this guy just takes great photos

Merry belated Feast of the Winter Star!! @otagen
I’m you’re stand-in Secret Santa but I’m really glad I could draw this. You’re farmer is great and all I could think about with you’re request was “bad winter sweaters” and no one actually looking at the camera while they’re trying to do their holiday photo. They all make a great little family~  Cheers!!

maddyrose606  asked:

Finally! Could you do reactions of RFA+v and saeran going to a con with MC. And she is a super hardcore cosplayer.

~No prob! I’ve never been to a con so I apologize for not being super knowledgeable on this but I will try my best…^^;;


  • He actually wants to dress up, too!
  • He goes as a LOLOL character
  • Has been helping you put together a great cosplay
  • Feels super proud to walk around in your outfits together
  • Freaks out happily if someone wants to take a photo of him
  • He feels like a real warrior that day
  • Is low-key getting protective of you when guys ask to take a picture with you
  • Will be holding you close and holding your hand for the remainder of the con
  • You both end up making a ton of friends and just having a blast


  • What is a…con?
  • He is so confused
  • Ends up going with you but has body guards surrounding you at all times
  • You’re trying to get him to relax because people want photographs and stuff and slowly he eases up and lets people near you
  • Asking what everything is
  • Which is exhausting
    • “Who is this character, who is that? What are they supposed to be? Is this edible? MC come here and explain what these people are doing. Are these valuable?”
  • Buying all the things
  • Decided that he wants to put on his own con
  • For cats
  • The money will go to animal shelters and to help feed cats


  • He’s heard of this before
    • “Sounds fun!”
  • As long as your cosplay isn’t too provocative
  • He doesn’t want men staring at you!
  • You guys actually come across some people cosplaying as him!
  • He is so flattered~
  • Ends up taking pictures with them and posting it online
  • He loves it!
  • One girl asks to get a photo and then says “great Zen cosplay” like she didn’t even realize it was actually him
  • He is so proud of your outfit honestly and taking a zillion pictures of you all around the event
  • He would definitely do this again


  • She really isn’t into the idea at first
  • Until she remembers all of the Zen merch she could find there
  • Loves your cosplay as well but honestly she is zooming off to find merch the minute you get there
  • She’s got so much stuff by the end of the day
  • Takes photos with Zen cosplayers
  • Overall, when you met back up, she expressed that she did in fact have a lot of fun
  • And she actually wants to do this again
    • “Maybe you can help me with a costume, too?”


  • He’s super into this
  • He will be just as hardcore as you are and also dress up
  • But also would have a merch booth selling models and stuff he created
  • Just the coolest stuff ever
  • He makes a killing, money wise
    • “More money for my baby and my baby cars!”
  • Would get in on all of the crazy antics that go on
  • Straight up running around with you
  • Taking video of everyone he pranks there and posting it
  • Screams for you when you win the cosplay contest
  • Has possibly created a whole website dedicated to you and your cosplays


  • He is actually very involved and excited
  • As long as it makes you happy, he will be there for you!
  • Thinks that you are amazing
  • Starts to research and understand cosplay etc
  • Though he isn’t completely unfamiliar with it, he’s done a few shoots for people in their costumes
  • Just excited for all of the photo ops
  • Glued behind his camera the whole time
  • Mostly taking pictures of you but also of all the other cool cosplays he comes across!
  • People start asking for his card so they can hire him
  • It was a really fruitful evening for you guys!


  • If it’s something you’re into…
  • Low-key stoked, he loves this shit
  • Will cosplay as a villain
  • Scaring kids that are there at the con if he gets the chance
  • Won’t get out of photos that people are trying to take of you
    • “Hey, I just want MC, can you step aside?…”
    • “No.”
  • Drags you around the merch tables
  • Freaks out when he finds stuff he is into and ends up buying a good amount
  • Gets tired of the crowds and enjoys sitting at the panels while he eats candy and relaxes for a bit
    • Every time you pass another cosplayer:
      • “Your outfit is way better than that..Tch…”

manserved said: I don’t think this post is as bad as you make it out to be…like the guy taking notes is clearly a trainer and isn’t even looking at her. And its ok to say “wow she has a great ass!” This is #motivation for people who wants an ass like that. Like saying someone is aesthetically pleasing isn’t attacking their humanity….calm down

Who isn’t calm?

