this guys a psycho but here he is doing a peace sign

The Joker x Reader- “What You Wish For”

He always blurs out things when he’s mad and takes it out on the wrong people. If he wants you and your daughter to be gone, why not grant his wish? After all, the great Joker doesn’t need anybody around.

“…and you two are always around, I wish you would just disappear!” J grumbles, irritated that his plans for last night’s kidnapping went downhill. Of course he has to take it on somebody and since you and your daughter happen to be right there…again…

“Hey, knock it out!” you urge him, noticing Emma squeezing harder on her teddy bear. She keeps on looking at you and her dad, uneasy. “That would be enough, don’t say things like this in front of our kid!” you frown, stopping what you’re doing for the moment, which is folding her little dresses.

“I mean it, I want you two to vanish! You are in my way, I want to be alone! I need peace and quiet,” he snarls, pacing around the living room, pointing his finger at Emma.

“Where…where should I go, daddy?” she whimpers, backing out a bit.

“I don’t give a damn, just get out of my sight!” The Joker replies, going out on the balcony.

“Are you serious?!” you mutter, not believing what just came out of his mouth. Emma starts crying and you have to go and hug her, trying to comfort a child that doesn’t understand her father’s outbursts. “Daddy didn’t mean it, honey, ok? He’s just upset. Go get ready for bed and I’ll come tuck you in. Stop crying, he didn’t mean it,” you wipe her tears, feeling your heart sink.

“D-does daddy h-hate me?” she stutters in your ear, sniffling.

“No, of course not, never! He can’t hate his little Pumpkin, there’s no way,” you smile, reassuring her, caressing her back to make it better. “Come on, go get ready, I’ll be right there,” and you put her down, watching as she slowly heads towards her bedroom. You deeply inhale and follow J on the balcony, determined to make things right.

He is sitting on the couch, fidgeting with his gun. You stomp towards him and yank the pistol out of his hand, tossing it on the concrete.

“Don’t say mean things to your daughter, do you hear me? She’s not even 6 yet!”
“Get lost, Y/N!” he growls, pushing you away.

“No, I’m not getting lost!” you place yourself in front of him again. “You made her cry, are you happy about that? All that she knows is that you’re her dad and she loves you, she doesn’t grasp your … complicated behavior,” you make it sound as nice as you can since you want to strangle him on the spot.

“Shut up, Y/N!” J reaches for his gun but you take his hand and hold it in place.

“No, you have to go and make it up to her; you shouldn’t say such horrible things to Emma! I don’t care you are in a foul mood, deal with it!” you snap at him, annoyed. You let go of his hand and lift his chin up, forcing him to look at you since he’s avoiding your gaze.

“Is she…really crying?” he sighs, biting on his cheek. The bitter expression on your face confirms it. The Joker grunts, suddenly relaxing his shoulders and unexpectedly burying his face on your tummy. “I didn’t mean it…” you hear his muffled voice and you kick his shin, distancing from him.

“What would you do without us, hm? Don’t take us for granted!” and you turn your back, storming inside, not waiting for an answer. It won’t be a nice one anyway.


The Joker gets inside Emma’s room, watching her play with the toys before bedtime.

“What are you doing, little Princess?” he asks, scratching his head because he doesn’t really know how to handle the situation.

“Waiting for mommy to put me to bed,” she answers getting up from the carpet, a bit startled, squeezing on her teddy bear.

“Wanna fix my hair?” J offers, fully aware that’s her favorite thing to do.

“Really?” she gasps, already searching for the comb, so excited for the opportunity. Children have such a way of being resilient.

He seats on the floor with the back against her bed. She crawls behind him and carefully starts combing his green hair, tracing the strands with her tiny hand.

“Ahhh, that feels good, Pumpkin Pie,” he purrs, closing his eyes. “You’re doing a great job. Can you purr for me?”

She leans over and makes some silly sounds, trying so hard to imitate him and J chuckles, grabbing both of her hands and covering them in kisses.

“I don’t want you to go away, alright?” J tils his head backwards, watching her giggle when he tickles her sides.

“Ok, daddy,” she kisses his Damaged tattoo and he senses that weird ache in his chest again. It’s a strange type of pain The Joker can never quite pinpoint.

You stop in the doorway, leaning against the wall and watch them, pleased your daughter looks happy now.

“Time for bed, honey,” you announce but let him tuck her in. “Did you do daddy’s hair? It looks great,” you praise her, kissing her goodnight and Emma nods a yes, thrilled you like it.

