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Just Sex?

Part two of Good Little Angel 

Word count: 1,779

Warning: smut, slight angst, slight fluff, teasing (LOTS), Dom! Lucifer

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request! This is a part two.

The Winchesters react badly to your actions but then you defend yourself by saying that it was only sex. Lucifer isn’t too happy about how you talked about him behind his back.

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to post again, exams are coming up soon and I’m super busy but I’m off on study leave soon so hopefully I will be able to write more. There’s gonna be a part three of this when I get around to it.

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could you do a tae from New Years? (That sparkly gold blazer thing he looked so handsome) THANK YOU YOUR ART IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG

acting cool

B*arfchie is Never Going to Happen

Lately a lot of people have been worrying about Barfchie becoming a thing in season two, and I’m currently working on a piece about why that won’t happen and why it shouldn’t happen. But until I’m finished with it, I’ll do my best to ease your minds now. Firstly, there are a few Bughead shippers who think it would be a good idea for the show to explore Barfchie romantically - shame on you! 😔 If B & A do get together Bughead will forever be ruined, and so will Betty’s character. That is literally character assassination 101. But like I said, I’ll discuss all that in further detail in my other piece, which I will post sometime this weekend.

Here are some reasons why Barfchie happening is very unlikely now: I do believe when the show first started the writers had intended for B & A to be endgame, or at least get together at some point. But I think Cole and Lili’s natural chemistry - and amazing acting - really appealed to RAS and made him change the original plan entirely. The fact RAS said that they would explore a J/B/A triangle throughout the season but never actually did it proves to me that he gave up on it because he preferred to develop Bughead as the show’s flagship couple. Apart from some brief uncomfortable looks from Archie in episode 7&8, there is absolutely no other mention or scene where Archie appears as though he’s in a love triangle with B & J, or that he’s even into Betty. Which leads me to episode 13 and Greg Berlanti’s influence on Archie acting OOC in the finale:

~The only reason Greg Berlanti insisted on including the triangle in episode 13 was because the show hadn’t even aired when they had written it (or if it had, it was only up to the second episode). So Bughead hadn’t even become a thing at this point. He would have had absolutely no idea how popular they would become. RAS even admitted that in his original script for the ep there was no triangle. Basically, Greg forced him to add all that awkward Archie pining for Betty nonsense in the finale. So what we can take from this is RAS made Bughead endgame and wanted them to be endgame because he didn’t know if the show would get renewed for another season. And guess what else? B & A didn’t even have any romantic buildup or even a kiss all season long. So it’s pretty clear Barfchie were done with after episode two. So that’s a big positive for us. :)
However, I am pretty certain Greg Berlanti has had a huge change of heart now that he knows just how popular Bughead is. And the reason I know he will push for them to remain as the core couple of Riverdale is because of the similarities with Olicity on Arrow.
Arrow season one started up with them making it clear that Oliver’s main love interest would be Laurel Lance, who is also his one true love in the Green Arrow comic books, and has been for years. However, people responded so negatively to their lack of chemistry that the writers destroyed any chance of them ever getting together at the end of season one, and they have never revisited it. Laurel is also very similar to Archie in that they’re the most disliked character on the show.
Oliver and Felicity were an unlikely pairing (like Bughead), basically the epitome of a crack ship. But so many people jumped on the Olicity train from early on that the writers would have been fools not to explore their incredible on screen chemistry. So they did just that - they went there with them, and by season two it was clear Olicity were being set up as the show’s main love story. Laurel even admitted, in season four, that Felicity is the love of Oliver’s life! Didn’t Veronica just admit that Jughead and Betty were each other’s soul mates?! Didn’t Archie also admit how good Betty and Jughead are together?! Those are some pretty big endgame statements to make for a couple that people are saying won’t last because B will end up with A…

Lastly, what I’m really trying to get at here is that Arrow and Riverdale have a lot in common:

*They’re both shows that are loosely based off popular comic books.
*Greg Berlanti is an executive producer on both shows.
*The unlikely pairing has a shit load more chemistry than the comic canon one, and more people ship it; therefore, the chances of endgame are much higher.
*They’re CW shows.
*The most popular couple in a CW show ends up being endgame 99% of the time.
*If Arrow can eradicate a comic canon pairing after its first season and create a couple that never existed in any other iteration and make them canon, then why can’t Riverdale do the same?

