this happens a lot to me with like books i used to love

do you ever just feel yourself loving something or someone less and you’re just like nO I NEED TO KEEP LOVING THEM but no matter how desperately you’re scrabbling to keep loving them you just feel yourself slipping away until you don’t even remember why you cared because i think that’s just the saddest thing

Everything Happens To Me || Tomily

Tom felt nervous about Lily coming around his house, especially since the first - and last - time that she had been to his house was on their first date. A lot had changed since then. He had never expected to develop such strong feelings for somebody after a first date that consisted primarily of Italian food and dancing to The Jungle Book. It seemed daft to him, but he actually sort of loved that their beginnings had been so innocent - it was a dramatic change for him, when he was used to becoming physically intimate with people far more quickly than he had with her; he liked it. The past few days, he hadn’t been in high spirits, so his house was an absolute mess. But since he wanted to make a good impression with Lily, he had spent most of the day tidying up, which had actually been rather therapeutic for him. When Lily had sent him a text telling him she was on her way, Tom had just come out of the shower. He threw on a striped blue and white shirt and a pair of jeans before making his way downstairs and patiently waited for his guest to arrive.


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With D&D writing their own stupid little fanfiction next season, with little to no relevance to book canon, will you be watching?

Yes. From an older post:

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I will be watching Season 6. I feel like I’m in ASOIAF too deep and I’m too protective of it to stop. Not to mention the show is planning on using “Martin’s ending” and it will get there years before Martin does. I’ve talked before about how spoilers don’t phase me at all, or how the show is warping the narrative such that “what happens” means little and less for the books. But it’s still an “adaptation” that will converge, apparently.

What’s weird is that even though I would guess most Tolkien fans didn’t love The Hobbit trilogy, we were never screamed at for still going to see them. Isn’t this just what fans do when what they love is being adapted?

There’s also the fact that given GoT’s popularity, it is a bit of a cultural necessity to watch the show (think water cooler conversation) and it is nearly impossible to avoid “spoilers” (even though I do think they don’t mean a whole lot). But just pragmatically, it would be nearly impossible for me to engage with the ASOIAF fandom the way I want to without keeping up. Imagine what the boards are going to look like next year. There’s already idiotic threads about “how will Brienne get to Winterfell in time to kill Stannis?”

Plus, this space for critique needs to exist. This goes well beyond GoT being a bad adaptation. It is a show that is driving cultural change, and the implications of it are absolutely toxic. I’ve had a lot of people thanking me for being able to put their discomforts with the show into words, and others saying I’ve opened their eyes. So like, where I stand is that if I’ve had this kind of effect on just one person, it’s worth it.

Though they are getting increasingly difficult to take, I’m still taking monthly Ellie pics! This morning I had to call Eric in for “make Ellie sit still and smile” backup.

At 14 months, Ellie:

  • Gives hugs and kisses
  • Has been pretty attached to me lately (loving that!)
  • Still only has 2 teeth!
  • Has taken a total of 4 steps on her own
  • Babbles a lot to herself. She says “dada” but not “mama”, and something like “buh-BA” for grandpa!
  • Is becoming even MORE expressive–lots of wide-mouthed “oooh” faces happening!
  • Picks out books to read at bedtime
  • HATES getting her diaper changed
  • LOVES brushing her teeth (aka sucking the strawberry toothpaste off of the brush)
  • Is opening cabinets and getting into things she shouldn’t (latches need to go on ASAP!)
  • Is starting to use her sign language: milk, all done, and more
"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

I love this quote so much.. I feel like it represents us as fans and maybe JK Rowling herself.. I love these books and movies and this whole fandom and have for a long time and will always love them and then people come along and ask “why?” They don’t understand why I love them so much because “they aren’t real” and “it’s all fake and made up and inside your head.” But why should it matter if it’s real? It is such an important thing in my life and the characters and this world are my friends and they mean a lot to me.. Sure they may not be “real” in technical terms but they are real where it counts, in my head and in my heart and I never want to and never will change that. I love Harry Potter and because it’s “happening inside of my head” does not mean it’s not real.

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I'm a patient person. Friends say I have the patience of a saint a lot. I'm very nerdy, I read a lot of books. I'm an English major with a classics minor and I want to be a novelist as my preferred profession. I'm a daydreamer, yet my daydreams are practical. If something too unrealistic happens, I'll quit the daydream all-together and start over. I like to think I'm considerate, but I sometimes make mistakes in that. If you need more information, please let me know.

