this guy was outraged

Context– I am a high elf pyromancer w/ a +4 strength modifier. We needed a boat to get across an acidic lake but the guy who owned it was asking an outrageous price

Me (ooc): Can I roll to arm wrestle for the boat?

DM: You ask the man to arm wrestle. He rolls up his sleeve to reveal that his right arm is SUPER muscular. only his right arm.

DM (as the boat owner):  Let’s go. I’ll have you know I’m the current arm-wrestling champion on this side of the lake.

Me: Champion of jerking off maybe. *High fives w/ a gnome party member*




DM (as the boat owner): Yes, that too. Two consecutive years.

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Yo could you share some of your headcanons for the deh kiddos :O ?! I'm really curious!!

*cracks knuckles* HEADCANONS UNDER THE CUT (these are generally feel-good and going off of a Connor Lived And Everything Gets Better AU set of ten [+ one extra] headcanons for the kids where they’re all friends)

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Bless me - Sirius Black x Reader (smutty)

1. Hi, could I request a young Sirius black imagine where it’s like legit just not the reader and Sirius week? Basically, the two are just horny all week but every time they get intimate someone walks in and ruins it throughout the week. I loveeeee your blog sooo much. Much love ❤️
2.  a fic with Sirius and pet names bc I 100% feel like Sirius would call his s/o baby girl and love.. so could you do something where he’s always calling her everything other than her name and reader is like why do you call me that… idk shitty plot I just randomly came up but feel free to do something completely different but Sirius black would definitely call his girlfriend babe, baby, baby girl,   love. thanks dude
Warnings: My English, swearing and smutty(yes, yes I’m a sinner, let’s sin together). Also… listen to this
Gifs(and pic) aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners. (


The week had started rather great. You had woken up in your boyfriend’s arms. Even though you wanted something better than breakfast, you knew that you had to get of bed and go back to your room in order to change. You gave a silent promise to yourself that you would resume those thoughts later. However, reality had a different plan.
It had begun really subtly that you couldn’t have guessed where it would’ve ended. 
“Hello, bonbon”. You wanted to laugh at the ridiculous nickname Sirius had given you, but you suppressed the urge and smiled instead, pecking his lips. 
“Please, guys. It’s breakfast” James teased you pretending to throw up. You just rolled your eyes and sat down next to Sirius.
The guys got engaged in a Quidditch-related conversation. You, however, couldn’t keep your hands to yourself. Biting your lip, you reached for your coffee with your left hand while you slipped your right hand to Sirius’s thighs. Simply resting near his knee. It was something that you did most of the time, so it wasn’t really provocative. Seemingly unconsciously, your hand was slowly making its way up while you started talking with Lily and Mary about Alice’s date with Frank. You felt him stiffening a bit. With the corner of your eye, you saw him raising a questioning eyebrow. You pretended that you had no idea he was looking at you waiting for an answer. When your hand was close to where you wanted it to be, you removed it abruptly, brushing your fingers over his forming bulge. 
He grabbed your wrist, making you turn to face him. You looked at him all too innocent and batted your eyelashes couple of times, while your eyes were wide and confused. Yeah, right. 
“What are you doing, doll?” he whispered into your ear quite raspy, letting go of your hand.  You furrowed your eyebrows bewildered. What could he possibly mean? It’s not like you wanted to turn him on…
“What am I doing, honey?” you asked feigning ignorance. You purposely pressed your palm against his- oh, he was hard already you thought, mentally smirking. You sent him a wink and got up quickly.
“Guys, I forgot my textbook in your room yesterday. I’ll go get it; catch up with you later” you said abashed and walked out of the Great Hall, almost running. 

Five minutes later, you were pinned down to his bed with him, hovering above you, his lips leaving bruises on your neck and his hands trying to remove your shirt. You had wrapped your legs around his body and you were already roaming his -now- naked torso with your hands. You were going to miss your first class but you really, really didn’t care. Again, reality had a different plan.
“OH MY MERLIN, GUYS!”. An outraged Remus had walked in on you. You instantly broke apart. You tried to pull yourself together while Sirius was buttoning up his shirt.
“Just… get yourselves to class” Remus said scoffing. Great.


You hadn’t been given the chance to finish what you had started last night. That was why you had woken up with an unpleasant feeling building up between your legs. You had dragged yourself- okay, Lily had dragged your arse- all the way to the Great Hall for breakfast but you couldn’t focus on anything else.
“Kitten” someone whispered to you. If you hadn’t dreamt about his voice so many times, maybe you wouldn’t have known who it was.
“Why do you call me that? All the… pet names?” you asked him, voice lowering when you said a certain word. He just smirked and leaned down to your lips. But that little shit never kissed you. He just stayed there, smirking like Casanova, ghosting your mouth and then… gone. He knew exactly what to do to make you want more. But so did you.
All the way to Potions, you were swaying your hips a bit more, just a tad really. You were playing with a strand, swirling it around your index finger and batting your eyelashes couple of times more than it was necessary. Little things that you knew would drive him crazy. 
When you reached Slughorn’s classroom- the dungeon, really- you quickly sat down next to James and not Sirius. You just winked at your boyfriend, leaving them both puzzled. Sirius took a seat across the classroom, next to Lily. If he thought that he would win the jealousy game, he thought wrong. 
“To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” James teased you, wiggling his eyebrows. You leaned closer, your lips almost touching his, right before you moved your mouth near his ear, whispering your newly concocted plan. You were sure he would anything to gain Lily’s attention-and jealousy if possible.You knew that Lily liked him but she would never make a move on her own. So, she needed a gentle push. And you were about to kill two birds with one stone. 
You two were sitting way too close to each other and touching as much as possible. He had his arm wrapped around your waist and you were resting your head on his shoulder. You could see how jealous Lily was when James called you candy. You could also see Sirius fuming and you loved it because you knew how that rage would be interpreted once you two were alone. 

It was safe to say that your predictions turned out to be extremely precise.
You were trapped between his hands in just your lingerie, your arms pinned above you, tied together with his tie.
“Flirting with my best mate, sugar?” he husked. You wanted to touch him, so you made an attempt to lower your hands but he just pinned them above your head and against the wall again. 
“Not so fast baby girl. Not so fast” he reprimanded you, his lips ghosting over yours. He kissed you feverishly as he grabbed your thighs, wrapping your legs around him as he pressed you harder against the wall. He slowly guided your legs all the way up to his shoulders. Your breath was shallow. He was about to go down on you when-
“I GOT A DATE-OH SWEET LORD”. You blushed madly and left frustrated. 
“James Fleamont Potter, you are a dead man” you hissed at him once Sirius had placed you down to the ground and undone his tie. He just smirked at the sight of you in just lacy underwears.


 It was so damn frustrating. Three days now you were horny and needy and so turned on all the time. Also, three days now you got interrupted every time you two were intimate. Remus, James and today was Peter’s turn. You should have known.  
You had confessed that the pet names he was giving you had done exactly what he wanted. While you were eating lunch. So, naturally, he was done being discrete because he was living the same hell as you. He just grabbed you and dragged you all the way to his room, without giving a flying fuck about the weird glances people were giving you.
This time he was the one in need. You closed the door behind you and placed your hands on his torso, pushing him backwards, forcing him to sit down on the edge of his bed. You smiled at him sultrily and straddled him, capturing his lips at the same time as your hands made their way to the zipper of his pants. He groaned as you palmed him through his underwear. His mouth was on your neck, biting your sensitive skin. You stood up. You knew how much he got turned on by what was about to follow. 
You pushed his underwear down along with his pants. He had already removed his shirt. You decided to prolong his satisfaction a bit. You slowly undid your shirt, slightly pushing it off of your body. You stepped out of your skirt in an extremely teasing way.  
”Merlin, baby” he said breathlessly. You smirked.
”Wrong name… daddy” you husked, knowing exactly what you were doing.
You fell on your knees in front of him. You saw his cock twitching at the mere sight of you. You lowered your head, caressing his thighs and took him in your mouth. Well, almost. 
A faint cough was heard and you simply froze. You looked at your boyfriend who was in a very hard place. Literally. 
“I was-I just. I’m gonna go” Peter stuttered, blushing uncontrollably before he left. Another ruined day.