There’s nothing wrong with the original photo. It’s just a photo. The problem is the meme’s caption and it’s overall intention within the #fitspo community. Because again - You’re talking about “an ass” as though there isn’t a woman standing there. You are choosing to solely acknowledge the individual body parts that you find attractive without treating the woman there like a whole human being. And that’s a problem.

If you want motivation, then talk about her workout routine! Or her posture! Or her dedication! Or her competitive success! Literally talk about any action she has undertaken or choice she has made! But making jokes about how you happened to encounter “an ass” that’s worthy of praise, and never bothering to even recognize the woman who actually has that body and the lifestyle that built it, is straight up misogyny. 

If your motivation is based on objectification, then it is time to step back and rethink.

Well guys! I’m probably gonna be outta commission for a few days, I’m going and getting my wisdom teeth removed. But I have to take out my snakebites which is weird because I’ve had them for 7 years and any time I take them out, it’s really weird. And my smile looks so awkward with not having them in 🤣 hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


I have seen this pic so many times today and its my definitely my favorite. It just ANOTHER reminder of the many many reasons I am a devoted Jensen fan.

Seriously, he is such a great guy. This photo tells me so many things about Jensen Ackles (successful Television & Movie Star)

  • Doesn’t take himself too seriously
  • He treats the Crew as equals
  • Real not pretentious
  • Playful & fun loving
  • Just one of the guys
  • Not focused on his perceived image
  • Caring
  • Keeps things light & fun for a better work enviornment
  • Appreciates his co-workers
  • Young at heart
  • Approachable

We enjoy hearing stories and accounts about how really great Jensen, Jared and Misha are on the set. Here’s some added proof.


Let’s take a moment and appreciate some other Samezuka boys! ^^

Like, look at them!! 

It just can’t be true that all of boys in that school are just perfect. 

Like look at Kazuki Minami (first in first photo, brown hair, I guess purple eyes). For me he looks really really great . :>>> Okay he’s hot. 

And that other  Takuya Uozumi guy.  (on the left of second photo, next to Kazuki, has green eyes) He is handsome too. ^^

Uuuugh they’re all perfeeeecccttttt.

My real life boyfriend standards became really high since I’ve watched “Free!” bc even the side characters are freaking hot and I even don’t need to talk about main characters.. >.< 

And yep I guess it’s one of reasons why I love “Free!” so much. :)

Soo.. Question time!
Which one of side characters is your favourite? (He/she can be also from Iwatobi , not only from Samezuka if you want ^^)

Aaaand don’t be shy to ask me if you want to know something more about side characters ^^ I would be honoured to answer asks like that ^^

Good morning everybody! Jared’s Snap chats have recently included a view overlooking L.A. either early in the morning or sometime in the evening.  For some reason those photos make me want to take those kind of walks. The ones where you don’t have to think and just observe. In fact those photos make me want to take risks no matter how bad the cost. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s so true.

But at the same time that is how I know that I belong in this crazy family I call the echelon. They give me the opportunity to be my full creative self.

Hope you guys have a great day! See you at the Vyrt at 12 PST

On another side note, I successfully made some vegan waffles this morning! See I’m making it in the world hahaha


Let’s just focus on the amazingness of Rich and Rob and please ignore my face completely, because I seriously dislike the way I look in both pictures and I really mean that, but I figured some of you may be interested in what I was up to at the con in terms of photo ops, so I am jumping over my own shadow and post it though it makes me feel mightily uncomfortable. So what can I say about Rich and Rob… I could write a novel about them. Really, I like these two so much, you have no idea. :’) I had initially intended to use my two single photo ops as a double photo op with them, but I learned that it unfortunately wasn’t allowed. ;___; The basic idea was to take a pic with both “Kings of Con” and have them wear a crown because of said title. I was going with the term “Princess of Con” for myself. ;P They both are just such great guys. I mean, you can basically do any crazy thing with them. And god, the way both of them look in the pics kill me, because it captures them so well as personalities. :’) Both were very quick to put on the crowns. I guess there may have been a few people who had the same idea for the photo op. ;P

This ex lifeboat is one of the most iconic structures on Hoylake beach. It’s been there forever and has survived the most severe storms. It’s hull structure is completely sound, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is stunning, with just the later adaptions such as the cabin and interior that have suffered badly.