Your love of reading and literature makes me think that you would be a psychic Pokemon! A practical day dreamer and kindhearted person like you would be a Ralts!

Ralts is a type of Pokemon that feeds and reads the emotions of those around it. When your friends are happy, you’re happy as well. You learn a lot about people by watching and observing - useful for a future novelist! Patience is something else Ralts excels at. It comes with the territory of reading people. You know that sometimes all your friend needs when they’re upset is time and you are more than happy to give it to them.

I just fucking had a mini overdose. Like it obviously wasn’t bad enough to kill me and I knew that as it was happening, but I was making a shot and then I was tjiknking ‘well a lot of my followerds really love watch =ing this so ill just make another one” and next thing I know my vision is getting dark and i look down and my arms are bright red so I go look in the mirror and my face is like swelling and my eyes are red so I fucking booked it to the bathroom and ran a bath with lavendar epson salts and baking soda and mdeuim - warn water and drank a whole thing of ice water and now im eatin ginger for my tummy and took some benadryl holy shit that was horrible I need to do test shots when making combos or using s new dealelr                                                                                                                                        

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tbh a lot of my love for it came from the feeling of what COULD be like i’m in love with the possibilities like all the directions it could go and a lot of the stuff i saw on here helped build a pre-love foir the series in me before i ever picked up the book

also the way i found these copies felt VERY fateful tbqh so THAT helped

like before we went thrifting that day

i thought

“man, it would be cool if i could find the raven boys today so i don’t have to order it, but i doubt that’s gonna happen”

and we had already went through several stores right

and then wewent into this used book store

and it was one of those that feels kind of magic right like books sort of haphazardly stacked and all the way to the ceiling and there were so MANY and that smell right u know that incredible intoxicating smell of old books and new books and BOOKS

and i was super overwhelmed because there was SO MUCH happening

and i did a sort of quick search through the store but there was so much i didn’t feel like doing particular searching because it felt too big and too much

and literally i stopped looking for anything because too much was happening and also most used book stores cost more than i feel like spending on USED books and i was tired and sort of letdown because i hadn’t found as many things as i’d been hoping to find that day

and my friend who was still looking looked up when i sat down next to her and she was like “wait are you done?” and i was like “yeah, i guess. there are too many books here. i don’t wa-” and halfway through i just STOPPED







and i just GASPED i was like WHAT and my friend was like WHAT IS IT






also sometimes i think i think things into happening or i might be kind of psychic a lil bit maybe

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Hey, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I'm currently studying French in school and I was looking for something more like a novel to read, since that always helps me a lot when learning a new language so I wonder: do you happen to know something that I could read? I know almost all of the grammar they teach you at school and quite some words. But of course, nothing very useful when it comes to "real" stuff. Again, I'm sorry to bother you, and it's completely okay if you don't want to answer!

Ohh! I don’t know how useful it’ll be for your level, but one of my favourite authors is Eric Emmanuel Schmitt - he has longer books, but also short stories and novels and he has a nice, simple but lovely writing style. :)

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Could you do 22 and 35 for Hawke please. :) And thanks for your anxiety-less version for me to pick your brain about your characters. You are a lovely person! :)

Aw, thank you ^^ I’m glad this list is easier to deal with!

  • 22: Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

Doodles; a lot of them. Usually of Hawke using her magic, killing people, or banging Cullen.

  • 35: What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?

Reading. Hawke loves to read but hates how the day just flies by. Unless it’s a book where she’s learning something she feels her day could be spent doing more productive things like…banging Cullen, aha.

Detailed Headcanon Meme

I Need Love

Hey guys, I’m so sorry to sorta vent like this on here, but I have had another pretty shitty day. I want to thank you all for sending good thoughts my for that not to happen, but there must be some sort of force field stopping them at the moment. But I thank you for your efforts. I just want to cry cuz I’m just so angry…..ugh.