You would explode. You could really explode. You were constantly horny and soaking wet. Something he knew because he was constantly horny and hard. You knew that he would never hear the end of it. His friends made sure of that. They were teasing you all day long. A dirty joke, a suggestive comment, a desperate sound. It didn’t matter. You were on the edge. All week long. Every single of his touches left you panting. Even his hand on yours. Hell, even his voice, his eyes, his lips. God, you needed him. 
Unfortunately, you had to study. You had an essay due tomorrow and you weren’t about to start failing classes because you wanted sex. Craved, more accurately. But still. You had your priorities straightened. Or so you thought. 
You were in your room, sitting on your bed, writing that damn essay while reading more information as you went on. 
Lily walked in, a happy smile plastered on her face. Oh, right. The date.
“How did it go?” you asked her, not being able to concentrate anymore. 
“It was… nice” she said but her grin was saying much more. She sat down, next to you. Before she could continue the door opened, revealing two annoyed boys, one lovestrucked and one… in the same state with you. 
“Hiii” James greeted like in a haze. He was grinning like a mad man. Lily blushed. You rolled your eyes at them. 
“Dinner anyone?” you suggested. You were getting wild thought again and gave a very pointed look at Sirius, signaling him to wait. 
Everyone nodded in agreement and made their way outside.
“Aren’t you coming?” Lily questioned you puzzled. You were. In more ways than one.
“I need to finish off with the essay. It’s just a line more. I’ll be right there” you said confidently. 
“I’ll wait here, Lily. You know… to make sure she will come” Sirius said. You felt your heat dripping. Lily, not knowing what was the true meaning behind his words, smiled and nodded before she left you alone. 
You just waited for a while. He didn’t make a move. Great. 
You started working on your essay again but before you could realize what was happening, your essay was nowhere to be found, you were laying on the bed and he was gripping your ass. This time it was rougher. He kissed you hungrily and moved his hands to the hem of your panties. Not caring about the rest of your clothes, you slightly lifted your ass giving him permission to remove them. And he did.
“You are dripping, angel” he stuttered. You had to breathe slowly and carefully, otherwise, you would cum only by his remarks. 
He dived in. His tongue was like this heaven-sent blessing. You head fell back and your hands flew to his hair. He loved it when you were gently (or not) pulling his hair. 
“You said one lin- OH MY EYES!”. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Really? For the love of God! Now Lily had walked in on you. You felt the urge to scream.
“GET OUT” you hissed at her and she did. But your mood wasn’t the same. You needed the release but you were pissed and that was never a good combination.
Without a word, you simply got cleaned up and dressed, sending Sirus an apologizing glance, and got out. 


You had had enough! You couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore. You walked into his room. More like, staggered in. No one. Fuck.
And then you heard it. Water. Someone was taking a shower. You prayed to Merlin, to cosmos, to karma, to be Sirius. You slowly opened the door and crept inside. 
“Baby?” you questioned, hoping that he would answer and not one of the other guys.
“Ninja? Is that you?”. He was in the shower, behind the curtain. You really, really wanted to rip that thing open. 
“No more Wonder Woman?” you teased. It was just your thing. Pet naming. They turned you on. Both of you. Not that you needed them right now. 
He let out a laugh but something seemed off.
“Is everything alright, love?”. You were genuinely worried. You could see his silhouette. Oh, Lord. That ass. You bit down your lip to stop yourself from groaning.
“Um.. to be honest, I wanted to take care of something” he said truthfully yet uneased. You had to contain yourself in order not to lose it. You closed your eyes momentarily and opened them again. You stripped off of your clothes and simply opened up the curtain, revealing a sinful sight.. You were hosting a party in Hell and you were gonna love it. You stepped inside, getting wet-and not just by the water. You cupped his face and kissed him. 
As if on cue, three figures walked in on you. AGAIN. Their eyes went wide. But you didn’t stop devouring him. You wouldn’t.
“It’s called voyeurism” you said between your kisses, extremely nonchalant. 
“We are not stopping. So either get out or enjoy the show” Sirius added and he placed his mouth on your neck, his hands roaming your naked body. At this point, you coudln’t care less if they saw you. They had seen you in many compromising positions all week long. You threw back your head and a loud moan escaped your mouth. He groaned, stiffening slightly at how hard he got. His body pressed against your felt like heaven-or hell. Can you bless me? you thought. Like you would kneel in front of him. You weren’t about to stop. And they got it. 

They left. FINALLY. 

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Our Tiefling Wizardis attempting to get some information by pretending to be a prostitute.

Wizard: *sidles up to a guy* “Hi, I’m….. Mandy!”

laughter from the rest of the table…

Wizard: *outraged* “EXCUSE ME, I don’t know any good whorish names!!!

She doesn’t really get anywhere, however.

Our Monk: “You’re the least convincing whore I’ve ever seen.”

Wizard: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”


A/N: Request from anon. Oh, I very much enjoyed writing this. It was too perfect. I combined it with some of my own ideas and well… I guess I got a little carried away. So without further ado… Enjoy, everyone! ;-)

Words: 3829 (oops)
Warnings: smut

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The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

The allowance talk is so uncomfortable for a lot of SBs, especially those who are just starting out. When it comes to talking money, many SBs feel awkward or shy; they don’t want to come off like “gold diggers” or “too hungry for the money” or they think it is unseemly to discuss the subject to directly.  First, please realize that cheap ass salts are counting on you to feel this way and will use every opportunity to make it more difficult for you!  You need to get to the point where you can be comfortably and confidently direct about talking money and to pay very close attention to the vibes and responses you are receiving from the POT as you do so!

But, the “allowance talk” is never a one-way conversation!  The POT is going to respond to you and, if he is not a serious SD, there are going to be telltale signs based solely on the language that he uses and the things that he says. Salts and other cheapskates are pathological when it comes to this and they automatically resort to the same “maneuvers” every single time!  When you are experienced, it will actually make you laugh (or cringe) when he uses one of those “patented” lines.

As you start that unavoidable “allowance talk” with a POT, keep one very important thing in mind: Remind yourself what you are looking for!  You are looking for a SD, a gentleman who wants the same thing as you – an arrangement that is fair to both sides.  A true SD has been down this road before, and, although he may be a good or tough negotiator, he is not going to try to negotiate you into a ridiculous deal.  A Salt, on the other hand, is never willing to negotiate anything other than a ridiculous deal.  And, remember this, no matter how good you are with your game, it is no fun and it is not rewarding to try to con a con man.  That is simply a waste of time, and you are better off using that time to find someone worth your time!

To aid you in your quest, I have put together a list of some of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  

The “Scientist” POT

Arrangements are not science projects and very few POTs are legit scientists, but, there is a category of POT that wants you to believe that an allowance must be based on elements in the periodic table.  lol  So, if a POT says that he is willing to talk about allowances at some future date, but first he wants to make sure that there is “chemistry” between the two of you, he is telling you that he wants to fuck you first and pay you later, maybe.  Trust me, there may be “chemistry galore”, but don’t ever expect to hear from him again, and, if he does put some money in your hand afterwards, it is going to be an insulting amount.

