this guy actually gets so happy tho

congratulations lok, you made me draw something for the first time in months, and also cry of happiness for the first time in my life

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RFA + Saeran and V reacting to an s/o as energetic as Seven?


  • also v energetic so you’re like a power couple!
  • altho he feels kind of paranoid at first b/c Seven plays a lot of pranks on him
  • needs to keep reminding himself that you two are different people and you won’t prank him like Seven
  • he hopes
  • haha jokes on him you and seven team up a lot to prank him
  • and at first he doesn’t expect it from his cute s/o
  • he falls for the pranks e v e r y time


  • at first believes seven is crossdressing to trick him again
  • well, he won’t fall for that trick this time, even if the Seven imposter does seem really cute and funny and his perfect match-
  • constant random messages “GIVE UP THE ACT SEVEN I KNOW IT’S YOU”
  • until you actually show up at his house and he just kind of- deflates.
  • oh. you’re… you’re real?
  • doesfinds your personality really cute tho
  • your energy hypes him up too
  • altho he doesn’t get half of your jokes, poor zenny


  • oh no
  • not ANOTHER seven
  • she swears, one day she’s gonna get a heart attack b/c of both of you playing jokes or spamming the chatroom
  • the amount of memes you make that she doesnt understand
  • likes the fact that customers can talk to you easily tho
  • probably secretly takes notes on how to become more talkative like u aw


  • at first he’s surprised
  • is this another ploy for seven to somehow capture Elly- I mean Elizabeth the Third?
  • he’s happy that you understand him tho & thinks you’re perfect just the way you are
  • is basically fine w/ you being hyper as long as u can quieten during meetings & important events etc
  • you guys are polar opposites tho b/c he’s calm and collected and you’re v excited always
  • you’re one of the rare ppl who can make him smile easily tho b/c your happiness is contagious :’)


  • the 707 side of him is so HYPED
  • like YESS he’s finally found a meme partner who’s just as hyper as he is!
  • and you get all of his jokes!
  • altho Saeyoung is quieter than his 707 persona, he really likes that your actual personality is so energetic & not so forced like his
  • also. so. many pranks to be pulled.
  • so many.


  • oh god
  • his life is gonna be hell living with not just one but two Sevens
  • T W O
  • is a little wary of you at first because of how energetic you are
  • and since this small bean is socially awkward he doesn’t really know how to approach you at first
  • so you’d probably have to approach him
  • pretends he hates it but deep down he actually loves you & your personality


  • finds you a really interesting subject to study
  • your personality is so refreshing to him
  • he often catches himself just observing you because wOw he’s so in love with your personality?
  • so!! Many!! Pictures!! of you (if you consent to it obvs)

Sorry, V’s is kinda short but I can’t get into his character properly ^^“

Hope you enjoyed, thoo!

~ Jo

BTS reaction to going camping with their s/o

Anon said:Hi!!!! can i request a BTS reaction for going camping with them in the woods? you are an experienced camper and take them too all the hiking and swimming and fishing places and just go on fun wilderness adventures together. thank you so much!!! i love your reactions!! you are so awesome!! <3


This baby is prepared. He might not be as good as you, but knowing that his s/o liked camping, he would spend hours trying to learn all things he could. He would ask for you to teach him stuff every now and then, that’s for sure. He may not be that keen on hiking tho, so it’ll take a little bit of convincing from you for him to do it.


Oh honey, I feel sorry for you… He wouldn’t like the idea, but after tons of begs from his s/o he would eventually go with you, just because he loves you, and he knows that he is not the most romantic person (I disagree but oh well), so he will he doing this to make you smile, and actually he will end up having lots of fun, he will NEVER admit it tho. He would love going fishing the most, just sitting there, talking to each other, in pure calmness. 


He would like the idea, whatever makes his s/o happy will make him super happy too. He would ask the most stupid things tho: “Wait, but how do you do this?”, “How do you get food out here?”, “Want me to order pizza?”. For his safety, I’d recommend you go hiking in a not so tall place. This guy is a The Destructor™. He would love going fishing or swimming the most, Long talks are his favourite, and plus he gets to see you in a swimsuit (😏)(this boi).


(ignore Jimin) (If you want to) (I know is difficult)

HA HA HA no. Next! 

Jk, actually I really think he would do it, agreeing the instant you said it. He loves you and would do anything to make you happy, even if that meant facing his fears. He will be scared 89% of the time tho, just protect him and you both would be good. Hiking? Will take a bit of convincing… But as I said, he will do anything for you. Fishing? As long as you are with him talking, making lame jokes and laughing, then he’d love it.


