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The Sun and The Stars {3}

Previous parts: Part 1 | Part 2

Word Count: 3726

Warnings: mentions of past abuse, light nsfw content, mild violence

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You can hardly process what Bucky’s told you. It doesn’t feel real. The jet ride to the states is quiet but you keep stealing quick glances at him. You understand why you felt the way you did back when both of you were at HYDRA; he was attractive, he was kind, and he genuinely seemed to care about you, which was a new feeling to you. You couldn’t imagine anyone caring for you so deeply and so immensely that they would follow you for nine months.

You study the crest of his jaw and the way his long hair fell down almost to his collar but all you can feel is anger at HYDRA for taking away your memories of him because you want to remember everything he’s told you. You sounded happy with him and a part of you, deep inside, knew what he said was true. Maybe it was some subconscious part of you that still remembered what he’d meant to you so you decided to trust it.

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Asked by Anonymous:  Hello Sweets :) I really love your writing, you cant imagine ! So I was wondering if you would write something for my birthday today with Bucky Barnes where he waits for you to come home to your shared house and he has a surprise for you. The bedroom is full of candles and when you get home he gives you a really gentle massage, that unfortunately leads to something more sexual and you have a Long romantic night together ? ;) Also his POV if you want hihi, that would be absolutely great <3

Warnings: swearing, smut, oral (m receiving), dom!bucky, unprotected sex

Word count: 1785

A/N: Well? Is it okay??


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Today was te worst possible day ever, and it wasn’t even Friday the 13th. That was almost two weeks ago and surprisingly, nothing surreal happened that day. So it’s probably why the Universe thought to catch up and punish you on the day of your big meeting.

For starters your alarm clock batteries decided to heave their last breath in the middle of the night, making sure you woke up an hour later than planned, therefore not giving you enough time to cuddle with your boyfriend or even take a shower. You were reduced to a quick peck and dry shampoo, not to mention the huge amounts of deodorant. Even though you live in New York of all places, hailing a cab was extra difficult, leaving you no choice but to step in front of one and almost getting run over, but hey, at least it couldn’t get any worse than that, right?

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To Build A Home... [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Rick wakes up one day to see the woman he loves taking care of Judith, and the view makes him feel like the happiest man on Earth. The title of the imagine is taken from the song by The Cinematic Orchestra, which the reader later sings in the imagine. (For the sake of the fluffiness of this imagine, let’s pretend Rick’s Judith and Shane confession never happened…)

Requested By: @l8nitl0vr

Warnings: Literally none, this is just straight up fluff.


For the first time in a few days, I woke up to the sound of blissful nothingness as the sun shone through the crack in the curtains, and the bed sheets seemed to engulf me in a warm cocoon that would take a lot for me to get out of. I turned over and rested the side of my head into the pillows, sighing and smiling at the comfort. I noticed that the left side of the bed was made and tucked in perfectly, signifying that Y/N was already up and active.

I sat up, throwing the covers off of me as I forced myself to get ready and go check up on everyone, after all, there’s only so much silence you can endure here without becoming suspicious.

“Morning Y/N! Y/N?” I called through the house, peeking my head into the kitchen to find it empty. I went into the lounge and saw Carl sprawled on the couch, and it was kind of strange to see him so relaxed and not outside busying himself with something, “Carl, where’s Y/N?” He looked up from his old comic book which I was sure he’d read hundreds of times now and shrugged.

“She left the house early this morning, you’ve been asleep for ages Dad,” He said simply before burying his concentration back into his fictional heroes. I tilted my head in confusion before turning on my heels and walking back through the house. I looked out of the window and scanned the area, only to see Aaron and Gabriel talking near the crops, and Michonne strolling past the house. I knocked to get Michonne’s attention, and she turned her head to look at me.

“Where’s Y/N?” I mouthed and she shrugged also. Part of me was starting to get worried, then I realised I hadn’t been into Judith’s room to check on her.

I practically sprinted up the stairs, only to find my daughter’s room empty. My heart started racing and I went straight back to Carl to question Judith’s whereabouts, “Dad I don’t think Judith climbed out of her crib and walked off…” He joked, before putting his comic book down and leaning forward, “I think Y/N had her, wherever she is, Judith will be also.”

Where the hell are they? I stepped outside and the warm air hit me in the face like it was being blown towards me with a high-speed electric fan. Gabriel and Aaron glanced over to me and waved as they walked towards the gate to speak to Eugene. I sat down on the stairs outside the house and watched the day go by for a while, allowing myself to enjoy the weather instead of overworking myself in the heat. After a while, Maggie came to join me, “Hello stranger, forgive me for saying this, but you look oddly relaxed today,” She laughed, sitting down next to me and giving me a brief hug. I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle in response as I shuffled over to give her more space.

“It seems like we’ve got everything under control here today so I’m giving myself some well-deserved time off. Have you seen Y/N at all this morning?”

“I saw her not long ago behind the houses, she might still be there,” I mentally slapped myself for not thinking to look in the backyards. I thanked Maggie and wished her a good day before walking back through my house and into the garden.

That’s when I saw a sight I didn’t know I needed to see, and my heart feel like it was going to explode in my chest. A huge grin spread across my face like a child on Christmas Morning as I watched Y/N pushing Judith on a tyre-swing I assumed she’d built herself. The rope was tied firmly to a branch, and Judith was comfortably sat on the tyre as Y/N pushed it back and forth slowly. The sweet sound of Judith’s laughter made my stomach tingle with adoration, and I swear the smile on Y/N’s face was making me fall deeper in love with her than ever before.

“Can I cut in?” I said, surprising them. Judith turned her head to face me and flung her arms forward. I went over and picked her up in my arms, giving her a tight hug, “What’s all this? Did Y/N build my princess a swing?” I asked Judith in a calm voice. She just giggled at me, then I looked up and saw a content smile on Y/N’s face.

“I know it’s ridiculous, it’s the end of the world as we know it and I’m building a playground out here, I -” She started, only for me to cut her off.

“No Y/N, it’s not ridiculous. I love it,” Watching the grin grow on her face made butterflies arise in my stomach. Could I love this woman anymore than I do right now?

I put Judith down and she sat on the grass, staring up at me and Y/N as if she was waiting for something, “What is it Judith?” Y/N asked, making the little girl smile and laugh again. I suddenly had an idea, that I was sure would make Judith laugh until she couldn’t possibly laugh anymore.

“Hey, how secure is this thing?” I asked, turning to Y/N with a smirk on my face.

“It’s actually really secure. I used some of that really thick rope we’ve had stored away, and at the top, you can’t see it but I actually nailed the rope to the branch before knotting it multiple times…” It took her a while to notice the expression on my face, but as soon as she did, she raised a brow knowingly, “It’s secure enough for an adult.”

“That settles it then! Come on Y/N, sit down,” I patted the tyre and Judith clapped her hands together in excitement as she shuffled back on the grass, knowing to sit away from a swing when someone’s on it. Y/N looked at me in disbelief and I insisted she sat down by thrusting the tyre towards her, “Come on!”

She sat down and held on as I brought back the tyre before pushing it forward with all of my strength. Y/N squealed as she swung higher than she probably expected. Judith stood up and danced in excitement, before stumbling towards me, “Do you want to help me Judith?” I lifted her up and she placed a small hand on the tyre, pushing it with me so Y/N would once again disappear into the air then back down.

“Hey Judith, don’t push me too high!” Y/N called, turning her head to smile at us. I briefly grazed her cheek with my hand and her skin flushed a deep shade of pink. Judith reached out to stroke Y/N’s cheek, but ended up pinching her instead, “Judith! You cheeky little monkey,” Y/N laughed, sending Judith into hysterics.

We continued to spend time together for a little while, and the playtime ended with me sat in the tyre, being pushed into the air by Y/N whilst Judith sat and yanked chunks of grass from the ground. When we were all tired out and Judith was getting sleepy, we went back inside. Y/N settled Judith into her crib, and I stood outside the room listening to her softly humming. I peeped my head around the door to see Y/N crouched next to the crib, quietly singing.

“There is a house built out of stone, wooden floors, walls and window sills…”

I watched closely as Judith’s eyes began to shut, and Y/N leaned over to draw the curtains, still continuing the sweet song.

“Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust. This is a place where I don’t feel alone. This is a place where I feel at home… ‘Cause I built a home for you, for me…”

I leant against the door frame, making myself known to Y/N. She got up to her feet, tucked Judith under a blanket before walking towards me. “Hey you,” She whispered, wrapping her arms around me. I hugged her back, resting my chin on her head before kissing her hair.

“You know, it was great seeing you with her today,” I said, wrapping an arm around her as she turned to look back at a sleeping Judith, “Just, make sure you tell me next time you plan on confiscating my daughter,” I joked, making her laugh quietly. We both left the room to reduce the risk of waking Judith up and went downstairs. We went into the lounge which was now empty, and I assumed Carl had gone and found himself something to do. We both flopped down onto the couch together and sighed.

“Who knew keeping a toddler entertained was so tiring?” Y/N said jokingly. I laid down and tapped the small space next to me, so she could squeeze in and lay her head on my chest. She settled beside me, placing her hand on my chest and her head on my shoulder in the crook of my neck. I kissed her forehead lightly, before engulfing her in a tight embrace and rubbing her back soothingly.

“I know, I think it may’ve almost been as tiring as going out on runs,” I laughed, closing my eyes and sighing once more, “I think we deserve a nap. Is that allowed?”

“I should think so… Sleep well Rick,”

“I love you Y/N,”

“I love you too.”


Hey there! I hope you all liked this imagine, I’m absolutely loving writing so much fluff at the moment! I think Rick fluff may be my favourite thing right now. Let me know what you thought, and requests are open as usual! Love you guys!


As discussed earlier, although please forgive any errors - it’s only an early draft, and I hadn’t really intended it to be posted today.  It’s quite wizarding world heavy as it’s mostly set up to get Snape established in the Muggle world, but feel free to make suggestions or critique or whatever…

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“I think,” said Dumbledore, leaning back in his chair, “that you should make arrangements to be elsewhere during the summer.”

Snape frowned. “Elsewhere?”

“I understand that this will be an inconvenience for you, Severus.  I do not underestimate how much of your life has been spent at Hogwarts.”

The silence hung heavily between the two men.

Eventually, reluctantly, Dumbledore spoke again.  “I am aware that you think of Hogwarts as your home.”