The Joker leans over to cover her with the blanket and kisses the tip of her nose. Emma locks her hands around his neck and pulls him down so she can hug him.

“I love you, daddy,” she snickers, waiting for him to say it back.

“Me too,” J shortly replies, attempting to get out of it.

“No, daddy, you have to say it!” your daughter whines and it makes you so proud.

Good girl, you think. You’re the one that taught her to make J say the words because he needs to: a reminder never hurts.

“I did,” he cheats, trying to trick her.

“No, you have to saaaaay it,” she cups his face, waiting.

“You sound like your mom, you know that?” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. “Fine, I love you too; are we done here?” J mumbles, kissing her one more time and letting go.

“Yes, daddy, we’re done,” she snatches her teddy bear from you and widely smiles when you wink at her, approving the strategy you worked on so hard. She’s not your kid for nothing.


J watches you change for bed and you glance at him, not being in the mood to talk anymore. He doesn’t say a word either so you just turn off the light and go on your side of the bed, knowing you will fall asleep soon because you are tired.

“Say, Kitten, are you going with me tomorrow? I need you for the heist,” he starts the conversation.

“Maybe,” you yawn, punching your pillow to make it more comfortable.

“You know, I really wanted to…”

You fakely snore, louder and louder, interrupting, hinting he should stop talking.

“Very funny, Baby Doll. You’re hilarious,” he mocks you, finding it hard to stay awake. “Do you still love me?” J sarcastically inquires and he distinguishes your fingers in the dim night light, showing just a small gap between the thumb and index. “That’s it?!”

“Yeap, already too much” your answer promptly comes and you get under the sheets, not wanting to continue the dialogue. “I’m exhausted.”

He wants to say something harsh but ends up babbling stuff to himself as you ignore his behavior.


“We’re going to the park and then for a drive. I’ll be back in time,” you little note on the kitchen table lets J know of your plans when he wakes up. He spends the day preparing for tonight, instructing his henchmen on what to do and gathering supplies for the robbery. Why aren’t you texting back? The Joker hates it when he sends you messages and you don’t respond right away.

A few more hours pass by, still nothing. And why didn’t you two return yet? You have to go with him tonight. Texting again for the 50th time, no reply… and again, and again. Couple more hours go by…it’s getting dark, no sign from you. Time passes by and nothing.

J starts to get impatient. It’s night time now and he has to cancel the plans. Everything is postponed. My God, he’s not thrilled about it but there is no trace of you so he forgets he is mad about his ruined scheme. He calls around to see if anybody saw you or heard from you. Nobody did.

Where are my girls? he wonders, reading the message from Frost that lets him know the henchmen didn’t find anything around town. The Joker sent them all out and about to search for you and he stayed behind at the penthouse, just in case you will return. What if someone took you? The thought makes him squirm on his chair. What if you just…left? That’s impossible, there is no way you would… …right?… What if you got caught? Would they take you to Arkham? The police station?…

1 in the morning and he is getting more and more restless and worried on your disappearance. It’s so unlike you to do such a thing, even if you fight you never leave him hanging: you always text him back or tell him your whereabouts.

Where are my girls?

He finally has the peace and quiet he was so adamant to request this morning, but dammit, the silence is deafening. This is what it feels like without you and Emma around? You are always around. J doesn’t like the quietness. At all. Or the weird ache in his chest again.

If nothing turns up in a few hours, he will look for you two himself with the whole crew, even hire more people. Swipe the city to every little corner until he finds something. Will he find anything? He has to, no other option.

The Joker needs his girls back.


“Ssstttt, be quiet, honey,” you tell Emma as you close the door behind you. You pick her up in your arms because she is very sleepy and fussy. You went to the park and then got out of Gotham for a drive. You really wanted to take her to the woods on the old deserted highway because it’s your favorite spot: you can see deers out there and so much wildlife she would have surely enjoyed. But your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and on top of everything  your phone died and you didn’t have the charger with you.

The entire day you tried to find the problem and fix it with no success. Then the night came and you couldn’t see well anymore and decided to wait until the morning. You were lucky another vehicle passed you by and the driver stopped to help. The guy had no idea who you were but it didn’t made you less alert and prepared to kill in case he turned out to be a psycho. Ha, that’s a good one. You actually softly laughed at the idea: a woman like you suspecting someone else of being a psycho.

But… he was actually able to start your car and you drove right back to Gotham.

3 in the morning- jeez, what a looong day!

You walk in the master bedroom and you see The Joker sleeping on your side so you have to go on his, carefully placing Emma in the middle and finally winding down.