He will say no at fist, just to piss you off, but after a while he would come to you, hugging you and whispering: “I was just joking, love. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday free so we could go camping, I already made my bags.”. He would be a sweetheart, even if you know way more than him, he will offer to help you every time, trying really hard not to fuck the tent up, and if he did be prepared for some natural aegyo and him saying sorry. He would go hiking with you, as well as fishing and he would love going swimming! He loves to swim, and just as Namjoon, seeing you in a swimsuit made everything way better.


Do you even know this boy? Hell yes, he would ask you to go camping the second you told him you liked it. He would make a disaster, making you laugh, but he is just trying to have a good time, which is the idea of going in the first place. He would be amazed of how much you know: “How do you do that so easily? Let me try!!” *a few moments later* “BABY! I need a little bit of help here”. He would love to go swimming with you, and will go hiking if you asked him too. He would go fishing too, but this kid would be so loud he scared all the fishes away, but again, he will make you laugh.


He accepted, and off you went. And Oh! Surprise! He’s actually really good at this shit too 😒. No, but honestly, I think this boy knows how to defend himself, at least a bit more than the rest (excepting our Jinnie who went to the jungle). If you had been together for a while, then he would ask for help, if not, then he will struggle until you went there and help him, not even asking if he needed it. In my opinion he would be the best out of everyone in hiking (HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE ARMS HOLY SHIT). He would love to go swimming, this kid loves swimming, and he will be okay with fishing, even if he didn’t love it, as long as you were by his side he was okay with everything.

[Requests for everything on my description are open💜]


here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

guys HELL YEAH im graduating tomorrow the skies are clearing my skin is glowing GOTTA GET BACK ON THE GRIND I flake on this blog so much lol 

I promise to actually make quality updates and make new content as soon as grad hype dies down and summer break starts



Seikaisuru Kado 10: Please tell me THIS actually becomes significant in later episodes, because come the fuck on, I am rooting for you here, zaShunina, so get to the part where you realize shit already kasjdjkjasdl

Also guys. Remember the first episode. Have faith in Shindo’s abilities. There must be a way to make EVERYONE happy, even the trigger-happy clone-making world-building scary-cutie aliengod-chan. There has to be a way.

Real talk tho: I was kinda rooting for the anime to turn Saraka into a likable character in this episode. I was already expecting a more in-depth backstory into her character, seeing as everything in previous two episodes has been leading up to that, and I was honestly expecting her backstory to… idek, give me a bit more material to be the basis of myself liking her? But.. idek. I just don’t. 

Don’t get me wrong. I understand her motivations a lot better now, and many of the plot holes / unexplained behavior she exhibited in the previous episodes have been more or less made clear by her backstory. But none of it makes her a likable character for me. At all. At first I thought it might just be because of my personal preferences, in terms of pairings, but imagining her recreated in any other way that would normally be much more palatable to me still can’t make me like her more. Or at all. 

Idek. I think it might be the fact that I just really dislike characters who are too extreme in the good-evil spectrum, on either side. Characters created to be the Ultimate Good/Evil, and are given no moral conflicts whatsoever, are just too boring and predictable and unreal. That might be alright when your target audience is considerably younger [and more impressionable], but for a show targeted at a more mature audience, the key is giving the characters a bit more depth. 

Take Shindo for example. It’s expected for his character to belong to The Good Side, since he is the shojinko, but some of his actions in the earlier episodes are not necessarily always 100% morally good. The same goes for Scientist-Chan, Reporter-San and his Team, Company President, and the Japanese President [whose names escape me]. Because of their internal struggles, they’re substantially more engaging than Saraka, whose motivations have been dictated to be The Ultimate Good… and dare I say, The Right Answer.

 And that’s not to mention how… Conventionally Female Love Interest-ish Saraka’s character has been made to be. She’s on the one hand a renowned pro, but at the same time she’s also kind of tactless and clumsy; cute and feminine, but also a tomboyish??? tsundere; supposedly a relatively powerful anisotropic, but so weak that she needs the non-powered shojinko to save her; oh and not to forget about her convenient healing powers AND very very convenient healing methods that involve taking off clothes and creepy sleep-kissing askdjkj. In short, Saraka’s been formulated as the She Has Everything Type, the Super Ideal Woman, to the point that she’s become a caricature of herself. Perhaps in the early days, this method of creating a love interest worked, but the same does not hold true today. It’s like they weren’t sure who their target audience was and decided to just slap everything on there to make sure they pander to everyone’s interests. 

