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Flufflet #6 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Continuation of flufflets #3 and #5.

Artwork at the end is by @clockadile, who is amazinggggggggggg

There were almost too many resources, Killian thought, as he typed in another phrase to look up. There were the doctors and nurses at the clinic Swan insisted on going to; it was out of town, since she refused to permit Whale to, as she put it so eloquently, “go anywhere near my goddamn vagina.”

There were the books, both the old ones in the library and the newer ones that Emma purchased through the post. He read all of them, although he did think Emma had the right idea with the newer ones; perhaps after the baby was born, they could donate the books to the library.

And then, of course, there was the Google. It was a double-edged sword if he’d ever seen one, with more information than he’d ever thought could possibly exist. But it seemed nigh impossible to determine just which information was accurate, and all of the personal testimonials made everything even murkier.

“What are you looking up?” Swan asked from the couch.

“When the baby can hear,” he said. “I’m getting too many different answers.”


“Some Google tells me–”

“Some websites, Killian.”

“Well, some tell me that it could be as early as eighteen weeks, and some say as late as twenty-four.”


“Do you know which is correct?”

“No. Why, though?”

“Well … just that if she can hear us, then maybe we should take advantage of that.”

He loved that he could say that: she. It was only a week ago that they’d gone to the clinic, and the doctor had told them that they were having a daughter. It was nearly mind-boggling that the technology of the realm made it possible to know so much about an unborn child.

Hell, it was incredible just how much there was to know about a pregnancy in general. In the Enchanted Forest, a single missed monthly cycle was troubling but not necessarily an indication of pregnancy; it was typically only a second skipped cycle that tipped a woman off. But here? Here, Emma simply waited until her cycle was a day or two late, and then she (he still felt uncomfortable about this) urinated on a strange stick, and it informed them both that she was with child.

And he’d seen their child. The near-magic of the ultrasound machine meant that they both had been able to watch their daughter grow from a tiny little bean-shaped smudge into something resembling an actual human. And now, they knew they were having a beautiful baby girl.

His daughter. He was going to have a daughter.

“Killian, did you hear anything I just said, or are you not at 18 weeks yet?”

“Sorry, what?” He’d been so lost in his thoughts, he’d missed whatever Swan had said.

“Do you want to sing to her?”

“Would you be all right with that?”

She laughed. “Um, very. Besides, isn’t that the exact reason I’m pregnant?”

“Well, I’d like to think it would have happened anyway, regardless. But fair enough.”


He stood from the computer desk and headed to the couch; Swan had been lying down with her feet up, but she swung them around and sat up a bit. “All right, go for it, Daddy.” She patted the space next to her.

He sat beside her and then leaned forward. She wasn’t showing very much, but enough that the townsfolk were catching on. Emma had always been extremely slim, and so the way her stomach was beginning to protrude was an easy giveaway that she was either pregnant, or she was overindulging significantly and gaining weight in very strangely specific places.

His favorite thing about her stomach, what she called her “baby bump,” was that this was their child. Right here, taking up space, growing and becoming a child.

“Go for it,” Emma encouraged.

“Right.” He cleared his throat. “Hello, my love. This is your papa.” Bloody hell, he was going to be a father. Neither Bae nor Henry could have ever prepared him for this. “Your momma asked me to sing to you.” He looked up at said momma. “Are you sure about this?”

“She’s gotta learn about revenge sometime,” she joked.

Perhaps. But he balked at the idea that the first song he would sing to his daughter would be one of anger and sadness. He had a better idea.

“Tomorrow is uncertain,” he sang. “Who knows what it will bring?”

He looked up to find Emma staring down at him in wonder, and although he knew her emotions were a bit out of control (he’d done a lot of reading about hormones), he was still surprised to see that she had tears in her eyes.

“But one thing is for sure, love,” she continued. “With you, I have everything.”

He grinned and turned back to her stomach, and they sang together.

“And happily ever after is the way these stories go …”

Eggsy Imagine

could you please write an eggsy and plus size reader imagine please maybe they get in a fight and he says something about her weight and then he goes and becomes a kingsman so they dont make up but then he shows up again and they make up or something like that please. I love your imagines.

It had all started because you, yet again, pushed Eggsy, trying to convince him that you two should move into your own flat together. Now you two were standing in the middle of your flat scream your heads off. “Eggs, you need to get out of there! You have nothing going for you there, you hate that place!”

“My sister’s there! My mum’s there! I can’t just leave them there,” he shouted.

“Your mum chose to live with that awful man! She chose to have a kid with him and she chooses to do nothing. The best thing you can do is leave, make a good life for yourself, and be able to provide for her and your sister when she realizes that she was wrong.”

“When are you going to realize that you’re wrong, Y/N, huh? Forget this,” he grabbed his jacket and turned to leave.

“Fine, leave. Go out with the boys, drink your problems away.”

“I will and I’ll find a girl that’s fit like a real woman should be,” he snapped and slammed the door shut. You felt your heart break as the door closed. He knew how you felt about your body, being curvier and a little larger than the people they plastered in the magazines. He made it clear that he didn’t care anymore so you skulked into bed and let yourself cry.

*A year and a half later*

“Well thanks for calling to tell me,” you sarcastically said through your phone. Your best friend had just called to say she wasn’t going to meet you at the club, even though she was suppose to be there 40 mins ago. “Whatever, you better bring me a large coffee and my favorite candy tomorrow or I’m never talking to you again,” you threatened and hung up.

You grabbed your jacket and clutch purse and started your trek home. You went to cross a street when a car flew in front of you, causing you to drop your keys. “Dammit,” you cursed.

“Wait, I’ve got them,” a man in a suit was suddenly in front of you, grabbing your keys for you. When he stood up you took an automatic step back. “Y/N?”

“Eggsy….Um,” you held a hand open waiting for your keys. “Thanks for getting my keys.”

“My pleasure. How’s you been? You look exactly the same!” He put his hands in his pockets and smiled.

“I’ve been good. Sorry to disappoint. Well, I better be getting home,” you went to leave but he ran in front of you.

“Disappoint? Why would you disappoint me?”

“You made it pretty clear the day you left that my looks weren’t good enough for you, Eggs. And then, you know, you never came back so….”

“Y/N, I think about the things I said to you all the time. And I feel like such a dick,” he admitted. I went back to your place the second I got back to town but you weren’t there.”

“I moved out about 4 months after you left. I got my own place closer to the city.”

“Congratulations then. I’m glad you’re happy. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell you just how sorry I am about what I said.” An awkward silence passed between the two of you. “So, why are you on your way home? A beautiful woman in a dress like that should be heading home this early on a Friday.”

“You remember Tessa? Well, she called me saying she wasn’t coming out after all so I’m going home.”

“How about, instead, you let me take you out for dinner.”

“So you can apologize some more?”

He grinned as you caught him, “That, and so we can catch up. Believe it or not this jerk misses you,” he sadly admitted.

“You still like that little chicken place by Logan’s Pub?”

A smile lit up his face, “Is there any place better?”

“Lead the way,” he looped an arm around yours and walked you down the street.

“So, what have you been up to?”

“Well….I work at a tailor now…”


Adrinette Month Day 12: Childhood Friends

Yes, I know this is really late. (you know, I do cover first kiss, reveal, and proposal in this though, soooo does that count as being ahead?) Apparently it takes me a week to finish a one-shot. But hey, I think I actually managed to write some fluff for once so I’m happy.



They were four years old when she first met him.

She watched as he tugged a pretty lady into the bakery, a smile lighting up his entire face and making his eyes shine, his hair tousled from the summer breeze. Marinette was mesmerized by that smile, by those eyes, by the golden glint of his hair. The boy looked like a drop of sunlight that had landed on Earth and was delighted by the people who lived there.

The pretty lady that must’ve been the boy’s mom struck up a conversation with her own mom, talking about needing things for something called a gala. The boy wandered from his mom’s side, gawking at the few handcrafted pastries displayed at his eye level. He stopped by a cake that had been baked and frosted to look like a cat and pressed his small hands against the glass. Marinette left her spot from behind the counter and tapped the boy on the shoulder.

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Jeff Hardy - "You broke me"

Reader is in a relationship with Karl Anderson and is shocked when her ex-boyfriend Jeff Hardy returns at Wrestlemania and wins the raw tag teams titles.

Warnings: None 
Words: 1300+

“Are they supposed to win?” Sasha asked putting her hoodie over her ring attire. She had just finished her fatal four-way match at WrestleMania 33. 

You felt bittersweet about this Wrestlemania. It would have been you’re first since coming back to the wwe. You were supposed to be in the raw women’s match but you landed awkward off a top rope move just Fastlane. It left you in a neck brace for 2 weeks and waiting for MRI results. You being injured left a spot open in your match and they Nia Jax in your place for the match - even though she was the one who injured you. 

“I don’t know he wouldn’t tell me” You shrugged. He being your boyfriend Karl, who along with his friend Luke Gallows were the current Raw Tag Team Champions and were about to defend their titles in a triple threat tag team ladder match. You met Karl a few years ago when you were travelling the world wrestling after WWE released you from your contract back in the end of 2010. Luckily you were pretty big and you were brought back to NXT for a couple of weeks to fight Asuka at a takeover before coming to Raw. 

“Has it started yet?” Bayley asked running in with her title. She had to do some interviews after she had won. 

“It’s about to they’re all in the ring now-” you were cut off by the New Days theme. 

