this handholding is precious

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omg the handholding ask was just so precious and pure! can I get a reactions thing going on too for McCree, Junkrat, Mei and D Va with their partner asking them how many shoulders both of them have put together, and when they say "four" theyre just "whut nahhh let me count em" so they point to each shoulder with a hand while counting to four and oops they've got their arm wrapped around their shoulders like a smooth operator

My first time writing Mei and Dva! I’m so excited! (I’m also glad to hear you liked the handholding ask, I loved writing that one)


- Confused at first when you say the two of have a different number of shoulders than four

- But once you start counting he realizes what you’re doing

- Will wrap his arms around your waist and hold you close

- He’ll compliment you on your smooth moves


- Starts to argue you with saying of course there’s four shoulders between the two of you

- Keeps arguing as you count

- Stops arguing once your arms are wrapped around him and you kiss him

- I hope you weren’t planning on going anywhere soon, because you’re going to have a hard time getting out of the hug he gives you


- “What do you mean? Of course we have four.”

- Watches while you count, wondering if somehow you’re actually going to get a different number

- Blushes when she realizes that your arms are wrapped her shoulders

- After doing something so cute, cuddles are mandatory


- Sees what you’re doing as soon as you start

- Will count with you and wrap her arms around you and you wrap yours around her

- “Thought you could entrap me, did you?”

- You totally trapped her, cuddles are happening, there is no escape from a Hana who wants to cuddle

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More favorite gillovny moments?

I absolutely love all of NYCC13. The seem so high on life and sweet, sweet love. I know some people think they were actually on drugs but I don’t believe that. Have you ever spent the night with the person you’re crazy about and then had to function the next day alongside that person? It pretty much looks like what we saw. Lots of whispering, giggles, tired-drunk answers, bedhead and secret handholding. God, NYCC13 was precious.