this guy's vocals are the shit

how bts are in bed

Jin: Vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. Still open to venturing out into freakier things for you if you want. Romantic. Loves giving oral. Gentle, slow, intimate love making. Rose petals. Body worship. Likes morning sex and sex late at night in candlelight. Loves when you wear lace.

Yoongi: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Yoongi is lazy in bed. Dominant. Likes doggystyle. LOVES getting his dick sucked. Isn’t very vocal aside from a few grunts and small dirty whispers. Loves you in red/black. Knee socks. Blindfolds you. His fingers in your mouth after he fingers you. Orgasm denial. Light choking. Spontaneous sex. Make up sex. 

Hoseok: THIS BOY. This boy. So adventurous, he’ll do almost anything if you’re down. Energetic. Hair pulling. FAST AS FUCK BOI. but he can also be slow and sweet. over-stimulation ! as ! fuck ! handcuffs. lowkey got a daddy kink. likes to see your eyes when you doin it so its more emotional. “you like that baby?” VOCAL AS SHIT. biting and scratching (receiving). loves when you praise him. 

Namjoon: DADDY AS FUCK. light bdsm. loves when you wear garter belts, all black, fishnets. gags. will try and let you be dominant but will always eventually be the dominant one. spanking. bondage. punishment. orgasm denial. likes to brag about his sex life. sex in odd places, not always in the bed. loves kissing and biting your inner thighs. likes when you ride him. an ass guy. 

Jimin: likes when you’re in control. LOVES being praised. Likes it when you wear soft, light lace. likes to be blindfolded or tied up. loves oral, giving and receiving. covers you in hickeys. really good at hitting that certain spot. kisses every single inch of your body. often wakes you up with sex. loves receiving body worship. small muffled moans. “fuck fuck fuck” when he cums. lazy sunday morning sex. 

Taehyung: a switch. can be dominant and submissive. kinda a freak but he’s shy about it. loves a view of your ass. heavy panting and low moans. his eyes roll back into his head a lot. might crack jokes to see you smile.kisses and licks you up and down. loves playing with your nipples. its more about pleasuring you than him, he loves seeing you squirm in pleasure. loves when you say his name. intimate positions. likes when you wear his clothes after. “kiss me.” a big snuggle bunny when you’re done.

Jungkook: really shy at first but after a while gets more confident. constantly asks if you’re okay with what he’s doing. so. much. cursing. likes it fast. hair pulling, neck kissing. praises you. constantly tells you that you’re beautiful. sloppy kissing with lip biting. loves when you leave scratches on his back. lightly dominant. spanking. always makes you cum first.

all memery aside there really is a huge chunk of the cuckolding community that’s racist as shit. some men (certainly theyre the most vocal ones online) get off on seeing their wife “degraded” by a “savage” black guy while they watch helplessly, complete with extremely liberal use of the n-word and objectification of the black man in question by never referring to him as anything other than his dick. even if the bull explicitly consents to all of that, it’s not like the couple is taking his views into account and doing all that because it turns him on; rather, they were planning on doing that shit anyways and just happened to find someone okay with it

so yeah i dont really feel that bad for cucks and will continue mocking them, sorry erika moen

Hamilton characters as things I've said

Alexander: The rappers only rap about the shorties and this shortie got low

John: Gotta pull out my gayometer beeeep beeeeeeeeeeep oops you broke it

Hercules: hold on mom I gotta change, my outfit doesn’t match that restaurants aesthetic

Lafayette: Vous êtes les pièces de merde
(You guys are pieces of shit)

Aaron: shut your fucking mouth or I’ll rip out your vocal cords and sell them on eBay

Thomas: I almost threw up from looking at you

James: *sneezes* death awaits


Eliza: sHIT IS HE LOOKING AT ME?! WHAT DO I DO???? *winks and finger guns to him* HES WALKING AWAY NOOOO

Angelica: *crush waves* *waves at crush* hey how are you doin- *crush walks past*

Peggy: Oh my whole family left the house without telling me. ok

Maria: Y'all are some horny motherfuckers

s e v e n t e e n ✗ VALENTINES

seventeen have decided to whip up some valentines for us lovely carats ;u; feel free to send these to ur boo when that special day rolls around!

vocal unit

hip hop unit

performance unit

oh gosh

special thanks to: @purplelucia @chanthepeach and thank u to cel @incorrect7teen for helping me with hosh’s!

as always thank ya for all the lov n support on these shitty mc shit valentines, u guys have some hilarious tags lol. from choco n the gang, as well as seventeen, have an amazing valentines day. eat all the cream ya want, i strongly support. 

