. “What do you mean PROBABLY two?! Does she secretly have like 20 boobs?!” Ever since then we have started encounters with the party asking for the “titty count” on the monsters. This is when I learned that playing with these women is going to be a mildly different experience than what I am accustomed to.

A/B/O has ruined me...

In the best ways possible…

And I have to express this!

Most notably this month it’s happened with fics by these beautiful women:


Try to Understand
*Dean Smith? YES PLEASE. Alpha!Dean Smith.. emphatically yes please


*Young Dean.. yes young Dean

Location is Key
*A glorious quickie


*O-M-F-F (oh my fucking fuck, yes you read that right) I literally don’t know how or why, but I needed this in all of the best ways possible. This all around just hit every right spot imaginable. Bless you dearest Kitten.. I don’t even know what else to say to do it justice, just see for yourself.

Iron Heart
*Long, beautiful Alpha!Dean series


100 Kinks
*It’s in there.. Sam and Dean, along with lots of other fun things… lots


Entirely Soulless
*Of course Sam didn’t get left out of here! Never! That tall tree of a man… and Soulless!Sam no less


In a frenzy
*Another Sammy again for you…

Enjoy ;)


Notable things that happened during the 2017 MLB season (part 1/∞)

frick-dot-net  asked:

What in the world is tribetwelve

It’s a super great webseries created by Adam Rosner. If you’ve heard of Marble Hornets, it runs along the same genre vein as that. If you havent, they’re a part of the Slenderverse, which is a group of webseries (that sometimes crossover just for fun) surrounding the Slenderman mythos. Each have their own little side monsters and lore, and it gets pretty creative.

TribeTwelve follows the story of Noah Maxwell, who starts the YouTube channel for a class project about the Twelve Tribes of Israel. However, the project is soon cancelled by the teacher, and Noah decides to turn the channel into a dedication channel for his cousin Milo, who recently committed suicide. But in the videos he uploads documenting his and Milo’s friendship, he starts to notice some… strange things.

Channels like this tend to start in a similar way to that. But that’s about where the similarities end.

TribeTwelve is pretty unique in that the main character, Noah, is very aggressive. At least in the beginning. He’s the only character in the Slenderverse that I’ve seen try and bring a handgun to an extradimensional eldritch horror. There are “Fuck” compilations on YouTube putting together how many times Noah has said fuck in the face of danger. TribeTwelve definitely has the strongest language out of all of the webseries I’ve seen. But his “fight me” attitude makes the series super enjoyable and actually kind of funny, along with tragic and scary.

As the series goes on, Noah becomes more and more broken, though. He’s in a very bad spot currently in the story, and it really makes you feel for him.

Another thing that makes TT interesting and unique is its lore. Noah encounters this thing called the Collective, which is a group of……. time demons? I’m not sure we’ve fully discovered what exactly they are yet. But they’re freaky. They also have a tendency to possess all of Noah’s friends and family. And… sometimes Noah himself. Without any spoilers: Firebrand is actually one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever come across. His reveal was so satisfying, and he’s badass. I love him.

So… possession, demons, cults, time travel, dimension hopping, eldritch abominations, spirit breaking…. TribeTwelve is a wild ride. It’s one of my favorite webseries ever. There’s also a TT twitter which posts some story stuff, as well as such gems as “do you think being stalked by an eldritch horror counts as a pre-existing condition?” But it’s not necessary to follow to get the story, as anything notable that happens there, Noah usually goes over in his video.

I didn’t mean to go into such depth about it, but I just,,, I love TribeTwelve. I always say that if you’re going to get into the Slenderverse stuff, start with Marble Hornets. It is very straight forward and only includes one monster (unless you count the proxies), and the story is very easy to follow. But TribeTwelve is definitely one I’d recommend to anyone, regardless.

–Mod Mercy

On Civil Asset Forfeiture

So, forgive the faculty person in me for a moment, but it occurs to me that lots of people are probably responding to Donald Trump’s ridiculous “joke” about destroying the career of a Texas legislator who opposes civil asset forfeiture without actually knowing what civil asset forfeiture (CAF, from here on) is, and how pervasive it is.