“But you’re sending me away?”  Snape couldn’t hide the note of truculence that invaded his speech.

“It is not a punishment. I believe it prudent for you to appear as if you do not enjoy spending every minute of every day within my pocket.”

“Do you not think that if the Dark Lord returns-“

“-when he returns,” Dumbledore interrupted, forcefully.

“-when the Dark Lord returns, that he would look favourably upon a spy who knew Dumbledore’s routine inside out?”

“Knowing your Dark Lord as I do, I think he would find your actions during term time sufficient.” Dumbledore held up a hand to stem Snape’s protestations.  “Furthermore, it gives you both an alibi and a bargaining chip.  It shows that you do not intend to spend your free time with me – proving, perhaps, that you’re not as loyal to me as you first appear. Secondly, it gives him the opportunity to tell you to follow me more closely.”  Dumbledore gave a satisfied smile.  “And he much prefers it when he thinks a plan is his own idea.”

The silence returned – and then, Snape nodded.  At this, Dumbledore reached into his desk drawer.

“I am aware that your parents passed some time ago,” Dumbledore said, handing Snape a bundle of papers.  “I made arrangements on your behalf to have their assets-“

Snape harrumphed, and Dumbledore peered curiously at him over his spectacles.

“Meagre they may have been, Severus, but they did exist.”  He took off his glasses and shined them on his sleeve.  “I have spoken to my contacts in the Muggle world, and they assure me that the house has been sealed.”

“The house?  The house was tied.”

“I believe,” Dumbledore said, patiently indicating towards the paperwork in Snape’s hands, “that with the closure of the mill, your parents were paying an increased rent to the landlord.”


“And when your mother passed, your father used her life insurance to buy the house outright.”

Severus shrugged.  “I didn’t ask.”

“As your father’s next of kin, the house is yours.”

At this, Severus gave a sharp bark of laughter.  “Cokeworth? You want me to go back to Cokeworth? I’ve not stayed there since…” He trailed off, and stared up at the lofty ceiling.  “It’s been a long time.”

Dumbledore stood, and moved over to the window, looking out over the grounds.  “I trust you remember how to behave amongst the Muggle population?”

“I wasn’t great at it the first time.”

Dumbledore turned back to stare at Snape.  “It is paramount that you behave accordingly.  My intention is that you will remain at Hogwarts for as long as possible.”  He looked back through the window again, appraising the view.  “However, we must prepare for all eventualities and you should be aware that the time may come when you cannot remain at Hogwarts.”

“There are many places within the wizarding wor-”

“Severus,” Dumbledore said, sharply, his gaze still fixed through the window.  “Please understand that I am not suggesting that you may have to spend a week or two in Hogsmeade with Madam Rosmerta, or a month with Tom at the Leaky Cauldron.”  He drew in a breath.  “There may come a time, for your own safety, and the safety of those around you, when you must hide in the Muggle world.”

Snape groaned, and Dumbledore turned back to face him once more.

“Do not take this lightly, Severus.  Your successful passing in the Muggle world could be the difference between-”

“-accomplishing my mission, or failing,” Snape intoned, miserably.

Dumbledore’s eyes narrowed. “I was going to say the difference between your living and dying.”

Severus stood, not breaking eye contact with the headmaster.  “I think we both know the two statements are one and the same.”

It had taken a whole forty three seconds before Snape let out a litany of swear words, cursing his mother, his father, the Dark Lord and Dumbledore in equal measure.  He angrily tossed his shrunken case onto the old armchair, and glared at his surroundings.

It was dark, dirty and dingy.  And worst of all - it stunk.

Spinner’s End had always smelled odd, even when he was a kid - the dirt from the river intermingled with the ever present odour of damp sheets and overcooked cabbage.  Sealing the house shut for several years had made the air stale, causing the stench to be pervading.

Snape flicked his wand, and all of the windows lurched open simultaneously, groaning in their swollen frames.  He rolled his eyes and flicked his wand again, causing the wood to repair, and fall back into its original place.  He peered at one frame closely, disdainfully appraising the mould and the flaking paint, and he flicked his wand again.  Household charms weren’t his forte, but a decade of teaching Potions had him well versed in bleaching charms, which cleared the worst of the mildew.

He flicked his wand over and over, sanding the wood down, and then magically adding a new layer of paint.  He only dared paint the inside, lest the neighbours start gossiping at the house’s sudden makeover, with no ladder in sight.  He was quietly pleased at the result, but the faint sneer on his face didn’t abate; the addition of paint fumes certainly hadn’t helped to reduce the horrible smell.

He strode purposefully through the dingy house, silently casting with and without his wand. Dumbledore had offered him the use of one of the house elves, but Snape felt it a little incongruous.  He gave a shudder at the thought of one of the neighbours spying such a creature through the window; he’d be excommunicated before he’d even unpacked.

He glanced outside, a sudden fear gripping him that someone would see him waving his wand – and he hastily moved around the house drawing the faded curtains.  By hand.  He decided that he would replace them as soon as possible; it was one thing for them to be hideous, but they were so worn and frayed, he feared they’d fall apart the next time he sneezed.

It took hours, but Snape finally had the house something like.  He wasn’t going for homeowner of the year – but he wanted to rid the house of his parents, and the misery they brought.  He’d vanished their bed with the sagging mattress, and his own childhood one for good measure.  It had always been uncomfortable and it gave him a sense of pleasure to send it tumbling into the ether, or wherever it was that McGonagall had told him vanished objects disappeared to.  He’d never really listened that closely in Transfiguration classes.

His efforts with painting the window frames had taken rather more out of him than he’d expected.  He didn’t fancy redecorating both floors, but nor could he stand to stare at the four walls of grimy, nicotine stained wallpaper.  He pondered it for a short time, and then headed back to Hogwarts.  He claimed some of the benching from one of the lesser used dungeons.  He felt no guilt; Albus had sent him to this hellish hole – it was the least he could contribute.

Shrinking the wood down was an effort, and it was only after his fifth journey back and forth that he realised that he should’ve recruited one of the house elves to assist after all. Thinking it over, he called for them to move his bed from his quarters to the house, and scribbled a note to Albus requesting a new four poster for the dungeons.  After his final trip, he settled down for a short break, and then set to work breaking the benches down and conjuring a series of bookshelves to cover every available surface – doors included.

Several hours later, he stood in his childhood bedroom and grinned, pleased at his progress.  He pulled the curtain to one side, pushed the window wide open, and just like he did as a child, he sat on the sill, his legs dangling outside.  He sat silently, and could almost hear his dad yelling at him to get back inside, but it was just the wind whistling through the estate.

His old room overlooked the small concrete yard at the back of the house, and he pursed his lips.  It’d been many years since he’d needed to use the magically amplified whistle that his mother had taught him, which only magically affiliated creatures could hear.  He licked his lips, and then brought his finger and thumb to his mouth. He blew softly at first, experimentally – checking that he could still make the required sound.

And then, he blew a sustained note, followed by the uplifting trill that the Hogwarts owls were trained to acknowledge.  A quick glance over the back yards of the neighbouring houses confirmed that he’d done it correctly, as nobody’s head had turned.  An owl may have seemed an odd call, especially from such a distance, but Snape was in no hurry, and he didn’t want to head back to Hogwarts again.  He could wait.  Two hours later, his favourite owl streamed through the sky, silhouetted by the late evening sunset.

Snape beamed for the first time all day as the creature landed in his lap, and then hopped up his arm, and up onto his shoulder.  Isocrates’ talons bit into his skin through his robes, but Snape didn’t care, running one longer finger down Isocrates’ beak, and allowing him to nibble at the skin around his fingernail.

He knew it was ridiculous and self-indulgent, but he walked around the house, murmuring to Isocrates as he went, pointing out the work that he’d done.  Upon reaching the bathroom, he caught sight of himself in the reflection of the bathroom cabinet and he grimaced.  He headed straight back to his old bedroom, and with a final nuzzle of the bird’s beak, he sent him off to Diagon Alley, entrusted with a large mail order.

Snape had happily purchased as many books as he could think of to fill his brand new shelves.  He didn’t have many at Hogwarts, as he preferred to save his money and instead make extensive use of Hogwarts’ library, and Dumbledore’s private collection.  He made an exception for his regular delivery of Potions related journals and books, as he liked to scribble corrections and comments in the margins, and he’d learnt in his first term at Hogwarts that Irma Pince didn’t take too kindly to such vandalism.

His books had flown in thick and fast, and Snape knew that he’d quickly become Flourish and Blotts’ favourite customer.  He’d filled his many shelves full of dangerous, dark and technical tomes – things that Pince would never have allowed into general circulation. Granted, she did allow him access to most items in the restricted stack, although it usually took several days of wheedling, begging and charming the old harridan.  He wouldn’t miss that at all.

In fact, he wouldn’t miss company full stop, Pince or otherwise.  He’d had his fill of whining, whinging brats – and that was just the rest of the staff.  The idea of seven weeks of silence was one that filled him with glee, and he fully intended it to fill it with the three ‘r’s:  reading, relaxation and research.

Fortunately, he’d enough equipment in his private lab at Hogwarts to shrink it down and transport it to his house instead of buying new.  The most arduous part of the operation was heading out to the edge of the grounds of Hogwarts so he could Apparate.  It wasn’t the distance that bothered him, as despite his slender frame, he was fairly fit – the ever changing footprint of the castle saw to that – but because Scotland’s weather remained disrespectful of the seasons, and despite being June, the wind and the rain lashed ferociously at him as he focused on his Apparation.

Thankfully, he didn’t find Apparating too taxing; it had been a relief when he’d discovered that he had a natural aptitude for it.  He’d been embarrassingly useless at flying in his early years at Hogwarts, and he’d dreaded every flying lesson they’d had, because it always started with him being embroiled in a five minute tussle with the broom – and that was just getting it off the floor and into his hand.  All whilst James Potter and Sirius Black stood and sniggered.

He had Lucius Malfoy to thank for him becoming even halfway proficient.  It was the first summer Lucius had invited him to stay, and he’d blushed a furious shade of red when they’d headed down to the Malfoy pitch and his lack of skill was put on show.  Malfoy, to his credit, had merely laughed, and spent the better part of a fortnight tutoring the teen – until, by the end of his stay, Snape could almost catch Lucius in a looping, swirling chase.  He still wasn’t keen on brooms, but at least he could now hold his own.

