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Things I am thankful for tonight

- Jimin’s jacket, and the fact that it couldn’t stay on his shoulders.
- Jimin’s shirt that was cut so low he might as well not be wearing it.
- Taehyung’s headband
- The sweat on Namjoon’s forehead
- When the vocal line figured out where center stage was.
- The fact that BTS are artists and each stage was an art piece.
- The fancy chandelier over Jimin
- The phone that Namjoon FINALLY PICKED UP
- The oversized shirt/jacket trend
- “Oh Jin haircut!” -Hobi
- Jungkook’s 3 large ass earrings
- Hobi’s thin choker
- Jin’s random aeygo
- The way Nams walked
- The way Jimin danced
- The way Hobi smiled
- The way Tae existed
- Jin’s haircut
- Jimin’s dye job
- Hobi’s purple pimp jacket.
- Yoongi giving up on English in the ending ments.
- JK the true American.
- The beautiful voices and songs of BTS
- Kim Seokjin
- Min Yoongi
- Jung Hoseok
- Kim Namjoon
- Park Jimin
- Kim Taehyung
- Jeon Jungkook

Thank you to all of the above for an amazing night. One of the best of my life.

Lance: When i was in the Garrison had a crush on a guy in my class & didnt know how to deal with it so I wrote him a letter that just said “get out of my school”

honest to god i can see chirrut and baze like. sitting down places together, somewhere less populated in jedha, just to eat food or drink water or talk and its like they have a nice date that neither of them call a date until chirrut goes “well i guess you could really call this a BLIND date huh baze” and baze malbus takes a minute to just think about this man, chirrut imwe, next to him. a good long hard minute.

anonymous asked:

How far you are in the story? Because I saw you answering about things that would happen in day 4 or so in the fiction. But did you write about it already? Or do you have overall a plan about all heat period and you write based on it?

Oh, no. I’m still writing as I go. Everything I post is ‘hot off the press’, so to speak. I do have the smallest plan for what’s supposed to happen during specific days of the heat, which is what I’m referencing, but it’s nothing exciting. It’s just to make sure I’m not leaving out kinks I really wanted to add. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

*Throws these two amazing dorks at my followers* I love them

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u H
I had to draw this rn
because u h
I had
n e v er
drawn this prior


hey guys! so this week’s video is focused on the overwhelming crippling fear of the vastness of the universe and the inevitably of death…u know, fun relatable content. hope you enjoy and as always if you like/comment/subscribe i hope you have a great day!!