“Ladies and gentleman as your Wrestlemania hosts we must inform you that we have just received word that this ladder match has just become a fatal four-way match!” Big E exclaimed as the crowd cheered

“They’re putting themselves in?” Bayley asked 

“Who else would go in? If I was them I would” Sasha shrugged 

“Which means there is one more team in this match” Xavier said 

“Now I wonder who could be the next team” Kofi said 

“Why are they playing dumb?” you ask. Next thing you knew that familiar theme music played and you swear your heart stopped for a moment. It had been around 7 years since you had heard that theme song let alone the man it belonged to. Jeff was your boyfriend years ago when you were on your first run in WWE and Jeff was also one of the main reasons why you were let go in 2010 after he had left in 2009. 

“Holy shit! The Hardy Boys!” Bayley cheered. She along with the rest of the crew backstage were excited for Matt and Jeff’s return. You sighed and sat down next to Sasha to watch the match. 

You took in a deep breath as Matt reached the top of the ladder and pulled the titles down. They won. The Hardy Boyz were the new raw tag team champions. 

“Well there is talk about Luke and Karl going to smackdown” Sasha said in an attempt to make you feel better. 

“Hey y/n” Mickie ran up to you “I just saw that he’s back. Are you okay?” Mickie had been your rock back in 2009 when Jeff suddenly left WWE. She was really the only one still in the women’s division that you were friends with back in the day that knew about everything that went down with Jeff. 

“I have to be” you shrugged “I’m gonna go see Karl” 

“If you need me come find me” She said. On your way to find Karl you were pulled into the trainer’s room to get your MRI results. It definitely put you in a better mood to find out you were given the all clear and would be able to return tomorrow night on raw. 

“Hey hun” you gave Karl a sad smile when he had Luke came up to you in the hallway. 

“I’ll see you later man” Luke nodded to Karl before walking off 

“Hey bub. You okay?” Karl obviously knew everything that went down between you and Jeff.

“Me? I should be asking you that, you just lost your title” 

“Eh I don’t care I’ll get it back. Or get another” he shrugged wrapping you in a hug and kissing your head. 

“Was this why you didn’t tell me that you weren’t going to win?” you asked 

“I knew we weren’t winning but I didn’t know they were returning, I swear. I would have told you if I knew” 

“I know” you smile “Well I have some good news, I just got the all clear I can return tomorrow” 

“Bub that’s amazing!” Karl cheered and planted a kiss on your lips. You felt someone watching you so you broke the kiss. And of course, the person watching had to be Jeff. Karl’s grip on you tightened. 

“Can you give us a minute?” You whispered to Karl

“Are you sure?” He asked, his eyes not leaving Jeff

“Yeah I’ll come find you soon” you said before Karl kissed your head and heading off down the hallway. The was a long awkward pause. “uh congratulations I guess” 

“Thanks” he nodded “So you and Karl…”


“…How long?”

“Almost a year” 

“So I don’t have a chance?” 

“Seriously?” you frowned 

“I mean I had to ask” he shrugged 

“I can’t believe you” You started to walk off, not wanting to deal with Jeff but suddenly all your feelings from years ago come back up. “You have no right to ask about any of my relationships anymore” 


“No” You cut him off “No. 7 years Jeff. 7 years and I never got a response. I sat backstage with everyone and found out that my boyfriend was leaving and then I never saw you again! I was told you went out for drinks and never saw you again! I spent days crying and trying to find out where you were! No calls, no texts, Matt wouldn’t even tell me where you were. The only way I knew you were still alive was when Mickie went to TNA and saw you… a year later!” 

“I know what I did was wrong and I know I hurt you” Jeff sighed 

“Hurt me? Hurt me? Jeff you didn’t just hurt me you broke me! I went downhill fast. People wouldn’t trust me in the ring anymore and I don’t blame them. I lost my job less than a year later” 

“I didn’t break you-” 

“You don’t get to decide if you hurt or break someone. You leaving and me not getting an answer. I didn’t know if it was something that I did. A part of me wished you had at least left me for another girl because at least then I’d have a reason.” 

“You didn’t do anything” 

“Why couldn’t you tell me that 7 years ago!?” You yelled “You can’t just walk back in here and expect me to run into your arms. This isn’t 2009. I’ve worked too hard to lose this chance again. Do you know how hard it is for female wrestlers on the indies? Do you realise how many disgusting people and guys there are?” 

“So where did you go? Did you think about going to TNA?”

“I did” you nodded “I worked the indies until 2012 and was then offered a TNA contract or I could have gone overseas. I didn’t want to see you so I went to Europe. Ended up in Japan where I met Karl, Aj and Luke. I came back before them to help train NXT people which eventually got me back in. When Luke and Karl came we reunited and the rest is history” 

“So your happy?” Jeff looked down 

“Yes Jeff. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. He treats me as if I walk on water” 

“Well I’m glad” He said. You started walking away only for Jeff to grab your arm “I still love you, and I always will” 

You stared at Jeff. 

“Bub?” Karl showed up behind you “Everything okay Heard you yelling” Jeff let you go and walked off in the opposite direction. 

“Yeah everything is just fine” 

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Brendan Gallagher - Number Eleven (Part 2)

anon request: This make a part two of number eleven

@austonmatty34: part two for the brendan gallagher one!!

for those of you that have not read part once here it is part one

okay so this was super fun to write and i hope you guys enjoyed it.I havent had much time for writing lately but i hopefully will get a lot done during the summer because the end of my school year is nearing and exams are coming so im just really stressed. I hope you all understand!!<3

btw when i saw @austonmatty34 left a request i had to do it, i love your acc although we dont talk :’((

Originally posted by bouquetofpucks

i sat on the couch starring the puck down that had gold writing on it. i read over the phone number and debated with myself, should i call him or should i not? so many thoughts were going through my mind right now. i thought back to what happened three days ago in the almost empty bell center arena at my first nhl game.

i caught the attention of brendan gallagher and i think he wanted me to make the first move. i hesitated for a moment but i thought to myself, ‘let’s be like y/f/n for just a minute.’ and so i did. when would i even get this chance again, plus he is super cute.

'hey brendan it’s y/n, im just wondering when you’d want this puck back?’

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A/N: A request from @peytonnation for a Spencer x Reader where he asks her to hang out with him at an aquarium because he knows she’s fascinated by marine life. During the day, he admits to her what she means to him. @coveofmemories


“What’re you up to this weekend, kid?” Morgan asked from across the room. He’d invite him out with the rest of the team, but almost every week, Reid decided to go home and Reid. He was the definition of an introvert.

Still in a daze, his head snapped toward Morgan after he called for him the second time. “What’re you doing this weekend?”

“Nothing much. Probably just reading.” 

And there it was. He was so predictable. “Well, if you change your mind, Emily, JJ, Penelope, Hotch, Rossi and I are going to bar tomorrow night. Y/N, you coming?”

“I’m not sure,” you said, walking back to your desk to grab your things for the weekend. “I’ll text you and let you know.”

He gave you a look that said your loss and walked away, leaving you and Spencer alone in the bullpen. “I was actually thinking of going to that new aquarium that opened up a few months ago,” Spencer said without looking up from his desk. He was fiddling with his thumbs. It was like he’d been dying to say that he had other plans but he didn’t want to get talked into doing something else.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to go there!” you cried. As a kid, you’d always loved marine life and had even thought of becoming a marine biologist. Eventually, you decided on law enforcement, but your love of marine life had never faded.

With a twitch of his head, he looked up, opening his mouth to speak and then hesitating. “You wanna come with me?” he asked.

“Yea,” you said with a smile. “I’d like that. When tomorrow? Noon?”

He nodded and walked with you to the elevator, eventually going your separate ways at the parking garage to grab your cars and head home. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Spencer had just asked you out on a date. He was blushing…wasn’t he?


“We meeting there?” you asked, having called him that morning. You’d agreed on a time, but hadn’t actually said where you were meeting.

Spencer cleared his throat. “If you want, I could come pick you up. I heard the parking over there is horrible, so it doesn’t really make sense to take two cars.” 

“Cool, see you in 15?”

Not even 10 minutes later, Spencer was at your door, ready to go. When he looked at you in your dolphin shirt, which you’d picked out specifically for the occasion, he smiled that little smile he got when people told him he was cute and he didn’t know how to react. “So what are you looking forward to seeing the most?” he asked, driving the 20 minutes to the aquarium.

Hmmm….that was a good question. You’d always loved sharks and dolphins and sting rays, but recently, you’d become really fascinated by jellyfish. “I love dolphins, obviously,” you laughed, pointing at your shirt. “But I also like sharks and rays and jellyfish. I heard they have ones called moon jellys. I just like the sound of that.”

“Moon jelly or aurelia aurita feed on zooplankton mostly and the top part, the bell, can grow to be about 12 inches wide, or the size of a dinner plate. When deprived of food, they can shrink to one-tenth their size to save energy and will regrow when food is available. On top of that, their population used to be kept in check by predators like sea turtles, tuna, and sunfish, but because of the rise in water-based pollution, their predators are starting to die, so jellyfish populations are growing at an alarming rate.” As he rambled on about moon jellys while he drove, you smiled, turning in your seat to watch the expressions play across his face. You’d always thought Spencer was cute - had even thought about kissing him on more than one occasion, but there was something about his face when he spoke about something he knew a lot about (which was most things) that made you exceedingly happy. 

