this happens a lot to me with like books i used to love

Tin Foil Hat

Summary: The reader is very quiet so what happens when a curse is cast on her to make her say anything she’s thinking.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (like more than normal), LOTS of sarcasm and sass.

A/N: So I was bored so I wrote this so please tell me what you think!!! I LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!!

A loud knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts, you slowly lowered your book waiting until the last second to take your eyes from the words in a last minute attempt to finish the sentence. When you finally did look up you saw Dean leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and a small smile on his face.

You returned his smile with one of your own and Dean took that as a sign that he now had your attention. “Sam found us a hunt a few towns over be ready to leave in twenty.”

You nodded softly and got up from your bead and walked over to the dresser still aware that Dean’s eyes followed your every movement.

You turned around to face him offering another small smile “Thank you.” You said barley above a whisper.

Dean nodded and took that as his cue to leave so that’s what he did, hesitantly as if he wanted to say something but decided against it. You only shrugged and kept packing.


Dean pulled the impala alongside the house that you knew to belong to a witch putting it into park before pulling out his gun and checking the clip as you did the same.

“You ready Y/N?” He asked looking back at you not expecting more than a nod, which was all you offered.

He returned your nod before turning to Sam.

He always did this, try and strike up conversation with you though not expecting results. It was kind of sweet, it showed you that someone cared. It was not as if you had nothing to say, quite the opposite actually, you were afraid that if you said too much you would push them away; so as a result you stayed quiet.

But this never seemed to bother Dean, it was as if he could read your thoughts sometimes, as if he knew that you had a lot to say and was just waiting for you to finally open up. Which was why he let you hunt with them, which was why you were now hunting this witch with them, which was why you had fallen hopelessly in love with him yet he didn’t know.

As the three of you approached the house Dean signaled for Sam to take the back while you and him took the front. Sam nodded before carefully creeping around the house while you and Dean approached the front door.

Dean signaled that he would go first and you would follow and you nodded.

What you weren’t expecting, however, was for the witch to be expecting you. Within a matter of seconds Dean was being thrown through the air and pinned against the wall, you soon following him.

The witch slowly approached you as you struggled against your invisible constantans.

“Well would you look at what we have here.” The witch laughed while you screamed internally willing Sam to hurry his ass up.

“You touch her and I swear-“ Dean yelled before being cut off abruptly by a flick of the witches wrist.

“Well that’s better,” She commented before turning back to you. “He does talk a lot doesn’t he? Though you seem to have the opposite problem.” The witch stared at you tilting her head to the side as if she were thinking. “All these secrets, you really shouldn’t keep them all bottled up.” She chastised you as your eyes flicked between her and the door Sam should be coming through any second. “Lucky for you I can help.”

Your eyes widened as the weight of her words hit you. You opened your mouth to scream only to be stopped by a purple powder being blown into your face. You started to cough roughly as you struggled to catch your breath and fell to the floor.

Within seconds Dean was by your side placing a soothing hand on your back as you were finally able to catch your breath.

“Are you ok?” He asked his eyes wide with concern.

“Yeah, just sort of dying here.” You said sarcastically, your brain taking a minute to process what you had just said; that was not supposed to come out of your mouth.

Dean looked a bit taken aback by your sudden burst of sarcasm but ended up chuckling as he helped you stand up. “You’re not dying quit being so dramatic.”

“You’re right I’m just coughing up a lung, do you think I could borrow one of yours you obviously have an extra one with all of the hot air constantly coming out of your mouth.” You spat before you could stop yourself causing you to groan inwardly.

Dean drew his eyebrows together and looked at you suspiciously “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“It does if you don’t think about it, I know you’re good at that.” You bit your lip and quickly walked out of the house before you could make even more of a fool of yourself.

However, to your displeasure Sam was standing outside leaning on the impala.

“I think the witch is gone.” He commented as you walked over towards him.

You let out another internal groan as you knew exactly what you were going to say next. “Wow gold star for ace detective Sam Winchester.”

Sam looked at you in confusion as Dean approached from behind you. “I think the witch did something to you.”

You twirled around and met Dean’s gaze. “You know I love how you state the obvious with such a sense of discovery, it’s cute.”