The “Romantic” POT

I always laugh at the following ploy:  A guy on SA says to you:  I am really interested in an arrangement that involves physical intimacy and a deep emotional connection, but when you bring up allowance, he says, “hey, I don’t want this to feel transactional!”  He is trying to guilt you out of asking for money; he wants you to believe that an arrangement is something other than a basic “business, but fun, relationship” . He acts mortified and shocked – shocked I tell you – that you knock him out of his Romantic realm by bringing up the subject of money!  How dare you tarnish such a Beautiful Thing.  The fact of the matter is that he wants to fuck you silly and then give you a “rose” as a symbol of his undying feelings.  This guy is no knight in shining armor.

The “Puritan” POT

This loser is a close cousin of the “Romantic” POT.  He says that he doesn’t want to give you money for your time together because that would make you an Escort and him a John.  And, lordy, lordy, he does not walk to path of perdition!  He does not want to lead you into that Sin!  Instead, he wants to fuck you for hours (more time, by the way, that he could ever get an escort to spend with his sorry ass) and send you on the way with nothing more than pure thoughts.

The “Boyfriend” POT

This guy may be the cleverest of the bunch, but don’t be fooled!  He says, “I don’t do allowances, that is beneath me and you, instead, I like to “spoil” or “pamper you.”  He suggests that he wants to treat you like a “spoiled girlfriend”.  He may offer to take you on “shopping trips” or he may offer to pay “your bills” like your rent.  In other words, he wants to be in total control of how much he gives you and when and for what reason.  The only thing he asks in return is that he gets to fuck you as often and whenever he wants.  Trust me, it is a horrible deal.  

The “Doubting” POT

Much like “Doubting Thomas”, this POT is highly suspicious, at least when it comes to paying money to a SB for companionship.  In response to your request for a set allowance, he responds, “What am I going to get for that much money”, or “What’s in it for me?”  And, when you think about it, this guy is either clueless or a real piece of shit!  A real SD always knows what he is getting; he NEVER has to ask that question.  So, when you encounter a Doubting POT, run away; don’t waste your time! If he truly doesn’t know, why is he even on SA?  And why should you be the one to waste your precious time teaching him?

The “Race Car Driver” POT

This guy is truly insulting! He tells you that, before he parts with his “hard earned” cash, he wants to take you on a “test drive” first. And, when he says that, he doesn’t mean “go for a quick spin around the block and return to the dealer”, he means that you will have to spend hours with him, in bed, and, rest assured, he’s going to be shoving his “gear shift” into every “gear” he can find!  The “test drive” approach is really demeaning, and, if you respond to him with anything other than derision, shame on you!

The “Cautious Shopper” POT

The Cautious Shopper knows that he can’t get you in the same room without paying you money, so he’ll do the next best thing!  He insistw that you send him lots of nudes, lots of times.  He will text you endlessly.  He will set up dates and then cancel them.  He wants attention; he wants to make sure that you will satisfy all of his emotional neediness.  In other words, he is a photo collector and a time waster.  Don’t give him a “taste” of your delicious goods; you’ll be the one with a stomach ache after dealing with this joker!

The “Penny Pincher” POT

This guy is the true Salt. His first offer will be outrageously low, $100 a meet and each meet involves at least three hours and two or more “pops”.  If you actually waste your time and counter him with an amount you believe is reasonable, he will “bump” his offer by $50, add an hour to his time requirement and demand a third “pop” for his largesse.  Or, if he is a little more “clever”, he will resort to one of the approaches listed above!   It never ends with these guys!  They are relentless!

Do not waste your time on guys like this! You are never going to be successful in transforming these guys into a good SD (and, believe me, many SBs before you have already tried and failed!).  This is by no means a complete list!  And, if you have encountered a POT with a different but equally nasty “theme”, please feel free to add to my list!  

Update!  Check out MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II) for additional “POT” types!

Some tank tops look good on me

Snuper is such an underrated group. Their recent comebacks Its Raining, Backhug, and Stars are such bops. Yesterday One of the members Taewoong was pushed by a lady while promoting their new album in the streets. But does anyone care. No. However if it were some big like BTS or EXO imagine the outrage. I think regardless of what fandom you guys are in when stuff like this happens as kpop fans it’s our responsibility to stick up for this type of nonsense.

Telling him You’re pregnant (13rw guys)

a/n: lol so this was requested

How you tell him you’re pregnant: 13RW

Zach: I was so mad.  Zach and I, were just a ‘make me feel better with sex’ relationship.  We were mutually friends, bypasses in the corridor but mainly had nothing to do with each other unless we were in desperate need of pleasure.

But now he had gotten me pregnant, I have a career to peruse, so does he, this was not going to work out, if he hadn’t been a complete doofus and just wrapped up his willy.  No, I was angry, in fact outraged! My feet stormed into the guys’ changing room, seeing a wide range of naked bodies.

“Y/N, you know you can’t be in here,” I heard Tony’s voice echo but my eyes were focus on Dempsey.  He wore loose blue shorts that hung on his waist, his chest bare, and his hair floppy, he was organising his clothes.

“What the fuck, Zach!” I screeched, many guys turning our way.

“Y/n, calm down and leave, whatever it is we need to sort later,” he said calmly, pulling a shirt over his perfectly toned body.

“No, it cannot!” I cried out, my hands tugging at my hair, grunting a bit.  "You got me pregnant and now I have no idea what to do,“ a confused look appeared onto his face as we received a few whistles and 'damns’.

"Stop lying and go away,” he muttered, slamming his locker door. “You’re lying because you want attention.”

I picked the three positive pregnancy tests into his hands and placed a hand on my hip.

“Do I Zach? Do I really need this much attention, because trust me I never asked for it either!”

“Let’s talk somewhere else,” he told me, grabbing my shoulder and steering me out of the changing rooms.  "y/n are you being serious?“ he asked as we reached the empty sports hall.

"Zach, I wouldn’t lie about this,” I began to cry, my hands covering my face, his big arms wrapped around me and pulled me into his chest.

“Ssh, it’s going to be okay, we’ll work things out.”

Clay: Clay and I were in a pretty stable relationship, his parents liked me and my parents liked him, we were like best friends who were intimate and loved each other, which is why he had to be the first to know.  Infect Clay was with me the whole time, we bought the test together and decided to do it at my house, when nobody was at home. I had been such a wreck, afraid of what my parents would think, what Clay would do and how I would react, but we were doing this together.

“I’m the one to blame for this,” Clay murmured as we stood in my bathroom waiting.

“Clay no you’re not, it was a mistake, they happen,” I told him, grabbing his hand. He squeezed it.  "We’ll work this out,“ I whispered.

"We will, even if it means feeding the country, changing our names and never returning, Y/N I would do that for you,” he smiled a little.

“I know you would,” I sighed, looking over to the positive pregnancy test.
“Holy shit,” he groaned.

Alex: Even though Alex and I were in a pretty decent relationship I still refused to tell him when I found out. I told my mother first who stroked my hair as I sobbed, she was so kind to me. Then, there was my father who, the night I told him, lashed out at everyone.  He put me in his car and sped all the way to Alex’s house.
“No dad please,” I cried, trying to pull him back but he knocked, well, rather nearly kicked the door down of the Standall’s house.

“Do you mind,” Alex’s dad appeared a gun in one hand and an expression of anger plastered across his face.  “Mr Y/L/N, Y/N come in,” he said in a shocked tone.

“I’m not here for funny business, it’s your godamn son I’ve come to murder,” my father breathed out, causing me to cry a little more.
“Now what possibly has Alex done, I mean it’s one o’clock in the morning can’t this wait,” the Sheriff gave out a low chuckle.

