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So in the special commentary they put on DEH’s youtube channel had a comment from King Lacamoire saying “That ambient guitar is what I call the ‘lying sound’. It appears as a motif throughout the show when Evan is making something up.” So, in For Forever, we hear it after Evan says “and he’s come to get me/and everything’s okay.” Makes sense.

But in Words fail, we get the line “and you think everybody wants it/needs it/a little bit, too”.

And guess what comes after

That frickin ambient guitar.

Evan’s lying. He can’t convince himself that this situation is helping anyone. I don’t know why but this makes me incredibly sad.


A special thanks for all of you! If it asks for a password, it’s Avasmommy224 since Vimeo is being very strange!










Can I just say how excited I am about everyone sharing their original fic lately?

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be leaving the Silmfic party anytime soon, but boy howdy do I love original fic that comes from people who participate in fandom and especially fanfiction culture. It’s like—brand new characters to fall in love with, brand new engrossing worlds, but also with a much MUCH higher likelihood of feeding my id than your average book off the bookstore shelf.

Guys, published fiction just can’t begin to compete.*

Also, any writer will tell you, the right kind of reading can be incredibly powerful in motivating one’s own writing. I absolutely attribute my sudden resurgence of interest and motivation for my own ofic project to what you guys have been putting out there/sharing privately.

Special mention for @pedlimwen, @avoliot, and @ilye-elf, but really, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful shortfic on tumblr posts and whatnot lately as well, so just know even if I forgot to tag you, you are included here.

And if you haven’t shared any ofic but want to, maybe this will be encouragement/support to do so!

*Disclaimer: I realize that some of you are or will be published, but when I say published fiction can’t compete, I’m speaking to the process of finding your work through fannish spaces or personal friendship vs. trying to walk into a store and purchase a book I’ll actually like–the success rate is a million times higher.

When I was in my mid teens I used to hang out with a few guys that were from pretty bogan backgrounds, I mostly just went to their house parties, rode bikes, hung out, nothing special. Anyway there was this one guy, who we’ll call Robbie, that used to hang around at these parties he was a year older (17) than the rest of us and used to bring weed along.  

One of the nights I drank almost a whole goon bag, I was looking for somewhere for a spew and a lay down but I accidently busted in on Robbie fucking some girl. Anyway me smashing into the room must have pissed her off because she stormed out. I was facing Robbie, he was also off his face and swaying around, he pushed me down by the shoulders and shoved his cock in my mouth. I didn’t think he knew I wasn’t the chick and I was happy to suck him. He blew and left, I passed out.

A few weeks later I got a text from Robbie asking me to come over to his place. I didn’t know how he got my number because we weren’t really close or anything but I decided to go. I rocked up and he came to the door in a pair of grey trackies and a black beater, he was obviously drunk. We hung out in his room and fucked around on the computer for a bit before he hit me with it “Hey man, that night at Ryan’s, you into that?” I remember being really nervous about answering in case I was going to get bashed but I was pretty turned on by the ‘bad boy’ thing that Robbie had going on so I answered “I dunno, I was smashed, just went with it.” There was an awkward pause “Would you be down to do it again?”

I looked at Robbie, he was already half hard “Guess I could help a brother out” Robbie was a little taken aback “Serious dude?” 'Yeah, man’. Robbie stood up and dropped his trackies, he was freeballing, his cock was maybe 4" on the flop and about 7" hard. It was thick and veiny and he had big, low hanging balls. My mind went blank as my heart started racing. Was he really letting me do this? Robbie threw himself on his unmade bed. The smell of sweat and bourbon mixed as I knelt next to Robbie and started to stroke his cock, feeling it swell in my hand.  

“Put it in your mouth” it was an order, not a suggestion. As I leant down I could smell a hint of stale sweat but I opened my mouth and  took his meat in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to start getting verbal “Slob on it bitch!” As I started to take him deeper, Robbie grabbed the back of my head pushing my right down into his bush and making me retch “Yeaaah! Fucking choke on it slut!” Eventually he let me up, I sucked in a few breaths and went back to servicing him.

As I sucked Robbie continued the aggressive dirty talk eventually he said “Yeah! Finger ya puss” I paused slightly, looking up at him, his eyes were shut and it was obvious he was thinking about some chick. The idea that he was just using me was a massive turn on. Suddenly Robbie grabbed my head with both hands and thrust his hips foward “Arrrrrgh fucking swallow cunt!” I felt his dick pulse as he dumped his massive creamy load straight down my throat. 

We both lay there for a moment while we recovered, I was still catching my breath when Robbie jumped on top of me, grabbing me by the throat “Don’t fucking say anything or I’ll bash you cunt!” He spat, I was shocked, I mumbled something about how I wouldn’t and left pretty quickly after. 



I did this special variant cover for issue 17 of #invaderZIM published by Oni Press! It’s a convention exclusive, so come grab a copy from me at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle March 2nd-5th.

Alos, here’s a cool little write up that Comic Book Resources published about it and the new hardcover volume of book one.

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There's a special place in hell

For guys at the gym who think it’s okay to try to intimidate girls or who try to stake some superior claim in fear of their masculinity being threatened. You fucking bet I’m going to tell you something


Part 2 of Yoi but with bad writing and computer generated text to speech voices.

Part 1: Computer is the Future // Part 2: Viktor’s Lament

// Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio


McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3

k i loved Zootopia but can we maaaybe talk about the motherclucking designs in the Kung Fu Panda series, particularly the women? specifically tigress???

Like she totally reads as feminine and elegant but at the same time she’s completely buff and animal-shaped like the rest of the characters there aint a tiger titty or Fluff Cleavage™ in sight

And thats how the rest of the animals are treated too?! like the females and males of every species are pretty much shaped the same, besides the peacocks who obviously have males and females looking different. and then the third movie comes out and we’re treated to MEI MEI

she’s this crazy panda lady ribbon dancer who legit things she’s the hottest shit on planet earth and she is a total badass once she figures out how to use nunchucks. and like theres just so many beautiful and diverse designs for all these characters and I kinda feel like too many people praise this franchise just for its comedy when its got some killer artistry behind it as well. 

headcanon that naruto used to have nightmares bcs hOLY SH I T  I ALMOST LOST HIM FUCKFUCKUFH U K and when he gets like that he likes to lie with his ear over sasuke’s heart; listening to his heartbeat to remind himself he’s alive alive alive alive - a finger tapping unconsciously to count the thought until he falls asleep.