this guys like to jump alot

Chocobros seeing their s/o in a maid outfit (Cor and Ardyn included!)



Firstly, i can see him turning red. Very red. And since he’s kinda pale you could see the redness from the other side of the room. He’d just kinda sit there with his mouth slightly open and he wouldnt say anything because the poor kid is just so awkward when it comes to flirting, and where did you get that outfit? He cant recall you picking it up when you were out together wich means you had planned this and wanted to surprise him wich makes this whole thing 10x more akward for him because he was just sitting there doing nothing exept saying stuff like “are you sure- what if we get caught-damn you look hot though”


The very second he looked up at you i can guarantee that he’d be jumping up from his seat as if his ass where on fire. Just imagine this chocobo’s eyes lighting up and he’d run up to you and start showering you with compliments and hugs while he COMPLITELY misses the point of why you’d wear this outfit in the first place. You’d have to reming him with little kisses and alot of touching but then he’d back off a little and he’d go “all this for m-me?” Like this poor guy has so meny insecurities that he might actualy cry once you tell him that yes, you did all this for him.


I think this is pretty clear. Do you enjoy walking? Well ya better have some crutches ready because walking wont be a thing you can do for atleast a day after. You better map out the room you’d surprise him in and make sure there’s atleast a table there. He’d just smile and walk up to you, placing his hands on your shoulder and pulling the straps down while kissing you and leading you to the bed/table. I mean like it or not the others WILL know what happend, its not like they see you limping around every day


We all know that dear ol’ iggy enjoys keeping his love life to himself and his s/o thus he wouldnt be that into it if the guys were around (next room, lower/upper floor etc etc). I can see him grinning at you and then a short make out session would follow but nothing more then that. However, if the guys werent around he’d be super turned on and things would get heated quicky but i feel like he’s the type of guy who’d tease you for a week straight with little things like “mind helping me clean? You certainly got the outfit”, it would probably end up as an inside joke tbh.


This fucker would grin so fucking wide he’d end up looking like Jeff The Killer. He’s the kinda guy that gives out specific “vibes” so his s/o would end up feeling more akward that Ardyn himself because he’d have this predatory look on his face and he’d pat on his knee trying to get you to sit on him like these fucking santa guys at the mall. Its 100% sure there will be intercourse after some heavy making out


(I wasnt really paying attention to Cor’s personality in-game so there might be some slight diffrences!)

Cor would definetly smile at your sight- he would find you stunning no matter what so a maid outfit wouldnt really make a major diffrence for him. I cant really imagine Cor having a heavy kink that involves dressing up and roleplaying but he wouldnt mind it once in a while. I can guarantee there would be some sexy time if he had the time though, after all he is a pretty busy guy but he’d make up for it as soon as possible


So a bit of an afterthought of MSI since I don’t have a diary and I’ve had this on my mind the whole day so I’ll just write this down here ahaha. You should stop here if you don’t want to read this stupid rant.

Really happy that SKT won, even tho I should be ashamed for going to bed instead of staying up for my babies.

Upset that people on reddit/twitter and especially inven chewing Faker’s ass out for having a couple of bad games. Like he does well the entire spring season, he did really well at semis of msi too, but just because he loses lane a couple of times(but still does great in teamfights), he’s instantly crucified and worst player on skt. While it’s expected that people would go harder on him since he’s the best player in the world, the amount of people jumping on the Faker sucks train at once is ridiculous. It’s hilarious how many people want to see his downfall. Ugh.

Anways, there will be a day when Faker and SKT will fall, it’s inevitable. But I’ll only stop following him the day when he stops trying to stay or be the best. Though I don’t think he’ll ever ^^

I do respect perkz btw. He’ve grown on me since last msi, feels like he matured alot. Outside of his sometimes cocky twitter persona, he seems like a nice guy tbh. I reaaaaaly like the photo of him and faker he just posted. It’s always nice to see players exchange coats/tshirts. 