Sam let out a low chuckle causing you to spin around to him “What are you laughing at? You still start every hunt with ‘so get this’ like yes Sam we know when dealing with the supernatural we are going to end up with some weird shit.”

This time it was Dean who laughed as he threw his arm around your shoulders in a sort of side hug. Before you could stop yourself you started speaking. “You know I hate when you do things like this…” You quickly stopped yourself by literally shoving your fist into your mouth.

Dean looked slightly hurt as he quickly let his arm drop and Sam looked at you in concern.

“We better fucking fix me before I spill shit that I don’t want to spill.” You said angrily.

“Why Y/N you got some secrets that you don’t want us to know?” Dean asked with a smug grin on his face.

“Yes Dean that would be what my last sentence implied, good job you can now comprehend English at a second grade level.” You didn’t even try and stop yourself this time. “So you better keep you’re fucking questions to yourself got it shitheads?”

Sam laughed loudly. “Do you normally swear this much?”

“Normally no but next time I’ll blow some powder shit in your face and see how nicely you take it.”

Sam chuckled and held his hands up in surrender as he made his way to the impala getting in the front seat.

You slid in the back and once again began to tell them everything you were thinking “Why do you always get front seat? Do you ever think that maybe I want to sit next to-“ You shoved your fist into your mouth again and your cheeks flushed a bright red color.

“You know sweetheart if you wanted to sit next to me all you had to do was ask.” Dean smirked from the front seat.

“Tell me Dean, do you work hard at being a pompous ass or does it come naturally to you?” You asked with a small smirk on your face, maybe this curse isn’t all bad.

You watched from the backseat in the rearview mirror as his eyes quickly flicked back and forth and his mouth opened and closed many times. “Don’t strain yourself trying to come up with a good comeback.”

To your amusement you watched as he mimicked you under his breath, you shoved your fist into your mouth again deciding it was best to not say anything.


As soon as you got in the bunker you sprinted to your room before you could say anything you would regret.

Dean, however, was quick to follow you. “Where you going Y/N?” He teased.

“To my room before I say something I might regret.” You answered through clenched teeth choosing your words carefully.

“Why you got secrets?”

“Yeah, I really like-“ You started before you could stop yourself, shoving a fist into your mouth trying to shut the door in his face.

Dean, however, put his foot in the door to stop you. “Y/N do you really not like it when I put my arm around your shoulders?” Dean asked seizing your arms to keep you from stopping yourself.

“Really, this is the pressing matter on the great Dean Winchester’s mind.” You said sarcastically. “And yes because it just reminds me that you only think of me as a friend and I don’t want that, I want more.” You rambled before you could stop yourself. “But I’m about 99% sure that you don’t feel the same way, the other 1% is just a small part of my brain rocking back and forth in a tin foil hat telling itself that it could happen.”

Dean only chuckled and let go of your arms allowing you to shut yourself up. He watched you with a small smile on his face.

“What the hell are you smiling at?” You asked allowing yourself to speak again figuring the worst of it was over.

“Tin foil hat?” he asked, clearly amused.

“Shut up I spend too much time on the internet.” You muttered.

Then Dean did something that to this day you still can’t believe happened. He slowly approached you and softly ran his fingers up and down your arms leaving goose bumps in their paths.

“You know for the record the part with the tin foil hat is right.” Dean whispered before carefully pressing his lips to yours.

When he pulled back your eyes were was wide as dinner plates “I cannot believe that just fucking happened, that did not just happen, that-“ You kept rambling until Dean put a hand over your mouth to quiet you.

“You know I really like that you’re talking now but I don’t need to hear everything you’re thinking.” Dean chuckled.

“Well it’s not as if I can stop myself.” You said, your voice muffled by Dean’s hand. “And I’m also pissed that you manipulated me into telling you. Using a person’s only weakness against them, what kind of monster does that” You said in mock hurt.

Dean only laughed “Only weakness huh? Someone’s a little full of themselves.”

“Well when you’re as great as I am you can afford to be, don’t worry someday you’ll reach my level and then you’ll understand.”

This caused Dean to laugh harder. “You know I knew you were funny.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Shut up and kiss me.”

How I Plan My Trips

For me, planning trips is half the fun.