“Daaaddyyyy…” she snuggles to his chest, half asleep, realizing he’s there.

He opens his eyes and gulps, crushing her in his arms while she winces, uncomfortable.

“I can’t breathe…” she complains, already dozing off and he loosens his embrace, reaching for you.

“Where…where were you????????” he whispers, concerned but striving to conceal how distressed he still is.

“The stupid car broke down”, you hum, keeping it down for your daughter, scooting over towards him as much as you can without squashing your kid,” and the phone died too. The whole thing was such an ordeal, really bad luck. I am beat. Did you go on the heist?”

“Yeah,” J lies. “Why, you think I wouldn’t go without you?” he hisses but you don’t even care. You are already snoozing, holding his hand on top of Emma.

“Didn’t you enjoy the day without us though?” you struggle to say in your sleep. “You didn’t want us around…”

“Yeah, it was great,” The Joker intertwines his fingers with yours, continuing even if you don’t really hear him anymore at this point. “ I had fun without you two.”

My girls are back, he thinks, finally at ease after being on the edge all day. And the weird ache in his chest makes him take a deep breath. It’s a strange type of pain he can never quite pinpoint.


Looking at You (Part Four)

Welcome back lovelies! Thank you so much for all the love so far on this fic!! Trying like hell to keep my tag list updated but if I miss you LET ME KNOW and I’ll add you!!
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This chapter has some of my favorite moments in this fic, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which ones they are :) still working the angst angle but it starts looking better as Tony and Bucky get closer!

Check out Parts 1-3 HERE

Enjoy :)

“I’m sorry, Tony.” Bucky said quietly, flinching a little as Tony pulled a silver plate from his bicep. “I don’t think I’ve ever said it, and that’s not right.”

“For what?” Tony wasn’t really listening, concentrating on filing down the edges of the curved pieces so they wouldn’t rub together every time Bucky moved.

“For… your parents.”

Tony froze, his throat working erratically as he tried to figure out what to say. “Why- why the fuck are you bringing them up now?” He jerked out of his seat, standing up and crossing his arms. “What the fuck are you– why are you– fuck just stop.”

“I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to be here with me.” Bucky said quietly. “I appreciate everything you are doing to help me with this–” he lifted his arm weakly. “this thing, but it can’t be easy for you. I just want you to know that I’m sorry, if I’ve never said it. I can say it was all that brain washing and my behavior was out of my control until I’m blue in the face, but it’s not going to change what you saw, or what happened.”

“It’s fine.” Tony replied, but Bucky shook his head and Tony groaned. “Damn it. Bucky, I came to terms with losing my parents along time ago. It wasn’t fun to see your face on that screen, but it's…. it’s not what keeps me up at night. I’ve dealt with it. Because you’re right, it was out of your control, and I can’t fault you for that forever.”

“I don’t expect you to forgive me, Tony.”

“Well, I tend to do things that are pretty unexpected.”

“Tony.” Bucky turned his hand over, waiting for Tony to take it. “Come on.” He urged and Tony reached out carefully, sliding their palms together. “I don’t expect your forgiveness. If things aren’t alright with us then that’s something we can work through, but don’t downplay whatever you are feeling just to keep the peace.” His fingers curled loosely around Tony’s. “I can take your anger and your hurt, Tony. I can take it all. You don’t have to keep it inside anymore.”

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Strange Disappearances

pairing: Halfdan x Reader

fandom: vikings

request: Pretty please do oneshot of the preference with the reader from the future maybe with all of them or with specific 1 idc i just know its gonna be awesome because i have never seen anything like that <3 love your everything you do 

based on this X

warnings: time travel

A/N: I don’t know if I’ll do all anon but I think 1 or 2 more at least :D

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @mads—world

Strange disappearances were said to be happening in the woods around your hometown. It mostly kept outsiders away, the people living here didn’t give much about those rumours. 
There were no trails, no signs to follow. Perfect if you knew your way around and wanted to spend some time in the wilderness, untouched by human hands. Not so much for tourists though. Most overestimated their ability to get around without a phone and electricity. That was most likely the plain and boring reason behind all those missing cases.  
You were home from university, and after catching up with family and friends, decided that some peace and quiet would be the best way to end your holidays. 
Equipped with tent, backpack and everything else needed you made your way up the mountains and took one of the trails leading deep into the forest. 
Looking back, you couldn’t tell what went wrong. You had been out here more times than you could count and never encountered even the slightest problem. This time though was different. 