He got off the exit for the aquarium, which was the first time he’d seen your face on the ride there. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?” he asked, quickly stifling himself. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Spence,” you laughed. “I love all this stuff. So by all means, ramble away.”

The corners of his lips turned up as he pulled into the parking lot. “Thanks,” he said softly. “It’s nice to not annoy someone with my ramblings.” 

It was a good thing he’d turned his head away from you to park the car, because your face dropped. He couldn’t help how excited he got about things, and although everyone on the team tended to be polite and hear him out, occasionally they’d make a comment. At the very least, he could tell that they didn’t want to listen but were just being polite. That was all well and good, but it was nice to have someone actually be interested in what you were saying. “Ready?” he asked. The sound of his voice brought you out of feeling bad for him. Today, you were going to let him tell you all about the exhibits you passed. He’d probably know more about them than the employees would anyway.

After you walked inside, you skipped toward the directory. You needed to figure out where to go first. “Blue blubber jellies,” you said. You imagined your wide eyes made you look like a crazy person. But saying blue blubber jellies was really fun. 


She really was like a kid in a candy store in here. Spencer walked slowly behind Y/N as she looked from the floor to the ceiling and taking in everything the aquarium had to offer. “This is definitely the best aquarium in the area now,” she said, coming to stop in front of the jellyfish exhibit.

For a few moments, he just stared at her awe-struck face. The jellyfish in front of her actually went from white to light blue to dark purple in color despite their name. The reflection of color in her eyes did nothing to lessen how amazed she looked. If anything, they made her eyes sparkle even more than they did naturally. On the way in, he’d promised to tell her all about all of the creatures they’d pass during the day, but he found himself unable to speak. With all of the sea life around him, one would think he’d be fascinated, but he was more than content taking in the joy on her face.


“Spence?” you said. He blinked, coming back to you after being in a far away land or something like that. “Tell me about these jellies.” Again, you turned to stare at the blobs of light. They were purple when you’d turned to grab Spencer’s attention, but now they were light blue. 

Spencer stuttered as he started, but as he got into telling you all about the jellyfish, he fell into a confident rhythm. “Well, just like the moon jellyfish, these guys feed on zooplankton. They do grow a little bigger. About 16 inches. And they’re found in the coastal waters of eastern and northern Australia. Fun fact,” he said, his fingers fidgeting at the speed of light, “In Asia, they are considered a delicacy, which is somewhat dangerous because if they aren’t prepared properly, they can be deadly. They’re very poisonous.”

After staring at the jellyfish for another 10 or 15 minutes, you began walking toward another area of the aquarium. At first you didn’t notice, but by the time you’d reached the bottlenose dolphins, you were leaning against his arm with your arm looped through his. “You want me to tell you about the dolphins, now?” he asked happily. He was really enjoying telling you all about these creatures.

“Can I tell you about the dolphins even though you probably know all about them already? Because I did a project on them when I was in elementary school and I was obsessed with them. I memorized everything I could.” Now you were rambling. 

“Sure. Go ahead.” He smirked. 

You turned toward the tank, your hands spread wide across the glass as you put your nose up to it to get the best look you could. “So, adult dolphins can get anywhere from 6-12 feet in length and weigh between 400 and 800 pounds. Males are slightly larger than females. Meh. They feed on fish, squid and crustaceans which can be found through cooperative hunting with other dolphins, feeding in association with fishing boats and even digging in the sand to uncover food.” Spencer had been so quiet you weren’t sure whether or not he was paying attention - but he was, he was staring right at you with a soft smile, so you kept going. “They are found in tropical and temperate waters all over the world, but unfortunately, because people suck and don’t recycle or anything, a lot of populations are being depleted. Thankfully, they aren’t endangered yet. But they could be soon, and that makes me so sad. I mean-” 

All of a sudden, you felt his lips on yours before he pulled away again. “I’m sorry,” he said, seeing the stunned look on your face. “I couldn’t help it.”

“You…like me?” you asked in amazement. You could feel your lips curling up into a smile. You’d never expected him to like you. He never really expressed an interest in anybody.

At your question, his own eyes mirrored your look of confusion. “Of course I do,” he said softly. “Why wouldn’t I? You’re smart, and pretty. Funny, and nice. And when it comes to certain things like this, you get like me. Plus, you always seem genuinely interested in what I have to say.” He trailed off, blushing at how much he was gushing over you. 

“Come here,” you said, taking him by the collar and pulling him into you. “Kiss me again.” As you closed your eyes, you felt the softness of his lips again. You could get used to this. “We should do more of this later when there aren’t so many kids around.” 

“Definitely.” His forehead rested against yours for a few moments before he suggested walking over to the giant pacific octopus tank.

You shuddered at the thought. “They’re so cool, but also really unsettling. Good thing I have someone here I can cling to.”

As you walked over, you felt him gather you to his side. You were sure the rest of the team was having a great time together, and maybe one day soon, you and Spencer would join them together, but for now, you were ecstatic you’d decided to ditch them.


bf got laid off from his rlly nice job and i am scream

i will do my best and LIVESTREAM tomorrow and catch up with work 

T O S 

- USD via PayPal.
- Payment upfront.
- Clear reference images only. i will be able to use 3D models but please understand that if i do the colors may not come out the way you had in mind if that is your only reference.
- Progress photos may be available upon request  for commissions over 15$ but it will take longer to complete while i wait for your response
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- Credit when re-posting please
- BE VERY CLEAR IF YOU HAVE A POSE IN MIND- do not be wishy-washy and it is encouraged to provide a reference of a pose if you are able to.

- If I missed a marking/accessory/etc that was on the provided reference I will add it in for free.
- any edit after it has been complete will be in increments of 5$, starting at 10$
(Ex: if you get 3 edits you have to pay 30$ extra, 4 edits is 60 and so on)
- pose edits are not available for commissions under 15$

- A full refund will be given if I can’t complete and haven’t started.
- Partial refund will be given if you need to cancel while i am working on it.
- Refunds can’t be given to completed commissions.

anonymous asked:

Hey, for the kiss prompt (I know this probably isn't what you want but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask) can we have Qui Gon and Obi Wan for 20, but in a platonic love way? Like a strong Master/Padawan relationship? Please and thank you for your time.

Anon, when I ask for prompts, dude, that means prompts! And hey, even if platonic quiobi ain’t my cup of tea, expanding my horizons helps me as a writer. You’re helping me!

So thank you.

Er… too lazy to find the prompt list. I'mma just wing it.


Their lightsabers sing as they clash, but to Obi-Wan, they sound more like they’re screaming.

In truthfulness, he’s pushing his own feelings into their mock duel in an attempt to assuage some of his frustration. *He* would certainly like to scream, but he has a suspicion that wouldn’t go over well with his Grand-Master, nor with his Master, who is standing at the corner of the training salle, watching them. Qui-Gon had insisted that Dooku had agreed to help Obi-Wan train out of the goodness of his heart, but Obi-Wan assumes it’s simply make both himself and Qui-Gon feel oafish and clutsy in their own skin, since that was something Master Dooku excelled at.

Once again, he misses his parry, and Dooku stops just short of loping off his padawan braid.

“Enough,” Dooku says, sweat running down the sides of his face and a clear scowl forming around his eyes. “We’re finished for today.”

He deactivates his lightsaber and turns to head toward the changing rooms before Obi-Wan has so much as let out a breath. When he does, he finds himself arguing.

“Master, we can’t be done yet!” He protests.

Dooku stops beside a bench and grabs one of the towels folded there. He mops his brow and along the back of his neck.

“If you can’t even parry my blows, you can’t riposte, young padawan,” Dooku says firmly. “We’ll start it again tomorrow. For now, work on your katas. Be better prepared next time. I don’t like to waste my time.”

He exits without another word, leaving Obi-Wan to stare lamely at the door he’d just gone through. He would most likely have stayed that way, if he hadn’t heard someone clearing their throat politely behind him.

He’d nearly forgotten that Qui-Gon was there. Quite the feat, since they had a connection in the Force. It says more about how distracted he’s become. That isn’t good.

Qui-Gon holds out a towel to him. “You should clean up, young one.”

Obi-Wan obeys, taking the towel and slumping onto the nearest bench. He feels like absolute hell.

Qui-Gon sits down beside him.

“You did well today,” Qui-Gon says.

“Banthashit,” Obi-Wan grumbles and then, remembering himself, inclines his head in supplication. “I beg your pardon, Master. I appreciate that, but I still have much to learn.”

“You’ve only just begun training in this Form. It isn’t meant to be easy or learned quickly, my young apprentice.” Qui-Gon wraps a hand around his shoulder and squeezes lightly. “Besides, Master Dooku likes to push people he sees with potential.”

“You mean he enjoys being an absolute cock.”

Qui-Gon raises an eyebrow, and Obi-Wan raises one back. “I’m not apologizing for the truth.”

“Fair enough.”

They sat for a few minutes more, and Obi-Wan takes the time to center himself as best he can. He knows some of his anxiety is feeding into his bond with Qui-Gon, and each time he feels even the subtlest hint of comfort brushing along their link, he feels worse. He doesn’t need comfort, he needs to be *better*.

To his surprise, Qui-Gon stands up first without a word, leans down, and presses a kiss to his forehead.

Obi-Wan blinks up at his Master, doing his best to appear completely unabashed.

“What was that for?”

