this guy is a gem tho

panic’s best album is vices btw for the pure gem that is nearly witches live.

for ppl who dont know anything about the band, two members left after the second album bc they wanted to ‘make different artistic choices’ about the 3rd album (the main songwriter fucked off with the bassist to make a beatles knock off album). anyway, there was this one song called 'nearly witches’ that i guess ryan (the songwriter guy) left for the band to put on the 3rd album. the band didnt end up using the entire song tho, only just a few lines from the first verse.

now ryan has been a vocalist too besides being a songwriter (and the guitarist too..he really cucked them there) and he has a really high and airy singing voice. and on panic’s tour promoing the 3rd album brendon (the main singer) like the bitter hoe he is spent The Entire Tour singing those few lines in nearly witches in a high fucking falsetto and basically making fun of how ryan sings. for an entire year. just, being bitter. i mean…relatable

EY GUYS I made some new Gem OCs! On the left is Star Sapphire, and on the right is Night Blue Pearl (who’s pretty much my Pearlsona) (ALSO I made N.B. Pearl chubby, bc why the hell not?)

(I also sorta consider Star Sapphire to be like my Sapphire-sona in a way, even tho she doesn’t really look like me lmao)

(It’s been a while since I’ve used my tablet, so… sorry if it kinda looks meh, I’m just trying to get used to using it again ;;;;;)

I do have a couple (short but incomplete) bios for each of them:

Star Sapphire

  • Gem Type: Sapphire
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Special Abilities: Future Vision; Telling the current time and place by looking at the positions of the stars/constellations (as well as the sun(s) or the moon(s)) in the sky (sorta like a living GPS); Predicting one’s future by holding their palm(s) and looking into the positions of the stars/constellations/other celestial bodies in the sky
  • Personality: Star Sapphire is a wise, soft-spoken and sophisticated Gem. Surprisingly, though, she’s actually quite energetic, gleeful and extroverted. She’s also very passionate about her work. Whenever she finds something funny or amusing, she’s prone to having giggling fits. She’s also surprisingly close to her Pearl, and she sorta (secretly) sees her as more than just a servant, but more like a close friend.
  • Extra stuff: Star Sapphire is not only an aristocratic oracle, but she’s also an expert astronomer and astrologer. She belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.

Night Blue Pearl

  • Gem Type: Pearl
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Special Abilities: Storing objects inside her gem; (I like to think she probably has similar abilities to her owner Star Sapphire, but probably to a lesser extent; as for what they exactly are, I’m not rly sure yet ;v;)
  • Personality: Night Blue Pearl is a shy, quiet, and introverted Gem. She’s also very sensitive and gets scared easily. She hates confrontation, and is prone to having panic attacks/meltdowns in stressful/violent situations. Though she’s not very social, she’s kind and polite to others (even to those who don’t deserve kindness). 
  • Extra Stuff: Night Blue Pearl is Star Sapphire’s servant and assistant, and also belongs to Blue Diamond’s court.

Steven Universe Fan comic, Dioptase


About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, before Gem Harvest. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. DON’T REPOST.

Wanted to have this ready yesterday but I returned home late :3c so yeah, happy late Christmas guys! Have an extra update~

When I was concepting this scene, I wanted to make them dance Genghis Khan (yall know) but I was listening lots of Wada Kouji and end up liking Grace for this scene, but you can make them dance whatev you want xD also don’t dance in the roof, it can be dangerous :3c they don’t need words rn~

Signs Most to Least Likely to Get Butthurt About Someone Making Fun of Their Sign


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Lmao I remember having this gemsona I never wanted to post without changing everything bc I had made them a trans boy gem. Like they presented as feminine and they met one of the og cgs(not Rose tho) and joined the rebellion and got poofed early in the war but like, due to the encouragement received from the cgs when he came back after a few weeks he presented as masculine. But I'm always scared someone's gonna call me sexist for making a gemsona a guy. I guess I wanna know if the idea is bad

I’ve seen a lot of people that have male/trans/nonbinary gem ocs so I think you should be fine. Plus the idea sounds really cool!

There’s literally nothing sexist about it imo. If anyone does get offended by it that’s their problem and not yours, you’re not doing anything harmful so try not to worry about it!

Okay, so let me guess this straight...