I love researching on activities, booking walking tours and hotels and planning our itinerary. Especially if it’s just me and my husband, I’d rather plan my own trip rather than join a guided 7-day tour.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I plan my trips (from what websites I use to how I go about the actual planning) so allow me to let you in on my little process! :p

Airfare is the most expensive ticket you’re most likely to purchase for your trip so it’s important to get the best rate. My husband and I wait for sales and travel expos.

Every February, there’s a big one that happens in SMX and that’s where we often book our flights for the year (this is where we got our super cheap London tickets last year!) We also subscribe to email alerts from airlines so that we’re updated when they have promo fares! 

Don’t forget to collect and use up your miles as well! We make sure that our miles are always updated after every flight and we use a credit card which gives you miles for every peso spent. (But sometimes, surprisingly, travel expos sales give you a better deal than if you use up your miles, so do your research!)

I know the business class photo seems ironic to use with the heading “book cheap airfare” but when we bought these tickets, they were the same price as the regular economy fares! Since business class fares are usually more than double economy rates, we decided this would be a good time to “splurge” on this little luxury to get a taste of this rare opportunity! (I plan on writing an entry about splurging on value experiences soon!)

This is the only thing about the entire planning process that I absolutely hate. Having a Philippine passport means you need to apply for a visa on so many places and sometimes they can just be soooo tedious!

Do I buy my airfare before I apply for a visa? Yup! Don’t I get scared they’d reject my application? Of course! But chances are, if you have a good travel record and you pass all your requirements diligently (and on time!) there’s no reason why they won’t grant you a visa.

TIP: Include a detailed itinerary, your roundtrip air tickets and hotel bookings when you submit your application. You need to prove you’re only there temporarily and for vacation so don’t be afraid to put in all the tourist-y things you plan to do! ;)

And now for the fun part! Time to make a rough list of all the places I wanna visit. My favorite go-to site is WikiTravel and TripAdvisor, but I don’t rely solely on them because I don’t always agree with everything they recommend (of course!) Google is my next best friend and here are some of the things I look for:

  • Did anyone I admire live here (painters, artists, musicians other notable people)? If yes, what are interesting sites to visit related to that person?
  • Events, festivals, special exhibits happening during my visit
  • Itineraries other people have made (for comparison)
  • Google “unique things to do in…” or “must-see places in…”
  • Interesting shops and stores

I’m also a geeky fanatic over my favorite TV shows and films so sometimes I also google something like “Doctor Who film locations in…” or “Movie shootings in…” Remember when I visited Storybrooke? ;)

TIP: When you list down places, take note of the fees and the opening and closing times! This will come in handy on our next step which is arranging everything!

Now it’s time to fix everything! What I usually do is arrange everything according to location; best friend = Google Maps. All the sites that are within walking distance from each other are placed on the same date. This way, I make sure I don’t waste too much time traveling from one place to another only to go back to that area the next day.

At this point, I also research on the best way to go around the area. For London for example, the Underground is the fastest and cheapest way to go so I researched on which stations I shuold go on and off on for the day’s plans. This is also where I start researching if there are 7-day travel cards or tourist pass cards that are worth buying (note: most aren’t so do your research well!)

This is also the best time to check if you’re better off using the public transportation, riding a hop-on-hop-off bus (best when you’re doing all the tourist-y sites anyway), joining a day tour (far away, remote locations) or renting a mini van (best for bigger groups).

As mentioned in #3, it’s important to take note when attractions start and end and when shops open and close. This is where I make a rough estimate of our schedule per day so you can see if everything fits or if you need to spread it out.

You can make your schedule as detailed or as loose as you want. Personally, I make them pretty detailed when I plan (I include travel time,rest time and souvenir shopping time haha) because my husband’s pretty obsessive compulsive about these things and I know he would absolutely freak if we plan to go somewhere only to find out it’s already closed for the day. 

PHEW! Sounds like a lot of work, huh? But like I said, I really enjoy planning so this is fun work for me! I know I sound like a planning freak, but trust me, during the trip itself, I never restrict myself to my planned schedule. If we take longer at a certain shop or if we see something along the way, we take the opportunity! If we end up not going to this place because we took longer at the other places, I don’t freak out! After all, that’s what travel is all about; discovering places for yourself and experiencing new things! 