ALRIGHT now that I’ve gotten that off my chest

I’ve chosen some photos from lol’s flickr that I really liked from yesterday taht I’m posting. BTW YOU SEE THAT PHOTO OF PEANUT AND FAKER? SHIPPABLE MATERIAL RIGHT THERE. Some of the shots are so beautiful i can’t even

Payback (Derek Hale Imagines)

Originally posted by stilinskikissme

Request: Oh well then if you do can you do a young Derek smut imagine where he gets jealous.

Warning: SMUT!! if you’re not comfortable, don’t read it.

A/n: This is my first Derek Imagine ever, i hope you like it x

Sometimes you liked it when Derek gave you attention. But being a hormonal teenage boy, he also liked to give other girls attention. And you hated it, you fucking hated it. So you decided to give him some revenge. And boyyy was revenge the sweetest thing ever. 

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A date with Eric Harris

You left the chilly, night air when you entered a warm building brought to life by artificial light. You kicked you feet around a bit because of your nerves. Eric put a soft hand on your shoulder and gave you a comforting smile. You walked closely behind him, holding his hand kinda behind him.

“What do you want y/n”
“Uh… Anything is fine”

He squeezed your hand a bit and started to order your snacks for the movie. You grabbed the two huge drinks while Eric held the popcorn and candy. He held his body against the movie theatre door so you could enter and followed shortly behind you. You grabbed a one of the side seats started to settle down.

Eric wrapped him arm around you and pulled you in slightly. You rest your head against him and watched the movie. Eric picked out the movie so it was a bit action-y but some scene caused you and Eric to laugh and joke about the movie. You guys just shushed a few times but you both were having so much fun.

The movie finally end and the sudden bright lights took you a few seconds to adjust. You both were kinda covered in popcorn after a random popcorn fight Eric started. You wiped off the popcorn and Eric pulled a bit or two out of your hair. You slapped his arm playfully.

“Not the hair dude”

He laughed at this and pulled you into a hug. It shooked you for a moment but you let yourself relax in his arms and hug him back. He grabbed your hand and started on the way out, taking goofy large strides. You laughed at his over exaggerated steps while he looked back and smile at you.

“So y/n wanna do anything else”

“Um… Not sure. I wanna do something wicked though”

“Ever been street racing ?”
(or drag racing i dont know what they call it)

“No I never don-”

Before you could finish Eric grabbed your hand and headed towards his car. You giggled at his overly happy smile. You got in the car and watched at Eric’s hands started drumming on the wheel waiting for the car to warm up a bit. He finally pulled out of the parking space and started driving.

“Where are we going?”

“We are going racing !”

You laughed at how happy he was and started getting pumped as well. You watched the trees go by fast as the car and while the music played. You reached a local go-kart place and hopped on your feet.

“Really Eric”

“Hell fucking yea”

He wrapped him arm around you and lead you to the doors.

“So wanna drive together babe?”

“Sure. Let’s do this”

He grabbed your hand and helped you into a red go-kart. He got into the driver seat and helped you a bit with you helmet.

“You ready?”

He was practically jumping up and down in his seat. You giggled at his enthusiasm and nodded your head excitedly. You almost screamed when the kart started. All you could hear was Eric’s happyly yelling.

“Woohooo! Let’s fucking gooo”

You couldn’t help but yell with him and laugh. After maybe 30 minutes you guys called it quits and left the go karting place. The drive back to your house his hand almost never left you leg. You couldn’t help but stare at him and smile.

“You should go out again some time..”

“Yea y/n.. I’ll like that alot”

He pulled into your driveway and you both stayed in the car for a moment. He kissed your cheek and you felt your heart pound. You smiled at him for alittle before speaking softly.