Plus, the writers are so obsessed with Betty that they would never do anything to ruin her character. Imagine the backlash she will get if she hurts Jughead for Archie? The writers are well aware of Jughead’s popularity. I mean, the show’s mantra is “Protect Jughead Jones at all costs”, so they wouldn’t do anything that could jeopardize that.
Also, Greg Berlanti is the mastermind behind Pacey & Joey. I’m sure by now he’s seen the similarities between the former and Bughead.

Bughead is the heart of Riverdale! There is just way too much love for them from not only the fans but also the critics, the media, the cast and even the writers themselves. They’re endgame, and I’m pretty confident Barfchie is never-gonna-happen-game! ;)

Sorry this was so long! ❤️❤️❤️

 So I’m a big movie nut normally and I feel like an idiot, because I always knew that Merchant & Ivory were these two directors famous for doing very classy British period pieces (i.e. A Room with a View, Howard’s End), but

1) I had NO FUCKING CLUE that they were an interracial gay couple, not just co-directors

2) apparently, right after they finished A Room with a View (their most successful movie at that point), they had the absolute balls to say “Let us, a gay-but-kinda-secretive-about-it couple, capitalize on our success by making a really explicitly gay movie about a gay protagonist in a love triangle with two other gay men, adapted from a book by a gay author who based it off of a real-life gay couple he knew.  Also, it’s gonna have lots of kissing and nudity and shit, and also, nobody dies.  ALSO also also: we’re gonna fucking do this in the middle of the AIDS crisis.  Because we can.”

The movie was called Maurice and it came out in 1987 and it actually was really critically well-loved at the time and got Ivory a Best Director award at the Venice Film Festival

And I’m feeling like a very Dumb American or just a dumb person in general because I’ve known about these guys for ages and I had NO FUCKING IDEA

I finally took the plunge, my first attempt oils! I think it’s fair to say we are officially going steady at this point! i absolutely love them. Had fun converting one of my digital works into a traditional piece too. 7"x 5" on paper.

Fic idea 2 won!

I picked up my laptop to do homework and this fic fell out, oops

No one was outright saying that the crash was Lance’s fault, but their silence as just as incriminating as Keith and Lance supported most of Shiro’s weight to keep it off his broken ankle. 

“We need to get somewhere we can wait until the others can come for us,” Shiro gritted out through a tight jaw.

“Can’t we just stay by our Lions?” Lance asked, but Shiro shook his head.

“I already explained that would draw too much attention to us, Lance. Weren’t you listening?” Lance blinked a few times.

“Oh,” was all he replied. In truth, he hadn’t been listening–his head was pounding, and his whole left side had been badly burnt when he’d gotten out of his Lion. The crash had sparked a fire in the dry brush of the planet, and Lance hadn’t noticed it until he was already touching the fire.

“Keep up, Lance,” Keith bit. Lance bristled and opened his mouth to retort that he was doing the best he could, and that he probably had a concussion from where he’d his his head. Keith sounded less patient than their leader did, even though Shiro was the one who was hurt. Shiro was hurt–right. That’s why he couldn’t say anything. Shiro was injured and it was all Lance’s fault. 

So instead of explaining himself, Lance tried to step up his pace. However, he was already pushing it just by being upright, if he was being honest, and the quicker speed was making his head spin unbearably.

“Can we–” he tried to ask, but his mouth started to fill with thin, watery saliva before he could get the words out.