In brief. the simple fact is that it is legal for the government to seize property that is suspected to have been used while committing a crime. That’s CAF. Notably, CAF can happen – and happens all the time – even if the person from whom the property is seized is never convicted of a crime. Government usually sells the asset, and pockets the earnings … leaving perfectly innocent people without homes, or cars, or much else.

Police departments and prosecutors LOVE CAF: they get resources without even bothering with trials, regardless of whether there are convictions. More, in those cases when someone is actually guilty but is unlikely to be convicted (which can happen), CAF is an informal, indirect form of punishment. And since Americans automatically assume someone is guilty just because they are arrested, we don’t care that lots of innocent people lose their property through CAF: we assume they must have been guilty of something, and so deserved it.

So here’s hoping a friend never accidentally leaves a joint in the back seat of your car, or a numbnuts cousin doesn’t leave his stash at your grandmother’s house. That’s a quick trip to walking street and homeless town … all in the name of American justice.

Quite the joking matter, huh?

Using Poppers: Or how to feel the rush & not end up in the ER.

So this is the first real P.S.A. I’ve ever written - but after a few messages over the past few months, I decided it was time to do a general intro & such on the use of those ever-potent little brown bottles that us Cardiophiles love to play with… POPPERS! 

So for the neophytes, what are these special chemicals that make us go wild? And for that matter, what good are they? Let’s take a brief look back in time for a bit on them.

Poppers - the chemical aromas found in such varities as “RUSH” “Jungle Juice” “Amsterdam” and many others have their origins in history as a derivative of Amyl Nitrite. Amyl Nitrite is a potent vasodialator which has been used in cardiovascular research & treatment of some conditions for decades. The actual process is this: Upon inhalation and contact with the bloodstream, Amyl Nitrite releases through chemical properties a crapload of nitric acid. Nitric acid in turn causes smooth muscle (including the arteries) to open and dilate. As the nitric acid swirls through the bloodstream, it passes through the heart, and opens the coronary arteries, dropping blood pressure around the heart. The heart senses this, and begins to pump not only faster but with more intensity, trying to balance the blood pressure not only around it - but also through the rest of the body. This drop in BP is also what gives the heady rush feeling just prior to your heart pumping in an incredible, intense manner. 

In the USA, as it is in some countries, Amyl Nitrite isn’t available without a prescription. Other chemical compounds have since made themselves widely available - Isobutyl Nitrite, Isopentyl Nitrite & Butyl Nitrite being the three most common. Usually you’ll find these in your local “adult’ store under various brands, often naming the use as “VCR Head Cleaner” “room aroma” among others. Many Leather stores sell wide varieties of these, all with similar chemicals in them to get your blood pumping and your heart pounding. 

So let’s now go into your first time - and what to expect. 

Chances are, if you’re using these bottles of potent vapor, you’re already pretty hard-core cardiophile, complete with stethoscope & most likely your microphone for posterity recordings. So here’s a basic timeline of what will happen on that first inhale:

0:10 - you feel a bit dizzy, and a bit tingly. 
0:15 - your skin tingles a bit more, and begins to ‘flush’ red- often starting in the head, down your neck, and across your chest. 
0:25-0:30 - your heart begins to pump with tremendous force, and your heart rate begins to accelerate.
0:35-0:45 - breathing becomes deeper and much more rapid; full intensity of the nitrites in your body; your heart is not reaching the higest level of impact from the first inhale
1:00-1:30 - the rush dissipates, and the heart begins to restore normal BP; it feels like your heart is pounding in your skull
1:30-3:00 - The heart begins to pump normally, and the rate returns to normal. 

As far as the physical effects, they do vary - but in my own course of research, I’ve noted these happening:

Strong & hard plunge in BP - in one instance, as my heart rate passed 160, my BP dropped to 90/40. 
More pronounced valve sounds - notably at tricuspid & mitral positions - as the heart dilates to pump more blood, the valve sounds become accentuated and the sound is incredible. Systolic murmurs can appear at the Aortic & pulmonic positions. 
Thundering heart- Exactly as it sounds, it feels as if your heart is trying to pump out of your ribs. 