But the experience had troubled him, and Snape could still recall the bile that had risen in the back of his mouth as he’d taken part in his first Apparation lesson, terrified that he would be useless, and Potter would lord it over him again – but thankfully, his fears had been unfounded, and he’d passed on his first attempt.

Despite his mastery at Apparation, Snape found the day tiring – condensing his entire workshop to the size of his pocket took an incredible amount of magic, as he had to carefully consider the original size and density of the objects.  Apparating yourself was one thing; Apparating with objects was entirely another, and one wrong calculation could lead to a severe splinching – and with nobody magical in Cokeworth, Snape didn’t want to try his luck.

Most magical people favoured transporting their items via other methods, but Snape didn’t fancy the company which was sure to be found on the public Knight Bus, nor did he want to consider Dumbledore’s favourite means of transport – the idea of full grown Thestrals charging through his Muggle neighbourhood gave him a slight tremor in his chest, whether they were invisible to many or not.

After his final trip, he stood in the living room and happily pulled off his sodden robes, leaving him standing in only his underwear.  Thankfully, it was warm in Spinner’s End despite its late hour – the unusual heat a remnant of a hot summer’s day in England, but when he went to spell his robes dry, he saw several streaks of mud from the Hogwarts’ grounds splashed up the back.  He screwed them up, and threw them to the floor – they’d have to be washed.  That was another thing; he needed some spare clothes.

It was, of course, at that moment that his neighbour knocked.

Cursing, Snape unconsciously reached for his robes – and then he stopped.  Surely his dirty voluminous teaching robes were more suspect than… He looked down, scowling at his skinny, scrawny frame.  He didn’t much want to answer the door in his underpants either.  Concentrating - for Transfiguration had never been his favourite subject - he turned a cushion from the sofa into a shirt.  It was a little too small – he avoided mirrors as a force of habit, so his efforts at gauging size were off – and the pattern was hideous, a vomit of faded crimson and golden swirls, just like the cushion had been. Nonetheless, he shrugged it on and deftly buttoned the lower part as he answered the door.

And what a sight he was. His long hair was still dripping from the Scottish rain, and his skinny, pale legs shone a brilliant white in the darkness.  His shirt was atrocious – but his delayed reaction and relative state of undress meant that his neighbour could conclude only one thing.

“Oh!  Oh, I’m so sorry!  Were you in the bath?”

He couldn’t quite place the woman before him; he vaguely recognised her, but he couldn’t say for certain when they’d met.  Self-consciously, he ran his hand through his damp hair.  “Yes, I…”  He trailed off, embarrassed.  “This isn’t my usual attire.”

To his surprise, the woman laughed.  A high pitched, tinkling laugh – which didn’t quite suit a woman of her advanced age and sturdy stature.  “I should hope not!  Gods, man, what do you look like?!”  She laughed again, and Snape could feel the flush growing up his chest, ready to erupt out onto his face.

“I wasn’t expecting any callers,” he said, defensively.

Again, she laughed.  “Oh no?  A young man like you at this time of night, eh?  I bet they’re lined up around the block.”  She laughed again – it was getting irritating – and then she gave him a knowing wink.  “Now, I promise that I only came bothering you because Mick – you’ll remember Mick, of course – he’s had a fall.  And well-”

Snape raised his eyebrow, tugging his horrid shirt tight against him.  “Well?”

“You could help him home, perhaps?  I saw the light, and I know you’ve only just got back,” she smiled, and put her hand in his, “welcome back, son, so I wouldn’t ask but I’ve tried ‘most everyone else-”

He gave a slight nod. “I thought I heard knocking.”

“They’ve all gone over the river to the summer carnival.”  She looked a little put out.  “Thought they’d be back by now.  Still, was time that I could’ve lifted him meself, but me left knee has seen better days, and as for me gammy hip-”

“Of course,” Snape said, desperate to curtail the woman’s tale, and her list of injuries and ailments. “Where is he?”

“Down the Crown.”  She frowned at Snape’s blank look, and then she realised.  “Course, it were the George in your day.”

“I see.  Too much falling down water?”

This time her laughter was infectious.  “Oh, you are your father’s boy, aren’t you?”  She smiled fondly at him, and brushed his cheek with the back of her large hand.  “Now, our Terry’s sat him up in the bar with a pint, so there’s no rush.  Get yourself dry and dressed first.”

“I assure you, I had no intention of roaming the streets like this.”

“Thank heavens for small mercies!”

Snape nodded his goodbye, shut the door and glanced at the clock.  It was far too late to shop, and a quick glance at the soft furnishings meant that he wasn’t keen to try out his Transfiguration skills again.  There was only one thing for it – so he donned his soggy robes, and with a loud crack, he Disapparated.

“Ah, Severus!  What a-” Narcissa paused for a second too long, “-wonderful surprise.  Please, do take a seat.”

Snape waved his hand, and indicated to his soggy clothing.  “I am terribly sorry to intrude in such an uncouth fashion, Narcissa.” He gave the slightest of bows towards her.  “If Lucius could spare me just a moment of his time, I would be most grateful.”

Narcissa gave a slight nod of assent, and then called for Dobby, who appeared instantly.  “Tell Mr Malfoy he is required in his study.  Now, elf!”  Dobby disappeared and Narcissa flashed Snape a brilliant white smile. “This way.”

Snape rolled his eyes as he walked behind Narcissa; he knew the way to his best friend’s study, and hardly needed Narcissa to lead him through the corridors.  He knew this was some bizarre power game style punishment that purebloods performed when scruffy halfbloods abruptly descended upon their ridiculous manor with no regard for social niceties.

But still, he could apologise tomorrow – for now, he needed Lucius’ assistance.

“Severus!” Lucius’ voice boomed across the study, as Narcissa ushered Snape through the door, loudly slamming it in his wake.  Snape jumped at the noise, and Lucius smirked.  “Ah, darling Cissy.  Never changes.  Firewhisky, my friend?”

“I can’t stop.”

Lucius paused, already half way to the grandiose fireplace.  He slowly turned.  “You can’t stop?”  His smirk grew ever wider.  “I say, old chap – you appear out of nowhere at,” he checked the clock on the mantle, “a quarter to eleven, soaked through to the bone and…” He stared evenly at Snape as he enunciated his words:  “You. Cannot.  Stop?”

Snape steeled himself to stare at the wall, instead of letting his gaze drop to the floor as was his instinct.  He hated it when Malfoy treated him like an errant toddler.  “I wouldn’t have intruded had it not been an emergency.”

Lucius clicked his tongue against his teeth, as he resumed his walk to the mantelpiece.  He took the decanter from the side and poured a splash into a crystal glass.  “Well, you won’t mind if I indulge, will you?”

Snape inclined his head. “Truth be told, Malf,” he said, invoking Lucius’ schoolboy nickname.  “I’m in a bit of a spot.”


In spite of himself, Snape grinned.  “No. If only.”  He took a deep breath.  “You remember where I grew up?”

“I try to forget.”

“I had some business. Back home.”

“Oh yes?”

Snape rattled on, desperate not to go into too much detail.  “I require a suit.  A Muggle suit.  Urgently.”

“How urgently?  Next week?  This week?”  At Snape’s head shake, Lucius frowned.  “Tomorrow?”


“Now?”  Lucius almost spat his firewhisky across the room. “You want me rustle up a Muggle suit for you, now?  Dear boy, I don’t just have them lying around, you know.”

“Can you help, or not?” Snape’s tone was sulky.

Lucius grinned, before clicking his fingers.  Once more, Dobby appeared – only this time, he was carrying a measuring tape.

“Oh, you cannot be-“


Snape glared at Lucius. “Can’t he just go and get any suit?”

“And risk it not fitting? How ridiculous.”  Lucius snapped his fingers, causing Snape’s robes to slide to the floor.  Before Snape could as much as flinch, Dobby measured him, and with a sharp snap of his own fingers, covered the skinny man back up.

A blinding flash of light saw Dobby disappear, and then just as quickly re-appear, new clothes draped over one arm.  He bowed deeply before Snape, presenting the clothes to him.  Snape glanced over at Lucius, who raised his glass.

“Turn around, Malf,” said Snape.

“I’ve seen it before. I saw it ten seconds ago!” Lucius protested.  Snape glared at Lucius until the older man turned his back to him.  “Honestly, the longer you spend in that dungeon, the more prudish you become.”

Snape ignored his comments, and shrugged out of his damp robes.  He hastily donned the crisp white shirt, buttoning it up securely before wriggling in to the skin-tight black trousers.  “Bloody hell, these are tight,” he grumbled, causing Lucius to turn.

“Nonsense.  They’re the perfect fit.”  Lucius took a swig of his drink.  “You’re always hiding in layers, and oversized outfits.”

Snape glared at him as he pulled on the waistcoat, happily running his finger along the golden chain that ran to the pocket.  He followed it, and to his surprise, it was attached to a stunning watch.


Snape picked it up and slung it over one shoulder, his dirty and discarded robes clenched in his other fist. “A little too warm for the jacket, but I’ll take it with me.”

“Off so soon?”

“I am deeply grateful, Malf.”

“I shall remember that, Severus.”  Lucius raised his glass once more.  “Have a fun evening.”

The wolf whistle was piercing.

The woman from earlier was stood at the bar, a large smile across her face as Snape walked through the door.  “Now aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, son?”

Not for the first time that evening, Snape flushed at her words.  “You wanted me to give Mick a hand?”

The woman indicated to a man who was sitting with a small group at a table.  Three elderly men were perched on a bench.  A fourth was sat on a chair – his bare foot resting on a stool, his discarded boot on the floor.  Dominoes were spread across the table, along with various notes and coins, indicating that a serious round of betting was ongoing.  “I think he’s settled in for a while, if you fancied a drink?”

Snape’s heart sank. His Muggle debit card was in his pocket, but it was no use in a backwater pub like this.  “Cash machine?”

Again, her laughter peeled through the room.  “Not round ‘ere.  Across the river and up town’s the nearest.  It’d take you a good forty minutes there and back.  Dave?”

The elderly barman stared at the woman through rheumy eyes.  “What?”

“You can stand a drink for Mickey’s saviour, can’t you?  He’s going to help him home.  Those lot over there haven’t got a chance of lifting him.”

“Then tell Mick to stand him a drink,” he grumbled.  “I’m not a bleedin’ charity.”  He stared at Snape, anger flashing in his eyes.  “Comin’ in ‘ere with his posh suit and his fancy manners.  Where d’yer find ‘im?”