Qui-Gon ruffles his hair. “You wouldn’t accept mental comfort. Accept that, and then go get changed into something not dripping in sweat. We’ll miss last meal at this rate.”

Obi-Wan smiles up at him. He finds he can accept that comfort, even just a little. “Yes, Master.”

Out Of Nothing At All - Seventeen

It took Spencer twenty minutes before he was able to speak again.

He’d made his way out the city and back onto the freeway, his knuckles white from how tightly he was clenching the steering wheel. Every time you went to speak to him, he just shook his head, sensing that you wanted to talk but that he couldn’t. He was too wound up.

You couldn’t believe that he’d actually told your Mother off. The only person to ever attempt that and come out in one piece was your Grandfather. Reid had stuck up for you….. Despite all of the horrible things you’d done or said to him in the past. He’d had your back.

The anger on his face as he’d stormed out the house had been indescribable, even when interrogating suspects or taking down unsubs, you rarely saw him lose his cool. There was something about it that had been so….. Attractive.

You shook that feeling off, glancing at him as he bought the car to a stop. Traffic… Again.

He sighed loudly, clearly frustrated and then you both jumped as a bright flash lit the dark sky followed by one of the loudest cracks of thunder you’d heard. Seconds later, the heavens opened, rain pounding down on the roof of the car.

“Fucking fantastic,“ Reid muttered.

“I know right. It’s 8pm. If traffic’s as bad as it was coming here, we’re not gonna get home until the early hours. The roads must still be blocked from the accident earlier.”

“And I despise driving in the rain.”

“I know you do.” You reached out and squeezed his arm.



“Thank you…. For sticking up for me.”

He turned to you looking surprised, as if they’re ever been any doubt that he wouldn’t have.

“Y/N of course I’d stick up for you. Your Mother was totally out of line. I honestly didn’t believe she was as vile as you made her out to be but now I think you were perhaps being too nice about her. She has no right saying the things she does.”

“Well still, thank you. It means a lot that you would.”

“Of course.”

In the next hour and a half you moved about five miles at most. The combination of the rain and the accident that had delayed you before, making the roads terrible.

Spencer started to signal to turn off when he saw an exit coming up.

“I remember seeing a motel earlier. I think we might have to just call it a night. We’re not going to get home until a ridiculous time otherwise and I’m exhausted.”

“I could drive for a bit?” you offered.

“If the motel doesn’t have any vacancies then you might have to. But if we can get some rooms, then I think it might be better to just stay here and drive home tomorrow when the roads are clear.”

“Okay… Whatever works.”

He drove for another few miles or so, wipers going ten to the dozen until you spotted a Motel with a vacancy sign. He pulled into the parking lot as close to the reception as he could.

“Stay in the car….. I’ll go see if they’ve got two rooms free.”

“Two? Spence we can just share. It’s fine.” Spence?….. Since when did you become JJ?

He clocked it too, his eyes flickering slightly.

“Sorry…… I know you don’t like anyone else calling you that.”

“No it’s fine…. And it’s not that I don’t like I don’t mind other people calling me that, it’s just JJ is generally the only person who does. It just sounded strange coming from you that’s all, but in a good way. And, if you’re sure, I’ll go for the one room. Be back in a second.”

He hurried out of the car, dashing across to the Reception returning ten minutes later with a key card in hand. He got back in the car, restarting the engine and driving the few yards across to another space just outside a door.

“We actually got the last room anyway, so we’d have had to share.”

“That’s okay Spence….. ”

He grinned at you and gave you the key. “You go in, I’ll grab the bags outta the back okay?”

Sliding out of the seat you walked to the door as quickly as you could, getting pelted with the heavy rain quickly soaking through your coat. Unlocking and pushing the door open you hurried inside, surveying the room.  Standard motel room decor, basic but neat and the smell of bleach at least told you it was clean.

Spencer came hurrying in moments later, dropping your bags on the floor and slamming the door shut, pushing his now dripping hair out of his face.

“Spencer….. ”


“Im hungry.” You’d not managed to eat much at your Mother’s.

He sighed before admitting, “Me too…. There’s a vending machine in reception. Do you have change?”

You chucked him your purse watching him hurry back out into the torrential rain, using the time alone to quickly peel off your dress and climb into your comfortable pajamas.

Shoving your hair up into a loose bun, you used a make up wipe to clean your face before searching for your phone and charger.

Six missed calls…huh? You didn’t recognise the number, but as you plugged it in to the socket it started to vibrate again.

You swiped to answer it, sitting cross legged on the bed.


“Y/N? It’s Lia.”

Your sister? What was she doing calling you. It said a lot about your relationship that you didn’t even have her number stored in your phone.

“I guess you want to have your say too then Amelia. I guess we didn’t really give you much chance earlier.”

Reid came back through the door, laden down with chips, pretzels and cans of soda. Realising you were on the phone, he quietly assembled his wares on the bed.

“Actually no…… Y/N. I wanted to….. I wanted to say I’m sorry. For how Mom reacted.”

“Pardon?” You clicked your phone to speaker, motioning for Spencer to listen.

“I’m sorry….. Look. This is hard Y/N. I know we’ve not always been close and I know that’s probably more my fault than yours…”

No shit.

“But, you don’t deserve Mom going off on you the way she does. And….. What happened to Will wasn’t your fault. What your friend said earlier made total sense. So…. I’m sorry okay. For everything. And….. Congratulations.”

You didn’t know what to say. Your sister never apologised to anyone for anything. Yet hear she was, on the other end of the phone, sounding choked up whilst she was apologising to you.

“Are you still there?”

“Erm… Yeah, sorry. I’m just taken a back I guess.” Even Spencer was looking surprised.

“I get it. It’s totally out of character and all,“ Lia gave a small giggle. “I do mean it though, and I thought I should tell you. Y/N…… I’d like to be in your life again in someway. Maybe we could try to get to know each other again?”


“Erm…. Oh fuck Lia. Erm sure, okay. Maybe when this baby is born you and George could visit or something?”

“Yes…. I’d like that. I know George would too. I’ll let you go now, but congratulations again okay. To you and Spencer. I liked him by the way, it’s not often someone can wipe that smirk off Mother’s face.”

You ended the call, totally gobsmacked.

“So that was weird.” You turned to Reid, grabbing a bag of pretzels and a coke and tucking in.

“Very….. But, she’s making an effort. Are you going to stay in touch?” Reid was shovelling chips into his mouth.

“We’ll see. I’ll leave it to her to make contact again, but we’ll see.”

You ate, and then cleaned up your empty wrappers, Reid going off into the bathroom to get changed.

There was only the one double bed in the room so you settled down next to each other, you clicking the TV on to an channel marathoning old episodes of E.R.

You snuggled down to watch feeling sleepy, but not quite tired enough yet. Plus…. You were cold.

“Spencer…. Is it totally weird if I steal body heat.”

“How can you steal my body heat exactly?” His confused look made you giggle.

“Cuddling? Ugh forget it… It’s definitely weird. I blame the baby. I think she wants to be close to her daddy.”


“It’s strange isn’t it…. Mommy and Daddy.”

“Very….. But anyway, yes. Steal my body heat. I wouldn’t want to deprive the little peanut.”

Result… He lifted his arm and you snuggled close, resting your head on his chest soon feeling warmer and strangely content.

After two episodes, you could feel your eyes drooping and Spencer’s breathing had evened out. You clicked the TV off, Spencer’s eyes opening again as he felt your weight lift off him.

“Night Y/N.”

“Night Spence, thanks again for today.”

You leant in, intending to give him a quick kiss on the cheek as a gesture of gratitude.

But he turned, and your lips brushed the corner of his mouth instead.

You both recoiled slightly, but left your faces close to each other in the darkened room, the atmosphere suddenly as electric as the earlier storm had been. 

You weren’t sure which one of you moved first but your lips were suddenly against each other’s again, moving slowly and gently. His were soft and tasted of mint from where he’d brushed his teeth earlier.

He tilted his head, sucking your bottom lip between his, the motion so reminiscent of that night, that damn night. You’d forgotten what a good kisser he was. It was only when he moved his hand to your cheek that you pulled back, eyes wide as you realised what you were doing.


Just no.

That could not happen.



Both of you apologised hurriedly.

“Can we just…. ”

“Forget that happened and go to sleep. Yes please,”  you rushed out, noticing that his breathing was ragged.

“Yes, that. Sorry… Good night Y/N. Sorry… Shit. Sorry.”

“Forget about it Spence. Please. Good night,” you whispered, you both quickly turning so that your backs were to each other on the bed.

What the fuck was that all about?



No. Just…. No.


Nope, Y/N.

Your internal argument went on for a good while longer before you finally fell asleep.

THE BET (Sam&Cait story)

Here it is. I’m a bit afraid actually… My first S&C story. After al that has been going on the last few days, I was hesitating to post it.
But as @wanderingsummerbreeze pointed out, it is just fanfiction.

Hopefully some of you still enjoy reading about S&C and give my story a chance.
Not sure how many chapters there will be, but I’m currently working on the second chapter.

A BIG thanks to the lovely @wanderingsummerbreeze for the help and support! Thanks dear!

So this story takes place during the rugby game; Scotland vesus Ireland, and the twitterfun we had between our lovely couple.

For anyone who doesn’t like to read about real people; stop here. If you’re under age, this story contains Sexscenes.
This story is pure fictional and not to be taken (too) serious. Although I do think this is how it happened. ;)

Let me know what you think.

