this guy be cool beans

reblog if you’re def the kind of person who
  1. says “cool beans”
  2. does finger guns
  3. says “coolio”
  4. “my guy”
  5. “my dude”
  6. ironically said “get rekt scrub” and now can’t stop
  7. “ayyeee” 
  8. makes a lot of weird faces
if philosophers were millennials
  • Socrates: d a n k, *cuts u*, typical reddit user
  • Goethe: cinnamon roll, floods ur dash w/ roadtrip aesthetics, always trying to find himself
  • Hegel: basically the timecube guy
  • Kierkegaard: mcr fanboi, edgy af, special snowflake
  • Nietzsche: master of viral text posts, 1 tru edgelord
  • Žižek:
  • says “cool beans”
  • does finger guns
  • “coolio”
  • “my guy”
  • “my dude”
  • ironically said “get rekt scrub” and now can’t stop
  • “ayyeee”
  • makes a lot of weird faces

( I keep peeking at this blog and my Phi… but can’t quite figure out how to get back in. I just keep disappearing when I do, because I just feel… disconnected here. It’s hard to explain. Just know that the Tales of RP group was like a family to me. I feel nervous here now, for some reason. If anyone wants to write, please let me know. )

Imagine gushing about Newt to Minho
  • Y/N: And then he said "thanks love" in that shucking sexy acce- Shit! Newt's coming towards us! Don't mention a word about this! act cool!
  • Minho: I don't need to 'act cool' she-bean, it comes naturally.
  • Newt: Hey guys, what are you talking about?
  • Minho: um..
  • Minho: Body temperatures...
  • Newt: ....
  • Y/N: ......
  • Y/N: You know, dead people are cool.

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