this guy is a gem tho

Winza Sapphire and her seeing-eye Pearl! (who I’ve decided is an Abalone Pearl)

Also since I barely use the gems I have, I’ve decided if anyone wants to adopt these two they can, I’ll adopt them together tho for like, $5 I guess? Just message me if you’re interested & I’ll send a clean version to you uvu

These guys have been adopted by @the-king-of-clowns ✌️️


YEAH FASHION!!! lets do some Moschino!! 


thank you for this aaa i had so much fun drawing this!!! 

i actually put a lot of thought into this,,,for starters: their gem placement. i chose an specific place that hadn’t been “tainted” i mean these guys went through a lot, so i wanted to place the gem in somewhere familiar by both of them; Neil: his nape/neck, where andrew tends to grip on, and Andrew (even tho u cant see it) his throat/neck where Neil likes to leave kisses ;0c

about the clothes.. a combo of their normal clothing & exy uniform,,

im not sure about the type of gem, i’ll leave that to anyone who wants to think about something jhdfkj

We just had a major trailer drop again! :D

And then we go into high-gear. First, we get the reveal of two of the masked figures from the USUM poster:

At least the helmeted one in the far back.

We may also get a name drop, but unfortunately, I don’t read Japanese. Will update later tho as information comes out! (I’m interested in who these guys are and their plans/ They don’t dress like Aether Foundation….)

Edit: Mustache’s name is Zionira, and he’s speaking about Necrozma stealing Alola’s light.

Necrozma appearing from the Ultra Wormhole, and Nebby attacking it:

Ultra Beasts, and it hinting that Xurkitree and Nanu’s Personal Hell will get bigger roles in the plot:

Hala talking as the Ultra Beasts arrive and a new area–a gem-filled place and some sort of energy circling around it? Maybe invented by Aether, and/or the new guys?

This Xurkitree looks like it’s in a different area, tho…

Another new area, perhaps Necrozma’s Ultra Space? AND OUR BOI IS BACK!!! Finally, we get to see him in a trailer. He’s at the Altar of the Sunne/Moone too? Not being able to read makes it hard to place, but it doesn’t seem he’s there to take away Lusamine like last time?

Lusamine on Guzma’s jacket? It looks like she’s on the ground too?

Apparently tho, riding with Lunala/Solgaleo thru Ultra Space is another new minigame.

I have no idea what’s going on. Interestingly tho, Solgaleo/Lunala aren’t possessed and your character is wearing armor like those masked people. Are they on our side?

And ending on a pretty cool shot of Necrozma crushing the sun.


❁ Eʏᴇ ᴍᴀᴋᴇᴜᴘ || Kɪᴍ Wᴏɴsʜɪᴋ || Bɪʀᴛʜsᴛᴏɴᴇ ❁

trollbabbles  asked:

What would Ben and Andy's fusion looked like, if bugs could fuse like gems? [Ha, they'd be Bendy then] Also, directly to Ben and Andy, what's your guys favorite dessert? :D

I made gem versions of them and their fusion a lil while ago hahaha IDK if I ever posted their finished fusion tho

Merman!Jimin | Crown Jewels • Moodboard

“Jimin grasped the item tightly, looking up at you happily. The king’s crown, golden and embedded with luxurious gems and jewels, glinted spectacularly in the light of the rising sun. You could feel the goodbye in the air, even without either of you saying it.”

[ Moodboard requests always open!! ]

so what we learned from last night’s episode is:

  • people = good
  • jason can be so forking wisE for 2 seconds and then goes and pops a piKACHU balloon
  • & he refers to lovemaking as pounding it out….. which i mean why wouLdn’t u
  • stealing a baguette makes u moRE FRENCH
  • eleanor is aLso really forking smart— or she really just recognizes bad intentions
  • edit: weLL i g i missed the entire convo with michael that she said he was pulling an eleaNOR
  • a table of contents is like a menu… but the food is words
  • chidi loves teaching
  • and woven belts
  • diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend bUT tahani has the biggest piece of meteorite poop
  • tahani’s so self obsessed but i love her anywaYs she’s learning
  • they’re aLL LEARNING
  • i’ve never related to anyone more in my life than eleanor shellstrop upon receiving a never-ending shrimp dispenser and proceeding to whisper that  this is the dream 
  • no one try mystery flavour
  • “ yeah, we can’t be bought ” she says as she stuffs her face with shrimp
  • janet, my lil bab, is glitCHINg but they glitch in the most purE, ADORABLE WAY
  • son of a bEnch, i love janet so forking much
  • glasses are a vvvvvvvvvvvvvv powerful thing it can give you a PhD
  • i mean it’s gotta be true tho chidi wears a glasses && is a prof 
  • on that note i’ve been waiting on my doctorate since i was 13 where’s that judge judy gif of her tapping her watcH
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A peridot, a half gem sapphire, and an adventurine. The gang’s all here 🌌

(Which colour scheme is better for nikki tho? You guys choose!) My Gem Gem AU! Was actually planning on also either keeping Neil as a peridot or make him Connie’s equivalent, which one sounds better?

You know, one of the reasons why I like anime/manga so much is because it’s so diverse when it comes to stories. Like, you can have your normal love story, and you can have your friendship-overcomes-anything story, and there are other types of stories that are pretty much “normal”.

But then there are stories like:

  • boys with magical powers that are accompanied by a pink wombat that controls a dead man
  • a classroom that tries to kill their teacher who is an alien/octopus/thing that plans to destroy the earth by the end of the school year, and both the teacher and the students treat the fact that they have to kill him as just another school activity
  • the son of satan that wants to avenge his dad by killing his dad
  • a zombie that lives with a silent necromancer, a tsundere magical girl, and another tsundere vampire
  • a kid with anxiety goes fishing with an alien, a “prince”, and an indian man with a duck
  • the adventures of an unemployed god with a reluctant sword, who is a highschool boy, and a girl that can’t control when her spirit leaves her body
  • a kid that can’t pilot a robot but is really good at piloting the robot, and everyone wants him to get in the robot, even tho he doens’t like piloting the robot, which is kinda weird ‘cause sometimes he doesn’t get out of the robot. He also sees alot of boobs.
  • a blue haired dude who makes a nosebleeding hairdresser, a pierced dick rabbit lover, a self-concious robot, a prision breaker, two passive-aggressive fans of him and beastiality, and part of himself that habited the body of his dog robot and is now in his twin dead brother’s body, fall in love with him
  • the densest guy in the world that can write a pretty good love story, even tho there’s a girl that tried several times telling him she loves him, which he always never gets the idea she does

There are plenty other gems but these were the ones I could remember.

mobicon things™
  • the deadpool in a wedding dress
  • when people ask to take pics w me/compliment my cosplay?? golden moment.
  • the chair that makes it look like yr in deadpool’s lap
  • everyone is so nice and good??
  • “no one wants to take a picture until I put the mask on”
  • "dOES JUMIN HAN IS GAY” — collective “yessss”
  • the hitachiin twins?? they said I was cute and gave me hugs?? like hello yes I am soft and I LOVE HUGS
  • best iron man I’ve ever seen
  • "my strap fell off and I’m not fixing it again. I’ll just blame it on strex. it’s all strexcorp’s fault.”
  • that guy blasting music out his backpack
  • the game “honey I love you” except that girl did NOT love tamaki
  • pointing off all the gems even tho I have seen not even one (1) single SU ep
  • "five exclamation points is not a dare” “that’s the point
  • a suspicious lack of voltron cosplays
  • roaring back and forth with some of the furries
  • another book from the author i liked who was there last year
  • happy feels now bc wowie this was a good time