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Jerome Valeska x Female Reader- World of Mirrors (Rated M Smut)

Alright I’ve pushed my boundaries here! This is pretty intense and wrong for me XD

Based on an idea @jokesterwrites gave me about the Reader in the room of mirrors with Jerome. Please read the warnings!

Warnings- THIS IS SO SMUTTY AND WRONG! Gun/death threat, Gun play, gun sex play, forceful sex, penetration, anal, I WARNED YOU!

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Daddy Negan {Part 2}

Word count: 3.1k (OF DIRTY DIRTY FUN!)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I think Negan will speak for himself in this fic. <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Negan loves teasing you to the point of no return, but tonight he’ll be rewarding his princess. 
{Part One} | {Part Three}

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Sharing is Caring.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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Nowhere Near Done | Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Warnings: Smut, NSFW gifs (not mine), Dirty Talk, Dom/Sub hints.

Words: 1262

“Alright, guys,” I exclaimed, walking into the library where the brothers are waiting for me, “do I look like a real, sophisticated FBI agent?” I twirled dramatically.

Dean and Sam both stood, eyes large and mouths hanging at the jaw. I felt my cheeks heat up at their reactions.

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Graduation Present

Title: Graduation Present

Paring: Teacher!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,059

Warning: Delicious Jensen smut

A/N: I saw the gif below and immediately thought of Jensen as a teacher bending me over a desk and I thought I should share the fantasy with you all. Enjoy!!

Everyone else was counting down the seconds to the final bell signifying summer, graduation, and the final end of your undergraduate degree.

You were watching Mr. Ackles bend over to grab a textbook and then squat down to take a closer look.

Standing back up and turning his eyes raised to find yours. His signature wink made you shift in your seat as you bit at your lip.

Seconds before the bell rang he crossed to the classroom door and blocked it as kids groaned. “I know, I know, I just want you all to know that I enjoyed having you in my class. Good luck to you seniors, don’t trip on the stage.” His laugh rippled through his body as he looked up at the clock.

Just as the bell rang he turned back to the class, saluting. “It’s been a pleasure, now get out.”

Everyone grabbed their bags, heading out and making plans for the night. You motioned your friends to go ahead, making some excuse you had to talk to him about a grade or something.

“Hey Mr. Ackles,” he just laughed and shook his head.

“I told you guys to call me Jensen, I’m just an associate professor, no need to be too formal.”

“Well, Jensen, I need you to take a look at something for me. I’m turning in a late assignment for another class. We had to write what our goal for this semester was and if we achieved it. Can you take a look at it?” Jensen smiled and took the paper, walking back to the front table, not noticing you flip the lock on the door.

              This semester started with the goal to graduate, pass all my classes, and finally finish my degree. When I saw Mr. Jensen Ackles walk into my classroom though, goals changed. Now all I could think about was ripping his tie off, running my fingers through that sexy hair, palming the delicious looking bulge in the front of his pants, among other things.

              Did I achieve this goal? I’m about to find out.

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Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Hi! Idk if your taking request but I’d want one with Bill where the reader gets raped and runs home/calls Bill and he comforts her etc (u don’t have to do it if u don’t want to ik it’s a different kind but it’s something that I’ve been through)

Warning: Rape (not described though)

Note: I’m so sorry to hear that anonymous :( I hope your okay and you still are happy even though that has happened to you. Also to the many others who have been raped I’m so sorry and I hope your living your life despite such a traumatizing experience.

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You smiled as you looked yourself over in the mirror. You had on a tee promoting the movie you were going to see with your friend and black jeans with converses. You weren’t much into showing off your body, especially since you were insecure so you usually liked to hide your shape.

But after that night you realized no matter what you wear wether it’s a loose dress that goes down to the floor or the most skimpiest outfit imaginable they’ll always be there to attack.

Bill came in and smirked looking you over noticing the movie on the shirt that was a chick flick comedy promoted towards best girl-friends. He wasn’t planning on going and instead was going to enjoy a night out with his buddies at the local tavern.

You checked the clock and squealed with excitement seeing that it was that time.

“Im going to get going now. I’m meeting Whitney at her place.” You said walking over to the bed to put your foot to tie your shoe.

“Your going to be five minutes early. What your going to leave me so soon? Your poor, poor, boyfriend who you’ve grown so used to you don’t wanna be around him.” Bill teased leaning over you so you were nearly nose to nose.

Instead of kissing him like he was expecting you pressed your palm to his face and shoved him away from you.

“No kisses for you.” You teased.

You stood up and went to walk towards the door but Bill pulled you towards his chest and wrapped his arms around you resting his chin on your head. He began to kiss from your temple down to your shoulder and you giggled.

“Still not convinced.”

“C'mon babe.” He whined.

You couldn’t deny him when he whined cutely and turned around to kiss him for a few short seconds.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go meet up with my friend.” You said grabbing a hoodie from the closet.

“Got your keys?” Bill asked.

“Yep.” You replied picking them up.

“Got your wallet?”

“Yes. Bill, I got everything.” You sighed exasperated well walking towards the door.

“Got your phone?”

You froze in the spot and sighed, “Nope.”

You walked over to the charger and pulled it off before tucking it in your pocket unaware that Bill stopping you actually had helped save your life.

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The Damned- Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being raped and left alone to die in streets. Your savoir comes in the form of Gothams most wanted criminal. What will happen once the two of you start to get closer?”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme​: “One shots where the joker finds a raped reader fallen on the road & saves her & slowly starts falling in love with her.”

A/n: Heres part 2! I hope you guys enjoy this. It might be awhile until the next part.

Warning: Mentions of Rape, trauma, and abuse.

“Please, stop…I don’t want this…”

You flung up into a sitting position, your hand clutching the front of your nightgown. Soft pants escaped from you as your (e/c) orbs darted around the room, trying to understand where you were. You’re head pounded as your realized that your bad dream was nothing compared to the nightmare you’d actually experienced only the other day. Your skin was cold despite the sticky sweat that covered your body.

You inhaled slowly, trying to calm yourself. Concentrating on your breathing, trying to think of anything, anything, but that night. You didn’t want to remember any of it, you wanted to forget.

Forget and move on.

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bts reacts; you walk out

sup, hey, how ya doin!

anon request; a big fight that leads to the s/o packing her things and leaving their apartment? 

hey, hey guys. so i’m back with another react, and this time it’s not going to be very happy and it’s gonna be extremely angsty (well, as angsty as i can write).
but yeah, i really hope you like it and thanks for reading.
note; they’re also gonna be kind of longish, that’s why i only did the maknae line because if i didn’t they’d be a nine million page essay for you to read. and im shitty at writing angsty stuff, so im sorry.

also, i kind of used the text of their “love yourself” posters… idk why, i just thought it'd be a cool thing to do.


“seriously, taehyung, why did you have to go off like that?”

“because he was flirting with you,” he’d reply to you,

“no, no he wasn’t tae. he was being friendly and helping me find the ladies bathroom,” you’d reply, not being able to believe how childish tae was being.

“i sore him wink at you as you got up, and i know you sore it too. don’t like to me, _____,” he’d say, raising his voice a little.

“winking at me? tae, honestly, i think you’re seeing things,” you’d chuckle to yourself.

“so you’re calling me a liar?” he’d question you aggressively.

“i never said that, i just said i think you’re seeing things. which you obviously are if you think he winked at me because he clearly didn’t wink at me at all,” you state, walking away from taehyung and this petty argument you two were having. “talk to me when you’re not being so childish, im not in the mood,”.

“childish? you think im childish?” he asked you angrily.

“well, teahyung, you can’t say you’re not childish when you’re starting up petty arguments with me and that waiter at the restaurant,”.

“is that a yes?”.

“obviously, tae. it’s a yes,” you reply sarcastically.

“well, i think you’re wrong,” he’d speak up, trying to defend himself,

“that’s a matter of opinion,” you’d mutter under your breath as you walk away, in the direction of your shared bedroom.

“what was that?” he’d yell, grabbing you’re wrist pulling you back. taehyung has never gotten this aggressive with you, he’d never gotten angry at you and this angry looking tae was all new to you.

you hiss in pain a little as he spun you round. “ow, tae. let go, you’re hurting me,” you’d groan out of pain, but he wouldn’t loosen his grip. “taehyung. i said let go!” you yell, trying to pull your wrist out of his tight and rough hold.

“are you going to answer my question or not?” he’d say, intimidatingly, “what did you say?” he’d growl slightly, sending cold shivers down your spine.

“i said, it’s a matter of opinion,” you spat “and what that means, because obviously you can’t understand the most basic sentences, is; yes, i think you’re childish,” you added sarcastically.

“i’m not stupid, i know what it means,” he’d shout, letting go of you’re wrist carelessly.