“Can we what?” Shiro asked, but Lance didn’t reply. Instead, he shoved Shrio into Keith hurriedly. 

Shiro grunted in pain as his ankle touched the ground, and Keith yelped in surprise.

“What the hell, Lance?!” Keith barked.

Lance was leaning one arm against a tree, clutching his side weakly.

“Lance?” Shiro tried. Lance started retching. It was several moments of dry-heaving before anything actually came up, and when it did, Shiro and Keith both winced at the liquid noise of vomit hitting the ground.

“Talk to me, buddy,” Shiro instructed, but he sounded very far away from Lance right now. He wanted to sleep, and swayed forward. “What’s going on?” Shiro sounded so, so desperate, and worried–Lance had already done enough to Shiro today. Forcing his eyes to remain open, he turned around, still leaning heavily on the tree, and pulled out his most winning smile.

“Must be the heat,” Lance lied, “Sorry about that. Did I hurt you, Shiro?” 

Shiro shook his head. “No, Lance; I’m fine. I think you should sit down for a minute. You’re not looking very well.”

When Lance shook his head, his whole body teetered dangerously to one side as he stumbled dangerously back toward Keith and Shiro to slide his arm back beneath Shiro’s own, taking on his weight once more. 

“M’good,” he slurred, “We’ve gotta… we were doing something.”

Shiro’s eyebrows pulled together in worry. “You don’t remember?”

Lance looked panicked. He couldn’t let Shiro down, not again. “Course I remember,” he dismissed, “’cause I take this seriously. What kind of paladin would I be if I forgot where we’re going?” 

Lance’s speech sounded downright drunk.

“Something’s seriously wrong,” he heard Shiro say. The black paladin was talking about him, he knew it, but trying to discern what he was saying to Keith was like trying to decipher a foreign language.

“We just gotta get where we’re goin’, then we’ll be good,” Lance tried to help. Another two steps forward found Lance plowing face first into the ground, and with no one able to catch him, he simply hit the floor with a sickening thunk.

“Lance?!” Shiro called, dropping to his knees carefully beside the boy. Now that he was able to see the back of the kid’s head, he noticed that his brown hair was matted with something dark and sticky…

“He was bleeding,” Keith observed. “Do you think he has a concussion?”

Shiro looked at Keith uncertainly. “It seems likely,” he admitted. “Why wouldn’t he say something?” Lance started to come around, his eyes fluttering with the strain of being awake.

“Lance, can you hear me?” Shiro called.

‘Loud and clear, cap’n,” Lance mumbled groggily. “Too loud.”

Shiro took the volume of his voice down a notch. “How’re you feeling? Are you with me?” he asked. 

“M’talkin’ to you,” he replied. 

“Incoherently,” Keith returned. “Lance, can you sit up?” Lance sighed heavily, but finally did so. “That’s good. Can you stand?” 

He didn’t look as certain about this request.

“What are you doing, Keith?! He’s got a concussion and he just collapsed; he’s not in any condition to walk.”

“We’ve got to get to safety somehow,” Keith argued, “And I can’t carry both of you. Either Lance has to walk, or we have to leave one of you here alone while I make two trips, and I don’t want to do that unless we absolutely have to.” Keith had a point. There was no way Lance would be able to fight off an attacker if he were left alone, and, though Shiro didn’t want to admit it, he himself probably couldn’t do that right now, either. He rubbed a hand down his face and sighed. 

“Okay. Lance, buddy. We need you to stand up.” Lance whimpered, and what Shiro knew he had to do next killed him inside a bit. “If you don’t stand up, then Keith is going to have to take you to safety alone, but that means that I’ll be left out here by myself. Do you want that to happen?” 

Lance’s eyes welled up with tears. Shit, shit, shit. Shiro hadn’t meant to do that. He immediately wished he could take it back.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, scrambling to his feet as quickly as he could, “M’sorry, m’sorry Shiro,” he was muttering. It was barely even words at this point, just breathy, hitched syllables that sounded like he was on the verge of tears. Keith felt a little choked up, too.

