this guy draws such nice bellies


Some rough sketches! First is Drake, the guy in the video I just posted (I’m redesigning him atm bc his earlier design didn’t sit well with me, thus the clumsiness in his lines sob), and second the youngest Silverback kids, Vera and Mikhail on a picnic! This sketch was originally meant for my entry to the fatesona-wix, but I ended up not liking it enough and now I’m drawing something else. Sleepy lil brother, belly filled with strawberry shortcake! What a nice summer evening…

How not to attack a sleeping dragon

Back story: We’re on a trial run for a brand new d100-based system we’ve been working on that works on allocating EXP into various skills and abilities kinda like the Batman Arkham games.  There’s a Halfling bard, a Human mage, a Grimalkin (catfolk) noble, a Halfling thug (played by the GM), a Saurian (lizardfolk) fighter, and an Ursune (bearfolk) monk.  We find a sleeping Blue Dragon really early on and decide to sneak up and try and kill it before it can wake up.  After successful stealth rolls (somehow), however…

GM (Halfling thug): I’m going to draw my bastard sword and attack the head at the ear…hole…thing.  You guys?

Saurian: I’m going to take out my great hammer and take a shot at it’s shoulder, cripple it, maybe.

Me (Halfling bard): I’ll use my crossbow and shoot it in the belly.

Human: I’m gonna cast *checks spell list* fireball, I guess, at it’s…tail? *everyone shrugs* Tail.

Grimalkin (first-time player): I’ll use my rapier and poke it in the eye!

GM: Nice, good thinking! *Looks at the Ursune* And?

Ursune (seasoned veteran): Um…I’m gonna punch it in the butthole!

*table turns collectively to Ursune*

GM: Are…you sure.

Ursune: *leans back smugly* Yup.

*everyone makes rolls.*

Saurian: *rolls successfully and deals decent damage*

GM: Okay, good. *rolls crit success and deals massive damage* Yes, nice!

Grimalkin: *rolls crit success and deals lots of damage ignoring armor*  Yay!

GM: Very good! *looks to Human* You?

Human *rolls and fails* Damn.

Me: *roll success and deals fair damage* Should be about dead, yeah.

GM: Not gonna say til everyone’s done. *everyone looks to Ursune*

Ursune: Don’t worry guys, I got this. *rolls a crit failure and table bursts out laughing*

GM (after laughter dies down): Well, you go to punch the dragon in the butthole and your hand slips in unhindered, then, before you can pull it out, the dragon’s sphincter clamps down on your wrist.  The rest of our blows then land, killing the dragon handily.  The dragon then voids it’s bowels…all over you.

*table explodes with laughter again*

Ursune: *scowling at party* I had a plan, you know

Saurian: Yeah?  What did you think was gonna happen, “poo bear”?

Human: Yeah, it was a pretty shitty situation from the start.

221B Con

I’m going to miss everyone so much and every single moment of the con was amazing but here are some things that are amazing that happened

Holding Paula’s hand
Breakfast (?) with Cara
Mana and Deni bantering
Pie being anime
Indy drawing lots of hot Johns
Vel being so on top of shit and always being there for everyone
Belly being super excited about orcalock
Michi and Archia are SO CUTE and so fashionable you guys are so cute and so much fun
Jill being so calm about everything ???how??
RADIO being radiooo omg love you
Oklahomos Mind Phallus
Meeting Bilbos pantaloons and starfish!!!! How could i forget!!
Not knowing bskizzle was bskizzle until it was too late godamnit