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SJM Accent Challenge: The best of

I love this challenge so much! So I thought I’d share some hilarious lines/great moments from some of the ones I’ve heard so far. I’m sorry if you’re not on the list! There were some I forgot, or looked for and couldn’t find. And there are so many I haven’t listened to yet!

If you heard a line that was funny to you that wasn’t on this list please feel free to reblog and add it!


  • (epic entrance) “We’re live.”
  • “I love doing weird shit like this.”
  • “Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemiah—what the hell is that?
  • “Oh, that’s not a ghost that’s my dog.”


  • “Abraxos is hugs in Spanish”
  • “I don’t know the context of destroyed… anything manorian.”
  • “I would die for manorian.”



  • “My favorite ship is definitely Nessian, but I wouldn’t say no to myself and that magical cabin.” (Little does she know, she’d have to fight @rufousnmacska )
  • “I’m not saying that he’s terrible he’s just super moody and I just want to slap him.”

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Sonic and the Black Knight - Why it's so great at establishing Sonic's character.

Ever since it was released, I personally have firmly considered Sonic and the Black Knight extremely defining in terms of it’s portrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog himself. I mean damn, it’s as if the writer saw what makes Sonic….y'know, SONIC and had the talent in bringing it out so well. You never see obnoxious flanderization here, these moments are never overplayed. They’re believable and contribute to making Sonic such a funny, likable, morally-just and strong character.

 The first establishing character moment in the game? The introductory cutscene.

The character’s legendary self-assurance and cockiness is one full display here. He treats the situation the way only he can. This scene, everything about it was so, so characteristic of this guy. It’s just pure awesomeness.

Up goes the Chili Dog…

Then comes his effortless taking-out of most of the opposition…

And then he grabs the ‘dog before it comes within even one meter of the ground…

Second establishing character moment of the game?

The predicament of the child and her kidnapped parents/fellow townsfolk.

Here, Sonic has other priorities. He has a three day time limit to fulfill three requests made of him by Nimue; Defeat the Knights of the Underworld, free innocents from Arthur’s dungeon and offer compassion to those in need. If Sonic does not fulfill these demands made of him, Nimue will not divulge to him the means to tackle Arthur head-on because he will not have proven himself worthy of the challenge in her view.

We all know that for all of his shortcomings, ultimately Sonic is a guy who tries do the right thing because he’s a hero that is depended-upon by many. But then it’s also known that Sonic does his own thing as well regardless of what is expected of him and this was in full show when he stumbled across a distraught child and, knowing that Nimue’s advice was imperative to his quest, decided to follow his own heart.

Unbeknownst to him, this was all a part of Nimue’s plan, a secret test of character designed to see if Sonic had the traits that constitute a true knight. By following his own heart and showing compassion, courage and strength as he did so, he passed with flying colours.

The third establishing moment was his opposition to Merlina when she revealed her plans to place the Grand Kingdom in magical stasis.

Merlina wanted to violate everyone’s rights to escape from her own one-sided sadness and Sonic weren’t down wit dat. What meaning would life have if it went on forever? Shouldn’t everyone have the right to live their life the way they want to even if their time is limited? Why should one person decide everyone’s fate?

The fact that Sonic was the first of them to be motivated to violence both speaks of his impulsive, dead-set in his own views nature as well as how strongly he felt about Merlina’s actions. And even when his onslaught against her was met with him being swatted-aside like he was a fly, he refused to give up even though Caliburn was bisected and he was being beaten to within an inch of his life.

The Determinator indeed.

Bonus points for how obvious it is that Sonic never expected to be transformed into Excalibur-Sonic given his expression here;

It just confirms even more that he was willing to fight to the death if it meant that Merlina couldn’t get what she wanted and never expected his own fortitude to effectively save him by inducing the transformation. It’s akin to how Sonic never acknowledged that his own fortitude prevented him from succumbing to Dark Gaia’s influence in Unleashed - He’s literally clueless regarding his own good traits.

And that is one of the things that establishes Sonic’s character.

Hey guys!! This is my first follow forever and I’m really excited, even though I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Sorry for the poorly made banner lol, but that’s probably the best I can do. I’ve had this sideblog for around two months now and so much has happened in that time. I’m so grateful because I never thought my little A.C.E sideblog I made for pure fun would grow so quickly and bring me to find so many awesome blogs and meet some of the kindest, most amazing people. Honestly, every Choice I have met has been so nice and welcoming and I really hope we stay this way! Anyway, let’s get started off with some mentions:

@sftmx: I know you’re not an A.C.E blog but there’s no way I could have a follow forever without including you. We started talking in February but I feel like I’ve known you for so much longer (way to be cheesy Maria). The both of us are such nerds, sending posts and memes back and forth, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve helped me with so much and I’m so happy to call you my friend. I LOVE YOU MIN ♥

@acejunhee: VIIIIIIIIIC WHERE DO I BEGIN?? There’s never a dull moment in our conversations tbh. We either talking about really deep stuff or memes. There’s no in between. This one time we were talking about really personal things and another we came up with a bunch of scenarios about A.C.E that we wanted to turn into comic and it was going great until we realized that both of us have 0 art skills. You’re so funny and sweet and I love you so much. I’m so glad you messaged me because I wouldn’t have been able to muster up the courage to do so. We’ve become great friends (I think) and I really hope we stay that way!

@aceschan: Marie, my qUEEN. You were one of the first people I started talking to and I’m so happy we did (start talking that is). You’re also hella gorgeous (All of you are ♥). We first started talking about some common interests and it took off from there!! You’re so kind and I wish you all the peppermint tea in the world ;)

@miniminsu: Right off the bat I should say that it’s hard to know when someone is trying to make a joke when you’re texting… and we found out the hard way… multiple times. Other times, we recited all the lyrics to some songs and called each other nerds for twenty minutes straight. Antonia, you’re so much fun and I’m unbelievably lucky to have met you. 

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And there we go!! I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my time here! These are all of the A.C.E blogs I follow, but I can’t wait for our boys to grow in popularity and with them, our fandom. 

SNS appreciation post

I really wanted to say thank you, to everyone in the SNS fandom you guys are the best bundle of people I have ever got to met so…….. here goes. I hope you can handle the fluff. I am going to attempt to write some of the nicest ish about the people who make up my sns family.