“well, you obviously have some difficulty taking basic information in if you can’t understand the simple words ‘let go’,” you say walking away again. but once you get into your room you realise he’s followed you. “tae, just leave me alone. you’ve shouted at me, bruised my wrist, what are you gonna d now?” smack me?“ you say sassily, taking a suitcase out of the large storage cupboard next to your bed.

"what are you doing?” he asks, watching you’re every movement.

“packing my bags, what does it look like?”.

“what? why are you packing your bags?” he asks again.

“well, what else would i do? i’m not staying in the same house as the man who just physically hurt me,” you reply chucking a few shirts into the black case.

“what? you’re leaving?” he says “no, you can’t leave,” he adds trying to stop you from packing your things.

“no, tae!” you yell “I’ve had enough. i remember when i first got with you, it was my dream relationship, but now…. now, you’re jealous all the time. you act like someone is going to steal me away from you, you treat me like an object. i’m not your fucking possession tae!” i’m a person, not a toy.“ you rant, tears filling your eyes.

you truly loved this man, but recently this relationship hasn’t been what it should be like. he’s be jealous, angry, and just down right pathetic. and you honestly couldn’t take it, you couldn’t take being treat like his possession. you just had enough of everything.

"no, please…” he’d whimper “you can’t leave me, you’re the only thing I’ve got. yeah, i have the boys but they don’t make me feel the way you make me feel, they don’t make me feel so loved up to the point where i can’t breath,” he’d cry out. a small, thin tear would cut the skin on his cheek and slice it’s way down do his chin, and then falling onto his shirt.

“i’m sorry, tae. i just can’t, not anymore,” you’d sigh zipping up the case and dragging it out the room, just to have him follow you once again. he’d block the door way with his kind of tall frame and try to convince you to stay, but you wasn’t having any of it.

“please, i love you,” he’d coke out. that’s one phrase that didn’t leave his mouth that often, you hardly ever heard those words anymore. it was like 'i love you’ was a taboo in your relationship at this point, that last time he said that was months ago when he wasn;t so cold and so distant.

“but you need to show it, if you loved me you shouldn’t have treat me the way you did,” you shrug as he steps aside, realising there was nothing he could do. “and, i love you too tae,” you’d say opening your shared- well, now his- apartment.

“fine then, leave! i don’t need you, it’s not like it’s hard for me to get another girl anyway. have a great life!” he shout as you close the door behind you, walking out of his life- 'for good’, as you thought to yourself.

but the moment he realised you weren’t coming back he just sat there and wondered what he did and how it all went wrong.

“if i had made a different choice, would you have not left?” he mutters, the warmth of his breath hitting his knees as he shrivelled up into a ball on the floor beside the doorway. crying.
he didn’t think he’d ever stop crying, and could never stop loving you.

“where did it all go wrong?” he’d ask himself “what can i do to change this? what can i do to get her back?”.

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(i kind of made this one as if jimin had anger issues/problems, like i know he supposedly is scary but i mean as if he gets angry way to easily over the littlest things… if you get what im saying?)

you both walked into you’re shared apartment. you just caught him slagging you off to the other boys behind your back, and you’re defiantly not happy about it.

“jimin..” you speak out quietly. and he looks over at you. “why did you say that stuff? if you really thought it, you’d say it to my face. right?” you added. he tried to reply but it was like his mouth was closed shut. he had literally no idea why he did say those horrible things about you because he knew he didn’t mean any of it, he could never think that way about you. he didn’t know if it was for attention, or if he really is just a dick.

“jimin, did you hear me?” you ask again, waving your hands in front of his dazed face.

“yes!” he yells, making you flinch a little, “yes, i heard you,” he said in a softer tone realising he scared you a little. “im sorry…” he whispers “im sorry for shouting. i didn’t mean to,” he adds backing away from you.

“it’s okay jimin,” you sigh, not being able to look up at him. he hated that. he hated that you couldn’t even look him in eyes; out of fear, hate, disgust… he didn’t know, but he still hated and was scared of that very look. “but seriously, why did you say it? why did you say those things?” you ask.

“i don’t know..” he mutters under his breath trying to avoid the cold stare you was now giving him.

“jimin, how do you not know? you don’t just have a bad say and start saying disgusting things about the ones you love,” you explained, getting a little annoyed yourself.

“well, i don’t know why i said it. maybe for attention? maybe because i'm a complete dick?” he spoke out, quoting what you said to him before you started dating, before you knew about his problems. you remember that day vividly; you was hanging with the boys and he was being rude, just as rude as he was about you about 20 minutes ago, and you called him a complete dick… a few months later you were dating, but that’s not the point!

“i lied,” he spoke out… lied about what? you thought to yourself. “to myself,” he added, “i lied, you can’t love me,” he explained quietly. looking at you, sadness in his eyes.

“what? what are you talking about jimin?” you ask him, extremely confused to what he was on about. one minute you was asking him why he said what he did, and now he’s saying he can’t be loved… that does make sense. you said in your own head.

“leave, _____,” he spoke out, taking a deep breath afterwards.

“what?” you reply, “why should i leave?” you ask him.

“because you can’t love me. im unlovable. how can you love me when im like this?” he shouted, scaring you again.

“unlovable? but i love you!” he yell back out of confusion.

“no you don’t, no you really don’t,” he said back, louder then before. angry jimin meant scary jimin, and you was defiantly scared at this point. you’ve always put up with it though, it’s not his fault and he can’t help it.

“jimin, don’ be stupid. of course-” “no, _____!” he shouted over you “no you don’t! now get your stuff and leave,” he added, screaming.

“fine, then. i don’t wanna love someone who screams at me and tells me to leave for no reason,” you yell back. this is enough. you can’t live like this, you love jimin but you can’t have this every time you argue. it’s like time is repeating itself.

jimin just stood there. thoughts popping into his head. of course she can’t love me, i’ll just hurt her. i’ll break her down, i’ll destroy her. she deserves better there’s no other way.

“goodbye jimin!” you yell slamming the door behind you. he couldn’t believe he just did that, he just told the only person he’s really cared for to get out of his life. the only person who understood him was gone… because he told her too!
it’s madness.

he stood there, picturing you walking down the apartment block corridor- crying. all he wanted to do was run after you and say that he’s sorry, but this was the best thing.

“i lied,” he told himself quietly, choking on the air around him. “i lied, because there’s no reason to love me,”.

(i know this one isn’t really a proper argument, but i did say im not that good at doing angst so yeah… have this instead)

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as you unlock your door slowly, you hear some voices from your kitchen in your shared apartment with jungkook. oh, are the boys here? you though to yourself. you closed the door quietly, trying not to slam it.

as i walked further into our apartment, you noticed the shadow of two figures. and the presence of a female voice. “jungkook,” you speak out quietly. please tell me he’s not doing what i think he’s doing.

“jungkook!” you yell. he was doing exactly that. he was with another girl. he was kissing her. “what the actual fuck, jungkook!” you add angrily, whilst he looked at you with a puzzled face.

“shit, _____. i thought you weren’t home for another hour or so?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck, pushing this random girl off him.

“well, obviously not. i finished work early, so i thought i’d surprise you with a dinner since i though you were out with the boys,” you explained. staring at this girl who was just eating your boyfriends face off.

“get out then!” he yelled at this random girl, and as she walked out she turned to me saying; “i’m so sorry. he told me he was single,” and then finished with her sentence with “a whole month ago,”.

once she left the house, you looked at him. disgust in your eyes. “aren’t you leaving too?” you asked him as he stood there silently.

“what?” he replied, looking at you shocked.

“didn’t you hear what i said?” you question him. “i said go!” you add raising your voice at your boyfriend of 9 months.


“jungkook! are you stupid? are you thick in the head? you’ve been cheating on me for a whole month, and whose to say that this is the first time,” you replied to him angrily.

“well…” jungkook spoke out, trying to find a way to justify himself. but even he knew this was unjustifiable. “well, maybe if you wasn’t so clingy i wouldn’t have done that,” he said, finishing his sentence off.

“so now it’s my fault?” you ask him “it’s my fault you can't keep your dick in your pants,” you added, astonished by this complete bullshit.

“well, yeah,” he said uneasily.

“get the fuck out!” you yell at him “go on, run after your slut,” you added pointing towards the door. you couldn’t believe he’d done this to you, how could he ever do this to you?

he just stood there, not moving at all. “okay then…” you say quietly walking out the kitchen and into your shared bedroom.

“what are you doing?” he asks you, after following you into the room. but he already had an idea of what was going on, you was leaving him, and honestly he couldn’t blame you at all. what he did was inexcusable and revolting. how could he have done this to the women he loved more then anything?

“what does it look like? i’m obviously leaving,” you replied sassily pushing a few clothes into a small-ish bag.