While I was loitering around it I got taking to three guys who told me they were about to restore it. Great news and good luck to them!


Photos from Wondercon! (½), (part 2)

Myself as Dipper and punkheart11 as Mabel ;0

I had such a great time at the con today, I just wish Friday wasn’t the only day I could go! We didn’t go to any panels since none of them interested us, so we spent the entire day just walking around the convention space trying to scout out other Gravity Falls cosplayers. The amount of people who asked to take our picture was phenomenal, it felt great to be recognized and complimented, and to see all the reactions to our cosplay (the little kids were the best!). 

The Bill Cipher that punkheart11 made (which I carried for most of the day) seemed to really draw people to us. A group of kids screamed and got really excited when they saw me carrying him around and one guy asked to hold him in a photo with us so he could pose like he was punching him in the face XD I think my favorite reaction to our Bill was the spot-on Grunkle Stan cosplayer we ran into who yelled “What’s HE doing here?!” after telling us to go back to the Shack ;P punkheart11 also passed out some “missing” fliers for Waddles to the Gravity Falls cosplayers we took pictures with :3

Today was an amazing day, I can’t wait to return as Dipper for future cons! :D

If anyone is or knows who the cosplayers in these photos are, please message me so I can give proper credit!

edit: found some urls of someone in this photoset!

hamburgerhomo as Wirt!

mikasa-es-su-casa as Melody and tavros-nitram as Giffany!


There is a story to go with these photos.

I am currently taking a mass media and society class for my animation degree. My teacher is a journalist for the Hollywood Reporter, a really neat guy with lots if knowledge and stories to tell. I recalled seeing photos of the issue with the special HTTYD 2 booklet, and I asked him how a person goes about getting a back issue of the magazine. I wasn’t asking him to get it for me, just to be clear.He asked me which issue I was looking for, and he told me he would find out for me.

So I went to class today, no big deal. Class went on as usual, watched videos and took notes. At the end of class he took role, and everyone started leaving. As I got up, he made eye contact with me, then reached into his briefcase and pulled out the magazine issue with the special HTTYD 2 booklet. He smiled, and said “Here ya go!” I have the coolest teacher ever, he absolutely made my day.

There was this one teacher at my old high school that literally quite being a teacher because girls (and some guys) kept taking pictures of him, posting things they would do to him, wrote him love notes, ask to take pictures with him, write vulgar things on his white bored, try to add him on social media, pass around his old modeling photos, and the WORST OF ALL following him home to see where he lives. If this is you and you think a teacher is increasingly attractive then Great. Just look at them for the amount of time in class or in school. But DONT STALK THEM OR TAKE PICTURES OR FOLLOW THEM HOME. It was not a big issue at my school because he was a guy. (Literally they said that it’s different because he is a guy) He had a passion for teaching but has to quit because people kept harassing him at his workplace. I don’t care how Hot they may look but harassment is harassment. He’s now a Calvin Klein model but that’s besides the point.

Guys, here is Derek’s new Linstead spoiler explained if you’re wondering what it meant.
“He takes the sunglasses right off her face.” 
In the other photos the girl who watched them film posted, you can see that Sophia does actually have sunglasses on. And I have been wondering for a month why the hell Jesse reaches for her face so YAY I am so happy to know now. I’m so excited!!! This will be a great scene, I feel it, and that’s just the start of the season. 

Also, my prediction is that after Jay sees the look in her eyes (she’ll be intoxicated for sure), he takes her home and takes care of her. Derek did say that Jay knows hangover cures from Will, and that’s the only explanation I have for that piece of info lol. Season 3, bring it on!!!