“Well, see you around Harris”

You opened the door while looking back at him. You quickly kissed his lips and left the car. You felt your face heat up like a summer day. You looked back at the car too see Eric throwing his hands up a bit. You giggled and continued your way to your house.

i am truly trash, i planned and wanted to finish posting chapter 10 of my story before i started school but here i am……. nope.

i was planning on taking a small small smalllllll hiatus once i finished chapter 10 because school’s around the corner and my lame work amp’d my hours (not even caring i’m in **nursing** school, yea its ok guys my life dont matter i get it) but i procrastinated, got tired and didnt pull thru. :-( so i will try to get them out and finished this week. because i already have my next chapters planned out and i’m excited to put those out too. so that actually might be why im going so slow at my last few posts cos i just wanna jump ahead but i cant and its bugging me lmfao. anyways… ps. thanks for sticking with me esp since my story got drama-less, and more of like alot of realization, tying things together kinna shit instead. so it mightve gotten boring (?) but im thankful nonetheless! the next chapters will definitely open the doors to a lot of “oooooos” and “ahhhhhs” and “ohhhh shits” sorta. or so i hope. tahahah.

i’m also having surgery tmrw so ahhh hoping it all goes well. 🙏🏼 hope my awthum cool followers are doing ok. hope all those in texas are safe, anyone suffering from the heatwave in cali or socal (me), stay cool! lol anywhere else u are… hope u are well too. ❤️

Guys, you have no idea how much I want this OUAT Reboot.

It seems like alot of C$ers will leave (some will stay if there’s Colin), but so many are jumping ship! CAN YOU IMAGINE?





Lets. Do. This. Thing.

Jumping on the sonamy kid bandwagon with this little dude I created when I was…Well when I was a THIRSTY SONAMY TEENAGER. 

His name was Spazz, and still is so far since I can’t think of anything better.

Dark fur with lots of blue highlights, he’s shy around girls. Not Sonic-shy, more like hides his face and leaves awkwardly kind of shy. He gets into fights alot too, with other dudes. Ow the edge

Since I’m not quite the “fan character person” I have no idea if I’ll ever draw him again, depends mostly on you guys. If you like him I’ll prob draw more, you can also ask him stuff if ya want and I’ll reply with a drawing ! 

anonymous asked:

Imagine Nino somehow ending up with BOTH. It's not dangerous like having both creation and destruction, so sometimes we got turtle boy jumping around, sometimes peacock Nino, and when things get serious we get a weird peacock turtle combined hero!

poor super stressed as hell nino who really doesnt even want either and hes stressed and someone help him he cant afford to feed both of these guys and they fight alot


Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”

anonymous asked:

hey i was just wondering if you'd ever consider doing a tutorial on coloring? i really really love painty styles like yours and ive wanted to start coloring my stuff similarly but i can just never seem to get the hang of it. if you don't want to though thats fine!! your art is bomb af and i hope you have an awesome day/night!

hey! iv gotten asks like this before and i thought id actually get my lazy ass up and try to do some Explaining (though im prolly not the best person to ask. im flattered though!)

anyway. SO iv had such a history with the “painty” digital style because i was alot like you where i also loved the really like, “one layer fuck me up” look but unfortunately with this style, it is probably the most tedious way to paint with a digital program. (i use paint tool sai)

generally, the most important thing i found was brush settings and colors. with painted pieces try to stay away from blacks and browns and low saturated colors because for alot of my early stuff i tended to do that. also the way you paint is important. confident strokes and not over blending can really save a piece. mostly my brushes on sai are high density low blending. i know this is all general stuff, but honestly its so important bc it took me MONTHS to figure this out. also try not to overthink a piece, cause thats how iv gotten the best works out. being loose and just doing what feels right with lighting and composition can help the art from looking stiff or overworked. 

knowing when to stop is also important too. with “painty” pieces you dont want the whole thing to look like that, otherwise theres just to much going on and again, might look overworked.

i also use easily like, 5 refs at a time when really painting a piece. so thats something. dont be afraid to use the weirdest refs if you think it will help with even the tiniest bit of the piece. (lighting on a cheek? like the way that one guys nose looks? use it.)

besides from all of this, PRACTICE is the most most most vital thing for this style. heres a really early piece i did from i think a year ago?

YIKES. i mean jeez, i could go on with why this is.. bad looking, alot of which is because its lacking what i just mentioned earlier. lets compare with a recent-ish piece i did-

i mean, thats a huge jump when it comes to how my style has evolved this past year. but it was hard. really hard, and it can be really discouraging at times because it was difficult for me to get down how to make it look “right”. (and i still struggle with that alot!! trust me!!!) but yeah to sum everything up, just keep working at it because practice, more than ANYTHING, will let you learn how to “feel” where to put colors, composition, lighting, etc. good luck!!