“please… don’t leave,” he said quietly, knowing it wouldn’t change anything. you ignored him and shoved right past him, not even acknowledging his existence. he didn’t even try and stop you from walking away, he just watched you.  

he watched you walk out of your 'shared’ house. he watched you walk out his life… forever.

he stood there and whispered to himself; “i need to get her back,”. and he though, that’s what my heart wants but i need to give her time. time for this wound to heal, that’s if it ever will.

“i just wish,” he spoke out “i wish to run to that place, in the direction that my heart is leading to,” he added, sitting on the floor. “in the direction of her, once again. just one day…”.

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ayo ladies and gentlemen!
yes, i just did that…
hey! how are you guys?

to the anon that requested this, im so sorry it took way to long to write up. ive just been at school and haven’t really had time, especially since ive been fan-girling over everything that has been happening. but it’s here noe, and thank you for requesting!

requests are open! and im gonna try and get through as many as possible tonigh so go ahead and request something..
also, ive been thinking about doing exo reacts ect. would you guys like that? because ive started to get into the recently, and i think i know them well enough now to start writing about them.

here’s my masterlist, so go check that out!
love ya all.
~ kala
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Kiss Me Again [Christian Yu]

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Artist: Christian Yu | Word Count: 2.504

Hello anon, I’m sorry for taking so long! I don’t think this is angsty enough but it’s leaning more to fluff? Because I didn’t felt like writing angst for this request:( Thank you for the support and for requesting darling, I hope you like it<3


It happened around five years ago, at the backstage of a music show, when you were fumbling with your microphone only a few minute before your performance. The look of panic was all over your face as there was no staff to help, while time continued to slip by. That’s when Barom stepped in, curious of your trouble, and helped fixing the microphone in merely a minute left before your show. You thanked the man and went to the stage, and three minutes later you found him leaning against the walls, eyes wide in amazement after your performance.

And that was when the amazing friendship started, a bond you were so grateful even until now. Being a soloist was pretty lonely for you, especially in your first year. But Barom was always there, despite having five rambunctious and energetic boys to lead. He was there to listen to your awful jokes, random splutters, deep thoughts, and anything that’s making you sad or happy. And you did the same, listening to his dreams in bringing his group to success, being known worldwide, making his parents proud back in Australia, and to learn about cinematography one day. Both of you always tried to be there for each other, despite the hectic performances and limited sleep hours.

But one day, everything spiraled down, and you found yourself staring in shock at the person standing in front of your apartment.

Barom slowly retracted his hand back to his sides after loudly knocking. His eyes were bloodshot, nose flaring, and mouth slightly open as he tried to breathe. The man didn’t care one bit to cover his identity, carelessly displaying his face to public. And by the looks of the situation he was in, deep down you knew today was the dreaded day. You quickly pulled Barom inside your apartment, locking the doors and turning towards the broken man, your eyes questioning him silently.

“They did it, they disbanded the group,” Barom whispered, his voice full of pain, “I’ve failed all of them, (Name), I couldn’t stop this from happening.” Fresh tears started to pool in his eyes and the man wasn’t ashamed to let them slide down his cheeks.

“Oh Barom,” You gasped, feeling the agony he felt transferred to your heart, “Barom, don’t blame yourself! I’m sure you did your very best, and there was nothing left you could’ve done.” Bringing your hands gently to his face, you gently wiped the tears away from his cheeks.

"Please hold me.” The request was simple, and Barom didn’t need to repeat to feel your arms snake around his waist, hugging his bigger form closer to yours. The man leaned in and placed his head on your shoulder, sobbing quietly while you felt your shirt getting damper.

“I let everyone down, I’m putting our fans through a tough time and not to mention ruining our own future!” Barom started, letting his poisonous thoughts slip through his lips, “My boys put so much trust into me, hoping I could prevent this from happening. I made the fans wait anxiously, and they’d wake up tomorrow knowing their group had disbanded. And what will we be next, (Name)? Will the bond our group share die like this as well?” He had stopped crying so you pulled him away to stare deeply into his eyes, those beautiful brown orbs that were full of storms and raging seas.

“Listen Barom,” You started, clearly torn apart hearing his thoughts, “You have done your best, you are the greatest leader your friends could ever have, your fans would respect the decision and will continue supporting you all, there would be stronger friendship ahead, and no one’s future is going to be fucked! If someone were to blame it’s definitely the company Barom, not you. I believe you did well, I believe you tried saving them from this, and you’ve done so well, so stop beating yourself up!” At this point you were getting emotional as well, and you gulped as you watched Barom’s face contort from sadness to realization.

“You really think so?”

“Yes! So don’t blame yourself, please. Because all you did was the right thing. And nothing’s going to change except the fate of the group.” Barom lets out a sigh, the tiredness in his soul carried by the huff of air. You gave him a sympathetic smile and patted his hair affectionately.

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” You offered, knowing the distance to his dorm was far and the night was getting late, “We could watch movies, or play games, or-“

“Actually I have to go, (Name),” Barom cuts you off reluctantly, an apologetic look on his face, “In a few hours.”

“What? Go where?”

“Back to Australia,” The man chuckled, sounding bitter and hoarse, “Mom invited me to come back home immediately, and I thought that’ll be a great place for me to meditate and rearrange my life again.” He looked relieved, and you were more than happy to see the pain subsiding from here. But the answer you got next wasn’t so pleasing to hear.

"How long will you be gone?” You asked, bouncing nervously on the pad of your heel, “And when is your flight?” The confliction in the window of his soul was crystal clear, and you grew more nervous for his answer.

"I don’t know how long I’ll be gone (Name), and I’ll be going in three hours,” Your eyes went wide hearing his answer, quickly looking up to the clock to note his flight was during midnight, “Probably when I’m sure what I’m going to do next with my life. But in the meantime, even though it’s selfish of me to ask this, but could you wait for me? I promise I won’t be long, and I won’t cut any communications with you.” There was hope in his voice and you nodded, knowing without him having to ask you’d wait for him anyway.

“Of course I will!” You answered, trying to smile reassuringly to the man, “Just take care, alright? And know that everything’s going to be fine.” Barom finally grinned that night and hugged you close, telling you how grateful he was for having you around. And that night, Barom parted with tangled arms that don’t want to let each other go and a goodbye kiss at the forehead.

That was two years ago, when Barom was going through the hardest time of his life. He came back later, and proposed the idea of making a group that specializes in visual editing with his friends. The man came back with amazing skills of video editing, and he had not only changed his looks but Barom was much wiser and stronger than before. You were proud and happy for the man, and continued to maintain the unbreakable friendship you both had.

But as the years flew by you felt something more for Barom, and it was something more than just friendship. People would conclude you two were best friends because of all the years spent together, and you both thought of each other like that as well. But not to you, as you started to notice how Barom would teasingly play with his hair, flash that cocky grin towards you, or when he looked good in anything that he wore. You paid extra attention to the words he said, blushing at every usual comment he made about you, your heart beating fast for every hug and kissed being shared. It was weird how you would be an emotional wreck when you’re with him, yet you didn’t want to disappear from his side at all.

And that’s when you realized you’ve fallen for the man you called your best friend. The catch was you were already in a relationship before the puzzles started to piece together, and your boyfriend of six months sensed the sudden change in your attitude, which lead to a not-so-peaceful breakup. You walked through the night, the umbrella shielding you from the rain, your feet taking you anywhere.

After thirty minutes of walk you stopped at a business district, at the heart of Seoul. You closed your umbrella and laid it carelessly outside and quickly made your way inside the building. It was raining hard as summer had officially come to Seoul, as thunders and lightning painted the dark sky. The emotions inside your heart were similar of the weather outside, the heavy pouring rain representing the sadness looming over you. When you arrived in front of an office, you didn’t bother to knock and went inside anyway, knowing Barom would be the only one left at this hour.

Barom stopped the video he was working on and saved his progress, turning his chair to see the visitor that had walked in. He thought it might be one of his friends retrieving a forgotten item from their desk, but he was taken aback seeing you standing a few feet from his table, eyes looking hollow and tired. His heart broke seeing you looking so fatigued, and deep down he had a guess of what had happened earlier.

“Was it your boyfriend?” Barom started, walking towards your spot. You only nodded, feeling your voice disappear when you most needed it.

“Please hold me.” With all the power you had you whimpered those words, and Barom quickly scooped you into his arms, engulfing you in the warmth of his body. When your head lay on his chest and his fingers slowly stroked through your hair, you lost it. It was like a dam broke inside of you, letting the tears that’ve pooled in your eyes fall free to your cheeks. Your sobs were muffled, but the sound was enough to tear Barom’s heart apart. He hated seeing you like this, especially if your boyfriend makes you cry.

“Do you want to tell me what happened, darling?” Barom coaxed, slowly rocking you in an attempt to calm your cries.

“It was my fault in the first place, Barom,” You started, your voice interrupted by hiccups, “I realized just a few days ago that I was never in love with him. He noticed my change of attitude and he was mad, he has all the right to be, but I just hate myself!” The statement that escaped your mouth caused Barom to stop moving his feet, gently letting you go to examine your face.