Dear SNS family…

@kuramaknows: you are litteraly the cutest bundle of joy to know, your life is literally my goal and your so preeeettyyy HOW THE FUDGE? I know we only recenlty started talking but you inspire me with your writing and you personality is literally infectious.

@sns4life: you are my beta bae and you are a blessing to my bad grammar. You blog is beautiful and i need to embody your smartness because i will never be as smart as you.. please transfer your knowledge to me.

@philosophy-and-coffee: your fic was amazing and creative and you have such real skills, i miss talking to you :(. Your mind is a fanfic temple, please bless me with your talent.

@tomato-x-ramen: girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you are soooo frickin talented, your art work is honeslty so beauitful. Never ever ever stop sharing your work because it is a blessing from the gods. I honeslty respect you so much as an artist, your digitial art is beyond awe inspiring.

@jaimeejaeger: you are a blessing to my life, you are a preety angel who came down to earth and hit me in the face with happiness. You are goals, your hair is goals, your life is goals, your dog is goals. You do such great things for the fandom and your personality is literally the most infectious thing in this world. Trully amazing person <3

@bean-paste-man: you are preety much a semi-god of the sns fandom, you are all our mum and I appreciate the level of commitment you have to this fandom. You bring such creative and innovative sns content to this fandom and for that i bow down at your feet. I respect you sensie, please teach me your ways true sns master. 

@cantgetoversns: You are the cutest pile of fairy dust to this fandom, i actually cant believe how long its been since I talked to it :( Hit me up gurl :P But honeslty your drawings are so cute and amazing and beautiful and your blog is a pile of happiness. Honeslty your like the sweetest person in the fandom, i am pretty sure everyone in this fandom thinks the same of you. So thank you for always being so nice to everyone and welcoming others joining us. Never ever ever change.

@yuurei-cosplay: I think you are one of the best sns cosplayers ever, we used to talk quite alot. Your photos/cosplay are just getting better and better. I love how beautiful and well thought out your cosplay, photos, setting, everythinnngg is. You trully are an inspiration and i wish you nothing but the best and please keep posting because your updates give me life.

@hotmessmuffin: I left you for last for a reason. You are one of the first tumblrs I had ever became friends with and I will never ever regret the day we started talking to each other. You are such an inspiration to me, your ability to write is impeccable, you literally take me places when you write, I have laughed and cried reading your work, please I beg of you never stop and let the world see all your head canons because girl your mind is a literal sns gold field. You have moved past the stage of being my friend on tumblr to my literal wife. I love you. Literally. I wish nothing but happiness for you, please never be afriad to post your work because everyone and i mean EVERYONE needs to see the level of pure awesomeness that is your writing/mind. You are one beautiful person with a very interesting and complex soul, who ever wins your heart is one lucky person. Girl honestly unleash all your ideas and work to the world, please. Plus i cant wait to work on this collab together. you will forever be my sns wife <3

wooooooo… holy crap, that was alot of fluff in one go. But honeslty you guys plus many more have made my sns experience phenomenal. You guys in some way have been part of my sns jounrey and I want to say thanks, from those who welcomed me into the fandom to those who stuck around and stayed in my heart. Thank you! I hope we all continue supporting our boys and keep providing great content to the sns fandom!! 

I had a chance to catch up with a good friend at his daughter’s high school graduation reception.  He told me he was getting into some really old bluegrass music (he left the door wide open.)  

Me:  I just bought an album and you’re going to laugh when you hear what it is.

Him:  No, I’m sure it’s good.

Me:  Harry Styles.  Harry Styles just released a self-titled solo album.

Him:  Why do I know that name?

Me:  He’s one of the guys from One Direction, but they are on a break for now.

Him:  Okay, what’s the music like.

Me:  Very old school, 70′s rock type stuff.  He could have made pure pop and dominated the charts, but he just went and did his own thing.

Him:  That’s awesome.  He must be at the age where he doesn’t care [what other’s think] anymore.   (Yes, he really had no idea how old the 1D lads would be.)

Me:  He’s only 23, but the 1D schedule was so grueling and relentless, he’s already experienced about 3 normal lifetimes.

I had him look up Harry singing Two Ghosts, with only his guitar, from Corden, on his phone.  He was completely blown away.  Jokingly, I then made a snide contrast between Harry and Justin Bieber.

Him:  It’s blasphemy to mention Harry Styles and Justin Bieber in the same breath!  (He knew NOTHING about Harry.  He had watched a YouTube of one performance at this point.)  I don’t think he’ll be starting a tumblr any time soon, but he’s utterly sold on Harry Styles now.  He’s even considering going to a concert with me and my daughter.  (I also told him to check out the last three 1D albums.)  

That solo performance of Two Ghost is my go-to, because his talent is absolutely dazzling - the guitar, the singing, it’s nothing but Harry, he gets ALL the credit.  Very few voices sound that good live, especially when the accompaniment is spare and mellow.  Harry’s music sells itself - all I have to do is point to it.

You see this absolutely beautiful picture? This was a requested picture which the artist named singlemoon made for me years ago because I was her 100th follower. I requested these guys, being together like brothers in front of the Wammys House at sunset in the past. The artist, which I remember to be so talented and kind, made this really freaking awesome picture for me, I was so hyper happy back then. But now, I found out she has deleted her old account… and I don’t know where to find her again >.<. Does anyone know an active acount of her? Please tell me.

Anyway, I want to share this really amazing picture with you. artist: Singlemoon.

The “tour” was awesome.

Thanks to all the friends we met, to the new friends we made and to all the people that sang our songs. Thanks to the police who shut down our concert in Bolzano, and to the booking guy who let us play an acoustic show in his basement. Thanks to milf for breakfast for being the sexiest guys on earth. Thanks to Helio and Just For Kicks. Thanks to Burger Houses. Thanks to the road, the dirty service stations and Tim running naked around the bathroom.

We’ll see you guys soon.

Leftovers xoxo 8===D

Hey, remember that time Arina Tanemura made a magical girl manga where the main character was told that she needed to be a virgin to keep her powers, and if she was no longer ‘pure’ she’d lose them, but then she had sex anyway, with the guy she loved, and not only did she still have her powers afterwards, but she realized that in the end she didn’t even need her powers, she actually managed to win because she decided that she didn’t want to use her powers but only needed to be herself.

