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Ftm fashion tips #1 (thrifting)

Replacing you’re entire wardrobe can be tedious and expensive. I’m extremely cheap & refuse to spend more that $10 on any single item of clothing, so I only go thrift shopping 😊😄😆

At first I was afraid to shop in the men’s section because I thought all the guys there we’re gonna look at me and judge me. In honesty though none of the men are looking at you, they just want to get their clothes. They don’t care. If you can’t shop in the men’s section (in any store) & you’re forced into the girls section these first set of tips are for you!😊
>>Buy jeans a bit bigger(maybe a size or two)- this goes for skinny jeans too
Look for more gender neutral clothing
-baseball tees
-band tees
-basic/graphic tees
(sorry there aren’t more… I don’t shop in the women’s section much)

If you shop by yourself and/or whoever you’re shopping with doesn’t care that you shop in the men’s section these tips are for you!😊
>>Find your size! If you’re petite (like me) you’re probably the smallest in men’s size, if you need to shop in the little boys section. Don’t be shy, I’ve done it many times.😆
>>The boys section is my go to place for shirts. A lot of men’s shirts are to big in the shoulders and wayyyyyy too long. Boys shirts cut off right past the waist and the shoulders are just the right size.
>>I get most of my pants in the women’s section only BC I like my skinny jeans as skinny as possible. When I do get men’s jeans I look for 32/34 my size In women’s ranges from a 3-5. Hopefully that helps some
>>For shoes I just try on any thing and see what fits. My tip to finding you’re specific size is to google a chart comparing women’s & men’s sizes.

These are all the tips that I have for now! I hope they helped you out.😎😊😃. When I first started buying men’s clothes it was hard for me to find things I liked let alone my “style”. Next set of tips will be on finding you’re on personal style!!

i’m proud to announce that we are officially closed for applications and we will be opening today!! i already have the first task wrote up, and it’s making me hella excited to start roleplaying with you all. ( because it’s totally character development related ). i can’t thank you all enough for being so loyal and showing just as much excitement for this rp as i am. i promise that i won’t let this die. quick question, though, would you guys like to have an honesty hour after we officially open for ooc interactions? or no? it’s totally up to you though of course!! memes can be sent 24/7 around here and are totally optional. 

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INFJs are amazing people. I nearly fall in love pretty much every time I have a conversation with one of you guys. You're all so goofy and awkward but yet you act so serious. It's probably one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed. I don't mean to patronize you guys though! In all honesty you tend to be some of the most intelligent and interesting people I meet. Keep up the good work and remember to be proud of who you are - your swooning INFP friend

Thank you so much for this kind message, it’s good to know there are non-INFJs who appreciate them!

– Hana


Hi guys! I just recently hit 1.2k followers! I had actually intended to make this when I hit 1k a couple days ago, but I got caught up in some requests, ehe. *sweats* Thankfully, I finally got to making this follow forever! pls forgive me for this gross, hasty, messy excuse of a graphic lmao  _(:3」∠)_

In all honesty though, I am so undeserving of you guys. Thank you so much for accepting this trash can of a blogger. ;-; Ever since starting this blog a few months ago, I’ve received lots and lots of positive feedback from you guys. Your kind words and praise mean a lot to me, and they motivate me to continue making even more graphics.  (´; ω ; `)

In the beginning, I watched from afar and saw all these beautiful edits from the talented bloggers on this site, and I always yearned to be like them. Since then, I’ve been able to meet and talk to several fun and wonderful people. It makes me ecstatic to be able to interact with you guys. ^_^ 

tl;dr - you guys are hella rad and i love you. also you guys make nice af edits, you da bomb

So without further ado, here is a bunch of wonderful people who have blessed my dashboard with their beautiful posts! ╰ (o^▽^o) ╯ 

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