(last thing– i look at oil painters for inspo alot, so for some good ones that have amazing brush strokes check out j.c. leyendecker, norman rockwell, any saturday evening post artists tbh)


( talking to my 10 year old cousin about Luke hemmings)

Me: so Travis who is this


Me: Do you know his name?

Cousin: Luke…something?

Me: yep what do you think of him?

Cousin: he looks cool…I wanna look like him…

Me: Kay what do you think about his music

Cousin:…..if you go to there concerts take me, ill jump on the stage and be in the band

Me: *laughs* so you like them?

Cousin: yeahhh

Me: you actually look alot like him younger


//to sum it up my cousin is now the 5th member of 5sos and mini hemmings//

Xx sadie

Ways To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Concert (and Others Do Too)

Hello all! With INFINITE announcing the first set of dates for their second world tour, INFINITE Effect, memories of last time at OGS have started drifting to the surface again. I know I had an incredible time seeing INFINITE live in concert, but I know that the experience was not as great for some (and not as amazing as it could have been for me). And so, I have decided to make this post in hopes that if everyone follows this advice, it might be a much more enjoyable time for everyone. 

Whether you are queuing from the crack of dawn, or you are showing up 10 minutes before doors open, here are some tips for making sure your time there is as positive as it can be:

- Make sure you are prepared for the weather! If it’s Winter, you’re going to want to keep warm. However, wearing a big coat can be a real hassle if you don’t want to faff around at the cloakroom. What me and my friends did was buy a cheap blanket, which we wrapped around us in the queue and then it was easily folded away into a bag when the show began.
- Stay hydrated! If you are planning to queue all day, you need to make sure your body is hydrated, especially if it’s cold. Drink water.
- Bring snacks! Once you’re in the queue, it may not be possible for you to leave. If you’re going to be there for a long time, bring snacks! Some good things that will give you slow release energy over a long period of time are: bananas, nuts (like walnuts or almonds), raisins and dried fruits (cranberries, apricot, etc).
- Be nice! I know, this seems like common sense right? But tensions can run high in situations like this. Everyone is excited and impatient. If it’s really cold or too hot, this makes people irritable too. So please keep that in mind! It doesn’t take much to be polite to those around you.
- Queue jumping… Don’t do it guys. Unless you have an arrangement with those in the queue around you (like I did at OGS - I went to the queue with friends, then after a while explained to those in front and behind us that I had an exam, left to take it and then returned. Luckily the people in the queue were understanding), then please don’t queue jump! Remember that some people will have been queuing for hours.

Conditions in the stalls at some OGS dates were really quite intense, with people passing out, people getting hurt and alot of people having a way crappier time than they deserved. So here are some guidelines for standing at the concert:

- When you get inside the venue, do not run! I know it’s tempting to because you’re excited, but you’re putting yourself and others around you at risk.
- Do not push and shove to get closer to the front. I don’t even have anything to add to that so I’m just going to repeat it again: Do not push and shove to get to the front.
- Don’t wear a huge amount of layers. Like I said before, when queueing it may be better to use a blanket to keep warm, something that can be folded away. It will get seriously hot in the crowd, and if you are wearing too many clothing layers, you are putting yourself into the danger zone for over-heating and possibly passing out.
- Please, look out for others around you. There’s a girl on your right who looks a little peaky? Ask her if she’s okay, and if she needs help getting out. Security will usually be on hand to pull people from the crowd if they’re having a tough time, but they can’t reach everyone. There’s a guy to your left who stumbles a bit? Make sure he has room around him, and help him up if he falls. (These are basic pit rules that people have followed even at the most hardcore shows I have gone to).
- You have a homemade sign, fansite-provided banner or lightstick? Great! Excellent! Be aware of people around you! Have you been waving it practically in someone’s face for the whole show? Well, no wonder they might get a little annoyed at you. The same goes for phones and cameras.
- That brings me to taking pictures. Everyone wants some memory of the day. But you don’t want to get your perfect shot of your fave looking great at the expense of someone else. Please have awareness of those behind you when taking pictures.