Remember that? That was awesome.


Guys, this took me forever but YAY. I’ll start a new one now that this is out there bc I have so many more Sterek pics to read. And there’s no rhyme or reason, I just love them all.

Celebrity Crush

Kinda Beauty and the Beast-ish Sterek. It was wonderful.

Electricity in the Contact
Adorable. Little smut. Lots of tension.

Fly a Little Faster
So much oblivious Stiles, it’s adorable. And the Hale family, JFC I LOVE THEM.

Prince Among Wolves
SO FUCKING CUTE. Absolutely loved it.

Pay By The Hour, But Don’t Leave Too Soon
Smuuuuut. Short smut but holy crap. *fans self*

More smut. Short and smutty and kinda hilarious.

Half of You, I Want All of You
Stiles twin smut. Whajsbjwsbdb XD

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume)
Sterek cop alpha/omega fic. *wolf whistles*

Howlnatural’s Tumblr Fic
Bunch of short Sterek fics. All good, short, and smutty.

Our Lives Are Changing Lanes
Slightly smutty. Cop Stiles. Super cute.

Muffins Are A Declaration of Intent
SMUT adorable fucking smut and short and smut and awwwwwwwww.

A Question of Sterek
UGH SO GOOD. I was so sad for Stiles then poor Derek then laughing Sent from my iPhone

Big-Dick Derek Hale
*dies* Hilarious smut

Enemy Lines
Fucking awesome. Long but not ridiculously long. Good plot and some smut.

adult_disneyprincess’ Sterek Fics
All one shots. All adorable and/or smutty. All fantastic.

Soulmates tbh series
Loved this. Love the idea, love Sterek, LOVE IT.

But Then What…
SO CUTE. UGH I loved the video game thing and Derek is such a little shit and so obvious and omg this was so cute.

Knot Again
THEY GET CAUGHT SO MANY TIMES OMG. My favorite is the last. Hehehehe.

Lock All The Doors Behind You
Derek is fucking adorable and such a puppy.

Meddling Kids
HOLY FUCK THIS IS SO GOOD. No smut but it’s in Lydia’s POV and it’s fucking genius and adorable and holy fuck I love it.

(Not So) Pure Imagination
My absolute favorite. I followed this religiously while it was being posted and FUCK ITS GOOD. It’s smutty and cute and I fucking cried bc of Stiles and Derek is so stupid yet he’s so adorable and GOD I LOVE THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF THIS AU. Also made the mistake of reading it at work…yeah don’t do that guys, wait until you’re home.

Parrish Stilinski-Hale Drabbles
Ugh I love this head cannon. Its so awesome. I really would love a full story to it, not just drabbles but it’s good.

No Homo
UGH THIS IS FUCKING CUTE BUT I WANTED TO PUNCH STILES. Lots of smut and internal homophobia (fucking Stiles) and Derek basically makes me want to cry. These fuckers god.

A Yeti. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s a Yeti. And it’s so fucking adorable. JFC.

Holidayish. Fucking awwwwesome. Stiles is the most embarrassing adorable little thing and Derek is GRUMPY CAT.

The Price
This KILLED ME. Ugh unrequited love literally stabs me in the heart every time. But it was so good I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s A Christmas Thing
Short. Cute. Derek really needs to work on talking. Like a normal person. Not a feeling stunted dummy.

Three Marks
So good. I love the whole bond mate thing. It ended and I was like wait what the fuck I want more now. This is SO SO GOOD.

All’s Fair in Orgasms and War
Porn. Derek and Stiles are porn stars. And then pirates. It was just so awesome. I can’t.

I Might Be A Fool
College Frat AU. Adorable. And hilarious. Omg Stiles is so dumb though.

Milkshakes and Matchbooks Series
Fucking Christ, Derek is emotional constipated. And breaking my heart. So cute though. Omg the beginning was adorable. They’re both so awkward, I loved it!

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex in Public, and One Time They Did It in a Bed
I’m dead. This was hilarious. SO MUCH KIND OF PUBLIC SEX HAHAHA. Just dead.

Derek’s No-Good, Very Bad Day
Short, cute fluff. Just adorable.


Eu sinto muito por não estar postando tão frequentemente, ultimamente nada tem sido do jeito que esperava, as coisas estão desabando em cima de mim e eu estou tentando seguir com isso… Nesse dia de pura tristeza vocês me deixaram feliz por mesmo eu não estando aqui pra vocês, eu consegui chegar tão longe! Vocês são demais!



I’m sorry for not posting so often, lately nothing has been the way I hoped, things are falling on me and I’m trying to keep up with it … On this day of pure sadness you made me happy even though I did not Being here for you, I’ve gotten this far! You guys are awesome!

Bumblebee Parents meeting (Sequel to Bumblebee Reunion)

Helloooo.I am back with another story.This time a sequel.

After my friend @lilsienna gave me the awesome idea,I did this! It’s about-wait.You shall read it.All you need to know it’s that there is fluff and Belladonna’s.

Anyway,shout out to @megapixelpichu and @iloverwbybumbleby and especially @lilsienna.Love ya guys!

Here we gooo.


Rwby Bumblebee
Bumblebee Parents Meeting
Sequel to Bumblebee Reunion

“Yang,please relax”said Blake as she sat on one of the couches in the living room,looking at her girlfriend Yang.

The blonde was pacing around the room,the prothesis hand on her head,a look of pure fear on her face.That alone made Blake sigh as she let her head fall back.The girl was really regretting her decision in that moment.

After reuniting with Yang and confessing their feelings,Blake choose to stay with Yang for the time being.After all,even if they confessed,both girls needed time to reconnect again.

But after a week,Blake threw the bomb(that’s how Yang called it).Blake’s parents were coming.They were coming.In Patch.To meet Yang.

The said blonde was going crazy from the nervousness that came with the fact that she would meet Blake’s parents.While the blacknette choose to stop her girlfriend from having a panic attack in those moments.

“YANG!Relax.Now”said Blake as she put both hands on Yang’s shoulders,stopping her from moving.Yang sighed as she embraced Blake,the faunus smiling softly.

