this guy's in love with u mare

King's Cage Game

Let’s play a game about Victoria Aveyard’s new book “King’s Cage”. It’ll be funny.

The first letter of your first name:

A B C D E F: Mare
G H I J K: Evangeline
L M N O P: Maven
Q R S T U: Elara
V W X Y Z: Elane

The first letter of your surname:

A B C D E F: loves
G H I J K: hits
L M N O P: shouts at
Q R S T U: likes
V W X Y Z: grins at

Your birth month:

January: Farley.
February: Gisa.
March: Mare.
April: Elane.
May: Sonya.
June: Cameron.
July: Julian.
August: Sara.
September: Elara.
October: Cal.
November: Coriane.
December: Maven.

Have fun and enjoy.

Just a tip guys: MY NAME LETTERS and MY MONTH of birth will show you a secret of King’s Cage. In which month do you think is my birthday?
March, April, May or December?

What better way to enjoy the holiday season than playing… I mean, searching for RPG Maker and Wolf RPG Editor games?

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( Wallflower, the socially unfortunate unicorn mare! She’s eager to make new friends, and would love to talk to you guys! You guys wanted a new character, and she’s been under my sleeve :U You better not corrupt her like my other characters! ))