So heres what I want to do, you can just write me if you want,but I have noticed a lot of you aren’t from the US so tell me where you are. I want to get to know you all better. You guys are my light. I think about you guys all day. It gets me through just knowing I’ll be able to talk to you guys. So tell me where your from, ask me anything. I’m an open book. Lets become close friends.

my ultimate bucket list item is to travel to every world war II historical site (not US memorials, but like to actual battlefields) and talk to local professors and historians and gather enough info to write a book about how teaching history differs from country to country

world war II has been my obsession for as long as i can remember and reading Flyboys really got me thinking about how it’s true that history is written by the victor and how US history really covers up a lot of truth about its military history and i’ve talked to many history professors and studied a lot of history myself from international sources and it’s just so fascinating how things that happened factually, like they happened no matter who tells it, can be presented and remembered so differently


how americans present the war in the pacific is totally different from how the japanese or chinese or koreans teach it

i just think that’s probably the thing i think about the most when i think about history

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Belle, because you appear to be very book smart, you are pretty awesome, but sometimes feel like an outsider, and you appear to want to have some adventure in your life.

Yeah I identify with Belle a lot. Shes one of my favorite disney princesses besides Merida and Pocahontas where its like we are just trying to find adventure but we tend to feel like an outsider. Like Belle I love learning and I’m crazy about classic literature and reading because it gives me a sense of purpose and belonging, as well as it makes me feel like it nurtures the mind and soul with ultimate gratifications and use of words and prose which makes me feel like I’m at my full potential. I also long for an adventure but it always seems as if I’m stuck in the same bog underground and its hard to climb out, to which I write my own imaginable story on pages that I happen to have with me. And thank you so much for sending this in!! It means a lot.

Tag Challenge

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Name: Bailea
Nickname: Bai, Bails, Bayleaf, whatever else you want to call me
Where are you from: Oklahoma, US
Birthday: October 4th
Star sign: Libra
Gender: female
Height: 5'8"
Time and date: July 29, 6:02 PM
Average amount of sleep: 7 hours….If I’m lucky
Last thing I googled: Delta Airlines

Favorite fictional characters:
Umm….aph Prussia, aph Romano, aph America, Levi Ackerman, Eren Jaeger, Death the Kid, Mabel Pines, Bill Cipher….I’m sure there’s a lot more, but my brain won’t function.. 

Favorite celebrities:
My friend and I have like a trio of celebrities that we would love to be best friends with…Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Ellen Page. It’ll happen. That’s currently all I can think of. 

Favorite book: I have no idea
Last movie I saw in cinema: Jurassic World
Dream holiday: uhhh….anywhere out of Oklahoma…I guess
Wearing right now: A give blood shirt and shorts

I tag: amandalove28 dautchy ookamiirain romanoakalovi heavenlykira tuxedo2014 mskatthestrange and anyone else..yay! 

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I have a lot of memories of things that didn't happen... books I read that I can't find again.. it used to not bug me, I thought maybe I just have a hard time telling dreams from reality.. but it's starting to become bothersome... I feel like nothing's real anymore.. I don't know which memories to trust and which ones to not...

Hi love, sorry for the late response!

I’m not a professional so I can’t diagnose you, but it sounds like you may be experiencing some form some sort of dissociation episode. I’d like you to read this post I made on another blog I used to help out on. It’s about depersonalization and derealization, which are two forms of dissociation. I think it might help you a lot!

If your dissociation is something that bothers you a lot and negatively impacts your life, I would highly recommend seeing a professional. They will be able to properly diagnose you and provide you with therapy and/or medication which may help with the dissociation.

One helpful technique for coping with dissociation is something known as grounding. Grounding techniques can help you focus on what’s real and help keep you connected to reality. Check out this link with a bunch of grounding techniques to try!

Hope this helps,

<3 Jen


Happy 3 years and 6 months honey. We already knew each other for a long time ago. What i mean is 3 years isnt a short time. No one could ever expect it will be this long. I cant really say i know everything about yourself, but i can describe about yourself in a book if you want. There are lots of shits that we already been through. I made mistakes and also you. You gave me chances and i gave you chances too. Deep inside, i really hope that it wont happen again to us. Bcs of what? Bcs i love you so much. I keep my eyes, heart and also words just for you. I give everything that i have for you. You can say this cliché but i never did this to other woman. I really hope you will be the last. I dont want to remember my past bcs it hurts me like hell. Now, you are my present and of course future. I dont need anyone else just to replace you. I dont need other pretty women bcs in my eyes, you are the most beautiful one. You said once to me that “rupa tak penting pun”. I still remember it. You can change my mood in just 20 seconds. See, how powerful you are. I hope that you will feel the same feeling just like me. Pls dont change. Pls dont have anyone else, im scared of losing you. Just dont repeat the same mistakes. Just pls. My biggest fear is definitely losing you. Sayang, stay. Dont go anywhere okay. I promise i will do the same. I dont need a perfect relationship. I just need you. Then my life will be perfectly perfect.Thank you for your existence. Thank you for your love. Thank you for everything. I love you so much. I really do. I wanna keep you forever, Wan Nur Thahirah Bt Ahmad. Your man, AFR.