kpop male groups as students
  • BIGBANG: been in highschool for 10 years. super smart and funny but have been held back because they all managed to fail their tests. still cool though and the younger students throw rose petals at their feet as they walk the halls. one guy managed to pass the test so everyone is sh00k and super sad. savage but cute
  • EXO: memes. everyone likes them except the teachers. lost a few squad members as they transfered countries. hard to keep track of but they still c00l af. everyone knows their jokes and they all have managed to get hella good grades. also hella rich and have their own table with aspiring ceos and football stars lol
  • BTS: teachers hate them. stand on tables and throw books because they refuse to be apart of the schooling system. started riots during exam period but didn't get expelled. hella cute and are involved in every club. sometimes problematic but everyone somehow loves them hehe
  • SUPER JUNIOR : most of them are in uni. everyone knows like, that one squad member because he was savage. sometimes that one guy comes back and they have a ceremony but people forget him eventually lol. senior students still remember them from freshmen year. used to take up the whole damn cafeteria cause they wouldnt stop recruiting members.
  • SEVENTEEN: lost a few guys in primary. replaces suju's spot in the cafeteria and eats all the goddamn food. everyone knows them when they're walking around in the halls as a group but separately... nah fam. sometimes you can hear the vocal members in music class from the otherside of the building
  • GOT7: gets shit grades but people love them. one guy made them hella popular because he was too extra in class. some members are unpopular but they still have freshman chasing them lmao. sit at the front of class and you can hear their laughter from outside. ruined the school play by dabbing everytime they went on stage. became viral tho so it was worth it
  • MONSTA X: freshman love them because they're extra at the appropriate times. Too early or too late to trends but they're still a crowd pleaser hehe. teachers hate them because they got scholarships for "no reason" (even though they're very smart!!). photo day is their day
  • ASTRO: everyone loves them. teachers love them. the principle hates them because they distract everyone with their happiness. pass all of their exams and are involved in many clubs. everyone only knows that one guy tho because of his photo day picture (he looked hella g00d)
  • BAP: got expelled for doing the same shit as bts l o l. but the principle called them back in after a few years because he realized that they got scholarships for a reason lmao
  • INFINITE: no one knows every single guy individually but they can sense their outgoing atmosphere, yknow. everyone ignores them but they also don't want them to graduate and leave lol
  • VIXX: no one talks to them because they're scared they will get roasted and become twitter famous lol
  • KNK: known for being the tall freshmen. no they dont play on the basketball team. no one knows their names but its because they seem shy when in reality everyone's too lazy to look up all the time and talk to them so they just ignore them
  • SHINee: did they graduate? no. the teachers won't let them so they have to suffer a few more years. worth it tho because they inspire every student. sometimes bring chaos into the school but the principle is cool about it lol
  • NCT : freshmen who appeared from nowhere. jk they were in their rooms srudying the entire time cause their parents were hella strict. had to be split up into groups according to favorite subjects because the teachers felt sorry for the cafeteria ladies at this point. some guys are in more than one group tho cause their parents hate them yikes
  • BtoB: no one remembers their grades. they just know them lmao because they're handsome and speak in a lot of ceremonies. seniors who look like they've been friends for 15 years. kinda quiet but... also hella loud lmao
  • WINNER: one guy left the school and everyone cried. got shitty grades because the teachers forgot about them. had some amazing test results but no one noticed
  • iKON: were supposed to be studying music but somehow their main subject became japanese. no one knows what they do because they all spend their life in that goddamn japanese class room. teachers pay too much attention to them but do nothing oml
  • Shinhwa : older than half of the teachers. no one remembered them but they still walked into school 5 days after reunion day and somehow everyone kind of did remember them... idk lol. got good grades and sort of encouraged the students after them to pursue their dreams :'). still hella old tho

everyone is gay: the sequel // evak & magnus

even and magnus are hiding something from isak.
(sequel to everyone is gay: the musical)

When both of their phones go off at the same time, it means either one of two things: 1) Eskild is telling them to keep the noise levels down, or 2) there’s a new message in the guys’ groupchat.

Since the closest contact they have with each other’s fun zones (at the present moment, at least) is Isak lying with his head in Even’s lap, Even can only assume it’s the latter.

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I KNEW IT I FUCKING KNEW IT I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY but yEAH. GUYS. FRANZ LISZT’S VOICE IS OUT THERE ON WAX CYLINDER AND I AM FREAKING OUT OKAY LIKE. I was gonna type this out as I was listening to him but i couldn’t because holy shit his voice is everything I could ever wish for I swear I could feel myself melting in my chair. It’s really hard to hear because wax cylinder recordings are all crackly and shit but Liszt’s voice has this really chocolatey, buttery quality to it, like his piano hands are caressing your vocal cords as he speaks. g o d.  G O D. It’s as though he came back to life and is seducing people all over again.

dating mark!!

