this guy's concept art is a

He…Hello? Hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. I.. uh actually worked here before you. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about.  Okay? 

So there can be some glitches on the screen, but… that’s completely fine! You know, the systems are fairly old. So, uh, there are cleaners in the building that appear on the screens sometimes. Don’t be afraid of them, they won’t hurt you.

If anything appears on the screens that doesn’t look normal, just breathe and close the doors. In any case, don’t scream. If they’re near you, put your phone away, because they will see the light. A… anyway, good night!

(please do not repost or post my art without credit, ask permission! Artists don’t bite you know :)


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anonymous asked:

I saw the blood noodle plane art and instantly followed because that is an incredible and creative design and concept, it looks like it could be an NGE angel, I'm excited to see more of your stuff

Haha, you’re not the first to mention NGE with that one! (I knew I was setting myself up for those comments, but I went ahead with that color combo and themes like that spear regardless. I love the theme of blood-red on white, it’s a nice stark contrast.) Can definitely see it as a possible spin on what the mass production EVAs are though!

Glad you enjoy the concepts though, trying to finish more stuff…! I don’t do just aerosaurs/avians, but they continue to be a theme I love playing with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So uh, you guys really loved the Franco-British Union AU idea! My post got so many notes and so much support I didn’t actually expect any at all! I still haven’t decided if I’m actually going to go ahead with this - an historical au blog would take a lot of research and time and I wouldn’t want this blog to suffer. Even so here’s some concept art since everyone loved it so much~

cute date idea: you pick me up on a crisp december morning and try your best to focus on the road instead of me while i apply my mascara. we get coffee and breakfast, and then go to the art museum. it’s cold outside as usual, but we don’t mind because we’re together for now and that’s all that matters. we look at each other more than the art, then drive to the theater to see a movie. you take me back home to meet your dog and snuggle up together on the couch to watch something lame on netflix. loving you is blissful.


Les amis de l’ABC

The two pages of my portfolio’s project featuring the revolutionary boys.
I am actually not very happy with ALL of the designs, I would have loved to make a larger exploration with each of them… but considering they are like the “extras” in the project (despite the love I feel for them, which is only surpassed by my love for Gavroche) I can’t expend more time on them. 

The second pic was intended to be a final illustration but my teacher almost screamed (?) when I said I wanted to finish it. Like “NO. It’s great like this”
I’m not that sure but ok (?)

Man, look at that Doc Rick. It’s like he slowly went from a circle with no brows to an oval with a unibrow. Also look at that show color and socks. <3 At least the color palette for the rest of him is largely the same. 


tanovic54321  asked:

I cant draw guys for anything, help a girl out with like drawing male upper bodies and legs

I was actually mid trying to design sci-fi clothing but it just wasn’t working (for now) but I realised I had already drawn an upper body and decided it was perfect for me to use that for a tutorial.

Before I start, I would like you to know that there are a billion different ways you can draw male upper bodies because bodies can vary greatly. I’m going to assume you want me to teach you how to draw a triangle body.  For this tutorial, I’ll be using examples from my own experiences: what I wanted to draw vs what I drew (which ended up incorrect). You can apply this technique to most body types by following the key suggestions that I will show if you’re aiming for this specific type of body proportions (this means that this doesn’t cover the body mass — only the proportions for a typical “triangle” body.)

I would also like you to know that my drawings lately has been a struggle for some unknown reason so the examples will look a little wonky, sorry about that!

So, when I start drawing a male body with a triangle shape this is what it typically looks like (it will vary, still, depending on the body type overall, but this is usually what I draw as a rough sketch). Note the lines and shapes used in the “correct” option. Here is a tutorial I made a while ago explaining the typical shapes I use for male bodies. When I was younger, I used to draw all men like the example to the right. Note how it lacks the shapes shown on the left. I still draw petite guys now and then, but often, this wasn’t what I was trying to draw, it was literally the only thing I could draw. What you should keep in mind is:

  • The size of the neck. A broader neck immediately makes a body look less petite, even with small shoulders.
  • Don’t be afraid to widen the shoulders or make them a little less sloping. If you worry that the shoulders look too small, go outside your comfort zone and make them wider. With time you’ll learn what looks overdone and what does not, it’s all about practice.
  • Keep note of how wide you draw the hips in comparison to the waist. I currently have a problem where I tend to draw the hips too small! The ideal is to not to make them wider than the chest or shoulders.
  • This might be surprising, but keep the focus on the chest as much as you do on the shoulders. The torso itself will that way create a triangle-shape that many often struggle to draw, even with the wider hips!

This is how triangle-shaped bodies can end up looking like (please ignore the one dislocated shoulder). Again, it might vary depending on the body mass such as fat and muscle, but with his mass, it becomes even more clear.

And as you can see, the triangle shape is still very clear even when his muscle isn’t visible.

Now, if you dress the second body type, you’ll notice that the focus become more on the waist and hips more than the shoulders, even if there was an attempt to make them wider. This is a good body type if you’re going for smaller body types, or guys with pear-shaped bodies, teens, etc. But if you’re going for a triangle shape then it’s clearly not doing it. The hips and waist are too exaggerated and his shapes are too soft-looking.

Now there’s always “hybrids” of triangle-shaped bodies. Again, all bodies can vary greatly. You can still make petite bodies with triangle shapes or even wider hips, you just have to be subtle about it and be careful where you draw your lines. So what’s the key secret, you might wonder?

Again, it’s all about the shapes! Again, here’s a tutorial I did earlier on shapes you can use for bodies in case you missed it. As you can see, the key with triangle shapes is wider shoulders that jut out quite a bit, and are quite straight, with more narrow hips. Many overlook the fact that the waist is quite straight and indeed quite shapeless!

But again, bodies vary and so do “hybrids”. For example, the body shown above has slightly sloping and less wide shoulders, the waist curve in a little bit, while the hips are a touch wider. But note how the chest itself is still quite wide! Again, keep the focus on the chest. (Just don’t go overboard like this unfortunate 90′s drawing of Captain America…)

Now, if we compare it to the other version, you can see quite a drastic change in shapes. Notice the clear curve inwards for the waist, and how the hips have a big curve out, and the torso i is nowhere as wide as the triangle body. Notice how the shoulders go down and are much smaller compared to a typical triangle shape.

Just to quickly demostrate: these rules apply to the side as well. Notice how the chest is still in focus and wider at the top as a triangle body. Notice the the straight waist and the wider neck!

As for legs, I don’t really have a tip on “male” legs, really. I have two tutorials on legs in general here and here.  As you can see above, they got different types of legs, with Roscoe’s (left) being bigger than Specs’s. I think the general tip I have is to not make them too round or the hips very big (as mentioned above) if you’re drawing a body with a triangle shape.  

Here’s Rooi, a guy with an hourglass shape, for example! I’ll just stop it at there. ♥ Hope this was helpful! If you have any other requests with bodies, please let me know, especially if you’re looking for a specific type/shape! (I can’t cover all bodies at once, sadly.)

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