this guy is a gem tho

Winza Sapphire and her seeing-eye Pearl! (who I’ve decided is an Abalone Pearl)

Also since I barely use the gems I have, I’ve decided if anyone wants to adopt these two they can, I’ll adopt them together tho for like, $5 I guess? Just message me if you’re interested & I’ll send a clean version to you uvu

These guys have been adopted by @the-king-of-clowns ✌️️

juventus: a masterpost™

# 7 - Juan Cuadrado (26 May 1988)

  • panita
  • happy puppy
  • prays a lot
  • always thanking god for everything
  • probably hates chelsea and conte
  • i want somebody to love me the way he loves juventus

# 9 Gonzalo Higuaìn (10 December 1987)

  • pipita
  • can score but won’t score
  • has a complicated relationship with his national team
  • they don’t like him in napoli
  • chubby boy
  • in love with paulito
  • everybody seems to like him (but nobody likes him tho)
  • his transfer to juventus left everyone shooketh to the core

# 17 -  Mario Mandžukić (21 May 1986)

  • if looks could kill he’d be a murderer
  • very aggressive
  • but he loves pugs?
  • the kind of guy you would like to have by your side in a fight
  • defender, midfielder, striker, you’ll never know

# 20 - Marko Pjaca (6 May 1995)

  • mandžukić secret son
  • croatian gem
  • scored his first goal vs FC Porto in UCL’s fourth round
  • people say he’ll become the new cristiano ronaldo
  • i say he’ll be even better than him
  • in love with marko rog from ssc napoli (and ante corić from dinamo zagreb)
  • he’ll make you wet

# 21 - Paulo Dybala (15 November 1993)

  • broadway destined drama kween
  • kween paulina / dybi the hoe
  • is extra af
  • trying to steal neymar’s men
  • scored a penalty to iker casillas and then asked him to swap their jerseys
  • la liga wants him
  • he doesn’t want la liga
  • he wants to be a juventus’ icon like del piero
  • scored two goals vs fc barcelona
  • if you tweet about him a madridista will come to you saying “COME TO MADRID PAULO
  • has been sent off during his first game with argentina nt and lionel messi defended him
  • it doesn’t matter which team you support, you gotta love his extra ass



❁ Eʏᴇ ᴍᴀᴋᴇᴜᴘ || Kɪᴍ Wᴏɴsʜɪᴋ || Bɪʀᴛʜsᴛᴏɴᴇ ❁

trollscribbles  asked:

What would Ben and Andy's fusion looked like, if bugs could fuse like gems? [Ha, they'd be Bendy then] Also, directly to Ben and Andy, what's your guys favorite dessert? :D

I made gem versions of them and their fusion a lil while ago hahaha IDK if I ever posted their finished fusion tho

EY GUYS I made some new Gem OCs! On the left is Star Sapphire, and on the right is Night Blue Pearl (who’s pretty much my Pearlsona) (ALSO I made N.B. Pearl chubby, bc why the hell not?)

(I also sorta consider Star Sapphire to be like my Sapphire-sona in a way, even tho she doesn’t really look like me lmao)

(It’s been a while since I’ve used my tablet, so… sorry if it kinda looks meh, I’m just trying to get used to using it again ;;;;;)

I do have a couple (short but incomplete) bios for each of them:

Star Sapphire

  • Gem Type: Sapphire
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Special Abilities: Future Vision; Telling the current time and place by looking at the positions of the stars/constellations (as well as the sun(s) or the moon(s)) in the sky (sorta like a living GPS); Predicting one’s future by holding their palm(s) and looking into the positions of the stars/constellations/other celestial bodies in the sky
  • Personality: Star Sapphire is a wise, soft-spoken and sophisticated Gem. Surprisingly, though, she’s actually quite energetic, gleeful and extroverted. She’s also very passionate about her work. Whenever she finds something funny or amusing, she’s prone to having giggling fits. She’s also surprisingly close to her Pearl, and she sorta (secretly) sees her as more than just a servant, but more like a close friend.
  • Extra stuff: Star Sapphire is not only an aristocratic oracle, but she’s also an expert astronomer and astrologer. She belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.

Night Blue Pearl

  • Gem Type: Pearl
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Special Abilities: Storing objects inside her gem; (I like to think she probably has similar abilities to her owner Star Sapphire, but probably to a lesser extent; as for what they exactly are, I’m not rly sure yet ;v;)
  • Personality: Night Blue Pearl is a shy, quiet, and introverted Gem. She’s also very sensitive and gets scared easily. She hates confrontation, and is prone to having panic attacks/meltdowns in stressful/violent situations. Though she’s not very social, she’s kind and polite to others (even to those who don’t deserve kindness). 
  • Extra Stuff: Night Blue Pearl is Star Sapphire’s servant and assistant, and also belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.


Here’s an original story of mine I’ve been working on for months. I’d love to turn it into a cartoon series, tho there’s still a lot of things I need to work on before that’s even a possibility.

The story is basically a re-telling, or rather a sequel, to the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. BUT even tho they are the backbone of the plot and story, they are not the focus. Instead, these guys are.

Also the knights all have swords, similar to Excalibur, that give them different kinds of strengths and powers. All of these swords are powered by a gem stone.

The story actually takes place when King Arthur and his knights disappear mysteriously. Many are in distress and in sorrow, and start to believe they are dead. One of the knights’s daughter, Elizabeth (the girl in the middle), finds her father’s magic sword, but cannot take it out of it’s cover. This leads her to believe that her father is still alive, and goes on a journey to find the mighty wizard, Merlin. Along the journey she’s joined by Artemis, a grumpy but gold-hearted dragon who only has one wing, Giselle, an inventive but tough unicorn, and Diego, a frog-mutant-boy who hungers for adventure (and a family). Together they must encounter evil and bring back the knights and their king. 