The bet

Chapter  1. Going Down

Sam opened the door to their home, and while taking of his parka, he heard laughter coming from the living room. Eddy came to greet him; she gave him a low meow and walked across his leg. Sam petted Eddy’s back before she could walk away. Walking towards the noise, he saw his brother talking with his hands, trying to express his feelings.

His brother almost shouted, “You know the Scots will win this. Our defense is wayyy better!”

From the other side of the room, he heard people making their opinion clear by countering him. Sam entered the room laughing, “Need some help Bro?” he patted his brother on the back.

“There you are. You left me alone for 2 hours with these Irish supporters,” Cirdan joked.

“Someone needs to earn money, and it isn’t a nine-to-five-job,” Sam shook his brother’s hand and gave him a man-hug, “Is it that bad?” Sam asked while he walked toward his sister-in-law and gave her a hug. He repeated the same with the rest of the crowd.

Two sisters, with their husbands, and one of Cait’s brothers, came to visit them this weekend before they were leaving for South Africa this week. Sam’s brother and wife had arranged tickets for the match  tomorrow, they would all be going together.

“You know, the better team is in blue,” Sam started the conversation again.

They began to make their points clear of why each team would win.

“I knew you would wind this crowd up again once you’d be home.” Caitriona walked in the room

Sam saw his wife coming from the kitchen with two beers in one hand and another bottle of wine in the other. He walked toward her, taking the bottles of beer from her and gave one to his brother.

“Hello,” Sam nuzzled Caitriona’s ear with a small kiss, whispering something in her ear. She stood on her toes and gave him a deep kiss.

Cait’s brother walked passed them, “Come on you two, it’s not as if you haven’t seen each other all day.”

“It has been over two hours,” Caitriona giggled.

She knew they worked together for 14 hours, but when Sam or she must work longer than the other, they DO miss each other.

Sam kissed her again leaving, her a bit flustered.  To distract her from his lips wandering along her body, she asked her husband if he was hungry.  

“Not in food,” he answered, whispering in her ear while his hand traveled down her back, lingering on her bottom, giving it a small squeeze.

Caitriona cuddled in to his body, her hip pressed against his front. Looking up in his eyes she didn’t only saw love, but also lust. Looking around the room, she saw their family talking, ignoring their hosts for a moment.

Caitriona’s brother returned, brushing beside the couple. He grabbed his beer from the table and walked back to Sam and Cait, tapping the tip of the bottle with his brother in law.   

“You okay?” he asked his sister.

“Just a bit tired, but I love having you all around.” Caitriona hugged her husband closer. They had both lived a life full of travel, before, but were happier now, settled, with friends and family visiting, now and then.   

“You’re happy,” he said, “and you make my new bro over here happy also. I can see it in his eyes. Like I said at your wedding; we all knew you were meant for each other before you both finally acknowledged it.”

The men both took a sip of their beer. Caitriona took the glass of water beside her wineglass, also taking a sip.

“Speaking of professing, where is your Irish game shirt, hun? I’m sure you’re going to wear it soon.” Caitriona teased Sam.

They  had had a banter on twitter about the forfeit, if the Scots or the Irish would win.  Cirdan had joined them to support Sam before Cait ganged up with them, with her brother.

 Cirdan recalled how Sam gotten the shirt at his bachelor party.

Caitriona’s father and brothers had a gift for Sam. After the round of cards had finished, they sat Sam down on a chair in the middle of the room blindfolding the lad. Sam struggled while they took off his shirt, all the while saying; he had told them he didn’t want a stripper.

Caitriona’s father had assured him it wouldn’t be something that would hurt, and it wouldn’t be something physical.  

The anthem of Scotland started to play and all of Sam’s friends started singing along, but after a minute, the notes from the pipes became quiet and transported into the flutes of the Irish anthem. Sam laughed but he couldn’t see what was happening around him. He knew his brother had orders to keep the blindfold on until someone gave him a signal, which apparently was now.

The blindfold came off and Sam saw all the Balfe men; Cait’s father, brothers, and brothers-in-law singing, while walking toward him all in the Irish green shirts. Sam stood and sang along with the men, which brought a smile to his brother’s face. Sam knew the words to the Irish anthem which confirmed to Cirdan that he does have it bad for his Irish lass. Caitriona’s father stood proud beside his soon to be son-in-law. The rest of the party took their place beside them. Sam knew the last verse was about to start before the last chorus. Cait’s father held out something for him. It was an Irish rugby shirt with the number 13 and S. Balfe on the back. Sam put it on quickly while the chorus began and stood proud between the rest singing; Together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Ireland’s call.  

When the song had ended Cait’s father hugged him and welcomed him in the family. Sam knew Cait and her siblings all had their own shirt. Caitriona had once told him it had become a tradition; with every 16th birthday that would be celebrated at the Balfe’s house they would get their own shirt. Her father had no. 1, her mother no. 2, and so on. Being the middle child Cait had no. 6 and every spouse that would enter the family, would get their own shirt in time. This was Sam’s time and it had made him feel loved and welcomed into a wonderful family.

“You know it’s in our closet, I´ve worn it many times before when we saw the Shamrocks. Do you know where yours is?” Sam nudges his wife.

“I think it’s near yours. But I’m not going to be wearing it again soon.” She teased him.

“We’ll see about that.” Sam was convinced the Scot’s would win tomorrow.

Caitriona walked away smiling, sitting down with her sisters and joined them in their conversation about the women’s walk, feeling Sam’s eyes on her while he sat down across them. After an hour, Cait started yawning and Sam knew they both had a hard day of work behind them.  Cirdan had left about half an hour ago but Caitriona’s siblings were staying in the guestrooms.  Sam had gotten the men another round of beer but hadn’t gotten one for himself. Excusing himself he told them he needed a shower and had two emails he promised to answer today. They all said goodnight while Caitriona told him she would clean up a bit and join him soon.  


Caitriona walked in the bedroom with only her robe on, tying her hair in a ponytail. Sam had his laptop on his lap, sitting upright in bed. Looking up from the screen he smiled, “Hey beautiful.” He watched her putting on the night cream for her hands. “I’m just sending the last email.”  He waited until the ‘sent message’ appeared and he closed the laptop. Getting up from the bed, he put the device back in the bag, setting it down beside the vanity.

Caitriona let out a big sigh when she felt the warmth of her naked husband behind her. His hands went to massage her neck, slowly working down toward her shoulders, he saw her opening the robe to give him more access to all of her body.

“Shall we go to bed?” Caitriona suggested while turning around and letting her robe fall onto the chair. Sam kissed her softly on the lips and took her by the hand, leading them toward their bed. Crawling in, he pulled her toward him while Caitriona took her favorite place in the crook of his arm and neck, she fit perfectly there. Her hand went to one of her other favorite spots; his chest. There, she could feel his heartbeat which gave her a sense of calmness. Sam felt the breaths she took on his chest hair, they were both enjoying the serene silence which surrounded them in their bedroom.

Caitriona’s hands started traveling along his upper body, which had changed a bit over the last few weeks.

At the beginning of season 3 he lost some weight to make it more believable that his character, Jamie, stayed in prison for all those years. Cait knew how much work he puts in his job, just like she was, but she admitted to herself and later to him, that she liked it better when there was a bit ‘more’ of him. The feel of his muscles under her fingers gave her a sensation which ran through her whole body.

It amazed her everyday  how they couldn’t get enough of each other. Not only physically, but also mentally; they loved challenging the other.

The banter on twitter was fun. It was as if Sam could read her mind.

“You know they expect a picture or a video of the ‘loser’ on Monday.” Sam smirked.

“I’m sure you don’t mind getting your picture taken, just make sure they don’t see the back of your shirt or we’re caught.” Cait bit his chest lightly.

“Oh really, you want to play it like that?” Sam rolled on top of Caitriona, pinning her arms above them. “What about a personal bet. Just one for the two of us?” Sam suggested.

Smiling at his smirked face, Caitriona saw his mind going down a road she would gladly follow. “Do tell, Hugeone.” Cait lifted her right leg brushing it to his growing member. He did have her hands pinned down, but that didn’t stop her from teasing him in other ways.

Sam let out a low groan at his personal nickname and the feel of her smooth leg against his penis. He kissed her deep with their tongues doing the dance of love, but he needed more, so his mouth travelled south, to her erect nipple. Swirling his tongue around one, he let go of her arms to let his hand pay attention to the other breast.

He felt her hands on his head, guiding his mouth to where she liked it, urging him on. Her hands roamed over his back, making small circles, slowly making her way down to his cheeks, here she repeated the movements like on his back.

Her leg was still pressed against his growing cock, trying make as much friction as possible. Sam’s tongue had made her nipples stand out even more when he blew his breath on them, her body reacted with goose bumps all over. He licked his way up to her mouth again while his hand brushed her side going towards its goal. Opening her legs, he felt her leg slip from his member and he let out a low groan at the loss of contact, but he knew what he wanted and it would be even better.

Caitriona willingly opened her legs for him, their kiss seemed to last forever until she felt his thumb on her clitoris. “Mmmmm.” She let out in pleasure.

“About that bet.” Sam pulled his head back a bit, but all the while still stimulating her nub.

“Yesss.” Caitriona tried to answer him, but Sam wasn’t sure if she was aware of his question or spurring him on to give more pressure, because he felt her grab his buttocks a little stronger.

Smiling down at her, he told her to look at him. “The bet,” he reminded her, while his fingers grazed het wet lips.