“You’re doing good, Lance,” Keith reassured. “Don’t rush it; take your time.”

“Jus’ don’t leave Shiro alone here,” he begged. “Nobody gets left behind.”

Keith nodded. “Of course not. We’re not leaving either of you behind. You’re doing so well. Look at that; you’re standing.” And indeed he was, albeit shakily.

“There’s no way I can lean on him right now,” Shiro whispered to Keith, “he can barely hold himself up.” But Lance was suddenly underneath his arm again, supporting his weight.

“Lance, no,” Shiro chastised, “You’ve done enough. Stop.”

Lance was sweating profusely, and heat rolled off his body in waves. Shiro could feel the fever radiating from him. 

“Nobody get’s left behind,” Lance repeated, “Lilo and Stitch,” he continued blearily, “You’re my ohana, mi familia. Nadie se queda atrás.” Neither Keith nor Shiro had ever heard Lance speak Spanish before.

Lance’s pace was excruciating. They were unable to convince him to let go of Shiro, and he stumbled every so often, clutching his left side in agony. However, every time Keith or Shiro asked to see the wound, he refused to let them touch him.

“When it’s safe,” he kept repeating, and they figured it would have to do for now.

The three paladins managed to find a cave to wait in. It was mostly dry, but it had a good view of the planet, and it was secluded far enough away from the Lions that they figured it was their best bet at safety for now.

“Okay, Lance; let’s see your side,” Shiro asserted. Lance, however, was already trying (and failing) to bandage Shiro’s foot. Shiro winced as Lance’s uncoordinated hands grabbed at his foot, pretty clearly seeing double, in an attempt to stabilize the injury.

“I can handle that, Lance,” Keith reassured, “right now, you’re hurt worse. Show us your side.” Lance looked uncertainly at Shiro, who nodded, so he figured that maybe it was okay to let Keith look at his injuries, just for a minute. They really stung, but he knew fuzzily that it couldn’t possibly compare to the pain his leader was experiencing.

Lance needed help getting off his armor. Keith felt uncomfortable about it, but assisted anyway, and once he was finally able to look at him without a shirt on, he paled.

Large, angry burns covered his whole left side.

“Lance, holy… how did you carry me with burns like that?” Shiro asked, flabbergasted. 

Lance shrugged. He let his forehead come to a rest against Keith’s shoulder, slumping forward in utter exhaustion. He’d drained everything he had getting Shiro back here to the cave, but now that they were safe, he figured maybe it was okay to nap.

He didn’t register Keith’s panicked voice telling him to stay awake, or his cool hands palming his forehead and announcing that he was burning up. However, Shiro liked to think that the small, relaxed smile that spread across his face when he stroked the blue paladin’s hair and told him he’d done a good job was not a coincidence.


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: During my moments of solemn reflection, the pads of my fingers subconsciously brush over the nearly healed scrapes on his forehead and nose.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

The quiet noise of the television washes over the bedroom, settling me into a simmering warmth. My bouts of laughter are hard to quiet, but I do the best I can to keep from waking up the sleeping man to my right. I let my eyes drift over to Finn’s soundly sleeping form; his breathing is steady, and his chest rises, then falls in a lulled cadence. An indistinct grin makes its way onto my lips at the sight of him and how soft he looks in the light. I am sleep laden, but still far more wide-awake than usual for this time of night.

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The whole ‘choice/no choice’ thing with regard to Akechi is a bit more complicated than just… ‘he had one’ or ‘he didn’t’. There was a point where he absolutely didn’t, but other times when he was allowed to use judgement. 

It’s one of those cases where he had choice, but it’s limited. He may also have limited it for himself, to some degrees, which is… where his mistakes lie. The real root of those choices is where you’ll find his vices.