“So you’ve never loved him all this time?” His question was met by a nod, “And he was the one that called quits?” Another nod was given to him, and Barom could only gulp as nervousness started to bubble inside of him.

Barom searched all his memories, replying every story you told about your ex, remembering how you looked so happy with him and how it tore his heart apart. But now he was left to wander of who you had actually fallen for, and a small part of him hoped that he could be the man. He felt like your friendship with him was something more than best friends, that Barom had tainted his relationship with you with love, and he couldn’t help but ask in his heart if you felt like that.

“To be honest (Name), I don’t think all the fault is at you,” Barom started, rubbing his hand on your shoulders in reassurance, “I mean, you realized this when it’s kind of late, which you didn’t mean to happen, right? Your feelings were clouded for a moment, but I think it’s better if things end now rather than holding the truth from your ex for further time.” His opinion didn’t seem to help you much, as your face was still frowning, like there’s more problem than that.

“Did I say something wrong?” Barom asked hastily, hoping that he didn’t say anything to make things worse. You shook your head, mind suddenly going blank on what to reveal next.

“What? No! It’s just that…” You trailed off, suddenly feeling blood creeping up to your cheeks, “I’ll face the guilt one day. But my feelings for this guy— oh god, where do I even start?” Groaning, you pulled your hands up to your face, trying to cover the blush that’s settled on your cheeks. Barom broke into a laugh, finding your current state cute and feeling warm all of a sudden.

"Who is this guy anyway?” Barom asked, the curiosity getting the better of it yet he felt too anxious to hear your answer. Your eyes widened and they looked terrified, as you gulped and thought of a way to evade the question.

“You really won’t like him, Barom.”

“What? You’re not in love with an old grandpa that’s giving you money, right?”

“Of course not!”

“Or my arch nemesis?”

"No!” You shouted, breaking into a laugh at his accusation, “But seriously Barom, you won’t be pleased to hear it.” You prayed that Barom would take the hint, but the man only leaned closer, staring at you with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“As long as it’s not old rich hags or my rival that you like, I’m cool with it.” Barom was relentless now, and it was hard avoiding his question when he chose to pester you around until you open up.

With a sigh, you stared dead on to Barom’s eyes, his orbs full of curiosity. And then your eyes moved down, from his pointy nose down to those luscious lips. And without giving much of a thought, you crashed your lips to his, and Barom’s eyes went wide when he felt you soft lips against his. The man quickly grabbed your chin and kissed deeper, and the kiss soon turned passionate, as if you both were waiting for this moment to happen. Barom parted away, chest panting up and down as he stared at your flushed face, finding it hard to believe the bizarre kiss had just happened. The kiss that he waited all this time!

“See? That’s why you won’t like it when I say it,” You started, eyes gazed down to the floor and oblivious to the love in Barom’s eyes, “Because after all these years, I’ve just realized I love my best friend so fucking much! And now I just did something stupid that will break our relationship, and—“

“And I love you!” Your head snapped up, seeing Barom looking at you with so much warmth and love that you’ve never felt before, “Didn’t you felt it when I kissed you back? Didn’t you feel the spark we share during that kiss? I love you too and our relationship won’t change at all!” Your heart sped at his confession, and you felt tears softly trickle down your cheeks but you were smiling wide in joy. Barom himself felt like he was in the clouds, and he gently laced his fingers with yours, feeling that everything was so right.

"Kiss me again, Barom. Prove it to me that you love me too.”

“I’d gladly do so, princess.”


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam takes the reader into the woods for a romantic night, but what she tells him causes a shift in the mood.

Word Count: 1,294

Warnings: semi-public smut (they’re in the middle of the woods), Sam being sweet and adorable, fluff

A/N: My first [decent] aesthetic! Told from Sam’s POV. Inspired by this song.

Laying in the bed of my old truck, the wind whirled around us, cool air running over the skin left uncovered by the blanket I’d brought along. My lips connected with the soft skin of her neck, barely touching, the warmth from my lips and breath leaving a spot that was especially affected by the chill. She gasped in sharply, her hands came up to grip at my shoulders as I moved to hover over her.

Her head leaned back on the balled up t-shirt she was using as a pillow, and the speakers permitted faint bumps of bass drum beats to come through the windows. The bed liner rumbled under her back, but all I could focus on was the pounding in her chest, like her heart was physically trying to jump up at me.

The chilled breeze whipped around us, following my fingers through her hair. If I could commit one thing about this night to my memory for the rest of my life, it would be the way [Y/N] looked. The moon was so bright, shining down and illuminating her in ways the sun never could, casting shadows of the trees across her face and body. 

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Riverdale Imagine: Guilty?

SURPRISE - Guilty? Prequel (Jason x reader)
Guilty? Part 2
Guilty? Part 3

Summary: Before his ‘disappearance’, the reader, Cheryl, and Jason were best friends. There was only one secret that the reader and Jason have kept from Cheryl and that secret gives the reader a motive for his murder. 

Approx. 1100 words

“… that I’m guilty.”

Guilty? My head snapped up. I had barely noticed Sheriff Keller and Principle Weatherbee enter the classroom, I was too busy scribbling along the top of my biology textbook, but I never noticed much these days. The girl in front of me had stood up and was holding her hands out as if she was going to be arrested, with a stab of panic I realised it was Cheryl Blossom. I saw her bite down on her lip to stop it from quivering violently as Sheriff Keller led her from the classroom with his hand on her elbow. Her strawberry-blonde curls lightly brushed over her shoulder and tumbled down her back as she glanced back to look at me. The glance was momentary but I understood its meaning – I’ll cover you.

The room around me seemed to erupt like a torrent of water as Cheryl was led away. I put my fingers to my temples as I tried to ignore my classmates, you would almost think people in Riverdale were glad of his death as it provided our sleepy town with an endless stream of gossip. Murder was certainly a more interesting topic than binge-drinking teenagers, or adulterous housewives, or even the South Side Serpents. Despite my attempts to remain aloof however, I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach as the sound of gossip swirled around me. Sooner or later someone in this town would discover my connection to him, someone will find out that I had motive to put that bullet through Jason Blossom’s head.

I dug my nails sharply into my hand in an attempt to alleviate the emotional pain that I felt at the thought of him, his name. The bell rang at that moment and I snatched my books off my desk at lightning speed, almost stumbling on my way out of the classroom as I rushed outside into the open air. Leaning against the cool red brick school building, I slowly took in a breath, sensing the dull ache of my ribcage as I tried to hold myself together emotionally. Before Jason’s ‘disappearance’ on the 4th of July, Cheryl and I had been best friends. We were the joint leaders of the River Vixens, the most popular girls in school, I even shared a birthday with her and Jason – people used to joke that we were triplets. The three of us trusted one another completely and shared every secret, which was the reason why Jason would only trust Cheryl and I to help him fake his death, he was never supposed to actually die.

“Y/N? Are you OK?”

I opened my eyes lazily and was greeted by the worried expression of my only other real friend in the world, Jughead Jones. I smiled weakly and nodded.

“Yeah I’m fine Jug. Just a little tired.”

“Want to go to Pop’s? I’ll buy you a milkshake.”

I checked my phone; it was 3:45pm. I guessed that Cheryl would be at least an hour with Sheriff Keller and after that she would have her parents to deal with. I knew she would be waiting for me at midnight by Sweetwater River, just as we had previously planned in case anything like this happened. She had warned me that texting was a bad idea – the sheriff’s department could always seize our phone records.

“Sure, as long as you’re paying.” I replied.

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Glowing x Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1743

Requested: Nope

Warnings: SMUT, Daddy kink, choking, references to subspace and I didn’t exactly proof-read yet either

Much love…

“Mm, Daddy’s little princess looks so pretty,” he muttered, calloused hands running over your bare body. Your hair rest in its natural state, sprawled across the satin sheets just as the rest of your frame was, “And your being such a good girl today, aren’t you,” he praised.

You began to tug lightly at your restraints, the colored glimmer of Christmas lights could be seen in a reflection on the eggshell ceiling. His smirk was one that you wanted to wipe from his face. He already had you whimpering and  hadn’t laid a hand on you.

“Answer me when I speak,” Ashton threatened, his former sweet tone had transformed into a harsher one. A single finger run down your leg before he brought a string of lights to your ankles, hooking it to the frame of the bed, “Do you like this, do you like that your wrapped up in shiny lights?”

“Yes Daddy,” flowed quickly from your tongue before you’d processed it. That’s what Ashton did. He has this sick power over you in which you lost yourself. Every inhibition was gone, you submitted yourself completely. It wasn’t a strange feeling though, it wasn’t much feeling aside from pleasure and mutual need but it was all too natural.