In contrast, zaShunina has had the most internal conflict of any character in this chapter, and all we had to go on was the writing. There were no frills, no bells and whistles, no advantage of having been given an episode’s worth of backstory. Just a couple of scenes with his eyes and his voice [and some of his beloved Shindo’s blood askdjkjsd omg alien-chan whyy], and we all know that his initial assumptions about having The Right Answer have started to shatter. If they’d written Saraka with this much character, I really would have no complaints, but as luck would have it, this is what we have. 


Oh my gosh, guys, you are so gooblegabbly sweet i just want to hug you all! *w* 

Thank you so much for reading this comic, it was such a fun thing to do. I’m happy i decided to draw it, it was an exercise, provin that i can do long stories and actually finish them <tho that is a bullshite ending right there>

I am not done with the subject tho! This fanfic was so amazing, and many things didn’t get resolved, so i may do few one-shots focused on missed thingies ^^

(and answering an Anon there - Papyrus said “well, of course!” in response to his brother. He’s going to share his greatness with the world ^^)


  ❝ i got low. i didn’t see an end, and so i put a bullet in my mouth, and the other guy SPIT IT OUT. so i moved on. i focused on helping other people. i was GOOD. until you dragged me back into this freak show and put everyone here at risk. ❞

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[Revelation 7:1-17] After this I saw four Angels standing at the four corners of the Earth, holding four Yellow Lights that were shining on earth and sea. Then I saw another Angel ascending from the rising of the Sun, and He called with a loud voice to the four Angels who held the Yellow Lights: “We’re so hottest in the world like, d-d-d-d-d this yo! You like it? Crack, crack, crack, crack. All grown up! Crack, crack, crack, crack.

Keep on hustlin’, praise be unto!

This is actually my 100th edit. Thank you guys for being with me this whole time. You are the most awesome people on earth. 

Depressing blogs

So a lot of people have blogs for self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, that kind of thing. And to be honest. I don’t blame them. When I was first becoming depressed I posted A LOT of pictures of suicidal sayings, self harm pictures, depressing quotes, ect. It wasn’t because I wanted someone to reach out to me, it was because it was what I felt inside and somehow having it all explained in just a blog, felt kinda relieving. You guys know me as a happy person, and I am, but years and years ago I was one of those people who had a blog about suicide and self harm, ect. It wasn’t for addition tho. If anything, I got scared when people would like the photos. I’m so tired of people being like “They are posting that stuff for addition” and well actually yes, maybe they are. Maybe the deep down do want someone to reach out to them and ask if they want help, or get them help. But maybe it’s just a way of dealing with their problems.

But I sure do know if all those years ago if instead of people liking my photos of depressing quotes and someone reached out to me, I probably wouldn’t have had to gone through all the shit that I did.

My point is guys, if someone is posting about mental illness stuff and self harm, saying they want to die, posting things about how much they hate their body, ect. Instead of just reblogging those things because you think they look cool or you relate to them, you should message them and say hi, something seems to be wrong but what you post, do you need someone to talk to about it? If so, I’m here for you.


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Ok so you already know I'm a fan of Jackson Friar but I have to know, is he actually a good guy? Like, are his intentions with Riley good or am I going to be absolutely crushed when he turns out to be a horrible human being lol also even tho I'm assuming rucas is the happy ending here because it is a rucas fic, will Jackson get a happy ending ? (And please tell me it's not with Maya)

Jackson is a good guy.. at the core. I’m trying to be as vague as possible with these answers so bear with me lol. His intentions with Riley are pure that much I can say. If you’re thinking he’s going to turn out to be a slimebag thats just trying to sleep with her thats far from it and not the case at all. Jackson really cares about Riley and it goes beyond his own feelings for her. But he’s not a bad guy, just a guy who does bad things sometimes.