That being said, it’s important to note that even late on, he will try and make the least disastrous choices when possible. He will stall on killing the Phantom Thieves, until such a time when he doesn’t even have to do it anyway. He will dissuade Shido from killing Morgana, by claiming that since he’s ‘merely a cat’, he’s not a threat.

The main thing is, he survives with Shido by bargaining with him, for the most part. Which at times results in making some especially piss-poor moral decisions.

painted a spotted hyena as some practice, unfortunately i completely lost the source of the picture i used as reference for this one (´∩`。)

Title: Don’t Mean a Thing if He Ain’t Got That Swing

Pairing: SidLink

Tags: Fluff, plain straight fluff

A/N: This prompt is legit so adorable and I was so happy while writing it. Like Sidon’s head tail fin thing wagging is legit one of my favorite things and I’ve wanted to write a fic about it for a while now so thank you to @starburstz21 for requesting this! Also, the title is stupid but I can’t think of anything else XD

It’s also over on AO3 if you’d like to read it over there! I’m still taking prompts so send them my way if you got them! Comments, reblogs and kudos are much appreciated, thank you!!


The smell wafting up from the gently simmering pot was enough to make his mouth water. Humming softly to himself, he placed his hands on his hips, a content expression on his face, his gaze on the mess of brilliantly colored, delicious vegetables, fish and herbs cooking away, and distractedly bounced from one foot to another.

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The Way You Look (M)

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” and “I don’t care that it’s 2am.” and “Are you wearing my hoodie?” | 2,353

Going away to a cabin with your friends for Christmas was just about to get a little bit more exciting, or maybe a lot. 

a/n: lol sorry honestly I just wrote this within an hour because I got some inspo and I didn’t really have time to look over it much because I’m going out for christmas eve but merry christmas everyone! i hope you like it :’)

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My Bernie feelings this episode...

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In seriousness though, I miss Serena so much and I really miss Berena but my goodness have I missed this side of Bernie! And I like that Ric is here. I like that he’s come in to put some order to Bernie’s chaos and I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. Remember when Serena was left alone on AAU for one day since Bernie’s arrival? She had an absolute melt-down and Bernie pointed out that AAU now has a trauma bay. That’s exactly it. Yes, Bernie is one of the best surgeons Holby has, so is Serena but with the size of AAU now, it really does require two leads to run the ward. I think Bernie and Ric will do amazingly well and maybe, Ric is what Bernie needs right now. I for one can’t wait to see what happens - I just really hope Bernie keeps the sass! CAUSE I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!

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nancy rue !


but seriously, she and her books were FUNDAMENTAL to my growing up as a tween. lily, lucy, and especially sophie’s books helped me become the woman i am today. not even remotely joking.

i even got to attend some sort of girls’ conference she was attending once, and after corresponding through email, i got to meet her?? and it meant?? so much to me?? in my childhood??

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers"

Let me start saying that I really love this episode. I’m glad that we got some answers to our old questions and unresolved mysteries. Let’s get into it.


This was another emotional episode for Oliver, where the last traces of the past are undisclosed, and therefore, they can be left behind. Was hard to see that at first, Oliver didn’t wanted to consider the possibility of Robert being a killer, but he is right in one thing. His dad was not a cold-blooded killer. It’s true that Robert killed a guy and got involved in the Undertaking, but killing that councilman was never his intention. And he tried to stop Malcolm when he found out that the idea was to level The Glades. Yeah, he was no saint, but Clayborne was much worse. The guy made people sick (and essentially killed them) to make profit. I can’t put them both in the same level.

I get why he didn’t want to watch see what was in the drive. Deep down, Oliver knew what was in there it wasn’t good, but fool of him to think that Thea was going to stay put and not check it out.

And I LOVE that he heard his wifey and put his suit back on!! and then he used the same words she told him with Thea!


So good to have her back! But poor girl! She just returned and the first thing she finds out is that the only parent she thought was “good” killed someone. And how’s that about she wasn’t with Roy?!! Why do they want to destroy my dreams?!