But as my husband (the ever obsessive compulsive planner between us two!) would always say, planning is wise, and that’s true, especially if you only have a limited amount of time to spend at a certain place, it’s wise to plan ahead so you can maximize your time and make sure you don’t miss any of those must-do’s on your list! 

The comic has this note of, “art can be a wonderful thing, and can also be a self-destructive thing.” Why do YOU do art? What’s your advice to other artists?

J: I mean, I do art because I don’t really know how to do anything else, and I love telling stories. Comics are about telling stories. A book can look incredibly beautiful, but if the storytelling is poor, and I can’t tell what is happening, or who is talking, or where the characters are, then it’s of no use to me. So my advice is focus on telling the story – the rest will come. Also, get exercise and make sure you take breaks! You don’t want to end up like me with lots of back problems caused by years of working too long, and having to spend a lot of effort to undo issues I could have avoided to start with.
—  Jamie and I interviewed over at Threadless about all things WicDiv and our new merch shop.

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Howdy! *curtsies* I have a problem: I used to love Tolkien. My mum read the Hobbit aloud to me when I was five, and after that I was hooked on LOTR. But now, as a 20-year-old returning to Tolkien's world, I can't help but feel disappointed. I'm re-reading the trilogy for the first time since 7th grade, and I'm discovering that all the things I overlooked when I was 13 are so much harder to overlook now (like the racism, moral absolutism, etc). Has anything like this happened to you? :( :( :( :(

*Curtsies* Part of reading and enjoying a book written like 60 years ago is understanding that it was written 60 years ago and that it’s a piece of history as well as a piece of literature. I think a lot of what I said here and here is relevant, and I’m not sure what I could add without repeating myself. Basically, you can’t totally separate a piece of period lit from the period it was written in and expect it to conform with modern moral standards. It’s just not going to happen. But you can still read it and enjoy it while recognizing that parts of it are problematic (to use Tumblr’s favorite word). Because while yes, there are some iffy bits of LOTR and pretty much anything written by a white person before about 1980, it’s still a good story, and it’s okay to enjoy that. Yeah, there are some pretty strong undercurrents of Eurocentrism and Christian moralism, but it’s still an adventure story about elves and dragons and hobbits and war and magic and saving the world, and it’s hard not to enjoy that–which is precisely why people (including me) are still reading it 60 years later.

Kyle: Well Stan is my super best friend so there’s lots of things I like about him. But if I have to pick one thing it would probably be…he’s always there for me I guess, I mean Kenny can be supportive. And Cartman is……Cartman. So Stan is my one friend I can usually rely on.

Kyle: Kenny is… well I worry about him sometimes. But what’s great about him is that even when really shitty stuff happens to him he almost always bounces back. He has a terrible home life, but always puts on a smile for us. Which in my book is really awesome. Maybe not so much for him but there isn’t much I can do about it.

There are a lot of things I feel about Cartman. I think he’s a fat, short, asshole who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He’s always ruining shit and getting in the way of of everything. If something bad happens it’s usually because of something this dumbass did. But I figure you weirdos won’t leave me alone until I say something positive about him..So I guess he has nice hair. Are you happy now?

Don’t be upset my fellow Cas Girls...

Aww guys I know it is horrible to think about what happened to Cas in this episode. I am seeing a lot of upset about it at the moment on here. As a massively bitter Cas girl i know how you all feel believe me. 

But this episode treated Cas badly for the RIGHT reasons. It wasn’t done for stupid reasons or for bucklemming style reasons (which has its own whole category of stupid in my book). It was done to show us WHY Cas made that choice.

Yes Cas was treated like shit, yes he was made to feel worthless, but lets all let the Cas haters have their pathetic little moment of glory because ultimately this is all being set up for a massive Cas love fest at the end. The only way for him to beat the devil is to fight back, the only way he will fight back is if he thinks he has something worth fighting for…. gee… what could possibly be a good reason for Cas to keep fighting?

I’ll admit I have been pissed at Dean for a while, he is too aggressive at the moment and shown to be uncaring, which is so unlike early seasons Dean. It upsets me that I don’t like him right now…

But this storyline is going to give Dean a chance to redeem himself, and give Cas a chance to see how loved he really is. This storyline will be the opportunity for them to recover and I would place money on it all coming to a head by episode 17 in Goodbye Stranger style.

