this haircut kills me

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


Let’s just say that in my younger years I had my rebellious phase like everyone else.

fluff hc

this is me just thinking about these two dorks who are so cute this is just cute fluff that made me smile :) enjoy

  • after neil and andrew get together they are the unofficial official cute couple
  • unintentionally though
  • neil is just v pretty on his own
  • and andrew (lets face it) is probably pretty when he’s not glaring
  • so when they start to get comfortable being around each other around the other foxes
  • oh boy 

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so today I was chilling in my car, waiting for this dude on a bike to ride past me so I could go. He waved and blew a kiss in what I assume was appreciation, but I wasn’t aboutta hit the guy so I gave a lil nod of recognition before I started driving past him. but then he started shouting and yelled “wait you’re cute!” and I was like “oh haha” but then he held up two fingers and shouted “I got two jobs I could take care of ya!” and at that point I almost swerved into the other lane cuz I was laughing so hard

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could draw bon woth his cute new haircut?!

I’d love too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m alive !! My exams kill me. But soon they will end! So please be patient! Now I leave you with a picture of Rin enjoying a new Bon hairstyle.


cmjspeedy  asked:

Yoo so my mom is a professional figure skating coach and in like the late 90s there was this girl who had her hair down to her butt and she fell but then she stayed down for a few seconds and then she had shoulder length hair. Moral of the story: get up fast if you fall down or else you will get an unexpected haircut.

This fucking kills me omg 

alteaplier  asked:

please keep being that beautiful like damn your eyeliner is more solid than my future and don't get me started on that hair i wa n t i t

Thank yyou so much omg! You’re incredibly sweet~ <3

But seriously my eyeliner is a suck, i threw it on in 2 minutes and it’s uneven lol

I’m just so happy i finally got a haircut lol it was killing me before tbh

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(Sorry not sorry but I'd kill to make Luke get a haircut)

Me, wait for all the text post rants about how his hair is beautiful and kissing his ass bc they think they’re so amazing for liking everything Luke does. Like shit aren’t you exhausted pretending you love every single thing Luke does???? 


@kill-a-lily tagged me to post a picture of my lockscreen, my homescreen, the last song I listened to and a selfie. Thanks!

My homescreen is provided by the wonderful @weyounn of our boys Teddy and Milo, my background is the last big piece of art I drew of Vierguel, the last song I listened to was Fallen Down (Reprise) and here’s my gosh darn face B)

Idk who to tag so if you wanna do it just say I tagged you o/