this hair is my fav ok

Baby Blues - Jim Kirk

Prompt: can i request a pregnant reader x kirk? - anonymous. (yes, that’s literally the whole request)

Word count: 2,601 (GODDAMN WHAT THE HELL)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, FLUFF

A/N: so there was not much to go off of for this vague request and at first i was like “WHOO FREE REIGN” but then, after writing drafts for 3 entirely different stories, i realized it was so much harder than i thought. but it was interesting! this is super cute and went off the rails very easily but i sorta like it. i just love jim so much and i added enough bones to hold myself over (because he’s still my fav forever). forgive any typos, pls OK WELL ENJOY AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Leonard was hunched over his desk when you walked into his office, the door already wide open. His head was in his hands and his eyes focused on the PADD before him. The room smelled strongly of antiseptic. He didn’t look up as he spoke gruffly, “I’m off-duty.”


He brought his eyes to meet yours at the sound of your voice. His scleras were reddened and the adjacent skin was darkened. His hair stuck up on all ends. As always, he was scowling. “What do you want?”

“I want a drink,” you said, pulling out the chair directly across from him. You fell into it and placed your feet atop his desk, ignoring his clicks of irritation. “But seeing as alcohol is prohibited in my current state, I’ll settle for a nice heart-to-heart with a friend.”

Heart-to-heart,” he snorted, rolling his hazel eyes with an especially sarcastic frown. “Why’d you really come, sweetheart?”

“Needed to get away from Jim.”

He nodded once and leaned back in his seat. “There we go. Did you tell him yet?”

“Nope,” you answered, popping the p. “I don’t plan on it, either.”

He cracked a smirk, the crooked smile causing an uneven creasing of his skin. He looked to be more awake now than when you first walked in. “Are you waitin’ for the baby to tell him?”

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This kid

how I imagine/hope Jean and Armin will be when they’re older; being co-leaders of the survey corps and just generally a power couple supporting each other all day every day

my fav lil things abt jimin

- when a hateful hashtag for hobi demanding him to be kicked out started, he made a post of himself spelling “j-hope!” and wrote “i’m posting a hope tweet for the hope-hyung tht i love”
- understands armys on a different lvl (a prime example is when he exposes jk’s triceps when he was doing push-ups)
- “#JIMIN”
- invented the Pushing Your Hair Back action
- his need to go to the washroom backstage
- tfw he uses his entire upper half to feel the beat of ‘house of cards’ ya feel
- how he helped yoongi both times for his bday project
- has this habit of jumping up and down when he’s rly excited abt a certain idea (that hide&seek bomb when he tried rly hard to get tae to agree staying in one spot)
- so kind he doesn’t release any covers knowing his stans will not be ready for such torture
- “J-I-M-I-N WOW”
- how he’s the first to pop up when you search up ‘rly soft rice cake ’ in korean
- underrated drawing skills
- tfw he giggles uncontrollably
- his legs suddenly becoming weak when he gets rly rly embarrassed
- his sriracha looking hair in dope era
- covering his mouth when he laughs
- blanking out during radio shows
- sticks out his tongue when he messes up
- seemingly forced to do things but secretly enjoys it and would prob do it again in a heartbeat
- a hobby of his: betraying tae
- “jeon jeonnNnguUukkieeEeeEee~~”
- jokes around w tae saying he ended the live broadcast
- how his favourite music is rapmom’s voice
- shamelessly sticking his ass up and shaking it
- buying hobi rly expensive footwear for his bday
- always stays behind monitoring tae’s individual shots and his proud face when he compliments him
- basically monitoring every member
- holds grudges
- helps film eatjin
- when he suddenly turns around and puts his face in between his legs and……shakes lmao
- rly random english phrases here and there like “ayo whaddup”
- a soft-hearted guardian for the maknae line
- enjoys listening to rapmom’s voice
- private interviews with jeongguk bc why not
- supports #JinOnTheStreet
- holds his own dancing style
-yknow tht thing he does when he tilts his head back and you see his jawline and his fluff hair and everything is good
- he just has so much kindness, fondness, and loveliness within him
- simply put he is the embodiment of an angel walking on earth

jin | yoongs | hobi | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | tae | jk

hortus-amor  asked:

what is your favourite hair colour on all the bangtan members?