Also dont worry he does not end up with Maya! Hahaha. I’m not too concerned with her arc in this story because it’s about Riley. As for his ‘ending’ hmm you’ll just have to wait and see :)

NCT Reaction:Falling in love for the first time (Hyung Line)


Originally posted by trainingpanda

okay so I think that taeil would feel like it’s such a familiar feeling but at the same time it’s something so new and the feeling of just loving someone so much gets him so giddy but he also gets so shy at the thought of the person he feel for and he would be much more smiley and he gets so nervous when he falls in love with this person bcs he secretely rlly doesn’t want to mess this up


Originally posted by hansoulji

okay so i think that hansol isn’t someone who would immediately realise that he’s fallen in love but i think that his members would notice it bcs first of all he’s rlly comfortable around the person who he’s fallen for and he’also rlly happy and he actually shows that he’s happy which isn’t rlly somehting that hansol would do that often bcs he’s a pretty quiet guy but when he does realise tho he would try to not show it bcs he doesn’t want to make the person uncomfortable and lose his first love


Originally posted by raplobster

he would realise immediately that he has fallen in love.he would show it too bcs u know he’s johnny and he’s can be clingy but like sometimes he’s in deep thoughts bcs he’s thinking about this feeling and he doesn’t want to lose this feeling of being in love and he just want to stay happy like this forever but he’s also scared about how this feeling will change him bcs he doesn’t want to change as a person he just wants to be happy but ye in other words happy but also kinda scared johnny


Originally posted by queenhyo

okay so he’ll be veeeeery careful with his feelings.bcs first of all,he doesn’t want to mess anything up bcs he knows that if he messes something up again that he’ll just end up hurting the peple around him again and this bb just doesn’t want that but at the same he would be happy that he found a person that he loves and that that someone also loves him for who is and he just gets so gigly when this person smiles at him or just breathes he’s just a happy puppy okay pls protect him at all costs and i’m just gonna go cry rn


Originally posted by y-ta

ok so everyone would immediately notice bcs he isn’t that savage to the person that he’s in love with and it’s kinda cute bcs u kno non savage yuta is very adorable and like he’ll be savage but not without wearing a v cute smile i mean he has a healing smile and he’s not even going to hide hwo happy he is about falling in love like he be all like ‘hell yes i’m in love and hell yes am i going to shove it in ur face that i am indeed in love’ tbh


Originally posted by winkunsgf

is very happy when he discovers that no winwin did not make his day by being weird but he’s actually in love and like it’s cute to see him like that bcs he’s already a very happy person and now that he’s in love for the first time he’s even happier and like his members would notice this and everyone’s so happy for him and i’m sorry that i couldn’t write that much for kunie i love him ok


Originally posted by yonges

omg my heart is flipping okay bcs this bunny would be so awkward but like he’ll be so clumsy but at the same time he would be wearing a smile the whole time and like his members would laugh at him the whole time which ends up with him trying to be mad at them but he’s too happy with the fact that he’s so in love so he wouldn’t care about his members finding him too funny and he’ll just focus on his feelings instead and fjkfjskl he’s too adorable


Originally posted by taesyong

ok so he’ll be very fluffy about this and he’s going to smile his angelic smile even more and like he’s fallen too deep ok but he’s happy he did bcs now he has even more reasons to always be happy for and like he’s lowkey going to spoil the f out of the person he loves so much and he’s probably struggling with his words bcs u kno he’s mutilingual and sometimes he jsut needs a moment before finding the perfect words


Originally posted by jinhwansdoft

would probably flirt so much i’m omg it would be so obvious that he has actually fallen for this person.u kno from the outside he doesn’t look shy and he like he’s acting cool and all that stuff but rlly on the inside bcs every little thing that the person he fell in love with does is just amazing to him and he just wants to hold that person in his arms forever but he knows he has to be careful with his feelings and not end up breaking himself so ye


Originally posted by zeusmayo

djdkgjhg he would be so confused as to what’s happening with his heart like why is his heart jumping up and down like this and why does he feel so happy and he wants it to stop bcs it feels so weird to him but at the same time he does’t want this to stop he wants to be happy like this forever and he’s probably gonna ask his parents about it and they’ll probably cry bcs their child is falling in love and winwin would just be so happy ok let the child be happy

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Answering Asks

Sorry for no updates, I came down with the flu and I can barely work up any energy ;v; I am answering some asks that I’ve had in my inbox for a while! If you had sent me a question, check for answers below the Read More! If you sent me an ask and I didn’t respond here, either a) You’re getting a drawing/comic based on it, b) I didn’t receive it, or c) It’s new and I didn’t get a chance to answer it (Ill answer tho! ;v ; ) Let me know if you think B happened! Thanks!

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How dare that guy not care about you and love you? *cracks knuckles* MY DEAREST DARCY DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!!❤️❤️ I WILL KICK HIS BUTT... Says the short, most unintimidating human noodle.