tbh even when I first read the New Prophecy books (which was when they first released so I was like 13-14) I remember thinking that Leaf/Crow was really weird and came out of nowhere??? I think I kind of put it out of my mind because it made no sense to even little 13-year-old me.

like the first time Crowfeather tells Leafpool he loved her I was kinda like “hmm that, I don’t think so, that doesn’t, i’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen” b/c at that age I didn’t know how to express why the relationship didn’t sit well with me but I knew it didn’t make sense

this relationship was a lot of the reason I became so disenfranchised with the series into my teens because i used to really dislike Crowfeather and when it turned out he was the Three’s dad…. eurrrghhh 

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This bae. Omg. So they approached me a few months back all nervous and I was like…no…stfu we will do things. And we did! Rarely do I connect with an rper as fast as we did. Our muses just work together. In every AU too! Like omg. Our AUs. The one with the engagement to Johnny! Can we talk about that!?

We talk a lot ooc and they are just the most supportive person. I am so glad to call them my friend and they supplied me with so much happiness through my hard time.

Sometimes I feel bad that somedays my whole blog turns into just the two of us rping. But then I’m like…no eff that! This makes me happy!! I value them so much as a partner and as dysfunctional as they are…our ship is my heart.

Okay! So! B&N sells these cute little bookmarks. they’re like, a little medallion on a ribbon/string/whatever with a little charm on the other end. Now, I bought  one with the intent to use it as a bookmark, however, last night, I noticed that it was, in fact, perfect for use as a pendulum. I played around with it a bit, and figured it out, and then, noticed that it was agreeing with me on lots of things. Namely, extreme fear/hatred for spiders, love of books, admiration for chess and strategy games, etc. At which point i remembered that the design on the medallion end of the pendulum was, go on, guess… 

did you guess owl? Because if you did, you guessed right. So, I jokingly asked my pendulum, “I know it’s an owl medallion, but you wouldn’t happen to be Athena, would you?” 

Guys. It said yes. The force affecting my pendulum is Athena. I freakin lost it, oh my gosh, it was amazing

In other news, it also said that Santa Claus was real and that the breadsticks meme needs to die out.

Book Talk: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

I’ve heard a lot of adults talking about young adult literature lately…and it makes me really excited. As an adult (whaaat?) or at least someone who no longer fits the typical YA demographic, I feel like there’s a stigma surrounding YA literature. That somehow because a story is told from the perspective of a teenager or because it takes place in a high school that it is in some way less important than a story told from the perspective of someone older.

But as anyone who has ever had a bizarrely insightful conversation with a 4 year old can tell you, sometimes talking to someone younger can give you a kind of clarity you would never experience otherwise. The stories told in YA lit are some of my favorites because they are real. Because they remind us of that clarity, of feeling everything so acutely, of the sense that what is happening is the beginning and the end of everything. And that’s why I enjoyed reading To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

In many ways I felt as though pages from this novel had been ripped from my own story, from the sardonic, oh-so-adolescent moments to the feeling you get when you realize the people you chose stopped choosing you back. I’ve felt eclipsed by the people in my life who seem so much better at living it than I do, and I’ve felt incredibly humbled by the realization that someone I thought I knew isn’t who I thought they were at all.

So I guess all this is to say that I’m excited to see adults reading and having conversations about YA lit. People should think twice before ruling out a potential book just because it’s got a YA label. I know it happens. I’ve seen it happen. And it just means that they’re missing out on the book that could remind them of something powerful - something worth remembering.
P.S. I’ve just realized that the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was recently released, so I’m definitely going to be getting my hands on PS I Still Love You soon. And I also want to shout out one of my favorite creators on YouTube, yulinkuang, who makes incredible tributes to all different kinds of literature, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Her video (linked below) was my formal introduction to this book I’d heard so much about, and definitely urged me to add it to my TBR pile. So, ya know, thanks for that. And keep doing what you’re doing.