this guy is the one

Honestly though how did Wanda look into Tony’s mind and not jump back out, arms pin-wheeling as she backed away going “NOPE NOPE NOPE” because that boy has seen some SHIT

Like the memory of him being tortured in a cave attached to a car battery alone should have given her pause, not to mention a trusted figure PULLING OUT WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY HIS HEART

Oh look, another one of Jane’s love interests has to leave the show for her to end up with Rafael.

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Poe sparring with Finn to help him build his strength back up, things get a bit heated and Finn tries to distance himself from Poe because "no, they said this is wrong" until he realizes "the first order said killing children was fine, but loving someone is wrong, so they can kiss my ass while I kiss this beautiful man" for Stormpilot?

This didn’t turn out how I expected. Probably because I wrote it in the middle of the night…Hopefully it’s still at least halfway okay!

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“You’re not really trying.”

“Huh?” Poe’s face was the picture of innocence. “I’m giving you my best here, buddy.”

This is your best?”

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the pokemon world is proof that anarchy would work


~Texting your boyfriend Dean while he’s away~