“Got my daughter pregnant, that’s what,” my dad snapped, causing the other man’s lips to form an ‘o’ shape.  He went upstairs and a few moments later Mrs Standall and Alex appeared.  
“I’m sure you have a good reason to be here,” his mother sighed, taking a seat on the sofa and Alex sat next to me.  
“Oh, yes I do, your son has knocked up my daughter and now she’s pregnant,” Alex took his head into his hands, groaning continuously, while his mother, shut her eyes.
“Alex we’ve told you about safety,” his mother snapped, but Alex didn’t respond.  “Either way you’ve ruined this poor girl’s life, no matter how she solves this situation she’s going to regret something.”
“Well don’t worry we’re sorting this now,” his father said.

Justin: I waited to make my own decision of my own before telling Justin anything. I thought keeping this baby was the best choice, with or without Justin’s help. So, on Friday night, just before he was going out with Bryce I knocked on the front door of his apartment, revealing his drunk mother.
“What do you want,” she spat, I bit down on my lip.
“Is Justin here?” I asked and she pointed in the direction of his room, I wasted no time before letting myself in.
“Y/n,” he smiled patting the side of his bed where he was putting on his shoes.
“Justin, there’s something I’ve not been telling you,” I took a seat.  “I’m pregnant,” I sighed.
“Haha real funny Y/n, you best tell my mother she’ll be ecstatic,” he joked, not even raising his head.
“Justin,” I said in a low, warning voice. “I’m not kidding, I’ve had the scan.”
“Well then it’s pointless fucking telling me because I’m not interested, get an abortion I’m sure you can find that money,” he stood up, heading towards the door. “Wait, Y/N, I didn’t mean that, please don’t cry.” He could see the tears cascading down my face, he squatted down in front of me, chin leaning on my knee.
“Well, Justin I’ve decided I’m keeping this baby, it’ll be good for me, give me some responsibilities, stop myself from drinking every weekend,” I wiped the tears from my face.
“Me too, I need to pull myself together now, I know that I can probably get a job and find us a stable home, Y/N I will do that for you,” he whispered as I cupped his cheek.
“I know you will.”  

Jeff: I didn’t even tell Jeff I was pregnant, one day he was looking through my bag at school and saw the test.  I hid in the toilets all day, because 1: the rumour would be halfway around school already and 2: I couldn’t face Jeff, not knowing that we were young and he had such big aspirations for college and scholarships.
“Y/N,” I heard his delicate voice call, “I know you’re in here, you need to come out.” I simply cried more. I saw his feet appear from the bottom of the cubicle. “Look, I’m not going until I see you and we’ve spoke about it. You can’t just ignore this, Y/N you’re pregnant, carrying my baby. Babe, we need to discuss this, I know we didn’t plan it or anything but please, I need you.” I couldn’t see Jeff, but that didn’t mean I knew he was crying a little. I clambered off the toilet and unlocked the door to see Jeff in his P.E kit, his hair messy, cheeks dampened and red, eyes swollen. He opened his arms wide and I stood into them, feeling at home.  He was warm and I felt his hands caress my back, soothing me.  “Baby,” he whispered and I looked up at him.
“I’m so sorry,” I whimpered, my hands resting on his chest as I dropped my head in shame.
“Don’t be, Y/N you may not think this now but when we have- if I mean, if you want it, we can be a happy family. Only if you want, maybe our timing isn’t precise but I know my parents would support us and I would do anything for you, anything,” he told me. “Just think about this,” he smiled kissing the top of my forehead.

hs au (part six)

(part one)(part two)(part three)(part four)(part five)(read on ao3)

That weekend, Andrew realizes that he might actually be able to attend college.

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Sick Teacher Lance (Klance Sickfic)

Prompt: inspired by a post by @toosicktoocare (I hope you’ll forgive me for using it!)

And I also threw in my OCs Jasper, Joan & Eric (my new OC sideblog is @signsickocs )!

“Lance.” Lance whined and buried his face further into the warm chest, a small amount of drool escaping his open mouth.

“Lance.” Hands patted his bare upper arm and he unconsciously swatted at the limbs that were impeding on his sleep. The body chuckled and flicked his forehead lightly. “Time to get up, come on. I’m pretty sure Jasper will cry if you don’t show up.”

Lance opened his eyes blearily, taking in the broad, bare chest of his boyfriend and winced as the light from the window hit his sensitive eyes. “Keith, why the hell did you open the blinds?” He whacked his chest, face scrunching up in faux pain, although his head really did hurt a little.

“You wouldn’t wake up. I figured if you opened your eyes you would be blinded and then stay awake.” Keith ruffled his hair softly, fingers taking out the minor knots with gentle tact.

Lance moaned slightly at his ministrations and sat up, head spinning at the sudden movement. “That’s it. I want a divorce.”

The dark hair of Keith met him, a smile flashing on his face. “You can’t. I know too much. Like the fact that you fact that you drool when you sleep.” Lance whacked him upside the heat not unkindly, hand coming up to wipe the drool around his mouth self-consciously. “And the fact that you have a hair kink. I’m sure our students would love to know that.”

Grabbing a pillow, Lance hit Keith and turned is face away so that Keith wouldn’t get the satisfaction of seeing him turn crimson. “I do not and you better not.”

“I’m sure they’d also love to know how much I love you, how I love holding your hand and kissing you.” Keith former jesting tone had taken a serious turn, and he planted a small kiss on Lance’s forehead, grabbing his hand and placing another chaste on it. He looked down at him, eyes like a mirror to his emotions. “I mean that, Lance.”

Lance nodded and kissed Keith’s lips, a small smirk forming on his face. “Well, I could reveal that their ‘utterly terrifying’ math teacher is actually a cheese ball and whines about the amount of homework he has to correct.”

At that Keith turned an unnatural shade of red. “You better not. Those brats are too annoying for their own good.” He groaned. “They keep asking if I’m single.”

“Popular with the girls, eh?” Lance nudged him, winking outrageously.

“Guys. Girls and guys.”

Lance’s utterly unacceptable eyebrow wiggling earned him a place on the hard, wood floor.

Later on that morning saw Lance and Keith exiting the teachers’ lounge room, books under their arms. They walked a little apart, although Keith was having a hard time not holding Lance’s lonely hand. Teachers dating was not frowned upon, but they were expected to carry themselves properly and act like responsible adults.

Keith was a little annoyed about that. Kissing wasn’t exactly the same as doing the do in the janitor’s closet, was it? Either way, he was a little grateful about that at the same time, for his students would not stop teasing him if they ever found out he was dating the ‘hot’ history teacher.

Just as they were about to part ways, Lance looked at the empty corridor and placed a loving kiss on Keith’s cheek, trying not to totter as he did so. His head was hurting a little. He murmured a soft “I love you” and ran a hand through Keith’s hair with a soft smile. “I’ll see you at break.”

“Love you too, babe.”

“Yeah, don’t divorce me, babe, I know all your worst secrets.” He formed a smile on his face, trying his best not to grimace at the headache he had.

Keith chuckled and with the arrival of a set of students, they parted ways. Lance dropped the act, and sighed a wearied sigh. He ran a hand over his face and shook his head, hoping the drum beat in his head would lessen. He shoulders slumped a little as he entered his classroom.

No one was there as the bell had not rung yet, save one person. The familiar form of a freshman that Lance enjoyed teaching for the fact that he tried and quietly listened to him, unlike many rowdy fourteen year olds, greeted his eyes.

He righted himself and smiled as he neared his desk, where the boy stood. “Jasper. I don’t think I have you for class until second period?”