“It’s Toby’s lad!” the woman hissed, far too loudly to be subtle, and the whole pub fell silent, all eyes now fixed upon him.  Snape shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, and pulled at the stiff collar at his neck.

“Well, I never.”  Dave heaved himself up from his stool, walked around the bar and held his hand out.  Snape took it – his fingers were large and warm, and the skin on his palm was roughened. It was an absolute contrast to his own pale, slender hands.  “Toby Snape’s boy.  My God, lad, I never once thought I’d set eyes on yer again.”  His grin was wide and warm, revealing several missing molars. “I remember yer when yer was this high,” he said, raising his hand to his hip.  “Scrawny little beggar, yer was – and look at yer now.  A right beanpole.”

Dave returned around the bar, dropping his dish rag on the pumps.  “What’re yer havin’?  Same as yer old man?”

Entirely baffled by the array of drinks on display, Snape nodded.  If he’d learnt one thing in the Dark Lord’s service, it was to shut up and agree when things appeared to be going well.  He watched, surprised, as Dave shared the pint glass between one pump and then another.  “Half and half, he was partial to,” he proclaimed, resting the glass on the mat. Snape watched the drink settle and took a small sip.  To his surprise, he quite liked it; he’d always recalled Muggle beverages as being somewhat sharp and sour, but it tasted refreshing in the heat.

Snape lifted the glass towards Dave.  “Cheers.”

“Yer welcome, lad.”  Dave crossed his arms and lent on the pumps. “Now, where the bloody hell have yer been, eh?”

This is for nastyinkhakis who gave me an absolutely horrible prompt for Ernst and Hanschen so fuck you and thank you for this. Warning: angst ahead

Ernst was sweating. Not just sweating, but dripping; staining the pale blue sheets underneath his shoulder blades. But honestly he couldn’t care less, not with what he’s just done … not with who he’s just done. He turned slowly, neck creaking, to gaze over the ruffled blond hair, the finely muscled shoulders highlighted by the moon’s glow, and the tight curve of the ass uncovered by the comforter. Then Ernst was crying. Heavy, hot tears that streamed down his cheeks and slithered down his throat, choking him.

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can you hear me (ava’s demon)

here’s the first writing request i finished, with the prompt 11. can you hear me, ava/odin

i had way too much fun writing this (mostly in my head at first) but actually sitting down to type this was actually..very uplifting. i won’t get too sentimental, just saying, i love this fic, and i am really excited to share it! alright, here goes.


Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath of smoke, the sharp tang stinging at the bottom of her lungs before finally being released from her mouth, Ava smiled, slowly at first, and then without restraint, bringing clawed nails to her mouth to play with her teeth.

He was still asleep.

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AN: Sorry it’s been a whie, but school is currently eatin away at my sanity, so I can’t really promise to have an update every single day like I used to. Oh well. Thank you anon for sending this request my way, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. lease ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Tony X Reader (Father/Daughter), with a little Steve X Reader in there as well

Prompt: Hey sorry for bugging you but I wanted to know if you could do this request {Tony X Reader} : Imagine you were Tony’s kid: fearless, cocky and amazing just like Tony never showing weakness until you are fatally wounded and dying in his arms and you choke out “I’m Scared” as your last words… If you can’t that’s cool ^-^

Warnings: Violence, swearing, injury, death, and so mUCH ANGST

((If you really want your heart to break, then I suggest listening to “The Last One” on the Age of Ultron movie soundtrack. It’s subtly sad as well as beautiful, and it’s what I listened to on repeat throughout writing this ^_^))


“I’m Scared”

You were the one thing that Tony Stark loved more than himself. It didn’t matter who was with him, what was going on— you were always his priority.

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Draco Malfoy x reader

Words: 1415

Warnings: some swears lol

A/n: Reader is Harry’s twin sister.

Y/n’s P.O.V

“Draco! Someone might see!” I whispered-yelled at my boyfriend as he pushed me up against a pillar in the Hogwarts halls.

“Don’t care love.” He said and quickly attacked my lips with his. He moved his lips against mine for a solid five minutes before he pulled back and rested his chin on my head.

“Damn I love you.” He mumbled making my face turn a bright red.

“Yea, yea I love you too Draco but I have to get to class. Harry will be wondering where I am!” I stated and started to walk off only to be grabbed by the side of my robes and pulled back into a fierce kiss.

“I can’t believe that you’re related to Harry, my enemy.” He said against my lips, his hot breath mixing with mine.

“He’s my brother Draco, just because he doesn’t know we’re dating doesn’t mean you still get to make fun of him.” I said with an eyebrow raised.

“Sorry babe.” Draco said while caressing my hips with his hands. I quickly pulled his hands off me and walked out into the halls. “Where are you going?!” He yelled after me.

“Gotta get to class!” I yelled back to him with a smirk on my face.

I walked down to potions with five minutes to spare and I quickly sat down. A few minutes after Draco waltzed in and took a seat at the back.

“I will be pairing you all up in groups of two, one slytherin one gryffindor because you all need to learn how to not be incompetent fools. Your task will be to create the potion, amortentia.” Snape said as he stormed into the class.

“Granger with Zabini, Mr Potter with Parkinson, Weasley with Goyle, Finnigan with Bullstrode, Mrs Potter with Malfoy-” And the list went on.

Harry looked absolutely furious and whipped his head around to the back of the room to give Draco the death stare.

As we were set off into our groups, right before I started to make my way to where Draco was sitting Harry grabbed my arm, stopping me with a hault.

“Be careful with Malfoy, he’s a slimy git.” Harry said in a urgent whisper. I pulled my arm out of his grasp and turned to face him.

“I’ll be fine Harry.” I said and walked over to Draco’s table. As I sat down in the empty stool beside him he looked up at me and smiled.

“I’m a slimy git, hey?” He said with his signature smirk on his face.

“Oh sod off Malfoy and get to work.” I said. I quickly leaped out of my seat and started to find the recipe for amortentia.

Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for it’s mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.

I adverted my attention to the next page.

bring 500mL water to a boil
add 7 petals from a red rose
add 5 drops essence of violet and stir counterclockwise 12X
add 4 cloves and reduce heat to a simmer for 12 minutes, stirring clockwise 3X every 3 minutes
bring mixture back to a boil for 7 minutes, without stirring
add 2 canary flight feathers and 4 canary down feathers
reduce heat to a simmer, once more, for 10 min, without stirring
add 3 newt eyes, remove from heat, and stir counterclockwise until the potion is cooled. You should end up with a light pink potion

Draco and I helped each other out by sharing the steps. Him and I had to ignore Harry’s glaring eyes and steaming red face at the front of the classroom. If looks could kill, Draco would be deep in a grave.

As I reached over for the last ingredient, the newt eyes, I tripped over my own feet and fell into Draco, resulting in his hands wrapped around my waist and his face snuggled in my neck. I looked up to see Harry gripping his mixing spoon very tightly.

We quickly removed ourselves from each other and went back to making the potion. Once everyone was finished making the potion we had to wait till tomorrow to smell it and figure out our deepest desires.

At the end of class I went to walk beside The golden trio and as we were walking out a certain slytherin ‘slimy git’ slipped a piece of paper into my hand. Draco, who else would it be?

As we were all walking to the great hall for lunch I stopped. “I need to go use the lou.” I said as they turned around to look at me.

“Okay, well wait out here then.” Ron proposed.

“No!” I said loudly. “I m-mean you guys can go ahead, I’ll meet you in the great hall.” I said trying to not sound suspicious.

“Alright then.” Hermione said and grabbed the two other boys arms and dragged them off. Once I knew for sure that they were far ahead I unfolded the note.

Meet me at the astronomy tower

I sighed lightly and made my way there. Although throughout the whole time I couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed. Maybe I was crazy.

Harry’s P.O.V

“What do you think she’s up to?” Ron asked as we turned the corner that made us out of  Y/n’s sight.

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” I said and peaked my head out from the corner to see my sister looking at a piece of paper in her hands. “We need to follow her.” I stated

“And how are we going to do that?” Ron asked.

“Honestly it’s like you two don’t pay attention in school.” Hermione said impatiently. “Accio cloak of invisibility!” She said and we had the cloak fly towards us.

Quickly we all got under and turned invisible to start following Y/n so we could see where she was headed off to.

Y/n’s P.O.V

Once I got up to the astronomy tower I saw Draco leaning against the railings waiting for me. He turned around and ran towards me wrapping his hands around my frame and leaning in to kiss me.

As our lips glidded across one another’s urgently and quickly. Then we heard a loud gasp and my heart stopped. Draco and I quickly broke apart to see Ron, Hermione and Harry staring at us with their mouths agape.

Draco and I jumped far apart from each other worried at the outcome.

“What the hell is this?” Harry asked furiously. I swear I could see steam coming out of his ears.

“H-harry. Um Draco and I-” i started but was cut off quickly.

“Draco?! You call him Draco now! How long has this been going on?!” Harry asked taking a step towards me. Ron and Hermione quickly exited the room assuming this was a family matter.

“8 months.” I said in a mumble.

“I thought it was 9 months?” Draco said but was shut up by my elbow in his gut.

“Why? Why out of all the boys in Hogwarts, you chose Draco Malfoy?!” Harry questioned me, his voice getting louder and louder.

“BECAUSE I LOVE HIM HARRY!!” I almost screamed. I took a few shallow breaths to calm myself down. “I love him. Alright? I don’t care if he’s your enemy or your friend because I love him. And if it’s wrong for a Potter to love a Malfoy then so be it, because I am not changing the way I feel about this boy. Who knows maybe him and I will get married and start a family and you’re just going to have to deal with it. I don’t give a shit if he’s a slytherin because I am not changing my feelings for some bullshit fucking stereotype. He’s perfect to me, platinum blond hair and all. And if you can’t except us, then you’re not real family.”

Draco looked over at me in surprise by what I said. I took his hand in mine giving it a reassuring squeeze in case Harry goes ballistic.

“Fine.” Harry said and I let out a breath that I was holding. “But I swear to god Malfoy, if you hurt my sister I will beat the holy hell out of you.”

“I’ll take care of her.” Draco said pulling me close to him. “I promise.”