“I’ll wear that damn shirt Sam, just take me!” Caitriona couldn’t wait any longer for him to fill her completely.

“No, we’re dealing with it now, what about; the loser has to give the winner an orgasm the way the winner wants it?” Sam suggested.

“Really? Don’t you think we’ve done it all? Sam please, I need you.”  Caitriona wasn’t thinking straight. All she wanted was him inside her, now.

“Isn’t there anything you would want me to do to you, Cait? Something you maybe dreamed about but haven’t expressed yet?”

Caitriona saw in his eyes that he was thinking of his own dreams. “If I say yes to the bet, will you please fuck me?!”

Sam gave her a wicked smile “Yes, so the bet is on?” He pushed his long fingers inside her wet folds making her squirm even more.

“Yes! The bet is on.” Cait was racked with an eagerness as she rolled him on his back, pushing herself on him, her body shivering.

His hands held on to her hips, he loved looking at her face when he entered her, the shape of her mouth made the perfect O. He knew what he wanted to do to her, hopefully the Scots would win tomorrow. Looking down at their joined hips he not only saw but felt her push up and back down again with a force of pleasure on her face.

Caitriona looked down at him, giving him a blissful smile which turned into a euphoric cry of satisfaction when she pushed up and down again.

Sam sat up pushing his hard one deeper inside her. Caitriona started to moan louder as he filled her even more. “Ssshh they will hear us.” He silenced her with a kiss and rolled them back over. Thrusting deeper and deeper while she tilted her hips for a different angle, his hipbone was brushing her in all the right places. Their orgasms came as a wave, crashing together, becoming one big wave.

His forehead touched hers as they both tried to slow down their panting. He let his weight fall upon her as she held him close, their hearts beating as one. Sam slowly pulled out of her when he felt her breathing slow down. Rolling on his side, he took her in his arms.

Caitriona murmured, “I love you, but you’re going down tomorrow.”

Sam chuckled at her comment, “I’ll remind you of our little bet when the Scots win.” he pulled up the white sheet over their cooling bodies, kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you,” also.


The Very Bad No Good Exam

Summary: Inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls. You’ve stayed up all night studying for your Art History exam. You’re so tired that you forget to set your alarm, and you end up missing your exam.

Word Count: 1,641

You stared at the flashcards blankly, begging any higher power there was for some sort of divine intervention. You had been studying for your Early Italian Renaissance Art History exam for what seemed like an eternity. You groaned, the images all seeming to blur together. Lorenzetti, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Mantegna, you tried to match the names to the works of art that you had to memorize, but they wouldn’t stick. You had been studying for this midterm for weeks, and yet you stilled managed to get things all mixed up.

“I swear, if I have to memorize even one more painting of baby Jesus, I’m going to lose my shit,” you muttered in frustration.

Keep reading

McCoy x Reader -- Damn You

Prompt: “can you do an imagine where reader and mccoy hate each other and always argue, but then it turns out they’re really meant to be? :)”

Warnings: Cursing


“Damn it, (Y/L/N)! Get out of my way!” Doctor McCoy grunts.

“I’m getting medication for my patient. How about you get out of my way, doctor,” you lashed back at him.

He shoves himself past you to reach his PADD and you drop your hypospray. Giving him a glare, you pick it up and insert medication for your patient. Still grumbling to yourself, you insert the hypospray into your patient’s neck and he instantly relaxes.

“Now, how are you feeling? You had a pretty bad allergic reaction, Lieutenant.” You say softly.

“Better now. Thanks Doc,” He replied, standing up.

“You’re all clear. Rest up for the day, then you can return to your post tomorrow.” You walked away to check on your next patient.

She was suffering from a broken wrist after an away mission. You go to talk to her, but McCoy steps in, starting to set the bones. Why does the doctor never trust you to do anything?

“Excuse me, Doctor McCoy, but I can handle my patient just fine. I do not need assistance,” You say.

“If that were the case then I wouldn’t be doing your job, would I?” His voice dripped with distaste.

“If you wish to finish the shift by yourself then that’s fine. I’ll gladly head to my quarters,” He made your blood boil. Everything about him oozed bitterness, making each day at work more aggravating than needed. At least you finished your shift early and could relax for the rest of the night. Reaching your quarters, you opened the door and headed straight for bed. The warmth of the blankets encased you as you unwound. You decided to speak with Jim tomorrow to change your shifts. He’s a great friend and would understand the predicament. You kicked off your shoes and pulled your uniform off, over your head, and quickly fell asleep.

You sluggishly rise and look at the clock. “Shit!” Your shift was to start in five minutes and you wanted to still speak with Jim. Running through the room, you scramble for your clothes and toothbrush. While doing so, you trip, smacking your forehead against the nightstand. “Damn it!” Holding your head with your left hand, you jam your shoes on and race out the door. The doors to medbay slide open with McCoy looking up from his desk.

“Typical,” he scoffs.

Before you thought of a retort, the door behind you slides open. Jim hurries though, “Doctors, come with me. We’re beaming down to the planet below.” Before you could question, McCoy pushed you out of the door. The three of you met up with Mr. Spock and a security officer in the transporter room. “There’s no response from the mining colony and we need your expertise as to what happened down there.” Jim said, looking at you and McCoy. Instantly, the whirring sound of the transporter rang and the crew was on the planet. The ground was charred and pieces of the station were scattered. There was a strong feeling of foreboding in the air. All life was wiped from the planet and it was heartbreaking. “(Y/N), You and I will scan the perimeter, while the others look for clues inside of the station remains.”

You contemplated asking Jim for a reassignment for shifts, but he beat you to it. “What’s the deal with you and McCoy, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Oh. Well it started while we were on shore leave when I asked him on a date to a bar in Yorktown and he agreed. I spent hours getting ready because I wanted to make a good impression. I showed up at around 7, when I was supposed to meet him, and he never showed. I waited an hour and then left. The next day he had the audacity to have an attitude with me. That’s why I hate him. Then, he questioned my vitality on the away mission several months ago. Ever since, I guess our disdain for the other projected. He sees me as insufficient and I see him as a conceited airhead.”

“I see. Have you ever discussed this with him?” Jim questioned.

“No. I refuse to speak with him except when necess—” you started, but you saw something in the grass. “Captain, it’s one of the scientists here!” Rushing to his side, you pull out the tricorder, scanning the body. In the meantime, Jim signals the rest of the team to rendezvous at your coordinates.

“Is he alive?” He urges.

“Yes, barely. We need to get him to sickbay. There’s nothing I can do from here.”

The team rushed over to you and Doctor McCoy kneeled down next to you. He repeated all the steps you had already taken, and advised the Captain to beam everyone back to the ship. “(Y/N), What happened to your head?” His eyes softened with concern.

“I hit my head this morning. It’s fine.” Your voice was monotone. It was odd seeing him show sympathy.

“I’ll put something on that when we get back. Don’t worry,” the corner of his lips drew up ever so slightly.

Aboard the ship you and McCoy rushed the man to medbay, preparing tests for him. The patient woke up after given a stimulant. He looked around quickly, trying to understand his surroundings. “I’m Doctor (Y/L/N), you’re aboard the Enterprise. Can you tell us what happened?”

“I’m Jean D’Amboise. I… we were doing a routine check on the mine, when I got into a fight with Jose about what he shouldn’t bring near the rocks. They’re highly flammable and he knew that. I left to get some fresh air and clear my head when I heard a loud noise. I was propelled forward and my whole body felt singed. I’m sorry, that’s all I remember.”

“Everyone else, they were inside when this happened?” McCoy inquired.

Jean nodded his head and slumped down. The stimulant was wearing off.

Although the incident was a tragedy, it was relieving that it wasn’t intentional by any hostile lifeforms. “Sit down and let me check out that forehead of yours,” McCoy said, leading you towards a biobed. He scanned your head and pressed a cool ice pack on it. “Just some bruising and a slight cut. Be more careful next time,” He rolled his eyes.

You grumbled a thank-you and went back to your quarters to finish your report there. In the room you made yourself a cup of tea and sat at your desk. The report was brief. The patient suffered from burns and a severe concussion from the impact with the ground, but was expected to make a full recovery. The report consisted of what Jean had said and all of his injuries, including a psychological evaluation. When you had finished your work you crawled into bed for a long rest.


After you left, Jim walked into medbay looking for McCoy. “Bones, can I speak to you about something? It’s a personal matter.”

“Sure Jim, what seems to be the problem?” McCoy gave him a quizzical look.

“You and (Y/N) is the problem. Talk to me,” Jim said in a commanding tone that softened towards the end.

McCoy rolled his eyes. “It’s not me, it’s her.”

“But you stood her up.”

“What! She stood me up! I went to the bar to meet her and waited for over an hour and she never came.”

Your story seemed true to Jim, and Bones would never lie to him. What if the past few months of bitterness was merely from a misunderstanding?

“Bones, what time were you supposed to meet her..?”

“9:00. Why does that even matter?” McCoy’s voice was raising.

“When she spoke to me today, she said she showed up to the bar at seven…”

The good doctor’s eyes widened slightly. He immediately strode past Jim and out the door.


Just as you started to fall asleep you heard a banging on the door. Groggily, you walked over to open it. The floor was ice cold and it was late at night. Who could possibly need you at this hour? You slid the door open and to your surprise, Doctor McCoy was standing in front of you. He seemed worried and tired.