  • Me:So I'm scared as fuck for the future. Right now I don't think anyone could ever love me's like a good novel, I just want to skip to the ending and see how it goes
  • My therapist:Well skipping to the end isn't always worth it, yeah you get to see what happens but you miss out on the adventures and fun and plot twists. I used to want the same thing, I remember how much it hurts to not know. But when you get to the other side, when you get to the end of the book, it's so worth all of it. All the time and effort and pain is worth that ending because you know that it's perfect. And I know that you will have an ending that is just as beautiful as you are.
Everything Happens To Me || Tomily

Tom felt nervous about Lily coming around his house, especially since the first - and last - time that she had been to his house was on their first date. A lot had changed since then. He had never expected to develop such strong feelings for somebody after a first date that consisted primarily of Italian food and dancing to The Jungle Book. It seemed daft to him, but he actually sort of loved that their beginnings had been so innocent - it was a dramatic change for him, when he was used to becoming physically intimate with people far more quickly than he had with her; he liked it. The past few days, he hadn’t been in high spirits, so his house was an absolute mess. But since he wanted to make a good impression with Lily, he had spent most of the day tidying up, which had actually been rather therapeutic for him. When Lily had sent him a text telling him she was on her way, Tom had just come out of the shower. He threw on a striped blue and white shirt and a pair of jeans before making his way downstairs and patiently waited for his guest to arrive.


Hey guys!

I’m just a few followers away from reaching 750, so I decided to do my first (small) follow forever! I originally wanted to wait until I made it to 1K, but I honestly didn’t know if that would happen before the end of Book 4. I really care about all of the people on this list. Some of you have been apart of my life for nearly 8 years and some of you have just come in it, but you’re all so great. If you’re looking to have a great dashboard full of positive fans, follow all of these people- you won’t be sorry. Before I begin, I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of you who follow me and have showed me love and kindness on here. I consider a lot of you family. It’s breaking my heart that Korra will be ending soon, but it’s comforting to know that this universe will live through all of us forever. I love you guys! Thanks for being awesome! 



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Yesterday, there was a kid near Adventureland who was about 4 years old or so. He was wearing a princess crown, had a princess wand, the autograph book was princesses, etc. - and there was a grown man teasing him about “being gay.” A grown man.

Peter Pan likes to hang around the Adventureland bridge and he happened upon that scene. Not liking what he saw, especially from a grownup, he spoke up: “Excuse me, sir, but I’m about to give you some advice I never tell anyone: Grow up!”

I’ve been wanting to meet Peter for years. Last week my parents finally took us all to Disneyland. I saw Peter and immediately ran up to him and waved, saying that he was my hero. He grabbed my arms and saw my self harm scars and frowned. He quickly said “No no, you have battle scars! You must have fought off a lot of stinky pirates. You, princess, are MY hero!” And bowed & kissed my hand before hugging me tightly & and whispering, “You’re beautiful. Please stop,” in my ear. I cried for the rest of the whole day.

I met Peter not too long ago. I am dependant on a respirator and wheelchair. I also have involuntary limb movements and vocalizations. All of this, oddly, leads people to believe that I am severely mentally challenged. I have an aide but for my trip, I’d asked them to go off and enjoy themselves and if I needed them I’d contact them.

Well, the battery on my chair died for some reason. I’m stuck there. People walking by and staring, laughing, pointing… I also had the bad luck of my phone deciding to not have any reception. So: Dead wheelchair, people making fun of me, not able to reach my aide.

Peter hops over, bends down and whispers to me if I need medical help. I tell him no, but my chair is not working I can’t reach my aide. The wheelchair is quite heavy and was in the locked position; so, it couldn’t be simply pushed. Peter starts gathering all these random men and women, saying that “We need a rescue part! A rescue party!”

So, he’d gathered about four men and women. He then bends down again and asks if it’s okay to lift my chair to the shade. I nodded and he told everyone “Ok! Now, it would be lots easier if Tink was here but she’s… well! Come on now, let’s make this thing fly!” And he indicated for everyone to grab the chair and lift. Most of the people asked him if it was okay; he said “Ask her! She wants to fly!” So, everyone hauled up the chair and carried it into the shade.

