this guy deserves someone who likes him back and he finally have it

Even though I’ve moved on, finally.. I can still say I’ll always have love for him.
The hurt I felt after that one night just got to be to much for me to bare, it was a different kind of hurt. I’ll admit that it really did break my heart to pieces, again. Every single bit of it is still left on the ground. I had to realize that he isn’t worth my time or my sorrow anymore. I should’ve listened to him when he said I deserved better.. Because I do. Even though I’m not looking for anyone and I don’t plan on dating at all until I get my life together and where I want to be.. It’s just.. Before I let someone back in, I need to find who I am. I just can’t wait until the day a guy comes along and treats me like a queen. Lord knows that I can treat my man like a king. Love, loyalty and being faithful is only a taste of what I can give for someone who can offer the same back. 💯