this guy is me tbh

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UM @Anon im p sure pip is supposed to be a /child/ on this blog so if u could not sexualise him (@mods sorry heh that made me kind of uncomfortable)

Yeah, please refrain from the more sexual things such as that last ask. One of our asks are, “ask your dad what a fuck is” and to me, that’s pushing it since, as this anon said, Pip is a child. He’s nine in the blog. Most likely his fanfics and art are: “Then Mr. Floof Jefferson kissed dad. Even though that’s super gross.” I deleted said ask because it was bothering me tbh. Please just behave, guys. - Trashie really doesn’t want to have to deal with it.

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

I just want guys to be able to say I love you instead of this weird meaningful silence and then a hug with a back pat….like let boys say I love you casually. Let them say ‘love you’ when they hang up the phone. Let them say 'love you, be safe’ when saying goodbye to each other. Let them tease each other with 'you know you love me’. Let boys greet each other with real hugs instead of those one armed things. Just let boys show each other affection. Let boys be as soft and sweet as they want.

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

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  • Me: *watches episode*
  • *I want to break free starts playing*
  • Me: Hold on... A completely random song that came out of nowhere? That could only mean...
  • Moriarty: *makes a dramatic entrance*
  • Moftiss: lol bitch u thought

Once, I was helping this guy with his chemistry homework and when he finally submitted the answer and the computer told him it was correct, we were both like, ‘yay!’, he said ‘thank you’, I said ‘no problem’, and sat back down in my seat. Then, he turns to me, his expression absolutely serious, and he says, “I appreciate you.” and I do this double take like “that wasnt a joke, was it?” And it was just a little jarring because of 1) he was actually serious and 2) how deeply I was moved by it. Like, it was just three words, completely of the blue, but it made me so…well, appreciated? And happy? And after my initial shock, I reply with another thank you and a “dang, you don’t hear that a lot”. And, working on his next hw problem, he’s just like, “Yeah, I try to say it as much as I can. Otherwise, how are people supposed to know?” and that was just the most casual, wonderful gesture of kindness that I’ve experienced.