The boy was like an open book and stuttered a little, pink dotting his cheeks. “I know. I j-just wanted to hand in my essay. Sir.” He placed a sheaf of paper before him on the desk, held together by a bright green staple.

“It’s not due until next Friday, though.” Lance was trying hard not to sound accusatory, but the bright light overhead and the constant heartbeat in his head was making him feel tired. He rubbed at his temple with his fingers. “And I told you, it’s Lance. Sir makes me feel old.”

“All right… Lance.” He rubbed his caramel-coloured locks at the base of his neck nervously. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

“Did I look like I was doing anything, Jasper?” He smiled genially toward the boy, though his eyes hurt when he moved them. They ached in fact. “I’ll correct it as soon as I can.” He rubbed at his eyes delicately, unaware that Jasper was looking a little worried.

“Are you feeling all right, Si-Lance?”

“Peachy. Just have something in my eyes. Now, get off to class before Miss Holt has the chance to find a reason to suspend you.”

Like a scared rabbit, Jasper’s baby blue eyes widened and he scurried off to Biology, because Lord knows, she was terrifying. He yelled a prepubescent “thank you” as he left, which made Lance crack up and immediately regret it when it jolted his now aching limbs.

Great. He was probably coming down with something. He hated getting sick and he always seemed to catch the worst ones too. He hoped that he would at least be able to make it through the day. Also not let Keith know. Keith was a nagger and would not cease until Lance was lying in bed. It wasn’t even that bad. Probably just a mild fever.

Throughout first period, Lance could feel himself feeling decreasingly worse. His limbs ached and he felt so tired. He sat in his chair as much as he could, even though he usually loved standing up and speaking loudly about historical figures. Even his juniors seemed a little confused.

Once, when a student had put up their hand, he had snapped at them, snapped at them even though they had done nothing wrong. He had apologised and gave the excuse that he had missed his coffee this morning which prompted a number of sympathising students.

At break, he felt so tempted to go all ‘Mean Girls’ and eat in a bathroom stall alone, just to avoid Keith’s observant gaze. Then he realised that he really had nothing to hide and laughed at his foolishness. It was just a little fever.

He sat down by Keith, thighs touching and smiled through the pain of moving. “How was class?” Opening his lunch box, he messed with his food but didn’t have the will to eat.

Keith groaned dramatically. “Please don’t tell me I was annoying and loud in sophomore year.”

Lance looked away and earned a thwack on his forearm. “I couldn’t say.” He answered mysteriously, suddenly feeling very cold as he tugged his shirt tighter around him.


Lance could do this, Lance could do this.

Walking into his classroom again, he looked at all the eager and not-so-eager expressions of his freshman students. Jasper was sitting by the window, talking quietly to a boy with dark hair — he could barely remember any faces through the fog.

Lance couldn’t do this. He couldn’t.

Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. His limbs felt like they were weighed down with lead and his joints ached, ached bone deep and he felt so tired. Moving hurt. It hurt to move. Even moving his eyes around was proving to be painful and has came to the conclusion that he was sicker than he originally thought.

At one moment he felt warm and another moment he felt cold. He wasn’t sure if he was sweating, though it certainly felt like it. His head had started up a new beat and moving too fast made him feel dizzy, lost, off balance.

After calling the roll, he glared daggers at a girl who was whispering to the person behind her. He crossed his arms and waited patiently for her to finish. He opened his mouth to speak. “Joan, are you finished?” She flushed and nodded jerkily.

He turned to the board only to see his vision go blurry and he stumbled, a hand gripping his desk tightly as he tried not to keel over. There was a rushing sound in his ears and he could hear the scrape of a chair on floor. He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them again, hoping that the fog would clear, but it didn’t.

A hand rested on his shoulder hesitantly and he could hear Jasper speaking, but could not understand his words. Everything was muddled and it may as well have been a foreign language. Everything was loud and it was too warm and it felt like he was being heated up in an oven. A hand was patting his cheek and everything was too close and too warm and-

Tripping over his feet, he made a mad dash to the door of his classroom, and it took him a few tries, but he managed to open it. He headed towards the bathroom, head spinning and vision swirling, leaving behind a very confused (though mostly concerned) class behind.

Jasper looked around at the other students and he spoke up nervously, his voice breaking through the stunned silence. “S-Should I get the nurse?”

Joan looked at him in mild amusement. “We should get Mr. Kogane.”

Jasper looked a little confused, and tilted his head to the side, almost akin to that of a lost duck. “Why?”

The class snickered and Jasper’s cheeks heated up, though Joan remained patient. “Because he’s dating our history teacher.” She took in his expression. “I thought it was obvious.”

Jasper still looked confused, but set his gaze determinedly ahead of him. “I’ll go get him then.” He took confidant strides until he was out the door and then sagged against it, heart beating quickly.

Sir-Lance just had to date the most terrifying teacher in the school didn’t he? He made up a cheer for himself and walked hurriedly to Mr. Kogane’s room, worried about his teacher and worried that a teacher would find him out of class without a pass.

Keith was having a wonderful day, simply splendid, in fact. If that counted as having nothing but rowdy classes and a number of immature and nosy students who just didn’t get the memo to shut the hell up, then yeah. It was a terrific day.

Lance had been pretty quiet during break and that worried him. He was usually so loud and boisterous. His brow furrowed subconsciously. Maybe he knew that Keith would appreciate peace and minimal noise. The thought made him smile. Lance could be really cute and caring sometimes.

His thoughts were interrupted by a student in the front row. “Whatcha thinkin’ about, sir?”

Keith scowled a particularly nasty scowl and tried to calm down his flaring temper. “Nothing that is any of your business, Eric.”

The class oohed and Keith tried to remind himself that he was a teacher. If he had been a kid he would have thrown him a punch, but he was the adult here. It seemed that the class weren’t done tormenting him, for another question came soon after.

One girl in the back piped up. “Are you thinking about your boyfriend, sir?”

Keith looked blankly at her, features giving nothing away. He crossed his arms. “I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

She raised an unimpressed eyebrow. “Whatever you say.” Her tongue piercing glinted in the sun and Keith shuddered. Kids these days

Just then, there were a few hurried knocks at the door and even though he said “come in” the raps continued. Huffing, he stood up and walked over to open the door. Lord knows what Shiro wanted of him now. Sure he was the principal of this highschool, but he ran it like a military academy sometimes.

Instead, he opened the door to find a quivering and small freshman student he recognised as Jasper waiting on the other side. He looked frightened and Keith tried to look somewhat less stern. His hand had been interrupted mid-knock and he hastily put it down, cheeks flushing.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” Keith frowned again. Lance taught him at this time.

Then Jasper blurted out, “Sir, Mr. Kogane, I was told to get you because Si-I mean Lance ran out of our classroom all dizzy and stuff and I think he’s sick!” He stared at the ground sheepishly, hand coming to rub at the back of his neck.

Keith stood stock still, heart picking up pace. He could scarcely compute the kid’s words. Lance sick? He shook his head. No, it must be some mistake. Then he stiffened. Lance had been really quiet at break, unnaturally so. Then it all seemed to make sense.

Unbeknownst to Keith, his class of juniors were extremely interested in the current discussion and craned their necks to hear what was going on. Eric smirked and his classmates took note of their teacher’s tense body posture. No boyfriend, eh? They had just been shown the evidence.

Without a word he ran past Jasper and left behind a satisfied classroom and one very petrified freshman who looked owlishly at the juniors. Eric, taking into account how small and scared he looked and with a gentleness that surprised even himself, offered to get him back to class.

The corridors seemed to be never ending and it took everything Lance had not to give up and collapse on the floor. Everything was so warm, his head drumming unpleasantly and stomach churning. It hurt to think and once his vision went haywire, so much so that he couldn’t see where he was going.