2/? for the dating series!

lets get on it!


- so,,, y'all meet during trainee days

- he’s the new trainee and you help him cause you were from canada too

- “ok so this is training room 2 and oMG PUT JAEHYUN PUT YOUR SHIRT ON”

- tbh that was mark first impression for jaehyun and still teases him to this day

- anyway 

- you asked him what he got in for (rap, dance, vocals, or acting)

- and he was like

-“rap cause i got that canadian swag

- turns out you rap too!

- you guy had this deep ass convo about your fave rappers and shit

- btw ur a 99 liner too (or whatever u want but)

- you guys became pretty tight

- and both developed feeling for each other but those don’t get announced for a while 00ps

- time skiP 4.5 yEArS

- sO now markipoo is about to debut nd you still hAVENT jeSus

-  mark still likes u a lot and vice versa

- like with doyoungs, the guys pretty much pressure him into confessing messing cause e all know he wouldn’t

- so like he wrote this rap for u aND its!! so!! sweet!!

- he like strummed his guitar and rapped and uGH yOU almOST crIeD

- all yo members were like “jeno beTTA DO THIS FOR ME OR IM SUING”

- anyway ofc u accepted cause,,,, he’s mark


- the one that everyone wants to be 


- you would wake up to texts asking if you’ve eaten, slept, and had a good day

- like maRk i sHoUlD bE asKINg yOU thAt

- he isn’t into pda tho

- like occasionally u will get a nose peck or smth but that as about it

- its cool tho cause ur not into it either


- like oneday u were like

- “mark i drew a bird  (like the one thats a curvy line y’know) isn’t i- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE UR EYEBROWS FUCKAHKSHH”

- “I’m breaking up w u” - mark

- he doesn’t mean it tho

- he loves u sm like its crazy

- he will give the bEST hugs

- and cuddles!

- he just pulls u into his chest and wraps his arms around you uHGHG

- conversations that switch between english and korean

- sometimes confusing as hell cause he talks fast and u can’t tell whether it was eng or kor and just nod along


- and even tho he aint a vocal, he’s a vocal


- like he just whisper raps and it soUND SO GOOD

- always raps to u

- lmao his confession rap was cringe as hell

- “u nd i got that sw-sw-swag and those sk-sk-skills”


- he makes that face,,, you know,,, the one where he just stares blankly for a sec (pros  cause he forgot it and had to take a moment to remember)



- remember y'all r only 99 liners so nO FUNNY STUFFZIES 

- taeyong, doyoung and jaehyun had to give y'all the talk

- u guys couldn’t make eye contact until 3 days later

- when marks sad, you make sure to give him the biggest hug and let him vent out his feelings

- usually r about missing home and having the stress of debuting in tHrEE groups 

- you just whisper like “one day, we can go to canada together”

- and he looks up at u with his puppy eyes nd

- “promise?”

- “promise.”


- u and johnny made a diss track about sm

- “yo,,,uh,,,johnny boi hasnt debuted,,,uh,,,I’ve been a trainee for 6.9 years,,,check,,”

- it was trash but it was YOUR trash

- mark once got jelly of jaehyun cause u guys r really close like siblings

- “yo jaehyun sauce le peppers’

- “why can’t i sauce the peppers :(” - mark

- y'all haven’t really gotten into a fight

- like u’ve disagreed b4 but not a full out fight or anything

- once tho, he told u were “untalented and helpless” cause you accidentally spilled iced tea on him when he was super stressed out

- and u cried for like 8 hours 


- he felt so bad like he had to ask his members for help

- ‘mark are actually dumb” - everyone

- he found u curled up in a ball outside on a park bench

- and held u and wouldn’t stop apologizing

- on a higher note

- when he first said “i love you”

- he went to ur debut showcase

- and when u came off stage like all hot n sweaty 

- mark low-key died

- anyway he like hugged u and was like

- “i love u sm”

- and y'all just froze

- “did u-”

- “did i-”


- u made him send it to u cause like,,, y not


- I WOULD KILL TO DATE HIM (hahah thats to far but i loaf him)


thanks for reading! 

i will probs post like all of them cause i have a week off school (march break)

anyway, love y'all :)

- emma

Week of February 19 - 25, 2017

Killer Snails again?

