this hair is my fav ok

I have finally joined Voltron hell.

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would you post your top ten skincare products and how/when to use them? you recommended me argan oil a few months ago and it changed my gotdamn life, and your skin is flawless, so idk if you have any other tips, i want to take care of myself this year... also i would accept stuff for hair care, my hair is not glossy i want it to be

EYYY 2 MONTHS LATER LMAONFJHSKBFJSH ok so im gonna do it by product SO:

1. Sheet Mask: i found the Kwailnara sheet masks at marshalls lol and the Orange purifying one is my fav!! the moisturizing cucumber one is good too, i like to wear them before i go 2 bed while im doing hw after i shower. the actual mask doesnt retain all of the essence (??? whatever it’s called) tho so u do have to squeeze is out of the package and massage it in
2. Regular Mask: rn i LOVE the glossier galaxy mask!!! it smells rly good imo and it wont dry out ur skin if u accidentally fall asleep wearing it like i do
3. More Masks: ok its RLY fuckign expensive but i like the bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask it literally makes ur skin look SO GOOD
4. Toner: i use rose water that i found at marshalls tbh i dont use a specific brand
5. Moisturizer: ok so at nighttime before i go 2 bed i usually cleanse my face w coconut oil and then rinse + wipe it off with warm water and theres usually enough left on my face to function as a night moisturizer, then during the day i normally like the glossier priming moisturizer (although recently ive been using an origins moisturizer that my friend gave me bc i ran out of the glossier one)
6. Cleanser: charcoal soap!!! i use it in the shower and on a loofah for body wash tooo
7. Scrub: ok im cheating my fav face scrub is either a coffee scrub that my friend makes, but i rly wanna try the lush ocean salt scrub and one of the scrubs from shrine of 9; my favorite lip scrub is the Mint Julips from lush
8. Oil/Serum: oils and serums tend to make me break out (although i rly wanna try the glossier serums so ill keep u posted) but i do use the Pixi Rose Oil Serum on my lips after i exfoliate them
9. Chapstick: i have two lol the Rose Lollipop from lush and the rose balm dot com from glossier
10. Other: other skincare essentials are cranberry juice, LOTS of water, and i just got the better than sex mascara lmao i dont CARE that it cost a whole day’s wages :’)


Jay: I’m going to be playing Josh in the musical version of the Tom Hanks movie Big. It’s a really good film, I really liked it. I’m really looking forward to getting on that piano and learning that dance, I think it’ll go well. I’m excited to see what happens!

ok so @angelyoons tagged me in this and I'm so happy I love being tagged in stuff!!!

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. Then, tag 9 other people to participate!

Superlove - Charli XCX

“I think your hair looks much better pushed over to one side, how do you feel about me?”

Roman Holiday - Halsey

“I know that we’re headstrong, and our heart’s gone, and the timing’s never right”

Dug My Heart - Børns

“You dug my heart a grave, I watched you illustrate the expression of another lonely girl”

No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys

“It’s not like i’m falling in love i just want you to do me no good, you look like you could”

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco

“I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you’ll ever meet, sweetie you had me” 

505 - Arctic Monkeys

“I crumble completely when you cry, it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye”

Coming Down - Halsey

“I found a martyr, he told me that I’d never with his educated eyes, and his head between my thighs”

Airplanes - 5 Seconds Of Summer

“love lost and buried here, it comes to life. make believe worlds make us all feel alive”

Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win - Bad Suns

“My bed is spun by web, cool breeze of night air, a silky nightmare”

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can we talk about the qunari though. the actual qunari under the qun and in seheron and par vollen.

tamassrans who braid eachother’s hair in the morning and gossip lightly over breakfast and walk arm in arm with their clutches of children around them and talk about the handsome local baker.

warriors in-training who still write to their tamas and play around when sparring sessions get boring and fumble with their blades and ask their betters for help when they sharpen them because the last time they did it they cut their finger.

court officials who nod off mid-council and fishermen who make it a daily routine to tell stories to the ben-hassrath who come around the docks often. barkeeps who love to dress nice and fuss over their waiters and young children scared of the tal-vashoth and the dark.

qunari that are actual characters with personalities instead of their typical “unfeeling stoic hunk of rock” characterization.

Post film Capable training to be a black thumb 

In my headcanon, Capable asks Toast to cut her hair after the event of Fury Road cause it’s easier to work around cars and the pups with shorter hair. AHHHHH i can’t wait to watch this film again in FREAKING IMAX i’m going to cry so damn much. Also Ace lives is not an AU ok? (Always in denial)

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Hi! Congrats on 700! Ok here we go I'm 5'7 hazel eyes I keep my hair dyed auburn and cut a little above my shoulders. I'm feisty when you get to know me, love candy and cuddling. Love reading and writing also bingeing my fav shows lol hope this is enough

Thank you! I ship you with Dean! He loooves your feisty side! Whenever he goes on a supply run he always makes sure to buy your favorite candy. Dean’s always down to cuddle in bed and binge watch whatever you want on Netflix! … long as you don’t tell anyone its a chick flick, he’s gotta keep up his reputation ;)

@eicinic adulthood!au  is fantastic ok, go check it out.

Gin, I hope you don’t mind me doing fanart for it, but I’M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

Also I said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times more: Kuroo calling Kenma “Kitten” is my absolute fav thing.

also Kuroo with shorter hair.

also Kenma with pink hair.

also everything about this au ok.

I’m sorry about how shitty Kuroo’s tattoo look >< and how this looks shitty and sketchy in general ><

aslo these are some post-coital cuddles


A “little” summary of my character and fav bjd :3

This is my very first drawing of him, he started his life as a roleplay character. He is a super intelligent, serial killer. As a psycho he’s got no feelings yet likes to smile on top of that, he is a pastry cook and loves sweets

At this point I didn’t think about having him as a doll but I started to love him as his character started to evolve.

When I finally decided that I want him as a doll I got the self doubt if his hair color would be ok for him. (He is so cute with pink hair xD)

When his head arrived I almost cried q-q I saw William in my palm. (his body and head arrived to me separately) 

Valentines day with him ^^ I couldn’t paint his head, because I promised my friend that he will be her character for a photoshooting and she wanted to paint him herself. 

I gave him a temporary faceup and temporay wig. He was nothing like William but at least he got a face q-q 

So finally my friend painted the Hugh and I painted my floating modded Karsh head to have a William. I must admit it wasn’t near okay for William, but my friend saw his character into him x”D so we switched heads after that.

And I could finally start to work on my cutie qAq *modding modding* 

And his officially first William faceup ^^

I loved his cute face but something was off with it. It was not a face of a serial killer.

So I started again everything xD *modding his eyes to be smaller* 

He is alive now. I can clearly feel it. He is like a horcrux xD a piece of my soul. And I love him to bits <3