Ehehe omg STAHP, you’re too sweet!! :’D
Thank you, but I wasn’t actually hurt when I broke up with him, tho??? I guess because I didn’t really care much about him either…??
It would’ve destroyed me had I still been the girl who was so excited to get asked out, and so naive to not think about how he had dated like half of my friends before dating me?? 😅 (I was like the dumbest child lololol and it was in sixth grade so it was like the “walking around the school holding hands” kind of dating that might not even count??? Like he bought me flowers and a card once, but I Ieft everything go for like three years… We talked on the phone, maybe three times a year??? Other then that?? Nothing
And I guess it wold be pertinent for me to mention that I started homeschooling after sixth grade…pfft)
But I really just shared the experience to say I learned my lesson to not date for the sake of dating, and to go out with someone who actually gives a shit about me…?? 😅
I mean, the same goes for friends, tbh. Pls don’t waste your time trying to please someone who doesn’t turn around and treat you like someone who matters to them!!
I think it’s so, SO important!! ^,^ For everyone!!
Anyways, I’m done now… (Tbh, I don’t even know why I went off like that bc, really, what do I know?? Lolol sorry for rambling!!)
Anyways, ily and I hope you have a great day!! 😍❤😍❤😍

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I love all your fic and your blog is amazing. I hope you feeling better. My request for you it's to get healthy and happy. Prayers for ya my friend ❤️

Omg thank you!
(I’m actually feeling worse which sucks but whatevs lol for you I will try my darndest to feel better tho 😘)
Hopefully I can get some writing done today - I had to call off of work so I’m just sitting around watching SVU and trying to force myself to go upstairs and get my computer lol

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you probably get bothered with messages all the time, but I just wanted to send some love for your kaisoo analysis, and I appreciate how insightful you are when in my opinion I feel like a lot of shippers are too superficial when there's a lot of other really interesting things about them to observe. and don't listen to haters! kaisoo gets hate like this more than any other ship bc even non shippers can't deny smth is going on but don't like admitting it.

no no not at all, i dont get bothered by them at all and thank you for the compliments  σ(≧ε≦o)

[as always, delulu warning, it’s okay to think i’m crazy bc of this i dont mind, and this is gonna be long, i know you didnt ask my theory but i cant help it since you mention there are lots of small details that need to be observed, you’re so right, 100 points for you miss, erhm anyway, prepare your eyes, and sorry for late reply i’m a lazy piece of shit so yeah, procrastinate is a must]

there are many things that can be seen in their interactions plus how other members act around them too can’t be out-looked. idk if they realize this, but they actually dropping quite obvious hints (but not obvious enough to be seen by casual glances), sometimes i feel like they do this things on purpose? not to flaunt their ship but to set a mark of possession (”he’s mine” something like that). 

as we know, soo has a lot of male fans - some are straight, some are not, some are still in questioning state bc of ksoo (there are many translation notes about some guys become sexually confused after they saw ksoo; one of them saying he has a gf but now he doesnt see his gf in that way anymore bc apparently soo invading his mind, also there’s a fan that angry at kai -for no apparent reason, out of the blue- on ksoo’s fanboys thread, or how one admitted that he is straight but if he was gay he would do ksoo in naughty way(?),  

[i got curious, went to naver, searched and found one; it was posted on mid-end 2014 and basically the post said this: “hello i’m 20 y.o male and i really like do kyungsoo, he’s adorable (baby-like) and when he laughs his mouth shaped like a heart and it’s really cute, that surely gay right? what should i do?” idk if the poster was trolling but there are quite many other posts mentioned kyungsoo’s fanboys]

on YT comment pages there are also quite a lot males that proclaimed themselves as ksoo’s fans (once i read a comment saying he feels pregnant after hearing soo’s voice lol) and also there’s this guy came to korea and he met exo and ksoo greeted him and then he was crying((?) i think), what i’m sure of is that this guy was really touched and overwhelmed bc ksoo saw and smiled at him [this was on MNET]). [again, correct me if i’m wrong!]