Peridot tried to kill Steven and the other Crystal Gems many times.

Lapis tried to drown Steven and Connie, only got stopped because of Greg, and nearly dried up the planet by taking their oceans.

Jasper, instead of killing Steven and the Crystal gems when she had the chance, captured them and planned on taking them to homeworld for questioning.

…and almost everyone sees Jasper as the bad guy, and wants to see Lapis and (Peridot) redeemed ..?


So i realized I have an absurd amount of gemsonas (and this isn't even all of them but and even thoi love my gems what i want to do today is different. For once i actually have free time (yay) and the first 10-20 people (depending on how i feel first 10 for sure tho) i will draw their gemsonas in one of the styles above. Also tho just a quick heads up, im wayyyy better at drawing girls than guys but yeah! I hope to see some of your pretty gemsonas soon!

*p.s you can submit one gemsona and ill stop taking submissions on may 1*

update there is 8 slots left tor the top 10 and the 11-20 are still up for a chance to be drawn


The pic on the left is my OC’s husband from like 2006 or 2007 and the pic on the right is a traditional WIP of Sebastian (my farmer OC’s husband)

guys. my 11 y/o self knew.

i’ve been drawing sebastian for almost 10 years guys. i’ve been thirsty for sebastian for 10 years.

i had a type when i was a little kid and i’ve kept that type all my life. there is no saving me now

Aw gems, gems, gems - back when they were SO dismissive of humans, particularly poor Greg

Pearl: [awkward] Greg is…nice

Amethyst: He’s kind of a mess

They’re putting him down and talking about how they wish still Rose Quartz was here, before they started putting more faith into Steven for, well, being himself and that he could help out a lot too. 

But right now, they’re unsure and do not want help from others ‘We’re the Crystal Gems, we’ll figure this out on our own somehow.’

oh you awkward disasters, i still love u guys tho

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i'm white, so please correct me if i step out of my lane here. i've seen the main two complaints about blue diamond: that she was whitewashed and that we're supposed to sympathize with a colonizing dictator. wouldn't it be bad if she was kept indian coded tho, because of how awful she is? the show has a lot of blatant racism. i understand 100% that whitewashing her from her original design was wrong, but wouldn't it have been worse if another poc coded gem was evil? just trying to understand

it’s more of a give and take really. like if every single bad guy was a person of color and none of our protags were, it’d be p shitty

“I can’t believe Bismuth was bubbled on her way to the forge!” oh my god hahahah

no but seriusly, we all knew she was basically gonna be a one time deal guys, come on it was not even subtle, tho she still was a great character, let’s hope see her again at before the finale at least I guess

idk about you guys but I’m personally satisfied with barn mates

At least with how it ended–lapis’ character development wasn’t forced. She’s one to hold grudges and its hard for her to get past them, as we know a little bit from mirror gem/ocean gem.

In barn mates, she was able to at least come to terms that what she was doing wasn’t right (after steven, the only person she really trusts, calls her out on it) and make an effort to change it–even if she didn’t apologize outright (something like that may take more time)

I just feel like if she did it would have been too much of a drastic flip in the episode–potentially even out of character–as well if the episode had ended on better terms perhaps. Mainly because this is lapis’ first step toward character development and given what we’ve seen of her character so far–i dont think it would happen suddenly or drastically. 

after all, relationships take time and work

shes a very complicated character and character development like this will also take a lot of time and work, so I’m interested to see how she develops in the future

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Gfdi Sunny, I was expecting a dirkjake fusion in that SUstuck comic but you put something way too fucking adorable there instead, I don't know whether to be mad or to fucking love you for it

Anon:We really gotta see a fusion between su dirk and jake

haha thank youu! well the fusion would happen /after/ that post but I’m leaving that up to you guys’ imagination for now uvu

I mean I might add it as a continuation eventually but not now

Anon:I love your sustuck please continue making wonderful art for it!

Anon:Do you have an idea of what the other trolls would look like as gems/humans in sustuck? (:

thanks!  I have one more thing to post for it with the troll girls and then I think I’ll pause it for a while tho ;v,

Anon:I got on just in time to see some beautiful DirkJake. AND ITS FOR THE SU AU THING WHAT! My Lord, I love you so much it’s not even funny.