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

In relation to an upcoming battle coming up - gurl, you need to calm the fuck down. I think it’s great that you have chosen to pick a side, but you don’t have to get so damn vocal about that shit to the point of shoving it in our throats. Give the rest of us a chance to formulate our own opinions and be respectful of whichever side we choose – even if it’s shitty, okay?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Bitch, you are so intent on plunging into the next thing that you’re not thinking straight. Because if you were, you’d notice that you have a lot of unfinished business to attend to. And not getting that shit straightened out will have a profound impact on that next big thing you’re so fucking amped about. It won’t hurt to take a few steps back and to make sure you’ve crossed all T’s and dotted them I’s.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Why are you sticking with this bitch who doesn’t believe in you? I know, I know, she’s some big-name ho in your career world and she could really make or break you. But gurl, relying on her is not going to do you any favors in the long run. You mustn’t live in fear, dearie. If your shit can slay, then you don’t need this nasty queen.

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Note: This one came out so cute at the end. It’s basically from everyone’s point of view except yours. I’m trying a different approach haha.


  1. Request where Daveed is super nervous and can never get a word out around Y/N because he likes her so much. He writes a rap song about her that the rest of the cast discovers (without him knowing) and Rafael performs it while the rest of the cast does the back-up vocals for a Ham4Ham and it ends with Y/N kissing Daveed and asking him out. I’m sorry this prompt is so long, I just absolutely adore your writing. Thank you!

Word Count: 2157

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: None, secondhand embarrassment, Daveed being a shy lil bean

“Hey Daveed,” You greeted, walking into the room. “What’s up, Rafa?”

“Hey,” Daveed said softly, his brain automatically forgetting every word he’d ever learned.

“Hey Y/N, how was your day?” Rafa said, striking up a conversation.

“Eh, tiring, but I’m fine.” You sighed, leaning against the doorway Daveed’s dressing room. “What about you guys?”

“My day’s been great. I’ve just been hanging around. Talking to people, eating, writing, you know the drill.” Rafa chuckled.

“Nice.” You laughed. “What about you Daveed? How was the show?”

Daveed hesitated before responding. “It was good.”

“Good? That’s it? C’mon, you can do better than that, Diggs.” Rafa said, making Daveed shrug.

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EXO Reaction ~ They Think You’re Cheating On Them but The Guy You’ve Been Seen With Is Your Brother.

Request:  Exo reaction Ot12 when they think you are cheating on them because of rumors of you dating with a guy but the guy was your brother :D thanks ILoveUrBlog

A/N: Okay so I’m going to type up the next Aesthetic tonight, hopefully have it posted tonight too ~ ily all 


Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

Suho would go completely from being mad at you, to the horrible rumors then at himself for believing in that kind of nonsense knowing you wouldn’t do such thing. He’d apologize to you and your brother repeatedly for any harm caused by any hateful EXO-Ls and would do anything to make it up to you.

Ah Jagiya, I should have knew he was your brother - You look so alike…”  


Originally posted by mybeasvocalbangseveryone

Baekhyun had no idea that you had a brother so when saw you being hugged in the sm lobby by a ‘suspicious male’ he ran and told Kyungsoo that he saw you with another guy straight away not wanting him to find out from the media. When Soo found out his heart dropped and had to find out himself by checking the security cameras. 

To say Baek got a ‘small’ beating after Soo saw it was your brother dropping you off was an understatement. 

How was I supposed to know they were siblings?!


Originally posted by purpleuhan

Sehun almost shit himself when he saw all the rumors and pictures this mystery guy was in with your family on your instagram. He took a pile of screenshots and you only laughed at him for a few hours.

“Oh my gosh it’s not funny, y/n. I was generally annoyed… I haven’t even got into one of your family pics yet.”


Originally posted by xiundeer

Would be literal shocked when he found out that the guy you were rumored to be rumored to be cheating on him with is your brother, making him feel bad for ranting at you.

In my defense you look nothing alike and you were hugging in that picture…


Originally posted by parkchny

Tries to make up four hundred and ten excuses under the sun on how that he never doubted you for a second but he was actually really intimidated by your death glare.

This was fate trying to test us, I swear ~ but I never trusted those shady rumors in the first place…


Originally posted by wugalaxy

Kris would look up from his phone and shrug it off as if it wasn’t a big deal, pulling you onto his lap.

As if you would cheat on me, I’m totally your style.


Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Once this little shit realized that he got into a complete misunderstanding, he would try to make it up to you with the worst possible aegyo and a bunch of gifts even though you already told him it was all chill.