He was your dominant and you his baby girl, and he loved you more than anything else in this cruel world. There was always love, yet at times it was what one might see as tough love. That didn’t make it any less satisfying though. Ashton’s priorities always came down to your safety and then of course your pleasure. Everything you needed you had, anything you’d ever wanted, he made a point to ensure you that as well.

Nearly every night he had you willingly writhing under his fingertips, begging him to take you into oblivion. He never took advantage although that may have been what you wanted. You wanted him to break you, release you from your complex, wash it all away. He did that but in a very different manner.

You loved losing control, being taken care of for once. Of course it seemed selfish yet you’d grown to indulge in it although it was a harmless indulgence. Ashton was the man you loved, the one who thrived on pleasuring his princess even if it was in a compromising manner. One you’d grown weak in the knees at.

“Beautiful body that’s all for me, but she’s also got a beautiful mind as well. Not everyone is fortunate enough to possess it all, not like my little girl anyway,” Ashton continued, his right hand making stinging contact with your thigh. You groaned out softly although there was a reverse psychology within his action, “You like that, don’t you?”

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Dear Diary (part i of xv)

Maybe being a heartbreaker wouldn’t be so bad? Maybe it’d heal your own wounds? Maybe it’d make them worse, who was to say. They did say that heartbreak changes a person, don’t they?

Pairing(s): EXO x Reader

Warning(s): Smut, Angst, General Heartbreak, Cheating, Adult Situations, Language

Oh dear diary I met a boy.

You had met him at a pep rally of all places. Your friends were celebrating the win of your home team when he caught you eye. He lounged against his car with a few of his friends next to him. It didn’t seem like his crowd but who were you to judge; it wasn’t yours either.

He wore a black turtle neck that barely covered his tattooed neck, his body further protected from the weather with the leather jacket he wore. His hair was slicked back which when paired with the outfit gave him a very chic look. You wouldn’t lie, you were a bit starstruck. Maybe it was the aspect of a new town and a fresh start that had you so flustered at the sight of the beautiful stranger or maybe it was the fact that his warm eyes found you, a playful smirk stretching onto his face. He even threw a wink your way which was your pushing point to look away, flustered and red in the face.

He made my doll heart light up with joy.

“Come on baby, it’s time to get up.” You heard a familiar voice chuckle in your ear causing you to roll over, trying to escape having to get up. “I need to drive you home before the guys get up,” The voice urged again causing you to force your eyes open. You were met with a dark room, the only light seemingly stray rays of light that peaked behind a dark curtain. Your eyes traced over the room walls, nothing but bands and artists you’d never even heard of, most of them underground or foreign. Finally your eyes made it over to him. God even half asleep he looked gorgeous.

He stared down at you, a corner of his mouth quirked up into a smile. You reached up, brushing his messy hair out of his face, threading your fingers through the locks. Your hand released the strands before moving down to cup his cheek. You managed to lean up on your other elbow, giving him an innocent kiss or at least what was supposed to be an innocent kiss. He didn’t seem to find it very innocent.

“Baby girl it’s not nice to start something you can’t finish.” He mumbled, looking at you through his eyelashes.

“Who said I couldn’t finish it?” You retorted, cocking an eyebrow up at him.

“Oh I know you could, but I also know that Yixing would have my head if he knew you were here.”

“I wouldn’t tell.” You murmured into his skin, pressing a chaste kiss to his jawline. Your words were the truth, you wouldn’t dare tell your best friend you were sleeping with the school’s bad boy, not after the amount of times he had warned you to steer clear of him.

“No but if we finished what you are starting, he’d be sure to hear you.” His words caused a blush to spread across your face and you fought the urge to cover you face. You were working on being more open with him. You had to be open with the ones you loved.

Oh dear diary, we fell apart.

Hearing rumors that he cheated hurt. But catching him in the act was a all new kind of pain you had experienced. It had felt like you’d been run over by a stampede of elephants, each one sure to stomp down into your chest. There were tears but you forced the sobs to lump together in your throat so he wouldn’t notice you retreating away from him and one of the other girls in your year.

You were graduating today, you were taking he next step of your life with him and he had his tongue shoved down another girl’s throat. If it was so easy for him to cheat with her, how many times had he cheated? How many late night with the guys had he actually been in another girl’s bed.

Your feet shuffled down the quiet hallways, the tears running down you cheeks in droves. How could you have been so stupid?

Footsteps made you still where you were and you begged that it wasn’t him, that it wasn’t her. You couldn’t face anyone right now, least of all them.

“Y/N? I’ve been looking all over for you.” It was Yixing. How did you explain this? You knew it would surely get an ‘I told you so’. Swallowing your ego you turned to catch Yixing’s worried gaze. He stood there almost dumbfound at your emotional state, he didn’t fuss over you state like you thought he would have. “You found out about them didn’t you?” His words felt like they knocked the wind out of you.

“You, you knew?” Your voice cracked, your distress clear. You had to have heard him wrong, he wouldn’t have done that; let you fall in love just for your heart to be broken.

“All the guys did,” His voice was quiet and even though you could feel his shame radiate off of him you felt like you had encountered a second stampede.

“And you didn’t tell me?” A small whimper of a sob exited your lips and you covered your mouth with the back of your hand in order to hide them.

“I warned you Y/N, you were playing with fire. You wouldn’t listen so you had to find out the hard way.” He forced the words out and you stared at the ground, not wanting to accept that he hadn’t told you because you were blinded by love. Love. “I’m sorry Y/N.” You could hear his footsteps fade and you swallowed back anymore of your sobs that tried to peek out, your eyes searching for the nearest bathroom to fix your makeup.

Welcome to the life of Electra Heart.

Shore Leave : Midnight Whiskey

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Part One - Midnight Whiskey   Part Two-  Suprise

Part Three- Beautiful   Part Four- Screwed

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Joker Imagine - Used & Tortured

Depressive thoughts, violence, bad words, cruelty, sex etc MIGHT TRIGGER YOU; DO NOT READ! Please stay safe Pumpkins <3 X.

Anonymous said:Hi. I know that this is a veeeery sensitive topic and all, but could you write a Joker x reader story where she has been used sexually and tortured because Joker’s enemy kidnapped her. Then Joker could find her or something, idk..Thanks

(Is it just me or does it look like there’s tears in his eyes in this GIF?)

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Your P.O.V.

My body was trembling from every hit I had gotten, every word that made me so scared and also the wet and cold weather. I was lying on the grass in a park here in Gotham, probably close to death soon. It was late and night so this area was very isolated. Everything hurt. The rain water hit my nearly naked body, making me cold and my breath turned into fog.I was only wearing a ripped shirt that covered my back, my bum a little bit and my shoulders. My wounds stung so bad and I couldn’t help myself. I just lied on the dirty ground in agony. My kidnapper had dumped my body here after holding me in a dirty cellar for many days straight.

‘’No..’’ I whimpered and gagged as I remembered everything he had done to me. it would haunt me for the rest of my life -if I’d even survive from this anymore. I bet that I’d be literally dead within the next hour or two if I wouldn’t get help. But who would want to help me? I was Joker’s girlfriend, a maniac, a murderer and a very bad criminal.

I inhaled a sharp breath as I felt a sudden sting in my abdomen. I was grossed out, simply disgusted after being humiliated like that. It made me cry out the rest of the tears I had. My kidnapper had used me to fulfill his sexual desires. My eyes shut and I tried to wipe that memory out of my head. I had been so scared, so vulnerable, so alone. The worst part was that his house had a weird thing that blocked all signals from outside. J predicted that something like this could happen so I had a tracker under my skin. But it didn’t help much there.

How could he even love me after this?

I tried to push myself up from the muddy grass, but my arms were too weak. My left arm had a shooting pain that made me whimper and fall down on the ground, face first. It was probably broken. That’s it. I gave up trying to save myself. All my hope had washed away with the pouring rain. Joker had probably thought that I had dug out the tracker and left him for good. He had probably given up looking for me, meaning that I was all alone. I never thought I would die like this.

‘’Y/N?’’ A familiar voice called out my name. My eyes opened and I stared at the ground, seeing a pair of legs a few feet away from me, but I couldn’t find energy to look up. It sounded like Frost, Joker’s most trusted henchman and also a friend. ‘’Y/N are you there?’’ He asked me worriedly and got down. That’s when I saw his face, looking tired yet hopeful. The rain had wetted his brown hair. Suddenly I felt ashamed. I was covered in ugly bruises, cuts and overall I was full of wounds. I was supposed to be stronger, not a weak little woman. J must be so disappointed in me.

‘’Boss! She’s here!’’ Frost yelled loudly and looked to his left. Then he looked at me again. ‘’It’s okay Y/N, you’re safe now.’’ Frost told me reassuringly, but I heard his voice like an echo. I was too weak to even answer him. I heard someone running over after a while and then I knew that Joker saw me. ‘’ Dr. Quinzel’’ I heard his raspy voice full of worry. Then he kneeled down and picked me up in his strong arms. It hurt a little, but we both knew he couldn’t just leave me on the dirty ground.