and there’s jongin, who doesnt hesitate to drape his hands on ksoo almost everywhere and everytime, even on the photoshoot set; for example like that kolon sport jacket photoshoot; baek and suho were just quiet and chiling and bored waiting the photographer ready to take their shot, and kaisoo busy being dorks about a ring on jongin’s finger, then the photographer yelled at him bc he was busy flirting with his love instead of posing and also on the same day of this ‘your ring is stupid’ incident happened, jongin played w/ ksoo’s earlobe, 

another example is that pepero commercial, sure maybe the director told kaisoo to be paired to feed each other, but i’m sure 20000% the director didnt tell jongin to graze his fingers on soo’s lips while feeding him a stick of pepero, i mean tell me right in the eyes that this guy didnt do it on purpose, bc it really seems he did it on purpose, why did he do that? it was a national commercial, he must have known/realized that the whole nation would watch this cf, 

clearly he *purposely* shoved his fingers so they could touch soo’s mouth here, he could just hold the pepero on the non-covered-with-chocolate-part but nooooo, of course no, he just had to graze his fingers there, and look at his face, he enjoyed it, look how his mouth moved like he was making a“nom” sound 

[i checked the video again and jongin mouth moved like he was saying “omnomnom” while watching soo eating the pepero from his hand and try to compare how kaisoo feed each other (look how jongin maintaned eye contact when he ate the pepero and when soo fed him he looked straight in his eyes and his grin was so genuine but i think that grin was for soo not for the commercial but maybe this is just me) with how other members feed each other and when baek danced, they were all laughing and jongin seemed to be genuine with his laugh and when he laughed he looked at soo]

now try to connect these two; “jongin flaunting his closeness w/ soo on public” and “ksoo’s fanboys phenomena” — bc the probability of him has known/heard/read those fanboys “confessions” is high, there are members that often online so i bet that some exo members already aware of those fanboys and things they wrote, and prob had told jongin about this, (directly or indirectly, like jongin just overheard or something), 

and also there are some male celebrities had praised ksoo publicly, saying ‘ksoo is pretty’ or ‘him in female version is my type’ or ‘i want to see him crossdress’ or ‘his face is my type and all of those things’ (talk about “kyungsoo effect”), they work in entertainment field where gossips and rumors easily spread around so i think the chance of jongin has heard about these male celebs crushin on soo is also quite high, plus when k.will said ksoo was pretty, baekchen were there, bet 20$ they pestered soo about this after the interview 

the point i’m trying to make is i think that all the touches and glances that jongin gives to soo, half of them are intentional because he wants to assert his dominance over soo, like saying ‘he is mine dont flirt with him directly or indirectly’ and those “i love you”s that had been said to soo 4 times in public (that interview when he said soo needs to take care of his throat, showtime, that ceremony award when soo wasn’t available, oranghae) or how he would associate love and cute words w/ soo (that SES - Love song and that hyung and his famous V signs drawing even though that V signs look like hearts compared to V signs jfc jongin so subtle)….. like that, maybe, hahah idk i’m delulu trash save me /sobs/ 

(while half of them is bc jongin is so thirsty he just can’t help it, bc it’s a habit, probably? maybe he touches soo a lot in the dorm/private places etc and he sometimes forget that they’re in talkshow/on camera and unaware his habit oozing out)

soo has his moments too even though imo this guy actually pretty subtle compared with jongin until recently idk what happened maybe he’s tired w/ all the actor routines so his brain can’t really restrain him and his instinct take over and the result is him koala-ing himself on jongin’s body (and man, jongin seems pretty happy about this, l dont have the gifset but he looked so happy when he said ksoo is a koala and when soo pressed his body on him he looked happy too), 

and even tho it seems jongin gets jelly easily, soo is the same imo, when jonign is touched by other he looks sad/upset 

soo has a stoic face imo and he looks like he doesnt talk much and keeps things to himself (in interview, he said that he only uses his phone to listen music and rarely text and other members too feel ksoo is really quiet and just speaks few words - except jongin of course,) prob that’s why he isn’t really obvious about things, 

unlike jongin, even though he seems to be the same like soo (not really opened about his stuffs), he is quite blunt about certain things, in interview it’s been said that he would reject invitation to go togehter somewhere if he’s not in the mood to go while the other (yeol) would think about it and eventually give in bc he would feel bad if he reject the invitation, also some members think jongin is cold person, and when they asked the reason they said it’s bc he is very honest/blunt

so i guess his personality also molded in his body language, bc how the way he acts around ksoo, showing the world that kim jongin isnt the most subtle man on earth hahaha

i’m sorry i’m delulu god whats this i’m so embarrassed just skip this post /get swallowed by earth/ 

PS : again these are just theories (or fantasies - whatever you want to call it), i dont know these 2 boys personally, so i dont know about them actually, this is just how i see things based on interviews/gif-sets/translation-notes etc, so yeah, prob all of these things i wrote are wrong and deluded as fuck, thanks for reading and forgive my writing mistakes! /fly away/

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