this guy's in love with u mare

tagged by the wonderful @chaoslaborantin!!

relationship status: single
pringle :“)

favorite color: blue, pastel pinks + teals + purples

pets: i have 4 cats who i love dearly

last song: make up your mind by Florence and the Machine (WHICH IS SO MARE @ CAL IN RQ4)

first fandom: sonic or minecraft??

hobbies: STARGAZING, drawing, singing, writing, sketching, laying in bed and doing nothing

currently reading: trying to convince myself to read soc but im just rereading king’s cage (i also just finished the young elites book 1)

tagging: @queenmareena , @maudthebookeater :“D don’t know if u guys have already been tagged or done this but Aye I need someone to tag


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