“I’m sorry kitty.It’s just that I’m nervous.What if they don’t like me?”said Yang slowly,with a voice that was out of character for her.Blake shook her head as she wrapped her arms around Yang’s neck,Yang doing the same but on her waist.

“Yang.They will love you.I am completely sure they will fall in love with you”Yang smiled as she gave Blake a soft kiss,the shorter one kissing her back.

Too busy kissing like the love stuck idiots they were,both missed the door opening and their parents coming in.

Ghira laughed with a joke Tai said as he looked around.But his laugh,Kali’s and Tai’s stopped when they saw the sight on the living room.

Blake was leaning on Yang,the later one having Blake on her arms as they kissed softly,and everyone who was there could see how happy and in peace they looked.

Ghira smiled softly at the sight,while Kali and Tai only chuckled softly,before the blonde man coughed,taking the girls’ attention.

Yang’s eyes widened as she jumped on her spot, detaching from Blake in the second she saw Ghira.Blake giggled quietly at Yang,who was red on the face as she tied her grey jacket.

“Guess like the girls were rather busy to miss us Ghira”said Tai as he went in the living room.The taller man laughed as Kali went beside him.

“You are right Tai.So,you must be Yang right?”askes Kali smiling.Only when Yang turned fully at her,she could see the metallic hand she had.

“Y-yes.I am Yang.Nice to meet you Ma'am”said Yang,only getting confidence by Blake’s hand which was holding hers.

Kira smiled as she went before her,looking at the blonde up and down,her eyes resting on their connected hands.

“I like her Blake”replied Kali smiling.Blake blushed red as she saw the proud grin on her girlfriend’s face.

“Mom!”said Blake embarrassed.Kali smiled innocently as Ghira went before Yang fully,the blonde looking now at him scared.

Silence was in all of the room as Ghira and Yang continued in a eye to eye battle while Tai,Blake and Kali looking at the duo amused.

“H-h-hello,M-m-mr.Bellado-n-na”said Yang sluttering,waving with her metallic arm,which was shown from the sleeve being a bit short.

The man’s eyes widened.So this was the girl Blake told him about.The girl which protected her when she fought with Adam.

“Hello Yang.You must be the girl which Blake told me that saved her life right?Doing your job as someone who wanted attention? Since saving your partner’s life would surely get you quite the fame”said Ghira smirking.

The trio looked at him shocked as they saw Yang’s eyes turning red,her mouth forming into a snarl.

“I did what my heart told me sir.And if I was you I would height my words,since I don’t like people messing with something like this.Especially if it involves Blake.To answer your question,no,I didn’t do that because of attention or things like that.I don’t even care for fame.Heck,in those moments I didn’t even care for my own life.Blake is the most important thing for me.And I hate when people think differently.And even if they do, I don’t care.All I care for is Blake and what she thinks”said Yang,each word expressing her feelings as she looked at Ghira.

Blake’s face was red and her eyes watered as she looked at Yang.While Tai smirked with Kali,both knowing what Ghira was doing.

The man stood there for a moment,before he grinned,making Yang look at him confused.Ghira laughed as he hugged Yang,the blonde looking at Blake shocked from behind his shoulder.

“This is the blonde I love.She is just what I wanted for you”said Ghira,putting Yang down,the blonde looking at him shocked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Truthful,brave,standing for what she believes like my little girl and most important,being in love with all of her heart with Blake”continued Kali.

Yang blushed red as she smiled sheepishly,scratching her neck with her hand.While Tai laughed as he put his hands on Blake’s shoulders.

“Now,now.I think we need to stop now.Pretty sure Blake will die from embarrassment”said Tai smirking.

And the man was right,Blake was all red on the face,tears ready to spill from her eyes.But then she turned and ran to the backyard.Yang looked at the direction where she left frowing.

“I am sorry but I gotta-“but Yang was interrupted by Kali smiling amd waving her hand.

“Don’t worry.Go at her”said Kali.Yang smiled in gratitude,before running at the backyard.The parents looked from the window where they saw as Yang went at Blake.The blonde smiled as she put a hand on Blake’s shoulder.The faunus looked at her before hugging the girl,Yang hugging her back.

Giving the girls the privacy they needed,the trionof parents sat on the couches.

“The trick was too good Ghira.Even I fell for it for a moment”said Tai as he chuckled.Kali smiled as she looked at Ghira,who only smirked.

“What can I say?Ghira wanted to do that since Blake told us to come”said Kali as she giggled behind her hand.

“And she did miraculously!I have been waiting for someone to answer like that.That idiot monkey boy was nowhere near that.Yang was the perfect girl for our Blake”said Ghira smiling softly.

Tai grinned as he winked teasily at him, motioning with his index finger at himself.

“Guess like she got some charms from her old man”said Tai,making the Belladonna’s laugh.

“Sorry to destroy your dreams dad,but I don’t have these charms from you.My love for Blake makes these charms appear by themselves”said Yang,Blake blushing red and hitting her on her real arm.

“See?The perfect lady”said Kali and Ghira at the same time.Yang laughed at that with Tai as Blake groaned with embarrassment.

“Thank you sir.But I am not the perfect one,but my kitty here is”said Yang,not noticing she had used her nickname for Blake.

Ghira’s eyes widened as Blake looked at her shocked.Yang’s grin fell in a nervous smile as she chuckled nervously,the Belladonna’s looking at her,together with Tai.

“Have you ever thought of a marriage between you two…..kitty?”said Kali smirkig teasingly at them.

Yang’s face was the picture of shock and embarrassment,while Blake was worse than her,choosing to bury her face in Yang’s shoulder as her cat ears fell.

Tai grinned as he got up at the duo and put a hand on one of their shoulders.

“These two would make a great pair now that you say it Kali”said Tai, emiting an embarrased ‘Dad!’ from Yang.

Ghira laughed with them as he looked how Blake stayed in Yang’s embrace,her ears an indicator that she was happy where she was.And the man was happy too.That was his wish since Blake had went at them again.For her to be happy.

And if Yang made her happy,who were him and Kali to say no to that?