Now mind you, that’s just one hit. Many of us (myself included) go for extended runs - poppering up if you will - to prolong the intensity of the effects on the heart. And you can, with experience & practice, do the same for yourself. But there are a few things that can make or break the experience:

1.) Straight-breathing the vapors will kill the effect after about four minutes - you’ll lose the rush, and the intensity of the pleasure. It is better to pace the hits out on a regular time basis and keep the intensity - and the pumping of your heart - at the maximum level.  In my own work (and my work with other ‘subjects’) I have found that hits every 35-45 seconds works good for a 9-12 minute cycle. 

2.) Your body type, size, etc. do play a role on how they impact your heart - as well as other things. For example: A heavy, burly man like myself requires longer and more deep hits for the right impact on my heart; a thin, younger man’s heart. 

3.) Smoking: The nitrites are VERY flammable - if you use tobacco products, do not mix the two together. You’ll end up in the burn ward.  

4.) Prolonged exposure can cause some temporary effects you don’t necessarily want. If you’re new, don’t do repeat hits until after you’ve experienced what poppers do to your body & your heart. 

Popper no-nos:

I have seen, experimented & tried many methods of working my heart over to get it to beat like I want it - and I’ve learned quite a bit on myself and my ‘subjects’ Here’s a list of warnings & such that you might be wary of:

1.) Your erection may fall flat: As BP drops hard, so will your shaft. It is a natural course to happen, so you may have to edge yourself up a bit. 
2.) Notable irregular beats: I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions - and on a few subjects. During an intense popper session, I began to have dropped beats - that wonderful ‘pause’ that lasts a little too long followed by a powerful contraction of the ventricles.  More commonly though, they begin to appear at the end of a poppers session - and can be not only a lot more frequent, but last for several minutes. (My ‘record’ was 2:30 of irregular beats.)
3.) Poppers & stimulants: You might think this will heighten the effects on your heart… but it doesn’t. While both make your heart race & your blood surge, both act differently on the heart. Stimulants force the heart to pump faster & harder by raising blood pressure, poppers do the same by lowering blood pressure. Poppers & stimulants end up counteracting each other, and really ruin the ‘rush’ of poppers - and of stimulants. Best recommendation: Do one, or the other, but not both. 
3.) Poppers & Viagra/Cialis/Levitra/Quickerdickeruppers (Both prescription & OTC). DON’T EVER DO THIS. I mean that. I have experimented on a gentleman who took a Cialis, and wanted a poppering session without telling me of his Cialis. Three minutes in, his heart rate passed 190, and his BP dropped to unmeasurable levels - followed by his passing out. And then a trip to the ER and some very awkward questions followed. Cialis, etc. are potent vasodilators in their own right, and do similar effects on the heart as do poppers. Combining the two could lead to a death certificate as the heart becomes hypoxic - with no oxygen reaching the heart muscle, ventricular fibrilation & cardiac arrest could follow.  Remember: Don’t mix the two - ever. 
4.) Other illegal drugs: I’m not advocating these drugs at all - as mild or as wild as they may be. I can say this: Poppers interact with everything- and will screw your heart up good when combined with illegal drugs. 

So there you have it, my fellow cardiophiles. If you choose to go the poppers route, welcome - play safe & play careful. Know your body, know your heart, and have fun. 

A Job Well Done

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Eggsy Unwin x Male!Reader

Length: 1425 words

Warnings: swears, the age-old ‘kissing to get out of trouble’ trope


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Azoff Rumors

I’m terrible like this and don’t have the source, but I saw that there was some sketchy anon who apparently is claiming that Irving Azoff convinced Louis to do babygate in order to screw him over, ditch “difficult” fans like Larries, and promote solo Harry with a het!Harry image.

The OP was clear that this is not to be taken as fact, so don’t get me wrong; this is not a condemnation of the OP.

I did, however, find that theory to be implausible and because it’s such a dramatic yet somewhat plausible idea, I wanted to make a post about the things that don’t make sense.