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Negan - Protective

Imagine having an ex boyfriend harass you at work and at home. Negan stays with you to make sure you are safe.

Negan x Reader

For @zoesmama2024

Warning - Swearing, Violence, Blood


You had broken up with your boyfriend Mike a few months ago and he didn’t take it well. At all. He was harassing you at work and at home and you were terrified, until your friend and co-worker Negan stepped in and offered to stay with you to make sure you were safe.

Chapter 1

You had just walked out of your apartment and despite the lovely weather today you had a hoodie on with the hood up, this was because your psycho ex-boyfriend had been stalking and harassing you and the only way you felt safe was with your hood up. You could feel eyes on you as you walked down the street to your workplace so you tried to work your way into a crowd of people and take a short cut and it worked for a while and then you felt eyes on you again as you walked up to your work building. A small wave of relief washed over you because despite him knowing where you work you knew he would never get past security.

Mary, the receptionist gave you a concerned look as you signed in, “He following you again?” she asked. “Yeah. I feel safe here because I know he won’t get past you” you smiled at her and she smiled back. Mary was one of the two people who knew about Mike harassing you and she had stopped him from contacting you on your work phone but she couldn’t stop him from contacting you on your personal phone. You waved at Mary as you stepped into the elevator, “Morning Y/N” you looked behind you to see your close friend and co-worker Negan. “Morning Negan. How are you?” you asked with a genuine smile on your face, it was never hard to be truly happy around Negan since he always knew exactly what to say to make you laugh or smile. “I’m good Y/N. What about you? That prick still following you and harassing you?” you had also told Negan about Mike because he found you crying at your desk when you though no one was around. “Yeah. He followed me home last night and to work this morning and called me at least fifty times last night, I don’t feel safe in my own home anymore even though I’ve had the locks changed, I even got a new phone but he found a way to call me and text me repeatedly. I just, I don’t know what to do anymore Negan” you felt the tears threatening to spill at any moment and Negan pulled you into a hug to calm you down. “How about I stay with you for a while, make sure you’re safe?” you looked up into the man’s face and the tears began to roll down your face “Really? You’d do that for me?” he nodded at your question. Maybe with Negan at home you’d feel safer and might actually be able to sleep.

Chapter 2

The rest of the day went by quite quickly; your phone had rung a few times but you didn’t have to look at it to know that it was Mike. The day ended and since Negan was going to be staying with you and he could drive you didn’t have to walk home. “We gotta go back to my place first so I can grab some stuff. That okay?” he asked as you put your seat-belt on, you nodded at his question and he drove towards his home. You waited in Negan’s living room while he grabbed some clothes and other stuff. He walked out of his bedroom about five minutes later “Okay. All done. Ready to go?” you nodded and followed him back to his car, you gave him the directions to your house while he was driving and when you pulled up outside of your apartment you unlocked the door for him so he could carry his bag inside. You had barely been at home for five minutes before you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, you pulled it out to see a very familiar number on the screen ‘WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY YOU JUST TOOK INTO YOUR APARTMENT?! YOU CHEATING ON ME YOU FUCKING BITCH?! YOU’RE A FUCKING SLUT’ you showed Negan the text and he clenched his jaw. He walked over to your window, opened the curtain slightly and peeked out at the street and he spotted a familiar figure across the street, the two men made eye contact before Negan shut the curtain again.

A few hours later

You were now sat on the couch eating takeout with Negan and he was pointing out all the errors on the show you were watching together, you laughed at him as he yelled at the tv that the guy on screen surviving a gunshot wound like that was impossible. You yawned and stretched as the show was ending, “You tired?” Negan asked from beside you.

“A little” you replied sleepily.

“You can go to bed if you want. I’ll make sure everything is okay before I go to sleep” you smiled at Negan. “Goodnight Negan” you said quietly before placing a soft kiss on his cheek before heading to bed. “Goodnight Y/N” he replied before you walked into your room. You crawled into bed and drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep, you hadn’t slept well since Mike had started harassing you but tonight was different, Negan was here and you actually felt safe.

The next morning you woke up when your alarm went off and you checked your phone that was on your bedside table to see that you had 20 text messages and 30 missed calls. Most of the text messages were him calling you a slut and asking you why ‘that prick’ hadn’t left your apartment, the most recent one that he had sent was five minutes ago threatening to break down your door and kick ‘that prick’s ass’ if he didn’t leave now. You groaned as you walked out of your room to show Negan the text messages. When you walked into the kitchen you were shocked to see Negan shirtless and making pancakes “M-morning Negan” he looked up from the food to you and smiled, you couldn’t help but admire his body. “Morning. You sleep okay?” he asked as he dished out the food and you both sat down at your table.