Civil war has everything. It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s heartbreaking. I was at the edge of my seat during the whole movie. It’s so good, you guys. I still can’t process what happened. The post-credits scenes are so epic, specially the one at the very end. I think the Russos did a very good job with what they had. Even if the movie doesn’t have all the superheroes that appear in the comic, they still managed to make it as shocking and intense. The movie is coherent, fluid, with less plotholes than I imagined. Spiderman and Ant-man added the comedy effect that made things a little bit less dark. The relationship between Steve and Bucky is well developed. We definitely get to see some of the old Bucky, which is one of the things that I loved the most. The interactions between those two made me very nostalgic and made me TEAR UP AT SOME POINT. I CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE. THE WAY THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER. ”YOUR PAL, YOUR BUDDY, YOUR BUCKY”. ”HE SAID BUCKY AND SUDDENLY I WAS THAT 16 YEAR OLD BOY FROM BROOKLYN AGAIN”. OH BOY. OH BOY. THE WAY BUCKY SMILED WHEN THE KISS HAPPENED. HE LOOKED SO PROUD OF STEVIE. HIS LITTLE GUY. And then WANDA AND VISION. “Vis”. VISION COOKING FOR WANDA. THE VISION IS SO DELICATE AND CAREFUL AROUND HER. “VIS”. “What do you want?” “FOR PEOPLE TO SEE YOU AS I DO”. THEY ARE SO PURE. THEY WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.
Aaahhh, I want to say a lot more. I really want to say more. I seriously don’t have the words to describe how good the movie is. IT’S EPIC. IT’S AWESOME. And I seriously think that it is the BEST Marvel movie ever made. Please go watch it at the first chance you have. It’s worth it.


Let me try to break this down now. Over the recent discovery of Ilvermorny, I’ve seen a lot of bitching. *Disclaimer* I am Blackfeet. Granted, I do not live on the reservation, because of my family’s involvement with the military. I also come from Choctaw/Redpaw ancestry. *end of disclaimer* I think it’s all very nice.

But let’s look at something else. In regards to race, Native American –> reservation, African American –> Slavery. Which will eventually end up with the civil war, and oooh voodoo. 

Rowling states after the Salem Witch Trials, magic turns very secretive. Guys, they were being hunted down. The first regulators of magic in NA made it so that the NA magic world didn’t touch the No-Maj after that. Oooh, b u t what? What does this all mean? This means that in order for magic to not become like Europe, *cough* purebloods *cough*, they didn’t stay in racial boundaries. Which is to say, instead of incest, they were awesomely pure and well mixed. I bet that kicked the Death-Eaters balls. AND WE DIDN’T EVEN TRY. Rowling even states most of this, but damn it if us Americans can’t find something to fight about. *bats eyelashes* 

Native American –> Reservation. Alright, this is about to get complicated. Don’t leave me just yet. Since the MACUSA in 1790 made Rappaport’s Law, don’t you think they would have kept an handle on the magic? Native witches and wizards most likely were extremely crafty. That means they could most certainly make their way under MACUSA protection. The only bad thing is, most of them probably had strong ties to their tribe, and family. Rappaport’s Law probably led to a lot of Natives having to leave family behind. They probably also had to watch their families suffer because they couldn’t help them *technically*. But they were not the ones living on the reservation. That’s not saying that the No-Maj Natives couldn’t have received help from the indigenous magical beasts. And most likely, there were care packages “mysteriously dropped off”. 

African American –> Slavery. Forgive me, because I do not know much about the culture. Except for what was taught in school. *disclaimer* I was also brought up in the South. Which means, Southern POV on Civil War, and culture here *end of disclaimer* Now we point ourselves back to what I just said on the Natives. Since the magic was so tight back then, they most likely kept their eyes on slaves coming in. There were most likely screenings of slaves late at night. People sent out to every single damn farm, plantation, and sale. Like with the Natives, families were torn apart. But for the faith in humanity, most of them tried to help out everyone. And most likely, once again, Native Beasts probably helped out. Some of them most likely saw the magic and was like, “hmmmm, that shit don’t add up. But I will help them, since they are so nice, and need me”. If anyone wants to add, it’d be most appreciated. 

Civil War. Oooh tension in the USA. But let’s do a recap once again. Magic-> Rappaport’s Law-> Family. Since these two worlds don’t touch, but family complicates things. Most likely the side you fought for, was the side for your family. You fought for THEIR survival. And no, I’m not talking separate wizarding schools or white supremacists groups going about and flinging curses. No, I’m talking fluid. These worlds did not touch. Why? Because, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Racial boundaries do not exist in the NA magic world, for survival reasons. For years upon years, the community kept to itself and bred amongst the Immigrant/Native/African population. But what? How? It’s almost like nobody gives a real damn what your race is. Think of it like the way America was supposed to be. A melting pot. Because it was. All these cultures and what not mixed together. Outside though, yeah, there was racial tension. Because the No-Maj’s weren’t fluid, much like how we are today. But you can bet your sweet candy ass that a few KKK members got cursed. And most likely the MACUSA was just like, “merp, they deserved it. You shouldn’t have done it. Bad. Bad witch. You get a tiny slap on the wrist”

Granted, not everyone coming into America probably liked the situation. By God, yes, in the beginning there was a sort of racial tension. But hey, you don’t like it, you best head back. Because it’s against the law for you to live with No-Majs, and for you to marry them. So unless you want your ass handed to you, deal with it. Also, that there is a race thing in magical communities surrounding the whole “Pureblood, Mudblood”. But like I touched on before. Survival. Basically everyone is either Pure, or Mud. Oh yeah. kiss that Voldemort. I want to watch you kiss it. 

Voodoo. Awh yeah, now the fun stuff. I am not African American, but I grew up in the South, with tales from New Orleans. Every little kid in the South knew about it. And I think it has awesome potential as the North American magic community grows. Like, a group of esteemed witches come into America, and practice the dark arts. And they see potential in the mass of No-Majs, for a small amount of coin. Just thinking about the story potential makes my inner reader squeal with happiness. If anyone wants to add, it’d be much appreciated.

Rowling did the best she could with not being born here. But I do believe, once again, she has crafted us the perfect equivalent to Hogwarts. And this week, and following, I’ll most likely keep giving up all these ideas about it. It’s just got so much potential!!! If you have anymore questions, read up on it. I’m not saying study it, but most likely it was touched on by Rowling. If you can’t find the answer I’d be happy to help.

**The MACUSA works separately from the US government. They do not work for them in any way shape or form. Two separate worlds.