Peter then grabbed my phone and looked at it like it was some object he’d never seen. He frowned and said “It’s broken” then gave a big grin and said “I bet one of you can help!” All these phones popped out. I grabbed one, and slowly dialed my aide — with Peter watching in fascination. I reached my aide. It took about fifteen minutes for my aide to show, and Peter was at my side the whole time.

He told people with cameras to stop. Saying “You’re just like stinky pirates! Stop! Leave us alone!” And he stood in front of me. People got the idea and moved on.

My aide showed up and Peter danced around him saying “You’re here! Hooray.” So my aide unlocks the chair and Peter comes up, tells me he had “the best adventure ever” and to “remember stinky pirates are stinky” - then he hugged me, kissed my forehead and said goodbye, waving until I couldn’t see him.

When I met Peter in Disneyland, he saw my arm and he grabbed it and held it up and looked at it. There are scars on my arms from self harm. He said, “Are those scars from pirates?! That old Captain Hook can be so thoughtless sometimes; doesn’t even realize what he does hurts! You can come to Neverland with me, and I won’t let any marks find your arms ever again.”

I asked him why he cared about the marks, and he told me that “Marks like that makes a person grow up too fast.”

I always thought that I would have butterflies and nervous feelings when I finally started to fall in love. But with you, I don’t get those butterflies. Maybe it’s because we’re comfortable with each other and have been for a long time, or because we always hug each other and cuddle, but I don’t feel that way with you. I feel safe and comfortable and at peace when I’m with you, no matter the circumstances around us. And it doesn’t magically fix anything bad that happens, but it makes me feel like I can deal with whatever crap the world decides to throw at me because I’ll have you there to hold me when I can’t stand alone.

I think that means a lot more than being so nervous that I can barely speak.

—  // i’ll see you tomorrow, okay? // an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #33
what happened today in my checkout line
  • lesbian couple:*holding hands and buying books, minding their own business*
  • old lady:you know you're going to hell right?
  • lesbian couple:*rolls eyes*
  • me:ma'am I'm sorry if you're bothered by them but they're just buying books. they aren't hurting you in any way.
  • old lady:but it's gross. they obviously don't believe in Jesus if they're parading around town like that
  • guy in line:hey back off. it's not gross. they can love just like anyone can. if you think it's obscene you can go someplace else to buy your books.
  • old lady:*goes to another register*
  • one of the girls in the couple:thanks. we get that a lot. it's great to have people stand up for us.

1. I like you. There are so many things I want us to do, to become, but there’s a fog of unspoken words covering your eyes and we will never happen. I like your hair and the way you laugh. I like how friendly and laid back you are. We are so different from each other but I think love could happen easily enough. 

2. I think about dying a lot. I don’t think about what it’ll feel like or what my last seconds of life will be used to think of. I find myself staring at my brightly painted walls at two in the morning wondering if we ever really fade. I think maybe we all come back eventually; souls are not temporary things, they don’t know what it’s like to stop existing.

3. I appreciate you. I appreciate how you’ll do things for me and take my bullshit words and always remind me of how much you love me. I know I don’t say thank you enough but I am eternally grateful. Our relationship would be permanent turmoil if I was in complete control, so thank you for always taking the higher road, for always remembering that I’m doing the best I can too. 

4. I am fascinated by how small of creatures we are. We are in this big, big universe filled to the brim with emotions and favorite songs and constellations and planets. There is so much out there to explore and I hope I get to see it all. I don’t care how or when. I just want to understand what it’s like to have unforgettable memories. 

5. I would never leave. I am in this small room filled with pictures and paintings and bright blue walls. I could sit here forever and wonder. I would wonder about you and where I’ll be in ten years and if I’ll ever get to have all of those important ‘first time’ things everyone talks about. Sitting here and thinking about it is almost as easy as actually doing it all.

—  (Five) Things only my paper will hear 

anonymous asked:

Hi. I don't know if it's normal, but it's been some time since I can't really read as I usually did it before, so hungry for reading, and when I grab a book I just look at it and think: Oh, I'll read it later... but later never comes, y'know? The same about writing... I've some stories that need to be put on the paper, but I have no will or strength (at all) to do it, and I don't really know what's happening to me. Any advice? :/

It looks like you need some focus. Or maybe you need to find books that really interest you.