Upon reaching the teacher’s bathrooms, he entered the men’s and launched himself towards the sink area. Gripping the faux marble countertop, he swayed and almost felt the need to throw up, but managed to contain it — for now.

Clumsily gripping a tap, he twisted it, little strength available to him and feeling too dizzy to control it. Once water came out, cool and fresh, he shakily sloshed some on his face and reached around blindly for a towel. Water had managed to get onto his clothes and trickle down his neck, but he was beyond caring.

He whined when the search for the towel caused an ache to form in his stomach and it gurgled uncomfortably. Finally dropping to the floor, he buried his pounding head in his knees and wrapped his shaking arms around his waist.

He wanted Keith.

Keith had been running around like a madman, trying his utter best to find his missing boyfriend. A heavy feeling of dread filled his lungs and he almost felt like he was choking. His boyfriend was sick and he had had a student tell him that. He had noticed how strange his boyfriend had been acting, but he hasn’t asked.

He ran a hand through his dark hair and bit the inside of his cheeks, face a mask of worry and almost a sense of terror. His eyes darted around and hr tried to think. Where would Lance go? His dull eyes brightened and he looked up from his wallowing. He knew where.

When he had opened the bathroom door, he had expected to see Lance passed out, dead and anything in between that. What he didn’t expect was to find him curled up in a ball on the tiles, the tap still running.

Lance didn’t notice he had arrived at first, but eventually he raised his head and Keith met with droopy, feverish eyes and flushed cheeks. Lance was pale and he shuddered, as if he were cold. Hair was plastered to his forehead and his mouth was dry and chapped.

“Keith?” He looked confused, but then his expression brightened and even when sick like this, Keith couldn’t help but think he was cute.

Wrapping an arm around his shoulders, Keith eased him up gently only to find himself being shoved away. Lance threw up in the sink, the little breakfast he had being the only thing to come up.

He couldn’t seem to stop and the retching continued, Keith patting his back and brushing his hair away from his sweaty forehead. He hacked until his throat was raw and felt like it had been cleaned by sandpaper. Tears sprang into his eyes and a sob escaped him when Keith washed his face clean, feeling so pathetic and utterly miserable.

The support of the sink no longer there, Lance would have fallen if Keith had not caught him. He caught him gently about the waist and they slowly sank down to the floor together, until he was practically sitting on his lap. His back was to Keith’s chest and the tears would not stop.

Keith wiped away every tear, hushing and murmuring kind words in his ears. He rubbed his hands up and down Lance’s arms as he shivered and took in the heat emanating from his body with growing concern. The sobs made him convulse and he shook, body wracked with the force of them.

After a while, he began to hiccup and the tears gradually ceased. Lance wearily sank against Keith, body spent with his ordeal. Keith pressed his cheek to Lance’s and embraced him.

“Let’s get you home, Lance.”

Keith carried Lance outside to their car bridal style, unaware of the noses pressed to the windows of his classroom or of the clicking of cameras.

In the car, Keith strapped him in, careful not to jostle him too much and pushed his hair back off his forehead. Lance nuzzled against his cold hands and smiled, eyes looking at him dreamily, though rimmed red from crying.

“I love you.”

Keith chuckled and slammed the door behind him. Once he was in his seat, he turned to him and said, “I love you too.” Lance leant his head against the window pane, completely satisfied and content and almost forgot for a moment that he was sick.

Once back at their apartment, Keith helped Lance inside and brought him to the couch, where he could see him and do things at the same time. As if he were a child, he dressed Lance in pajamas and pressed a kiss to his damp hair.

“Wait and I’ll get you some medicine and water.” He entered the kitchen and Lance watched him for a while, head lying on the armrest.

Then he spoke up, voice cracked and grating to the ears. “Then can we watch something. Together, I mean.”

Keith smiled and looked over, his face brighter than anything else in the world. “Anything for you.”

Lance stuck out his tongue in disgust. “You’re sickening.”

“Pretty sure you’re the one that has the sickness here and the actual power to make me catch it.”

Keith was soon back and Lance downed the two pills. He felt a little better, the pounding having muted. Keith knew he was feeling better enough to give him a snarky answer.

Lance cuddled up next to Keith, head resting on his chest tiredly. He turned over and pecked his cheek gently, face apologetic. “I’m sorry if I worried you.”

Keith looked down at Lance, face so beautiful even in this state and leant his cheek on his sandy locks, turning slightly to press another kiss to his head. “Just don’t do it again. I think Jasper died.”

“He’ll live.”

“Whatever you say, darling.”

“Yeah, you really shouldn’t.”

“Shouldn’t what?”

“Divorce me. I know all your secrets, Keith Kogane.”

“I wasn’t the one crying in the bathroom after throwing up in the sink.”

“… Good point.”

“I can’t divorce you anyway.”

“Why not?”

“Because I love you too much.”

“So do I, angel.”

Diabolik lovers ‘’5th Anniversary book ‘’ [Shin’s interview] ~translation|traducción~

Thanks to @the-precious-sugar-chan and @diabolik-secret for having helped me with the translation <3

  • 1. Right now, what is your favorite thing?

I recently bought a punchbag.
By using it I came to the conclusion that it helps me to low my stress, I like it pretty much.

  • 2. What kind of fashion are you into lately?

I don’t know much about fashion, but I like clothes that feel good to the touch.
But I don’t like bad quality furs. [His tail is an accessory snkjasdKDSKJL]
I also like chain accesories. Don’t you think the little details look great?

  • 3. What habits do you have that you’ll do without realizing?

Habit, huh… When I’m transformed into a wolf and I see a ball rolling my eyes unconsciously can’t stop following it

  • 4. How do you spend your days-off?

I spend most of my time in the Bandemium. Sometimes I take my wolfs for a  walk… I’m going to buy some things that Nii-san orders me, or sometimes I go out.

  • 5. What do you wear to sleep?

Nothing but the usual, and I always sleep on my side…
But when I sleep curled up turned into wolf is much better… …
Mm? Why are you making that face? … …!
Wait a minute, what are you misunderstanding!
It’s not like I always sleep curled up in my wolf form!

  • 6. What do you definitely do before sleeping?

I’m not very aware of what I do before I go to sleep. Maybe something I always do is brushing my teeth. It feels disgusting going to sleep without brushing your teeth, doesn’t it? I think anybody thinks the same way I do… It has become a habit.

  • 7. What part of your body you like the best?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in a founder’s body, I think? I have to take great care of my own body. As for the person who is not here, when I look at him I feel that he doesn’t really care about his body.

  • 8. What do you like the most of your room?

Simple bedrooms are the best! But It can’t be helped that the room is a mess. You also don’t want to spend time in that room, don’t you?

  • 9. Tell us one memorable impression that you have of your brothers.

A memory of Nii-san… huh. Mmm … if it’s about a memory, I think it was the first time I practiced with the sword with Nii-san.
The fact that Nii-san was my opponent made me very happy, it was pretty funny.

  • 10. What you think of KarlHeinz?

I hate him. He is the enemy of us founders. Such a thing like a vampire has punished to a founder… he’s an outrageous guy.

  • 11. Where would you go on a date?

Probably she will be happy being taken to a place with a good atmosphere.
Where there is a beautiful night view… like… A theme park? Women really like those things.

  • 12. What does a girl do to make your heart skip a beat?

Something she does, um …Thinking about it… Mmm, it’s a very subtle thing, but I don’t hate it when she says “thank you”.

  • 13. How does her blood taste?