Please Dont Go (Andy Biersack Imagine)

{Requested by anon :3}

It was a very stressfull night for you. You came home from a very long day at work and you were very tired. Not to mention that your co workers were being very huge assholes to you. You had very bad day and you just wanted to go home and rest. As you came inside your house, “Andy?!…babe where you? Im home!” You called out. There was no answer, nothing but pure silence. You looked around the house and you didnt find your boyfriend. All you found was a note on the table, “Hey baby, I hope you dont mind, but the guys invited me to go somwhere with them so thats why Im not home. I’ll be back soon though, I love you. Andy..” you read. “Of course…its guy’s night almost every fucking night…” you muttered very irritated.

And to make things worse, your face turned very deep red in rage when you saw that the house was a total mess. “Great…” you mumbled. Your anger and stress just became more and more higher as you picked up everything off the floor and coffee table. Not to mention that there was trash and crumbs everywhere..also dirty dishes on top of that. So you basically had to clean the entire house. “You would think that I would have a boyfriend that was atleast a little fucking sanitary and would at least clean a little while his girlfriend is stressing the fuck out!” You shouted slamming a plate in the sink.

Just as you did that, Andy came in through the front door. He was a little buzzed from his outing. “Hey babe!” He yelled making you flinch. By the tone of his voice you can already tell that he drank a little. You sighed and turned your head go look at him, “Where the hell did you go?” You questioned. “I was just with the guys I was having some fun no biggie.” He tells you, stumbling a little walking up to you and leaning in to kiss you. You quickly leaned away when you hot a wiff of his liquor breath. “Wooo…youre drunk..”
“No Im not Im just buzzed..”

“Thats not what it smells like..” you replied. “Whatever..” he muttered and managed to press his lips roughly against your cheek. It only made you more irritated, you finally finished washing the last dish. “Well I hope your little guy’s night went awesome because my day was pure hell and it didnt get any better when I came here. I spent the enitre time cleaning and I didnt even sit once!” You yelled. Andy was getting irritated himself, all your yelling made his head hurt. “Baby.. can we talk about this some other time?” He asked massaging his head.

“I would just appreciate it if you helped me out a little here Andy!”
“Help how?!”
“By atleast keeping the house clean when I get home!”
“Ugggh!!” He groaned. “Youre that drunk huh? Well youre head wouldnt be hurting so bad if you didnt fucking drink in the first place!!” You shouted.
“Would you shut the fuck up already??!!” He screamed. You got even more upset and walked right up to him, “Listen to me and you listen good, youre NOT gonna talk to me like that!! I dont give a shit if its the liquor talking or not!!” Andy just became angrier and the next thing you knew, he backhanded you across the face. You were shocked at how hard he hit you, it was only a slap, but it might as well be a punch with the force he hit you with. You felt your cheek throbbing as you pressed your palm onto it. Looking at your boyfriend wide eyed, he had never done that before.

“Now will you shut the fuck up?!” He yelled with his eyes filled with rage and hatred. A huge lump formed in your throat…you felt the tears comming out. But you sucked it up and backed away from him, even though he saw that he hurt you both physically and emotionally, he didnt care, his expression was still filled with anger, and if you werent mistaken it looked like he was going to hit you again. This time a little harder by the sight of his fists clenching. “Are you happy?…” you whispered..your voice shaking as the tears came running down your bruised cheek. Andy was still pissed..but his lightened up a little. “Just when I thought my day couldnt get any worse…” you muttered, you inside the guest room and locked yourself in it. Andy was just standing there, little by little realizing what he had done.

Three days had passed since that night. You and Andy didnt speak at all. Not a word came out of your mouths for each other, just nothing but pure silence. He just stared at you, you covered up the bruise he left on your cheek, but he could see passed the makeup. It broke his heart to see what he had done to you. As you grabbed your keys and headed out the front door, you glanced at him and just saw him looking at you with a blank stare. You wanted to say something..but you kept your words to yourself and just headed out the door. As you sat inside your car, more tears came out than that night. The moment he hit you just kept replaying and replaying inside of your head. And you were afraid that he was gonna do it again, thats why you werent speaking to him.

Later on that night, you came home from yet another stressfull day at work. Thankfully nobody noticed your purple as hell cheek. You unlocked the door, and when you went inside you headed staight to the table to read another note. Oddly enough you didnt find one, you looked around and to your surprise, the house was spotless, no trash, no dirty dishes, no crumbs everywhere, not even a speak of dust. “What?” You whispered as you looked around, even the small stains on the walls were gone. You couldnt help but smile a little. Atleast there was one bright moment in your horrible day. You looked around each room and bathrooms, they were spotless as well. You were completely amazed, your smile quickly faded as you heard was sounded like sniffing.

“Andy?…” you softly said. You walked over to the guest room and opened the door slowly. There Andy was sitting on the bed with his head burried in his arms which were on top of his legs. He was sobbing like a little kid. It broke your heart to see him like that. Thats another thing that never happend before, Andy crying. You were so used to him being a strong man about every single thing. You slowly walked up to him and sat beside him. “Andy..” you softly said once again. He stopped crying for a moment and slowly lifted up his head to look at you. “(Y/N)…” he whispered. His eyes were completely red and the tears would just not stop comming out. “Oh my gosh..” you said shocked. He looked away and put his head down again, you shook your head and cuffed his wet face. “No no no, look at me.” He was being stubborn and shook his head. “Honey please look at me..” he hesitated but finally looked at you. “You still care about me even after what Ive done?…” he asked.

You looked down for a moment. “Andy…what you did was horrible..and I will admit that its something I will never forget..but yes I still love you and care about you..not even a smack to the face is gonna stop me from caring…” you assure him. His huge hand caressed your bruise, you shut your eyes a little at the pain you felt. “Im a monster…” he whispered. “No youre were drunk…and I was just provoking you an-”
“No..(Y/N)…I dont care if you were yelling at me…its my fault that your cheek is so purple…I shouldnt of done that…you wanna leave me now huh? Ive lost you…” he sobbed. You shook your head, “Andy no you havent lost me…”
“Yes I have…youre scared of me now…you havent even said a word to me…”
You sighed and nodded, “Yeah..Im not gonna deny that, but you have to understand that…I love you so much Andy, weve been through too much together to let one mistake separate us forever…Im not leaving you, Im not going anywhere, you mean too much to me.” You tell him, you were crying as well now.