If you’re on the go a lot, take a book with you. Keep it in your bag or purse or whatever and whenever you have at least five minutes of doing nothing, take it out and start reading.

Find a book that you really used to love. Read it again. This can get you excited again and you won’t waste time wondering if you’ll like this book or not. After a while, you’ll get back into reading.

Another option is to try audio books if you’re one of those people who needs to multitask to stay stimulated. Listen to them while you take care of other stuff and gradually go back to reading.

When you pick up a new book, you should also start small or pick something with short chapters. If the chapters are only 1 to 4 pages long, reading that small amount will give you enough closure so you don’t feel like you have to read 20 pages to make any progress.

For motivation to write, check the tags page for the motivation tag.
Neil Patrick Harris: A Man of Mystery, Magic & Marriage (INTERVIEW)

Now that we’ve read your autobiography, what do we still not know about Neil Patrick Harris?

Um, nothing. That’s literally every single thing that’s happened in my life. No. That’s not true at all. Seriously, the notion of having a memoir be relatively lightweight and comedic, almost like a parody/humor book, is more effective for me. As a magician, there are a lot of things that I keep close to my vest. I’m able to tell a story about hanging out with Elton John and David Furnish without revealing or betraying a confidence that they have in me. What we did together is sacrosanct to us. I have no interest in a memoir being tell-all and salacious. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of fun people and had some crazy experiences, and I’ve tried to tell those stories without breaking anyone’s trust.

You’re married now, a father of two children, and are wrapping a banner year. What’s next for you? How has the mission changed since landing the role of Barney Stinson almost a decade ago?

I loved doing How I Met Your Mother, but I wasn’t trying, personally, to change hearts and minds. I was trying to chew on scenery and give you a good laugh after your long day of work. I feel like that has been my job as an actor in my 20s and 30s. I’m a smaller piece in a bigger puzzle, right? I get hired to do a certain thing. It’s not necessarily to be a purveyor of high intellectual art. It’s more like a magic trick or a circus performer, which is not to take anything away from magicians or circus performers. That’s just what my role has been. Now that I have kids of my own, I feel like I’m more interested in telling stories, in making things, and I’ve started a production company called Prediction Productions and we’re going to start producing content that we think is informative, whether that be meaningful and thought provoking or instructional and educational. I want to start making things that have the potential to make bigger ripples. That’s toward the future.

The role of Barney Stinson could have been so one-note, though the writing, obviously, got more complex as the show went on. But in your performance, there was always this whiff of gravitas or sadness, even when Barney was simply hamming it up with his friends.

Yeah? Good! Between you and me, that’s what made that chapter of my life so exciting. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who created the show and are our contemporaries, they loved combining the comedy and the pathos. When you have people as talented as Josh Radnor or Colbie Smolders or Jason Segel, who can be very sincere and beautiful, you can put someone like Barney Stinson in there and let him be a wild and crazy Steve Martin guy. When Barney’s afforded the chance at pathos, it’s really moving then. It’s surprising. If it was just broad comedy – Mr. Bean or something just overtly comedic – it might seem out of place, but because our show prided itself on being sincere, I was able to be both very funny and then suddenly be pining over Robin and it has a little more impact.

Many audiences have been very surprised to see you turn up in Gone Girl. Landing that role must have been a game changer for you, yes?

For sure. To get the call that (director) David Fincher wants to sit and have lunch with you to talk about his next movie, it took the wind out of my lungs. I’m a massive fan of his work, back to The Game. Remember that Michael Douglas movie? That movie is my life. My husband threw a scavenger hunt for me on my 40th birthday. I traveled across the country for a week with him, solving clues, hunting treasure. Besides ClueThe Game is my favorite movie. Getting to be on set with David Fincher in a major movie of a book that is one of my favorites, it’s just an embarrassment of riches. It’s the big leagues. All you can do is work hard, be quiet, go back to your trailer, and pray that you didn’t f*#k it all up.

Do you ever look at your own life in a Choose Your Own Adventureway? You seem to be following your bliss, marching to the beat of your own drummer, whatever cheesy aphorism you want to apply.