People!! Listen up. As I was writing this, I realized this could be triggering for people so please, read under your own risk. AND forgive me, if there is any inaccuracy/mistakes, let me know, I do made a research, but it’s anything compared to what it really is. Get informed in this kind of subjects, it’s important.  It’s not my best but I couldn’t really find a way to address this issue, I’m so sorry, I really tried.

Request: Reader gets cancer, tries to hide it, then they start chemotherapy and they start losing their hair and they find out and it’s angsty and sad but just a HINT of fluff

Warnings: Just as the request and the Author’s note says, pretty angsty.

Originally posted by midstorm

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

It wasn’t supposed to happen so quick.

There were many things that weren’t supposed to be this way.

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“I love you, Chester See”

Grester, SFW, 2199 words

Travelling has always been part of Grace and Chester’s relationship; it was just one of those things they couldn’t avoid. While it was not ideal, it was something they had learned to deal with and had gotten accustomed to in time.

Recently, however, it was getting harder and harder for Grace to leave Chester. She didn’t know if it had to do with the increased number of trips in the past few months, or if it was the idea of not waking up to Chester’s soft snores every morning, but she almost couldn’t bear to think about leaving for a new project in New York. She had just gotten back from the No Filter Tour three days before, and before she left for that Chester was just returning from a trip to Canada, but in just two short days she was going to have to take off once again for a month. While it was no different from the other trips she had taken, the thought of leaving again so quickly made her wish her job didn’t involve travelling so much, which attested to just how upset she was. Grace loved her job, but she loved Chester more.

“Grace, are you okay?”

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title: caution
pairing: asahi/nishinoya
theme: au asahi saved nishinoya.
happy birthday @limitlessmonster ♥ you are a gift to this world ♥♥

Oi, Asahi, watch out!!!”


Nishinoya turned and was met with blinding lights and the deafening screeches of tires on asphalt.

“Watch out!!”

Had it not been for a strong hand grasping his slight upper arm, Nishinoya surely would’ve been flattened, maybe done some good and filled in a pothole with his corpse. But luckily, there was that hand, attached to that arm, leading to that body of Nishinoya’s savior.

Looking over his shoulder and blowing a bubble in a languid manner that only an eleven year old could manage after a near death incident, Nishinoya stared at the other boy. He was much taller than him, not that that was too difficult given Nishinoya’s height, and seemed older, maybe by a year or two. He, unlike Nishinoya, looked all different kinds of concerned, so Nishinoya blew another bubble, just to assure him that he was all right before grinning.


“You should watch where you’re going.”

“I was,” Nishinoya insisted. “And then I stopped.”

The boy stared at him.

“…Don’t stop.”

Nishinoya stared for several moments before laughing, his thin frame shaking so hard that the other let go from surprise. He stood there awkwardly as the people passing by gave them strange looks, Nishinoya too busy doubled over laughing to notice or even care. His arms folded over his stomach and he tried multiple times to stop long enough to apologize, but to no avail.

In fact, he laughed for so long that he was surprised his savior was still standing there when he finally regained control of himself.

“I’m Nishinoya,” he managed, wiping a tear from his eye.

The other gave a tired smile, nodded.

“…Azumane Asahi. Nice to meet you.”

That was how Nishinoya met Asahi.

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in the moonlight

Crawling out of my self-imposed hiatus (life’s been real busy eek) to dust the cobwebs off this tumblr/my brain. This little ZelGan ficlet was inspired by @figmentforms aMAZing comic A Tale of Two Rulers, which has stunning art and a captivating story. I swear I never even shipped these two before but ever since my friend @olliemiku unknowingly got me hooked (thanks Olivia) on this fabulous comic it’s been hard to get out of mind. This imagined scene pretty much wrote itself.

“Your kingdom will still be there in the morning, princess,” he called with some amusement, attempting to goad her with the incorrect title.  Besides, some habits died hard.

Our kingdom,” Zelda corrected.  She did not turn away from the window, and continued to gaze out at the sweeping view offered by the castle’s northwest tower; her private quarters were far too cramped for the both of them.  “I have been thinking about what…our union… truly means for us.  For our people.  No more wars…no more violence…no more bloodshed.”  Her voice was as soft as though she was reassuring the moon of her intentions.

And she was radiant in the moonlight: it spilled in through the open arch, setting a silver fire to the embroidered threads on her otherwise simple wedding gown, framing her in an unearthly glow.  It unspun the gold from her hair, elegantly braided and tapered down to the small of her back, adorned not with gaudy jewels or metals but an array of delicate pearls, gleaming like star-tears.  In the moonlight, she looked both young and ancient–as ancient as their cursed bloodlines–and both vulnerable and untouchable.  Ganon realized she was beautiful, far more beautiful than all the gems and armor buried in his personal vaults, more beautiful than any sacred object harbored in the Gerudo temples.  A beauty he could never–would never–possess.  It unsettled him.

“Come to bed,” he invited, stretching luxuriously and scrunching his toes in the silky sheets.  He had abandoned his ceremonial attire as soon as it was appropriate; it had always made him feel like an overstuffed aristocrat, an image insulting to any desert warrior.  But here, half-naked amongst the cloudsoft blankets, he privately admitted that there were some Hylian comforts he could get used to.  “I don’t bite.  Unless you ask me to,” he added generously.

He thought he heard her sigh, and he grinned wolfishly.  “No sharp retort?  One day of marriage and already you’re losing your edge–”

Zelda turned, and her loveliness in the moonlight struck him into uncharacteristic silence.  He witnessed every detail: the small crease of her eyebrows, the silent parting of her lips, her hand burning with the mark of the Triforce as she raised it to her neck–and the black tuft of feathers bristling between her fingers at her throat.  She crumpled to the floor.

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✿ Circinus

Words: 2,446
Rating: Teen
Relationships: Sciles

More of The Signal Fire Series

It’s a coincidence that Scott comes off the beach when the moving truck is in the driveway, but the movers haven’t started. There’s a cluster of them, presumably waiting for the new renters to arrive and give them directions. Scott pauses and leans against the wooden rail that frames the dirt slope down to the beach and watches intently.

The house has been empty for a couple of months, but its positioning is perfect. It’s the last house in the row that stands guard over the private beach. Originally, Stiles crashed the beach for shits and giggles, but the far end behind this particular house stays deserted for the most part. The neighbors never venture down here because there’s nowhere to go, beach bumping up against an unruly tangle of trees and bushes that went unkept for so long they’re establishing their own jungle.

The previous renters were swingers who bought copious amounts of weed off them for their parties. Scott always threw in more, in exchange for using their deck when they surfed. Once they left, Scott and Stiles kept using it to stash their boards and bud while they went out, and to sun dry after surfing. Now, they might be losing that to whoever the new residents are.

The movers are shifting around impatiently, chattering in Spanish:

Why isn’t he here yet?”

Why are you so impatient? This is the only job this morning.”

He was the one who said he was going to meet us this early!”

Scott calls Allison’s phone and makes her wake Stiles up from where he’s passed out on her couch. She doesn’t sound happy, but she does it, there’s muffled noises and presumably a scuffle before Stiles’ sleep-deep voice crackles over the speaker.

“It isn’t even nine. What the fuck, Scott?”

“Emergency. Ish,” Scott says. One of the movers is on the phone with someone while the others idle. “Someone’s moving into the house.”

The house?” Stiles asks, still sounding asleep. There’s a good chance he won’t remember this later. It’s likely he’s only been asleep for 3 hours.

“Yes, the house.”

“Well, what do they look like?” Stiles asks, yawn breaking over the call. “I mean, if they have green hair and piercings like the last ones, then maybe we can arrange something.”

As he says that, a sports car comes roaring into the driveway. It’s sleek and black, which is hopeful. Rich, devil-may-care perhaps. Usually rich people get bored and want drugs every once in a while.

The guy who steps out is older, short hair, severe looking features behind square frames, a scowl on his face. He’s gorgeous in a way that most people aren’t, a way that makes Scott’s mouth dry.

“Dude,” Scott says, into the phone.


“So hot,” outrageously hot. 

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fanfic where... Corvo uses trolling Daud as a form of stress release (or maybe he's just bored) during the quarantine. Moving things around his office in a sneaky way, chucking stuff at him from corners, smacking in the butt and then disappearing, something like that.

Ask and ye shall receive!


                                              Haunted. (Ao3)

He shouldn’t be doing this, he knows he shouldn’t be doing this. But then again there’s a million and one things he shouldn’t have done since the start of the plague, so Corvo decides this is just one more thing to add to his list. The fact that it’s Daud he’s tormenting is only making it easier not to care.

Daud who should not be here, Daud who begged for his life in exchange to leave Dunwall and never return. But in truth Corvo would have spared him anyway, probably. Although he’s not quite so certain as he would have been in his youth.

Corvo grew up being taught and believing that an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind, and if anything the actions of those around him in the past few months has only confirmed this. From the plague which spiraled so desperately out of control, monstrous in it’s very inception, to Jessamine’s death and the chaos that had ensued…vengeance and power were dangerous vices to fall prey to. And Corvo couldn’t afford himself the luxury. Not when someone had to pick up the pieces, if only for Emily’s sake.

But he figures he could spend a while driving Daud a little bit crazy. If nothing else it makes Corvo feel better, deep in a ridiculous and petty part of his soul which yearns for blood but has to settle for being sated by the way Daud just tripped over the chair Corvo had spent the last few minutes subtly moving into the other man’s way.

The quarantine was still very much in place, and Corvo had taken it upon himself to go out patrolling, him being the only one able to reach certain places and check things over to his own personal satisfaction. It had been pure whimsy that had drawn him back to the flooded district and the Whaler hideout. That and the call of a bone charm on the distant horizon, but he had long since given up on that now. Tormenting Daud was proving to be far more satisfying, as well as helping to hone his skills in more subtle ways than the mad dash to find Emily had allowed. It had taken him a while, but he’d soon learned how to push and pull at things with a wisp of the void. The Outsider called it tethering, and had given Corvo a look which had bordered on to human shock and curiosity, that Corvo had been able to learn it by himself. Apparently that wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal. Though as far as Corvo was concerned he’d never made a deal, simply had the conditions of it thrust onto him, making him free to do whatever he wanted with the outcome. The Outsider hadn’t quite agreed, but he hadn’t objected either. Corvo suspected that so long as he remained interesting this would always be the case.

“What the—!” Daud exclaimed, shins impacting painfully with the chair and all but toppling, only his assassin reflexes saving him. “Who put that there?”