He smiles and wraps his arms around you. “Im so sorry…Im so sorry (Y/N)..I really didnt mean to hurt you…”
“Shhh its okay sweetheart..its okay, I forgave a long time ago…”
“I promise It wont happen again..”
You cried even more…“Good..because I dont want it to…ever again..”
He shook his head.. “No..never again baby.” He assured you. The two of you just sat there crying your eyes out. Your heartbeats in sync with each other. “I love you Andy…”
“I love you too (Y/N)….”

(Love conquers all ^-^)

anonymous asked:

someone's probably already said this but - asoiaf for the fandom meme

  • 1. Favorite one-off episode of any series.

For the show, my favourite episode is still probably Blackwater - it definitely feels like the most complete episode and i like that it doesn’t jump from location to location. Focusing on King’s Landing gives it a really intense, almost film-like quality imo. For the books, my favourite chapter is probably Sansa’s last in a storm of swords - beautiful imagery, building Winterfell in the snow, revelations about Littlefinger’s long game and the true beginning of Sansa’s transformation from pawn to player. The objective best chapter is probably a tie between the red wedding and cersei ii in adwd. Really unsettling and unforgettable prose.

  • 2. Favorite villain

This is always a hard question to answer for asoiaf because one of the central concepts of this series is - who is a villain? What makes a person villainous? I mean, Cersei’s arc alone is reflective of this - in the first book she’s almost certainly the antagonist, arguably even the main one, but a feast for crows is a book that centers on her perspective in which she sees herself as the hero. Theon is a similar pov that shifts and changed between antagonism and protagonism. Dany is almost certainly seen as a villain by many in the story, but we only see her world from her perspective so she is the hero to us, see what I mean? I couldn’t choose, I don’t think. Maybe Melisandre? The characters who are almost completely villains - Roose, Ramsay, The Mountain - have no redeeming qualities imo. (Except show!roose. STUPID SEXY ROOSE)

  • 3. Least favorite “main character”

Just gonna throw it out there - don’t really give a shit about Robb. And like, I really feel like we’re not supposed to? The series is about the grey areas and the people who are marginalized in society and their stories and Robb has pretty much every privilege you can get in Westeros (like Ned did) and so he had to go. And like I really have always seen him as an accessory to Catelyn’s story - he dies so her arc can complete and she can become Lady Stoneheart. I think that shows with how got tried to flesh Robb out and failed completely.

  • 4. Favorite “sidekick”

Hmmm… maybe Podrick? He’s pretty sweet and genuine, and I like him as a side character in both Tyrion and Brienne’s stories. I also really like the Dothraki crew and I hope we see more of them in books to come (fuck the show on the real for what it did to them tbh). also AREO HOTAH I LOVE EVERYONE IN DORNE SO MUCH

  • 5. Character you love to hate.

Tywin for sure. Like even if you use the defence (and ive seen a lot of people do this) that the majority of his actions are just strategy, he fucked up his kids big time and thus he is the worst. But its like OH MY GOD DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK because he’s that kind of fantastically evil character that masterminds shit like the red wedding and u gotta give him mad props for that. He’s one of the few characters who the show has made me enjoy even more, probably because Charles Dance plays him so amazingly. He’s like, so cold and deadly in every scene he’s in even when he’s saying like ‘prepare my horse’ HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS ABOUT TO MURDER SOMEONE IT’S SO GREAT YOU’RE SO EVIL

  • 6. Favorite friendship

I really, really love Jaime and Brienne’s relationship. I don’t ~ship them (u dont mess with no valonqar business tbh), but their road trip hijinks are THE BEST and i love how they go from animosity to grudging team work to YEAH MAN ILL GIVE YOU THIS SWORD MY DAD MADE ME BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A BFF NECKLACE. And I really like how the concepts of masculinity/femininity and conventional/unconventional beauty play into their dynamic, and into the greater Catelyn/Brienne/Jaime/Cersei square.

  • 7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Margaery and Sansa, over here

  • 8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character

…Not really many of these in Westeros, lmao. I guess Jaime??? I mean a lot of people like Tyrion for his humor, and fair enough, but I think Jaime’s is just a bit more biting and I like that edge of nastiness lmao. The scene in (i think) Clash of Kings when Catelyn confronts him is SO INTENSE and like their wordplay/throwing jibes is so vicious and awesome, I was really sad when they changed that in the show because in the books it was the first time we had really seen/heard from Jaime and not just hearsay/him throwing a kid out a window and idk it influenced my opinion of him a lot when I first read it. I have many feelings about Jaime Lannister middle child fuckup tragedy magnet LETS TALK ABOUT IT (also i really loved how they clearly said he was dyslexic on the show. very rare props D&D)

  • 9. Least favorite villain

Tie between Ramsay and the Mountain, with Ramsay probably just winning out because we actually have to read all the vile shit he does instead of just hearing about it like with Gregor. I don’t have any love for Walder Frey or his ilk either but like, read the Reek chapters in ADWD and then we can go group vomit together jesus christ. Also I’m not sure but i’m pretttty sure i’m reading the subtext right and euron abused aeron when they were kids and that fucker has got to go, all the way to the drowned god, do not pass go do not collect $200

  • 10. Least favorite season long storyline

You know, they’re DEAD and i still dont get the point of robb/talisa. like, where were they tryna go with that? If they had made her a lannister spy (!!) or like, vaguely interesting at all i would understand, but they didn’t and then they stabbed her in the baby and it was like bye? I guess? I dont know why they couldn’t have just had jeyne westerling but oh well. and like lmao wooow did u fuck up rull bad with season 2 dany’s story like it was literally just a whole season of ‘WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS’ i don’t know dany!! i dont know where they are!