I’m in a fortunate position these days in that I get a little more say in what I choose to do. Most actors don’t get that choice. You’re waiting by the phone for your agent to call and tell you there’s an audition at three and they’re faxing – faxing! Look at how old I am! – we’re emailing you the pages and don’t be late and good luck. All you can do is hope the jobs you get aren’t terrible. I’m at a place now where I have a little more choice and I think people are starting to see what I’m interested in is kind of random – magic and tightropes and pratfalls, but a lot of other stuff. I think people are maybe, maybe, beginning to see I can do a lot of different things believably. That makes me happy. Also, the way that I process information as a human being is kind of methodical. I’m overly analytical. I probably would be a decent chess player because I tend to spend too much time in my own brain thinking of: If I make this choice, let’s weigh out what the possible results will be. Then I weigh them out. Usually I do that pretty quickly – even mid-conversation or mid-interview. I’m always thinking ahead: if I answer this way, it might be construed that way. If I answer this way…

But you wouldn’t do that during our interview, would you?

(Laughs) No. Never! (Laughs) That might seem guarded, but when you’re looking at a career, you don’t want to be impulsive all the time. That creates extra work sometimes in having to clarify what you said. You don’t want to upset the balance of everything by saying or doing the wrong thing. It’s one reason I’m so grateful that [husband] David Burtka is in my life. He is such the opposite of me. He does what he feels and lets the cards fall as they might. There’s something so free and pure about that to me and I sometimes wonder if I wouldn’t get a better night’s sleep if I just made cleaner, simpler decisions. I’m just not wired that way. 


One of the problems with things that are super popular is that a lot of people are left feeling that they can’t criticize it unless they hate it.

That happened to me with Harry Potter. I used to love it. I was a total dork about it. But, as I got older, I started noticing the flaws in it more and more. And all things have flaws, I understood that. The problem, though, was that every time I tried to talk about these flaws, I would get people saying that I was just a hater and must have some sort of grudge against JKR. Like, if I mentioned the fact that Hagrid really shouldn’t have been able to apparate (sp?) in the first book, or the fact that some of the Latin incantations actually mean the opposite of how they’re used, etc., I’d be met with insults, people telling me to shut up, and people saying that I just shouldn’t read the books if I hated them so much.

And what did I end up doing? I ended up hating Harry Potter for years. There was about a five-year period where I hated the series and took every opportunity to talk about how bad it is and blah blah blah. It’s only recently that I’ve moved past that. I’ve gotten back into the series. I still recognize the flaws (Voldemort has an unfortunate tendency to act like a Saturday morning cartoon villain) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t like the series.

Basically, no matter how good something is, it will still have flaws. And no matter how popular something is, you should feel free to point out those flaws. Blocking criticism doesn’t do any good.

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There's this one fic I read on wattpad that honestly made me cry at every turn while questioning paranormal and supernatural happenings and just generally flipping my life upside down but I can't remember the name exactly ??? It's not completed I don't think it's called Ghost somethings ??? Literally my memory is actually the worst I can never remember the title of a book I read yesterday thank you so much I love your blog !! ❤️😭

Anonymous said to twentyonepilotsficlibrary:Is there anything on wattpad that’s like a slow build/still going on ??? Something supernatural like ghosts or aliens ??? Ghost Josh is my fave and I rlly rlly need it to breathe thank you so much honey !!

okay guys so we get a lot of asks about finding Wattpad fics but unfortunately none of us use that site, we read strictly from AO3. So as of right now we’re starting a tag specifically for lost wattpad fics so hopefully other Wattpad readers can help you find what you’re looking for. That tag will be ‘reader2reader’ we’re sorry we couldn’t help more :( -Madi

My feels

Laia is such a frustrating character who makes a lot of mistakes and who even at some points is just like “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing”, but that’s why she’s my girl! That’s why I love her! Don’t get me wrong I love Helene. Helene is probably one of the strongest characters I’ve ever read, but Laia just reminds me so much of myself. 

She makes bad decisions, she’s insecure, she’s used to just being that scholar girl, and doesn’t know how to fight like everyone else. Yet she’s so determined. No matter what she gets the things she wants done, done. I especially love when she’s around Elias cause he always encourages her to make decisions for herself and if they so happen to be wrong then embrace that and learn. 

Ughh! My fan girl feels are coming out! Elias always asks for her opinions and tells her everything cause he feels she doesn’t deserve to be lied to, they find comfort in one another, they care about one another, and ahh! My parents are so lovely!