He might as well be talking to an empty room if it wasn’t for Corvo, skulking in a deep dark corner, the void drawn up to make him all but invisible. The few Whalers who had remained with Daud were all dozing in their bunks down the hall. They hadn’t meant to take a nap, but there you had it.

He watched in amusement as Daud hefted the chair and pointedly put it back where it belonged, continuing on in his initial trajectory toward a filing cabinet. That Daud kept accurate records of his clients, and so efficiently and neatly, was impressive to Corvo. And he should know, he’d spent a good half hour rummaging through it all and messing it up while Daud had been out in the practice yard, talking to someone called Thomas. Not even Burrows had been as thorough as Daud was. It was almost enough to make him consider asking Daud if he felt like making up his debt to Emily in other ways. They were after all in need of a new Spymaster…though Corvo found that part of him that yearned for blood couldn’t quite allow this prospect to unfold. Not yet at any rate. Perhaps when Emily was older and Daud’s shin had been reduced to a pulp by the chair Corvo was again lifting into the air and moving back into the center of the room.

This time when Daud turned, head buried in a missive file, he did trip over the chair, papers and pictures scattering at his feet.

“I swear if this is your doing, you black eyed prick!” Daud shouted from his spot on the ground, one hand pressed firmly over his face. “I will come into the Void and rip your floating fucking spleen out.”

Unable to stop the wheeze of laughter deep in his throat, Corvo reached out and slowed time. He’d practiced this several times, ensuring that Daud could not feel or see the trick. Apparently he had to be aware of it happening, ready to counter it as he had been in their duel, to stop Corvo from doing it. But the other man did seem to recover from it quicker, his own powers lessening Corvo’s. So it was with some speed Corvo emerged from his hiding spot, reaching Daud’s desk and rotating the objects about, moving the mug from the left to the right, hiding his pen in the drawer and pocketing the key to the Whaler’s den. Corvo had always had a bad habit of pocketing keys, even as a child. He justified it to himself that you never knew when a key might come in handy, and frankly if Daud planned to remain here then Corvo would like to keep an eye on what he was doing. And a key would make life so much easier than having to take the time to pick locks. As an afterthought he picked up the shiny red apple on the desk, and took a bite, taking it with him as he retreated back to his corner, just in time for his hold on time to give way, with just enough power left to bury himself in shadow again. Delicious though the apple was however, it was crunchy, and he doubted even Daud in his frustrated state would fail to notice him munching happily away in the corner. So instead Corvo slid a vial of Piero’s Remedy from beneath his jacket and contented himself with sipping on the cool, tingly elixir. It had a menthol after taste that Corvo found quite refreshing, helping to keep his mind alert even when he didn’t need to replenish his powers, and without the gut rotting bitterness of what passed for coffee in this dreary island. Idly he wondered if Daud also missed the taste of real coffee, the richness and full flavor which only Karnaca seemed to know how to blend without turning it into swill water. He knew the other man was from Serkonos, though beyond that not much else. Perhaps one day he’ll ask him. When the man wasn’t busy picking up files from the floor and slapping them down onto his desk with irritation, eyes roaming over the desk in confusion. The changes Corvo made were subtle enough to be unnerving. Everything important was still there, only mildly rearranged, save for the missing key and apple of course. But Daud was sharp enough to notice, and Corvo watched as he picked up the coffee mug and put it back down where it belonged, slightly harder than was warranted.

Settling for some slightly less taxing poltergeist activities, Corvo began playing with the latches on the window across the room, pushing and pulling until it opened, squeaking on it’s hinges and letting the cool night air of Dunwall into the room. Daud looked up at it in irritation, clearly expecting someone to emerge, one of the missing Whalers perhaps. But when no one came  Daud pushed back from his desk, crossing the room in the blink of an eye, and leaned out the frame peering into the night.

Which was when Corvo decided to take his leave, slinking out of the corner and jumping silently up onto the raised platform above, pocketing an elixir from Daud’s nightstand as he headed for the open upper window he had come in by. But not before aiming carefully with the apple and smacking Daud squarely on his old backside, the other man spinning around lightning fast, sword drawn.

Only to find a half eaten apple at his feet, and the sound of footsteps and laughter retreating somewhere in the distance.

Rain On Me Chapter 7

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey It’s Friday Somewhere In The World Right? *winks* Here’s The Long Awaited Chapter, Everything Has Been Crazy These Last Two Weeks So I Appreciate Everyone’s Patience! I’m Going To Warn You All Now..This Chapter Was The Most Difficult For Me To Write & Took The Longest To Edit. It’s Very Long Too But I Know You All Aren’t Going To Mind That & Our Lovely Mary Roman Is Back..But For How Long? The Reblogs, Comments, Likes & Reviews Are Always Welcome & Appreciated! Thanks To All The Support I’ve Received On This Series. Big Shout Out To My Sister @wicked-gamesofdersha For Her Pep Talks & Advice On This Chapter! My Biggest Fan! Love You! Happy Reading! Enjoy! :)

Ahsha didn’t want anyone to know about her secret meeting with Mary Roman, especially her son so she chose a very private location for them to meet. Ahsha waited in her black escalade for about an hour and then Mary’s vehicle popped up. Mary slid out of her car and Ahsha leaned over her seat to open her door so she could get in. Ahsha was reading over some emails on her phone as Mary sat in the front seat.

“Thank you for meeting me Ahsha”

“Don’t thank me yet. What do you want?” She states sternly.

“Wow, no your welcome?” Ahsha rolls her eyes at Mary’s response.

“Considering your very shady ways? Nah, I don’t think so”

“You should be nicer to your boyfriend’s mother”

“Mother? He doesn’t even claim your ass” Mary pauses saying

“You’re right! He doesn’t claim me an…” Ahsha chimes in.

“And with good reason” Ahsha glares at her.

“Alright, fine, I deserved that but that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Maybe if you’d stop jumping to conclusions about why I’m here and actually let me speak, little girl, we could have a better pleasant visit”

“Little girl? Oh! So that’s why! You needed another excuse to continue insulting me!”

“No that wasn’t my intention Ahsha!”

“Then why are you here Mary, please enlighten me…” She starts, rubbing her temples becoming very agitated.

“Mary, my patience is wearing thin right now. I have too much on my plate to be playing these childish games with you. So either tell me why you’re here or get the fuck out of my car. What’s it going to be because I’m not…” Mary stops her.

“Ahsha I have cancer okay!” Ahsha’s body freezes.


“I have cancer. I’m dying Ahsha”

“You’re lying!” Ahsha scoffs.

“I’m not though”

“But you are though” Ahsha retorted.

“I know that my track record isn’t clean but why would I lie to you about being terminally ill? You really think I’d stoop that low?”

“You don’t want me to answer that question for you” Ahsha snorts.

Mary reaches into her purse pulling out a piece of paper and hands it to Ahsha.

“Let me guess, that’s your will or something?”

“Just read it”

“No need” Ahsha says blankly.

“Read it Ahsha. If you still don’t believe me after, I’ll never contact you or Derek again” Mary promises.

Ahsha grabs the paper out of her hand, scanning it with her eyes. The anger she felt disappeared as she realized her man’s mother was telling her the truth for the first time in life. She slowly folds the paper handing it to back to Mary. She leans back in her driver’s seat, completely stunned.

“How long have you had it?”

“About a year now”

“How long have you known?”

“Only a few months”

“& your son doesn’t know about this why?”

“You know why Ahsha, he won’t even speak to me”

“Yeah & who’s fault is that” Ahsha shames. The car fell silent. Ahsha realized she may have been too hard on a woman who just revealed she was dying.

“I’m sorry Mary”

“Don’t apologize Ahsha, I know you don’t mean it” Mary utters. The whole world knows the pain Derek’s had to endure over the years because of this woman but nobody deserved to die for it. Mary may not be her favorite person but she never would want her permanently out of the couple’s lives. However dark the cloud may be right now, Mary didn’t need criticism or more grief, she just needed someone who cared enough to listen and that person was Ahsha. After all, in everything she goes through, she is still Carebear.

“Yes I do”

“You don’t, you don’t mean it” Mary rejects shaking her head.

“You’ve put us through hell and sometimes I want to slap the taste out of your mouth for the way you treat my baby but you are human and still a mother, nonetheless”

“Like you know anything about that”

“Never said I did. All I’m telling you is that I love your son and there isn’t a damn thing you or anyone else can do about that. But I am sorry for what you’re going through”

“Why” Mary questioned.

“Nobody is perfect and your son and I are far from it, but it is what makes us real human beings. & as much as he tries to fight it, you’re still his mother…and he loves you”

“You really believe that”? Mary lifts her head up.

“I believe in second chances Mary, so, maybe this is yours. The question is, what you are going to do with it…” Ahsha pauses, “You have to tell him”

“I can’t Ahsha. He wants nothing to do with me and he probably won’t even believe me”
She protests.

“You don’t know that. You have to at least try. He’s been through enough, you can’t keep this from him. He has a right to know” Ahsha interjects.

“I know and I will, when the time is right. Until then, nobody can know about this so you can’t tell him” Ahsha raises her eyebrow.

“You can’t ask me to keep this from him”

“Ahsha…” Mary lets out a loud sigh.

“No! We may be a lot of things but we are always honest with each other. Last time we kept secrets, it broke us apart and left us in pieces. I’m not keeping this an secret, I won’t” Mary interrupts her

“You won’t, just give me a few days to clear my head and I’ll tell him. I swear”

“Fine. You have a couple of days”

“I’m going to tell him, Ahsha” Ahsha turns around so she’s facing her now.

“I sure hope so, because if you don’t, then I will”.

Ahsha’s meeting with Mary went longer then she anticipated so she knew she was going to be getting back to the mansion later than usual. She sped her way through the freeway, going 90. As she plugged in her phone and turned on her apple music playlist, playing some Tori Kelly, rain drops began to fall from the sky.

“Well that’s just perfect” She groaned.