As for the books, GET DANY THE FUCK TO WESTEROS. Her ghis/mereen arc is a fucking hot ass mess and i thank jesus she’s back in the dothraki sea because according to quaithe’s prophecy she’s gotta go like up, down, forward, back, do the shuffle whatever AND go to asshai before she even GETS to westeros and it makes me tired just thinking about it t b h

  • 11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

My feelings about dany are really complicated because I really like her as a character, and I like her personal arc - her story in the first book is hands down the best metamorphosis is the series yet (i have a feeling sansa’s will be better when it’s complete, but that’s a different story). But there are so many issues that come up during her story - in all of the essos plots, really - and it sours me a little on her arc as a whole? Like I said, get her to westeros, get her MOVING, don’t let her be this stagnant character sticking her head in places it doesn’t belong and bringing her gross colonialism analogies with her. Other than that, would have to say Shae. One of the rare characters I think grrm didn’t handle well at all,  and i’m worried about how the show will handle her, especially as they’ve expanded on her character and given her the awesome friendship with sansa.

  • 12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

Oh, Theon. I’m so conflicted about Theon because on one hand, I really don’t like him. Like, just straight up irritated me from the first mention didn’t like him and I thought that would stay the same and then adwd happened and it’s like. I can’t tell if i like him or i just feel bad for him? and like i know that’s what grrm is going for, grey morality and all that, but yEAH I JUST DON’T KNOW

  • 13. Plot device used too much

Definitely the sexpoisiton on the show. Having long backstory monologues is not made better or more interesting if someone is having sex at the same time THIS LESSON YOU MUST LEARN. For the books it’s more difficult because so much of what grrm does is take standard epic/high fantasy ttropes and devices and deconstruct them or flip them on their head so I don’t feel like he really overuses anything??? That   being said pretty much every main character has had some horrific violation/trauma happen to them and its like ENOUGH DEAR GOD ENOUGH

  • 14. Favorite character death scene

I feel like the red wedding is the obvious answer and like i can appreciate it on like, a pure literary level but actually reading it made me feel really sick lmao. I think Tywin’s death was really awesome and cathartic in a complete Greek Tragedy sort of way, and the ‘IT TURNED OUT IN THE END, TYWIN LANNISTER DID NOT SHIT GOLD’ was so good omg ITS LIKE RAAAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY

  • 15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!! ヽ(°◇° )ノ

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“The ’80s…  When music made everything feel ridiculously intense and epic!

Now, if someone ever made a Pacific Rim video to Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”; I don’t know if I’d be able to take it…”

Challenge Accepted!!
This isn’t so much as edited as thrown wildly at my vidding program for Neverreallythoughtaboutthefuture as a thank you for her awesomeness.  Other than a few tweaks here and there, it’s all pure luck how well this lines up. The guys must have been playing this song when they edited the movie cause so many moments were just perfectly matched.

Anyway….just some crazy cheesy 80’s fun!! Danger Zone!!!



Early screening and oh my goooooddd it is honestly one of the best creations I’ve seen in a long time

-fist of: it was as true to the book as we could possibly hope for. Ofcourse it made few small changes but the most important things are in there! I was honestly so happy with that!



-All the people who died… the movie gave almost all of them a heroic ending. Even Finnick, which was the one I was most dreading. Prim however… that was quite sudden. Maybe it was meant to go that way because that is how Katniss lived through it.but  don’t know…

-Continuing on Finnicks death, the scene in the sewer was such a prolonged jumpscare! You know it’s coming the whole time but they put off the actual lizzardpeople till the very last second AND IT’S HORRIBLE. I was soooo scared.

-Lizzard people were very scary btw, much more human than lizzard which made it so much more real and creepy


-Buttercup the cat played a much bigger role because well… primrose and I loved it. It showed how Katniss dealt with her passing and it’s such a beautiful/hearbreaking scene.

-all of the acting is honestly oscarworthy, especially from Jennifer and Josh

-Haymith, I love this character so so much 


-The whole fan theory about Plutarch being the actual baddy…. well they picked up on that and it’s in the movie and made everything SO MUCH MORE CONFUSING, I could have discussions about it for daaaaayyysss


honestly guys…. it was all pure perfection but prepare to be emotionally wrecked

Finale of Eurovision 2015: a recap*
  • •Ballads. Ballads everywhere.
  • •Drink every time a ballad is on. You'll be wasted in no time.
  • •Bless Queen Conchita. Again ♥
  • -
  • Slovenia: Headphones and air violin.
  • France: N'Oubliez Pas. Sadly, I think we will. -GN
  • Israel: Baby N'SYNC (Also, we're not in Europe, but whatevs).
  • Estonia: Old Louis Tomlinson.
  • UK: Charleston rave party
  • Armenia: Singing druids.
  • Lithuania: Let's make out.
  • Serbia: Different it's okay and it's amazing!
  • Norway: Hi, Merida!
  • Sweden: Mr. Perfect McHottie with the coolest background.
  • Cyprus: Black n white hipsterish guy.
  • Australia: Do whatchya want. Okay. I'm gonna pretend I'm European!
  • Belgium: TW: epilepsy.
  • Austria: Austrian singing Jesus.
  • Greece: Greek Celine Dion.
  • Montenegro: Guy dancing like no one's watching.
  • Germany: That awkward moment when people are more interested in your dress and butt than in what you're singing.
  • Poland: Pretty dress, awesome girl, but... where are the boobs???
  • Latvia: Actual mermaid.
  • Romania: Eiffel 65 guy surrounded by suitcases.
  • Spain: Actually good dancer Red Riding Hood.
  • Hungary: Kate Middleton.
  • Georgia: Emo Evanescence Xena.
  • Azerbaijan: Hottie with Gollum dancing around him.
  • Russia: All of the tears and rainbow flags.
  • Albania: She might be alive, but definitely killed us all.
  • Italy: Opera gods. (Yes, I'm biased!)
  • -
  • *Please DO NOT leave hateful comments in my askbox. I made this purely for fun, not to harm nor offend anybody. This is a summary of my family's/the internet's/Italian hosts' comments I thought were amusing.

Im starting to be so done with how people praise danny phantoms racial diversity like
Tucker being a black guy is the clichee of “oh fuck we already made the main lead and love interest white”
Paulina is written as compeletely shallow and the slut-shamed opposite of the pure, white heroine Sam
They had a fucklot of possibilties to give the ghosts darkened skin or poc-ish body features

However, Sam being jewish and Kwan and Val both being in non-clichee roles are still awesome i think

Edit: Val is a huge angry-black-woman-clichée and sams jewishness is being completely ignored… Kwan is the only light and he’s a background character