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“Wake up–you were hyperventilating, are you okay?”

This takes place after the RTTE episode “Blindsided” :D

Dreams can be terrible things…

But for Astrid, sometimes they went far worse then just being “terrible”. Unbearable, nightmarish, death defining…

And after this last close call, the dreams were worse then ever. Images of Hiccup lying still, of Toothless moaning and crying in grief, of her staring and tears falling… of a pyre… of her pulling back the bowstring and letting the arrow fly…

They were constantly playing over and over in her brain. Sometimes it went so far as to the point where she had done absolutely nothing to keep the tragedy from happening. Where she’d just stood there, the opportunist of stopping Hiccup from dying right at her fingertips… and she never did anything. She stood there, helpless, staring, crying, while Hiccup met his death.

Again, the image of him lying on the deck of the ship, soaking wet and pale and unmoving played in her mind. She moved forward to hug him, to try and bring life back into his still body. Nothing was working. Toothless was screaming in his grief, Fishlegs was sobbing and rambling nonsense. The twins were hugging each other and crying against each other’s shoulders. Snotlout was just staring expressionless at Hiccup and Astrid, his face void of all emotions. Only one was clear on all of them: shock and grief.

Astrid screamed in anger, frustration, sadness, grief, everything fading to black and white while the beat of her heart sounded in her ears.

“Astrid!  Wake up–you were hyperventilating, are you okay?” 

Astrid jerked into a sitting position, gasping and heaving for air and blinking in confusion. She was… in her hut. She glanced about. No deck, no ocean, no mast…

“Astrid! What’s wrong?” Hiccup asked, his hand resting on her shoulder while his other grabbed her hand. She looked up at him in surprise and joy before hugging him fiercely, taking the poor boy by utter surprise.

“Y-you… the water… Viggo- I-” Astrid stuttered, trying to explain what she’d seen. Hiccup merely hugged her back, his hand running through her messy hair while his other hand rubbing against her back.

“Shh… it’s alright. another dream?”

Astrid nodded against his chest, just taking in his scent and knowing that he was truly alright. That he was there holding her and he was safe- she was safe. Everything was fine.

“Everything’s alright… I’m fine, see?” Hiccup said softly- calmingly.

“I-I know but it’s so hard… I… every time I close my eyes I see you… and you weren’t breathing and-”

“Sh, I’m fine! I’m right here. Nothing’s gonna happen.” Hiccup repeated patiently.

“I can’t… I’m sorry it’s just every time…” Astrid rambled, squeezing him a bit tighter. She was now kneeling on her bed, Hiccup sitting down beside her. She moved closer to him so she could rest her head against his shoulder, taking in shuddering breaths as she tried to calm herself.

“It’s fine, Astrid. I- I sorta get it… I’m sorry…”

“Just…” Astrid gasped, wiping tears away from her face against his shirt. “Can… Can you stay here? Just… until I fall asleep?”

Hiccup smiled at the words, remembering how she’d just recently said that exact sentence to him- not three days ago. He nodded and gently laid her back on the bed before pulling over a chair close to the bed, sitting in it while still holding her hand.


“Sh, I’m not going anywhere. Just sleep, Astrid. I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.”

Toothless cooed and nodded his head in agreement. 

“We both will be.” Hiccup corrected with a smile.

Astrid sighed and closed her eyes, letting her breathing even out and her hand wrap a bit tighter around Hiccup’s fingers. Just before she drifted back to sleep she felt something soft touch her forehead, and she looked up to see Hiccup smiling at her, not four inches away from her face.

“Night, Astrid.”

“Hm… I think it’s morning now…” Astrid corrected drowsily. “But ‘night…”

Hiccup leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before pulling back and leaning against the chair. She smiled dreamily before her eyes closed again, and she fell into a deep sleep- this time a peaceful one, now knowing that Hiccup was with her and everything was indeed alright.

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