But jagi I feel bad, have this plushy bear please.. It’ll make me feel a little better


Originally posted by luderella

When Chanyeol found out through the rumors, he was running around your shared apartment punching the air saying how no other man was allowed to touch his girl. After you explained the ‘other man’ was your brother he nearly dropped like a fish.

I knew that, I was practicing my throws for when guys actually started to flirt with you.


Originally posted by cuaks

Not at all did you expect the reaction you had got from Yixing, who straight up ranted at you with an actual vocal list on how much better “that guy you’re supposedly cheating on him with” he is. What shocked you the most was when he told you that his penis was cute and what shocked HIM was when you told him that that “guy you aren’t cheating on him with” is your big bro.

Well shit fam… My penis is still Kawaii…


Originally posted by chokaivlicious

Okay but you walk home and see Jongin dancing in the kitchen to Sexy Back and he’s running his fingers through his hair looking at you like he wants to bring you to the bedroom.

Jongin Please, if this is about those rumors he’s my brother and I will show u fucking baby pictures.”


Originally posted by wooyoung

Will bring you to all of your favorite places to make it up to you for accusing you of cheating because of filthy rumors but gets super pissed off when some guy at the hot dog stand in the theme park starts to hit on you; so he knocks him out for six.

Jesus Christ, Baekhyun… I thought we established already that I wasn’t leaving you for anyone.


Originally posted by lil-duckling

Would have a silent hissy fit to himself even though he found out the guy was actually your brother, because in the process he found out he was a Gucci model too and owned more collections than him.

Are you sure he won’t lend me his 2015 Summer Collection Leather Jacket?

~ Admin Bry/Kai

I had too much fun making this omfg.

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of February 19 - 25, 2017

Killer Snails again?

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

In relation to an upcoming battle coming up - gurl, you need to calm the fuck down. I think it’s great that you have chosen to pick a side, but you don’t have to get so damn vocal about that shit to the point of shoving it in our throats. Give the rest of us a chance to formulate our own opinions and be respectful of whichever side we choose – even if it’s shitty, okay?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Bitch, you are so intent on plunging into the next thing that you’re not thinking straight. Because if you were, you’d notice that you have a lot of unfinished business to attend to. And not getting that shit straightened out will have a profound impact on that next big thing you’re so fucking amped about. It won’t hurt to take a few steps back and to make sure you’ve crossed all T’s and dotted them I’s.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Why are you sticking with this bitch who doesn’t believe in you? I know, I know, she’s some big-name ho in your career world and she could really make or break you. But gurl, relying on her is not going to do you any favors in the long run. You mustn’t live in fear, dearie. If your shit can slay, then you don’t need this nasty queen.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

There is so much going on in your life, that you’re having a difficult time tracking the things you’re saying to people. But then you get all cranky when something appears inconsistent in your eyes, regardless of whether that’s the case or not. Quite frankly, it’s driving the rest of us crazy! If you don’t watch it, we’re gonna start audio recording the shit out of you.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

There is a predicament you’re in and you can’t pinpoint why that shit looks familiar to you. My dear, it’s time to go back to the library of your past. As you’ll see, that shit has gotten dusty. Now, once you’re in there (and vacuumed), make sure you only take the books which contain the lessons you need to battle your current situation. Don’t get stuck in the past, gurl.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Here’s the thing about debating on social media. No matter how you paint it, no matter what privacy settings you may have, Facebook is sort of a public space. And in front of peers and temporary tricks, no one wants to appear wrong - coz that shit is humiliating. So when you’re exchanging words with another ho on there, keep what I just said in mind. If two people keep insisting on being right, then that’s just wrong, gurr.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You tend to keep an eye on the prize without considering the consequences. You may be in a situation where you’re so consumed with getting your own shit together that you forgot to clue in your loved ones of your plans. I know that multi-tasking is hard for y’alls, but at some point, you’ll have to relinquish some control. Because the big surprise is that, your loved ones can actually help you out with some of that shit - if you let them.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

There is a truth that lies beneath the several colorful options you like to obsess on. And the truth is something you may be refusing to look at. Gurl, I get it. But at some point, the options will run out and you’ll have to take a long hard look at that T. It’s better to tackle that shit now before it gets worse. And just between you, me and my 5,000+ followers, this can get real fucking bad real fast.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

You’re mentally vain these days. You’re getting so caught up in your own concepts and ideas that you’re beginning to reject other bitches’ opinions. And look, a lot of queens out there are stupid, I get that. But I know you well enough to trust that the kind of hos you associate with are level-headed, smart people. I wouldn’t completely negate what they have to say.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Okay, so there is such a thing as having too much perspective. And honestly, some of us bitches can stand to learn something without you having to dictate that shit to us. You are a huge proponent of growth – gurl, I’ve seen you check out guys’ crotches at the gym – so why not let the rest of us evolve through our own clusterfucks?

