this happens almost every year and it s u c ks


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*When you fell down the hill he stood there in shock. By the time you looked up all grassy from the roll he was crouched at the top holding in his laugh and just fronting a smile*

K: “Hey y/n how you doing down there?”


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*feels like the right thing to do in this situation is rush to help you and not laugh. I repeat do not laugh..until he got to the bottom took you hand and saw your face. It was all over*

Y/N: “Oi stop laughing I really hurt my arm, I think I sprained it”

S: “What really??”

Y/N: “Lol no I just wanted to make you feel bad”

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*Goes into his mother mode after panic sets in at the site of you slipping, he tried to grab you but he was too late and you were already rolling at a a considerable speed*

S: “Y/N are you okay did you hurt yourself”

Y/N: “Luckily no, go on you can laugh now I’m ok so let it all out”

S: “Omg thank you”

*laughs for ten years even towards a passer by*

S: “lol did you see her fall it was hilarious”

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*felt bad that you fell so he decided to roll down the hill too, just this time with a bit more dignity. He ended up next you beaming from ear to ear*

CY: “You aren’t the only one who rolled down the hill :)”

Can u just imagine him smiling in ur face all cute but then u feel conflicted bc of his red hair bc its like so hot what do u do

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*Baekhyun seriously wished he had filmed it he was uncontrollably laughing at the top pretty much trying not to fall on the floor. He spoke between laughter*

BH: “I haven’t…seen..anything so my life, you rolled faster than a..bowling ball”

*Falls on the floor, dies of laughter basically rip baek 2k16*

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*You may have felldown that hill but you didn’t waste any time getting up and chasing him after he laughed and made a joke about it.You grabbed the water bottle you dropped when falling and prepared to attack*

KS: “hey y/n how is the weather down there?”

Y/N: “Right thats it, prepare to get wet!” (no not in that way get out of the gutter u dirty ppl gosh)

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*He may or may not have caught that accident on film which annoyed you*

Y/N: “Okay so you filmed me instead or catching before I fell, right that it i’m getting a new boyfriend”

C: “yeah but I bet your new boyfriend wont film times like these to look back at when your old and wrinkly”

Y/N: “Thats the point”

C: “Okay but you fell cutely though”

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*I can just imagine his laugh. You were running in front of him acting silly until you turned and your face had the ‘I just fuxked up’ look all over it and you felt your foot slip. He ran up to find you rolling and let out the biggest laugh known to man. people walked past looking down at you and then him wondering why he wasn’t helping you*

T: “Please don’t do that again my heart cant take it…I can’t breathe”

Y/N: “Same, like when you fell down that hole on stage, i had jaw ache for a week”

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*Whilst he was in a interview the person asked him abut any funny stories that had happened to him lately, and the first thing to come to his mind was you. Lets just say he spent most of the interview laughing that they had to cut some out*

L: “idk it was like she was born to roll”

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*You happened to be wearing his jacket when you fell, his concern for you came first but after he saw that you were okay the jacket was second priority.

Y/N: “kris the jacket isn’t damaged i promise, I think my leg is though”

K: “you said you were okay??”

Y/N: “yeah I am I’m just a bit sore” (thats what she said)

K: “Right hop on a piggy back home it is”

kris hair is what keeps me going in life

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*You were legit the clumsiest person he had ever met in his 26 years of life. literally every time he looked behind him you had wacked yourself, fallen over or bumped into someone, so you falling down the hill wasn’t a shock to him at all*

L: “Yo y/n you okay?”

Y/N: “yeah fine just give me a minute”

This makes me laugh i can just imagine him standing there like this

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*he was eating as you two walked so when you fell he almost choked on his noodles. He ran over (holding those noodles tight bc u cant waste noodles) and sat at the top of the hill looking down smirking*

XM: “Do you think i will find a noodle long enough for you to grab so i can pull you up”

Y/N: “You want me to knock them noodles out of your hand don’t you bc I will”

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