this guys in love with you mare

A day in the life of Mare Barrow
  • <p> <b>Kilorn:</b> I think I have feelings for you...<p/><b>Maven:</b> YOU WILL BE MINE<p/><b>Cal:</b> I love you<p/><b>Mare:</b> Haha nice one guys, I choose no one<p/><b>Cal:</b> Why you always lying *winks*<p/></p>

Hmm. you guys got me to reconsider. 

The wedding party now:

Officiant: The Princess of Love herself, Cadance

Luna’s Mare of Honor: Celestia

Twi’s Best Dragon: Spike

Ring Bearer: Flurry (carried by Shining)

Twi’s Bridesmaids: Her five friends and her pupil

Luna’s bridesmaids and bridesgrooms: Batponies, including some we’ve seen before

Flower Girls: The CMC

If Kilorn Warren and Gale Hawthorne met
  • Kilorn: Yo
  • Gale: Sup
  • Kilorn: Did you get friendzoned?
  • Gale: Yup
  • Kilorn: Did you see your girl get kissed by that new guy?
  • Gale: Another yup.
  • Kilorn: Did you-
  • Gale: Let's just say we are kind of the same character except that you are more harsh than me and we are in different books. Wanna get a drink?
  • Kilorn: Yea why not.

My new hobby is to get my friends to read Red Queen and spend the entire time saying stuff like “Isn’t Maven so sweet?” “Don’t you just love Maven?” and “Isn’t Maven the nicest guy ever? I love him so much” and then when they get to the end of the book just getting their looks of utter betrayal and then “Why did you do this to me?!” and “How could you?“

Just a thought...

While Red Queen does incorporate the overused scenario of a love triangle, I ADORE Victoria Aveyard’s portrayal. Firstly: Maven appears perfect and she evokes empathy within us for the over shadowed prince. Mare persists to outline Cal’s flaws, in order to reassure herself that Maven is the right choice. But despite these immediate flaws we still love him.
Secondly: how many of us have fallen head over heels for a guy? Through our eyes such a guy might stand on a pedestal and wear a crown. That is in the early stages of a relationship. As you gain trust in them and find comfort in their company, they begin to reveal their true selves—an asshole. Maven’s character hence reflects assholes in our lives that win us over with compliments and an act of being a gentleman. YET, Cal on the other hand never hid behind a mask. Aside from their first encounter, he never hid his true personality or character from Mare. She fell for him; not for his title and not for an act, but for a boy. Cal might possibly represent our first love as well. Mare met him first, developed feelings for him first and kissed him first. Maven was just second best- despite what she believed, her heart knew otherwise.

Aaaand that was my allotted ten minutes of tumblr time for today… back into the dark cave of homework and stress and exhaustion I go. YAY. Love you guys so much, thank you for all the positivity and general amazing-ness.


We did it!!! Haha we did it!! I know, it looks clumsy and strange but it was my first practice with a mastic and also it was our very first meeting with my dear BFF in almost eight years! We had TONS of fun while baking it so I really happy with how it turned out!

Wander over Yonder is a truelly great show! We love it with every single bit of our souls and desperatly want it to be continued!! Please, Save WoY! C’mon, guys, together we can do it!

Oh, and Happy (past) Birthday, Wander over Yonder! I’m sorry it’s little late but still^^ Have a birthday (cup)cake, congratulations!!!

And also special and greatest of thanks to Celebi for those exstremly cute and adorble designs of cupcakes, to Peepsqeak for everything she’s doing for WoY fandom (stay positive darling we wish you all the happiness in this world^^) and to all the WoY-crew for this sweet show!

I’m thinking about practise more and make another few Wander-sweets I’ve got planty ideas for some of them! Like idk a banjo-cake? hah that’s funny

(more photos under cut)

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                         TAMBELON’S PONY OC ADOPT-O-RAMA

Hey guys!  So last week I sat down and finally got to making some new adoptables…after not doing them since November.  So I made a total of 25 brand new pony of five different species OCs to be adopted! The funds from these lovelies will help fund a portion of my trip to BronyCon!  You get a new pony AND help somebody out!  How cool is that?! So… How does one adopt one of these lovely mares or stallions?

  • Send an ask to my inbox indicating which pony which you’d like to adopt.
  • As soon as I give the Okay for that pony’s availability, I’ll give you my paypal and instructions for sending the money.
  • Bought ponies will be greyed out and with SOLD over them.  Make sure you have a second option if the pony you wanted was already bought!

But Tam!  Why are bats and crystals more expensive than the other three species?

Bat ponies and Crystal ponies are a little more complex than our usual earth, unicorn or pegasi ponies.  I usually charge a bit more for them than I do for them to begin with.  But regardless these guys are a deal compared to what I charge for customs!  It’s a great way to get a pony designed from me!

So I adopted a pony!  Can I make any changes and what next?

  • As soon as I received the money from you, I’ll send you a high-resolution of the pony you adopted which shows their colors more clearly AND a clean shot of their cutie mark!
  • Crystal pony adopters can ask for their pony’s original file in the form of a PSD or a SAI file.  Let me know!  This way you can see the settings and the actual colors of the gradients I did for them.
  • I do allow alterations for the pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies.  I would prefer only minor alterations to the crystal ponies and bat ponies since they are a bit more complex characters.  
  • Slight color changes are fine for all of them as are sex!  As long as they remain recognizable by me.  I love seeing these guys being drawn!

   The ponies are first come, first serve and I won’t hold any of them.                     Interested in any of them?  Send an ask to my ask box!


MODie: OMG! My first Song Trade! This handsome heartthrob is named Fervid Spirit! He’s ALL about passion I tell ya, and he sure does love to serenade the mares with his smooth voice ;) And when you look into his beautiful mountain purple eyes, you can see the sky at night. Ooh, swoon! I really hope this came out okay because for three days straight I’ve been listening to NOTHING BUT “Fall Again” By Kenny G. Featuring Robin Thicke, nonstop just to get the perfect inspiration! You guys should give it a listen 😊 Okay, it’s like, 3:22 AM right now so yeah… XD Traded With askbloodsugar and the pony Fervid is with is Pinned Butterfly ^^ His love interest!

I actually don’t see why Men’s Rights Activists are so pissed about Mad Max: Fury Road. Literally the whole plot of the movie was Furiosa was smuggling these women who were forced to be this war lord’s wives and brood mares to freedom, with the help of Max. And in the process there was a lot of action and car fights. And in the end, they ended up killing the war lord and freeing the city and it’s assumed Furiosa took over command. How is that offensive to you? Do you actually SUPPORT women being held as property and brood mares? Do you hate badass women and fight scenes? I don’t understand. I’m a woman (and a die-hard feminist) and I saw it with a bunch of my guy friends and they all loved it. I seriously don’t get how this movie offends you other than you’re just a bunch of whiny fuckboys who can’t stand to see a woman do anything other than suck your dick and make you a sandwich. Congratulations, you’re an unevolved asshole who will never achieve anything other than harassing people from behind your computer screen with a faux-sense of self-righteousness and self-worth while you listen to your mom’s washing machine turn in her basement. Hope you’re happy with that.