Some of you are wise and sensible, and have opted for seating tickets. But there are also ways this experience can be easily ruined too. So, have a look at the tips below:

- If you have a reserved seat, you will be shown where to go by the person who checks your ticket. But remember, there’s no rush! You have your reserved seat. Chill! Calmly locate it, sit down, relax!
- If you are in unreserved seating, it is even more important not to rush, especially if you are going up stairs. Walk calmly. Don’t shove people.
- When the concert is going on, do not rush to the balcony! Don’t stand in front of people and block their view. Stay in your seat and have a lovely time.

The concert is over. You’ve survived! That’s it then, right? Nope. Remember these key facts:

- It will be late when you leave the venue after the concert. Even of it doesn’t seem like it, people live everywhere in cities and if you’re being really noisy, you might wake them. Please keep the noise to a minimum.
- When INFINITE are leaving, they will most likely drive past the fans to say goodbye. This is cute. Totally wave at them! But please, please don’t run after the car, or run out onto the road. It’s so dangerous!

So, that’s just about all I can think of. Just make sure that you look after yourself and others around you in order to have a good time at the show. It’s not often we get to see INFINITE and on the flip side it’s not often they get to see us. So we want to make sure that everyone leaves the concert feeling happy, like it was an enjoyable experience.

I really hope that INFINITE finishes up this second world tour with wonderful memories from every country they visited. And I also hope all the Inspirits who attend will have an amazing time, just like they deserve. If we all make sure we act like decent humans, then this will be possible.

First Encounter- AO3 Iwaoi Fic

Their relationship has never been easy - their first encounter is proof of that.

Oikawa would say it was inevitable. Iwa-chan is a shy guy and sometimes it takes alot to coax him out of his shell
If you asked Iwaizumi, he’d tell you it’s because Oikawa was a flat-out idiot who jumped at any opportunity to make his life a living hell

Part 5 of Super spy husband AU!

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What kind of girl do you think Newt would fall for (I know we have Tina and Leta as examples a little bit, but I'm curious as to your opinions)?


I think Newt Scamander would need a girl who’s in charge of her own shit, but will always default back to him. Who will let him care for her, but not be needy and helpless. He needs the kind of girl who’s independent, and kind. He needs someone who gives. Someone who cares as much about him as he does about her. The thing that I feel he’s need the most though, is a person who is a powerhouse and a firework and the most interesting, intriguing, dangerous, and lovable creature he will ever find.


I agree completely with Chev but I just wanted to add something… I think Newt would need a girl that was just as scatterbrained as he is with just as many little quirks. Someone that although she can handle herself would let him ‘save’ her just so she could see him smile the way he does. A girl who would be gone when he woke in the middle of the night, only to find her down cuddled up with one of his creatures. The first time this happened he would be scared that she’d left him, but after the next 3 times he stopped jumping up and looking for her, because he knew she’d always come back.. 🙈 I love Newt so much! Like I can’t decide if he is me or if he’s everything I love and want! -Haley 💙 Guys stop! I already wanted one and now my friends are all like “didn’t they just describe you?” No but seriously, I feel like this person would have to be able to put up with alot of and would always have to be saving best Newt because he somehow always manages to get himself into these weird situations. It would defiantly be a partnership that would definitely be alot of give and take and maybe it wouldn’t always be fun and cute but whoever this person would be would deal and make it work because Newt is someone who is worth the effort. -Izzy💛

Guess who’s making their first follow forever after 4 years on this shithole website?? It me- °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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I love seeing you guys on my dash everyday, thank you for making my time on here so much better, and have a happy new year to be wasted on this site

Exposed Requested From bombshell-and-the-beach

You swung open your front door, kicking off your vans and throwing your snow covered navy blue coat onto your floor. You hung the keys up on the key rack and pulled off the sticky note above it on the wall, not bothering to read it because you knew it was just another note from your mom stating she went out for a few drinks and that you are welcome to have friends over.

you slipped out of your un comfy dress that you wore to school today trading it with a Harvard crew neck and some leggings, tossing your hair into a messy bun. You sat down on your living room couch snuggling up in a blanket and opening up your copy of Wuthering Heights when you hear your phone buzz.

