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Love this blog and this anon is curious about who do you think its best got7 songwriter?

Hey anon! Thank you so much for saying that. <3 You mean my personal preference, right? Not by astrological standards? lol 

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Ben as Jonathan's first ever real friend. Ben's character loves popular music and wears bright clothing, the opposite of Jonathan on the outside. But after they meet in the dark room and bond over photography, they find they have this connection. Shitty dads, taking care of younger siblings, a passion for the arts, etc. A good happy friendship occurs.

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U know if you think about both community are kinda in a panic mode rn because in marks we r hunting dark hints and what good comes from that (probably none) and in jacks community everything is sorta just slightly burning because Anti didn't show up for Halloween and with all the attention and WKM on his birthday it's basically hell rn but if Mark and jack decide to release dark and Anti around the same time like just a few days apart we'll then we r gonna have death & flames and butts to kick.

Mark’s a meanie and I’m not ready for whatever may happen with him and Dark and Wilford in the near future. 

 Jack’s being cryptic with a TON of recent likes about Anti. 

 I can’t take this.

*constantly lives in Theorist Lab downing ANOTHER coffee with shaking hands*

jesus I’d forgotten how much Ten gets put through the wringer in season 4 but like…. he really goes through it

first there’s Jenny– he’s only just come around to the idea of having a family again and then it’s ripped away from him

then he meets River, and just as he’s beginning to trust her he has to watch her die, knowing that he’ll always know what happened to her whenever he meets her in the future

then there’s fucking MIDNIGHT right afterwards, one of the few times in his life he’s been truly powerless– not only is he trapped in his body and being forced to shout for his own execution, but the humans he’d befriended turned on him

and then there’s freaking Stolen Earth / Journey’s End where after finding Rose again he has to say goodbye (though granted, whether or not that was necessary is VERY debatable) and he loses Donna on the same day

so after that rapid-fire string of traumatising bullshit, is it any wonder he straight-up cracks in Waters of Mars

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Hey, I'm really scared right now. Will the FCC be successful in taking away net neutrality? If so, can we ever try to get it back again?

Yes, they’ll be successful in it.

It’s possible to re-implement previous regulations, but I don’t see that happening any time in the near future as things are right now.

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When you talk to your irl friends about this show what do you talk about?

Only one friend of mine watches the show, and it’s not like we talk about it that often, but when it happens it’s mostly about the plot and lore, and foreshadowing for future events, rather than about the characters development itself. I live a double life made of lies.

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Do you think we’ll see Ruby doing more sliver eye magic this volume or will be future ones??

It’ll definitely happen at some point - when and where I’m not sure. 

Juventus star Paulo Dybala has released an interview with France Football talking about the current campaign and his future

“I can’t promise I will stay at Juventus forever. It does not depend on me but I don’t even want to say that this will be my last season here. I want to win everything now, football is strange you never really know what will happen in the future.”

“I’d like to battle it out with Neymar for the Ballon d’Or but he is closer to that achievement than I am. I need to work to improve and win trophies. I’ve always admired Ronaldinho but Messi is like Maradona for me. It’s a honour to play alongside him in the national team. I don’t feel the pressure of being the new Messi, it’s not a bad thing for a footballer, it only depends on how you take it.”

“Buffon is a legend, he’s 40 but he is like he had 20. I must admit I miss Dani Alves and Pogba. Alves has an amazing vision and is really self-confident, he is one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Pogba is a friend of mine, we were on very good terms on and off the pitch.”

What It Takes...

 The Mercenary captain who lost everything. The dreaded general of the Eggman Empire. A fanmix for our favorite tryhard jackal. An Infinite fanmix/playlist. Note: the last two songs are songs which symbolize the open-endedness of what might happen in the future with Infinite and various fans views on him. Listen to my last two playlists here and here.

 You’re Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring / Renegades - X Ambassadors / Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Cage The Elephant / Heathens - Twenty One Pilots /   Break - Three Days Grace /  I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin / Crawling - Linkin Park / Control - Halsey / Bodies - Drowning Pool / Master of Puppets - Metallica / The Imperial March - Celldweller (remix) / My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy /  Paint It Black - Ciara (cover) / Who Will Save You Now? - Les Friction / Faint - Linkin Park / In The End - Linkin Park / I’m A Wanted Man - Royal Deluxe / New Divide - Linkin Park / Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park / What I’ve Done - Linkin Park / Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park / Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin / Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional 

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I can't wait until medication and healthcare advances so transmasc people and transfem people can swap body parts but it seems the industry is focusing on other stuff ;-;

Well organ and tissue transplants are getting better by the day so it looks like it will happen in the future


tbh i want a scene in s5 where lance is battling in red - and like they havent formed voltron yet - and then all of a sudden red just..shuts down?? the cockpit goes dark and he no longer has control and hes just ???? kinda panicking a little. a lot when red turns around and starts flying away from the battle. everyones like lance wtf r u doing and even tho hes freaking out he just explains and tells them to keep fighting bc hes gonna try to deal with this but no matter what he does he cant get red to respond to him and they just keep getting farther and farther away. 

and red takes him to remnants of another battle. spaceship shrapnel littered amongst the stars. red pushes her way through it, opens her mouth, and swallows up a small, dark figure. 

and lances eyes widen bc theres literally one person that could be. he rushes from the cockpit and finds a bloodied, unconscious keith. and its probably a bad idea, considering how injured keith is, but lance desperately tries to shake him awake. calling his name until keith groans and his eyes flutter open and he croaks…”lance?”

lance laughs in relief. and he begins to ramble abt how i thought i lost u there for a sec and i never thought i’d be so glad to hear u say my name and then explains how red took him here and he helps keith into the cockpit and keith leans heavily against him, fighting to stay conscious

the cockpit lights back up when they enter it. and lance almost thinks that its responding to keith but he can feel red all around him, feel their connection, and its like red is saying her job is done now. its up to him again. so he settles keith down and tries to patch him up the best he can but theres not much he can do. so he straightens and scratches his neck nervously bc what now? “where should i take u?” he asks. where is the bom? why did they just leave him?

and keith replies, voice heavy and eyes heavier, “the castle.” 

“what?” bc lance was sure that keith would be adamant abt getting back to the blades. to his mission. bc thats just keith. 

but keith looks at him and, slipping back into unconsciousness, he says, “take me home”


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

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