My head was resting against his chest and my arms were hanging my by side. I was too weak to move my muscles. I looked up to his face and saw that he and gotten little sleep as well. His scent made me feel safe, but that just made me want to cry more. I didn’t want him to touch me..I didn’t want to be here. I was a disappointment! 

‘’S..Sor..ry’’ I mumbled weakly, feeling how my throat ached as I tried to speak. J clenched his jaw and I could almost see how red his eyes were. It’s like he was crying or holding back tears, but I couldn’t tell because of the rain. Suddenly my breath hitched in my throat and my vision got blurry. J tried to say something, but I couldn’t focus on his words that were a mess in my ears. Before I knew it, everything turned black like the night sky without stars. My body gave up trying to stay awake and so I blacked out in Joker’s arms..


A much softer surface was keeping me safe. It was the first thing I noticed when I woke up. I fluttered my eyes open slowly and saw a big window on the opposite of the room I was in. It showed Gotham city probably in the morning, a very familiar view. It was the same as in Joker and my bedroom. Wait..

I looked around and saw that I was in fact in our bedroom. The grey purple walls were the exact same as before, the white door, the door to the walk-in closet, the paintings on the wall, simply everything. Where was J?

Suddenly all the memories flashed back to my mind, reminding me of the awful truth. I pulled the blanket away with my right arm because I could barely move my left arm. Then I sat up and felt pain everywhere in my body. I knew very well why. I wanted to find J. He was the only one I felt like I could trust now. So I stood up, feeling lightheaded as I got on my feet. I held onto the nightstand and took a few deep breaths. Damn I was dizzy.

A groan left my dry lips and I forced myself to walk out of the room. Our penthouse was big, but I knew that if J was home, he was in his office or in the living room. So I tried to get myself to his office, hoping that he was there. As I walked through the penthouse, I held onto the wall because my legs were weak. Finally after nearly stumbling with each step I took, I reached his office. I touched the door handle and then opened the door carefully. That’s when i saw something shocking.

J was sitting on the middle of the floor, surrounded by knives, guns, champagne, clothes and weird shit, everything put in a spiral. The things were pointing at him and I saw that he was holding a gun. ‘’J?’’ I called out his name quietly, a little scared to startle him. It was obvious that he was losing his mind. He didn’t hear me. Then I saw him throwing an empty bottle of something away, making me flinch. ‘’Oh I’m gonna kill ya..’’ He growled with a low voice, talking by himself angrily. I gulped and tried to keep myself strong. I couldn’t start crying again, I just couldn’t. I had been weak enough for a long time now.

‘’J..’’ I said a little louder and walked inside the room. I couldn’t find support from the walls anymore as I tried to walk closer to him. Also I had to watch my every step. He turned around and looked at me quietly before standing up. His red lips were parted and his breathing was raspy. Silently he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me gently. I took one breath and it was enough to make me close to crying. I held my breath and held back the dumb weak tears as I wrapped my right arm around his waist. My left arm was broken and someone had put a gypsum on it.

‘’I thought I lost you’’ He whispered while touching my hair softly. His words just pushed my tears closer to the edge. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck and tried to stay calm. ‘’You gotta tell me who it was.. Okay?’’ He told me seriously, blood-thirst obvious in his voice. A whimper left my mouth and I started crying in his arms. He tried to shush me and he gently rocked me on the spot. All the pain, both physical and mental was too much for me to handle.

‘’I-It hurt so much’’ I admitted quietly while sobbing into his chest. J’s muscles were tense and I knew he was stressed as well. ‘’It’s over now baby..’’ He reminded me softly. I just nodded but the tears kept flowing down my face. I coughed a few times because my throat was full of shit and I had broken ribs which made breathing harder. ‘’I c-can still feel him’’, I whispered and wanted to shower so bad. I wanted all of his traces out of me forever. I wanted to rinse my skin with acid (again since I had done that once) to get rid of his fingerprints. I wanted to claw every part of my body that he had touched just to make him untouch me. ‘’He..J he..’’ I started, but it was like the words were stuck in my throat. Of course it was obvious that the guy had beaten me up, but did he know about the other part? 

‘’He raped me’’ I whimpered quietly, afraid I would be less important for J now. But I couldn’t live without him knowing so I just had to tell him even tho it made me feel so dirty.

‘’I’m going to kill him Y/N. I’m going to make him pay for everything he did to you. Okay? Does that sound good? We can fucking torture him together if that’s what you want’’ He started with a strong voice, but it cracked a little and it sounded like he was holding back tears. I nodded again, letting him understand that I wanted that. But could I face that guy again? ‘’I just need you to help me to find him’’ He whispered and then pressed a kiss on my head.

‘’I will’’ I promised and then sniffled. J would keep me safe. What surprised me the most was that he didn’t laugh at me, nor call me weak. He was actually hurt by this and I was shocked. J was rarely even sad, sometimes upset but that’s it. It just proved once again that he cared about me.

(Part 2)

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Tease (Archie Andrews)


Rating: R 

Pairing: Y/N x Archie

Summery: Y/N teases Archie at work and he decides to get revenge.

Requested: You bet

 “Three strawberry milkshakes and one chocolate.” My boyfriend requests, smiling up at me. I smile back and scribble down the orders. 

“You know, you don’t have to wait here till my shift is over.” I smile. 

“I know but where else would I get to see my beautiful girlfriend in her sexy uniform.” Archie smirks, eyeing me up and down. I bite my lip and make eyes at him, he winks at me. “I mean look at this skirt.” 

“Barf.” Veronica says. “Get a room you two, I’m eating.” 

“I think that they’re cute together.” Betty says. 

“Yeah, if you think them constantly shoving each other’s tongues down their throats.” Jughead says, peaking up from his laptop. 

“I’ll go put those milkshakes in.” I say, kissing Archie’s red locks. I walk over to the kitchen and put the order in. I stop by a family, a toddler in the highchair throws their barbie doll onto the ground. I bend over to get it. The toddler smiles as I hand them the toy. I continue back over to my friend’s table. 

I noticed Archie’s eyebrows were furrowed together in concentration. I also noticed that for a second, Jughead seemed thrown off. I then realized when I bent over to get the kid’s toy, I exposed my black thong to both Archie and Jughead. I blushed a deep red and leaned up next to the booth.

“What’s up with you two? You seem like out of it.” Betty points out. I had to admit, I did feel good working my boyfriend up, maybe I would have a bit more fun. 

“How much longer is your shift, baby?” Archie asks. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into his lap. I can feel how hard he was underneath me. I smirked and slowly rotated my hips. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pressed a kiss onto his forehead. He bit his lip and smirked at me.

“An hour.” I say. 

“You guys are seriously gross.” Veronica says. “Remind me to get Archie neutered.” 

I slowly rotate my hips again, it was hidden by the table. Jughead let out an irritated groan, I got off of Archie’s lap and walked away to get the newly made milkshakes. Before walking back over, I unbutton the to button the top two buttons. I make sure to lean over Betty and Veronica’s side of the table to make sure Archie got a good view. 

As I passed him his milkshake, I could tell he was fighting the urge to pin me again the wall. I smirked at him before redoing the top two buttons and helping the family. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket as I finished taking their orders. I put the orders in and peeked at my phone. 

Archie: I know what you’re doing.

I bit my lip and glanced up at him. He was looking at me hungrily, he knew I had read his message. I typed back my response before picking up the other tables drinks. I delivered the other tables drinks, winking at Archie as I passed by their table.

Y/N: Your place or mine?

I felt my phone vibrate as I punched in their orders. I quickly checked my phone and saw I had another text from Archie. We were meeting at his place. I looked up at the clock above the register, fifteen more minutes. Which meant fifteen more minutes until I was, in Veronica’s words, ‘riding the ginger stallion’. 

I took the other families order and put it in. I popped by my friends table with their check, Veronica insisted on picking up the bill. Archie was eyeing me hungrily as Veronica put her credit card down. I took the leather folder and walked over to the machine, swiping her card. I return her card, thanking her for her generous tip of three dollars and twenty nine cents. As the rest of the group exited Pop’s, Archie walked up to me.

“I’ll be waiting in the car.” He mumbles in my ear, pressing a kiss to my forehead. He starts to walk to the front door.

“Don’t start without me.” I giggle. 

“Can’t promise anything, Y/N.” Archie chuckles back before leaving the diner. I smirk, five more minutes till my shift is done and another waitress takes over for me. I practically count down the seconds till I can meet Archie in the car and feel his touch. The second the other waitress walks through the door I immediately clock out and almost sprint to Archie’s car.