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Shit is getting real in your gayborhood. Normally, you’d choose to tuck yourself away in your Architectural Digest worthy queen cave, but this time, there’s a possibility of this clusterfuck hitting too close to home. I suggest that you use that same determination you employ when you’re clawing your way to the top of the workplace food chain, into making a difference in other poor bitches’ causes.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Vocalizing your wants and desires, no matter how weird they sound in your mind, is the key to surviving this week. Holding back that shit will cause them to accumulate in your head and all of a sudden, you don’t have the capability to think of other things. The big surprise here, is that a lot of bitches can actually relate to some of your quirky ideas. It’s okay to speak out, queen.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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Full confession: “To the people saying that Taker picked Roman to retire him. You’re all wrong. Taker has made it known more than once over the years that he wanted Cena to break the streak and retire him. Roman was chosen by Vince as more of a ‘long term booking’ thing to help build Roman’s character. Taker wanted Cena to retire him this year since Vince fucked up and had Brock break the streak. Vince said no and we got Roman instead. The ultimate choice is Vince’s, not Taker’s to make. Don’t believe me? There are multiple sources out there that back all of this up. From as early as 2012, before Brock broke the streak, Taker was saying that he wanted Cena to break the streak and retire him in the same night. Instead we got Vince’s shit booking and Taker wrestled 3 more years after the initial streak breaking match. Well respected reporters in the wrestling community were saying this past week that Taker made it very vocal that he wanted Cena to retire him this year, but instead we got that shitshow of a match he was in for Total Bellas filming and Taker got the most hated man in the WWE right now to retire him. Remember though guys, Roman is a face. Nobody is safe from Vince’s shit booking, including The Undertaker. You are highly delusional if you honestly think that Taker ‘chose’ Roman for his match at WM.”

So…once again people are twitching saying Lauren has proved for the millionth time her and Camila aren’t anything and never were. Okay this “like” would definitely convince anyone who hasn’t seen these two on a red carpet or behind the scenes when they think too much is going on for anyone to pay attention to them. The 2016 BBMA in May and the AMA red carpet in November (which was 2 days after Lauren came out) are all the proof I need to know that there is waaaaaay more to their relationship than what they say is going on. Not to mention the tumblr reblogs they post are basically a dialogue between two people. Oh and the timing of their emotions and moods. They both speak of missing someone or needing someone or feeling loved at the same time. Are we supposed to ignore that. Also, Lauren always seems to go extra hard when the indirects between them become more obvious… Check the history of her Camren comments. Her denial always seems to follow a strong Camren movement. For me its like she’s trying to misdirect us to protect the cover and privacy of their relationship. And Mila does it too. Her over use of “boy” in interviews. Like when you’re straight you don’t have to always emphasize that you’re dates are with boys…😂 like come on. And the fact that she talks about wanting and needing a boyfriend so much, is such a turn off to guys. I’ve asked both my brothers how they feel about women who are super vocal about wanting a boyfriend and they both said it makes a girl seem desperate and it flies a red flag for most guys to run in the other direction. It’s like Mila purposely talks about boys too much to keep them away. Then she hops on tumblr the day Lauren goes out of town for damn near a month and she reblogs all kinds of emo shit but then throws a girl and guy up in the mix to throw us off. Maybe my delusions ARE getting the best of me or maybe there is more to all of this than what they want us to bdelusionalI have seen too many moments between them with both my eyes to not believe in Camren. Plus I remember JayZ and Beyonce denying their relationship even after photos of them emerged. And they dated for years and even got married before they admitted to being together publically. Beyonce once said the reason why she denied their relationship even though people knew they were together was because it protected the sanctity of their love and it also made people not ask about their relationship status…sound familiar? I know I’ll be called crazy and delusional for this post. But I’m used to it. I’ve shipped a lot of people in the past and when they truly moved I was happy for them and even shipped some of their new partners. So if Camren ever come out and say they are in love with someone else, I’ll be prepared to move on. Until that day…I’m f*cking #teamcamren😏 (AMA) (BBMA) PS: another Munchkin also said Lauren could have just liked the first tweet and then saw the photo of her and Mila and unliked the tweet. Also a possibility. 😘 (don’t know if you want to be tagged but you know who you are 😏)

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Sex with Hux headcanons?:3

-Armi Hux is a very cold man. Cold and calculating.

-But with you, he fucking woRSHIPS YOU.

-He’s usually quiet during sex, except when he’s nearing his end, he can get up to screaming sometimes.

