this happening FOR REAL

*incoherent screeching*

So this happened.

After over a year of planning and friendship, Whiskey and Blood have met in person. We still can’t quite believe this is happening, that through our friendship on here, through our writing together, through this fandom, we each got to meet our best friend from the other side of the world. And now we get to spend two weeks together, traveling Iceland, exploring New York, writing up a storm and planning more and more stories to show you all when we return!

We will post about some of our adventures on here as we go, and will tag them with #wbcontramundum, if you would like to savior it and not see us be idiots all over the show.

Tomorrow we leave for Iceland, and we will be both active on our Twitter accounts, meganistkrieg for Blood and whiskeyandspite for Whiskey. Feel free to come and say hi, follow us or just keep track. Many photos will happen. Many selfies will happen.

Thank you all so much, for all your support and love and help to bring us together, we both cannot even voice how much this means to us, and how grateful we are. There will be so many more stories to come, thanks to you. <3


Do you love Mad Max? Did you go crazy for Fury Road? Are you an artist with an itch to draw awesome post-apocalyptic fanart? Have I got a deal for you!

My name is Leah, and I’ve just recently graduated from SCAD Savannah with an MA in Sequential Art. I also happen to be a rabid Mad Max: Fury Road fan, and I would like to celebrate that with a whole bunch of you in the raddest way possible:

I am looking for artists who would be interested in potentially submitting Mad Max-themed illustrations and short comics for a Kickstarter-funded art book campaign, curated by me!

This is nothing official, I just wanted to see how many of you out there would enjoy being a part of this project! The real call to submissions will probably not happen until September, when the movie is estimated for DVD release.

Did I mention you’d get paid? I will be adjusting the funding goal to include a financial reward for the artists, that will grow with every stretch goal we reach!

If you’re stoked about this idea and want me to reach out to you when it begins, please follow me and send me your email! I will be constantly updating with new ideas and details, so keep in touch!

Signal boosts appreciated–let’s get the word out and make this a reality!

jen’s makeup rountine (when she actually puts on makeup)

  1. boscia oil-free daily hydration cream
  2. make up for ever step 1 primer: radiant blue
  3. make up for ever hd foundation: pink porcelain 
  4. make up for ever hd concealer: porcelain
  5. benefit highlighter: ooh la lift
  6. benefit bronzer: hoola 
  7. make up for ever star powder: pearl gold
  8. make up for ever hd microfinish pressed powder
  9. anastasia eyebrow pomade: granite 
  10. nars the multiple: south beach
  11. nars soft touch shadow pencil: hollywoodland 
  12. urban decay mascara: perversion 
  13. nars lip gloss: super orgasm
Hey guys.

So I know a lot of people are mad about the new love interests in 6A.

Here’s the thing.

Do not send hate to the actors, writers, or anyone else involved in the show, no matter what happens.

Please remember that they are real people doing a job. Just because we do not like what happens, that does not give us the right to be hateful towards real people.

This has been a friendly reminder by Borgz. Please reblog this for visiblity. Thank you.

this is where shared universes for superheroes all began. marvel mystery comics #7, may 10th, 1940 (almost exactly 75 years ago!)

and then just a few pages later, we see it - we see namor, the submariner, laying waste to new york. it’s like we’re watching it all happen in real time.

as i just said on twitter: it’s worth remembering that marvel mystery comics was an anthology comic in which they both appeared. you didn’t have to buy separate comics – at first – to keep up on what they were both up to. it was all here. in one magazine.

it added extra depth and value to cheap, mass-market comics full of LOTS of short stories. it’s pretty different to the shared universes of secret wars, or the MCU, where it means there’s a lot more stuff you have to keep up with. it stopped being about value and depth – or stopped being just about that, as that’s still what shared universes are about, at their best – and became a way of selling you more stuff.

which isn’t to say that shared universes weren’t always about selling you stuff, because they were. that’s what value’s about. that’s what mainstream comics have always been about, and it doesn’t mean i love them any less. but. it’s worth thinking about how it’s changed.

