this guy used to be a really close friend of mine

Hey guys i’m going to add a close friend of mine to the blog.. the amount of asks is overwhelming and i could really use the help, im sure youll all love them
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             I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this into words because i don’t have a bombastic vocabulary for English but here it is. It’s been four months; you might have wondered what finally made us decided to path our ways. So here it is. I’m pretty sure most of you are happy because either you hate me or you’re a really close friend and you knew how toxic the relationship was to the both of us. Let’s call him Bob*.  This isn’t your cliché love story where a girl is sitting at a café and the guy walks up to her, this was the 21st century sliding into DMs kind of shit, I honestly can’t exactly remember who slide into who’s DM but we just got closer after.

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BTS Reaction to you two play fighting and you accidentally hit him in the privates

I can remember hitting a close guy friend of mine on accident, and I felt extremely bad about it. So, I’m assuming it must really be painful for a guy. Anyways, hope you enjoy (:

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Jin: You guys would have been mindlessly cuddling when Jin had said something snarky, immediately causing you to poke him in the stomach. Not enjoying your childish action, he thought it was only fair to poke you back. Somehow your poking session turned into an all-out wrestling match across the couch. Jin, who was a little too strong for you, managed to roll you both off the couch and you figured the only way to take him down was by grabbing a hold of his legs. The only problem was- you had hit a certain area on your way to grabbing them. Immediately falling limp, you heard Jin groan out in agony and whine about you not loving him. “I’m so sorry, babe! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” “Spare me the lies! You’ve never loved me!” Rolling your eyes at his theatrics, you stand up and playfully poke him in the stomach with your foot. “Okay, drama queen. Whatever you say… And get up! You look fine to me…”

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Suga: The one thing you loved and hated about Min Yoongi at the same time, was his blunt honesty. His honesty, most of the time, came out in either a sassy remark or a sarcastic comment, and sometimes you could not stand it. He may be your boyfriend, but you just had it up to here with him. And the day you hurt him in a place that was not supposed to be hit, was the day he irritated you to the brink of insanity. It was just one of those days with mindless bickering, but you were stressed and couldn’t handle his squinting and accusing eyes so you threw a pillow right at his face. Yoongi, being Yoongi, loved messing with you to piss you off even more. So when your back was turned, he tried to sneak up on you and tease you when he got close. What he didn’t expect, was for you to turn around and pretend to knee him in the stomach- which in turn, accidentally did hit him in the crotch. Falling to his knees in pain, you watch in horror as his pale face becomes red as he sucks in breaths. “Y/N. I’m going to kill you.” Gulping, you decided to run for it, hoping your loving boyfriend would go easy on you.

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J-Hope: You believed the night was going to be wonderful; nights with Hoseok were always filled with bliss and overall joy. He had chose to start the night off at your shared apartment, feeding you a dinner he felt proud to make for you (he had received a little help from Seokjin). Smiling brightly to warm you up, you guys had idle chats over your food and little giggles when inside jokes came up in the conversation. Soon, you began to shift in your seat a little from anxiousness, excited for what Hobi had planned. You remembered too late; your dining room table was a little too small. And by a little, you meant that whenever you ate at the table you had to put one of your legs in between Hoseok’s legs in order for you to both fit. Since you had shifted without warning, your knee quite literally jammed into his crotch, causing him to yelp in pain. “Oh my- Hoseok, are you okay? I’m sorry!” Gasping, you watched as he tried to secretly grip himself under the table. Feeling guilty, you reach over and push his hair off his forehead. Faking nonchalance, he gasped, “I’m fine, baby. Don’t worry about it… Have I ever mentioned how bony your knees are?!”

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Rap Monster: “I think society would be a much better place if they re-evaluated their views on equality.” You had been relaxing on the couch, snuggled up and talking about whatever sprung into your guys’ minds. When he brought up equality, you questioned what exactly he was referring to in this context. “Men and women, of course. And it’s not just women who are discriminated against. There’s a lot of human error in general when we’re talking about inequality.” You had gotten a little distracted, so you just muttered, “Well some men think they’re naturally stronger than women because of their gender.” Namjoon had nodded instantly, which was a wrong move. “That’s because it’s a plausible way of thinking. I mean, I know I’m stronger than you.” Sitting up, you narrowed your eyes at him. “Oh really?” In a matter of moments, your insightful conversation had turned into a round of play fighting. It involved a lot of things crashing to the floor, the couch skidding across the living room, and your knee coming into contact where the sun doesn’t shine. You felt bad for several moments, but you decided one last jab wouldn’t hurt your intellectual boyfriend. “That’s one area where we happen to have an advantage.”