A rumble of lightning stroke the sky as the rain drops fell harder on the hood and windows. This continued until it was pouring outside. She texted Derek letting him know she would be late getting home tonight. No response. Men. She continued to speed as her thoughts took over her clear state of mind. Now that she knows about Mary’s condition, she knew she had to find a way to get through to Derek. The drinking reduced, but the fact of the matter was that they still weren’t back on track as a unit. Still not sleeping together, no interactions at home, it was just work, work and more work. When they were home, they avoided each other, at work too and let’s not forget about them not sleeping in the same bed. Derek’s excuse was that he was “too exhausted” from work every day, and we all know he wasn’t telling the truth on that. Ahsha was growing tired of this routine and was ready to throw in the towel but she knew she couldn’t do that and she wouldn’t. She was prepared to fight for her relationship just like he did. She reached for her phone to text him one more time. No response. She calls him. Straight to voicemail. She wasn’t going to let that stop her. Ahsha is fighting for Derek Roman at all costs, and there’s nothing anyone could do to convince her otherwise. Her first step was tonight.


Derek had been watching some sports on ESPN on the sofa in the family room before he drifted off into a deep sleep. Coach Davenport kept him on his toes today at practice. He worked him to death until he felt he was satisfied with his performance. Today in particular, Derek lacked focus and his head definitely wasn’t clear. He wasn’t all instinct with the game and everybody knew it. With everything going on he was finding it harder and harder to focus and sleeping all day became the norm for him.

He was lost and needed someone to help him find his way back. He was still slumped on the couch sideways, almost falling off the couch when an cracking sound that sounded like glass falling to the ground, brought him out of his coma. The thunderstorm outside made his heart jump as his hands gripped the sofa. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes raising his body up to find where the noise came from. He looked around the hallway walking down fast before he stumbled upon some broken glass on the floor. He glanced below his feet seeing a picture of him and Ahsha. Kneeling down to pick up the picture, a piece of glass cut his fingertip. He pulled the finger to his lips, sucking it to stop the blood flow. He turned his attention back to the picture in his hand. Derek glided his fingertips across the frame smiling as a memory popped up his head. The picture was from the photoshoot they did with Lionel when they first came out as a couple. Ahsha had been anxious and nervous all day and Lionel was coaching her through this particular shot trying to get her to laugh but that didn’t work so Derek had whispered something sweet and naughty in her ear and she laughed while Derek was smiling down at her and the photographer caught that still of them. He remembered how scared she was but they had so much fun and it was a time where they were really happy. The day they made a promise to always look out for each other. Ahsha seemed to be keeping hers but Derek was absent in that department. A time where things were so simple. He missed that. Rubbing his head, he picked the broken frame up, the picture still in his other hand, heading towards the kitchen to get a broom and something stopped him.

A door. The only door that was open inside the mansion. The door that lead to all of his pain and depression. Their daughter’s nursery. He stopped at first by the door, before finally walking in. Inside the room was her pink and brown crib, walls covered in pink, pink tile, pink curtains and his teddy bear from his childhood. He moved to the crib, getting the teddy bear, holding it to his chest. He caressed the wood of the crib over and over. The pain in his soul came back and he began to sob quietly into the teddy bear.

Another strike of lightning made a lingering roar through the sky as Ahsha pulled up in the driveway. She slowly walked up the stairs calling his name.

“Derek? I’m sorry I’m late. Derek? Derek where are you?” She peeked in the bedroom to see if he was there sleep. She kept walking down the hallway until she spotted the door of the nursery open. She looked down noticing the broken glass on the floor. Her eyes fell to the ground when she saw her man walking around the room with a teddy bear in his hand. The room had already been customized beforehand but Ahsha had been so caught up with her work schedule, she forgot to empty out the room. Her eyes softened, seeing Derek like he was…calm. She never wanted him to see all of this, too many painful thoughts brewing in here. Clap of thunder made Ahsha jump and Derek finally turned around, seeing her, bringing her out of her trance.

“I didn’t know you were home”

“I just got here” Folding her arms. Derek glanced at his girlfriend before turning his attention back to the teddy bear in his hand.

“Derek, what are you doing in this room?” She asks him, leaning against the door.

“It’s perfect don’t you think? I mean look at it…” He starts, walking around the room then stops by the window where the crib is.

“It has everything she needs. Or needed anyway”

“Baby don’t do that. Let’s go to the room, come on, you weren’t supposed to see any of this” She persuades.

“Her favorite color probably would’ve been pink you know? It fits her well” Still ignoring her.

“Derek, stop, let’s get out of this room” Ahsha spoke, holding back tears.

“She would’ve loved this teddy bear. It was my grandpa’s. He would leave it on my bed after he read me a bedtime story so I figured I…” His voice broke and a single tear fell out his eye.

“I thought I could…” He started while Ahsha watched him fall into a million pieces in front of her.

I could do the same with o-ou-r…daughter…t-o-too” He stutters as he couldn’t get the words out. He started crying softly again.

“She’s gone isn’t she? She’s really gone Ahsh” He says to her, tears gushing down his face. He buries his face in his hands, crying loudly now as his knees buckle making him fall. With nothing left to lose, he drops to his knees and Ahsha runs to him, catching him in her arms as she falls victim to her knees. She pulls his head into her chest as he continues to sob effortlessly.

“Shhh…it’s okay it’s okay” Soothing his back planting kisses on his head, with tears streaming down her face too.

She pulls him more into her abdomen while still holding him tightly. She continues to console him as she wraps her arms around his head. She wipes his tears away as they flood from his face.

“Let it out, I’m here”

He raises his head up to meet her eyes with his. His eyes bore into hers as he speaks

“I miss her”

Ahsha plants a kiss on his forehead slowly, letting her lips linger on his skin before bringing her forehead to his, kissing his nose. She holds his face in place.

“I miss her too”

“It’s all my fault” He spoke, putting his head down, not making eye contact with her.

“It’s nobody’s fault Derek. Sometimes things just happen”

“This wouldn’t have happened if I was here. I knew I shouldn’t have went to that away game “

“Derek” She sighs deeply.

“I should’ve been here!” He yells, raising his voice. Ahsha grabs his face abruptly.

“Hey! Stop it…stop…Listen to me…don’t blame yourself for this. It isn’t your fault okay?”

“Okay” He responds weakly. She kisses his cheek as she lets out “Come rain or sunshine, we’re in this together”

“I’m here for you but you have to let me be. I’m not going anywhere unless you want me to”

“I don’t want you to go”

“Then start acting like it so I know that” He nods in agreement, still crying as she pulls him back into her chest. They cry together like a song the rest of the night with the sounds of the storm becoming their chorus.

1 Week Later

“Alright ladies, that’s it for the night, you all may go. Ahsha, I’d like you to stay for an moment” Jelena dismisses the girls from rehearsal as she writes her final notes on her clipboard with her very big, round belly poking out. She was a little over seven months now and since she couldn’t perform anymore, they needed all hands on deck for their next game performance. Tonight’s rehearsal was just as intense as any other night and her mood swings didn’t make things easier on the women. They coped well with Ahsha around.

Since her and Derek’s emotional breakthrough/breakdown about the miscarriage, Ahsha drowned herself in her work to keep her mind off it. Things at home seemed to be getting a little better and they started talking to one another more but the distance was still very heavy in the household. Not only that but Mary had been heavy on her brain since she received the cancer news. A week had passed and she knew that Mary hadn’t told Derek yet because if she did, then all hell would be breaking loose at home again. She grew more anxious about it and she was truly stuck on what to do. These thoughts plagued her mind until she spotted all the girls had left and the Devil herself waddling towards her.

“What can I do for you Jelena?”

“I just wanted to talk to you”

“What is it now? You hate the routine, if you want me to change it, I’ll change it. Are we done now?”

“No, no Ahsha, that’s not what I was talking about…” She started.

“Okay, well then I missed some steps right” Ahsha jumped to conclusions before Jelena stopped her.

“The routine is perfect and you didn’t miss any steps” Jelena says.

“Oh…” Ahsha’s mouth drops.

“I wanted to know if you’re okay”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Ahsha quizzed, getting suspicious of Jelena’s concern.

“I heard about the miscarriage”

“How do you know about that” Ahsha asked quickly, getting angry.

“Terrence. Derek told him and then he told me”

“So what! And what’s your point?” Ahsha snapped. Jelena sighs deeply under her breath.

“I just want to say…” Jelena paused.

“That I’m sorry about the baby. I know we’ve had bad blood since the very beginning but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Truth is, I’ve always been a little jealous of you. I saw a spark in you and knew you’d be great. Honestly, despite what I may think, you’re great at what you do” Jelena confessed. Ahsha stares at her, putting a hand on her hip in defense.


“Really, really” Jelena adds.

“Well, since were playing confessional over here, I’ve been kinda jealous of you too”

“HA! Yeah right, what could you possibly be jealous of about me” She laughs lightly.

“You get to be a mother, that was taken away from me before I could define the meaning” Ahsha confesses, swallowing the large lump in her throat. Against her better judgement, Jelena reaches for Ahsha’s hand, lightly squeezing it.

“It’s not over yet, you still can be a mother. You and Derek can always try again. Don’t give up so easily. Last time I checked, you were a Hayes and Hayes women are strong as hell” She professed.

“Besides, at least you don’t look like a cow right now” She adds. They laugh together, Ahsha glances at her, giving her a half-smile and a hand squeeze back.


“Hey I’m only telling you what you refuse to say to yourself” That night was closure for the two Devil Girls. Ahsha gained hope and Jelena got a chance to be human, the one thing she’s never been good at. The future became brighter and for the first time in awhile, Ahsha believed it.

Jelena and Ahsha conversed for about an hour. Jelena went into her fears of becoming a mom and Ahsha told her about her issues with Derek. Somewhere in the conversation, Jelena voiced her cravings for ice-cream and pizza.

“So he’s stopped drinking right?”

“A little bit. It’s not as heavy as it was in the beginning but it still is a problem for me”

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?” Jelena asked, scooping some chocolate ice-cream in her mouth.

“I’ve tried. He’s not budging. & then there’s this thing going on with his mother and I’ve been trying to find the right time to tell him”

“Tell him about what?” Jelena questioned rubbing her belly. Ahsha made a move to speak before a teammate came in the studio in a frantic state, interrupting her and Jelena’s heart to heart.

“AHSHA! You gotta get to the hospital! Derek’s mom collapsed! He’s going crazy right now! You have to get there now!” Ahsha froze in motion.

“Where is he?!”

“He’s there at the hospital now” The teammate said. Ahsha couldn’t hold it in anymore, it was happening fast and she knew, this would destroy him. It was time to face the music. Mary Roman is dying.