-He’s the master of dirty talk, lemme explain you a thing.

-He does call you names. But not all the time, he makes sure you’re comfortable with it.

-Middle of the night sex

-He has a hair kink. Course the bastard doesn’t admit it but when you touch his hair, he loses it.

-He can and will make you beg if you both want that hard enough.

-He loves kissing your neck, jaw and collar bones.

-He also leaves tons of hickeys there. What a bitch.

-He always starts with a make out session.

-And they are fucking hot make out sessions. Tounges, teeth, sucking and softly biting. :,-)

-Ok poor millicent has been on the bed while you two are going at it. She’s literally just like, “Why are daddy and (mommy/daddy) screaming????? Why is everything shaking???? Why is it so hot in here????”
I love that cat

-Quickies. No doubt about that. It’s a miracle if it’s something other than a quick oral session, grinding or thigh riding. Mmmm, grinding :3

-Sometimes when either you or Mit have a hard day, you’ll make slow love to each other. 👌

-After sex cuddles. You guys talk in hushed tones while you draw patterns on each other’s skin. (ya know in Requiem for a Dream where Harry and Marion are doing that??? Yeah, kinda like that. that movie makes me so uncomfortable holy shit)

-Rushed morning sex. Sometimes you don’t even your clothes off. the poor man just nEEDS TO CUM OK


-Also expect him to be vocal when you suck him off. :,3

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After finally capturing his S/O, Reaper discovers they won't react to anything he does. Pain? Things that should make them sad or angry? Nothing. Until Sombra starts cracking jokes, and the S/O laughs. They have the ultimate poker face, but can not hold in laughter. How would Reaper react?


It wasn’t supposed to be this way, you were supposed to show him some sort of reaction. Who in the hell could stay so cool and collected when they had claws digging deep into their skin. Reaper had even gone as far as tracking down your worried family and slaughtered them, bringing you back photographs as proof for what he had done. Now you had nothing to go back to. But, he had been expecting you to cry or scream at him; maybe even hit and scratch at him. No matter what he did to you, you wouldn’t give him any reactions; face stoic and nothing more than the sound of breathing coming from you. 

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Dating Minho would include

- this boy is a walking joke ready to happen, so it’s basically you making fun of him….a lot, like you’re savage, you bring in shit from like 2009

- Minho can dish out fire too, so to others you guys are so harsh to each other but that’s not even it, you both just thick skinned people who love each other AND making fun of each other

- “Minho? Why are you pushing me away? Do you need some dibidibidistance?” “Get out of my house y/n.”

- late nights in the town with him and the rest of shinee, watching them down shots and tipsy Minho insist that he should be the main vocal

- jonghyun and onew playing with your hair, then Minho gets mad and sits with you on the edge of the table, his arm literally crushing yours and you’re like Minho l e t g o

- Minho giving you a heart attack whenever he sneezes because like…..why are you so extra about sneezing….

- Minho really loves when you dress him, he doesn’t like to do it too early in the mornings because he’s tired and so he lets you pick and just lays back and smiles while you happily go through his closet

- making up dumb handshakes for different reasons, like for anything, Minho wanted to make a handshake for whenever you guys just had sex but you shot that one down

- “but it would be so cool! We could-” “I said no Minho”

- Minho refusing to hide your relationship, you’d try to look out for him and insist that it was okay he hid you but, Minho would have none of it, “I’m in love with you, if my fans accept that or not isn’t what’s important, you need to know that”

- sometimes Minho makes you so emotional becauSe it’s so rare and he makes you cry sometimes but then he doesn’t know what to do and panics and calls Jonghyun and jonghyun doesn’t know what the fuck to do either so it’s just you sobbing on the bed and Minho running around behind you searching ‘how to make girlfriend stop crying’ on Google

- from playful sex that ranges to holy shit we need a safe word because the way Minho fucks you is 100% dependent on so many things like how many times key pissed him off and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you

- Minho adoring you when you snuggled up to him before bed, like laying your head on his hard chest and draping a leg over him because he wants you like that and feeling safe with him 24/7 because he values you so much it’s amazing to him.

Chris Jericho Sex Headcannons

Okay. I’m Chris Jericho trash, I’m also trash for a lot more wrestlers. But I decided to do headcannons for him. 

I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you want more headcanons, don’t hesitate to ask for more!

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- I feel like he’d be vocal in sex, mostly because he is a rockstar. Nothing too extreme, just the hot moans and groans, maybe a little ‘fuck’ and/or ‘shit’ from him.

-Dirty talk is a must with him. 