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Jimin: “Let’s arm wrestle, Y/N.” Scoffing, you pushed him away by his face. He was really touchy-feely all the time, and sometimes you had to stand your ground for a while in order to get him to stop. Today, he just wasn’t letting up. “No, Jimin. Stop it. Jimin, no!” Attempting to roll off the bed with you, you tried your hardest to pry his arms from around your waist, but it was no use. You were going to have to take extreme measures. “Park Jimin, you better stop acting childish right now or else-” You had managed to pin him down and crawl on top of him, but you were confused by his pain-stricken face and his bulging eyes. Now he was trying to push you off of him, and you didn’t know why. “Babe, get off. I’m not playing, you hurt me bad,” he whined. Worried, you hopped off the bed only to watch him wiggle around dramatically while he was cupping in between his legs. You were torn; should you offer to grab ice or give into your bubbling laughter? You decided on the latter, rushing to give him a kiss on the forehead as you giggled at his pouting.

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V: “Paper, Rock, Scissors!” You groaned in irritation as Tae grinned in triumph. “You know what that means! Get up and make us more popcorn!” Staring at him with a blank look you snapped, “I know that, Tae. I’m not stupid.” He cooed, “Aw, someone’s a little grumpy pants when they lost fair and square.” Rolling your eyes, you made sure to smack him playfully upside the head as you walked past him, reveling in his little cry of argument. Making the popcorn hastily, you wondered how Tae could be so annoying whenever he won and decided he spent a little too much time with the maknae. “Jungkookie is just a bad influence, I’m telling you,” you uttered aloud as the popcorn finished. Heading back into the living room, you’re perplexed when you found it empty. Putting the popcorn down, you called out for your boyfriend, only to be startled by his battle cry from behind you and rushed by him. Since you didn’t expect it, you put up your leg in defense, hitting him where it hurts. “Oh shi-” Cutting himself off, his hands fly to where you hit him, his face grimacing and his voice going up a few pitches. “Sorry babe! You rushed me out of nowhere!” “It’s fine. I’m 50% sure you didn’t mean it…”

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Jungkook: Your facial expression grew cold as you felt a candy hit you on the face for the fifth time. “Jungkook, I’m going to tell you one last time-” “What are you going to do about it, pipsqueak?” Standing up abruptly, you look at him, beyond annoyance and ready to beat up your boyfriend. “One last time-” “Oh yeah?” Looking at you with disinterest, he throws another candy at you and you instantly lose it. Chasing him around the house wasn’t fun, because the guy was super fast for no apparent reason. Cornering him, though, was easy. Trying to talk past his laughter was hard for him, so he just pleaded using the word ‘Babe’ while holding his hands out. You disliked that he didn’t look afraid at all, so you jumped on him to try and take him to the floor. “Y/N, you’re not hurting anybody. Why are you even trying- Oh boy.” You happened to be flailing your legs as he moved to lift you, and without realizing it you had kicked him in the place every guy hated to be hit. Hopping off him, you panicked as he acted more hurt than he actually was. “Jungkook! Kookie! Honey! Babe! Oh goodness, are you okay? I’m sorry, you look really hurt! Do you want me to kiss it to make it better-” You realized what you had said too late, and Jungkook immediately straightened at your words. Not looking at you with any sort of pain, he bursted out into laughter before shooting you a sultry look. “If you insist.” 

Fourth Time’s a Charm

Hey guys! So, guess what? Me and my good friend @jordan202 have decided to do a fic collab! We wrote it together and this is what came out. Really hope you like it and please, let us know what you think!
The fic takes place right after Omelia’s last scene in 13x04.

Amelia held Owen close with her head nuzzled in the crook of his neck as she slowly breathed in and out, her heartbeat decreasing it’s pace, calming down after their heartfelt conversation.

Relief was Amelia’s most evident emotion in that moment. After opening up to Owen about Ryan and hearing him talk about his dark times too, she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. They hadn’t realized before, but now they were finally ready to trust each other fully and tell each other anything, clearly more intimate than they’ve ever been.

Staying in silence for a few minutes, the couple just enjoyed each other’s touches. Amelia kept caressing his hair and Owen stroked her back before he kissed her neck and backed away a bit to look her in the eyes, smiling as he admired every little detail on his wife’s face.