You pick it up off the coffee table in front of you, scanning your screen, *Hey y/n do you mind if Jack Sammy and I come over?* you reply, *Sure come over asap im in the mood for a Netflix sesh*
*see u soon* he responded blandly.

No later than 20 minutes later you hear the sound of car door slamming, the moments later hearing a knock on your door.

“Y/N!”, you hear coming from each guy, you reply with a warm smile.

“You guys in the mood for High School Musical because I know I am!”, you exclaim excitedly. They reply with hesitant nods of their heads and a small chuckle.

You sit down leaning back against your couch with Jack G. on one side and Sammy on the other. you notice how close Sam was sitting but you didn’t mind to your surprise. You even found yourself leaning in closer, your shoulder pressed against his.

Your fingers ever so slightly graze across his while reaching for your computer, causing him to jerk up, mumbling something along the lines of “I am gonna go to the bathroom”

The second Sam is out of the room, Jack J. snatches your computer right off your lap.

“Hey give that back what the hell are you doing!?”, you screech, lunging for the computer.

“I just wanted to show you part of Sams’ Younow last night, did you catch it?” he says with too much energy. Before you could reply, Jack J. shoved the computer back at you while Jack G. played the video.

You couldn’t help but feel giddy as Sammys’ face popped up on your screen. The video clip was titled “Q and A with Sam Wilinson”

“Next question!”, Sam says loudly to the camera, “Who do you have a crush on?”, He reads the question fairly monotone off his screen on his phone.

Still clueless to why you were being forced into watching this, the video continued,” If only she knew how much I like her..This girl that goes to my school, well she is the prettiest and funniest and most loving girl I know and we have gotten alot closer this year. Her name is Y/N..”

Your jaw dropped and your heart started to race. You cannot deny the connection between you to, but you never knew he felt this way. You jumped when Jack J, reached over and paused the video. Jack and Jack exchanged a look of mischievousness then laughed.

“I cannot believe you guys showed that to her!” the voice of the one and only Sam Wilkinson boomed from behind us. Jack and Jack stood up.

“Well we knew you were never gonna make a move yourself”, Jack J. whisper yelled to Sam. “OKAY we will be in the other room” Gilinsky said frantically so Sam couldn’t respond and they ran down the hall.

Your heart was racing. You looked up at him and your eyes connected from across the room. Scared, you looked away and bit your lip. Sam walked towards you and sat down right next to you. He lifts your chin up, forcing you to make eye contact with him.

His mouth gaped open, searching for what to say but the truth is you had heard enough. And with that your lips crashed into his, putting you on cloud nine. Your lips moved in sync and the kiss became deeper, full of passion.

His tongue licking your bottom lip in request of you opening your mouth, which you had no problem giving him access to. His warm sliding down the small of your back, to your but, then to your frontside and up your shirt.

“TIME TIME TIME”, jack G. yelled loud stifling a laugh and a fake moan. You turned and saw both Jacks standing only ten feet away.

“Shit I have to go”, Sam said, annoyance ringing through. He stood up and grabbed his coat and walked towards the door. “Oh, and y/n?”, He said, his dark eyes scanning your face.

“Wha-”, you can’t even ask before his lips come crashing into yours again, sending electricity through your body.

“how would you like to go out to dinner with me on saturday?” He said pulling away from your lips but inly to the point where you could still feel his hot breath against your face, foreheads rested against one another.

“I would love that”, you say with the biggest smile you can muster.

“Great”, He says as the three boys exit your house. When the door shuts you can hear muffled hollers and whistles with a few finally strung in, making you smile, knowing this is going to be something great..



Hope you enjoyed and I really would love good or bad feedback! ILYA BAEs!!