In The Road to El Dorado, the armadillo is the actual god

Whenever something crazy or impossible happens, it appears that Miguel and Tulio are gods, but the real god is the armadillo that is always around during those incredible events.

The biggest piece of evidence the volcano eruption. The armadillo is running around Miguel and Tulio’s feet as it erupts, then when Tulio shouts stop, the armadillo and, quite magically, the volcano stop.
During the game, the armadillo is able to bounce and fly around with skills that any regular armadillo wouldn’t have and allows Tulio and Miguel to win the game against the huge odds.
The armadillo was present during Miguel and Tulio’s journey through the jungle and helped guide them as they probably would have gotten lost using their shoddy map.
The natives of El Dorado and the Spaniards can communicate because of divine-armadillo intervention.
Also the movie begins with a creation story featuring armadillos and the movie closes with the armadillo present in the film, suggesting the significance.

Found this theory on reddit 


I watched the short trailer thing for Boruto the movie and news where it says that he doesn’t want to be hokage he just wants to surpass Naruto. In the trailer he says that he’s “going to change this world” why? Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke fought to make the world peaceful. What’s there to change? Does he want it to be more peaceful? Violent again? That doesn’t make sense.

Also all of the technology they have makes no sense. They went from barely having lighting in their homes to laptops and cellphones. Where are the cars? If it’s so advanced with a city on top of mountains??? why do they still have no cars to get to their destinations? How did they go from nothing to basically the technology we have now in the real world? How did that happen in only 10 years? How can Sasuke not see that Sarada is his daughter? They’re basically twins. A lot of shit still continues to be total fucking trash and they just keep on coming. Kishimoto literally just pulled this shitty ending out of his ass. Why does Boruto hate his dad so much and why hasn’t Naruto talked to him? Naruto obviously knows how to be grateful especially cause he has no parents; maybe he could teach him a thing or two. Why doesn’t Sasuke call Sarada or Sakura? He was in a building and with this ‘awesome new advanced technology’ they have now I’m pretty fucking sure there’s outlets to charge his damn phone with. Why is Chouchou thinking everyone else is her dad but her real one? Is that supposed to be for comedy? Because it’s just annoying. She has no reason to think Chouji isn’t her dad? Sakura is still passed out? Hinata and her daughter are still irrelevant and not important (I guess some things don’t change; love the mother like daughter thing they did there).

anonymous asked:

People who find it hard to sympathize with Robin should just imagine that this happened to Regina. No, really, it helps. Let's be real, if situation was reversed and Robin said that they can't be together again because of the baby (or whatever Regina said in the bar scene), 90% of OQ fandom would hate him for it.

I completely agree, dear nonnie, and I said the same thing in a post several weeks ago. Had it been Daniel who returned rather than Marian, had it been Regina placed in Robin’s position by a sorcerer seeking revenge against Robin rather than Zelena seeking revenge against her, had she tried to pick up the pieces of her life by attempting to love the man she loved years ago all over again but instead found herself the victim of a vicious deception and carrying her deceiver’s child, how would we want Robin to respond to her?

With compassion. With understanding. With the assurance that they would work through this together, that he wouldn’t leave her because of an unplanned pregnancy, that he still loved her, even knowing the road ahead of them would be difficult, even knowing that the baby she carries isn’t his, and that because he loves her, he will also love her child. That is what we would want. That is what we would expect. 

So why is Robin afforded any less compassion? I would state it’s because he is a man, and the environment here on tumblr can be toxic when it comes to males of the species. Far more disturbing is the fact that there are those who use their dislike of a ship as an excuse to troll blogs that celebrate it and seek to sow the seeds of discord, and/or allow their dislike of a fictional character to serve as justification to attack the actor who portrays him/her. 

To those people, I have two words for you:  Grow up. To those who can carry on intelligent discussions without resorting to childish tactics or overt negativity,regardless of fandom, series or ship, you’re welcome to stop by my inbox anytime. :)