“It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. I woke up to this though” you slid your phone across the table to him and his jaw clenched and an angry look was etched across his features as he read through the messages. As you began to eat your food someone started pounding on the door to your apartment. “Who the fuck is that?” you asked and stood up to go see who it was but Negan grabbed your wrist and stopped you “I’ll go. Just in case its him.” He spoke as he walked ahead of you towards the door. Negan unlocked the door and opened it to a very angry looking Mike.

Chapter 3

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?! YOU FUCKING MY GIRL? HUH?! YOU PRICK!” Mike yelled, luckily all of your neighbors would be at work by now so he wouldn’t be waking anyone up. “She broke up with you months ago you ass. I suggest you back the fuck off and stop stalking her and harassing her you fucking prick” Negan was taller than Mike so he was looking down at him speaking at the man through his teeth. “That’s it” Mike then punched Negan in the jaw, Negan rubbed his face before turning back to Mike and punched his nose which knocked him back a bit and Negan just kept punching him over and over again. Negan was straddling Mike as he punched him, Mike got a few punches in here and there but Negan was winning. “Negan! Stop!” you yelled as you saw Mike’s appearance. His nose was definitely broken, his eye was swollen shut, his lip was swollen and he had lost a couple of teeth and Negan, well Negan looked fine, he had small cut on his lip from where Mike had caught him and his hand was covered in Mike’s blood but that was it.

Negan stood up and looked down at Mike who was still on the floor, bloodied and bruised. “You ever fucking come near her, touch her or contact her again and next time you’ll have more than a broken nose. Now I suggest you get out of here you fucking prick” Negan snarled at Mike through his teeth. Mike got up and looked at you with the eye that wasn’t swollen shut “Hope you’re happy with him you fucking bitch” he snarled as he walked off.

You grabbed Negan’s hand and dragged him back into your apartment and you just burst into tears, Negan put his arms around you and pulled you into his chest and stroked your hair as you sobbed into his bare chest. You pulled away after about five minutes and looked up at him with red, puffy eyes “Thank you Negan. Thank you so much for protecting me like that” Negan cupped your face in his hands and wiped the tears away “Anytime. I wasn’t going to stand there and do nothing while he spoke about that way” you smiled at the man in front of you and stood on your tiptoes and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “W-what was t-that for?” he asked when you pulled away, you smiled at him “It was a thank you. For being my protector. Now how about we get you lip and hand cleaned up?” he chuckled at you and nodded. You were thankful to have a man like Negan in your life, someone who would protect you and care for you no matter what.

Ice cream?