  • Screwing Louis over entails that Louis and Harry and the whole band would find out that he’d been screwed over (if this were real and the fandom were hearing about it, you’ve got to assume the boys would already know)
    • This pretty much eliminates any chance they have of signing the more lucrative 1D band (their last album sold more than 2 times Harry’s album did in the 1st week), or if there’s somehow a binding deal in place, of having them cooperate and re-sign later
      • Yes, Harry’s popularity could grow, but 1D is a sure thing, Harry’s future popularity is not, so from a business perspective, 1D is still very valuable as a band, and if you have both solo Harry and 1D that’s ideal
    • This also pretty much means losing Harry’s good will and cooperation
      • In this vein, Harry seems relatively happy with his promo so far, accepting that happiness is a nebulous measure
      • Also, Harry has seemed relatively unstrained with Jeff Azoff who surely would be hit with some of the fallout if this were true
      • We’ve seen the boys show strain with people on their teams that they’re supposed to love before, so it’s not unlikely that we would see it now if there was strain
  • Harry doesn’t want het!Harry
    • Harry was perfectly happy to send a barrage of signs that he’s not straight and that Larry is a real thing, he did this over the course of several years and there’s nothing to indicate he would happily stop
      • The fact that Harry’s band is wearing rainbow shoes, Harry wore a rainbow pin and jacket, that rainbows were in Harry’s album booklet, and that Harry’s support of the LGBT+ community was a talking point in his promo indicate his continuing desire to not be seen as straight
    • If Azoff plans on marketing Harry as straight, again, I can’t see Harry jumping on board with that, especially when it’s a step back from the FOUR promo season and Harry and Louis slowly being allowed to be seen near each other again
      • We’re back to the point that pushing het!Harry, especially by throwing Louis under the bus, would lose them Harry’s good will and cooperation and any chances of re-signing him
        • If they were using het!Harry to get rid of Larries and build a more expansive and diverse fanbase, you would assume they would want to stick around in years to come to reap the long-term benefits
  • Harry’s promo so far has included the regressive 1D vs. Zayn narrative that is fake and serves no one but the old team
    • Alienating Zayn, again, means eliminating Azoff’s chance at signing the most lucrative part of 1D, the 5-person band
    • Solo Harry gains little to nothing from furthering this narrative
    • Solo Harry’s dissing Zayn conveniently comes in sync with Solo Liam’s dissing Zayn (after having been the most pro-Zayn narrative-wise for a long, long time)
      • Again, bringing up Zayn at this juncture is pretty much unnecessary for both Solo Harry and Solo Liam
      • The fact that it was brought up again for both and that the spin was the same means that there was coordination between teams which there shouldn’t be since Liam and Harry have completely different teams
        • This isn’t necessarily negative or tied to Syco, but we’re still seeing other coordination with the boys- we’ve seen new brand deals spanning across all the boys, notably Gucci, and again, this shouldn’t be happening since their teams are supposed to all be different
    • The only people who really gain from making Zayn look bad and making the band look fractured and the hiatus like it’s not going to end are Syco and Modest
  • Across the board, Syco seems to still have their fingers involved in all of 1D’s stuff somehow
    • Seeing that several boys are still at least partially controlled by Syco somehow, it only makes sense that all of them are, it makes more sense to think that continuing link is responsible for narrative delays and regressions rather than Azoff
      • Liam’s babygate 2.0 and solo promo (that basically revolves around babygate 2.0) that heavily promotes Cheryl
      • the subtle yet noticeable push to make it seem like the hiatus isn’t going to ever end and will just end up being a break up that came from both Liam and Harry
      • the negative Zayn stuff that came from both Liam and Harry
      • Niall’s validation / involvement of the narrative for babygate, babygate 2.0, and Liam’s bearding with Cheryl
      • Louis’ continuing link to Syco as his label which has done nothing but sabotage him
      • The continued “Simon is great!” BS spread in Dan Wootton’s interviews (Harry and Niall at least) and other interviews the boys do
      • Oh yeah, just the fact that Dan frickin’ Wootton is still getting interviews, even podcasts, with the boys, Niall is still connected to Modest, but discounting him, you’ve still got Liam and Harry who have no reason to be giving The Sun or Dan priority
  • Have they really acted like they wanted to get rid of Larries?
    • There was definitely a struggle during FOUR promo and OTRA between the old team’s closeting tactics and a new push for Harry and Louis to be able to publicly interact again
      • presumably some powerful force was working in the boys’ favor against the old team, and that would be their new team, believed to be Azoff
    • There has definitely been a split between how the US press spins stories relating to all the boys vs how the UK press does
      • it’s long been speculated that someone powerful is trying to protect the boys in the US, probably Azoff
    • Larries are most visible when they’re reacting to something bad, so all they had to do to keep Larries while not scaring off new fans, is not give Larries anything major to push back against
      • Harry’s current image minus some of the het stuff basically ensures no push back as long as they don’t touch Larry to start with (don’t poke the beehive with a stick and you won’t get stung)
      • If they want a more varied fan base, those fans are going to be casual and aren’t going to be in the fandom spaces of the current, more hardcore fans, so it doesn’t really matter if Larries are figuring out things that are supposed to be secret
      • Is het!Harry really essential to gaining new fans?
        • They’re already sending mixed messages with the het!Harry in the promo and yet the rainbows and LGBT+ talking points in interviews, so they can’t be too worried about some gay rumors scaring people off
        • TV shows, movies, and comic books have already accepted that the LGBT+ community is valuable / profitable to market to