Still haven’t thought of a good name for this, tho I keep calling it ‘Acient Swords’, tho it would be cool to call this something similar to Dungeons and Dragons.   

You know, one of the reasons why I like anime/manga so much is because it’s so diverse when it comes to stories. Like, you can have your normal love story, and you can have your friendship-overcomes-anything story, and there are other types of stories that are pretty much “normal”.

But then there are stories like:

  • boys with magical powers that are accompanied by a pink wombat that controls a dead man
  • a classroom that tries to kill their teacher who is an alien/octopus/thing that plans to destroy the earth by the end of the school year, and both the teacher and the students treat the fact that they have to kill him as just another school activity
  • the son of satan that wants to avenge his dad by killing his dad
  • a zombie that lives with a silent necromancer, a tsundere magical girl, and another tsundere vampire
  • a kid with anxiety goes fishing with an alien, a “prince”, and an indian man with a duck
  • the adventures of an unemployed god with a reluctant sword, who is a highschool boy, and a girl that can’t control when her spirit leaves her body
  • a kid that can’t pilot a robot but is really good at piloting the robot, and everyone wants him to get in the robot, even tho he doens’t like piloting the robot, which is kinda weird ‘cause sometimes he doesn’t get out of the robot. He also sees alot of boobs.
  • a blue haired dude who makes a nosebleeding hairdresser, a pierced dick rabbit lover, a self-concious robot, a prision breaker, two passive-aggressive fans of him and beastiality, and part of himself that habited the body of his dog robot and is now in his twin dead brother’s body, fall in love with him
  • the densest guy in the world that can write a pretty good love story, even tho there’s a girl that tried several times telling him she loves him, which he always never gets the idea she does

There are plenty other gems but these were the ones I could remember.

I know a lot of you want a lapidot fusion (more specifically one of those silhouettes in the new trailer)

But y'all gotta understand the context AROUND THE silhouette. The big ol’ guy next to them -given what we all already know (blue diamond was planning on getting more humans) and is, right now, possibly living up to that desire and sending some gems to earth to capture some- is most likely one of blue diamonds court, heck I literally just reblogged that on a post seconds ago! It looks like one of the gems of blue diamonds court from ‘The Answer’!

We also know that people are going missing around beach city -as far as we know, Saddie and Union- and unions face looks a lot like surprise and fear, which someone in his situation would look like. Then we get informed via missing poster that union IS actually missing, again probably kidnapped by the gems blue diamond sent to earth.

Plus we gotta consider that lapis might not even want to fuse with anybody (cough cough malachite cough cough) and Peridot might even be incapable of fusion as she is, and semi explains, a second era gem.

Signs Most to Least Likely to Get Butthurt About Someone Making Fun of Their Sign



I think tonight’s Gem monster was Labradorite! (which is incidentally my favorite mineral)

Possible Evidence: 

  • Gemstone is multicolored and appears to be iridescent, with the colors common to Labradorite.
  • Big sloppy tongue(s), similar to a large dog (like a Labrador) (Crewniverse would totally pull something like that; you can’t tell me they wouldn’t make that pun if given the opportunity.)
  • Labradorite is known for a unique iridescent optical phenomenon called Labradorescence. This Gem has six eyes, the most we’ve seen on any gem so far.
Okay, so let me guess this straight...

Peridot tried to kill Steven and the other Crystal Gems many times.

Lapis tried to drown Steven and Connie, only got stopped because of Greg, and nearly dried up the planet by taking their oceans.

Jasper, instead of killing Steven and the Crystal gems when she had the chance, captured them and planned on taking them to homeworld for questioning.

…and almost everyone sees Jasper as the bad guy, and wants to see Lapis and (Peridot) redeemed ..?

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dating a gem moon can be super exhausting sometimes like one day i'll check my phone after work and have like 23 unread texts just about his thoughts and his day and stuff and other days its the complete opposite where i barely hear from him,, hes very reassuring tho so i dont get worried and thats why i love him lots and lots

LOL as long as you guys love each other, that’s all that matters :^) Gemini Moons can be unpredictable in their moods, definitely, but I’m sure you probably get used to it after a while lmao

(I messed up so here we go with take two)
I was tagged by @drdomo-gem to name 10 favs from 10 fandoms and to tag 10 people to do the same

Connie - Steven Universe
Pidge <3 - Voltron
Cecil - Welcome to Night Vale
Ezekiel- The Librarians
Marinette- Miraculous Ladybug
Abby - Ghostbusters
Moana- Disney (is this a fandom? I feel like it is)
Rocket - Gardians of the Galaxy/ Marvel
Wonder Woman - DC (Flash is cool too tho)
Hermione- Harry Potter

I tag @liecheathelptheelderly @not-yet-baroque-en @whisperoftheyear @followthebraingrape (no pressure if you don’t want to - but I would love to hear what you guys’ favs are!!!!)


So i realized I have an absurd amount of gemsonas (and this isn't even all of them but and even thoi love my gems what i want to do today is different. For once i actually have free time (yay) and the first 10-20 people (depending on how i feel first 10 for sure tho) i will draw their gemsonas in one of the styles above. Also tho just a quick heads up, im wayyyy better at drawing girls than guys but yeah! I hope to see some of your pretty gemsonas soon!

*p.s you can submit one gemsona and ill stop taking submissions on may 1*

update there is 8 slots left tor the top 10 and the 11-20 are still up for a chance to be drawn