Ahh~… I did not want to drink her blood when it was contaminated by vampires… Just remembering it disgusts me…
But I don’t dislike it after having purified it. Since it is the blood of a noble founder, after all.

  • 14. From which body part do you like to suck her blood?

From her calf. When I drink from that place I can see very well her pained face.
I can hold her legs when she squirms. Drinking from that place is really fun, you know?

  • 15. What does her existence mean to you?

I carry the pride of the Founders. That’s why I thought using her for the sake of restoring the clan would be fine. But now… I just want that stupid and softhearted woman to stay by my side.

español abajo del corte mamu~

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I don’t post much on Tumblr. I prefer to just lurk about, look at fanart, read fics, and stay tf away from all the toxicity and drama surrounding fandom.

But for right now - fuck all that noise. I’m entering the war zone.

I’ve been peeping on the SW fandom for about the last year and a half now, and something has come to my attention - some people… predominantly, it seems, anti-reylo shippers - are so incredibly vile, ruthlessly harsh, and just generally terrible to other people who are just trying to enjoy their reading of the film in peace.

And I mean, it’s not even like y’all (antis) have the correct reading of the film? You guys have CATEGORICALLY MISINTERPRETED everything you use as bait for why the Reylo ship is “wrong” “immoral” or “disgusting.” I’ve seen so many antis claiming that Kylo Ren won’t be getting a redemption arc and is a ruthless murderer with no regrets, yet the subtext of TFA, the SCRIPT ITSELF, dialogue in the novel, and specific comments from fucking JJ Abrams and Adam Driver himself refute that. You can’t argue that it’s incest, because at this point everyone associated with the series has essentially come out and said she isn’t a Skywalker or a Solo. To claim that Rey was “raped” by him and imply that it’s an abusive relationship is to -

1). Strip Rey of all her agency and overlook the fact that she has been established as a strong character who can defend herself (because, idk if you recall, but every time she encounters Kylo Ren…she defeats him). They have consistently been established as equals both in battle and in their abilities in the force, and to suggest she can’t hold her own against him is just blatantly ignoring the text. (And, going off the anti argument, when she enters his mind, that means she also “rapes” him, but I guess we can all overlook that because Daisy Ridley is a pretty, defenseless little woman and Adam Driver is a big, scary, superior man, right?).

2). To only have the capacity to understand text and character development as it’s presented to you in its most basic form. Y’all know this is a trilogy, right? See, what typically happens is that - over the course of a series of films - the characters change and drastically develop beyond what was presented to the audience in the first movie. This is what we call character development.

Do you guys seriously believe that every single Reylo shipper thinks they’re going to jump each other’s bones based on the mutual disdain for each other that was presented in TFA? FUCK NO! The Reylo speculation is centered around the potential we see for future development between the two, romantic or otherwise. It’s based on canon evidence in the novel and script. It’s based on comments from JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm and co. who suggest - nay, outright STATE - that the destinies of these two characters are specifically tied up in their relationship to one another. And now we have a poster, a trailer, and a whole host of spoilers to indicate that Reylo shippers are headed in the right direction in terms of character development and plot speculation. Don’t believe me? There are pages and pages worth of meta and Reylo-centered analysis circa 2015 - 2016 that has, as of recent news and revelations, pretty much hit the nail on the head. While y’all are still just hoping she’s a Skywalker.

The last thing I’m going to bring up is the the utter VENOM that is spat at people minding their own business, enjoying the SW series, and creating their art, totally unprompted, from antis. To call someone a pedophile based on a ship with a ten year age gap (the same age gap between Han and Leia, I might add, but you guys seem totes cool with that) is outrageous, offensive, and trivializes pedophilia. To call someone a racist because of their ship is, again, utterly outrageous, baseless, and wholly dismissive of POC shippers (like myself). Unless you see someone consistently posting pictures of swastikas and spewing hateful, anti-minority rhetoric, you - just another random, bitter asshole on Tumblr - have no right to call someone a Nazi, again trivializing the experiences of those who have had to deal with *actual* racism, stereotyping and social injustice. And if you think we’re sexist? I invite you to revisit Point 1.

Sorry for the long-ass rant. But people should just ship and let ship. There’s no need for the bullying, policing, name-calling, or even taking any of this shit so SERIOUSLY to the point where you would go out of your way to hurt others. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just watching a series of children’s films about space wizards with light-up swords. CHILL.

overprotective (usuk, omegaverse)

mmm so i wrote this around may… i think? anyway i decided to post it now cuz i was reading it and it has some clueless arthur and jealous alfred and i thought, eh, why not

Whenever Arthur’s company made a big sell, they’d throw a party to celebrate. Whenever these parties happened, even if Alfred found them to be a boring hell, he was there with his mate, holding his hand, smiling and staring at any alpha who looked at his mate for longer than necessary.

Alfred knew Arthur loved him and he trusted him completely, however he did not trust Arthur’s alpha coworkers. He didn’t like any alphas around his mate for obvious reasons, but most of all he hated the way those alphas looked at Arthur. As if he was a piece of meat waiting to be claimed, a piece of meat who walked around being bossy and demanding reports and reminding them of deadlines. Arthur wasn’t shy and he was kinda angry and bossy most of the time, and Alfred loved that about him. He knew a few other alphas loved that in omegas and that some of them had those weird fetishes about omegas like that, and he also knew how clueless Arthur could be about alphas’ interest in him – hell, it too him almost five months and Alfred yelling it to him for him to realize Alfred was trying to court him.

So Alfred worried. He worried because his mate was gorgeous, had a fucking great scent that had made him want to climb walls in frustrating back in high school and which only got better with the passing of the years, a bossy personality and he got tipsy with only a couple glasses of wine. Alfred felt sick to think about what other alphas could want or try to do him if he was drunk and alone, so he couldn’t help but to be overprotective. He just wanted the best for his mate.

So whenever those parties were held, he was there. He couldn’t stop Arthur from socializing with other people and celebrating his accomplishments, and he honestly did not want to – to smell how happy Arthur was whenever something good happened at work… it made Alfred happy as well – but he could be around him while he did so, to protect him, to show all those alphas that Arthur Kirkland had a very strong and very protective mate who would kill any of them if they tried anything funny. Ok, not kill because Alfred liked being a police officer, but he would definitely arrest the assholes. After punching them in the face.

During the parties, Alfred would stay with Arthur during the whole time. They’d walk around, Arthur would introduce Alfred to his bosses and friends and coworkers, they’d talk and Alfred even pretended to be interested sometimes. And every time he noticed someone staring at Arthur, Alfred would give cheap excuses to kiss him, to touch his cheek and to press Arthur’s face gently against his neck, to make sure his scent was on Arthur, to make sure anyone could smell it. Arthur thought it was too much, but he let Alfred do it anyway because Alfred knew he liked to show off.

However at that party in particular there was a moment Alfred had to leave Arthur for a while – he had been drinking a lot of Cokes – he was the designated driver, as always – and he had to go pee. Arthur was on his third glass of wine, but he was talking to some betas and omegas about some funny work incident, so Alfred assumed it would be safe to leave him for a couple minutes.

He felt rage and jealousy bubbling inside of him when he got back to find an alpha cornering his mate. Not literally, but it might as well be the case. The man was leaning closer to Arthur to smell him, a smirk on his lips as he talked and looked to Arthur’s body as if he was looking at something he might buy.

Without even thinking about it, Alfred went to them, passing his arm around Arthur’s shoulders and bringing him closer to him, almost making him spill his full glass of wine on Alfred’s shirt.

“Hi, babe, who gave you another glass? Haven’t you drank too much already?” Alfred said, kissing Arthur’s forehead and looking at the other alpha, looking really deep into his brown eyes, eyebrows frowning.