Back At the Hospital

Ahsha rushed through the emergency double doors as if her life depended on it in search for her man. Her heels couldn’t move quickly enough as she sashayed her way through the hallways in high pursuit of Derek. A million thoughts were being chased in and out of her mind as she strutted. Why did she collapse? Did Derek know yet? Did Derek know his mother was dying? How is he dealing with this without me by his side? Is he angry with me for not telling him? Her questions were going to get answered as she spotted him from across the room.

“Derek” She spoke running into his arms. He welcomed her warm embrace wrapping his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder.

“How is she?”

“Not good. The doctors aren’t really telling me anything either” He raised his head back up.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m just scared for her. You know we’ve never been that close ever and she abandoned me. But just because we don’t have a picture perfect relationship doesn’t mean I want her dead” He started.

“That’s my mother Ahsha” She laces her fingers with his.

“I know” Despite the distance they had right now, Ahsha knew he needed her now more than ever. Together or not, she was going to be there for him, and he knew that.

“I don’t know what to do…tell me what to do Ahsha, please” He spoke to her. Ahsha was ready to guide him until a doctor interrupted their conversation with a painful update. They both looked up at the same time as the doctor called Derek’s name.

“Derek Roman”

“That’s me”

“Okay your mother is in critical condition but she’s still very much awake”

“What does that mean?”

“At this juncture, I need you to understand that…she doesn’t have that much time left. It’s best you go in and say your goodbyes. It won’t be long now. I’m very sorry.” The doctor said directly, walking away.

“Goodbye! What does she mean? Ahsha what is she talking about?” He questioned her, mortified of the answer. She doesn’t answer him and turns her head.

“Ahsha if you know something then you need to tell me…”

“Derek I don’t know what you’re talking about” He shakes his head rejecting her answer, unlacing his fingers from hers.

“I know you know something. Please…whatever it is I can take it…Just tell me one thing…Is my mother going to die?” He searched her eyes for clarity as she looked at him with pained eyes.

1 Hour Later

Derek walks into the hospital room and sits in the chair beside Mary’s bedside. She’s sound asleep as he takes a moment to look at her, connected to all of these tubes. He had never seen his mother like this before and regardless of the past, he just wanted her to be okay. He reluctantly grabs her hand, holding it in place. As she feels his touch, she comes out of her slumber. She stirs a little before her eyes blink and she turns her head, smiling at him.

“You’re here”

“Of course I’m here”

“But you didn’t have to be”

“Yeah, well I decided that I shouldn’t abandon you the way you did me”

“Derek” She sighs. He stops her before she can start.

“Don’t say anything”

“But I want to…if you let me” She pleads.

“If I ask you a question, will you promise to answer it honestly?”

“Yes I will” She replied.

Here goes nothing, He thought.

“Why did you leave others to raise me? You were never around except when I had money in my pocket, why?” He asked. She sat up higher, giving her son her undivided attention.

“Because Derek, I never learned how to be a real mother. The kind that cooks for you when you’re hungry or sick, helps you with homework, and comforts you when you’re upset or angry. I was only seventeen when I had you, I didn’t know a thing about raising a child, let alone a man. I was still a child myself and it was hard to try and pick up the pieces where I went wrong with you” She began.

“Honestly, I was too selfish to give up the life I had to be there for you and I take full blame for that. Once you got older, it became easier to ignore those feelings so I decided that I’d rather have you hate me, possibly the rest of your life then to not see you grow” She continued while Derek looked at her attentively.

“Look at you Derek, you’re doing everything you set out to do. Successful career, beautiful home, and a woman who loves and adores you. I was wrong about her, dead wrong. She’s the one, don’t blow it son. I am so proud of you baby. I wish I could’ve been apart of it but I can’t change my past. I just want you to know that I’m so sorry for being the first woman to break your heart. I just hope one day you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me” She finished. He looked up at her with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“You should’ve told me you were sick”

“I know. This is my burden, not yours. I made this bed, and I’m prepared to lie in it” Mary claims.

“I forgive you, with all my might”

She reaches for his face, catching the single tear falling from his eye.

“I love you son”

“I love you too Mom” He sobs. She pulls him closer to her, letting him lay his head on her chest, rubbing his back. They stayed in that position for what felt like an eternity until Derek walked out to check up on his girlfriend. She looks so beautiful to him when she was asleep. He walked over. He stroked her hair, removing a piece to the side away from her face. He nudged her lightly, still stroking her hair, waking her up whispering “Ahsha, baby wake up”


“Heey” He teases her giggling.

“Guess I fell asleep”

“Yeah, I guess you did”

“How she doing now?” She yawns. Derek grins at his girlfriend’s cuteness.

“Better. She wants to see you”


“Trust me, just go in” He assured her.

Ahsha stepped to her feet walking in the room.


“Hey” Mary responds weakly.

“Well, guess this is my karma”

“Don’t think like that, you just need to focus on getting better” Mary laughs lightly.

“Ahsha…” She says grabbing her hand.

“I’m not going to get better. Listen I want to thank you”

“For what?” She quizzed.

“For not giving up on my son. For not listening to me when I told you to stay away” Ahsha puts her hand over Mary’s.

“It was my pleasure. You have no idea how much I love your son”

“You’re wrong. I do know. You’re a great woman Ahsha. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the opposite. Just promise me one thing”


“Promise me you’ll take care of him and give him the strength he needs to keep going, when I’m gone”

“You have my word” Ahsha promised tearfully giving Mary a half-smile, and she let go, taking her last breath.

Two Weeks Later

Derek and Ahsha spent the last two weeks of Mary’s life in the hospital playing card games with her, keeping her company, making sure she had everything she needed but most importantly…so she could leave this Earth knowing she was cared and loved for by someone. Everybody who loved her and Derek gathered around the mansion to celebrate her life. Ahsha gave him a light squeeze as he went up to the podium to say his peace. The mansion was packed with Derek’s entire family and Terrence, Kyle, and Jelena made appearances to show their support. Derek looked up to the sky nervous as hell, sweating bullets in his black Armani suit. Ahsha wore a long black lacey dress with black strapped heels to match him. His anguish went away as he gave his beautiful woman a glance. She gave him the eye, letting him know he could do this. After everything they had been through, she still made his heart swoon. He focused his attention on the paper staring back at him and he took two deep breaths before starting his speech.

“Mary Roman was a proud woman and she never shyed away from that. A mother, sister, daughter, niece and cousin, she had her hands full. She may have spent most of her life making mistakes but she did her best at righting her wrongs before she passed. I was one of those wrongs. We never had a perfect relationship but through it all, I know she loved me” He confesses shedding a tear.

“We must use this as an illustration that life is too short to hold grudges or be angry all the time…and it is never…too late…to do the right thing “He adds.

“I love you ma” He says bringing two fingers to his lips kissing it and blowing it to the clouds. The crowd raises up, clapping as he steps down, finishing his eulogy. Terrence and Jelena walk up embracing him as Ahsha and Kyle make their way over to the crowd, joining the group hug. Drinks were flowing and food was going for about a time frame of three hours before the crowd died down. Derek’s family hugged and kissed him goodbye as they left. Terrence and Jelena were the last to leave as they realized Ahsha had disappeared.

“Yo bro, where’s your lady?”

“I don’t know, she’s probably somewhere around here cleaning or something”

“I don’t see Ahsha cleaning a lick of anything but listen man. If you two need anything, you know I got you”

“Appreciate it bro” Derek thanks his best-friend dabbing fists before hugging. He kisses Jelena on the cheek as they walk out the door.

“Tell Ahsha I said goodbye and to call me when she gets the chance”

“I’ll do that” He answers, closing the door. He loosens his tie as he walks up the staircase sitting down on the bed, rubbing his head. What a day it has been. Ahsha walks in suddenly with a huge box barely in her hands. Before falling to the ground, she manages to drop it on the bedroom floor on her feet.


“Easy, easy woman” Pulling her back up.

“You alright”

“Yeah I’m fine, how about you?”

“I’m making it” He says plainly, sitting back down.

“Today was a long one but your eulogy was beautiful. I know she would’ve loved it”

“Thank you babe. You don’t know how much that means to me”

“No need to thank me. Listen, I’m going to finish cleaning and then I’m going to spend some time with Kyle” She tells him slowly turning to walk away.

“You’re leaving?”

“Just for a few days”

“But I don’t want you to go” He tells her.

“I just…figured you needed sometime to yourself”

“I know what I need right now and it’s not time by myself”

“Well, what is it that you need?” She asks him intently. He grabs her arm pulling her onto his lap.


“Derek” She fights. He holds her in place on him.

“You can’t ever leave me again. I can’t do this alone. I can’t survive this without you. Don’t you miss me?” He questions her placing his soft warm lips on her throat. She lets out a soft moan wrapping one arm around his neck. His lips moved up from her throat, to her chin, her cheek then back again to her neck.  

“Ahsha” He whispers tugging at her earlobe.

“Don’t you miss me? Even a little?” Still kissing her skin all over. She entraps her other arm around his neck, inching her face closer to his. Their noses touch as he lightly brushes his lips against hers. She lost all trace of thought and completely breathless as his scent created a wave, tingling her skin. She titled her head back, gasping for air.

“Ohh, I do…miss you…” The last five words spoken before he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. He dug his tongue in her mouth until he reached his destination. Ahsha breaks the kiss resisting, trying to catch her breath. That doesn’t stop him. He teases her lips running his tongue over her bottom lip trying to part her mouth again, begging for entrance. Finally, she parted her mouth to deepen the kiss. To anyone, this was just a couple that didn’t have their hormones intact, but not for them. They hadn’t kissed each other like this in months and knowing that fact made them want to get wilder with it. It was nasty but hypnotizing and passionate. It feels like their very first time. First time their eyes locked, first time their souls met, it couldn’t get any better than that. This kiss proves how much they missed each other in every way there is to miss someone and tonight…they were going to exploit just that.

There You Have It! Last Chapter With An Epilogue Coming Up! Again, Thank You For Reading! :) 


Trigger warning: Car accident

Paring: Dan - sort of family 

Genre: Fluff

A bit of back story to this one, at the secondary school I go to, the road outside are very bad and there are a lot or accidents there has been over four in the past three months. A couple of days ago a boy in year 9 got hit and was lying on the floor unconscious whilst adults were rushing around to help him. It’s really horrible seeing it happen so often. But somebody told me they think he is okay. Anyway back to the story. Hope you like it! I’m soooooo sorry for being inactive.

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