this guy is so..........

Could…could the world just stop today? I’d like to just like, not have every single close friend I have messaging me in dire distress because the universe decided to go batshit fucking crazy today. 

Like, that’s seven people today. Seven people in utter crisis and I’ve been awake since 6:30am trying to help keep plates spinning while the world burns and I don’t know what god is responsible for this shit but they best fucking hide cause come judgement day cause I’m gonna want some fucking answers.


never fell in love
because i just cut loose
but not when it comes to you


Lucien and Jean - Lucien’s Journey

Seven: Yoosung and I don’t have nicknames for each other.

Zen: Sure, you don’t. On a completely unrelated note, what to bees make?

Seven: Honey…?

Yoosung, from another room: Yes, dear?


Okay I kept getting questions about Q’s stupidly complicated outfit, so i finally did a breakdown of how the stupid thing works! I even color coded it for you.

So, yes, as ridiculous as it is, Q does wear both a long coat AND a cloak, cuz that’s just how the boy rolls XD The cloak is slightly shorter than the coat, and those floaty sleeve bits are a part of the cloak.

Hope this helps! XD