Arthur chuckled, “Yes, yes, I know. John said another glass wouldn’t make any more damage, though, and I agree.”

“He did, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s just a bit more of wine, and Arthur’s having fun, aren’t you?” the alpha said, and Alfred felt outraged at that. What the fuck was that guy trying to accomplish there? If he didn’t fuck off Alfred was going to…!

“Yeah! I’m having fun! John was just saying… he was inviting me to go join him and the other guys in a pub for the after-party…” Arthur explained.

Alfred glared at John, anger filling him.

“He was?” Alfred said with a sweet smile that made the other alpha give a step back, “I think you’ve had enough parties for today, babe.” Alfred told Arthur, snuggling his cheek against his, making Arthur chuckle some more, “You’re drunk.” his eyes never leaving the alpha.

“Am not…”

“Yep. You are. I think we’ll have to skip the after-party, John.” Alfred said, kissing Arthur’s neck gently, but enough to make him sigh audibly.

“Don’t kiss my mark in public, Al…” Arthur mumbled to him, leaving the half-empty glass of wine at the counter and walking with Alfred when he started to do so.

“Uh, yeah, no problem.” John said, and as Alfred passed him he mouthed,

“Try something and I will kill you.”

To see John nod made him smile.

“Did you say something, Al?” Arthur asked, but Alfred quickly shook his head.

“Nope. You must be super drunk, man. Let’s go home, okay?”

“Hm… Okay. We should have sex when we get there.” Arthur suggested in a low whisper, which made Alfred laugh, his rage and anger giving space to a softer feeling.

“I’ll think about it. If you can stay awake till we get home.” he answered, kissing Arthur’s forehead and this time not because he wanted to show someone Arthur was with him, but because he deeply, sincerely loved that person.

“Alright, I’ll do that. I’ll stay awake.” Arthur ensured.

Less than ten minutes later Arthur was asleep, his head bumping lightly against the car window, and Alfred couldn’t help but to quietly laugh. He loved Arthur. He loved his mate, and he would protect him with all he had. Always.

Bucky’s Troublemaker

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x civilian!Reader

Content/Warnings: Humor; fluff

Words: 527

A/N: The Bucky request for everyone, as promised! I had fun writing this one and am pleased with how it turned out. It was a request from anon: 

Could you maybe a do a Bucky Barnes x Reader with 18 (slightly modified) 55, and 63 where the reader steals a dog and calls Bucky? I just read these three prompts together and thought about how funny it would be.

I hope you guys enjoy!

You couldn’t believe this. Of all the outrageous situations you had gotten yourself into, this one took the cake. You hadn’t meant to steal someone’s dog - you really hadn’t - but it was wandering around with a lost look so you had decided to take it until you could get in contact with its owner. Then the police showed up, you were hiding in an alleyway, and your boyfriend Bucky had just thought you had went out to pick up some brownie mix - which would explain his confusion when you called him.

“Whatcha need, doll?” He asked upon picking up the phone.

“Bucky,” You whispered, “I think I’m in trouble.

“What?” His voice instantly changed, steeped with worry. “What’s the matter?”

I stole a dog,” You squeaked. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought it was lost, but I guess someone saw me take it because the police are here and I’m just super freaked out and hiding in an alley.”

It was a solid minute before Bucky had stopped laughing long enough to actually speak. “I’m on my way,” He wheezed after you told him where you were.

You scowled and hung up the phone, staring down at the golden retriever that looked all too happy considering the trouble he had caused. “This is all your fault,” You hissed, and he tilted his head, opening his mouth in a doggish grin to pant. “How do I get myself into these messes?”

The dog gave no reply. You huffed, sitting down against the wall beside the dog, who nudged your hand in hopes of a petting. “Oh, fine,” You mumbled, rubbing him between the ears. The dog thumped its tail happily, blissfully unaware of the pure chaos it had caused with its previously lost-looking expression. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you back to your owner soon. I didn’t mean to steal you.”

“So you’ve said,” Bucky said, causing you to jump as he walked down the alley towards you, amusement written clearly on his face. “Hey doll.”

“Hey Bucky,” You sighed. “Dog, meet Bucky. Bucky, this is Dog.”

Bucky chuckled and shook his head as the dog stared up at him inquisitively before going back to butting your hand with his muzzle. “You just love causing trouble, don’t you?

“I swear I don’t mean for things like this to happen,” You exclaimed. “Now you’ve got a convict for a girlfriend.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” He said, shaking his head and pulling you to his feet. “We’ll just take it back, said we found it wandering around. Problem solved.”

“Oh,” You mumbled. “Yeah, I guess that would have worked.”

He laughed and pressed an affectionate kiss to your hairline. “What would you do without me?”

“Be arrested, probably,” You said with a grin.

“That sounds like my troublemaker,” He said with a smile, lacing his fingers with yours. You whistled for the dog, who obediently fell to following after the two of you. Bucky glanced back at the golden retriever with a crooked smile. “It is a cute dog, though. Maybe we should get one.”

“Are you kidding?” You asked with a snort. “Tony would have a stroke.”

Accidentally Confessing // Min Yoongi

“Are you home! ?” You heard a voice that at the moment you wanted to strangle .

“Did you enjoy your date ? “ you shouted from your room as soon as you heard your door by yoongi.

“It wasn’t a date!” He shouted as he tried to guess what room you were in.

“You took her home though afterwards , you didn’t even say when you were leaving dude” you sneered the last part as he found you in your room on your bed replying some last minute e-mails.

“I took Jungkook and Jhope too, not just her “ he exclaimed as he rolled his at your childish behavior.

“We’ll i had no ride home by the way “ You sneered back as he groaned out by your attitude.

“Don’t be dumb , i know your friend took you home! “ he shouted in outrage on how you guys are fighting over this.

“ Ya! So what!” You screamed back sitting up so you sat right in-front of him. “Your the one that invited me to go !” You screamed in anger at him as you pointed at his chest.

“What’s the big deal !?” He questioned you as he threw his hands up in exaggerated

“I wanted to go home with you! Douchebag, I’m jealous ” you told him as you pushed him off your face and walked to the restroom.

Your eyes widened in shock when you just remember what the fuck you said. You heard footsteps come to the restroom. You quickly chose to pretend you never said anything and started to take off your jewelry.

“You were jealous” he laughed as he stood behind you with his arms crossed around his chest.

You threw your jewelry at the sink and got even more angry as he stood there looking smug. You turned around and with a red face your started screaming fighting the tears that wanted to come out.

“You think someone’s feelings is funny, leave then this is fuckin-“ you were suddenly picked up and sat down on the bathroom counter.

Yoongi looked at you and smiled trying to find your eyes. You squirmed as you tried getting off but his hands stayed firm on your waist.

“You know you look fucking hot when your jealous.” He whispered as he leaned into you face.

You pushed your head back against his as you waited for him to do something , anything.

Soon enough his hands pushed your body against his and he leaned in kissing in your lips. He quickly looked at you on more time to see if he could continue.

His eyes looking for permission, you answered put your hands around him and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“Now your confident as ever, weren’t you mad just five min ago” he laughed as he watched over you waiting for him to do something.

He was even taller than you even though your sitting on top of the counter.

He pushed you hair out of your face as he watched your face get angry again from him just staring how cute you were sitting on the counter. You face flushed from the anger and now from the situation it turned out.

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You rolled your eyes “Shut up and kiss me” you whispered as his lips became closer again, closing your eyes once again.

He kept his hands on your waist hugging you as he kept kissing you drawing butterflies in your stomach every-time he would hug you tight.

Moans were suddenly heard around the house and suddenly the night became even longer.