“What are you doing here?” You were slightly irritated by his presence, but curious to why he was there. He had never been to your quarters before.

“I need to know something. Did you really go to meet me at the bar at seven that night?”

“Yeah. Why the hell are you rubbing it in?”

“I’m so sorry. I can’t believe this. I went there at nine and you never showed up,” McCoy placed a hand on your shoulder. “And i’ve been mean to you ever since. Because I fucked up…”

You had no words. Harboring this feeling of hatred towards someone you wanted to be with dissapeared and you pulled him into an embrace. He was warm. Everything about him was calming and you started to forget about the past. He smelled like summer; like the forest and yet there was a hint of chemicals from sterilization. You quickly pulled away, remembering something.

“Doctor… what about–”

McCoy immediately cut you off. “Please just call me Leonard, Darlin.”

“Leonard, why did you think it was unnecessary for me to be apart of the away team months ago? Am I really that unvaluable as a doctor and a scientist?”

“No, you’re an outstanding Doctor, (Y/N). Although I was upset with you at the time, I was worried; worried you would get hurt,” he pulled you back into a hug, his hand running through your hair. You brought him inside your quarters and sat on the edge of your bed. There were so many emotions bursting inside you. It was a mixture of joy, remorse, and self-hatred. It was hard to believe that the past several months of anger was fueled by a stupid mistake. You should have talked about it sooner.

He grabbed your hands and placed them in his own. He looked as if he was tearing himself apart over his mistake.

“How about we have a do-over date?” you asked.

“I would love that darlin’. When?”

“I’m free right now,” a grin sprawled across your face, mirroring Leonard’s.

“Sounds like a splendid idea.”

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Smth from my own experience and it might be silly but hear me out: "banging on their neighbour's door yelling: 'you're working out in your apartment almost every night and i can't concentrate/sleep. can you fucking find a gym alrea--... well hello there, it seems like it's paying off. never mind.'" percabeth au

dedicated to son-of-rome cause I know he likes this ship 

  • Jason could no longer deal 
  • he was in the middle of finals and the non stop noises coming from the apartment above him were too much 
  • every night from 9:30 to 11pm for three weeks there was non stop jumping and running around and things hitting the floor– it was anarchy 
  • Jason’s physics final was tomorrow and he could not afford to be distracted at all but he decided to wait to see if maybe tonight was the night the noise didn’t come 
  • but it did 
  • he tried to study through it but it was 10 and he had retained approximately 0% of what he had been reading for the past half hour 
  • next thing he knew he was practically flying up the stairs and before he could think better of it he was banging on the door 
  • after a couple minutes of knocking the door opened and behind it stood a beautiful man 
  • he was 6′3″, shirtless, sweaty, and had beautiful brown skin 
  • Jason’s mouth went dry 
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” 
  • “Uh.. yeah… I… uh…” Jason shook his head to clear it, “I live downstairs and I think you’re working out and the noise makes it really hard to study and I have a final tomorrow and you really should just get a gym membership or go running or something” he blurted out 
  • “Oh shit, I’m sorry man. I didn’t even think about if I was bothering you. I just got into boxing so I’ve been jump roping and doing weights at home when I can since being on call at the hospital makes it hard to get to a gym.” 
  • “You’re a doctor?” 
  • “I’m doing my residency, yeah.” 
  • “Sorry for barging up here like that, I just really need to do well on this final and I’m kind nervous about it.” 
  • “No problem, man. I totally get it. I’ll give it a rest for the remainder of the week okay? And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great on that final.” 
  • “Thanks, I appreciate that. I’m Jason by the way, nice to meet you.” Jason reached out to shake the stranger’s hand 
  • “Nice to meet you Jason, I’m Brick.” 
Casualties- Chapter 9 (9/?)

I bet you all had forgotten about that intimate scene that Emma and Killian were supposed to film… so did I!

I started off this chapter with Emma’s thoughts on what happened in the previous chapter (don’t want anyone to get confused lol). Also, this is the closest thing to smut that you will ever read from me. It was also my first time writing something like this, so… idk. I have no idea how intimate scenes are actually filmed so just pretend that I know lmao. I’m very nervous about it, but I hope you all like it!

I just want to thank everyone for the support and love that this story has gotten. I’m blown away with every update. I hope to keep you all intrigued as this story progresses. Hoping to have the next chapter posted within the next two weeks. 

@kmomof4 @onceuponaswans @lenfaz

October 4, 2016

We haven’t talked- only in the company of other people. I haven’t slept peacefully since the night of the argument. That was almost two weeks ago. Now, it’s almost 4 am on the day that I am supposed to not only attend a doctor’s appointment with Killian Jones, but we have to film our last scene of Casualties before he leaves the country for the next three months.

Truthfully, I had almost forgotten about our intimate scene in the midst of all of the drama; but my mind definitely doesn’t want me to forget about it now. At this point, I just want to get this whole day out of the way. I just want it to be tonight. Maybe I will finally be able to get some sleep.

That’s a tall order, though. How can I sleep when I am so close but so far away from him?

What do you call it when you can’t stop thinking about someone? When you can close your eyes and still see them? When you literally ache and feel your heart break inside of you when you walk past him and he doesn’t say a word? What do you call that?

Mary Margaret seems to think that I’m completely in love with Killian. David- well, he thinks that we are both two indecisive idiots who don’t know if we hate each other or love each other. Regina agrees… with David. All I know is that after tomorrow, I will have three months to figure out exactly who is right.

How could something like this happen? How could I have allowed something like this to happen?

A loud and painful scream drew Emma’s attention away from her laptop. Before her mind could even tell her that it was Killian’s voice cracking through the quiet house, she jumped out of her bed and ran out of the room.

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Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Ray Palmer x reader imagine? Thanks :)” -Anon

Pairing: Ray Palmer x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD

Words: 1056

Based on Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Nights were terrible for you. You’d wake up screaming bloody murder and it would take you forever to fall back asleep. So when your boyfriend came up to you months ago and asked you to move in, you said yes. You love him, it didn’t matter to you how much money he had in his wallet because you love Ray because he’s… Ray. You refused to go to sleep in the house, lying in bed with him and watching him sleep was easier than actually going to sleep and scaring the hell out of him. You thought you had a program going on, an easy, simple thing to follow. Stay awake at night, fall asleep in the morning when he’s long gone and wake up screaming then. You were told to see someone about your PTSD, especially since the accident, that it was “better to talk to someone about it”, but you had refused, claiming you were well and getting better. You were obviously wrong, but you didn’t want to admit that.

And then you found out about Felicity Smoak, your boyfriend’s new employee. You witnessed their working together first hand and you saw how they looked at each other. It made you uncomfortable. And, ever since you had found out about Felicity Smoak, your little program you had built in your head started to crumble. You found yourself dozing off at night rather than mornings and you found yourself in Ray’s arms, screaming your head off. He would try getting you to talk about it, but he already knew enough. After all, it was in the papers, so you’d pretty much be telling him what he already knows.

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Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 3

Rated: M (swearing, talk of sex and divorce/fighting)
Sorry about this one guys. 

Chapter One  /  Chapter Two

Kristoff got to the studio before Anna again, waking before the crack of dawn, too pent up and nervous to go back to sleep.  He found his way into the large room and put on the incredibly uncomfortable dance shoes, and started practicing in the mirror again, careful to keep watching the door.  He wondered how long Anna had watched him yesterday before he noticed her.  Even more so, he wondered why she had done it.

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Let the Games Begin- Part Two

Originally posted by mcshipit

(I don’t own that gif)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy (Bones) x Reader and Jim Kirk x Reader (This is NOT a McKirk fic)
Word Count: 1,256
Warnings: Gentle swearing, alcohol, light foreplay
A/N: UGH I am in love with this so far. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. THERE WILL BE A PART THREE! *Throws confetti* Don’t forget to follow me if you’d like to read more of the random stuff that enters my brain.

Part one is HERE

Part three is HERE

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Sai in Hospital: Day 3

Today’s been more up and down. I’ve had more pain and needed more oral morphine than other days.

My MRI will definitely be Monday. My liver results are getting slowly worse, so they are now more certain I’ve got a blockage in there somewhere, just not the exact location or type of blockage.

I haven’t got all the information I’d like yet. As is the way, every question I have flies out my head when the consultant arrives. But I’ve had a notebook brought from home for me so I’ll write them down and ask them tomorrow. From speaking to my mum though, I suspect I’ll need surgery to clear it up. Which sucks, but is at least a known quantity. My anxiety is better when I know what’s happening. Not knowing what’s going on scares me more than any operation.

The One Where He Pays You To Go On A Date (PART 2)

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Summary: Theo’s trying to prove his sincerity to the pack and what better way then to hire a fake girlfriend and be sickeningly sweet for a night? Or maybe a few nights?

A/N: part 2 is finally here! it took me way longer than i thought it would but i really hope you guys enjoy! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

 After spending the entire night rolling around restlessly in bed, you figured there was no harm in just staying up to pick out an outfit and do your hair and makeup. After all, how much sleep could you possibly get between 4 and 8am?

“Great,” you mumble as you realize your favorite outfit choice was in the laundry. You spin around as you hear something hit your window,

“What the-“

It happens again. You walk towards your window, pulling it up and sticking your head out.

“Huh, you are up,” you hear Theo’s voice and squint to see him in the darkness.

Your eyes finally adjust, “What the hell are you doing here? It’s 4am!”