Possible Azoff Smear Campaign / Fandom Demoralization Campaign

To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of rumors and discussions about Azoff not being as friendly to the boys as the fandom previously thought in the last few months, and it makes me feel like there’s a campaign to make the fandom distrust Azoff more than it makes me feel like Azoff is actually the bad guy here.

There are people who pay attention to when and how fandom chatter changes to various BTS people involved with the boys.  I’ve seen theories before about how Syco is trying to deflect negative attention from some of their people elsewhere, so I see no reason that the negativity towards Azoff couldn’t be just another way to deflect attention.  

Also, making the analysis fandom believe the boys are trapped yet again with an unsavory team for an unknown amount of time, and making Larries believe that New Team doesn’t want them anymore than the old one did, is sure to be demoralizing.  Who has been trying to get rid of these sectors of the fandom for a long time?  Old Team.  Who benefits from demoralizing fans so that they leave the 1D fandom?  The same people who pushed so hard for fans to think the hiatus was a break up- Old Team.

The Disappointment Factor

Anons are always sketchy sources since anons can be so easily used for spreading narratives and gaslighting.  At the same time, I think a lot of the fandom is just disappointed that things haven’t gotten better as quickly in the timeframe that we’d hoped for.  Because of that, I think people are taking it out on Azoff who was viewed as a “savior”, now that the saving hasn’t happened as of yet.

Fandom analysis has always been guesswork because we don’t know what’s going on BTS, so fandom expectations of Azoff were never based on any concrete promise or timeline.  That means that there’s no reason to blame Azoff over anyone else that fandom expectations haven’t been met. 

Conclusion: Don’t Think of Things That Are Uncertain As Certain

Obviously I fall in the camp that believes that Syco’s continued involvement is to blame for the negative things we’re seeing, but I’m not demanding everyone else necessarily believe it.  

What I’m doing is saying to take speculation about Azoff screwing the boys over with a dump truck full of salt and consider the reasons I give above for why this particular rumor doesn’t seem to add up to me.

We tend to think we know more than we do about what’s going on BTS.  We just don’t.  We don’t have enough information and we don’t have reliable sources.  The more we think we know for sure, the less we’ll consider all the angles of what’s going on, and therein lies the potential to severely misinterpret things.  

I just want to urge everyone not to get caught up too much in the trends of opinion in the fandom, and especially not the negative ones which are always more likely to cause damage.

anonymous asked:

why's Liu Tingting DL?

Ok so that’s an interesting question lol!

Liu Tingting is often referred to as “DL” in Chinese gymternet. DL stands for - as you may have guessed - Diva Liu (lmao) 

In Chinese gymternet culture, the word diva only carries positive connotation, meaning “someone who slays”? and since Liu tingting is one of the strongest members of the team (who also happens to have style) she was crowned this title. 

Also notable is how Luo Huan also earned her title as the second “DL” due to her good showing this year despite injuries. So now you should address them as DLiu and DLuo, or DLs as a whole xD