Jcfchgjh ok its hard

Seokjin: Blonde and brown. But tbh anything looks great on him thats unfair
Gigi: B L A C K
Hoseok: I LOVE BLONDE HOSEOK SO MUCH, but peach hoseok 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Namnam: Grey is my ult fav, it looks so great on him.
Jiminette: B L A C K!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taehyung: Blonde looks reaaaaaaally good on him. I also loved the orange-pink during young forever!
Jungkook: Brown!!! I think that dark hair looks the best on him👼👼👼


here is my sweet angel (but really demon alien) Thilda Celery who will be the founder of my new legacy (bc i finally got my computer back AYAYAYY) i can’t decide if i wanna do nsb or just regular hmm but anywho

i love her and she uses at least one piece of @kismet-sims cc in every single outfit (all her hair styles are from her as well). she’s my all time fav creator and her cc just fits my game’s aesthetic so well so thank u sm for all your amazing cc (and for bein one of the first simblrs to follow me wtf i am not worthy)

ok little fangirl session over sorry that was weird

feel free to send wcifs but the clothes (besides the shoes) and both hairs are all from kismet-sims so there’s that

so this was just a lil update on things and stuff

also im making my navi page tomorrow so just keep an eye out :-)))))



ametrine’s design is VERY MUCH INSPIRED BY titaniumshield’s design which can be found on my blog under tagged/motorcity. they have a few more designs i loved but ametrine was my absolute fav <333 (but you dont want them on this i dont mind taking them down ouo)


we will miss you guys 😔

you guys did great! we’ll remember all your hard works.. dont worry this is not the end.. we’ll see you guys soon ok? thank you for all the great performances!

our yonggukie who just got his self confidence recently.. we will miss your smile
hyunbin ah, you did great! jonghyun n jisung are proud of you
so yuehua twins separated 😢 hyungseob gonna be alone..
takada kenta deserves better! our japanese boy is forever slays on stage!
our all rounded noh taehyun is eliminated! 😣he deserves better~
we need more raps from sanggyun~ it is nice to know people out there supporting him now
our sweetheart moonbok.. our boys will miss to play with your hair
donghyun is separated from bnm boys.. youngmin looks so sad sitting there without you
beloved donghanie.. 😘 dont cry ok? we will always gonna support you
dancer kim taedong~ i love seeing you play around with friends and happy with them
our miracle boy seonghyuk! your voice in i know you know will always be my fav ✌🏻
music teacher and our extra kid kim yehyun.. your music talents are perfect!
our meme boy lee gunhee! we love your meme + extraness~ omg what are we gonna do without you?
baby woojinie 👶🏻 you are going to be fine without daniel appa and your hyungs right? take care kiddo
your voice going to be missed,woodam-ah! we know you deserved better.. i’ll wait for your debut soon

thx to all trainees.. we might know you guys for like 2 months or so but we are going to miss you guys so much!

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I’m just going to choose one of my fav books:

Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf

1. Don’t talk about love.
2. Don’t think about love.
3. Thinking and talking about love leads to Love, which is the enemy…

For 17-year-old Isis Blake, the list has one goal: to ensure she never falls in love again. Ever. As Isis and her mom settle into their new home in Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, Isis is rockin’ the purple hair and a beat up old car…and hoping like hell that no one learns that a) she used to be fat; and b) she used to have a heart.

Naturally, Isis opts for social suicide instead…by punching the cold and untouchably handsome “Ice Prince”-a.k.a. Jack Hunter-right in his smug face.

Now the school hallways are an epic battleground as Isis and the Ice Prince engage in a vicious game of social warfare.

But sometimes to know your enemy is to love him…

I am a SUCKER for these types of books (that love-hate relationship burns my dark soul), and I devour them in a day. This will literally be you the whole time IT’S HILARIOUS

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

My favourite things: the banter between Isis and Jack and Isis overcoming her self esteem issues. Isis is sooo funny, and you will just adore her (and maybe sometimes want to clobber her in the head) but whatever. It’s super fun, BUT there is a deeper, more darker tones in the book. I WONT SPOIL IT, but it’s HOT.

Here are my fav quotes:

Isis: “I would love to slap you right now, but I’m currently wielding a nine pound ball and I’m afraid that would be called murder.” 

Isis: “Come! Come sit by me. It’s a nice bench. Nice and lovely on the butt.”
Jack: “You’re drunk.”
Isis: “Yeah, and you’re ugly, but do I complain about it? No! Because I don’t complain about things that I can’t change. That’s called intelligence.” 

Jack: “How did you find me? If you hacked into the Club’s computer to look up my appointments - “
Isis: “Whoa, I think you overestimate me, shitlord. Last time I checked all I did was be in the wrong place at the right time. I saw you and had to - ”
Jack: “Stalk me.”
Isis: “ - delicately approach you. In a sideways manner. From behind. Without being seen at all. For ten minutes.” 

Isis: “I cannot, for the life of me, remember what we were just conversing about! Alas. I will forever remember this time we spent together affectionately and oh god I remember now you pervert!”
Jack: “You were the one who shouted ‘sex’!” He hisses.
Isis: “You were the one who was born, so really I think that’s the root of the problem.” 

Isis’ Mum: “Did you have fun? How many boys did you make out with?” She asks.
Isis: “Seventy. At least.”
Mum: “How many shots did you take?”
Isis: “Fourteen. I let go of the wheel halfway home and Jesus drove me the rest of the way.”

I can seriously go on, Isis is SOOO funny. I really hope you/whoever is reading this reads this book because it’s great and Wolf is a self published author. She only recently got signed because of these amazing books and I just love that.