The wetness between my legs was torture, all I want was Archie’s face buried between my thighs. I unlock the car door and plop myself down. I practically slam the car door shut as Archie’s seductive smirk makes my thighs tremble. He pulls out of Pop’s parking lot and practically speeds to his house. Luckily, his dad was still at work so we had the house all to ourselves. 

Archie locked the car door and lifted me up fireman style over his shoulder. I squealed, exclaiming his neighbors (namely Betty’s mom) could see up my work skirt. Archie just slapped my ass and carried me up the porch and inside his home. The second the door closed he put me down and we raced to get upstairs to his bedroom, losing pieces of clothes along the way. 

Archie picked me up as I reached his bedroom, now only in his (very tight) boxers. I let out a squeal as he threw me onto his bed. I spread my legs and he found himself in between. He pulled my panties down with his teeth, his chin just barely grazing over my clit. I giggled and attempted to squirm away, but Archie held my thighs down. 

“You were such a tease at the diner.” Archie mumbles, his breath fanning over me. “So now, baby girl. I’m gonna tease you.”

“Oh, Archie please! I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I plead, just wanting his touch. “I promise that I’ll never tease you again just-”

Archie cuts me off with a quick lick along my pussy. I let out a long whine in replace for words. I beg for more, craving his touch. I feel myself getting more and more sexually frustrated. I breathed heavily, staring down at him. He smirked, his breath haunting my pussy. 

“Archie, please baby.” I whimpered, grinding myself down onto his bedding. Archie just smirked up at me, I let out a groan of frustration and threw my head back. Another wave of bliss washed over me. Followed by another and another. I squealed and tangled my hands through Archie’s cooper hair. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my release. I was a moaning mess under Archie’s touch. 

“Tell me when you’re close.” Archie mutters into my cunt. I nod, not knowing how to form words. The vibrations from his words make me shake. Archie’s hand left my thigh and started rubbing fast circles over my clit. I almost screamed at the overstimulation. 

“I’m close! I’m close! F-fuck!” I whimpered out. Just like that, everything stopped. Archie’s mouth and fingers disappeared and he sat on his knees, smirking at me like a red headed devil. “You motherfucker.”

The knot that was forming quickly disappeared and I was left more frustrated then before. I lunged forward at Archie and wrapped my legs around his waist, grinding my wetness onto his boxers. Archie let out a loud groan and pulled me closer. 

“Please, Archie.” I whimpered. I knew I had control over him again. He let out a throaty groan as I rotated my hips onto his. My wetness was coating his boxers, making a chill run down his back. He flipped us over so that I was laying back against the bed and he was on top of me. 

“What do you want, babydoll?” Archie asks, his voice now deep with lust and want. 

“I want you, Archie.” I groan out, feeling him rub himself onto me, still in his boxers. Archie smirked at my answer and tugging down his briefs. He slowly traced his tip up and down my folds, driving me crazy with want. I squealed as he pushed in. I shot up and gripped onto his back. My nails left half moon marks along his shoulders. 

Archie waited a few seconds, waiting for me to adjust to his girthy size. I gave him the okay and he slowly started to thrust inside of me. I squealed as he immediately hit my G spot. I raked my nails down his back and screamed. Archie smirked at me in satisfaction. I threw my head back onto the pillow and tried not to cum instantly. 

“F-Fuck Archie! I’m gonna cum!” I groaned. 

“We’re just getting started, babydoll.” He says into my ear in between thrusts. He pulls out all the way and then slams directly into my G spot. I cry out and feel myself start to come undone, I clench around him as oceans of bliss wash over me. Archie lets out a loud groan, my orgasm triggering his. He buries himself deep inside of me as he cums. 

He lays on top of me, completely wrecked. I grin and run my fingers through his hair. I feel his breath fanning across my chest. 

“I should tease you more often. I like this side of you.” I giggle. 

Bloody Damsel




The noise brought you out of your unconscious state. Opening your eyes was a different ball game. You spent around 3 minutes battling the urge to fall into the seductive darkness and the need to find that infuriating noise and crush it. You were finally able to crack an eyelid open, only to wish you hadn’t. The sight that greeted you came with the memories of how you got here.

The dripping sounded from your right, your eyes felt like sandpaper as you glanced over to see a tube coming out of your arm, slowly feeding a thick red liquid into a bucket on the floor.

Then it was like your mind caught up, and the pain kicked in. You were being held up by two thick chains that were shackled to your wrists and wrapped around your the tops of your shoulders keeping your arms level. The chains hung from a metal beam that went along the ceiling. They pinched the skin around your shoulders and you could feel the bruises forming already. Your legs were folded beneath you in an awkward way and you couldn’t feel them.

You shoulders were in agony, burning with pain, the angle that you had been in for what felt like hours was throbbing along with the pump of your blood. The right side of your face was sticky where you had been bashed over the head.

Freaking Vampires. You thought bitterly. They had got a jump on you when you stopped to reload your gun.

Shit, where were Sam and Dean? How long have I been down here? They must be looking for you. You didn’t even want to think about what Dean was going to do to the Vamps that took you. For the most part, Dean had managed to reign in his overprotective nature when it concerned you, knowing that if he overstepped the line you would flip. You were just as good a hunter as he was. But in times like this, you knew he would stop at nothing to find you. Dead or alive. Hopefully alive.

You weren’t going to wait for him to find you like this though, you could at least make an effort to get out of this horrible room. Vampires sure don’t have any taste for homely decorations. The grey stone walls were littered with mould spots, the floors were covered with old dusty red rugs that smelt like they had been stolen from a rubbish bin. A few dirty cream couches were pushed up against the far walls and next to you was a stack of stained buckets.

Your knees shrieked at you from hours of disuse as you tried to stand up. Your shoulders pulsated with white hot pain and your head spun from the blood loss.


The door to your right slammed open. You dropped from your efforts, snapped your eyes shut and let your head hang low, feigning unconsciousness. Not that difficult as you felt it creeping up again. The movement didn’t help you any as it tugged your arms harshly, making it feel like they were going to pop out of their sockets. Biting your tongue to hold down a scream, you slowed your breath. Steps sounded from the doorway, slowly making their way towards you and stopping in front of the half full bucket.

“We won’t get much from this one. Too small.” muttered a gruff male voice.

“Ugh, I knew I should have gone for the tall one. Those hands-” a lighter female voice made a shuddering sound that sounded.. sexual? “I might have to keep him all to myself.”

You mentally rolled your eyes.

The man scoffed. “Yeah right, Clare. You barely managed to catch this scrap. I’ll be the one to do the hunting next time. Maybe then we’ll be able to feed all of us. What’s left of us anyway.” he crouched down and gripped your chin. Letting your face go slack, your heart pounded in desperate hope that he wouldn’t notice you were faking. You could keep them here for a little while longer, spread them out so Sam and Dean wouldn’t get ambushed when they come for you. It wasn’t much but maybe it would give them a chance.

He lifted your face up, tilting it left and right. Inspecting you. “Although, she is a prize” He ran his thumb across your lips and you fought the urge to gag. You couldn’t take them both right now, not chained up and feeling like your brain might just start leaking out of your ears. You just had to wait. As much as you wanted to headbutt this bloodsucker for touching you and undoubtedly thinking his dirty vampire thoughts, you let him do it.

Goddamn it.

He snatched his hand away suddenly, causing your head to swing down and your chin to jab into your chest. Well if I wasn’t dizzy before, I certainly am now, asswipe.

“Did you hear that?” he shot at Clare.

They must have had the rest of their short conversation with their eyes as they both disappeared, and the room was quiet.

And the door was open.


“Y/N? Y/N?! …Damn it” Dean let his gun hang from one hand as he searched through the piled up bodies. It was his idea to storm them whilst they were all together. Easy pickins. he thought. You had been sceptical, 10 - 3 could easily go wrong. All Dean had to do was smirk and confidently say “We can take them simple, how ‘bout you, sweetheart?”, and you faltered. He loved that you were so stubborn, so proud. When the easy choice was to wave the white flag, you rarely could. Although this time Dean wished that you did.

“She’s not here, Dean. They must have taken her.” Sam walked over to Dean, stepping over a body. “Look, there’s only 9 here. Must have knocked her out.” Dean’s eyes became murderous at the thought of a bloodsucker hitting you. “Hey, hey.” Sam slapped his hand on Dean’s shoulder trying to snap him out of his rage. “She’s alive, that’s the main thing. It’s Y/N, she’s not gonna go down without a fight.” Dean nodded and pocketed his gun. He made his way over to the Impala with a stormy face and pulled open the door on the drivers side.

“Let’s go, we gotta find out where the nest is, and quickly.” He punctuated his sentence by slamming his car door.