- Would on many occasions use his scarves to tie you up so he could have his way with you. Also wouldn’t mind as much if you tied him up too.

- Great at giving head. So whenever you get bored of him talking mindlessly, you know how to put his mouth to a better use. Plus he’s probably great at it. Also, I bet if you pulled his hair, he’d make the sweetest sound ever.

- I feel like he wouldn’t mind being top or bottom. Either way he gets to see your body on show so ‘tis all good to him.

- Has a Daddy kink for days.

- Will fuck you wherever he can.

- I get quite a bi kind of vibe from him, so I feel like if you guys did have a threesome, he wouldn’t mind if it was with a guy or not. 

- I feel like if he found out you had tattoo’s one day, he’d beg to see them. Then he’d fall in love and fuck you. Like bro probably has a huge love for tattoos.

- Because he’s an older guy, he would bring you to orgasm so quickly. So the orgasm ratio would probably be 3:1 to you. I feel like he’d feel the need to give you so much so that you were completely satisfied after.


So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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Boyfriend Haechan pt.2

this is all for you @brokentingkerbell ;))

  • honestly you’d be blessed yet unfortunate to have lee donghyuck as your boyfriend
  • blessed because he treats you like no one has ever treated you before
  • unfortunate because you’re stuck with this idiot probably for the rest of your life
  • more towards the bless side because honestly who can resist him
  • okay on to the couple things and moments
  • knowing him he’d probably steal and take your phone away a few times a week just to take ugly and random selfies
  • and when you threaten to put it up online ,
  • he’d get all whiney and angry
  • “ No everyone thinks i’m handsome , i cant let you ruin my reputation online ”
  • “ Donghyuck please you’re the only one who thinks you’re handsome ”
  • “ Cut the crap and keep the photos to yourself ”
  • “ If only … You promise to do your homework on your own for once and not copy mine ”
  • and he’d groan and roll his eyes at you
  • but later that day he’d do his work seriously and you’d stare at him because you admired him when he was all serious and hardworking
  • one moment he’d be like
  • “ ew don’t touch me skinship is gross ”
  • the next moment he’ll be clinging onto you like some leech and pecking you on your cheeks until you finally give in and hug him back
  • when both of you become partners in crime and try to prank the other members you’ll succeed and then both of you would laugh about it for the next few days
  • “ Omg doyoung hyung you should’ve seen your face when you drank it HAHAHAH ”
  • “ YAH OPPA YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS * high fives haechan * ”
  • and doyoung would glare at both of you , trying to stop himself from hitting yall
  • and just nice , winwin would appear and he’ll look confused ,
  • but when he saw the cup in front of doyoung he’d take it without any doubts and drink it
  • then both you and haechan would laugh your asses off again while winwin’s trying to spit the drink out
  • “ Lee donghyuck i swear one more time you and your girlfriend pulls a prank on us you wouldn’t get any lines ”
  • and donghyuck would stop laughing and act like nothing happened but when the two walked away both of you would break out laughing again
  • you little shits
  • sometimes when you get all emotional and sad ,
  • donghyuck would notice straightaway and ask you what’s wrong
  • while you spilled your heart out he’ll be listening attentively , not interrupting at all
  • he’d be holding your hand and patting your back
  • if he could he’d sing you songs to cheer you up
  • and damn his vocals would be ringing so loudly in your ears you couldn’t help but kiss him on his lips
  • he’d be shocked at first but slowly return back the kiss
  • when you guys go out to watch movies though , if he has watched the movie before he wouldn’t hesitate to spoil all the parts for you in the cinema
  • “ This is the part where he dies ”
  • “ Babe you didn’t have to tell me that ”
  • he’d ignore what you said and continue watching the movie
  • “ he screwed up the whole mission later on with this mistake babe ”
  • and you’d smack his forehead and stuff his mouth with popcorn
  • he’d glare at you but wouldn’t want to let go of your hand
  • when he gets jealous he gets even more cocky and bitchy
  • “ This is my girl and only i can look at her like that , you can’t beat me ”
  • and the other guy probably wanted to start a fight and haechan agreed
  • but you stopped him just in time
  • when yall got home he’ll become a child again , he already is one tbh
  • “ Baby why did you stop me you should have seen the look on that man’s face ”
  • “ Yours was no different from his , hyuck ”
  • “ what do you mean , i look better than him ”
  • and you’d shake your head saying nothing else ,
  • donghyuck probably running to your side to hug you
  • he can be really annoying and childish at times but that’s what you love about him
  • you wouldn’t want to lose him because he makes your days better ,
  • like how you brighten up his days too
  • i hope you liked it omg