Will stared out the window, wondering if there would be any activity, knowing there wouldn’t be.
Even with the vacant building the work still sucked, especially in the winter months. But hey, that’s what you get for working in an ice cream shop in the middle of New York, in friggin’ winter. Though He couldn’t complain too much, the pay was decent considering, and anything giving him some cash through college was a blessing from the gods, or even God with a capital G, Will didn’t really care what you believed as long as he got paid.
He sat in a bar stool chair, looking the across counter. Dull eyes glazed over the brown wrist watch on his arm, not even registering the time as slender fingers buried themselves in soft blonde curls.
He sighed, “Why am I even here? Not like there’s any customers… and no thanks to the Stolls, I’m the only one here today”, he grumbled softly, rolling his eyes in exasperation.
He checks his watch again, actually looking for the time, and sighs, “Still two hours till my shift is over…”
Resigned he decided he might as well get some kind of work done while he waits for the endless stream of customers never to come. The only ones crazy enough to come to an ice cream shop in the dead of winter were probably all dying of some hypothermia or something, skinny dipping in ice like the psychos they are.
He threw open his backpack, ruffling through the many loose papers shoved into the pockets. He’d have to remember to clean this out, get his stuff organized sometime. More like get my life organized, Will thought bitterly, lugging the hefty micro biology textbook out of his bag.
It made a bang on the counter just as the little bell rang above the door, signaling his peace and tranquility were over.
“So much for studying..”, he mumbled under his breath.
He scooted the book off to the side, hiding it from view, planning to reopen it once this sucker was gone. He lifted his gaze, a well practiced sales smile plastered across his face, “Hello, welcome to Olympian Ice I’m-”
His words seemed to have been caught in his throat, his eyes staring, wide, at the man in front of him.
Oh hot damn, he thought, fighting the urge to whistle.
Dark, chocolate eyes met his, a shy smile playing on his lips. A curl of black, as if ink from a pen, fell forward and he can’t help the urge to brush it away from his olive skin, if not to see more of his face.
Will finally realizes he’d been staring as the man looks a bit uncomfortable, a hand reaching behind his neck nervously.
Will blinks, a blush forming on his cheeks, “I’m sorry, could you please repeat that?”
The man laughs, a rich sound floating to his ears and he wishes he could say something funny, if only he could hear that sound again.
“I said, you kind of just stopped at I’m… so, unless that’s your name, which is totally cool…”, he tailed off, a light Italian accent playing in his words, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Will quickly rushes to amend his mistake as the man looked on expectantly.
“Oh- oh! Right,” will laughs nervously, “No, I’m Will Solace!”
But someone as fine as you could call me whatever he wanted, will thought. Or intended to think.
He wasn’t very good with his brain to mouth filter. And unfortunately for him, the man has ears, who knew!
“I’m sorry, what was that?” The man in front of him said, obviously having heard, a rose color dusting over his nose.
Will’s eyes widened and he blurted out, “I said A man like you could go for ice cream!”
Nice save Will, nice save, he reprimanded harshly to himself.
Oh, like you could do better.
I could try.
Wow, he really has to remember not to talk to himself, people might think he’s crazy.
“-that’ll be it, thanks.” The man smiled and Will realized he’d been taking an order the whole time he was having his little… conversation.
Will laughed nervously, “Alright! I’ll get you that right away!”
The man walked away from the counter and Will looked at all the flavors in front of him, though not without a glance at mystery man. (Hey, if he was gonna get fired after today, might as well, he’s screwed everything else up, right? What’s one more complaint from this handsome specimen going to do?)
The array of flavors and cones in front of him could have been ordered in any array of combinations. He was seriously screwed. His mouth set into a determined line, jaw squared. Let’s do this thing!
Nico stared at the man behind the counter, watching as his hands deftly used the ice cream scoopers. Will looked up and Nico quickly adverted his gaze, whistling quietly, trying to be inconspicuous. What was he doing here, he didn’t even know what flavor he asked for, he chucked to himself at his thoughts. He couldn’t help but steal another glance at the blonde haired beauty behind the counter. Those sky blue eyes made him forget his own name, he was so glad the man had made a falter of his own, for Nico had could hardly read his name tag, too nervous. He watched as his toned arms dug deep into the solid cream, and for a guy who worked in an ice cream shop in the middle of winter, with a short sleeve uniform shirt (which you wouldn’t be hearing Nico complain about) he seemed pretty okay with the cold.
It probably helped it was about 70 degrees in here though.
“Uh, sir,” the man called, “your ice cream is done.”
Nico looked over at where the voice had come from, oh god, more talking, he thought nervously.
Shoving his hands in his dark jeans, as to not play with the ring on his finger, he walks over to the counter, eyes glancing at the sparse tip jar.
“I’m surprised a guy like you doesn’t have more tips,” he mutters, mostly to himself.
“What was that?” The man asks and a blush irrupts on Nico’s face.
“Oh nothing,” he laughs nervously, paying for his creamy treat.
“Thanks,” he smiles, taking the receipt.
“There is a survey that you can fill out, to express how you thought the service was,” Will said, his voice sounding tense with nervousness.
“Alright,” Nico said, a smile on his face, grabbing a pen and paper.
The man walked out of the store, the paper left sitting on the table.
Will stared at it, as if the man had just signed his death warrant.
Here goes nothing, he thought bitterly, walking over to the table to retrieve it.
His eyes skimmed it, (yeah, say whatever you want about being a bad employee, but hey, he just left it out, what else was I supposed to do?) and practically bit off his tongue as he saw what was written at the bottom.

It was a number, and a note addressed to him:
The name’s Nico by the way, call me sometime ;)

Will stared at the note, slowly pulling out his phone, putting in the number.
He would definitely be calling sometime.
Maybe this job wasn’t so bad after all.

Final Night at Freddy’s - Part 9

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Faith tried to warn them, but it was too little, too late.  Mike and Jeremy struck thin air as the phantom of Freddy winked out of sight.  The pair careened solidly into the opposing wall; a string of venomous cuss-words soon followed.

“Are you guys okay?” Faith worried as she approached, although she was biting down a few chuckles.  The fellows both grunted in the affirmative and carefully helped each other stand.

The moment they were upright, Faith found herself sandwiched in a familiar double-hug.

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