You hadn’t managed to escape your chains, but judging by the commotion you could hear upstairs, it sounded like Sam and Dean had tracked down the nest. The bucket next to you was almost full now, you felt your ability to think slide out along with your blood. You couldn’t keep your eyes open for more than a few seconds, every breath making your arms twinge, your fingers were long numb and your arms had started to go cold. You prayed Dean would find you soon. As much as you don’t like to be a damsel in distress, you were certainly in distress right now and could do with a prince to slay the beast.

Gunshots and shouting got closer to the open door, echoing into the room. You cracked your eyes open again and started to breathe a little faster, trying to lift your head was like trying to lunge a boulder across a building.

“Dean.” Your voice was little more than a crackle of sound. Something dark flew past the doorway, a body? “Dean.” You tried again, a little louder, a little clearer.

Sam appeared in the doorway, out of breath and gripping the doorframe. His jacket splattered in blood and his hair in his face. “Y/N? Oh my god, DEAN!” he bolted forwards and dropped to his knees in front of you. Grabbing the shackles at your wrists, he attempted to prise them open. You almost lashed out at him from all the jerking motions wracking even more pain along your arms, but could only manage to grit your teeth and emit a low moan. “Sorry, sorry” Sam muttered breathily. They had been bent out of shape by sheer force, he wasn’t going to get them off here. Instead he stood up and examined the metal bar.

“SAMMY?” you could hear Dean’s voice and almost whimpered in relief. He burst into the room, somehow covered in more blood than Sam. “Y/N! Shit!” it was his turn to drop to his knees. You were starting to breathe slower, blackness bled into view and you knew that if you didn’t get out of here and to a hospital soon, you were going to die. The thought had you whimpering.

“Dean, get me out of here.” You sounded like a child, you definitely felt like one. He tentatively cupped your face in his hands and turned it upwards. You could barely see him through the hazy vision, but it was enough.

“I’ve got you.” seeing the storm still brewing in his eyes, so different to how softly he cradled your cheeks made you feel safe.

So you closed your eyes.

“Hey, hey, hey, Y/N, nonono, keep your eyes open baby, come on keep ‘em open for me. SAM GET HER DOWN NOW. Y/N, Y/N!!”


Part 2 - Guilty Prince


A/N: I have intentions to write more for this one, don’t worry! I just felt like it sounded great on a cliffhanger. 

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Negan Imagine ~ Twists & Turns (pt. 2)

After her first night out of the cell, a furious attacker rips Negan’s favorite prisoner out of her sleep…

part 1

(the gif isn’t mine / it was originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty)

The moon shone faintly through the windows of your new room as you laid down in the bed.
Just hours ago you had still been in a cell, a hell hole, but according to Negan this room that had a whole lot to offer to you was your new place to be.
For days you had been in there after you had gotten yourself in there through trying to protect Rick and the others in this one shitty night.
You had run a bit ahead of them, with the order to clear the way for them so they could get Maggie through the forest.
That was the plan, but that’s the thing with plans, they often don’t work the way you want them to.
That’s a number of men you had shot, thinking it was only them and not just a tiny part of the giant group of men that were actually behind them, including Negan.
That’s what brought you into the Sanctuary, into this shitty situation.

Negan had left and locked your room not more than a half hour ago after he had made you feel again that he wasn’t only interested in your fighting abilities but according to the way he looked at you over and over again and his remarks also into you.
You couldn’t estimate him completely now, you were still figuring him and all the sides he seemed to also have next to the ‘maniac with a fucking in barbed wire wrapped baseball bat’ out.
He had been oddly kind to you at some weak moments of yours, moments where he actually seemed honestly bewildered, maybe even a tiny bit concerned or regretful and these moments compared to the other shit he had done made you wonder who he really was, even though you deeply despised him.

Still thinking you laid deeper into the pillows, feeling your body relax of the feeling of a real bed, with soft sheets and pillow before you slowly got dragged into a deep sleep.

Hours later your eyes ripped open at the sudden feeling of hands tighten around your throat.
Your gaze shot at the gleaming eyes that were staring down at you.
“Yeah, see what you get from killing my brother bitch”, the strange men grunted as you tried to desperately get free.
You fought for air, trying to kick him while you tried to get what was just happening.
“Fighting won’t help you”, he growled as stifled whimpers escaped your mouth.
Your mind tried to cope with everything happening around you in these seconds that seemed like an awfully long eternity, your legs moving and kicking to get him off of you before he suddenly loudly groaned and loosened the grip for a moment.
Gasping for air and with everything turning around you, you tried to get out of the bed but as you tried to move your weak legs and get off it, away from your attacker you just fell with a loud thud off your bed.
You groaned feeling the pain not only in your throat but now also spreading through your whole body.
Before you could get up and finally get away you felt another strong grip on your shoulders, pushing you up and before you could scream for your life the hands tightened again around your throat.
With another loud thud, he pushed you against the wall, the picture next to you Falling to the ground and bursting into pieces while his hands tightened again around your throat.
Your glassy eyes met the furious eyes of your attacker as you tried to defend yourself as the grip tightened more and more.
Your head pounded as you shot your knee up, a loud growl sounded through the air as he ripped you whimpering and groaning with him to the ground.
He cursed as his eyes gleamed through you and his hands tried to place themselves on your throat again while you desperately tried to find a way out of this.
Panting as much as you could and fighting for air your eyes caught the burst pieces of glass next to you.
With already weak arms you reached out to grab the biggest piece, the adrenaline that streamed through your body letting you forget the pain of the glass cutting in your hands.
With one heavy motion, you buried the glass into the man’s throat, the hot blood flowing down on you as you felt the grab loosening and the death rattle of your attacker sounding muffled through your muddled head.
Whimpering and gasping panically for air you shoved the man from your body, the hot tears that began to fall down your cheeks mixing with the blood that covered you.
Relentlessly panting you leaned against the bed, trembling like aspen Leafs, looking with wide eyes at the now lifeless man in front of you who laid face down on the floor.

Heavy footsteps made their way over to your room as you tried to find the glass to prevent the man from turning and attacking you again and you immediately flinched away as the door swung open.
”What the motherfucking fuck?!”, Negan called out as his glance caught you.
God, what would he do now?

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anonymous asked:

The moment Daryl immediately tries to run to Caryl after she is hit by the car in Consumed always breaks my heart and of course we all love "if she gets hit by lightning" from 7:10 but... if you had to pick out other favourite 'protective ' Daryl scenes what would they be? He'll always be her man of honour after all!

Oh Nomy protective Daryl is my favorite so I would have a hard time picking just one.  I mean I love the time when he came at Rick  in the scene where Rick told him to him about kicking Carol out…

 Rick backed the FUCK up when Daryl did that finger thing..

Or the time when the walker was about to chomp on Carol..

Can’t touch that..

But if I had to choose it would be the ones you mentioned because hot-damn was that man all about it

I mean think about how he just automatically reacted without thought, and Noah had all he could to hold him back in the scene in Consumed..

I mean he was so focused and hell bent on getting to her  Noah’s lucky his arm didn’t get ripped out. Cause all Daryl saw was Carol and  badly need to protect her at that point. (and Norman was so into this scene he actually got hurt filming it so there you go). I mean the way he screamed ‘let go of me!” to that little whimper when he had to let her go, it was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Just look at his face there, it was all over him, all he could think about was getting to her.

And then when have 7x10 and this lovely scene in which we see Daryl’s face get more and more set the more Richard talks (into an early grave if he wasn’t careful)

I mean the death stare when it comes to Carol and causing harm to her, Richard should’ve stopped talking right there.. but he didn’t..

And look at how much bigger Richard is compared to Daryl

But he still manages to pin him down and beat the ever loving fuck out of him for merely threatening to hurt Carol. Daryl means business here and  had the upper hand for a good part of the fight because it was about protecting HER. No one hurts Carol.

I mean the only reason Richard was able to get away from  our beautiful, over protective redneck was because he hit him with a rock  otherwise he’d be a bloody mess on the ground.

But we would not have gotten to hear the beautiful threat made that made it absolutely clear that you do not even look with ill-intentions in Carol’s direction. Watch out of thunderstorms in the area while your at it.

And lets not forget the ultimate protection of killing problematic walkers for her and lying to keep her happy for just a little longer. And all the other times he was looking out for her best interest, not physically but emotionally as well.

So yeah if I absolutely had to choose it would all of 7x10 and the way he spent that whole episode protecting her. And I have never loved more than I do for that protectiveness of his girl that he, and Normans acting, made plainly obvious.

Daryl Dixon will do anything to protect Carol Pelletier and if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does.

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Asking For It [9/10]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, arguing, sister trouble, and basically shit gets ugly.

A/N: Let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged?

From the beginning

Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

Popping the lock on the bedroom door you slip in shutting the door behind you. Looking around what use to be your room, it was trashed clearly something Ava will never grow out of. A bra hung off the back of the desk chair, you make a face as the dirty clothes strewn everywhere.

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