this guy always catches me taking his picture

Creepypasta #773: Photographs

Length: Medium

“Not again!” I sighed, as I was looking through the photographs I took on my recent holiday. 

I always get photobombed. Every, single, vacation. Urgh. As my finger hovered above the delete key, a chill ran down my spine. That guy, in the photo, he looked really familiar, like maybe I’ve seen his picture somewhere before. 

It can’t be, that this same person has photobombed me before? It’s not like I can check, I’ve always deleted the photos that got ruined by idiots like him. I’ll just have to catch him again. 

I became obsessed, taking selfies, wefies, even asking random strangers to take photos of me, everywhere I went. Then every night at home, I’d browse through the photos I took that day, always searching for him.

Click, next, yawn, I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, still no sign of him, maybe I’m just being parano- wait. Was that him? Oh shit it is him

He’s holding up a sign. Trembling, I zoomed in on the sign to get a better look.

“Looking for me?” The sign said. “Look behind you ;)”

Credits to: ScoobySharky