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hey hey hey okay so this isn't really a fic ask but why does the majority of the phandom agree that Phil tops?? like, I agree he's top but why? I dunno it just doesn't really make sense to me. I guess I just agreed naturally.

technically speaking if they were in a sexual relationship they would probably be versatile but for fanfic reasons, dan is a massive fangirl and literally does everything that phil tells him to do. plus, dan is loud as fuck. Phil is quiet, more controlled, and has a very dirty mind (as you can see from his old videos and his innuendos). it’s those ‘innocent’ guys that are usually beasts in bed LOL. Plus, have you seen phil’s toxic video ? you cant look at that and tell me that man is a bottom



You played your role admirably!

Jealous Jaybird

Request: Hey Nat!! How about a Jaybird x Reader where the reader gets discovered as a singer and starts to have some famous friends and Jason gets jealous of the amount of time she spends with them (especially the guys like maybe Adam Levine or some other sexy beast lol)? Please? This would make me really happy 😘

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Word Count:

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A/N: I love the plot and I will have a real artist mentioned in this!! His name is Adam Lambert and I love him so much and you guys seriously need to listen to him, he has talent!!!   [Y/A/N]= Your Albums Name

“Hey babe what’s this?” Jason asks taking out an album disc. But that album disc had you on the cover with your name on it. You never told Jason about your singing career and now he found out. Great,

“Umm, it’s nothing.” You reply snatching it from his hand.

“Nothing? You’re lying [F/N]. Spill.” He demands as you pretty much stutter. What should I tell him? I guess I should tell him the truth.

“Well, Jay the truth is I am an artist and that’s my album [Y/A/N]. I never told anyone because I was nervous about their opinions and to use me just because of my fame.” You confess as he nods his head.

“I understand but babe I would never do that.” He says grabbing your hand and circling his thumb on your palm.

“I know I just..” You trail off as he looks at you in the eyes showing care and that he understood.

“It’s fine, but that explains why most of the time you are not here.” He says smirking as he pulled you closer. You let out a little laugh as he kissed you on the forehead.

“Why else would I be away from you?”

You left your apartment to go to the music studio to make new songs and albums. Jason was very understanding and kind about it and you were so thankful for it. As you entered the studio you met with one of the artists you were going to collab with, the one and only Adam Lambert. He was super hot with his black hair nicely done, muscular arms, blue sparkling eyes, and awesome tattoos covering one of his arms. He indeed was totally hot but you already found someone hotter, Jason. The outfit he was wearing today were black leather pants, a black tank top, and a denim vest that was torn where the arms were.

“Hey what’s up, [F/N]? Ready for our duet?” He asks smiling.

“It’s such a pleasure to be meeting you and doing a duet with you, so yeah totally ready for it! I am doing fine Adam how about you?” You reply as you shake his hand. It was a pleasure to meet him he had extraordinary vocal notes. He was your inspiration and role model.

“I am doing fine and a pleasure to meet you also.” He replies as you both get inside the soundproof room to vocalize. You were the first to start with your sweet and low voice, Adam joins in also with a sweet voice. Then the music begins to go faster as you both begin to sing louder and with a strong voice. That’s when Adam does his own part alone and wow…..It was amazing. He started with beautiful hums that had an amazing melody and then with a high vocal note that was so high yet so beautiful. You were amazed as he continued to go higher and higher and it didn’t even sound like screams at all. When he had finished he saw you looking at him in awe.

“[F/N] are you alright?” He asks waving his hand in front of your face.

“Oh yeah, it’s just wow that was amazing Adam! Can you teach me?” You ask.

“Well…I don’t know if I know how to teach but I’ll try my best.” He replies as he started to teach you.

“That was fun Adam can’t wait to see you tomorrow!” You say waving as you left the studio to find Jason in front of you.

“Jason, did you sneak up on me?” You ask.

“Yeah, I did. Are you cheating on me? Who is he?” He asks with jealousy

“What, with him?” You ask pointing behind yourself at the door you just exited from. It was glass, so he saw you talking to Adam.

“Yeah, are you?”

“Babe, that’s Adam Lambert we are talking about here.”

“I need an answer.”

“Jay, he is gay.” You tell him as he began to blush. “And besides do you think I will ever cheat on you? Sure, he may be hot, talented, strong, and awesome…. But what we have is way more than anything.” You say placing your hand on his cheek, his face got redder as he dug his head on your shoulder embarrassed.


“Jay you get jealous way too quickly.”

okay but can someone please explain to me why ambiguous complex characters of 2016 had such a specific kind of hairstyle

music tags

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rules: list 10 songs you’re vibing on and tag 10 mutuals

i was tagged by @moonbebe@floofta-x​ and @seoulscapes​! thank you angels :) (bryony & mel, you guys put such nice explanations but i’m … lazy lol)

  1. ribbon - beast
  2. yey - beast
  3. slow - yong junhyung
  4. black out - vixx
  5. bomb (feat. b.i & bobby) - psy
  6. love (feat. syd) - dean
  7. ding dong - laboum
  8. omg - seventeen
  9. b-day - ikon
  10. around - hitchhiker & taeyong

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

i was tagged by @pbandj-hope (thank u bb)

  1. keep it simple - tove lo
  2. too late - co-ed school
  3. holiday - sistar
  4. give it to me - agust d
  5. sorry - jonas brothers (i will love them forever ok)
  6. lotto - exo
  7. pretty - infinite h
  8. attracted woman - monsta x
  9. lady - cnblue
  10. toothbrush - dnce (see, my jonas love is forever)

tagging: @pastelminhyuks@kongflower@reila-ravkong@nverever@marksseunie@got7peaches@fyhjjxxn@suugas @eternaltaeil and @sugaappa​ (pick one of the two tags, if you want c:)