“So, how do you think our kids will be?” Amelia asked, lovingly stroking Owen’s cheek.

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Here’s a fun update!

So, as you guys that’ve been here long enough may know, I have to practice Kemeticism undercover in case my mother thinks I’m worshipping demons and decides to throw all my shit away or tells this to my abusive grandmother. Two nights ago, a friend of mine suggested getting a stuffed animal for Set that he could use as an icon and that I could use to, say, show affection towards when the relationship is on its high. 

We both decided that an aardvark or anteater would work best, and both Set and I really liked this anteater. I got him on Amazon, and he’s a very soft and cuddly little toy. 

I offered him to Set in thanks for his help and encouragement in recent events (and gave him a hug that I owed). Unfortunately, thanks to his size, he can’t stay in the shrine with the picture and the rocks, but I’ll def be keeping him close for offerings and the like. 

Digi (4/4)

| Requested by sprdlove: Can you do one where yn is in the digi with the boys and shes really close to the ogoc and then some random guy there be really rude to her and the ogoc defends her like no tomorrow?


I was at Digi Atlanta and this day was why I loved being a Youtuber so fucking much.

The day was filled with cool people, lovely fans, good weather and performing. Everytime I got invited to these kinds of events, it was all I was looking forward to.

As a Youtuber, I was pretty good friends with Viners. The Omaha squad especially.

I wasn’t really crushing on them or whatever, they were just really good friends of mine. I couldn’t ignore the fact that they were all good looking, but there was just missing something in the picture.

The boys and I met up somewhere and spent the day together. We saw some fans, friends, etc.

By the way, the fans were totally fine with us being really good friends. They knew what I thought about them and they luckily believed me. “Hey, (Y/N)!” A guy said. I waved and smiled, but instead of getting a smile returned, the douche stuck his middle finger up to me.

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So two nights ago, I thought this one guy was really cute at a bar/club we were at and kept telling my friends. Well, a good friend of mine told me to tell him he was cute but I could NEVER do that because of my shyness. So, she said she’d tell him for me but I told her please don’t. Then, she’d said she was getting water but when I looked over, she was talking to him and I knew I was fcked lol.

He then came over and introduced himself so we talked and danced (that didn’t work it for either of us haha) for a bit before the place closed and I had to leave. Usually, I don’t trust guys at parties but he seemed very kind and non-creepy + him being sober was a bonus. Before leaving, he asked me for my number and put his in my phone since his phone died.

Yesterday night, he asked me out on a dinner date after some texting and it’ll take place in about 12 hours. And to be honest, I’m both super nervous and excited since I actually find him physically attractive :3
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both/either Louis and/or Harry were to say to us larries “guys, we really appreciate the love you have for us, but we truly are just friends, nothing more.” that you would believe them, support them, and leave the idea of Larry Stylinson alone. (at least as a serious relationship, but still continue to innocently ship them)

but the thing is…they haven’t done that. not even close.


You guys have probably seen this before but August 9th is my blogs 1 year anniversary and I really want to reach 4k before that and atm I’m super close to 3.4k and I could really use your help! I want to make more friends and communicate with all of you so please help me

Some highlights from Brandon’s Stockholm show (7/6-15)

- He did a lil speech before playing Magdalena, saying that it might be his favourite off of Flamingo, but that people probably missed it if they only downloaded the singles. “Go youtube or (something I didn’t hear) it or whatever it is you do!”

- Brandon (attempting) speaking Swedish before Jenny Was A Friend of Mine, telling us to “Lyssna noga nu” (Listen closely now) and something about judging whether the guy was guilty or not. He had it written on a note really cute, and some girls who were waiting for him by the backdoor afterwards got the note!

- After playing Jenny he asked how many people thought the guy did it (majority believed he did). A guy yelled that it was his birthday and Brandon sang happy birthday to him, calling him “the guy who chimed in at the wrong time” (or something along those lines).

- Another guy yelling “I’m horny!” to which Brandon responded either “I can’t help you with that!” or “How can I help you with that?”

- Brandon forgetting some of the early lyrics for Lonely Town because Benji played something weird

- Benji whispering to Brandon and telling him sorry for messing up Lonely Town before they played The Way It’s Always Been <33

- They played Untangled Love instead of a cover, but he said he had secretly hoped for Simply Irresistible 

- Overall, he was just being his adorable and amazing self <333