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24. "so you're my soulmate."

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Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic? That scene when a young Sandra Bullock creates her dream man as childhood fun but turned out she really made him as she got older?

Well, when I was five I sort of did the same thing. It was harmless at first, truly. I was in my room, doodling away when my mom came in to tuck me into bed. I told her to give me a few more minutes, that I had to finish.

“Whatchu drawing hun?” She asked leaning over my shoulder.

“My boyfriend,” I replied simply.

“Oh! Well do let me see,” she requested and sat near me as I continued. “And who is this boy you are drawing?”

“Becky at school said if you draw and wish on something it will come true, so I’m drawing a boy to like when I get older. See?” I finished, holding the drawing in my hands. “He’s really tall and has a bunch of drawings on him. He has green eyes and pretty hair. He’s a singer and a actor but he does magazine stuff sometimes.”

“Wow, he’s handsome,” she smiled at my stick drawing. “What’s his name?”

“I don’t know,” I shrug. “But I call him Frog Prince because when I try to kiss the frogs in the backyard they won’t turn to princes!”

“Now YN you know what I said about doing that it’ll give you warts, now come on and lets get you to bed hm?” She tucks me in and kisses my forehead goodnight as she leave the night light on. When she closes the door I look up at the stars hanging over my head and make my wish. It seems silly now but I came across the drawing while looking through my old stuff. I was visiting my mom for the weekend, even brought my boyfriend with me so they could meet for the first time.

How me and Harry met was…sort of bad. I was dating this guy that I worked with while he was dating a girl. Turned out his now ex and my now ex wanted to date each other…leaving us in the cool. He contacted me, saying how sorry he was to which I told him he had nothing to be sorry about. He began to hang out from that, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew we have been dating for almost a year.

He was so not what I was used to, I was used to guys who mumbled love you yet were always busy with something. Would forget important events and just all around be jerks. Harry came into my life like a bolt of lightning. When he said he loved me he used “I” in front of it. On Valentine’s Day I was presented by a huge bouquet of roses at my apartment. When my birthday came he actually called that day out of his very busy life just to spend it with me. To make chocolate cake for me and gave me presents when I told him I didn’t need them.

When guys always just walked next to me, when Harry walked with me he always reached for my hand. Sure it gave the paps something to take pictures on it never seemed to bother me nor him. He made me laugh with those God awful jokes. He would always contact me when he had to go on tour just to talk to me, talk about my day. Even when the time zones were a bitch. He really was a dream come true.

I laughed, catching his attention as he walked to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Whah’s tha’?” He asked, looking at my drawing.

“When I was really little I drew this to make my dream boyfriend, My Frog Prince,” I laughed shaking my head before showing him. “I had a weird imagination.”

“Oh really?” He took a look with a smirk on his face. “So yeh like stick people huh?”

I lightly shove his arm with an eye roll. “Funny! Real cute dude.”

“So whah did this dream guy have hm?” He asked waving the paper.

“Well, if I remember right I think I wanted him to be tall with a bunch of drawings on him and pretty hair.” I commented. “He was I think like a singer/actor/model all in one with green eyes.”

“So me?” He asked, his smirk getting bigger.

“What?” I laughed.

“Well I’m taller then you…”

“Everyone is taller then me,” I pointed out.

“I got a loh of tattoos…I do have pre’ey hair,” he flips his semi long hair making me scoff at him. “And I do sing, take pictures, act sometimes,” he continued.

So…your my soulmate?” I asked with a raised brow.

“Yeh drawed this noh me,” he replied then looked at the picture all the sudden bursting into laughter.

“What?” I asked.

“Your mum dated this, look…” he handed the drawing back to me and I saw the date. That was when I began to wonder if what he was saying had some truth to it…

February 1, 1994

“People used to call me Frog Prince,” he added before kissing my cheek.

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I Can Has the AU you mentioned in your tags of that JR, Ian and Tyler picture? Because that would be amazing!

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The airport stretches out endlessly in front of him. A perfect metaphor for the next two weeks.

Derek lets out an audible huff, dragging his headphones off his ears and shooting a scathing look his uncles’ way. They’d decided against the matching Hawaiian shirts, thank god for small mercies, but Chris has a big hat on like they’re already at the beach, and they’re leaning casually into each other and giggling at something on Chris’ phone.

They’re so happy together it’s embarrassing.

Not like Derek doesn’t want his uncle to be happy or whatever, but does he actually have to be here, standing right next to it?

“Last chance,” he says, loud, to get their attention. “I can call literally a dozen people to come give me a ride back home.”

Because two weeks. Two weeks on some godforsaken island with limited cell service and only his uncle-slash-guardian and his new husband, Chris, for company. This is practically a honeymoon trip, except that they’d insisted, last minute, on bringing Derek along. Like seventeen isn’t old enough to hang at home on his own for two weeks. Like he needs them babysitting him.

Peter rolls his eyes and hoists his duffel higher over his shoulder, but Chris, sensing what he’s long ago labeled as a “Hale storm brewing,” steps between the two men and throws an arm over each of their tense shoulders.

“It’s a family trip, kid. Come on, it’s not so bad. Beaches, surfing—”

“Attractive people in skimpy clothing,” Peter cuts in, light, like there’d never been any tension building at all. His hand snakes around Chris’ waist not at all subtly and Derek groans, twisting out of Chris’ grip.

Allison didn’t have to come.”

Ok, so maybe that comes out sounding a little bit juvenile, but it’s not like it isn’t true. His new stepsister – Chris’ daughter – had managed to dodge this bullet by virtue of having another parent to nestle herself away with over the summer months.

Which has put Derek in a worse mood for a whole number of reasons he’s not in a place to examine too closely.

Peter smiles sweetly, waving them toward the ticket gate.

“Well, nephew, when you get tapped for summer training by an Olympic archery champion, you can bow out of family vacations too.”

Derek groans – ‘cause it’s not like that hadn’t gotten old about three and a half seconds after the news came through either – and tugs his headphones back over his ears.

“Gotta take those off for the metal detectors!” Peter calls back, and Derek aims two middle fingers at his uncle’s back.

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Creepypasta #773: Photographs

Length: Medium

“Not again!” I sighed, as I was looking through the photographs I took on my recent holiday. 

I always get photobombed. Every, single, vacation. Urgh. As my finger hovered above the delete key, a chill ran down my spine. That guy, in the photo, he looked really familiar, like maybe I’ve seen his picture somewhere before. 

It can’t be, that this same person has photobombed me before? It’s not like I can check, I’ve always deleted the photos that got ruined by idiots like him. I’ll just have to catch him again. 

I became obsessed, taking selfies, wefies, even asking random strangers to take photos of me, everywhere I went. Then every night at home, I’d browse through the photos I took that day, always searching for him.

Click, next, yawn, I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, still no sign of him, maybe I’m just being parano- wait. Was that him? Oh shit it is him

He’s holding up a sign. Trembling, I zoomed in on the sign to get a better look.

“Looking for me?” The sign said. “Look behind you ;)”

Credits to: ScoobySharky