“I was out for a walk and I saw your light was on!” he calls up and you hold a finger up to your lips, scared you’ll wake your parents up. You check yourself out in the mirror before pulling a hoodie over your head and quietly sneaking out.

Why are you out for a walk at this time?” you hiss and he shrugs, “Just needed to do some thinking.”

He stares at you before looking at your shivering legs and chuckling, “Maybe you shouldn’t have come down here in boxers.”

You pull your hoodie down self-consciously.

“Why are you up anyway? Don’t tell you you’re nervous about being my pretend girlfriend?” he smirks at you and you feel your heart drop to your stomach.

“Oh, it’s true,” he grins and you shake your head, “It is not! I was just – I was studying!”

“It’s the second week of school…”

You sniffle a little as your nose turns red due to the cold wind whipping your hair around your face.

Theo begins to pull off his jacket and you shake your head, “I better head up. Big day tomorrow,” you blurt out before realizing you had said it out loud.

“Uhh- because of my pop quiz in biology…not you,” you stammer and he smirks, knowing full well you were lying just by the sound of your heart beating.

“Eight sharp. Don’t be late,” he states, spinning around on his heel and disappearing into the darkness.

Theo hadn’t said a word to you in the car the next morning. But as you pulled up in the school parking lot he cleared his throat, making his intentions clear.

“I don’t want you getting the wrong idea here. Last night hit all the right spots with Stiles and that’s why this whole thing has to continue,” he signals between the two of you and you nod.

“All you have to do is go along with whatever I do,” you nod slowly and he begins to climb out of the car before pausing, “And if something I do makes you uncomfortable, tell me and I won’t ever do it again,” he states before climbing out and opening your door.

He holds out a hand and you take it and as you do you feel a wave of whispers rip through the air. You look around to find half the school watching as you two walk by. You knew hardly anyone approached Theo and that most girls who did got turned down and sometimes not very kindly. So, you weren’t exactly surprised by everyone’s reaction but you were seriously uncomfortable.

You try to bury your face into Theo’s shoulder, wishing people would stop staring at you. Theo comes to a stop and you look up, your eyes meeting with Liam’s.

“What is this?” he nods towards the two of you and you swallow hard.


“You two now each other?” Theo asks and you both nod.

“I’m his tutor,” you state and Liam steps forward, “And friend. Close friend,” he adds and you feel even more embarrassed. Liam knew you way too well and there was no way he was buying this.

“Well, that’s weird. You’d think she’d tell her close friends about us, wouldn’t you?” Theo states innocently, tightening his grip around your hand.

“Yeah, Liam, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t sure if I should tell people or not,” you state and Liam frowns, “And you thought walking into school canoodling would be subtle?”

You slump, shaking your head.

“Oh, give her a break,” Theo states, “Babe, why don’t you go to your locker. I’ll see you during our free period,” he kisses you on the cheek and you nod awkwardly, walking away.

Liam follows, “What are you doing with that prick?” he hisses and you look around to see if Theo is anywhere in sight.

“He hasn’t even been here a month and you already don’t like him?”

He hasn’t even been here a month and you already do like him?

“So where does that leave us?” you sigh, turning to face Liam.

“Look, Stiles doesn’t trust him…”

“But you friend Scott does, right? I see them talking all the time,” you cross your arms over your chest.

Liam rubs at his stubble, “Just be careful, okay?”

You nod. You wish you could tell someone that this whole thing was fake and that after one morning filled with sniveling comments and degrading looks, you wish you could undo the past two days.

“Y/N,” Theo’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts, “Good job with the deflecting,” he laughs and you raise an eyebrow, “You were listening?” you ask and he shrugs. Where could he have been standing to be able to hear the two of you?

“I’ll walk you to class,” he says, pulling your books out of your arms.

“You don’t have to-“ you begin but he’s already walking away.

It had been 3 days since you and Theo had come out as a couple and the buzz still hadn’t died down. Girls whispered about you in the halls calling you a variation of things from a charity case to a slut, none of which vaguely offended you. It did however, get tiresome, having to constantly deal with people making assumptions about you.

You realized you had agreed to it because you had let your emotions get the best of you; the idea of a gorgeous guy picking you up and holding your hand. But soon in enough it became obvious that Theo had no real interest in you.

One day, a little too obvious.

“I knew there was no way he was dating that thing without having someone on the side,” a girl laughs in the bathroom and you hang back in the stall.

“I mean, Theo turned down the most popular girl in school. There’s no way he did that for someone like y/n,” she laughs.

Another voice pipes up, “But isn’t Malia dating Stiles?”

“Who knows and who cares really? That lot is weird.”

The bathroom door slams and you slowly peek to check if everyone is gone before opening the door.

Malia and Theo? What had happened between them?

As you come out of the bathroom you bump into Liam.

“Hey, are we still on for after school?” you beam at him and he looks at you glumly.

“You didn’t hear?”

“Hear what?”

“About Theo and Malia cosying up in the gym…” he states, looking at you apologetically.

“Oh,” you sigh. You weren’t sure why you were disappointed; it’s not like he was actually cheating.

“Well, am I still seeing you after school?” you change the subject and Liam nods slowly.

“But y/n…”

“Its fine Liam, really,” you smile at him, turning in the opposite direction and disappearing into the crowd. You walk to the carpark as fast as you can, desperate to leave as quickly as possible.

“Hey,” you hear a soft voice beside you and turn to see Theo, “Where are you off to? I thought we had lunch plans,” he smiles and you swallow hard.

“Yeah, I don’t feel so good so I’m just going to head home,” you lie, pulling out your keys.

“Let me drive you. You’ll be lucky if that piece of trash gets you home in one piece,” he chuckles and you roll your eyes, “That piece of trash is mine and I’ll get home fine.”

“Sorry,” he smirks, “Didn’t mean to hit a soft spot.”

You don’t reply.

“What’s up with you? You’re snappier than usual.”

“I’m not,” you mumble, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Either you spit it out or I leave and I won’t ask twice,” he taps his finger on the hood of your car.

“What’s going on with you and Malia?” you blurt out, regretting it immediately.

“That’s why you’re running out of here like there’s no tomorrow?”

You nod, “Everyone keeps going on about how you’re cheating on me.”

But I’m not.”

“Yeah, but I’m the only one that knows that!”

“Who cares? I didn’t actually do anything with her, we were just messing around!”

“I don’t think messing around with the girlfriend of the guy you’re trying to win over is the best way to do so,” you state, opening the door of your car and throwing your bag in.

“You’re not seriously upset about this?!”

You turn around to face him, calming yourself, “I went from being invisible to being the hot topic of the school Theo, and for what?”

“Why is that a bad thing? You should be thanking me.”

“For what? For getting called a charity case and leech? Having people I don’t even know tell me you’re dating me because you feel bad for me?”

“Please, I’m not that nice,” he scoffs and your shake your head in disbelief.

“Well, find someone else.”

As you try to get into your car he spins you around, pinning you against it.

“I can’t,” he states through gritted teeth, “Why did you agree in the first place if you couldn’t deal with it?”

“Because-“ you pause, “Because I thought maybe it would go somewhere. You were so nice the other night when we went out for dinner and I just thought-“

“Well you thought wrong. I made it clear what I wanted so don’t try blame me for leading you on,” he spits and you push him off you.

“I wasn’t going to,” you climb into your car and he throws his hands up in the air, watching you speed out of the carpark. You’re halfway to your house when you swerve to side of the road in an attempt not to hit a figure that appears out of nowhere.

You stumble out, looking around until your eyes land on Theo.

“WHAT THE HELL?! I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!” you scream at him before your eyes widen, “HOW DID YOU GET HERE BEFORE ME?!”

“I told you my car is faster,” he smirks, stepping towards you and you step back.

“I told you, I’m done.”

“Well I’m not,” he sighs, “Look. I’m used to being a cocky asshole, it’s really my only attractive quality.”

“Attractive?” your eyes narrow and he dismisses you.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m not good at the whole relationship thing. Real or fake.”


“So, I didn’t just pick you because you needed the money, I told you, that day wasn’t the first time I had noticed you. I wanted to get to know you better but once I did I realized that trying to get close to you wasn’t something I should do…”


Because I’m not good…

“What does that mean?”

“It means there’s a reason Stiles doesn’t trust me,” he pauses, closing the distance between the two of you, “There’s a reason I had to go to all these lengths to earn his and Scott’s trust.”

“What’s that reason?”

“It’s that they really shouldn’t trust me…”

He tucks hair behind your ear, whispering into it, “And neither should you.”

Shivers run down your spine at his words and there’s a moment of silence before you pull yourself together.

“Well then you shouldn’t have brought me into it because now everyone treating me like the punchline to a joke!”

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about that now. You’re free to leave and never talk to me again but I can’t change whatever’s already happened.”

“Oh, you can and you will,” you state, your eyes narrowed.


You tug him by his shirt onto your lips, both of your mouths moving in sync slowly before you pull away.

“I thought you said you weren’t pretending anymore,” he mumbles and you swallow hard.

I’m not pretending anymore.”

“So you want to actually be with me? After everything I just said?”

“Have you seen my life? What possible further damage could you do?”

He chuckles, his expression softening, “That’s true.”

“So it’s settled then,” you sigh, finally feeling your heart calming down. He nods and you head towards your car.

“Hey, y/n!” he calls out and you turn around, raising a brow.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he winks.